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Full text of "The Daily Colonist (1920-02-29)"

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Refugees From Marasti^ Dis- 
trict Furnish DSSts' 6f tHe 
Slaughter of M§ny Armenlr 
ftiis There by Savw turli^ 


Supreme Council Contem]3lates 
Adoptioa' of N(.easures of 
flelief— Constiirrtinoge £\m 
May Be Changed «- *- 

CONST ANTINOPLB, Friday. , Fob. 
9%. — ^AMlatJUit liigh Coiumtfrtloner 
V9K*rt. -who Is on hJ« way to AJntab, 
A«tk' MlMr. td liive«U«atc the recent 

jMiMar nScf ttiiDdtti if mm ;P»irr 
Frank 8. Johniwh, 6f the Ameri- 
can Y.M.C.A.. haa be«n'l»»Ml op TM»- 
IHMMe of Intbrruptlou of th« rUlIwajra 

by the snow. 

DeUtIo huve been brought here by 
refugeea, who say that when the 
ich evacuated Mnrnnh, 3.000 
Armenians attempted t<> follow, und 
that many 6f then^ ^^rlshed dnrfncr a 
' bWrnrnxm frhik Armaftianu charge that 

Tor* ^IMlpMv aCMHi*' WPMIt^'^!^ 
thousand persons. 

An Armenian gtrVB hoiAa' 
by Americans wai, burned, the Arme- 
nians alloKinK that 88 inmateif of the 
home were maasacrcd. Half the city 
if reported destroyed. Casualties 
pjnons the French are placed at .800. 

;]LONDON, Feb. SI.— rThe military 
Vipvra w«r« called before the brief 
»(t«ra6tt» MUdoti Of the Supreme 
OojinoU, When r«o^.M,')ta« .Antt*- 
iMui maaiadrea v«k« fui^thar <»»»cuss- 

the •zperts frM^oAt •tDpIata«d.\buf Jt 
la omolally Mi(otili(^ ttfOs&e tll4t 
tha cwMBoiLlwa agrreed to 4^ «iit«i 
tbe.sltuaUob ttnmediately. ' > ' * 

Oraat Britain recently warned the 
BvHan that unle«a the Turkish Oov- 
emment ceaaed what was ' tMWed 
"unctvillxcd praotioes" the council 

PARIS. Feb, JS.-*^The exchange of 
views In the Onunclal und economic 
flection uf the Supreniu Council, ac- 
cordiac to. Fatttnax, of The Ificho V 
Paris, wrltlns at Lundon. Indicutos 
"so, diaunltR4^|ince 
icAnomlc widiBan- 

KOqAXJfB. Arts.. Feb. St, 
der FnMlar. AmaNoui atarakaapar aa^ 
BtteMi anilii^' la dMid. and bta 
IWvtlMr, 1. A. Wmmr, la Ja a erttloal 
eondltloii aa a rwmit of a battla with 
two Mexican bandits who raldad a 
general store owned by tha Fraaer' 
brothers at Idl^ntaaa Camp, Ruby ptiist- 
office, thirty miles from here, and 
near tlia Inxican line, late yesterday. 

jpiipptir ahmrUtB from 8ant% Crus 
d a poMa from Tlioaoa with 
idk rtunsafld tlk^ Intamatlonal 
' ' icd timig&t In poriolt of 

the bandita. 

General Manuel M. Dtguez, the new 
military commaadar of the state of 
Boapra. Mfvloo. acoompauted by tha 
JMa^Aaa coiMMl here, and Alberto tL 
'ipinti^ipflk mayor of Nosataa. Soaorar 
caU/bd this afternoon oa Fraaeto J. 

consul ,at KdsaM. 
#nrani. and expressed rerreta ove^ 
the killing. They promised full co- 
operation with Amerlcfin— cytllx-. and 
jl|llitq/-y Jlfrio^^^p^ttiltl^ |Mp the 

t KUEViE PREMl^ ' , 

Is toli>S*Jto flnlsh by affree- 

tntto, ha 

.^nternatlonnl credit conf«ren«f. 

The puliticat uectiun of Iho cbancdl 
yeaterday dlacuasod the aliaged Arme- 
nian maamcrea, he continueH, and Pre-i 
raler Lloyd Goorgo Insisted that 
Oreat Britain. France and Italy act 
energetically to 'MflnAnce the BulUn 
that he ought to atop the horrors. . . 

PartlafbS sayi^ some . b«lleva that 
IJeyd qperf*. If a» nM <a r yr mi<htj»- 
cooalfet matnttrtntHc IMrvTartM -at 


f resident Tells Brotherhoods 
That Commission Requestgd 
fer Settlement of Disputes 


WASUINOTON, Feb. 28.— The Wblta 
lieiise made public tho text of the 
Proaldent'n reply to a recent rc<iuoj»t of 
repreaentatlvea of the railroad brotber- 
Iktoda that he -appoint a eothiirtsslon 
eoaiposed e<iusily of employara' aad 
, atjuqyloyeeii' d^legal^ to conaMef jirajp 
demands made by 'u.j brotherhooda. It 
deala wholly with the wage dnmaitd 
act tinmen^ t)r<jpoi«lm an<l do«a not 
refer directly to the memorial later yraK 
seated by the brotllcvheod head* asidni 

^A i lhB Shrt i ii t ttf SH^Mk of the 
bill eame after offlcialn had become 
conrlnced thst Mr. Wilson did not In- 
, tend io act tonight. 

In h(a letter. Mr. Wilaen aald the paa* 
of the railroad bill ''noMe It «H* 

"It waa maalfsat^** the letter con- 
tinued, "that 1)( the MU ahould beoama a 
taw the n i| l|i a| i|M . j ifl 1, aMatdaMMoo 
or the wace aMMir aitfit to praeaad m 
•armaaF «li«M«Hk' ' . ■ 't- . 

,' "Th<H bill havioc now become a 
hkw. the way Is opetn tat Imowdtata 
action on the whte matter in accor<f- 
anea with the terms of the bill. Beo- 
tlon 301 of the bill evidently con- 
templates that tho carriers and «^tv-' 
yloyees should, aa auggeated ^y 
fslacrt repraaantatlvee, who will thus 
gonatltata a bi-partisan board for tha 
parviDea aff attempting., by eeafbr^aib 
to ama,l«pi a aolaUaa of thia wage 

lubauaoe ta lay letter oe-,<|fia , liUi 
Instaat, I Shan at onoe request 9** 
garrtera and tha employees to Jetn 
tn this aotlon. I balloTa gu«h a atsp 
trill to tar toward oiarltying and mn- 
lurlnc the aatoatala far aaal dtapoai- 
|laa..,XB t9K%, tha aort of beard thus 
aaatdiilpttCad by seetian sai appaara 
•a beaa appj ^ prlau Mb^^^Uita for the 




VAMCOnVBR. Feb. S8.— The ftta 

carriea the following froip JUDi Ottawa 
corrMpondent: . 

announcement' that Sir R^- 
ert Borden ta stin f«r"tnmi will 
despite hte reatf uT SM liaa again 
promised r g j M M ? j»>|»aWieal olrelaa 
of hia p GsJ W i Wflft^fatkm. Tha Pire- 
mler touched at Halifax today, en 
route south." 

Fire In PhlltopUin Tom n 

lSI|I^fj|aTO«.plV]W de- 

the naval stati on a$ Cav ite Thursday, 
atMtoadUiff W an tMHBfieport reciAved 

today by the NaVy Department. Th© 
dispatch said only the proipipt arrival 
of the fire apparatus from the Cavlte 
station saved the town. 

ME Bin 


Sentiment at Dublin and in the 
North of Ireland Is Generally 
Hostile — Belfast Press 
Comment Is Reserved 

-t 1 

Journal, referrlnv to the home rule 
^filtm^^^^MjuapvA^ for xha. pUmrtar 
and paMMFvr Ireland," charactero 

rises it aa "a thievish measure." 
fbe recepuon of «i«c!hd|hM| rule if!) 
1^ II gencr.Tllv uhfavotrfblo. The 
onstittltionifttjt aro not dlRcusaing It. 
an^ are awaiting Hir Ilorace Plun- 
kett's announcement next Thursday 
regarding American opinion. 

Arthur .Qr4fnth, De Valera's sacond 
in 4omMnd. ^day stated the Mnn 
Fein vfelr. "Th( bill." tie aaUI. "la 
marel]^ ^n» to ttlpeal' VM^ftibasui^ by 
premises of whleh' Mua- Redmaad 
was duped Into advUNlff hia coualr}-- 
mcn to fight and'die for England In 
the lato war. Tell the American poo- 
pin that Ireland will ' ndwr permit 
Itaeif ta bo madr. according to the 
profcnt plaujjA^ Ungllah militarists, 
a pistol |M>lote<| at New York. Khg- 
tknd'g Mliailia. with Its a«eiit^Cll*fon. 
to inflMMnifMQr 'iQrtittird; wtu - meat^ a 

similar fate to' Clniiriand'a. ffenhef 
scheme wHh Aaron Burr to^^H|lllin- 
bor the I'nitcd Si.iIof." 

BKLFAST, inrtaTid. Frb. 2S.— He- 
served oomiMnt la made on tho 
home rglo kill hy tho Brtfnat t^nlon- 
1st press. Tbc. .Nod^a jtrfag h4ila 
the blltV feeatfn«Ha(i N> fl^disllnr- 
tlon between ITlater und the remain- 
d«r Oil IroUttd 4a, a.coaaldennble atmi 
fo«araN! a«Mi: Hifik' it la aas ifltellt tk 
Influence any fnlure legislative at- 
templt< Ireland. 

The Irish NewH cond9aui4 the 
measure as not haying a " si n gi e re* 
deeniliiv . f#at«f i ,* ^ 1 , 


"Pitrohasing stock in Victoria ShipoWoers, Ltfl>> U not 
charity. ItV wmd investment. W« emtld not afford to 
take much, but dM our best, and, while we ^ not eiopect 
any fifty per cent dividends, the present acute sbortap: of 
ships makes ij^ood profits assured, particularly for the next 
fiire years. ^ • " ■ ^ ; 

"The men behind this scheme are a well balance<^com- 

bination of conservatism and aggressiveness. Victoria 
business men must be made to considec seriously this pro* 
position as one 1||Efecttng their ifit»i)lf$t9' and those trf the 
city M a whole. ' '[ ^ , . . , • 

"\Vc are enthusiastic about this thing ;and tX|>ect to 
benefit both diref^tly and indirectly. 


f'per R. H. Jameson." • 


Dr, S. F. TolmIe Working on 
Plan in Ottawa for Utiliza- 
tion of Downtown Location 
by - Railway System. 



VIBNl^A. Feb. St.— rAdmlral Nloho- 
las Horthy. ooipipaoder-ln-chlof of the 
Hungarian aitpljr, wUI l>« elected re* 
gent of iAamry wtt|)Ja ja.few d9i». 
aoGordlac to.piaaent ludloalleaa. 

The Natldnallet aad Royalist >ar-< 
ties have aent petitions td the a%tln«at 
assembly, requesting that Admiral 
Horthy be named as regent, listing 
he is opposed only by extreme left 
Socialists and poUtlaal adventurers. 

4d|mlral Horthy arap Iraparte4( lA a 
Baak) 4kipateli of rabraaiy tl to tmi/m- 
been aaaMid .reseat, by .ttw, 'WjMapal 
iB|biy. • ' 

lirectlon of an office building at the 
comer of Fort and Government 
Streets by the Canadian National 
Railway system will be urged by Hon. 
S. F. Tolmie, Minister of Agriculture, 
dorlng hla stay la Ottawa. It waa 
learned yaateiNlayv 

Dr. ^Uttie IbeKeves there Is good 
ground to believe that the C. N. H. 
will entertain the pro.i«'ci fuvorHbly 
and authorise fwmething to be done. 
Tho company, haa no distinct office in 
Victoria at present and the antici- 
pated growth. In trafflo and ataneral 
bosineM of tho C. N. R. here 4urlng 
the ne&t few yitoni should warrant 
the construction of a new bnilding 
h^re to provide the neceaaary acoom- 
mVN^tlon, Dr. Tolmie believes. 

.' iuypr PocMr slated yestarday .that 
he eras In fall adeprd i»:ipi the pro- 
voaai. aad ;t«|||H^- Oitir CMhStt-lr 
we«M probably a refolutlbti tp- 
morrow backing 0|i Hr. TMci^|l|l JfT 

The corner of Fort and Ooverr- 
ment Stireets since the Ftve Slstsgw 
Block W4 «»l^tit ten yeara agSy has 
bean nnbdeilpled, and haa beat aa 
eyesore to pa s sarflby. This oondltlon 
baa been particularly objectionable on 
account of the conspicuous ideation 
of the spot. During the war the 
space waa utilized rr a recruiting de- 
pot, but lately it has been standing 
Idle. No mora central situation could 
be seeured for the Mttwajr bHlces, 
and Ita cloae proximity to tha other 
tranaportation eflleea la retarded as 
afdtMsr important advantage. 



LOiroOK; Feb. Sf. — The Supreme 
ftconomlo Council, which 1h sitting In I 
Paxiki. hot; made all poaaible invoali- 
tration of (ho economic cMmdltlons in 
Europe and hiia placed Ita conclusions 
before the Supreme Council here. 
German conditiena were eonsldered 
tooay, not uuiy \ w emnpanapny vox 
because the' geaeral aeoiioihte eondi* 
uon of Shirope Is belnr reviewed. One 
of tha alma :1a to leam how the gen- 
eral adverse trade balance againat 
Burope can be rectified, and for this 
purp'oae a thorough umleratanding of 
exiatlug economic condttlona la aeces-^ 
ikry. . This adyerge balance la. esti- 
mated at £I.SAS,fl|>«uM^ ' 

In tho case of Great Britj|kili. the 
balance haa been largrely rectified be- exports have almost overtaken 
import>4. in Europe generally that la 
not the case. 

Red CrosBcIMecatea 

PARIS, Feb. '19. — The American 
delegates to the International Ked 
Qroas convention at. tSeneva, ' Who liave 
bean delayed by the strike here, are 
leaving by automobile. Henry P. 
Davidson, chairman of tha )aaff«a> Ip 
in the party. 



Feeling Prevalent * That Vic- 
toria Has Outgrown Condi- 
tion Which Groups It With 


Representatives of Various 

N^U^tral nountriftsjvnQnfgi^- 

• r 



■ ' \ 

OOPEKHAQCN. Friday, Feb. 27.— 
It ta offldaily annduneed ,timt the 
Latvian Covemment 6al( permitted 
Qen. Tudenl^h. former commitlnder 

of the Russian XorthwMt army, and 
some of hi."» Htaff o(fl< to proceed 
to Paris by way of Ubau. 

FItw Hi PHnw Itapevt ' 

pi^lNCB RUPKRT. Vob. 28.— The 
Wostholme reataurant was totally 
deatroyed by -flm today. We ee th nate 
has been made of the loss* 

Strike Made General 
On French Railroads 

Order issued Yesterday by National Federation 
AtTects Whole Country — General Federation 
of Labor Gives Its Support — Limited 
' • Train Service Still Maintained 

PARI^. Feb. 2«. — ^Trainmen and 
other empleyeee on all the railway 
lines of Vraaoe havajwen called out 
by a ■atfM'af Mrtlte frder Isaoed to| 
day . by the ^MTiOional VFederatioa of 
Rallwiayinen. Umlted trafa ^ -aerviel 
was maiataltfad with tha aid of men 
mobiUaed from tho fallway division 
Ot the army and civilians. 

"•n>© Ministry of Public Works has 
DrgsnlsM' a trrtnitteer service to re« 
place aUmiSiSi, > 'to operate automo'*, 
JdlMi aad aid la tha worlf of victual* 

l^^hlllifctlonal. Federation of |U1I4 
waymaa 4fl|||#^ thi 
coadiuong oa wBWh the strikers will 
ritam to wftrk. Those cnnsiat of 
rooegnition of ^e union, applicsttoa 
"df th<> proposed gratfed wage scale, 
JotaH' jrrievance commiaalons. Imme* 
dla|»> consideration Of the foturS 
ataiallof the rallrodiTs and no strlkf 

^o rn i» i i lU» it s>atl g> i of 
haa issued a deelaratloOv 
soUdatlgr wyjih^^ 
Armitft that' tfre 

ra^reesnts an attack •« rmloa Slgh< 

whl<:h the law ^-ccognlSea "It ia 4 
quisUon of msl'^'nlzatlon of railway* 

ii &n the 

fast night. 

laged sedlUous articles lo Le Lilber- 
talra construed aa appealing to rail* 
road SMB and UM| ISJS dase of ,eaa* 
seripta- tp rebel. pUtaas. Steal aad 
deeert. La Ufeertaise has been sap- 

bonditions were considered near a 
crial»:tJliS msrnlns. Operatlnf oen- 
I Paris, Lyons and Medi- 

atfeeted " " ' 

proved f^t night 

It was believed that mohlllaation 
orders aent to the men of the rari><. 
L^ona aad Mediterranean an4 state 
reads. weiil4 bria« a auftleleat ferae 
to aarry on normal traffic' 

Btrenr mUitary farces are saarding 
traclta *lnalde the city limits of Paris 
and a law authorlaing the requlsl- 
tteaing of automobiles, motor trueka 
aad alrplanae In ease of intarruptlea 
ef railroad traffia waa passed last 
mailt bar tha chamber of Oepatlea. 

PARIS. Feb. SS.— MobHIaatlon or- 
ders alfecting all the rsilway lines 
hava be*n issued by the Cabinet, ar- 
cording to Tho Echo Parts. It hits 
|>aen decided to forbid parades and 
close the Uma^aa aad orhr,r piurm of 
smusetas*! at |«:tP p.m. The paper 
aadanuade that Iba O a ^I aa l haa oat- 
jkMdahvm meiaar«i «lM«i44f||M|»>a 
t vjaianpa ^ 

the permanent 

; THB HAQi/s. Fab. p.-^ a reauit 
oC oonfergaces at Tlia Hacue. aUend- 
ed by repreaenutlves of Holland, 

Switzerland and the Scandinavian 
countries, the Dutch Government ia 
requested to present to the secretary 
of the League of Nations the plan 
for a high court of natfbna afinie^ 
upon after long study. 
The salient points follow: 
Complote equality of stated in the 
nomination of members of the court. 

The court must be free of every 
political influonoe, the iudge* being 
independent in their actlont of tho 
influence even of tha soyanmiieats 
which sppointed' theth. ' 

The law farultlcn of unlvorsllfeg tb 
bo consulted in the sc]ectlens for 
membership. ' 

The nominations of Judges to he for 
nfnc years, tho judaea must live in 
the city selected, as th 
site of the court. 

Salaries and oasts to be shared 
equally by the members of the 

Sl.ites not mi<mberfi of the League 
to be permitted to participate In the 
court's b»nentr<. apxwari aB a a plain* ' 
tins or defendanta. k 

The intareata of mlrate peraoas to 
be tried paly ia go far aa thehr state 
takefi over their olalms. 

The court only to decide cases of 
an international lefal charactar. 

The jgeoerar procedup ta fbtMw 
the plah approved by the eaeand 
peace confereaoo of lilT. 

Each party la a aait to pagr lUa own 
expenses. , 


LONDON, Feb. 28.— The Russian 
Bolshcvikl commissary of finance, M. 
Krestlnaky. has publlshod a atalament 
prellminarx to thOf aspaetef faeamp- 
tioa of forelga tw><i, aug w l tng to aa 
Bsetaaaga Velssra^ dtepatali fimn 
Betll n. ^ Tl^ noHe t soveMaient win 

SE9&Sn«&^#W Si!f*'an7 

5.000 roubles, backed by reaerves of 
platinum of the value of t7, (90,009 
gold roubles. 

The isaue will be limited to «(,990,^ 
000 roubles, and the government will 
he ready oa gall to ooavert them lato 

FlaiiiMiiMiai «nu 1w 
meat Of faraltii 
direct by the ga wame nt. 




ROME. Feb. 28. — The gov- 
ernment ha.« ordered jester re- 
ttrtctions in the feeding cA the 
pcoplle than darfac uie war. 
This ta kccaaee oftha ^mtm- 
ish«4 food hnportatibaa. In a4- 
iitioi i. ratio ntog by card for all 

lished!*^ip meatless dajj have 
been ordifML as wcfl as tha 
.{ clpaorc Mi all reataaraats aa4 

I; hotels at 11 o'clock at night 


The city will pvobaUy oeaimenoe ah 

agitation for a' private charter la the 
near future. Mayor Portef Htatod yes- 
terday that, while the advisability of 
auch a course was |ra«lply . aip>ailg«d 
by aeveral of the aldermen. It Waa out 
of the question to gat any action dur> 
lag the preaent session of the Legis- 
lature- A move may be undertaken some 
time later in the year with a view to- 
gfttlng legislation put through In lii21 
aabwrlstag the olty of Victoru to 

Vaocmiver In the oaiy city Itt the 
X>rovlnee osrrylng oa.ander a an vote 
charter. All the other cities and oiuiii- 
dpalltles srs ^rouj^ed together under 
the Munloiiial Act, being affected by 
aimlloi* oondt^oas.- aad therefore 
ad'td Uie iil«»e code of re^uhitfonl^ 
reatrtetiflMi. gabisct to aiatodments f^m 
time to lime by tbe afubialsalon of pri- 
vate bills for epeoiat action ^ 
haad^ of tlie Legislature. 

Many people in Victoria regard the 
situation as anomslous. They feel tttat 
this city haa outgrown its relationship 
with other saualelpalltles under tae 
praseat , aeheaie . fut things, aad att-ie 
that :t Is hampered by beJag tl*d ^p 
with smaller muolci|4litles. Vaaeenver. 
by rea.-Kin of Its possession of a prlviit« 
charter. Is able to exercise greater frot- 
dom In matters conreming itx own 
a^tetrs without the osossslty of resort- 
lag to Provimdal^ 'leglibitloa^ (Mi t« the 
case with VMorla. 

Vletoria's retatlens with the t7alen ef 
B.C^. Municipalities arc sdmittedly 
strained. apd separation seems inevlt- 
sble. but It was learned yesterday that 
tha city wjUl probably net take definite 
aetioa aag|l after Uie preaeat aesalon of 
the LeglBlature la termlnatsd. The 
reaoltttlon of Aid,' Todd.' aafclng fbr In- 
formation as to Victoria's status in the 
union. Is scheduled for action tomor- 
row-, being on the alate under the hMd« 
tag of "ua ftnt ibed bualassa - ' 
"Bewever.' n waa laAmalea~d|tf ~tbls 
reselatloa win be tabled for artlaa at 
a sttbse^ent date. 

President Wilson Signs pill Rcccntly-lfiipajpv 
Q^ngress-^oais ^ill Go Batk to Posii«k>| a 

r\.<- nV 


Their Operation Diiritig i6 Months Leaves Ckw* 
With Deficit of $715,500,000 to Make Up— 
/.Oicftctor-General Estimates E^p^pySi^: 
- • • Is EaUaced by Adyant9g# 

•a • 


WASHINGTON, "FfeK 2^— President Wilson signed the rail*, 
road bill tonli^ht on the ^|>flll|e f|fpi |f Oi^T^id^ Qwom 

and to private control. 

In a pr oclamaiio»4&&u«i4^at-U>c titne iiui bill was ■ugoedr Mr. 

Wilson ve&ted in Walker D. Nines, direclor-genertl of rtilroads, vir- 
tually airponHMTS conferred -pn tlie executive by, the, bitU „ 

At 1 2 :0l inic1ldodai.ft«^€!9yfr^cn* viU lsAq oyit to their 
owniers 240,000 miles of main-line railroad and terminals and equip- 
ment valued at approximately i20,oop,000,000, over yvtiich its direct 
authority had been extended since December 28, \9i7, Ttot prop- 
erflS wm'iriHIckTeavTftr the Government with r^ffilf^fifnTTSTt 
500,000 for lis i6 months of operation. But ymmmt deficit ap# 
pears large, "Federal operation has cost the public considerably less, 
under the conditions, through rates and taxes, than would have been 
the case under private control," Director>Qeneral Hines declared in 
a siaiemem. • . - . . •.. / ,^ . . . 

Mr. Hines/ believes that tfae.ntHoir isd. rittroads at we6 gained 
benefits of i l4$|lng dianM|«r 
''It madi prantiioallla 

Mr. HaabwyM Injory Might 

VAKCiOUVSft. FWv Sl^ J e l Mi Haa» 
bury, tka tr«li-kto«ra Ifuiibarman. 
who waa Injtired when a tnMnear cnl- 
Itdrd Tvlth the. automobile in which 
he was riding today, is reported by 
hospital authorities to bb suffering 
from shock and not asrloqaly hurt. 

portatio'n aei^ee ^ wfiioti yStm^'^f^ht 
othenvl8c have becn^obtnlncd. 

"Ita unification phase« ^ have in- 
creased the utillauitlnn Of the InadA 
quate siu>P>y of equipment ^M> t4im 
exeaptiOQany ia«e uranspafiMiaA 'gar- 

bdhgestloii ; ft" niifl f He 'mnarooedentad 
ebal strike in a way which private 
control conld not have done, and ab- 
soili a d 'a heavy nnancial loss on (Imt 
account which v^-ould havt- provxd 

iontrbl wAatd nave fhrovlae^ duiwg. 
the dfffleult «hanclal .1ft|ifl||n ot war 
time; It dealt fairly with labor and 
gave- It the baneOt of impiH}ved work- 
ing conditions which were clearly It^ 
right: It not only did not cost more 
than' private control'would have cpst 
during the same period, bttt cost oon- 

slderably JMIK ooORIuPt, - of 
•oonomis«£|Mrih(|^oi^ otf aninea- 
tions. and^thFlo^^aMta of the 
public— through i^tes and taxea-— oa 

account of railroad costs was sub- 
stantially less than would h.iv* been 
necessary If Ihf rr»ilrf>n<ln had rf>ni«in- 
cd in private ox>nirol and rate* hiid 
beon raised enough lo preserve credit ; 
it protected tl<e investments in the 
railroad properllca. «iharaga . without 
fe^Bial hontrM tifiras >^M»H)|i«nts 
woali kMpta bean etfdMiiHb''tMid >t 
turns beak tha'foaM t^-iUSnM Agn- 
trol functioning •efrdWlValy. with a 
record o^ cxro ptlonal pcrforniaiicis In 
an exceptionally dlfhcuh wintor. de- 
spite the disruption cau.s».'d by the 
coal strike, aMd In a rondltion lo 
function stin mofr effectively with 
normal ^pnnwneat ta ba, eap^crfed 
ih w e ath er aad m atlier caad lM ona." 

The railroad eorporatlana^ertll alart' 
their work wKh»aa. l«per«ant peyeho- 
loglcut asset. Mr. Hlnes aaldr-Wklatlag 
out that the public holds to rigid 
responsibility any ageftey performing 
nubile arrvlce. "without rsganl far 

Ifhcultles of (he situation.' 



iUBK, Oermany. Feb. it.— 
A\M$rat caafeienaa af^ Oen^aa agpi- 
mimiiMs at I>arkush. thi«» mifea "Cram 
here, was broken up by the police to- 
day. KeprosentaUveo from Austria. 
Poland, nuiirt^ and.Sjattaerlgiia ware 

Soviet Code Makes 
Slaves of 

Analysis of Lalx)r Laws Recently Enacted at Mos- 
cow Shows State of Tyranny and Serfdom 
' Worse Than Any Under Czarist F^er 
gime— No Freedom Allowed ' 


NBW/YOHK. Feb, ft.— The Hovlet 

Oaramwieai of Russia, undfr ita 
«afo «t labar laara-vaaaatly pabUahed, 
haa iMiHsia apan Mipr a aiate of 
tyranny aaA oerfdaM OM IWSi 
lei In tha hlstary of tlM MM 
aocording tc^ an analysts of tbe oodd 
made pablic by Willlani C. R«d- 
fleld. president of thp Amerlcan- 
Ruamaa olMmber of commerce. 0»- 
(Oaalbly, llr. llafCMd declared, the 

oeda li lar^ a» pvapagaii«a. hot 
aMa|||l^ l ih l la g saffiaat^to 

that tiM aavtet hi a> wari^agMa'a 


"In th* first plaae,* Mr. Ila«« 
field's statement saya. all oitlgs a s of 
gOTlot RusaU between 1« aag M 
yaara oM. net incspaottaied kg la« 
jarr or lUasas. are eobleet ta 

labarear^WK %«(' « 
divid««d ' lata oAtageelM w^^flMm 

scales and labOr eondltlons laid down 
by thom. Kvery laborer mast carry 
a Ubor booklet, which Is Uka f, 
neggjOiL.^n if mug»J>e eaterei aegcp 
payaMfld hp/ roeiia«<^ th^ iM^fg he 
worfea, >r Igt'abaeati and inthf other 
detail of hla Ufa and aetmtlea. 

"A wa«e oantar Is not pormiitod 
to change from oae Job to anothar. 
evcept by tbe permisalon, duly car* 
titled by the labor authorities jpnjar 
whom he be«eaie« tfttaaUr ah ia. 
dastnal awf %mm§ W Jg». 

eralM the 

medical expels proviag 
hia ilMMMty. and whether ft Is tern* 
p sra rj or permanent. T>^ves of ub- 
amp bs granted by agssement 
the ni:in.ig«'ment of antar- 
werfctnen'a eommUtees. 

mm •^t* dfw 

«M» 1^ HM "Midih 

Severii} i^M^^ 
Various .V<ewSV:M)^Treiiw 

' His Adrjati|fnt«ff^ 

WASHUJCHTON. 're»K 'sg.~.Wiul 
Paaaident <Wiisott^.^gg»,«riwaideri^^ 
day iho latest odta'drtfta-AMlai ]|in 
Jstars on' the AdrlBtle eontroversi' 
sharp critlckim of his course In thi 
negotiations broke out in the midst 
or the iteace treaty debate in the 

Not only the irreconcilable oppo> 
ncntK of the treaty. hMt. PA* .of >h* 
mild reser^'ation RepttbllMna Meiia- 
lor Keiiog«, oi MinaMiaiii kilneil Ju 
tho Senate attack. wM^ . oooupied a 
good part of ^ MeglM. A jMneml 

Jt was Irtdleated that V.r. AVllwoa 
wonld not if>ng delay hla reply to the 
Allied note, which wiis Mid to i « \ e 
invited the United Ht*;*^ tf> join in 
attempting a settlement ncceptabia 
to i>oih Jugo-siavia and Italy. Ill 
ropl^ was cxpeotcd tp 'g« foMMi 
♦arly neat" wook. ' ... . >> ■ " 

The- mim* '--^iM^-^^ mmm 

around aagetMB#«that Ifce disagree 
aient demonstrated concretely -h< 
foregone compllcationa which wouI< 
follow America "h entrance to (ha 
League of NnttotiH, and that tho 1*reRi- 
dent waa^fteeking to laterfere lU, tna 
affairs of other nattoni i#lthbilt m*ki| 
Ing any efftirt u> learn wliether thi 
lH»P>e af thto country n^eta behind 
him. 4 

Senator Thomas. Coinrado. Irreepnl 
«tlabl», went so far a* Ki sukitest rniTt 
the only way out now seems to h* 
a war In which the United hiuUn 
cither must participate or see he 
placed In the ixmlllon of refuafng to 
back up tho poalMve stood taken an 
behalf of the nation by the Frsatdeyit. 
. The whole altaatlon , yaa nMriyUggr 
km*- by Menator Xellagg ^m. '«MftMr 
dtoeeuraglnc** to frieada of tl|« x^t^tW- 
Ne'deelamd the Aditatfo eontrevarpy 
"««aa aaaa of our hwahi ege,"..and that 
the President'a attempt "to dictate" 
a decision Was "without Juatiflcatlon." 

Senators Borah. RapubUcan. Idaho, 
and Urnndegee. It^fpublicnn, Oonhaetl* 

1 ;4.-u- ■ 

BALTIMORH, Md.. Feb. 21.— The 
nalttmor« Drydook and Hhlpbutldlng 
Co.. employing aboot 7.A»e workmen 
at ita threa plaofgJiere. waa praetlaaS- 
ly cloeed doM flhay as a raoalt «( 
walkouts takii|g<lHiMa. for the.laat 
eiglK. days. Ahmtk S,|#P 
stroek' on what Mm aai 
is tha open sh«#. Ia««. 4nd t.te* 

y*y,'.^ j iw wera''a tBro#t^..4tR of work 


LONDON, jr^fc; 

thaaaa T«lcfliaf|i-d 


This, k is brllc««4r Mi- 
ca«a Thst the Preacli fereea in 
(Ills nffion are staadily rctreM* 
ian More ancma eaacaatyatioiM 
aa llie Ainta^Harash line. 

7^ 'H 


1920 . 

Lower Oothlng Pri<?6 
Women. ' * 

i nated for Important Post 
; Under Uagi^i»f 


Mitdiell & Duncan, Ltd. 

J«wd«rs. Watchmk^ Etc. 


The New Tooth Paste— Try It 

fhftrftii«hlv »t%A' ■»hit<«« th» t^#th Alltilf Htif ami 

LMtM tl^ MMtli With • cool, ciMH. rcfrMlifl ltiilaf. 


C<r. fort —4 ffooglw Strwl FhMio ttV 

1» M iWif »tf Wo Onhjii W«««« Quiy «ic Bait Ui Ow Work 


OfMtod a«m BhalU. 1*0 Ibfk 
Of5m« Ov«tM> Bhalla, iQA.llw. 
i>rb HoMa tflL....... 



nonfood. 100 It>M. «... 

Cblokan Chop, Mck. .......... 

"Aik the man who's tried ui" 

01r Robert spoko with more tnu^ 
tale WNMI 4oUh«r»tloB. (aaaA It <um« 
c«tt to iw«oil tlMi MUMo ocfSoilo with 
whom he hi«'^«o into '«MitiM>t on 
the vosr«flt:o<woiM «t tthiee, iAi 
wla« showed th»t he Wm fhr from be- 
Ing in hie usual etate of good health. 
He dAcllned to dtocuM the political 
sItuaUon, either in Uufland or Can> 
ada, and wouid malcecjBO 
seneral conditione. 

He had heard of Mr. Aaqttlth's re- 
turn to Parliament from the Paleler 
conetltMnesr on the voynge aeroo^mnd 
whoa Mkoa .If b4 was ouriMiaed at 
thh rOwIt OMBliirod ' With a request 
for Infofmatloae raipurdlhv the 
weather oondltjoni 4n Canada during 
his abttence. Ue had also heard dur- 
ing the voyage %f Hon. A. K. Maclean's 
resignation from the Oovemment, but 
gave no indication that the news had 
surprised biin. He said tiiat wttlie he 
had received an invitation, he had 
not attended the opening session of 
the L«ag.ue of Nations, and had at- 
tended only one debate in the House of 
ComiftdBi while In England. - ' 

He expressed keen Interest In busi- 
ness conditions in ' Halifax, making 
epeclal reference to the shipyards and 
tbe progress being ,tnade with the 
Mheme for an iuteruatlonal> exposi- 
tion, commented on the death re- 
cently of a number of his former 
Halifax friends, and oxpressed regret 
at the lUmiSB .of Premier Munoy, of 
Nevm Sootin. Ho won also tatwistod 
in leamlns if the ioeal leglsUture was 
in seiBion. THo Premior sutsd that 
hm had nothing to glvo out regarding 
the itinerary of his southern trip. 

Among Sir Robert's fellow passen- 
I gers was Dr. Qrenfell. of the Labra- 
dor Mission. 

' The Carmanla sailed this afternoon 
for Mow York. 

have nothing to ,*o wtth jrbnt 
)^ are eoAipelled piy for eatable* 

end drlnkftbles. but if w* olay b« al- 
lowed to say so, we can have a 'lot to 
do with what you shall pay for yoir 
olotning. A Spring Suit mad* to your 
special measure from our own •:^clu-'. 
nve ImportaUoBs will eof*- yeO 01 enr 
ttme. other than sale tlme^ at lesat {». 
Durlnx our sale our prices start at |4S. 
Iromedlate attention to mall orders, and 
•unvles of aumsgs eppt upon ^e(|uest 


■ tMler ead^Ceslador 

NIevat. MHHafT. ladles sad O wWiesss 
Ofaeeet* l«adea aesdevy ItM 



Work of Dtsmaptfing the Great 
German Island Fortress Pro- 
ceeds Apace — Destroying 
Works That Cost Millions 


t[i^^' Stapledon & Carter, Ltd. 

i f rssd>r> aed Breed electrical sad Mseluuilcal ITegtetswi ' Pbeae ttM 

jikfdijr Dripping * 

In other words, water wasted is 
moacy wasted. If yoa have a loak)r 
fancet or toilet, tet ui gtfifp it at Qfico. 
Just phone 2922. 


Coraor Broad and 


Poultry Farm 



complete; garaae; water laid on 
throughoat. Very comlortahke 
dwtnififf wHh modem oooToni* 
Mcoa and a T^oomcd 


Meiary l>eMia 
ead tei 


Rome CorrespondiBnt of •Buenos 
^m 'h$9f States . Terms 
Purported tt> Be Submitted 

We conMne art with eeleace la At* 
ting and deelgniag Olaases to tbe In- 

• ^ SB. to 11 a. «t 


OpthibUc Optklaa «M Op«o«BOtrist 
<;i-S2 Ai«M« Btdf. Broad Si, J^traaec 

OffkWK Wk. tl.^^ oeadHldR 
that the firm of Prl<^ Brosi obiii> 
mfaee immediate delivery of news- 
prlat MNV lo Itoatroal firms. Mr. 
J«a«|Ba Aagiia. OC fho Soprome Court, 
ttad tM appUoatton uC their 
Alme e^oltmn, X.a, fdr a 

haarlnc to tjMt the i iir » dl o U a» Of tho 

Oosrd of Commerce in fts control <-.f 
nOwsprint The company mnet aop- 

fly aowsprtnt at tho fiana<Maa tlsod 
riee^ but the difference betwffii^ the 
Cana«llsn and Untted'Btatos f#lee 
mdie be paid ui\tt M tnuk ^mO^iy 
poadtat the result el the hoarfng. 

BUENQS ATR9B, tt*-^at 
PUr^rts to bo bMis of Great 
Britain's pcoposals to the soviet of 
Russia, which James O'Orady, the 
British representative at Copenhagen 
transmitted to Maxim Lltvlnoff rep- 
reeentatlve of the Moscow Govern- 
ment, arc contained in a dispatch 
from the correspondont pf La Nadon 
in Rome: ' 

J, Flrst--Taclt reoognltlon of the 
M axiaaai ist poltUyal regffte. 
^Seoood ■ NoiHllfterference bv Orcaf 
Bvftala with respect to the interna- 
tional condition of those oountrtes 
separated from former Russian rule 
on the west, namely. Finland. Bstho- 
nia, l.lthuania, Ukrainia and Poland 

-rhlnl-Non-interfatono, by Great 
Britain in the atEatrs of g»berla. 

roarth--1 >saiobUisatiOa of the Red 
mmr: : 

Fifth— A premise by the Bolshe- 
vlkl to recognize the Independence 
of the meridional republics, especially 

Sixth — Non-interferenoo bp Russia 
with the Urrltories on tho fHoatlers 
of Qeorgla and Persia. 

flovontb—iPaaraiMt tat paid for 
CSOip .i»portad, nr imported ho>woen 
RosBla and Great BrttaiC 

Eighth — ^A regime of commercial 
equality for Russia and Oreat Britain 
In the autonomotls statHs of thO WOse* 
em frontier. 

, The eorrespondOnt aays tho Stooeo# 
governaftont is dtepossd to aeoopt aov- 
eral of these potntg, hat that 'k Is 
ana apalaat tho feart^.-aaa' -'ilxlb 
potatta. - ^ 



BERLIN, Feb. 27.— Heligoland- 
two years ago (lermany's most im 
pregnabid' barrier against Allied 
power — today is a dismantled hulk of 
no military Importance. The black. 
Imperious bulk of the island itself, 
surmounted by tons of masonry ar>d 
ingeniously constructed gun em- 
placements, is all that remains. 

Qarauuis oonoernod la the dsatroo* 
UoB of tho j^rtress deelaro another 
seven years' work will be^ neosseary 
to complete Heligoland's "demoblli- 
xation." Work has now been in 
Itogress for oVer a year. Alt the 
guns have been dismantled, but the 
destruction of the huge works and 
other fortifications on the Island is 
prooeedlnp. This stronghold was 
buUt at a oost of mora tlMM> 
MO^aa, >l||t ItO mighty pans fired 
bttt onde' throtighout the war. The 
British warHhlp Shannon was the 
target. The Island played a .nega- 
tive part In the defence of the Ger- 
man coast, probably because Allied 
experts agfeed thilt It would tiive 
been Inrm^rtble to sUenflo Its ha,i- 
teries. nfl : T' •! « « 

The foundations of the harbor, 
which is about 800 vyards in ienirth 
aud 600 yards wide, consist of huge 
blocks of concrete. All these have 
to be destroyed. The pround on 
whibb the bainraelc^ stands to ipQlfataik 
whleh from the sea- a multltttdo oi 
Germans worked for years at a cost 
of $5,000,000. is to be returned to the 
sea. Everything in the defenses of 
Heligoland le worked by hydraulic 
power. The -water necessary for de- 
fence and sanltarjr purposes is drawn 
by pumps from SQi feet below sea 
level. This subterruieaa galleries, 
which ar^ oleetrloally lighted, are ro- 
garded by mUttatp ttOa as 'Hbador 

Although the Germans considered 
that the eeorit of Heligoland" had 
been kept inviolate, it is now re- 
vealed that a British naVal o^Sear 
posing as an American studeiit ai^ 
all the ^orMUcaUona In 


SUplrlD it At iirttMi^ 

B. C, Feb. 2S. — "I do 
ftB my duty to assist 

not regard it 

the present Government to lntr<Cduco 
a construcUve policy; It will be time 
enough for that when tho Conser- 
vathrea aro hi poWef^' statod W. J. 
Bowser, leader of tho oi^wiltten in 
tfea PMVlaeial l<spislature, when ad- 
drsaslac a meotinp of the Rictimond 
Conaorvattve AssecUtton last • night,. 

Referring to the United Farmers 
party, he expressed the belief that 
it would stand for British traditions 
as opposed t<f Bolshevism. 
. *m lotap ao,the ftibttala 
atraek abova the Bolt tH «p(ttld faea 
thMB.JI» tfg^aippa of pubiio lifo. 
bat they k^' sprshd* a propaganda 
as bad as Germany had dono In the 
daj^ preceding the war. The reaeon 
the Liberals had so abused him was 
that they feared him. They had 
aaked that old qnarrele be forgotten. 
**bat." he deoiared. t'apt whllg tbora 
la breath la thia oM Mr wOl.X Car. 
pal tho Beott thWHrla> I 
BO ^navtar M Itlf. pad hp 
wt« guk aana la itM." 

LONXKyN. rob. tt.— 4ho Dattp 
thMpitaph la aa oditortai abowt 
Andhlaad OaMsi^ appotntmoat aa 
ambassador ilo Washington, 
tribttte to the distlnotioh of hie p«l|> 
Ue sarrleo and refers to his * relia 
aalshment of thn prlnctpalshlp of 
MoOni University ae givtag ap a poOt 
whleh Is owa of the 
la the am itajiii wor ld. 

Vbm ■iPiiag gtonf of mt 


WaMsa On Presidential Ballot 

LANSING, Mich.. Feb. 28.— The 
naraee of Herbert Hoover, Major- 
General Leonard Wood and Attorney- 
General A. Mitchell Palmer were add- 
ed today to the list of those who will 
appear on the presidential preference 
primary baildt In Mlehigajie^i^l (>. 
Petitions were received by the Secre- 
tary of Btate to place Hoover and 
Wood on the Republican ballot and 
Palmer on the Democratic ticket. 

Plague in Genaany 
THtt BAOtm; yah t7.--Nl«a par- 
dons died from tho plague at Blber- 
feld. Rh.ettlsh Prussia, last waak, ac- 
cording to a dispatch to- 
Rotterdamsche Courant. 


You can tell by the very 
look at Wiper's Peanut Brit- 
tle and A. Y. P. Candy how 
pure kiki Ho -ilWiUrt 
a^e used" tor Cbeap^n it. 'nM 
tkey are mM ftan the very 
finest Spanish peanuts. 
Wiper's were awarded 14 
Gold and Silver Medals for 
purity MidcxcgUence of.Hvir 



607 T 

OTTAWA, Feb. St.— It Is «nder- 
,«toOd that Richard D. Waugh. former 
taiqrot of Winnipeg, and at present 
eommlsslonor of tho <|reator Winnl- 
pog aralorwaya oumailtiisa. has been 
;pame« ap CluMUIii'a'raprosaatatlvo oa 
the Paar VaOay oommlsston. 

The Saar Valley commission was 
created by the treaty of peace be- 
tween tiM AIMsa aad Germany. Un- 
der tho tvpaty. Ooiteany reaoanoed 
taaar Olr t|a X^gao of KaUaaab la 


ment of tho Saar torrttoif . ^Afl^ M- 
teen years a plebiscite of tho tataahlt- 
ants wiU determlns Its fature statas. 

Tho governing commission of the 
Soar oomMs ff tva mombers oheoen 
by thf Omm «f tho Leagae of Na- 
tkms. laaiadliltf om oMaaa^pl Viaaoo. 
one aatlva of tho iaar Mila. aot a 
citizen of France, and throo BBom> 
bers from three other eoulitrlea Other 
than FraneO^ Germany. 

The aominaUon of Mr. Waugh by 
tho Dominion Oovernment, therefore, 
still aoada to bo oonftnaod by tho 
Coundi of the Loaguo of Matloaa. 

The Saar commission will. In the 
Saar basin, have all the powers of 
govornnMnt hitherto belonging to the 
German Bropiro, E^rossla or Bavaria, 
including tha appalatmiit and dis- 
missal of* oOolalB aad the- draiUoa 
of adsBlnJatratlve aad H Pt ata ig g iia jl 
bodies aa it may be nooessary.' It wu 
have full powers to sd a rtwHt or and 
operate the railways, canals and dlf- 

it Insure by such means as it 
deems soitoble the protection abrdad 
of tha iatorests of tho inhabltanta.' 
It win have tho faU right to aao aU 
tHe propeny otMr than 
longing to any Oonnaa 
in the territory. 

Existing laws will continue to ap- 
ply, but the governing commission, 
after consultation with the 'elOeted 
representatives of the InhabiUnte 
may modify these laws to bring them 
Into aooord with, tho poaoo treaty. The 
commission wlU llz the hours and 
conditions of htbot*.^ Bsiating oIvH 
and criminal ooarts wlB oeatlnao, hut 
the commission will establiiil • OOPft 
to hear appeals from these ooarts and 
to decide matters for which these 
courts are not competent. The com- 
mission will also have -the power of 
levying taa^ and dues in the terrl- 

*°The arpa oft the Baar Holds is 
roughly \M9 sqaara mMea, of which 
about nfty-two per cent are ooeapiod 
by coal mines. It Is largely a Wily 

country, with large forests, but with 
good agricultural lands. The popula 
tion is almost wholly German, only 
one commune being French-speaking. 
The main ar«M of the mining and 
^dandont todustrtes are d^paely p«p- 
SatedT In lltS the tS^l ooal pro- 
ducUon In the isar field!) was anbut 
18,000.000 tons." The rssOrvWi>f ooal 
In the Saar are eStlmalOd at 
000,000 metric tons. . ■ ; . 


LONDON, Feb. 28. — Decision by 
the AlMed Supreme CounoU to investi- 
gate tho^ughly ttta provaUlng high 
prloes aad the dpsotion of oaahMgo 
wm BOoesaitato 'spUtaiag thi OPiaM- 
enoe taito two bodlae and ooptlana Ubo 
sessions in London at least another 

AfUr preliminary dlscuselonB tho 
CounoU decided to investigate ex- 
change, thf scarcity of commodities, 
increasod prodiyttion, transport, the 
opera*ioa bf -rtags" ohpr«a4 
keeping up prices, profits, MM taxa- 
tion as it affects prl^ • • 

The financial qoeetlyn wiU bo dealt 
with by the Premiers with their offi- 
cial financial and economic advisers, 
augmented frOm time to time with 
unomoial ssperts, owing to the im- 
portattap plaood o^ ttjb U|««a««a- 

Japan was not rOpcaaaatad tor tha 
first time since the ssailaaa wpra ln* 

Itlated in London. 


VANCOUVER. B. C. Feb. 28.-:' 
Professor P. D. Newton, -who holds 
the unique position of Profeeeor of 
Imperial History at King'a OoUege, 
London, Is la tho ottp in tkot^ ooarse 
of a toar Whto^ la t» oiilh^ ^tt 
the Dondnkms Bfltlsh Bpiplto^ 

Prof. Newton Is undertaking this 
tour before commencing his series of 
lectures at King's College. The ehalr 
of Imperial History was endowed by 
the traanos of Cecll Rhodes, its aim 
being to 04«>ent the tlee whleh bind 
together tho various parts of tho 
Empire by a thotpioih. k a a w. lo dg e •( 
the history aad tradltloap of the 
British race OOaiPMNt i tllJMl 
King's subjects. 

Prof. Mewton is to address 
Canadian Club,, the students of 
University o? British Colnmlrta. aad 
a Joint meeting of the rotali aaor* 
chants and creditmea^ 
daring hk ithp Mf tko aitp; 
thaki praasai ti^ 

WINNIPEG. Feb. Jl.— WKP tho 
session just shout half through, 40 
measures have be<>n enacted by the 
Isgislatnre of Manitoba, aooordtaig to 
8|la liat o( pieas ar eo gIvMi aasent to 

private bilto. Importaat 
leglsUtion has yet lo be ia trsiasoi. 
the acts receiving assent being 
maialy amsndments. more or leas 
tsshaio al. of esleUng etatate e. 

■x-^i/ii^ ttaittHa Mai 

NEW WKfiTMimfM. tt^ 

JTamee Laoey Jobaaiaa. M. 
IfPO a res H e n l f of BrttJ* O^ttbla. 
away at the hooM of Ills 
Mrs. g. C. riObsr. RO 


known pg 
C. P. R. 


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*90th CMitarjr Snita an! 
gpp phtaiaabia is Vktada g«ly 

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These smart \\xa& are shown by us in plain styles 
and the brogue imttem, and the prices we are offering 
are below the market values^ today for such Mghpclass • 
footwesr* ..^ • . . ■ ^..^ irf%>^^t^ 

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*^lf« Savipg Sution." 


The IMt CATARACT eleetrte Washing msAhtne te truly a revelation. Foi, 

ke*D clean aad washee thoroagply. A wriagsr fsnaa poH ornia fijchlna. 


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IttalaHi pal Ho 

=iw ft' 



a ttronc nkkal p^ta- am gppfy nagt 6i<r 
baatar boofbt hoi^ * 

No chaife iiltlig «p JMattn^ 



Robert MlMir. tridktr 
treight dyMMi laaa wltwli tplkd M 
engine yesCoTday, su s t a inin g 

cuts on tho bead. When ha feU^his 

glne wheel severed his fingers. It is 
not thought at the hospital that |»la 
tajarles will prove fataL 

Cartful Inspection 

of tlie Ufb grafle n><atf ws ssU r«» 
vcsU only wbolsionM qaality ind 
Uhmo BPtrtlteMU 

•a BPtrtlteMU prpMftlp».lfe«t m 
auid fpgtf »Ml IM ewl Ml 



svsrv famfly nootfi, and wa tipplf 

the (Mtt at fairMt prkoa. 

Wky Noa't yoa try ordafl«f gf at? 

^lf'(Bp''iWr IphoB^ 2Stt(P 

per lb. 


ONLY $2,500 

nt7 MUcrov* Avmum Wwu-nompj bvngdow, eontainifiK Uving room 
vlth open fireplace, UtdMn iM p^ltiyi two bedrooms with ctothet 
doMlsi Ml the bMcmeat. partly eemtni^i, f^Mc. tanlu Lot U 
IS X iMt (nilt trees iii4 fpod fviUa. U#lM«H.««»y term. 

P. R. OROWN , X'. 

• iMl BfUte^ naaaciat sad tasvnwM Agftti 


Straw))«nry Land at atings 


10 AciMt^ an food land. Good house. A splencfid bdy 
; ^ this choice fruit-growing^ ^^i^^.^. 

Helstermaiiy Forman & Co. 


Suburban Home 

dty water; 
acres; 100 

fiw lling. with itopc foundation and b^semMt; 
$l?e4 ftvlM «fl#<«i«ly miles 

Price fBtOOObtftennfeV* \ 

R. S. DAY & B. D06GS 

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Representatives at Meeting in 
>:•*• Brandon Decide on Holding 
More General Co|ifewi}ce, 
Sooii at Calgi^y. •: 

Semi-Bungalow in Oak Bay 

A Six-Roomed Modern Semi-Bungalow, with built in feature*, 
panelled walls, beamed ceilings, fireplaces, etc.: full sized cement base- 
ment with furnace and stationary tubs; conservatory and garage; nice 
laara ami gardea; beautifiUl^r^j^ated^th fine view of the sea. 

Gillespie, Hart & Todd, Md. 

iBSiirsnce, rioaocuu sad Bsuie A|««is \i bonds Bought sa^^lpl^ 


Bargain in Improved Farm 

100 ACRES, mostly^all food lind, about 2$ to 30 acres cleared, most 
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pif pens, 2 spring lakes with abundance of water easily arranged for 
^l^fstloii. 65 bearing fruit trees. Some good timber and splendid 
j^sttire, Tkis property Is well sitaated, close to railway, and reason- 
ably «lttit>4o VJclorls, and on a good road. y ' 

V i' . ' ' Implements go with property ' - ■ 

Price $6,000.00 Caah 


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Owner leaving town 


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Inter-lUhwpaHy nHNtte '' 

MOSCOW. Maho, Feb. J8 — The 

University of Idaho and the Vnlver- 

■ICy of British Cotwmbla bralA'creti 

la«t ntaht in their debate here and at 

Vancouver. tM Britlah Columbia 

**• here and 

t li a I d ah pr-tr — 

m AC Vancouvor. 
The prlttelple of tMe eltewl aiMp waa- 

the topic of debate. 

Food is not 
cheap at 
present but 
yoa'll find 
it cheaper 
here than 

Ei« twrn- 
H)vtfr and 
•mall- pro- 
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both .eeller 

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I^erge Sunkist Orapefhiit, 4 for .20^ 

toeia Kwr Lidd ^fgi, per doaen „..e6f 

UJX.Ntw Irfdd Bgfi p<;r doien Qg^ 

ijOdHMiy m^ iii^i^^'^,Jib^ j$c, or >Ibs. 

We SeU Shelly s Bread 

' ^ • > Kiln 

UUASDOU, F«b. 2S.-^|tepreHenta- 
tlfeU-, of Wcatera Canad* boarda bf 
trad« a| proaent maiatiniv to this eil^« 
have de.olded tu Ixofeif a aeneral con* 
tat^nce., Calgary wbh Ht-lerted u« tho 
place, but Ihu date wua not Xlxad. 

Hunt« of the UHiIca Whieli ^;la-]|aped' 
to conai^ar attfee eonferanoawara.dla- 
eaMilto yeaSaM•4^^;b^ the pmai eoM- 
mlt^a deelfined ta'jrtate what theaa 
were, declaring tratt the vmrleoa 
boardu muHt be coniiuItc«l first. 

A i-onimlttee woh appointed to 
form all orfcanlzatlon. It con8i«l8 of 
11. 13. Htevuns. Port Arthur; W. E. 
Ml'ner. Winnipeg: A, IS UcKenxle. 
,fi(randon; J^aJor F. J. Jamea, Keaiiia: 
I>. O. CampbeA, Calvary, and W. ML 
Payne. A'ancouvi-r. 

The deloguies were oiitertttinf d by 
tiie Brandijii Coard of Trade. last 
evening to a lunclteun, at which J. F. 
Kllgour. Brandon, reviewed nonio of 
the prohloma confrontlag Canada. lie 
laid particular atreas on education aa a 
Jkifan«.e^ aolving the foreign prolilem. 
and alao advocated the harmonising 
of lawR. 

W. E. MilinT, Wiimlix'K. expressed 
a wish lo see the Canadian pruirles 
doited wltli IndUHtrieH, and lidd of 
Bonii- th;il if eHtaltllnhed licre would 
find a muxliet at their doorii. The im- 
portance of buying goods from/Bng- 
hind rather than from the United 
States was urged by Mr. Mllner. 

'I"he Ijelief that labor troubles had 
not taken root in WeBterii Canada was 
expressed by D. G. Campbell, Cal- 
gary, who said he had aa much use for 
th«; man who took all he could out of 
th e oomim i nHy a« d p a t w t hlne ba e te 



Mflaaiinatloa -ol 

painful. . aaralysifig 
tb* aarve*. 

Aa IMC suffer anetner tfSy 
ir ywa are a' Vletlon. tfT; 

TMf fottl'f 

^'^^ Cipiihi 

.Vething .else- bring* ralMr 

mn auif-hiy and so surely. 
H^nd for fre« samnl« to 
TetnpIetOBs, 142 King t<t. 
W.. Toroato. 

yiar aale at reliable drug- 

flafa for II. 04 a box. 
aaoouver. The Owl r>rug 
. V|atarla» U JCr . Caai? 


250,000 Acres in Nechaco and 
Bulkley Valieys^Are Thrown 
Open by the Government— 
20,000 Settler!^£xpect§d^ 

— ^* 

as he had for the T»oot1egger. 

\V. McDonald. Regina; W. E. Payne. 
\an(;ouver. and K. K. Htopheiis, Port 
Artliur. extended tlie co-operallon of 
their l)ourds of trade and U8ke?l for 
the <-o-operation of all boards In nutli- 
ing Western Canada a' better plape by 
developing 4ta many opportunttlea. 

Th^t eonCarenoa wUl.. ha comelnded 
this evening. 


LONDON. Keb. 28.— In the latept 
reyort of the Overseas Settlement 
Committee, the year*.-? work Is re- 
viewed both herrt and in tlie Domin- 
ions. It recommends an early dis- 
ouaaion of settlement problems by 
boma and I^minloa representaUvea, 
and also that, for ade<iuate supers 
vfaifon over' immigration and co- 
operation with tho Dominions, the 
Imperial government should iliuke a 
gr;int thi.n year of one hundred 
tliouHand pounds, in addition to com- 
mitments ori account of free pas- 
«aKe.s. The committee should be em- 
powered, by l^[i8lation' to advise in- 
i^ndlnf, aettiera' aiui W eoatrdl took* 
era; agents and prbpuivanddi. 


HAMWiTON. Feb. 2K.— Th- Ontario 
Temperance Act is one of the rotten- 
0!-t hiwn ever plaeed on the statute 
booi<s, fleelared Mayor Charles CJ. 
l'.<joker, of Ifamillon. thin afternoon. 
In answer to the criticisms of a re- 
cent speech made by Bit Wdcahlp on 
the act. It teaches ydung map to be 
deceit/ul,^ tlie Mayor said: it la olaia 
distinction of the worst type. The 
wealthy man's cellar is full; the itoor 
nian h.iH to pay |2 to a doctor for a 
preHc.ript ion ■ and an «'.\torlionate 
amount for a l>oitle of whinkey. Thi.'' 
law is rre.'iling Kolshevlt'ni. The 
iiianufueture of liquor should be abso- 
lutely Stopped or sane legislation 

MO.NTKKAL. Feb. 2». — V P. Hin- 
.ton. Vice-president aji^XSeneral Man- 
ager of the Urand Trunk PacUlc. in- 
terviewed here^ atated 'that the Gov- 
ernlheat of British Columbia is now 
about to throw open five new land 
settlement areas adjacent to the 
Grand Trunk Pacific. K&ch of th«>8o 
areas will be approximately of 50.000 
acres, and they .ire situated in the 
Nechaoo and Kulkley Valleys. It is 
estimated that these new districts will 
receive 20,000 new settlers during the 
present year, the bulk coming from 
the United States, with 'a proportion 
from Southern Alberta. 

The British Columbia GovernnTent 

also selling on easy terras some 
head of cattle to new settlers 

wmm If 

Last Witness for Crown Is 
Examined and Mence Will 
Not Call Any Mounted 
i^otice Inspector's Evidence 



along Oie Orand Tritnk Pacific thia 
year. * . 

Qeneral biiiliiiw -.«ondlUona in 
Weatern Canada are excellent, Mr. 
Hintdn said. There is every indica- 
tion of R good crop In view of the 
heavy blanket of snow covering the 
land, he ooaelndad^ 



VATSCOUVBR, Feb. 28,— Major 
W. p. F. Godwin, a prominent 
local businesa man, received injuries 
which resulted in his death, and Mr. 

John Hanbury, well known lumber- 
man, was seriously injured, this 
afternoon when an inwrurban tram 
car collided with an automobile In 
Which they were ridirtg. at ' 17th 
Avenue and Arbutus street. 

Mr. Godwin leaves a wife and two 
children. He was prominent In real 
estate circles before the .war, and 
played u part ill the develOpinMBt M 
Port Coquitlam. • " . 

ile ;^hialned a commission In the. 
la^tb' V^l^rtient when war broke 
dtit, and'roae to the rank of major 
in tly 13lHt Battalion, with which 
unit he went overseas. He returned 
from abroad about two .vears ago. 

At noon Mr. Hanbury was still 
under examination, at . the hospital. 
He Jias. auffered severe ahook .%nd 
HuirtiBned a Auftibeir of bruises and 
contuS|}ei)s. Up to^the time of goli\g 
to press so fractures or leaions had 
Iteen found. 




SAARBRUcksN, Febl Is.— The 
eommlaslon which la to govern tite^ 
territory of the 8aar region ot Rhen- 
ish Prufwia, where the rich coal de- 
posits are, made its iiniclal entry Into 
Saarbrucken toda.v, headed by (ten. 
Wlrlndct. the admiivislrator. The 
burironiHitter welcomed the commis- 
sion. There waa ,1>0 untoward 

Mounted Pr»lki> 

OTTAWA, Feb. 28. 

Trarotf or red 

— A squadron of 

the Uoynl (^im.idlan Mounted Police 
at present stationed at Keglna will 
be transferred to Ottawa In a few 
days and Will remain here permanent- 
ly. The force eomprlaed IM men 
undel- Inapeetor Cadta. Ottawa win 
not only he the headquarters for the 
squadron but will serve aa a reemit- 
ing and training .centre. 

You Are Judged 
B y Cmp lepiMi 

Stuart'a Caldimi Wafer* Are of 
Firat ImfMrtanca to Tboae Who 
Affo TnMbM Wkk Faciei 
and Other Die- 

if you have wond*'>"'*d how you can 
havf> a beautiful roAiplexion. the kind 
you Itave dipaaaMd of, the anawar la. 
use maart'a CAt^um \fafera, ahjr1>e- 

gln doing aa'wtthMit ddar. 
These w onderf ul wafevg are fo^ 

relieving the accumulation of ail 
those Impurities that lodge in the 
skin to cause pimples, blackheads, 
liver spots, blotches, an<} such kinds 
of skin eruptions. The presence of 
•kin eruptions is prooC of nntrlant 
poverty and to purify (1 la the pur- 
pose of Btuairt'a CaMam ;nraleM. ' 

This fact tea haea demeaamiad 
by beaia af w a n it and aaen «Im» 
reaitoed^ Hatt tiM' preewMe ^af akin 
eruptkme, duertU^avch disflgurenMnta. 
detracted from thHr usefulneM in 
businewi. pleasure, snciety and their 
own self-esteem. And since fltuart'a 
Calcium Wafers will relieve the i|Mn 
of saeh kinds of blemlahes, UtteJtanre 
sueh imperfectiiHis? Tau iN^^hid. 
atwnrt'H. Calcium Wafaro oa aSuaat 
te . cents a hex at all drug 
Oct a box today,. 

MONTUKAL, Feb. •28.— O. R. G. 
Ogden. vice-president! of the Cana- 
dian Paeifie Railway, in charge of 
finance, ,in reference to recent dis- 
patchPH an to the effert of tho eni- 
buTKO ojh .sto(l< iransartion.i ,iiid of 
the exi'tiunge nilu;itioi\ on the sale of 
Canadian Pacific Hallway stock, ex- 
plained that New York was the great 
market for the stock i^d that nearly 
a ti the stock, even that held . by 
Canadians and, in Great Brttafn, w«w 
on the New 'Vork register.* He did 
not think that any stock was being 
ecnt to Montreal for sale, and the 
embargo waH having no effert on the 
siile of the mtock. The exchange 
.^ItUHtiott had had the effect of plac- 
ing some of the stock held In IBng- 
land on the market, fltoek worth 
120 held in London. 4m- aooount of 
I t he pr u Bilum upuu x nam wtatw a* . 
ehange. would be worth about no 
to the owner in Great Britain if sold 
In New York. This Inducement had 
brought out .some stock, but Mr. 
Ogden did not think that ealea ufere, 
much above normal. 

-^WlSSlpBti. Feb. 28.— The trial vt 
the aeven strike leaders, which haa 
been going on far the lust 38 daj-s, 
may be brought tu an end next week, 
according to an announoement by 
the defence today, who atated that 
they woyld not call any wttaeaaea. 

The erown eounaal aaaounoed that 
their but wttaeaa would t>e called thU 
uiternoon, and that llu-ro only rc- 
maina some documentx lu bu read ;ia 

Inspector Mead, of tho Koyal 
Canad^in Mounted Police. occu- 
pied the atand . praetleally all 
momfaNt, d'eaorthUig In dttall 
the movementa of hia troqpa dur- 
ing the riot of June 27. He told of 
the mob throwing rocks and missiles 
at the police when they had at- 
tempted to clear tho street, Tho wit- 
ness .said that after an attempt tiad 
proved fruitless to move th« crowd, 
the order had iMen given to draw 
pistols and are In the air. Thla» aald 
Inapeetor Mead, had no efl!ect, and 
the men were ordered to "liae their 
own Judgment." In the melee follow- 
ing, which has already been de- 
scribed nmny times In court, In- 
.Hpector Mead MUHt.iJned injuries when 
his horse went down which compelled 
him to stay in the hospital for ten 

During the croaa-^mlnaMon. R. 
A. Bonnar, K.C., defence counsel, 
asked the witness if any of the 
troops that had taken part In quelling 
the riot had 'given evidence before 
the present trial, but the question 
was disallowed by Justice Metcalfe. 
When asltad b^ Mr. Bonnar it — tbe- 
police when they fired into the crowd 
had aimed to kill, Inapeetoi* Mead re- 
plied: "Kb; we fired to move the 
crowd off. You could not aim at fUdl 
a time as that, Mr. Bonnar." 

^Vhen court opened strong objec- 
tions to the admission of pliotographs 
depicting scenes of the riots of June 
lOj^ ereujnade by eounsal for Jhe de- 
MRe on Ute gitoUiii that a>aUr por- 
tions of the crowds were ahown. Mr. 
Juatioe Bletisalfe, howeyer. ruled' that 
they eoifld go In auhiect to objeoftoa. 


Xaftx, Peru, Feb. 38. — Molton Por- 
roea. Perwrtaa 01ikheel1er» iMw di* 
reeted a note to the Boltvlaa Qeyern* 
nMtit eupra e e ing the "surprise and 

dlstllUsionment" occasioned In Peru 
by the resolution passed by the Boli- 
vian chamber proposing a policy aim- 
ing at the incorporation of the city 
of Arica In Boliwlan. territory. 

Tiie Chancellor aidviaes Bolivia of 
the "irrevocable declslona of the Per 
uvlan Oovemnient ' nieVer to eede 
rUribte of the oapital -provfntoe to- Be- 
llTla or any aatloa*" ai»d eapreessd 
the hope that Bolivia wIM withdraw 
or modify the resolution, thus re 
deeming the prestige ot Bolivia as 1 
country f a a gia ttay thc» righta of 

others. — 

v-j. w • .a - 
• ♦ • 


iCAMU/rON. I^eb. St.— HamUton 
haa another mntder myatery, and this 
tmomlng George 'Willtema. aged «2. 
night watchman at the Concrete Pipe 
and Products, Limited, near the Val 
ley Inn Hill, wan fotlnd hy Thomas 
Williams, apother employee, %rlth Ills 
head smashed. A bloody pickaxe noar 
the |»ody was evidently the weapon 
with which the mur^r waa com' 
mitted. The body was lh a doorway 
of the main ente^noe. 

The police failed to unearth any 
motive for the , crime, or a clue to 
the alayer, . 


LONBON, Feb. Sk.-MBVMtbo4^ Is 
talking about the eehemi^ 6f Mallaby 
Deeley. a wealthy member of parlia* 
mant for one of the London sabtf^ 
ban constituencies, to beat^tba elOth- 
ing trade profiteers. H||.' vietorieB 
are turning out huge 4A&htltfea 
weUkly, an«. are .taking erdera for 
euiu by the theaaaada a( prieee 
which ore quite half hMow the ahop 
terms. The acheme, he says, is a 
purely profit making busincas enter- 
prise and a Mason on th* iMllpMlltSea 
Of mass production. 

Mr. Deeley came into 'prominence 
a few years ago by a big. deal In Lon- 
don real eatate, inehidlng the famous 
Covent Gardena. / 


VLADIVOSTOK. Feb. 9«. — De- 
mand will t>e made upon Japan for 
the return ^jf^ieneral Rosanoff. for- 
mer governor-general of the Marl- 
time province. to face triaj on 
eharges of crimes while exeenUve of 
the prevtnce of whleh VladlveaCok to 
Mm capital, • arieerding' te an an^^ 
•euneeoMat by the efflMgl .news 
agency of the revetatloBary Bematvo 
government here. Demand also will 
be HMde for the return of the ateaoa- 
ere Orel ahd Takut. - * , 



ICDAIONTON, Feb. 28.— One of the 
pioneer mlsMlnnarles of the West, 
Julian Moulin, O. M. L, la dead. He 
wa# bom In Fntnee In IMt. entered 
the Oblate 'Order In IdSf anw irae or*" 
dained a priest in iSST. 

In lRr>S lie went t.o Red River, snd 
since had done missionary worn 
among the Indians and half-breed*) at 
Isle a ^ Crosse, ' Reindeer Lake and 
Batoche. He waa at Batoehe in llSfi 
whefi General MMdleten went there 
ito que^ the Rlel Rebelllen. Hia mlB' 
slon Was in the line of fire, but he 
would not leave his houae, and was 
accidentally ''Wounded by a atray 

$k>me few years ago he retired from 
active aervicf and eame to Bdmonton 
to ppend' hia, declining yeane 

MeiMaa Rumor Denied 

NEIW YORK. Feb. 28.— Reports 
from Trieste that an attempt had 
iieen made to assassinate Prince Re 
gent Alexander of Serbia and Premier 
PreClt^ were denied In an olBeial 
diBpateh .Irom Belgrade ree el ved here 
today. ' ' 


Recent Vladlvostpk advices re- 
aertad that Qmm r A |letaae«. with 
a, nuaabfr ^of JgHM •t$p^ and 
theli- fawllteUj^lBI arHved In 

latlea at VfhdivMtek oa'AHraarTtt 

Frederick a. K«lle. M.r^ Kilter of 
New Torii Phystotans' "Who's Who." 
says ttwt weak, nervous people who 
wnnt InercAsed welsht, strength imd 
nerve-foror, eh'^'dd tske a ■^-gral^ tab- 
let of BHro-Pliosphate Just before or 
during each meal. 

This particular phosphate Is the dU- 
cevery eC a famous Freneb selentlat. 
and l epei ta ef remarkable reeults from 
Its use have recently sppeared In many 
medics) Jo»im»ls. 

If yon do not feel well; if you tire 
ea.«|lT. do not sleep well. «r are toe tMn: 
go to any good druggist and get eeeegh 
Bttrc»-Pli<M|phat« for a two week*' sup- 
ply— ft rests only afty eents a weeh. 

Kaj less; chew yotir food tboreiighlv. 
nnd If at tke end of a few weeks rmi 
«o not feel stroager and better tbaa 
r<ei have fer laeetba: If your nerves are 
net steadier; If yen A> net tt Umm aattar 
and have nKM>e vim. enduranee kmi vi- 
tality. y.oer money will Iw retareed. and 
Mtre-Pheaphale wUt oeA you aeth- 


f . ii, fn ' »vf 

• pilaff Hours— |,Bir|o d>Aj #,;^^^ 


i : i 


' M 


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NOT only in 'sL' matter of up-to-date styling is 
this lowing of Navy Serge and Trlcojine 
Suits especially worthy <.of note, tmt because of its 
ftsloundinf vtrietift. ' It indud^ besMti trig taU- 
leurs — ^bewitching blouse? and ripple effects— and 
many of the suit coats bcvist handsome .^mbroid^e^ 
effects. Inspection invariably maans selootileib • . ~ ^ 

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qatllty of tatln. A splendid' eo«t. for motoring Vfd 
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'4 if"' 

• .T 




vrrrouTA. R C SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1920 

T' ^■'^ ,« •■■7, •>^«(iY-- 


MoBUtir ... 

- _ ^ ~ • • S»M 

All mUmorttiiin m'tM p«r*bl« iT^'MvftM*. 
M*il aulMcgitnM* V« ,r«qu*ft*4 t* mak* «J| 


■ttoatlatu IB tH* Rapw nurlMtM lb* 
pr«Mnt ttaw. Whit* papflf 4M^|em ; 
th* mill d^eitMdar l> iii <: j <i %ra ^ 
in tlM tl)i|^ fUrtw,. and th*.«NUM- 

- np, •om* of tlMm evatr carnrlot kev 
oruy 'tltlMi from Um Crown, ar* m 
mmr to Ulm advaatag* o< tim pre- 
mium on Amerfean money that tlMT 
ara taCuplng to supply Canadlaa aaira- 
pttmrn with the nat^hal tbir i««MM 
In their biulnetfa. Like the head a 
Mrtaln Camullan concern In an^tlMnr 
Ittw of bvaliMH,' tha OHwdlaa gj ii j it' 
makera probably take . the poaUloh 
that they arf not making papar for 
tha good of thoHr tmXOL th» a#t«al 
to patriotism u against the Apva^tdi, 
of business jtossesses no 
tima. Friflts of papar am l4gk' la 
tha United States, and whiin t^e pre-^ 
iBil^m apoa American money la Added 
to miL M. mm bs^ a^ttad tl|ii& ^^ 
allurements of fortlgtk tnida jarl m/li 
nigh Irresistible. 

Tbft f<>ature ot thy paptr situation 
ta but an Wustratlaa af n^hat Um g«n- 
eral trend of business as l^aftaola th« 
{Uf Itad »t9m iViwt;^ TJaf l^iplum 

'■inUdte- iiiriMi ■ iigfir is' gilag to 
pro^ a tremendous attractl^ |o tha 
Importation of goads into th^^lDOva^' 
ooav*ra$l|^ tla taiavf dis- 
counts upQ;i the money of foreign 
states must mllltata strongly against 
tha «q>or«iitftt of foo^la from the 
United Statak^ lata other countries. The 
ultimate result must be, according to 

till aasfc— [jknijiilaiaia. aa aeaamruia- 
tlon of products wlthm (ha bounds of 

, the United Sffk^a amoant . to 

I a ooaiwetoB, irtth ^ilhar a iau la 
prices as a process df relief <>r what 

*tha brokers term a Rsrlod of aeti«« 
llQttiaaftibflL thai ^ adinai* iha ba£-^ 
anoa of Irada. ' 



White papar fram Canada la at «■ 
premium ' aHT tha American markets, 
while paper containing signatures ia- 
.irolvlng piomlfm that eome to matur* 
My . vpan oartabi dat«$ Is at a atacouht 
upoa the New Tark aioaajr marfcetl 
ThM« tt at ^ast an atom of comfort 
for Canadiana la the knowledge that 
they possess unaqoallad rfltoailMg for 
tha manufacture of white j>aper ad<^ 
ittant thaU^ American neighbors have 
^^■aa aoLavonaid tgr thlf JiMt that they 
pucpose asking upon what terms we 
wlU dlspbse of a portion of our hold- 
inga. Wa thlak that' aadar tha elr> 
cumstancea the Canadian Gtovernment 
ahould Uke the poslUon tha Jaws of ' 
old aanmad arhaa daallag liflCh tha 
Samaritans was sugaested. Paper in 
a maaufaoturad sjMa ^ of mof s talue 
than It la III ihaHtorm i>f ^thor pulp 
or wood. The conditions for manufac- 
t^Mug ara just aa farocabla la Caaada 
as thay ara la tha Ualtad mataa and 
the benefltp from manufaetvftag^ pro- 
oessaa aaturaUy aooraa to tha paopla 
b( th* etffehtrMb la wMeh atttaittfae' 
tvrlag hi carried on. Wa shOttld be 
wailaa to aupply A^rloma with aU 
tha Bapar M a flaiika4 j^ta tbit th^ 
require consistent iW/iilMting the 
damaads of tha hoii^MiMtat. We 
do^ thtek U 'eaa^|^^«ai(^ true as 
auggested by thb JlliarM pabifo 
aaaa who wante nagotlatlotib opened 
Isr a pul|» #upp|y that the very ex- 
Istonoa bf United jMiiM^ aawivapan 

HlHIa aad Wsaiw la tha arotaotlaa thai 
■W— fill wot aharoa to tha dt 

milk. In other words, the vendor Who 
baaaac'af aavradUad hard eaaaoT saU 

bor of the ^aaoelaUon that* la deter- 
■Uaell to stamp oat di f — ^ 
Jp^ t 4UMicuU tOvdHtipM Ma basl- 
naaa A' hard that is not vouched for 
br tha aamlatloa would aot be en- 
tHiii to iiwiiipdiniig^^ 
O ui* bi to<w^ndM ta ara supported in 
elr oommeDdabU propoaition by tha 
^ookbraaders' Afsoelatlon aAd ant 
also daaanrUig ff tha tMalur of tha 
public for their efforts in promotlaf a 
much to be desired reform: bat Tha 
Colonist bclievaa thafar proposal la •not 
as comprehensive as It might be 
mada* Itobaroulosls Is not a dlsasse 
that Ml «t orlgta la British OM«m« 
bia, and until a more drastic quaran* 
Uam law Is passed and enforced. It 
irlh prO«« a vary dldtoiult matter to 
deal with many glarina cases of dis- 
eased oattia that are bemg Imported 
thim tha UhMad ttaiaa. ^ tha Pro- 
%lMce; and why should cattle be 
dhlpped from other proylacas without 
tho preoautloa of baljpg foraad to dam- 
ply {with the ordinary Domlnl(fn quar- 
anfine ragulatloaa? If two clearing 
■Cationa wara arthbAdmd i oaa ea tha 
Mainland and the other on the Island 
— -oader tha supervision of our In- 
•aMiom MibardiMBtt weaM ba'<sartor- 
astoated In Ave years, or possibly In 
time. There haa b*9n some con- 
i i l a r abla"^- orlttelma of' any proposal 
for the establishment of provincial 
quarantlna statloM. Soma of Ith* crit- 
ics hava gdha oe 'far aa to deeiata 
that the idea Is impossible of enforce- 
ment. Tl\e Colonist would like to hear 
some reasonable argument against tha 
proposal. The Itomlnlon Govaramaat 
Jim no dUDculty In maintaining quar- 
antine against In^^ortatlons from 
Great Britain and the United States. 
Experience^ has demonstrated that it 
la neceesary to take measures for the 
protactlc^lq^ jfii^ UNpMek harda of 
tha ProViaiBel Failure' of the author- 
itiaa hi tha matter haa cost some 
b»aad4ra largo -^Mipania of moaay as a 
aonseqaeflee 6f^ tha 'condemnation of 
hlgh,-j;)irloe<| antouUs found to be in- 
faiBtad Vtth diaiiMa aftar tatpertatloa. 
Why should a high price be paid for 
a raftered anl^l of aay kind that 
davoiope a deadly dIsAae jdioftly Aftar 
It reaches^Ts new owner, who is with- 
out <ff«course or protjAtlonT Why 
fltaoatfTooo ^y a thditiaad Or two 
-thousand dollars fop aa animal that 
falla %haa airhjaotad to tho tuber- 
oailit' tdit; dia jbwohaasr reoaiviag 
but five or ten per cent of the anl- 
mal'a cost? This sort of .yilng is not 
igooA. business and dlsoourages the 
IM90rtatloa of hlgh-claaa stock. Un- 
l^mi^a remedy can be found the stock 
latf^ wlll-ba oompelled to drag along, 
eontgHiCliik Uiamsalvaa with tha braad- 
lag 9t'9Cm]>$. If thiS regulations sug- 
gested, were adopted, and the stock 
brosida|r fcoMir that ha woald aot ba 
pald^ by tber p<(rchaacr until the pur 
oliaaed animal auccessfully passed 
a a a a ji n tl a a. aad further that the cost 
of fdad during the test would be 
charged against the owner, much 
wobM ba aaamapUsliad la freeing the 
Province of tuberculosis and the pur 
cbaaara' loaaes would be reduced to a 

wa adhd^ atrtetly to tho daotrtaa of 
aa fha ■a rmj g d p w 

might objoot to bahia ptaaed M h« ^J^ ^'y .!*»: .tf*»?J 
bauaoe >»4 ■old aX aay flgura . ^ ' STrnTSSSriJlff*. 

J. ' „ V. - ■ ^ _ y / ^ tmtn have baaa la the 

VM dally ttaw«papa#a of IVtaaipa*' 
aia stui appsanng wtthoat advartlaa- 
maats of aay klad ta their aolawa. 
That must be bad for the news- 
paper, busiaeesfiand ovary other busl- 
aaasw It la aa lataraaUag oommantary 
on the proverbial patience of editors 
a^ pabUshera. If any other loUrest 
wara a a i mt m tti#l'.W tidya if oald 
surely bo Ika fWBMtaii of a ffvolli- 

tlon. ' i ■ ' 


— I II \ 

Mr. Wm. MoAdam proved a very 

able aad sanoassful > put>lioity oommls- 

slonar (or tho* Olty .daring tha roftat- 

tably short time he filled the position. 

Ha la going to try hla hand la tha 

JoataaUMlo dald, aad we ho^ ho amy 

be as successful in his new venture 

as ha waa in tha post he haa ratln- 

A famine In false teeth Is reported 
from New Tork. ma amr pi^ioa a 

merciful dispensation of Providence, 
aa if the proHteers continue to rule 
for a much JoacMT porlbd thoro may 
be nothing purchasable at reasonable 
prleaa either In Ootham or elsewhere 
to s wr elaa falto or actaral toeth 

aooesa at aU timee 
rineet pafkMO 


mllltary adh- 
Vtoa Of Fraaoa aince the beglnnldg 
of the war. one feels safe in atailsc 
that any other manlelpality in Can- 
ada would gladly rOliave such a 
company from taaatlMk gof at laoat 
twenty years. ^ ^ 



Tha ooavlotB la aa AaMrtoaa prlaon 

have gone on a hunger strike. What 
an ungrateful lot those insurg«nts 
must ba whan thay oanaot appraolata 
the advantage in^tbvse times of hav- 
ing plenty of wholesome food without 
monoy aad without prlee. 

Now that ^teh veins of humor have 
baaa uneovarad la tmaxpeetad quar- 
tera amongst members of the City 
Council, we expect that The Colonist's 
repoiits of prooeedinKs at the Alder- 
manic Board will hen^erorth be read 
with ever-lnoreaslng interest. 

Another word or two with cor- 
rfspondeats; The Colonist will not 
publish aaonymooa Ibtlaitt. t$ will 
not undertake to return unsolicited 
manuaoripts. ;^rUcles deemed of value 

(aioa>4. ti i tf a ftiP i bo wrtttoa la idpU- 

cato< i '^e . • 

We may bo mlstakoa. bdt tiilak It 
would be ■ safe , to wager at least a 
small amoant in discounted currency 
that henooforth thara >wiu be nc 
shortage of augar ia'tblg nai^ a| the 
world. . , , . I 

Let us hopa that a period of rest In 
the sunny South will restore Sir Bob- 
ert BordaiL'tovlioaltli aa<l iifg dIBelal 

Toronto aawaboya aro Ohowlac to 
theirs alders a aplendld example in 
patrlotiam by refusing to haadle the 
Amorloaa HMjrat pablleatloaa 

Tha Colonist would weleoma aa 
suranee that the Atuckbreedera will 
support Messrs. HlUls and Raper In 
gMac ovoa further than the auggSa- 
tloaa aontained in the resoluUon pre- 
itats4 ta the letter publlahed in thla 
lasno: Tharo a^ good raao«io for bd- 
liavtag that Premier Oliver and Hon. 
B. ^. farrow. Minister of Agriculture, 
%dt tlo*-aIl tho ioppoto^Hhoy oaa to 
aay proposal whtefhaofor its objoc' 
^tha. breeding of b^ttar atock and tho 
■laB9li« o«t V tttlt«i»olaala 

^ 10 Uaparilled by the estetlng oondltlb'n 
m tha paper market. In aay avaat. 

£ / y#4-j;-«f >ro qatto aoro that tt iko ooadl- 
- ^-'^Il^.waiiojraveraed ao Amerlean pub- 
Wd aiaa would eonsant to tha adopUon 
of a measure that #oaM vdgah la the 
tihMsfer of a natural Industry auch as 
papfr making from the Unitfi^ Btatea 


II ■! m f 

Messrs. Hilllfl and Raper. welf 
ki^^wn dairymen, haveVrltton a lat« 
tor to T^tioloatai daall«t with a 
' subject of apeolal interest to breeders 
and atockmen throughout the Prov- 
•nao. it will be -found in another 
colomn of this issue, and Is worthy 
the oaratBl . aoaaideraUon "bf aU 
$mmm iMiiilMt <ip aalry aad Wn- 
Hred industries. The objeot of the 
, stockbreeders ta layteff^a oaaa itated 
tty oar oorrooKPtdaata bsCbro tha 
QovemmeM^ls to stamp oat tobar- 
oiiioala and aaaoarago ^ 1|Mhltag of 
PB f o W o d oiooiL %1M pWptttediax of 
Afty cents a head not a serious mat- 
tar When aet afalnst tho baoaflts that 
aoarao to tiha o4ra«ra of dairy 
herds. Any owner olf tab hea^'^f cat- 
tla would lhaa pi^ltaet himaelf and 
hb M a inairibatloa of five 
ioilara per anaaih. If ila» |Ma oaa 
Xhaadrad oattia hla cont^bution would 
ba fifty d OB t a pgr annum, u ha haa 
a ragiatorod mimtt tha iigwgiaiaihia 
% tha avoat H.taboreuioais daveiop- 
1% woaM bo ioablo that paid by tho 
U ha owaa a h^ d( 

ko-wouif^..^ •mam-^ 
d oortoapdidNr oaMMMtioa . la 

Mefahants and business men of tho 
Mty ^Uaa tha Impfrtanea to them 
and to the commOBlCy In which they 
do business of thO' oBtarprise of the 
Bhlpowaarb I4aifta« bkng pfoaeeutad 
to'n suoeessfttl conclusion. The num- 
ber of a^pHiqatlona for shares is in- 
creasing dal^ aad the promoters are 
opUmlstic In regard to tha ultimata 
result of their efforts. They feel that 
tf the public were in possession of all 
tho facts regarding the sehamo and of 
*A'.^?.,.*f*?Wlltles Involved in It, 
thOro would be no necessity for per- 
sonal solldUtlon (or gun>ort. It ia 
tha desire of those who are taking 
aetliro gtart in the prosecution of the 
*lpbattill69aohaitta ^t tha Interasta 
In rf day tolr aa Wld«ly distributed as 
Boaslble. Th^ Ottpport of smaJl ta- 
loatora la ra^udod^aa of more import- 
ance than the participation' of Indi- 
vldaala la a poaiUoa to, ooatHbota 
largo aama. Tk* aim la to hiy* as 
many per^na in tho ooaunualty as 
possible tatarasted. thus making'it in 
a raal oaaoo a oonymulty antarprida. 
although it^wlU not be carried on 
alaag oommnalty iiaaa according- to 
tJta pop alar eoacaptloa of t ho'terip. 

OMrmaao otalm thoy eaaaot pay tha 
thay eoatraetod to pay on 
K of tha . aafarorahia rate of 
•x;>ltaa|o. Thay probably would liave 
claimed dlsablUty in any evaqt, but 
with the mark at ti^e prtao It: is on 
all tha marketa of the world It would 
require a vary wide column lnto.whleh 
to crowd the flgurae represenUhg the 
suiTi total of the amounts due 

the Oermtn currency at its face value 


No tetter te th 
•xc*p( oTsr the 
•ddrMS ef tbe « 

of as raospiyea. 

•ddrMS ef tke wtitsr. . .raBTnOaoasBlts 

.^Vbt>e8(unoat8 - 
Sir, — The published report of the 
proceedings of the Oak Bay Court of 
Revision conveye the impression that 
tlw "so called" wealthy realdaoto liv- 
ing on the .paved otraoto, of Uj^lgnds 
wero ondaavorlagi* to odoapo Jast 

4M«a -da^ ko- woaif^..^ enUQM 
d onrn s p^ ^ ^ ^^g/gu«n.. la 
Mtan fOlMihir 5<||^li«leMa. 

The stroai^ afVinaant In favor of 

• The public may not be aware that 
the paved" streets and all other Im- 
proVemints In Uplands, jjicludlng the 
design and survey of the subdivisions, 
are paid for on the local Improvement 
plan by the parobasers of raaidanoe 
sites. The bonus of over ilxty thou- 
sand dollars promiMd to saaura the 
extension of tho tramway through 
Oak Bay laoaiolpaitty miist also be 
paid by thaak Vroih this source the 
muBtolpalRy oolMota a handsome 
rovottoo* from tho laoroaaod values 
assessed a|alast tot » Wll'4W mar the 
car line. 

The following comparison will Illus- 
trate the system of Oak Bay taaaUon' 
Uplands subdivision, whMi had paid 
Pak Bay over |S6,00« ta tarna, ^haa 
not baaa taken over by tha mnniol-* 
pauty. aor haa tho oounon of 
Bay up to tha prOaant tima ever spent 
one doltar diracUy or indirectly for 
the benbilt of the Uplands company 
or realaents in that subdivision. 

Property in Uplands diatant four 
miles from Victoria and one mile from 
the nearest road controlled by oak 
Baa^ Is assessed at the rate of ^028 

*''-t* ..^Perty owned by, Coan- 
clilor Bhallcross in the plgioenM^ 
residential seoUon oloaa to tha boua- 
dary of Victoria city, altaatod on a 
road built by tha ProvlnoOand main- 
tained out of Oak Bay general 

Sr^s^'J? « the rate of only 

par acre. Mr. Shallcross, who 
poses sA an expert on the adjustment 
of taxation, was one of the judges on 
the Court of Revision that conflrnjed 
the above assessment. There may be 
some doubt as to whether Mr. Shall- 
cross Is a No. 1 taxaUoB espart.-bat 
it is a certainty that ha la a «ia«— iS>. 
expert for No. l. Tha aa ' 
Foul Bay Road, sOCIth Of 
Avenue, Beach Ilrtta. aad addr the 
golf links, admlttadly tha ohOiee rert- 
dentlal eectlon of , the munlclnallty, 
raaa from •g,iOO to fd,oo« ..raJB 

I^ASSLI''*^^. I>rlveTJ; 
malbUtaed out of general revenue 

^ It ""Tl^* property owner* 
I Bat ta the leas desirable location. 
Where workihen's housea predominate 
values for some unaccountable' rea- 
son In many-aaaaa Jump up to KOOC 
and over, with the privilege at kMfi- 
ing their streets, eewers. etc., at thOIr 
own expense on tha iasal Hoim-w 
ment plan. — p«t . »^prw»a- 

A f!^^ from tho beat rest- 

denttal aeolloB lacromw tho value of 
broperty may aeeoant for the Oak 
Bay asassameat of |4.C20 aa aore on 
lots in the municipality nest the Up- 
lapds tramway whl«h woald He 
under from ona ta two faat df watar 
during the ratay aaaao a WofO H not 

boM takaa over by Oak Bay. the 
••taP*"y aad realdents hat* cheer- 
foUy met th^ expendlturee* asuaitv 
pa4d out of municipal faada 
ha^ aaked Oak Bay tor 



ladaylil,* dwt aad h Ulf On tho 




A» ^AflMrteoa Beaator wadfeg^k^ 
government ta oITm- nteat Mtatn a 
9rt0% *»r 9|t nmMli . t€ . iSmada. 
mora ara aaaii tMaga that aH abovo 
price avaci with tha dollar at "a pro- 

On tha eoatrary, they havo oaMf^tat 
maaietpallty ovar.tdd pw omTpi^ 

oa htf wa 

^ -ZJZT' PUi^n^^^s. and I 

^* .iEHTJ fj^*rta pobUo tha jiyad oomp«\y vaatly. 
fitoo Mw dC all ikair dtrsna.aadi 

One of the most unostentatious of 
tha'IOoal organisations is The Dickens 
iTlub, which for many years haa been 
quietly meeting week aftar week at 
the homes of the varloua members to 
discuss the booka of tho graat writer 
who still. witki9B^4aMUoa, boMo fdip- 
emtaent plaeo ki Upo alMlvog of floUoa 
wrttaia. ♦ 
, -*» ^ laj«ftait»ai|kiaambar^ra 
I* F. IbNifb^. read a pOUar on tha 
"Paridaal Oha»otarlatiea of Ohartes 
JMdlumk," tho spMker .aoknowledging 
as tnb-aoarea of mueh of bar tafor- 
maUon "The DJokens OoaMlloa*" by 
J. A. Hammerton. 

Carlyle describes him: "The good, 
the noble. " fhe hlgh-souled. ever- 
friendly DIckAs. every Inch of him an 
honest man." ^egan the apoaker. 
The foltowln* are some of thO oat- 
sunding passages .|»f tJ^ popar: 

There Oia q,o jaOTO Mranuooa or 
conunandtag ngiira la Bnciand in 
Qoaan Vfttorta/f ratka. For oaa hold- 
log 00 unlqfttf fe position ta.the world 
he waa woadarfally modest, aad while 
ha qnlotly aaa unostentatiously assert- 
ed hla own dignity he never hrfll the 
smallest appearance' of putting on 
a.'rs. His manner was full of energy; 
there was something physically over- 
powering about it; the very vahem- 
ence of his cheery good humor bore 
some people down. He was ktad and 
friendly and encouragfiig ta many 
young men^atartlng thoh* drat ofltorta 
in literature, ma trouble he took 
over other people's affairs, especially 
In his own 'calling, _waH almost incred- 
ible. To those whom he affected he 
.was princely in his helpfulness, always 
remembering that hla helpfulness took 
other forms than that of pecuniary 

• He took unheal^ of pains with his 
younger frl»nd. w'Ikle .r;o1"f>s' flr- 
productions, and weift over them line 
by line, eorreetfng. dsleting. adding to 
as earefully aa a eonsdentloos aohool- 
maatar daaltog with a first asaay of a 
promlalng seholar. Ba Waa abaeltitoty 
free Of tfra patt^ v|«a of Jealousy. Ha 
waa too aalf-raapaottog and withai too 
eonsolons <*f his own powers to be 
afflicted by the succpbs of others. The 
moving power of his worflg. his an- 
peals. his very presence was remark- 
able: the thrill of Ms wonderful voice 
had a magic of parauasion ta it All 
kindness of heart, santaltty. gaharos- 
ity, appreciation of whatever ooutd ba 
appreciated ta others, manly Inde- 
pandehof. Itatred of humbug, all tha 
laadtag iOaalfties of his books were 
Oomponaat parta of his nature. How 
he anjojrad all the paraphernalia of 
Christmas! Although he so fre- 
quently talked about eating and drink- 
ing, there never was a more abstemi- 
ous man. He liked to dilate In imag- 
ination over the brewing of a bowl of 
punch, but when the puoeh waa ready 
hs drank less -than anyone who nsight 
be present. It was the • santlmaat of 
the thing, not the thlnir Itsalf. that 
engaged hla attanUba. ma whola aa- 
joymaiit was tn'ths romantic associa- 
tion. He waa painstaking. >ecurate. 
punetual tb-« fault. He was energetic 
to restlessnem; he was a keen man 
of business, and his will was as reso- 
lute as his pr'de was indomitable. In 
the latter years of his life no one 
could move him. and pis neasest and 
dearest friends were as unwilling to 
face as they were unablo to deflect 
the passionate prlda wftloh staffered 
neither counsel aor robitko^ ^TfH l|o 
was as staunch and loyal* a 'n>lend 
ag avar Uvad. M th* mtnta thno ha 
aa^ forgaaa whard lia had bean, 

Difflcult to Understand 
He waa extremely difficult fOr a 
stranger to. underatand. aad haa booa 
described by same aa aggraaidVa, Im-' 
partoaa aa4 Ihtoloraat. But ha was 
never a tyraat. « 

He was a great lover of children. 
His relations with hla own children 
were Ideal. He entered thofO Ufcto ly. 
into their fus and frolic. 

Miss Dickens recalls that he was 
a' moat. kind and indulgent and copw 
siderate father, alWays gentle to them 
abouf their small troubles and tafah-' 
tile terrorg. v ' ' 

Dlekeas waa' fond of aongo, aad . 
eeuM tron them wrtt Bojmow aU 
tha camilkur onoa i^kr-pof^to of Ua 
dur drorO ohMtlds. atad all tKo old 
iHhIi and Irtidy how to jest about 
thaaa ttmaMrorn favorttea We find 
many of his stories full of lively allu- 
sions to old songs. He was fond of 
flowers and pictures and animals. A 
visit to the Zoo with him waa « de- 
light- He knew where to find any 
animal, bird or Qah by distinction. 
IxnroA MItards 
He enjoysd a game of billUrds and 
loved cricket. Hp. Waa preeidoat i of 
Higham,, Ylliaga olub. Rla favorite 
bookg W^ tho'writlnra of Co b^tt. 
da <|iidtaeoy. Aydaay Smith, and Car- 
lyle's Hlltory of the French Revolu- 
tion. Of thla he nev«r grew tired. 
I'epys' D'ai*y was a 'so a favorite; al--- 
Smollett's "Peregrine PleklO'' and 
^Idlnrs "Tom Jones." . . 
^Als taste in home decoratioB Waa 
for bright colors and pleaaant sug- 
gestions. He liked flower patterns and 
Uraly tlnte. He waa always fidgety 
f bote furniture, and did aot stay one 
aigtit at a hotel withoat movlnr the 
etaalra aad tdblaa of , hto altttag-room 
and turning the bad nqrth aad aouth. 
He maintained he eoald not ^leep 
with it In any other pealtlon. Ner- 
vous and arbitrary, he was of the 
kind to wtiom whims are laws. 

He was a ^lost tidy and methodical 
man; ho was tidy in every way. In his 
great generous and noble mind, ta bis 
handsome, •graceful person, ta his 
work. His hours and days woco dp^ 
by rule. He did net froilt by flln aad 
bathadre^tlairholbii.fM' tabo 
at a cartata hoar aad rotlHng 
at andthar. Ha waa gaveraad by 
rules laid dawn for himaelf by him- 
self, rules well studied beforehand, 
and rarely departed from. 

After Dtatacv Bpeafcor 
He was a most brilliant after-dinner 
speaker. Although he never used a 
writtet) note, his speeches seemed to 
oome from the very*haart of the 
speaker and go atralght to. tha heart 
of the listbben Ml sM V.daaarum. 
of what waa propof Whan tha pab|te 
gaaa waa apon him, aavo, iMm aa a 
rale, a aomokrbat hkri aad taMTatoat 
sjtpi aailoo. Hla voloo woo rieh. fan 
aad daap. Daring hla bwidtags bis 
daap ayaa saamed ta Csaat apaa orary 

Uatner aawat Mm a«4joaho that ho ad- 

Dickene was full of fun, aad ea- 






Correct Styles in Coats 
for Early Spring Wear \!l 

The new deMCttt embpdied in these 
Cgghionable garments bespeak the smart 

cMg, IB all fdshioojri^lf • . ; 

^ "A'tHHahihodel (tevetofled-from polo 
" • " cfbtK ^th pTeated bacit, Ikygfe c^vettlbt{| 
. colUr, belt all around, novelty pockets 
' rsnd cuffs ;j|ai^i|nell; 0ui tb* ^kdd 
■ ' at $52.50. -^—'^ ■ ; - - • 

.. A becoming model of fawn covert cloth, 
fiddtunog flare back,^Raglan sleeves, con- 
' ' vnrtible dollar, slash poekets, button triot*' 
Met', disc (ft^r . Fi^. I5&Q0. 

A clever ta<^el of fawn covert cloth, nude 
vHh yeke effect and two inverted pleats 
down the side; Raglan sleeves, large col-, 
lar, patch pockeCd mi*btilm. itta. 1&, 
^ric^ at $62.5a 

' Kn attractive Coat of Alice blue silvertone, 
with box plfau in bael^.fttitdd with nov- 
z\ty cuffs and eolSiu^^'liiiih 'p4x Arid 
IM^; ri^ m trice. $49.Sa 

New Styled Plentiful ia, Spring 
Millinery - 

The hard-to-please type will easily find her individual model this season, for there 
seems to be no limit to the styles. Practically every style oae caa think of is happily 
represented ' in our displays at this time. They are designed from iMltophane, pine- 
apple and other fancy braids. Small hats predominate, pokes and •turbans are num- 
erous, yet the wider brimmed hatg have their pla6t8.; -primmed 4a ,iQaiw. Iddw. W^ 
with flowers, beads and novelties. Qur display kWditsVour inspectloiu IPrlecs risnge 
. from 17,50 to $1^.50. ^ i * r ^y^.y % 

Women 's New SpringSuits 

styles That Are AM UmMage 

Included are many different and highly 
attractive styles, developed from fine serge, 
lirool poplin, silvertolii, polo jersey . 

cloth, whipcord and tweeds. Ail ^ jiiewest 
fashion features are aow to; W i B iu ' ^l i tj tor ' ;' 
interesting^^ display. ' ' 

A.yery ffcylish Suh of fawn whipcord, made 
in novelty style, with peplum effect and 
two box pleats in back, long roll coUat, 
slash pockets and belt ; plain skirt, gath^ 
ed at back; sixe 16. ^pst, |65;00. 

A Novelty. Suit of blue sltvenoiie, smartly 
trimmed with buttons; plain ^kirt, gathdr* 
led at back; sire 36. Price, $59.50. 

A- smart Suit of navy wool poplin. . The 
coat has pleated peplum, novelty c 
6elt: plain skirt, gatheigd at 
18. Price, $55jpO. 

A Suit of fawn polo cloth, semi-tailored 
style, fitted with slash pockets and belt; 
plain skirt with slash pockets aild 'bett: 
.|ise46. Pytce,$S^50. 


for each gaaot aad brlagtaa the specui 
qoalities of obOh Into fnjl notloo and 
promlnenoe, putUng the very iny«"t 
at their ease, making tha baat of jao 

most humdrum, 
himself forward. 

He waH a bit of a dandy. Durtng 
.pne of his visits to Paris he was de- 
scribed as having on a wonderful em- 
broidered waistcoat, a flamboyant 
tie, and a gorgeous watch-chain. A 
story la told of him that he appeared 
at an ovooing party In his own house 
in a drasa ooat with a ocarlat siik 
Uotng, and again a frtdad rolataa hav- 
ing seen him dreesad la a i;^n 
waistcoat, bright aearlattla. aadrlav- 

errter trouMrs. with a 
in his buttonhole. Bo OlWM 
a buttonhole, me*t dfU* • 

Dickens was toa proud arid self- 
raspaotlng for flunkeylsm. He do- 
cllaad to be lloniae'd. and stuck to bis 
own order: hence, even in the aanith 
'T»f hfa faibe we neoer hear of him aa 

■Na ayiid *mmyiJH^\ 

wlm Hw waptfaw of £ord Lans- 
downa, liord Domlar aa<l teroa Bar- 
dett Oeutta. ho owaad ao lathnalo 

friendship among the upper toa. 
Through the whole of his oaraar be 
labored Inceesantly for moral, socUl 
and political reforms. One of the 
great causes of h^i popularity was that 
he revealed the masaes to the classes 
and the masses to themselves. Of the 
eoaUBoa paopla, V»« middle- 
elaaa» ha kbaw o9dry datoli of thalr 

aotioas^ •ESlj*; 
tho Ofot to cd«oat tho tmt^ «C 

ery and f^t^^*!^. «• 
oor oo'b doors. 

Bteryone know* Chd*4os 
eavage hoetlltty to foreign 
as ezempUfled Mip«cia1ly tn Pickwick 
Papers and Bleak Hous«>. and hla hat- 
red of nonoOttformtty, a hatr«d to 
his Ij^ography gives no clue, 
ed apod s^rltuallam as hum- 
bog. It haa often been asked was 
Charles Dickens a believer In our 
aaaloa^^ltfo lyp j i y*""" " 


lb tho wafM'a atisatioa. II la 
sfoffto of iMokoaa 
his last will aad 

«v^r to remata a 
ChrtirtUn faith: 

'*! commend my Soal to the n%eroy 
•f Ood throagb oar L>ord Jeaaa CtartsI, 
aad aabort my dear eblldran bombly 
to nMo thaaaaalvaa by ^ 


fhree months in tha M< 
First two weeks of 

ling, crisp sunshine. 
That wae back to Novombor. " 

miappy saaahlsi. 
Then overcast skies; fogs, adnds, 

pouring, pounding rain. 
Then, one night, a heavy Jar; aa 
• earthquake! 

dome more rate: an oooaaldnal bit of 
fog; a toueh of "fla,** a Spoooh from 
the Thronoi . 

Aborthre speaehsd froal* lis 'doaoolW 
maa'a body; - 1 * 

k dabato abaut a ' brMlSi savaral 
dabatoo about Mooaor aaliatloa oosr 
oi o h g a go; "W|>*_ad«iv"p; mda* 

trifle more rain, an hour or so of 
fog. Then, sunsfilne! moonshine I 
Stershlne: And thf. bluest of bluS 
skies, the tendereOlf most modest of 
early Spring vtolats. Vlotorla at 
last! the real Vlotorto oomhv oat of 
winter qoartars, smlUng archly, 
even asaeily: a glortooa dro ospphira 
ef a Slty aot In a resp l saasi 

ita thrSo moaiha tlmo not a bumaa 

betag- addresaed him. first. 
Sritisa or Victorian conservatism t 

Well, he is British hlmseU. ao why ba 

critics Ig 

Only th^r« are BHtlsh. and British. 

^0 WfHar osoM ft«m tho southland 

cargoes, flliaoo"^^ * 
Onoa in m, bhia mooa ho dosaarVlRni 
'Of poem% V ■ 

The soul Of tho^^^rybsg- WM his 

When he becomaa JM aa aa dMd. 
cold, sordid tra5,1!r^toa diss 

a «ood iSttSU^Ii^vnMil**^ 

knighted, belted., earlad. dttkoi^liii 
amgad: ndw thft the HoMO M 
Farttamaii Voias a» hi thf bH^ 
'JiMpd dMMiMao laoso Imprsoslvaly 
^sSrtMirthaa IpMalMl. aow this 
tha bi amiiatag' for a spoody 
aa« proelpltato dsodaa. It would bo 
_ pro^mlnantly propsr to dlvoroo 
obrsslvcs from the traditional spirit 
of excessive British modesty; build 
a pinnacle of good, substantial, 
hard-headed, budnesslike Vaaoou- 
ver laUnd publicity; lift beaaliful 
'Vkitorla, bodily, high in the air, 'and 
sit her down, easily, graoafaHy, b^lt 
solidly, upon the apsa of 
flrmiy-bailt pteoaolo. ^ ^ 
Then tarn the spotlight of 
gtofMad paMMty aooa i 
keep hor booktaa atwayo la tho 
bHmaaey of lMNr ai^^srb oattlag.. 
Bettovo mo, goatlo. bashfW, eoaosrva' 
tlva VIotorlan. tha above two or 
thtoa pars graphs ara not latondad 


Lyonet counted mora 
In tha wqiow 


tfe* WMew'a Cew 

tfelatte nateaena 


la ItfetfIr i« b« erMtar thea a««r taa 

ra m ia m . w»« avMe't |aaO elMr 
ai4a«eJka Im< wOe a^as dssw ais 
dews vMle tbey ans fat yaong Md 

ap^Ai ia» aiji^ 






Doctors say that the best "medicmc" for that ivttmpy - 
feeling is fresh air, more fresh air, sunshine and exercise. ' 

'^ir shoes make walking easy. ""^ ^ 

May narfl'i. Shoe Store 

Aid.' Cameron Describes Sim- 
plified Process Proposed for 
Initiating Road Impfpifi^ 
ments inClty ^ 




^ S«v«nl ReannH.WIiy Yiw'SlMaM'UM 


Nsl to IM hcst for tiM nwfc tad o«r«i<rMn«4 

Our Special WmI 
Lump it very e 

Pboa* lU today and |«t. «• iipfty jwi wijk aomc of tkk coaL 





1^ . 

CQ^ Ltd. 

For Aft^Aoon Tea 

Come to this bakery and enjoy the satisfaction that 
comes of comfortable tttmoildings, prompt service and 
good food.^, . . , 


Kins Edward Block 

Phone 1929 

641 Yat&> Street 





Quality that proves 
an economy — service 
that pteascP^ patrons old 
.^d new. . ' 

We iiMuii^ta boA of;liiMC! 


617 Cormorant Street 

'. ,-y< 

Participation in ' a 
*^Gym" Class Means 
Health, and Health 
Means Happiness 

'. ■ 

take out -a Membership In the 
Y.M.C.A. The cost is slball 


"We want to i-ncouraare the initia- 
tion of works In iho suburban dla- 
.trictii on the local improvement, to ^ 
jf^^tmr est^Mit tlwo. M« )Mip«i. ,tt)9^cao« 
ip tbc past," cautioned Aid, Camerpn. 
"We feel that In order to do this We 
havo got to cut out a lot of the un- 
nec(>R8ary frilln and provide eaailyftUd 
nuickly workablo machinery." 




W« Mil the PIOST DRY FIR Cordwood. 
i7wfi per cord 4-foot Icnarths; other 
liMftlu M.BO. Vxoapt 4«uv«nr. 


1 PhoM S22 32B Sarward Mdi. 

New SpriiiS_Siiltings Just 
.•f: Amycdl^lroni l^igland 

Your inspection is invited to our magnificent lines of 
Men's and Women's Imported British Suitings-^ 
Serges, Worsteds and Tweeds, in all the newest 
\ ^ades. Same price for men as for women. Try one 

S^ts, at 4 ...... . $4 SbOO 

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Charlie Hope 






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CanYou Beat It? 

Pacific Milk, large 0£{p 
cans. 2 for ml\3\^ 

Small cans, 

3 for .4 .... 

Carnation Milk,' 

large cans 



"The Store of,! 
Phone LSI 2. 11 IS Quadra St. 

To Residents 
of Uplands and 

CM^wotttf Blocki, MUHrood. 

Heavy Haaling Done. 

CkMid. Dry Fir Cordwood— 12 
In., 16 in.. 24 in. blocks. Per 
cord deliver^ <within city 

limita .:,.:J$t», fS.SO 

Outside dQf iactra. 

White Star Wood Co. 


Day 74S. Wtcht M3eZ.a 



At Smith & Cha]otpioii*s 

Take advantage of this splendid opportunity to buy furni- 
tijii-e. carpets, etc.. at much lea« tl)an regular prices. Our entire 
•biar is on sale at ten to thirty per cent di^otshilp^^iaiur' tfsual 
low prices. Be Rtiri* to inspect our stock hefoi'fe makinfi^ any 
purchase of furniture or house furnishings. Save money by 
ptireliMMi now. ^ ' 

10% TO 30% 

: ■-■ i 't •' » . 

TilMii i« 


. :A nqfr .M|l«pne for tbe execution 
lQQA\ ImproTement works la beUiff 
drafted by a City Coun«^n committee 
compoRod of Aid. Ceorire H<inf?ater, 
chairman; Aldernu'ti W. G. Camoron 
and A. E. Tudd. The plan la for the 
purpose of almpllfyliw • tli« preSent 
•oniewliat unwieldy prd^wy of carry* 
insr out local linprbva|n«iit prejcjptiL 
Aid. OhtnerMi i» tlfl» orl«lMt6r of %im 
plun to t>e eonaldered by the oootaiil^ 
tee, and It has been elaborated U^Ml 
to eomc extent by Aid. Todd. * 
"The plan would probably be pi. 
qwoiai utuuy. , in coiaiieeticm with 
«i«lr loe^ InfinMlllwilattt Job«." saU 
AM. Oamaren ywterdair. ' "U wduM 
be appUed In the caae of maoadaai 
trills Ai)<^ short strips of road. Tlla 
purpOMe Is to eliminate as far as poA- 
8ible the elaborate features of the 
presioi^t by«lawa so as to simplify the 
whole 'liiroaesa; I feel that we can 

Declares Miical Health Of- 
ficer Was Sure to Be Criti- 
cized No Matter 'What He 
Did— Weeded by Victoria 

Dr. Arthur C, I'rlc-o, .Vledicj I Health 
Officer, altliough silent yesterday on 
the .subject t>l liitt rfftlctiaition, is ex- 
pected Muyor .Purtat- to remain lit 
office 'ukA' reconsidei: his decision to 
quit 'the city's service as a protest - 
against the l^vlnclal Oovarnment's 
refusal of autborlte^ to apply a ban 
in Victoria. ~ * f 

"Or. Price has been in an unen- 
viable poaition lately," cqmmente{d 
the Mayor. "Under oonditlona «u«lh 
as have prevailed during . the pafc 
few weeks the health dejiartttent Was 
cert^n to receive criticism from one 
quarter or smother. Had Dr. Price 
opposed a l>an from tiie s^t.irt lie 
would probably have been as uo- 
poinilur with thoqe in fnvor of re-* 
ttlribUons as . l>e AI>pte#rB tp have be« 
come lately wlth^tltoi#e<a^ wUb ivant' 
eTerythipK open. 'Dr. I*t-ice has 'beOn' 
a sealoufl 9(ttb4r ftnd haa done his 
duty i\B he" saw it lor the good of the' 
comniuhHy. Tlln ppsigna.tlon would 
he a great lotis to V'lctori:i. If con- 
dltionH improve, T feci wnfldent Dr. 
Price will recon.xlrier his resignation 
and stay with the service, where l|e. 
la nee#S&w"Srt » v 

Dr. II. K. Younj.' Provincial Health 
Offlcer. had a oonsnltution with Dr. 
I lict^ T''rl(ia\- afternoon resfardlng the 
influtMiKii situation, hut no change in 
policy was announced as a result. 
Dr. Price Intimated yesterday that 
he' Md i«»tUng new to flay regardlna 


Februaiy Was Remarkably 
Dry Month, and Also Notice- 
able for Large Amount of 
Bright Sunshine ., 

After the roinarkably fine weather 
which VictmiaiiH have l>e»-n cxpcri- 
cncinK for the Isisf few dn.vfs. it will 
not be surprisinf; t" Hnni to lo.-irn 
tiiat, according to the roLorda made 
by 'Mr. F. ??api»'r Denipon at tlie 
OOQstkf , >fttt«p.volo«ijBial ■ Pbservatory. 
PebrtiiM^' ma Vsilir 'tiae «een. the 
breaking tit a record for low predpl- 
t at I on for. the month for ■ the last 
forty-flve yfurM. 

The total rainfrfll for the month 
was .62 of an Inch, which 1« m 
inches below tbe avsrage for the 
month. It IB also remarkable that 
there was no. snow during tlie month. 
Another near recOrd was made 1* the 
amount of hrlRht punehlne recorded, 
namely, a total of 1.30 hours and 24 
mlnutep. which is r>n hours above the 
average since there has been a record 
kept In Victoria, and makes the 
month the brightest February on 
record daring the laat twenty-nine 
years with the exception of l^mary, 
1MB. when Its hoara oTbrivht ran- 
nhine wero rejristered. 

TurnlnK to temperature It will be 
seen that the • month was a fairly 
mild one, although there were light 
Croeta at night. The mean tempera- 
tore toft ^ A***^ ^* 
month wa« 41.1, wlilch is bne dfvree 
aiMHfe tha averagit. the hlgheaC was 
it On th« Stth and the loweat M on 
the tlad of the month. . 
• f^'i ' ^f 

' +1- 



The toiipwiag are the Jhi«a| MkMai 
Canadlaa Volunteer Reserve dlttle ter 
tM week ending March 

'tModay-U^sit ».hi. td-tiif; fkhibm 

ar(n:*S:St «e seamaiwiilpt to 
»:«S. aalnlatare range. 

FrMay->S:00 p.m. to >:(K>. swimming. 
'• 00 to rlrts aad sqaad drttk ^ 

AppUeatkms ffor earsHneat wttl 
eelved at the A i BMff y, Bsy ■twi en 
drm nlflhta. Or hr Ueut. 

sn^x. of kir .UMK 
a«)4R. ' 


XAXAIMO, Feb. 2t.~-In recogni- 
tion of her ladefatlsahle efforts to 
pronote raapieal I n tewi a In Ka> 
nahMOk asMM eayoelaU^- aa Bsnnirtiii 
with tJM Kai>aihM:'MBal«iar.€!tebb Mr*. 
H. 8kiaaer«arae prosnif >J ■ tut evoa- 
Ing at the home of Miss Po b Seon. 
secretary of the club, with a hand- 
Homely bound copy of the "Messiah," 
the rendition of which has been Her 
special cure several times during her 
tenure of office as )»re«UMint of tlie 
club. Mr. Johnson, on thO r e qw eet 
of .Xrc J. f/. Cobifrn, president of 
the e)i»b; rei4 ah address, and Mrs. 
Powers made -Ate' presentation. Mrs. 
Skinner, who sails for Knglund on 
April ::3, expressed her deep regret 
at the early parting aith the many 
good friends she liad made during 
her thirteen yean? rasMeaee la Ka- 


Tliey Are Pledged to- Keep Tax 
RateDowni Yet Vaguely 
Recall Pre-election Promises 
of Bigger Pny ' 

Although pledged to keep the tax 
rate down this year to 26 mills on 
the dollar, the City Council is be- 
ginning to wonder whether this ob- 
jective is poHsible of attainment. The 
.Mayor and aldermen are fully con- 
vinced that the cost of running muni- 
cipalities is keeping pace with the 
advancing cost of just about every- 
thing ehn^ 

The salary question now looms 
large on the horizon of every alder- 
man. At least four of ihem have to 
recaii no t only the solemn pledg e, 
recorded by reRolution, to keep within 
the 35 mill limit, but also equally 
Arm promises to city emplosrees and 
labor representatives before the etvlc 
election that-tltey were in favor of 
Increasing civic salarien. 

While there are four, perhaps 
nioiT, aldermen who stated prior to 
the election that they would stand 
by the Civic Bmployeea' Protective 
Association in its salary requests, 
there are aJao otiiers who tSJce a very 
different view. . TMs other' elenMUt is 
Impressed with 'the widespread' un- 
employment in the city and consld- 
or.s that if Home of tli,> present city 
enipioyoes ai-e dissati.sHi-d with their 
incomes there ure nit-n now walking 
the Htrceta who would be pleased tp 
step in and help run the ci^s affairs. 

Betimates will probably be consid- 
ered again by the Council Thursday 
night. By that time, it Is expected, 
ail the aldennen wiil be able to at> 



Beautiful Needlework Imparts a 
Pinal Touch of Sn^lrtn^ |o t|e | 

IN our present exposition of the new Saits for Spring are 
those that depart from simple Uoes and 
Pftsent, deft touches ^ needuvork ahd'triiltihiiigis thitt' 
«ftfi itSBHitlt tte If e of eveof bfholpr. : " ^ V 

Sometimes it is a heavy silken floss, sometimes fine 
soutache braid or metallic thread that is used — always witb ^n 
effect' that imparts unusual charm and individuality. 

Tricotine, Poiret twill, sabenftje and serge in navy and 
Ugbter liiia predomiiiate. Prices ''\ 

$48.75 to $115 

i^Ui^iU Yttes 81. 


Smart Spring 

Trimmed and Untrimmed Tail- 
ored Hats, all colors, #4.T5 

Silks, Ribbons, Tulles, Feather 
and Flower Trimmings. 

Wool Owte and SwMtort 

Ladies' and Children's sizes — 
m a ny no w styl es i eato r s a nd 



Boys' Cotton Swaattrs, each 


Ladies' A11-Wqo1 Heather Mix- 

tive Hose, pair 9i.*95 

Lisle and Silk and Cashmere 

Hose, all colors. 

New Waists, Skirts, Dresses, 
Qlovss, Underwear^ Corsets. 

Seabrook Young 

Phone 4740 



Prof. Arihjur-P, Wewtow, Dis- 
tinguished Sfudi^t of Im- 
perial' Affaii-s, Will Address 
Canadian Club Tuesday. 

Prof. Arthur P. Xewton. M.A.. B.Sc, 
one of the lea^dins authoritien on Im- 
perial hintory. will address the Cana- 
dian Club Tuesday at noon in the Em- 
press Hotel on "The Problems of the 
CroWn Colonies and Dependencies." 
He will sketch the eftOets of the world 
war on the British Bmplre beyond the 
seas, and will outline ' some of the 
broader poiirleB which he believes 
nhould be adopted to ensure an in- 
rreaslnsr Imperial folidarlty in the 
countries where the Lrnion .Tack flics. 

Prof. Newton is Rhodes professor of 
Imperial history In U)e University of 
I«ondon, and the author of , several 
iHioks on; Imperial topics. He is .at 
present on a tour of the United States 
and Canada, vlsltinssthe more import- 
snt universities and reviewlna condi- 
flonH (fenerally. Alread.v he has de- 
livered in Canadn scvernl notable ad- 
dresses, and evrry where has been 
(fiven an Inipraslve reception. 

Lieut. -Oovornor Colonel the Hon. K. 
'O. Prior will attend tbe luncheon if 

hi e h e alth perm lta. — Pr e mi e r ■ J o ira 
Oliver and' members ef. hia Cabinet 
have atoo been invKed to be present 
The luncheon will commence nt 12 
o'clock. Idetnbers of the Women's 
Canadian Club will be odmittStf at, 
12:30 to hear the address. 


Pile Sufferers 

't Be CM-i^em Vse viy 
hmm rare That AarsBs can Cse 

INaeomfort nr I-oxh nf Time, 
«p • Plcaoal TiiNllnit TakkH 
■ad Bid YoanMlf of nieo. 

Ut Hi Pm • lltt Frit 

aiy Internsl method for the treatment 
snd permanent relief of plies is the cor- 
rect one. Thoueande upon thousands 
of itratpftil letters toetify to this, and 
I want you tq^^ try this method at my 

No matter whether your ease is of 

lona standtOiC or recent development, 
whether It Is chronic or acute, whether 
It Is oeraxlonal or permanent you should 
•end for thin free trial treatment. 

Xo matter where you live — no matter 
ivhat your afO or oeeuipatlea-df yea are 
trooMed wtth iHtes. my method will ro* 
Hove yon promptly. 

I <'iip(>'"iaMy «'ani to send it to those 
apparently hopeless oases where all 
forme nf ointmsota, aalves and ethsr lo- 
cal appllcallons liavs SaUadr , 

l>endal>li* trt-atmont. 

This liii^rnl ofiVr i.f free trrutnu-nt 
loo imgyrtant for you to nesl^ot a nlnttle 
day. WHta now. Hend n'» money. Bfan- 
ply msfr the eeia»oih~^t do thte now— 
TOl>AT. .1 , ,t 

Victoria Jeweler \\ ill VlMit ^lanufac- 
Curina CrntroM of Kurope, a.s 
Wen as Cana da, a nd Slates 

Mr. J. W. Dtinean.- of Mitchell * 
Oiuican, jewelers, left laet wOek Oh 

an extensive buyina trip to ETCIrope. 
Reallzina the difficulty in setting 
goods tliCHo dayn, he Is soing direct 
to the manufacturlnK* centres and 
makinsr sure of delivery. Hp will 
visit Toronto and New York, whore 
be will look over Canadian and 
Aioericaa novelties. Owlns to today's 
»atd- 'ot iexehaagv between here Snd 
Burope it means a grreat savinc i" 
the cost of the goods by buying over- 
seas. While in Europe he intends 
purchasine: diamonds, rubies, .sap- 
phires and other precious stone.**, and 
also visiting the leading silverware 
and cutlery centres of the world. 

Regarding French goods, he will 
visit Paris and look over the lines 
manafaetweed there which is to 
their intereet to handle, comprising 
French carriage oloclu, mantel 
clocks, folding desk clocks, ebony 
and French lyory, bead b-aps. opera 
and field glasses, and other new and 
nifiy lines suitable for a htph class 
Jewelry trade and with the idea of 
havtar soasetMnff different flom the 
aVarsca ilass shawa. 
' Mttehsll 4 Duncan, I^td.. handle 
a great tnany high gVade Swlee 
watches, and It Is Mr. Duncan's In- 
tention to go into the w.itclV question 
very carefully, while in Kwltzerlnnd. 

Owing to the demand for 
goods in Europe today, practically 
no samples are brought to this 
country es^ptlt>a through the whole- 
sale jobbers, and by goins abroad 
and buying direct it means a jpreat 
saving to the consumer. 

Mr. Duncan expecta to )^ away for 
about two months. 


Mr. Frank ianfies, New Assis- 
tartt to Col. Humble, at Em- 
press Hotefr Glad to Be on 
Coast. ■ 


Fake the folks put for a spin in the country. Rent an Overland, , ' 
Dodge, Chevrolet or Yord with a self-Martcr, sad drive it yourscH* 


Cars to Ksnt 

Without Drivers 


72t View St. jphone ^O^S^^Jtlso Coraer of Courtasy snd Qordoa 

hssoB H Wims* old stand), phoaa •4« 


The Power of die Press 

Tow hsva of tea -lt«»rd ot, but do 

n o pi p a«t of you la tbroush row 
Btatlonsrr, tharefore. It ahoald bo 
Bsatly droaaad llfco yoar travaUsg 
Lot us talk evsr. jraar 

Sweeney & McCooaeli 


iM a 

Realty Men Stt)S0eet e^ty' Pfl 
vate Bill i\4ay Give B. C. 
Electric Too Much "^ver 

FrM PIki Remedy 

• Mhl of year 


An exchange lictween Ca'^iry and 
tills city' has brought Mr. Frank 
James to the Bmpress Hotel as as- 
sistant manacer to Col. B. M. 
Humble. Hr. Jamee was «ra«m from 
the Palliser Hotel in Caigary aarly In 
the week by the C. P. R. hotels de- 
partment, and upon his arrival here 
yesterday. Mr. H. J. Wilson, who has 
been acting In the assistant capa- 
eity here for some time, was trans- 
ferred to the Palliser. * 

Mr, James received the foundation 
tor this ^»here la tbe h9t«i system 
of the C. P. R. in Bncland. having 
been In Caaada h«t> el«ht years. Pbr 
four and one-half years h* was con- 
nected with the Rita Carlton, In 
Montreal, after having been In 
chaiK'? at I^ake Louise when first as- 
souiut.-d with the C. r. R. I^st Bum- 
mer h'" was sent to manage the 
(lliiclei; House and at tbe close of 
the ssiason was tsansTerrad to the 

"I should asy I am clad to ha on 
the Coast" aeserted Ittr, Jaoiaa ye** 
terday. "t was thtnktng tb^ morn- 
ing that for the flm time In elgbt 
yean. 1 am about to eajterienoe a 
'real Raster.' By that I m ea n a 
good old country ftprtngtlmo. t can 
see a n ae t glasllarltr bet 
eiiSMrta 1ke«s '•M timt ef 
I ass fotoiv so enjar M." 

•1 • •'"TT"^ 


Aftei' surveying the City bill which 
Js now before the private bills oom- 
'tanteH of the Brttlsh ColumbW TSds- 
lature, the Victoria Real RsUte Ex- 
change has adopted .m Inquiring at- 
titude towards rertrfln phasci which 
relate to the use of the city's hrldJias 
by the Rrltish Columbia BleOUrio 
Railway Company. The mam* was 
taken up IQ one of the beiM( at< »a4 tBd 
meeting 'IV' til* . aasoelatlont this 
week-end, and the City gollctiar 
win be asked to tatarptat the 


The meciing h1:«> Ijoard nn ex. 
planallon from Mr. I'enM I'ox. re- 
presenting the propo.xed Institute of 
Arehliect.M of British Columbia, the 
bill tor the authorisation of which 
is siso under e^onslderation - hi ^ Che 
legislature. Mr. Vos; B«at 'IIMii lha 
plan in dot.iU hut the Kxehange de- 
cided to further consider the pro- 
posal before ne.cordlwc tt ;tM» ea- 
dorsation asked for.. 

It was doclded to isk the Victoria 
and Island Devetopmeht L<eague for 
rep i esi fc g ftl aa #oiR^ the SiNrhanrre' 

m KIMLIN6 wooa 

AU Kteds and Alt Leagths. 
Millwood. IS.OS per cord, in etty 
linito. ktadllag Wood. ls.OS^ half 
eord: SS.SS eerd. inslds alty Uoilta 

Pbuaa ••Tl 


Areeda Cloaaara aad Dyws 

Maaa.' Dxalas 

Room II. Arcade Sldu., Govsmmtnt 8t, 

Vlrtorla. B C. 

f«lrsai«4 k)r tta 


UUCi id^DKbara t>t. I'lionr SrlSt 

on its i>o:ird of directors and Mr. P. 
R. Brown, Jr., was selebted to at- 
tend the annual meeting of that or- 
ganisation for the purpose. Operat- 
ing separately, as has been the cage 
in the past, was inclined to aUow for 
a grasjt dsai^ ol . idupiicatiai>. eC sl« 
fort, it waa.tboucht.. There wAa 
much discussion in regard to eertajo 
points of the Land' Registry Acta 
which were considered - 6pen to Im^ 
provement, and enlightenment will 
be Mought In regard to polico 
uutfaority In connection with damaga 
to property.' The Kxchange wiil meet 
attJia „ in about ten daya 


OAKLAND. Feb. 21.— The death. 

hart Tiiorsdsy of Capt. w: WkiW*. 

one of the oldest mariners on tho 
Pacific coast, was learned today. Capi. 
Wallace worked up from the p'osllioii 
of cabin 1 oy on the sto.iiuer R« linns 
in tlie larly si.vtlcH t/j the ixjsilloii ot 
captain with the Pacific Coual Hteam- 
ship., Company. He is said to haifi||^ 
efM|%ndtd every sh^ ptyina b4« 
tvnsen Victoria, B.C., and l*taicst itoami 
ports. One 9f hie last Ships waa tha 
Wall4 Walla. 

* . ^ — . ^ , 

Hiietpssfai ihinoo 

I.ADV.s.MITrti Feb, A very 

su<^essfal ^, 4)Miae was given in 
Oo|ld'tf' nin)' last eventag under tho> 
atisitlces of the., liMdjlimlth City Band. 
Ttie .liall' hajl .l««tf suitably de« 
cOrated, aiid thero wns a large num« 
hfr bf when the dnnre com- 
menced. The floor wan In exolicnt 
condition, and the niuhic wum all 
that could be desired. The proceeds 
of the dance g9 towards tho inuslo 
fund <#the «sihd. 

Iodine IS 
state. X 

m tta Um 

We Invite Comparison 

The he^tl time you arc in t 

U in .and 

Edison Diaiqond Amberpla 

You can hunt the markets and ndt find its 
equid fpr.|i200, and its cost is only . 



With a diamond reproducer permanently 
• guaranteed, fi* 

Mflqr bMlOr to chanfc aiiMij Hny mm 

ol date aa caadBiis ' 

Cyme snd spa^^ s masicsi hoar. Mo 

Kart's EdisoD Stora 


T HH MAIty qOLOOTS T . V T C T OR I A. B.C.. SUN5AY> ^ l SMgg 

City anB 

It'AlllMMe liwtilag — rriM res«Ur 
BM>iithl3r iDMttiW o( I'AUiance Fnui- 

«t th* Victoria Cinh, oontaMMtet 411 

8:15 o'clock. 

TMr!s but on^ of the many forms of 
industry carried on at this big 
Ajutomobile Garage. Car bodies, 
too, arc repiilfid and re^paioted in a 
matmer thatjrill give every ^itis-.^ 

""^H will pay yoii to have our esiinfate 

«pa|rs of^ 
fliif iiMillf or Iftt^ on. ; ^ '1 

fir Ycju Bcr rr iFi 

3rou(faton Stratt 

. 1 

P<v DiBOfit Systeai b 
1^ HgZTqr U |«,f 

H, 0- KirMiiii & Co., LM. 

AO-Week Speciiils ai jUhe 
Biflr Cash marJtet 

.J " ^' I U. ' i 

Stiwelir Monday and Tuesday in 


All Wade ii^ Havdwara Difiartaieqt 

One H— 4t>tf ^ii^Wc«r-Bm* jimngiliit f«gti» SSe. SIffI one of 
-thoM coupons and get one for .._ u .i^fff 


Brooms, with reversible handle. .The<e are more.doraUa than 
- corn brooms, half the prfte. RefftUar 95c for . ^ ifigf 

'%S5!?*^5!5f**?r^*%^ ,1 I Stemo, the famoua Canned 
Wa^l, refttlar 2ic Specut Heat, regular 15c per tin 
..: v-**^ I Special, 2 tins for a5# 

_ AU *n Confectionery Department 

"^55? Candy, regular 40c per lb. Special, lb- 

Tttit IS far below the market price today. 

I* Cf a M r j; , ITS and 179 Frail 

•I. 68t3 

Sll^ Xlurt M a BtPiiildiic In 

N«w sboes can be so comfortable that 
yoB can forget all about your feat, and mver 
realize that you h«vt>dli iitwrtieffi Utttil you 
look at them, 

"Christie's" shoes are Uke that 
' **g>. *W <MM«la» welted soles i 

ytti •Ittir Lbttls. Cabaii or Military 

..$14.00 to MJe 

heels , 


Vktorlb 8«« aq^ WMm Til* 8«or« iHth the N«w Front 



Fisi^liig Boat From Prince 
Rupert Discovered to Have 
Unmanifested Whiskey 
Memt)ers of Cre^ .4rrje||t0d 

I SBATTXfB. r«b. tt.— f^««M of 

inM BM* M «M»r MM tiM kaa- nIbw vgm «m iMt 

^bat aclioonor Uranua. Ita earvo of BtttaMll ttMliie' liiS^air 
j lt,«e« pounds of halibut, luid arrmt. lo« haa i^cwBt»d m alnUns 
«< CMt Owl P. Rendai and tito wlUoh ^^ff^Swiff ^rtS; In 

>»ed I nght armored afrplanea. ^ 

ta aa»ttl«, olearad fr^m f;tteoe Bii> 
perl Febrnarr td.. 

The law. ffrorldea ft)r oonfl«»Uon 
of botli the vwMMl and cargo « it is 
•hown th« liquor iraa oantM vnbtw. 


' Y trr ; I 

Bt. Faai AiMa ta iMvloe 

twnad m^at her pier here m Aprtl. 
mi. Bailed today for Plymouth 
Cherbourg and Southamptoa on ht 
fim trtp^too, the aoeMwt oeeuri^. 

to Preach — Right 
Bav. Dr. aciliofleid, itishop of Colum- 
bia, will pMach at St LiUka'a ChuvelL 
Cadar Hill, at thia avaalatrB aanrlM. 

commencing at 7:30. 

Appealing Dedaioa^The app«4l 

brought byi Mr. Gardner before tha 
Oak Bay Court of Reviaioa. and wbtob 
waa refused by that body, will cona 
betora Judge Lampnum about tiUp 
middle oC JCaroh> 

nartlMr XM^ajr I fc aa "f lt w otii#r 
than thoae reported 111 yesterday'a 
Oelonlat occurred on IiViday at 2317 
Shakespeare Street, a roof fire; and 
at Alpha Street, where a faulty chim- 
ney waa the cauaa of « brief blaaa. 
The firemen turned out tan tllMkl! 
dvrlps t|M dair. . ' 

numerous reauests coming iqto tbie 
Saanlch municipal otfice for vaoast 
lots under the greater production 
plan it would appear that there will 
be more vacant lot cultivation thla 
year tkaar at Any tlma elooe the 
sehfrmi -waa latrodnwrtt: ."^ 

Dance at Sookei — Another dance fes 
being given by the Sooke HarMr 
hotel management on Wedneeday, 
March 3, and as the calendar ehowa 
that full moon la due on this avenlag 
a larger number than usual of VlQ-; 
torlans should be enticed to moNS| Oliti 

; mMm a* A * VL T,. Boom*— cap- 
tain tha Jtmr.^ Caiiiftbltwiwm coii- 
.dnet adiitdb, it t pcm. today in tMe 
'reading l^m of the Army and Navy 
Veterans' AasoclaUon in the Pember- 
ton Building. Dr. Campbell la the 
chaplain of the Victoria Branch, 
which haa now « memberahlp #f 


Unique Souveodr— A bound volume 
^^Wtflifl I>aUy IfcicMrd. tha 
offlclal paper of the Canadian aoldlefe 
ovaraaaa during the war, haa been se- 
cured for the Proirlnoial. library. There 
are only three complete seta of the 
paper in. ezlbtence, one set la in tha 
Dominion archives at Ottawa, one in 
the Provincial archives at Reglaa, and 
thf third In this city. 

trnderwrltera M erge At a |olat 
meeting here Thursdiqr the Vanoouv#r 
l*If)»nd and Mainland Fire Underwrll- 
'onFAjMtNriatlone deelded to form ode 
rOrgaBl«ttton>Mned the Underwriters' 
Bureau of Britlah Columbia, in order 
to *rftMr about closer cc -operation and 
to irilmntate duplication of work. The 
chairman, Mr. R. 8. Day, was deputed 
to name a committee to draw dp a 
constitution and by-Iawa which ara to 
be submitted to a further meetins. 

Previously Vnlistod— Additional r to 
the publlahed liat ctf^oral offOrinSiln 
connection with the funeral of the 
lata Mr. W. K. P. Sweeney are the 
following, preTioualy omitted: Froin 
<ICr. JAtt lfra. B. J. Down, Mr. and 
Mr*; J. B. Pumphrey (New West- 
minster), Mr. Louis Pumphrey, Miss 
Mary Pumphrey, Miss McDowell and 
brothers. Captain and Mrs. T. J. 
Jackman, Mr. and TAn. McJManiML 
Mrs. H. Meiior auad CnnUy*, aiidabK 
Mary Devereuz. 

Vte^ier CtaawM — Louis Pichon 
and KathMA Norrls. who were 
chargad on Friday with stealing 
clothee from Messrs. Gordon's, of 
Yates Street, and were rcntanded' un- 
til next Monday, again appeared In 
the city police court yeeterday. On 
thie occasion they faced a further 
charge of retaining ifneensel.on of 
stolen property, said to have been 
taken from tha Model Company, alao 
of Vatea Street Maglatrate Jay ag^ 
remanded the couple, and the two 
charges will be tried next Monday, 
JUleae tha accused in the meanUme 
elect to stand trial I9 a hlgber oourt 

Ijcntcn Senioea ta tt-JuihAvMjtov 

John s, will give two apecial aeriee of 
sermons during Lent. At the Sunday 
momlns eervioea the subject will be 
Xarael — the Prince With God," being 
a aeriee of studies of one of the great- 
eet of Bible characters. On Sunday 
evening Mr. Chadwlck will give a 
series of sermons on "Apostollo Chris- 
tianity." These serraong will ^ based 
upon the Acts of the Apostles and 
will aim at empbaaiiing thoae lea- 
tUres of the Christianity of tha 'early 
church, which should be the ideal 
of Christianity tdday. Rev. C. Swan- 
eon, rector of Metdhoein. la giftog a 



W. te Ubik date eel fer> the iMMyoaad 

recital by Mr. Alfred MiroVltaeh. tHe 
Busetan plknlttt. The concert la to b« 
given, as originally designed, under 
the auaptoee of the Ladles' Musical 
Cluh, and the programme le te be the 
aame ag that (|lven in Vancouver by 
thf artiat on the oooasion of his aec- 
ond appea r a n ce there, with the ex- 
eeption that Mral Qertrade ftdatley 
Oeaen, VioUMrlaV Ulented ' dMUdtolan. 
wni apoeaf w^ Mr. Mbovltieb In 
the Baoanaalapa "Faniaate** for two 
pianoa. Mr. Xlrovttiell ii iMttes 
Victoria for the thitted Stat^' on 
Tueaday. and will play In a "number 
Of, dtiee.ln California, Oregon and 
Washington before returning here to 
give his second recital. 

The Wwemm Franilaeu In connec 
tion with the repegrfisf iho p'rb6eed 
Inge fat Che Leglslaturo^ #lM)tt |ha bUl 

ubalbn' on the terms 
tit the blU referred to a euggestion 
by one of the members that adequate 
housing quartera for stray animals 
picked up under the powers granted 
in the bill^ might be secured in 
'XJharlle Campbelfa warehouse," and 
the inference waa m9^,.tliat that 
warehouse, in Vahooltvwr, ha4^ fi> 
ured In the Flndlay Uldliaii^ In that 
city laat year. , The fact la Mr. Camp- 
beU'a premlaea did not in any way 
figure^ in connection with that epi- 
sode, other premises with which he 
was not associated being mentioned, 


Tea, Coffee 

Anniversary of Patron Saint 
Will B e Observed bx Cym- 
j^od6rlftn8 by Reunion fn the 
Odd .Feltows' Kail 

The Vlotorla Oymrodorlon Society 
have preparad^ to oalebrate t^ birth- 
day of the'Welahiiatren aatnt la Odd- 
fellowe^ Hall, comer of Douglas and 
Johnson Streets, at 8 o'clock tomor 
row evening. 

During the war no monthly meetings 
were held as most people ttaed their 
spare time for Red Croaa work and 
most of tho young mbn were away on 
active eervlee, eonaequently the society 
only held Its annual function. This 
year quite a number of men and one 
or two nursing sisters will be wel- 
comed back, and several will take part 
in the programme, so that this gather 
ing is expected to take the form Of a 
reunion. . . - -„ 

Th*:f4n6wfii|UT4l«E0i»<)d <o'«yh 

trlbuto_Jo the l^romunme: Nursing 
SlBte^ Thoniae, Mtts ClarlsBa Davles. 
Mrs. Day. Mrs. McLaren, Master Allan 
Thomas, Sergt B. 10. Prleet Sergt. H. 
Roberta, Signaller W. Jonea. Messrs. 
P. Hughes, R. Thomas. T. !L. Hughea, 
Rees-Lloyd and ^ryson. An addreag 
will also be given bearing oh th* origin 
oftheWjSlah. There wlu alao be aoma 
ed«^ttn|tr tdntiair O0 old Welah Mr* 
nie eommittee aaft all those who 
dail' to donate sandwiches and cakes 
and brldg them Monday evening to the 
hall, so that refreshments can be 
served and a more eociable time apent 


Makes You Feel lively and 
YaMff— RiM»#ti Thai 

At some period tn our lives there 
is sore to oeme a time when the 
stomach Is "off" — not working well — 
falling to enjoy and digest Its food. 
Main thing then is to get the right 
remedy. Tou really want a sooth- 

on reetilta, oomblnhM the vIrttMa of 
a ganile laxattyo with a teaOe eCtaet 
upon the stomadh, liver fnd hldaeya 
Certainly the world alfoMBi no bet- 
ter medicines, for the atomach than 
Dr. Hamilton'a Pills of Mandrake 
and Butternut. Their laxative effect 
la ideal. — cant be beaten! But la 
addition to their helpful action upon 
the bowela, theae pUlb eeatalB oariaia 
ingredlentg that'StrongtlMa aad In- 
vigorate the BMumca of tlM atomadh. 
thereby relieving all aorta of alonMMfh 
misery, Indlgeetlon, soumeaa, riaihs 
gas, headache and blltousneee. 

Jtuit try pT. Hamilton'a PiUi 

they'll make yeu full of energy> — 
brimming over with dnap; they bitng 
and maintain 

\mm, tmi, M^t taet imiia^jrea' 
loeMd ft* thewi mtutf st eathaf B 
pcnnB A auBWinrm von on. 

an dealera 

MissJFIelen Stewart. City Librarian, 
who spent a couple of days in Van- 
couver last week, addreaeed the 
Women's Canadian, Club of that etty 
at their meeting Ui the ballroom of 
the Hotel .Vanpo^ver on Thuraday 
aftemoonrotttllnliur the provUkuM of 
the B.C. liibrariee Act passed at the 
last aeaslon of the Legislature. 

Mr. and Mrs. II. Wilson, of this 
city, are spending a few days in Van- 

Major-Oeneral and Mra. R. O. B. 
Leokle are spending the weok*end at 
Harriaon Hot Springs. 

Mra. lieOreery, of Vaneouver, la 
vpendlnf a fiw daya' visit in Victoria. 

Mr. W. n. Malkia, of Vaneouver.'^ 
haa been spending aevaral days vfaU- 
Ing In the city. 

Mr. Innes Hopkins, of Vancouver, 
spent a day In the city laat weok'^oh 
his way to Seattle ea ■ hrlaf hniineae 


A pretty linen ahoVer waa flvon by 
Mlaa Hyldah PotUnger at her home, 
41* Vancouver Street on Friday 
evening, Febriwry 37, for her friend. 
'Mlaa Maudte Humber. daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. R. Humber, of 
Gorge Road, whose wedding la to 
take place on March 8. Many beauti- 
ful gifts were PtvaMtOdjaJtha bndo. 
to-be by Mies Boif«i|flNI|iber, who 
appeared on the apeqe dcieasad aa 

log medicine, one quiok to act sure .Cui>id _2iid driving a mlalatujto ttl<^r 


llows and 

cherry bloeeoma. During the evening 
vocal solos were rendered by Mrs. 
McMollen, Mrs. Knight ahd Miss 
Hyldah Pottlnger. The invited guesta 
were: Mrs. R. Humber, Mrs. S. 
Humber. Mrs. J. W. Maynaid. Mrs. 

Mrs. B. Kobei^ Mrs. #. B. Beutrr, 
Mrs. a B. Webb„ Mra. A. Appleyard. 
Mra. Xalgtlt Mra Boyce. Mrs. Molr 
asd daughters, and the Minnes Wil- 
llama. Hunter. Humber, McDonald 
and McLaughlin. 

Lleut.>Colonel and Mrs. W. W. Fester 
are speadlng a few dajrs la 
fuests at UM Hotel Vaa ea a tai v 
mm. Of 
ta the city oa a visit to 
Mra. F. M. Buokland. 

Mr. Ok M. Itaynor, of Victoria, Is 
vlsttlag la Taaeeaver for a few days. 


,3 Jbs« for 9S.4T or. per lb. 
ANtl-COMt^IMB TijU. 

ill tlw fTOcwy Urn h 


ip packets, per ib.-....^,..,.... _ f , 

LAOB-^-lb. tin . ^ 

C. * 8. or HAM8TBRLY ORAlf OB 


FCr lb. « mt. ' ., " I /„ , ., II, i..i „,a «., Xi i r ..,1. 

. <49>-lb. aadc- ~ 




mSI \ IlCoS^BlS&BNT^'CRi^^ ntL^ 
-UWV I TBiMnid ofaraet Butty maM. V^ Vb.^ ■ PC 


Large l((-«s jar — 



Everything nice tod freih. We give one free delivery every day all over 


akimoihInb grocers 

|iMsis-He> i'tMi 



A nnouncement of the Removal 
of the I)rap^ry Department to More 

Commodious Premises 

the J^aifi, 

"•I J- " 

Yoli Are 
To Attend 
The Opening, 

Display in^ 
This New 

TI_JTC b a change tli^t wotpen will weV 
kLLO come. |t is a departure that fer* 
mits adequate display of the vast new 
stocks which wc have imported for ouf 
IflKfbns' selection this season. 

In this great assembly of hand-bleached Prints^ 
Chintz, Cretonne, Velvet, Velour, iirocades. Dam- 
ask, Ctirtilns, etjc., it is Safe tb^ sav that the handi- 
^work of the forei^st looms ^^ma^iM ttpi^ 
sented. Furthermore, this new ground Soor de- 
partment is in tl^ care of an efficient staff, men 
whose Old, Country and Eastern experience fits 
them' to ad^se intefliffently on all matters pertain^ 
m% mmi^iaeil^lm^ Mti0bcs^4 

We li^i^^Hidl #i|MMCy |o inspect the many 
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Bed Clover Conpounif 

XWMk BBRlod[» dtttlniia, Buttenrat, Senna and Ucoiloe) 
A Spring Tcttic apd Alterative 



View and GoTsramsnt Sts. Opp. Bank of Montnuil 


Mr. Vivien -Bagshaw -has Just re- 
turned to the city from Vancouver, 
Where be baa been taking an agrlcui- 
tural course at the Ualyeralty of ^tiah 


Mra. William Wilkinson, of Mar- 
qdie» Sask.. with her baby daughter, 
la lit thd cfty iai> a cggple of months' 
visit with her parents, K^^O^ Mrs. 
Anthony Allen, l«8f F*tt Stroit. " 

Dr. D. M. Baker, of Owen Sound. 
Ont., late of the Canadian Army 
Medical Corps. Is spending a few days 
in the flitr« tbe gvmt of Mr. and Mra. 
r. A. .Kasnody, f « Obrso Bead. . 


LONIK>N, Feb. 28.— The tranafer 
of the remaining German warships 
to the Allies has t>een fixed tor 
Mareh< W. On that day eight battle- 
ebtpsi 11 dMlMfa. aad 43 deetroyers 
will be formally surrendered. 

Seventy pea cent of thMa will go 
te Great Britain, eleven pOT OJJt to 
Italyt and eight per cent td Jaisn. 

. ihasan Rcfeal 

CHieAiilOb SI. I I M ei hM t.df a 
local propitti^ «wae«r M sanlaHn a de- 
cided at a meotldt laat^MtM to **iet 

tenanU march out If they will not 
pay higher renta." This morning 
they were m«t by a oounUr-mov*. a 
tenanU' strihe. Forty tenants agreed 
they WO«l* IM* pay hich«r rente and 
wootd Mtinam ttm imrp jnUitxti 

THE Wim& 

Tisieria, BiC^ at • 

kATMMter MMiatiM lilfh «V«r this 
ProTlna* aa4 flft. » nattier )• S»»2«V..*^* 

PraMs Previa***. 



.■««>. Ala.** 



VIoMMar -*-C. 
VkBeower . .« 
KMateoea . ■ ' 

ynaes wa^^s* 

Ataa »*•*.....».. .4 #•«»>• • •■rf 
i»Bi»— «. T.T. .•Mki* «*e* 

OMgUT. Alt*. ..MM*-^ 

wiaaipvc. Mttii. O 
^BVtUaa. Or«. .....«M*.M« . 44 

rsMdwo. cat, WkM.^* aa 

▲rtaer ■« 

e • • * »o «• ve e4 0**m 

. a •••4be 


1.^*1^ •• •' • 








One hears of much sickness these days,, and 
when the true facts are known how often is it not 
a case of run-dovn condition aggravated by 
neglected teeth. r ■ 


Millie conditions are as they are today it would 
be. sheer folly not to take every precaution«-and 
under tWs catc^bty comes proper denUl attention. 
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fold in health, kx>ks and efficiency. 

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tionai tinlnit. 

Top Mr OMktatf awtM* l» ^uraljihed 
■mootb «• poll^Ml irtM>: •© blao^la^i 

to the houMwire. and in u Mcurat* u 

a olock.' 

Tk« WandMT.CloMk bu » U«>4p«f. 
l>rovl«Mn» dSgy .<ffHft»«>|-i ll(i. tO 
be kepV.WMNB. ' . 


Phone 885 743 Yatn tl. 


Candeiy interests 

men. Are Unit in Opposition 
to Proposed Regulations for 
• British Cofurtibia fisheries 


The Two Go^Is 

Thai Nee4 No IntrodiictlaB . r hi----^ 


Wc Have AU Ci^, 

Mackay & Qillespie, Ltd. 

738 Fort Stre«« 

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LONDON, Feb. 2l.-r*Z^0rd mi*, 
presiding today at a gntnd fibtancll 
m«etliiv of C6fhrad«ii of the Great 

L .iOG ai HI 

50.000 MEN WANTED 

npforr noxt moHth thtit numbar Are 

w.intcd to ♦ifpp lip find havp their 
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best, I 

War. naid that when men came home 
they dtvlted Into variotM ,or< 

sanlzalioriH because they were bribed 
away toy certain promises from this 
and thut potitioBl iterty. R« fli«rr. 
fore said to them to hnve nothing to 
do with any political oarty. He also 
said: "If we pv^ Piar cauM rlarhtly 
we shair have «n the rtght thlnktng 
p9opi* of the Bmpire balktnd ' nut." 

The public revenue of Peru Ih de- 
rived to a large extent from the f<Hl« 
of guano and unly to a liniitetl extent 
from customN. 

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614^16 Yates St. 

125-127 HMtiiii»«l W4>«lieo«v«r 

Strong opposition to the proposed 
new federal regulations applying to 
Itrltlsh Columbia ilaherles was voiced 
Bt a conference of cannarymen a.i|4' 
fishermen held In l%ncouV*r FrbUdr 
night. Mr. J. Ij. BMkirit|i.' of itU 
Clayoquot Canning ' OBttpany. re- 
tamed to victoria yesterday after 
attending the conference and de> 
clared that he had never before ut- ' 
tended a meeting where there was 
evidence of such unanimity of feeling 
nmong the vatrioua Interests Involved. 

The ooitfar*iice authorised ^he 
sending of » strongly worded tele- 
Kram tof* Colonel C. C. Ballantyno, 
MinlHter of KlHherlP.s. urjjint; lhal the 
new reKUlations be K'niicelled unil, tlvat 
the 19 1*1 regulations hv continued In 
force. Copies of the telegram were 
also addreiBsed to the Ihmnler and 
all Britlalv Colung^bl% ffs^njtA^ i^qd 
maibbeni of the House of Comaapai. 

Strung reptesentutions ara Alao ba- 
Ing made to ensure the appointment* 
of a board of local men with prac- 
tical knowledge of (Mmdltlona to con- 
trol the conduct of BrIUate Ctnmtkla's 
flpberlea. , {l, la. bftMt. arc«d that tbla 
propoaed hoard b« vittaid With admin- 
istrative powera and, in any case, ad- 
visory authority. A similar re«u- 
latlug body has several times been 
mooted previously, but never before 
was it unitMi requeat made for lit 

The new regulations oomplalned oi 
hy the conference declare for a pol- 
icy of open flsbing, eliminating re- 

i», it aeu M • iBOif |IV>>rtarc4 
Bcrvca and almott iftvmpably hnBga 
^uiclc reltei . 

Its healing, antiaeptie quauties caa 

Swaya b« relied upon to prevent »o- 
ctioa, or other serioos results« from 
■praina, bruises, cuts, bums, bites 
•nd stings. Just as good, toa, tor 
•Oft ftiB neck, frost bites, cold 
•ores mac canker iprey. 

Qtt it from 4c«iM)lllf«r jSQ. 


If not inmM 
Mft yoMlF bade' 
^Evar cSiM0paia4 or have sick 
^cadachtr l«at tiy Wliard LIvar 
Vfhipa, plaaaaat lillla pink piOib Jt 

licences granted, so long as applicants 
are roBldent Brltlnh subjects, and dis- 
continuing the granting of cannery 
lUencee. It wuh held by nicmb«;rB 
ttttendinsr the conferences that the 
new rules would require so much 
greater facilities ,for protection that 
the Fademi Oovemment woMd be 
unable to provide adequate aervice; 
furthar, that the returned soldier was 
Ofrefed no preference, an was ?he 
ease last year, and that the industry 
would soon pass into Jiipanetie domi- 
nation and In a few yeara be killed 

How 11 Ntarted 

A telegram was read at the con- 
ferenre from one of Iho British 
umbla cannerymen now In Ottawa, 
ontlininf; an interview which he had 
with the Minister. wh<> had stated 
that the clianged resulatlons were the 
outcome' of repreiMntatlons made by 
'an the . Brltiah Colittnfila members 
with the exception of two. Hinre tho 
regulationa were rtrst .spoken of, .ac- 
cording to the Minister, »*onic of the 
niembem whi> first niipported them 
h.-id expressed thempelVes as endors- 
ing the continuation of the present 
plan, in view of the . protest w|th 
whioh the announcement ^f the altar'* 
atien was reealved by nahermen and 
cannery interests alikt*. It was clear- 
ly shown, accordinnr to Mr. Beckwlth. 
that the real cause for the demand 
wriK the very Mtronkf Hectional feeling 
on the jiari of Prliirc Kupert Inter- 
eBt«. who feit that they were not 
reiving the consideration fToni the 
Federal authodtieii thejr deserved by 
the noii-app«|ntni.eiit of a, realdant 
flaharias inape^or in District Na. 8, 
the I%tnoe Uttpert territory. 

QAlai OonfarMioe 

It was ttlldarstood that Chief In- 
spected Ounaiaiham had received In- 
Straetlnns to pot the new regulations 
into force within the near future, and 
the conference was called at the re- 
quest of the pretddents of the Fisher- 
Jes Committee of the Army and Navy 
Veterans, of New Westminster and 
the Fishermen's Vrdtcctlve Associa- 
tion of the sams dky. jteCh^ bodies 
were of the oiMnlon that tbe new 
regulations would !»ad to tho r\ter- 
minntlnn of the Kalmon rrsoiin-.oF of 
British Coliinibi.T wnterN ju.><t »n Hlnil- 
lar roffulntlons had nmulted In the 
ne.Tr-ciopletloii of salmon in the 
wnters of Pugct Hound and Alaska. 

The conferenee Was held In I the 
efll^ce of the B. C. Salmon Canners' 
AflsOdatlan. and among the orstiaixa- 
tions rep^iyented wero the Orent AVar 
Veterans" AsnoriatiO'i. the Arm.v nnd 
Navy Veterans' Amoclation, the Jap- 
anese Fisherman's Benevolent An.«o- 
riation of Steveston, and the B. C. 
Salmon- Canners' Association. Mr. F. 
K. Burke, general mfimigfr of the 

Walhtoc Fishetfes, presided. 

« ' « I.. - ' . • ' 

Want MInlmor of Ijihor 
ST. .lOLIX. N. B.. Feb. 28. — The St. 
John TradcH and Labor Council last 
night recommended the appoinUnent 
of kaMtnlster of Labor in the^aw 
Bninswiek government. 




The death occurred on Wednesday 
last of Malcohn Wright Young, at ihe 
lieme of bis sister. Mrs. A. R. Mc- 
Uregor, m« TOpas Avenue, .nta^de- 
ccased-was bom In Btfnberib. Seetland, 
Uecember 2C. IttO, comlns to Bsanich 
in 1884. wUli his parents, where be at- 
tended the Prospect School. Later he 
engagsd in the mining and ,timb«r busl- 
neiSi being tntsrasii|i' at Part Itenfrew 
Old also in ^b '^rlaeass Oroup,'^ Coi- 
Ilnson Bay, Queen Ohitrlotte Islands. In 
1910 he moved to Saskatchewan, where 
he was Interested In the Young Bros.' 
Farm, of Hugh^ta and Wlseton, Sask. 

In Swaentber be left there to apenci 
the Wtnter la- Vietdrta. intending to 

return In the Spring. Jle contracted 
pneumonia, however, which resulted in 
his death on the SSth. 

"Mae." an ha was imown, by bis 
friends, was known far and hear as a 

man of en«>rgy and integrity, always 
having a good word, accuinpanied by 
that happy smile which r^nderptl lilm 
a general favorite. Hel^kves to mourn 

Members From All Sections of 
Northwest Will Gather in 
Victoria to Take Part in Dis- 
trict Conference. 

With the date of the Rotery 
ventiou luu-dly more than a month 
away, preparations for taking care of 
the eight hundred or mere visiting 
Itotarians are well under way. The 
various committees are hard at work 
and. alUuMigh there la much yet to be 
done, avergrtking is working smoothly 
With J^II^^^^J^^"^!^ ^ heing brought 

The official bulletin of tka Vtetoria 
Rotary Club. "Sunahine," will issue 

three special numbera in oonnection 
with the convention, the first of which 
Hhould be off the press In a day or so. 
This number is purely Invitational in 
character. It contains a Rotary Invi- 
tation and welcome from President 
Jaok 0ei»ttof the Victoria Rotary Club, 
to the^mambars of the various Rotary 
cittba wjhd wm iM rsi^ivaantad at tha 
fortlMonoUig iNHlvaqiMsni »iop * wel- 
come to Victoria from Premier Ouver, 
the Hon. John Hart, who besides lie- 
ing Minister of Finance, is a Rotarlan 
into the bargain. 

Mayor Porter also has Bomethlng to 
say about Victoria being un Ideal place 
for conventlona and hopea everybody 
will come along and enjoy a briaf atay 
in the city. ■ 

The Rotorr Ittdlaa hive been formed 
Into eommitfeeea. Several tnaetlniga 
have been held and It is said that when 
It comes to planning, organising and 
getting down to real business they are 
iiiaking decided headway and will 
keep the men hustling to keep pace 
with them. 

his loss his father, John 8. Young, of 
this city, and three brothers. Alex. W.. 
■lohn and George, of Hughton, Sask.. 

aluo one sister. Mrs. A. R. McGreKor. of 

this city. The deceased was i> menjber 
of the International Bible Students" .\s- 
socltaion since 1913. Interment will 
uke place in the family plot. Ross Bay. 
The'funaral servloe*wUI be held fai the 
B.O. Funeral Fartors, Breugbton Street, 
at 2: to p.nv Tuesday, March 3. 


LiEWIft— The funeral of 

Thomas .iKWrl.". whose death 

at his home, 81 S Russell Street, last 
Wednesday, took plaro yesterday 
afternoon at 8:»0 o'clock from the 
Sands Funeral Chapel. Many friends 
attended the sorvlcep which were 
conducted by Rev. H. S. Onborne. 
The hymn sung was "JesuR, Lover 
of My Soul." The pallbearnrf< were 
Messrs. (',. H. Guy. W. lOIUott, J. >Ic- 
Ixinnan. A. G. McLennan, T. Brlgden 
and A. J. Daniels. Interaieni took 
plaoa in Roaa Bay CSa metery. 

ANDERSON — The death occurred 
on February 28, ai her residence. 
Woodlands Road, of Sarah Charlotte 
Anderson, aged 33 .vear!«. The de- 
ceased was born in Ireland und had 
resided In this city for the lost 25 
years. She leaves to mottni iMr loss, 
her huabaad. Hti fK AMderson, 
one. aon, her mother, twb sisters. 
Mrs. D. S. Tait and Miss R. S. John- 
ston and one brother, Mr. P. ,Iohn- 
ston, of this city, also two sisters. 
Mrs. N. B. Saunders and Mrs. G. B. 
Baillle and one brother, Mr. W. J. 
.fohnston, of Vancouver. The fun- 
(•ral will take place from the Sands 
Funeral Chapel on Monday, Mscrah 1, 
at S o'clO(ik» and at 4 o'clock at Ool- 
wood Methodist Church, where in- 
terment will take placb. 

PEARSON — The funeral of Mr. 
lidward Erk: Pearson took place from 
the B. C. Funeral Chapel yesterday 
at 1;I0 p. m. and was attended by 
maay frianda of tka deeaased. Many 
norol tributes covered the c«sket. Tl»e 
lelnalns were conveyed to the ceme- 
tery on a gun rarriase e)»<orted by a 
flrlnn party from Work Point. At 
the yraveHlde three volley.'i were tired 
over the grave of the dceasod and a 
bugle sounded the "Lost Post." Uleut.- 
Col. Rev. Q. A, Wells ofllclatad. The 
pallbearers, all members of the a. 
W. V. A., wero:, Pte. A. J. Welch. 
Pte, F. A. itetteringtlhl. Pie. E. Lea- 
ter, Pte. J. Mitchell, Pte. A. Spouse 
und PCa. J. 0^ fmlth. 

/^l^RNS — The remains of the late 
Charlotte Ann Burns, wife of R. M. 
Bums, of Telkwn, B. C., and daughter 
of B. J. McDonell, were laid to rest 
in .Rosa Bay Cemetery yesterday 
afternoon. Rervicp was conducted in 
the 15. C. Funeral C'hflpel. Uev. A. 
rtoB. 'Owen oinclathiB. There a 
very large attendance of friends, and 
a large floral offering covered the cas- 
ket and hearae. The hyssn "Msoror. 
My Ctod. to Thee," was rotflared. TIm 
following acted as patlbearersr 
Measrs. Wm. C. Moreaby, P. R. Flem- 
ing, Roy Goodacre, Robert Osbonie^ 
Louis Borde and Wni. R. Reld. 

PELTON — The funeral of Uae late 
Mrs. Pelton will take plaoa from the 
B. C. Funeral Chapel, tomorrow at 2 
p. m., ,whera aanrlee win ba oomlttat. 
ed. intaraR^t 19(01 ba mgfda la Rmb 
Bay Cemetery. 

MOORE — The remains of Mr. John 
J. Moore will be laid to rest In Ro^^ 
Bay CemeUry Tueaday morning. The 
funeral will leave the B. C J^nneral 
Cbapal at t:4i a. m.. pr o e ia d lag to 
St. Aa4Mw'a Oathalle CattMMlpal for 
senrtba at t o'ckiek. 



Believed Trustees Will Retali- 
ate Following Aid. Johns^ 
Declaration That Overlap- 
laping Should Cease 

BRYNJOUi'gON— The funeral of 
Mr. EInar Brynjolfson took place 
yesterday afternoon -tt 2,30 from the 
Thomson Funeral Home. Tbaro was 
a very Urge a tt a n d a nea and tha JMtny 
floral trlbtttaa abewad tba aataam in 
whlaR tko d s e saasd waa held. Rev. 
'^lUtem Btavenson gave a very im- 
pi esslv£ service. The hymns were 
"Nearer, My God. to Thee." and 
"Abide With Me." The follnwlns 
were the pallt»«arers: James X. Mc- 
Ilmoyl. W. J. Alden. R. J. iUliott. K. 
Anderoon. Polar ^ Oflftotanaen. H. 
Shade. laaariMM >srf« hi 


V. S. C eai d e u lap iJ i i Esparts 
WUumiNOTOK'. Feb. 28.— Exports 
of eenfeetlonery from the United 
Mtalaa during lilt anssMrtad to 111- 
Uij$—i ag^lBl mJftl.tM hi 
si ai la tl a rf liimad by Clia 1>apartment of 
Commerce shew. Great Brttnla taok 
U pa* aaai aC iMa tetaL 

Whether the quarrel between llie 
fflty Council and the School Board, 
ailsing from Ihe report ef.,ldedical 
Health Offlcsr A. O. PrieO en alleged 
unsanitary facilities for drinking water 
In the schools. Is to be prolonged or 
allowed to die will be determined to- 
morrow night when the Council will 
receive a «»i»ort ||rfHn tha l^i^i^ol 

This report, f»igneil by Mr. Ernest 
Fairey. superintendent of school build- 
ings and grounds and under the con- 
trol of the School Board, contends that 
only in aaven aohoola drinking foun- 
iMtaa «ro provkMb and that it 
wflfbld oaat obovi} tS.«M to Instai the 
equipment rocommended. 

Those who attended the special con- 
ference of the City Council Thursday 
night expecting to see a fight be- 
tween the aldermen and the sc-hooi 
trustees were disappointed, und re- 
calling the heated remarks of some oi 
the tru^ees when they met the day 
befoM In thetr own promises thqy con- 
sider that the fight la not yet over. At 
Thuraday night'a meeting Aid. Albion 
Johns, chairman of the CouncH'H 
health committee, refuted the charges 
laid by truBtecM against himself, I>i-. 
Price and the Council In general, aii'l 
countered with the aasertion that tlie 
health conditions In the nchoolx Hhould 
bo directly under the city department 
to avoid overlapping and inefficiency. 
Whether the trusteea will have any 
oonie>back romaing to be 8aon<r At 
least two of them Waro *mt^f^iH9Hm 
into verbal conflict Vhtuidiiy night, 
but they -wero roprsaaad by • thekr 
leader. Chairman P. J. RMdaU. ' . 


Pope llenedict. In a letter addressed 
by Cardinal GasparrI, Pupal Secre- 
tary ^f SUte, to Michel J. Slattery. 
of cbe Nattimal Catholhs War Conn- 
cU, says 'VeoutingT' expeaaaea hki ap* 
proaai and cnramandation of tha al> 
fort to organlaa a Catholic scout untt 
in each parish Ih the country. 

The letter, which Is dated j|t. tha 
A'atican, October 7, reads: 
Dear Sir: 

The Holy Father has ° learned* with 
much Interest and pleasure that steps 
have been taken to promote the for- 
mation of distinctively Catholle mklta 
amont the Boy fleouta of the Vntted 
States] that the movement has the 
approval and support of HIh Emin- 
ence Cardinal Qibbons and al^ of so 
matty Arohblshopa and Blah^pa and 

({I|il4ren*$ Cousht 
QvMkly Omni 

It in very bard to keep the ehil- 
! dren from taking cold. They will run 
out of doors not properly wrapped— 
play too hard and become over- 
heated—get their feet wet— idak «ia 
bed elotbes off at night. 

Vbara ««thlBg'ga giM« «ar ehtw 
dren's eoogbs, colds, oroup, whoopMlt 
cough or bronchitis as Dr. Wood's 
Norway Pine Ryrup. It la so pleasant 
to the iarte the youngsters take it 
without any fuss, and at the same 
time i..8 pt^mptneaa and effective- 
ness in loosening tha phlegm, and 
healing the Inaiis and bronebial 
tafcea aro aaah that tha aavgh ki 
cheeked befaiia any aartoaa t r a nbl s 
eon poeaibly daeatop. 

Mrs. HsroM Acker. Lake Pleasant, 
If. «H writea: 'I have tliree children, 
the eldest eight years and the baby 
ten months old. They all hod a bad 
eoagh. t know ' of qutta a taw. psr- 
aoas who baA iwed Dr. Woora^' jHbr- 
way PtaM ihnrap srt<W «ao« raatfUi aa 
X got thrse bottlea. t aaa gkU^f did 
sa as it la a suro eitte fOr aonghs 
and colds. A home where there ore 
elUldren should never be without it. 
I highly recommend It tO thoag Who 

naad a guMt eara." 
Prtaa fla osid Ibe at dSl daalerbu 

Mattufactnred only bv the T. MO* 

b]i0» co^ uauod, Tgroirtfr .Qrv 

His M ^ ii tffifV 



this store tomorriow^S^vidl 
1st— and Iiear sonde of the splendid 
f . . ?;.selections from this llew list. The 
eP iisi'*:^opuUr and Pantje" section holdf^iix 
many surprises, but here are 

2imi—Tem*k Be Surpiite^^m Trot— Cole- 

210092— Karavan — ^Far Trot — Coleman's Orche*- 

216(l9lt*^T<U7i — One-ttep — Harris' Orchestra. 

%Map^ yumer Mupic 

i i ti Govemnient St 607 View St. 

Phone 3402 

if^ytnir plumbing <is 
g i V I n g >ou t |y 

Victoria PtinnbiDg Ca 

last l%id^ ttratt 
Phone 3408 • Night I4WL 




Prices Delivered Within City 

Cot short, per cor ^ -f f 

Kindling, per cord 

4-ft. Slabs, per cor J....M.50 
2 cords diUhrarad at_ same 
load J-l M.Ta 

For prompt deliyery phone 500c 

Compaiiy, Ud. 


Breakfast, Lunch or Supper at 





Mow is the time to*plsnt. For 
■ the best varieties call at 


618 View Si. Pbonss Sia>iaS» 

I that Its ehlaf hi tai build up the 
' Boy Soouta s^iuaUy Aid irfiyslcelly. 
Such a movapaon^ Is deaarvlng oC 
the highest ' commenilation. Uls 
Holiness, tberefore. wishes it every 
siiooees and gladly bestows the Apos- 
tolic Blessing on alT those who fur- 
ther the Catholic extension 9f -^ha 
— — -• — ■ — — ..rL.^^ — tlw 'gnirtoas 


; 4/ tCr.Qi 

H.M. Mm! 

CP. iWlwaf 

Faniitiire a Specialty 

Moye4i Crated. Stored and 

Let us do your work an^ Mve 
,ywi wotfp f 

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tsiaari%W*aM<* hgTa"** ^"aSsiM 
of a large sbipmsnt of^fifroi- 
ture whieb just anrirad 

4be Oijsn** 

Lee Dye & Coe 

l l li y l. f ( ^|S i M ii inii li .|| ^ 


oC the aoolaalMMaal' AUthofitiaa 
at wlabMK * romoln. 


Faltbfuly yours. 
(Agaad>,f CARD. 0.4apAilR|. 

r. MMlMMf J. aiattarr. ! I 

National CdtJuMc tMmm. ] 
Washington. 1>.C. * 

Old Fit. Pitul's Cathedral in Londoa 
was destroyed hy tllS great flro Of 
It wae on ttta site of the pcaa- 

Mt WL.PmV9.-r - ■ 

hwrtant Public Notice 

An trnporta.nt and tons-felt want by 
Victoria City llouaetiolders aolved at 

for. » 

( I'm tent apt 

^ ^ rsooHimanded by Mr. 
Bishop. PoatmaaUr. Victoria. B. C. 
as a domestfe aeeeasltr, entailing 

tha Hecrecy, and Security of each 
person's Mail. 
Made of heavy nlvanisad sheet 

m«»Ul. fitted with Yale Inside lock, 
and brass hlnses. neat in appearanoe, 
aafe. strona and weather-proof, will 
last a llfetlms: fastened wtttt four 
sersws and a plate from Inalde and 
can be fixed on vovr door, porch, 
be Vow landlns, or Wherever you 
choose; particularUr Inetde the gate. 



vSIWIHRSff """^ ****** 

Place yonr'MaK MStW aa eM^ 

vTlenllv as noasfhfr to the 



If you hive to build, repair yotir house, office or 
store, phoa^ or caU on us aiil »iJri4*4)lMt pUoi and 
estimates free for aU Mac^ ol biiSS^S JipMfce 
hm^um>Mermi ^i reibof ttt|jf|Pr 5 





or fiath Robe 


values to I20.00. # t O TC 

Extra S||«^l Qearing ^ X M« • ^ 

J.H. Richardsoii, Ltd. 

Comer Goverament and Y«te« Street 





If you would b«»Ui diwt, dfart apd 

you to mi iIm q»(nI- 

We would suggest that yoii make yoiir 
, selection at the «i^f)lest opportteiity 

N^vr Models of Range& aMd^ j: 
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^And we cordially invite you to call -and in- 
spect them at our Langjey St. Showrooms. 

Vietoiia GaaCo. 

SlkiiD«pt - ^ } Phone 723 


mis, Etc. 

A wt<U variety of tpare parts for i«iaa«ey-Harris an4 othtr Implements 





What doM this iManf It iMtn* 

we sell bargains in new and 
aeeooA-hand (oods. Where U it 
situated? ,V>|| 

At 565 Johnson St 

LmIs for iIm Wkita Slfo 

We will pay the very best prices 
for carpenters' toela, garden 
tools, ordeii bosc, ehicken wire, 
ritet, 4^ 

gain Store 


Qnality Electric 

Gnat Dectric Co. 

1319 Bfosd SIvmI 


l^ry Cteaii6i» 

imI TiKatrictI 

Uitteei Mteek la Om 


Blbd Uitart, Ivoday Ivcalnc, 


Princess Theatre, Yalei Street 

W. fl. ^k««etf 
3eeb 'J^Jj^^ >MI Wfkome 

A Splendid New 
Photo Album 

ITS name. "Photo-File" al- 
* most describes it, for each 

pijoto is simply moistened 
and placed on a gummed 

paper which holds in perma* 
nriit position. No ptmf~ir^ 
required. I'riced from 


Learn die Joy 

,of laying your bead upon a 
pillow that is feathery and fluffy 

^^y ^^- 

We wash them in pure water 
and foamy aads, then we dry 
them in a current of fresh clean 
air heated to ttmperplure of 245 
degrees. * J 

Tittm Skm bmkf 

iiiiiili rT' „ 


Recommendations of Advla^ 
Council of Famm' ln#- 

tiitis W» .8e Oaiit MtHty 
Hon. E, ai|prittw . s 

. Bt ttleWMlt'e 

of tm AMaorr Onmett at 

the ranMN* Inatitvtee e( tke Pro- 
vince were <eubmltted by the Ooundl 
to Hon. K. D. Barrow, Minister of 
Airrlculture, yesterday mominc at a 
conference with the latter. Thee* 
reaolntloiM cover what the council. 
repreMAtln* th« nine, dletriots of Uie 
Provlnoe, baUeve ara-, urgent fteeda.of 
the gflMeMtiifail pojpiiletieo. 

mat peraiMrial reeemmendatlon 
oalllng for cheaper etitmptag Peerder 
for land olearlnc was again te'rae 
fore, the Minister promlalng that the 
whole matter would be investigated. 
The suggestion had been made on 
former occaalcma that if cheap pow- 
der could 'not.' be Otherwlm aetfured, 
that the Oovemmeut abeuld, take 
atape to ittMMifaeture ^KMIrdee Itaelf 
attp>lyti>« H m the fvHiefg 91 tMal 
coat. ' » •.. 

On the point of Oriental holding 
of lands, etc., a subject which had 
asitated the minds of the farmers' 
organizations for some time, Hon. 
Mr. Barrow waa requested to urge 
upon the select committee on agri- 
culture -the gtfi^bllllr ot a full In- 
vestigation .into everjr pbaae ot the 

A resolution askijig tl»et atapa be 
» tgkph to terminate 'the trouble with 
the Kltwancool Valley Indians waa 
conaider^'d. Some, Za.Oo'O acres of 
land in the Val}cy,, have been eur- 
veyed and oon8lrt»rable land sold to 
prospective .setllArs, but. owing to the 
antagonlatlo attltjidf assumed by the 
Indians ^li.eea~ee4MMe have iteen 'hj— - 

able to ge on the landa. The Hints 

tor prontrd^d Investigation. 

, The complainta against the emeke 

nuisance at the Trail anwlter of the 

Consolidated Cnmpany were again 
alrc(l and the Minister promised aJi 
investigation, stating that If it be 
found that there aru appliances that 
will edact a reduction In the smoke 
%nd' the eUmlnatlon of the present 
trouble. It would be oply fair to ask 
the company to Inatal tbem. 

The various resolgtidftl will be 
dealt with by the agricultural com- 
mittee of the Legislature, which will 
later report to the Houeo Us recoin- 
mendatlons in connection therewith. 


Quality of coal 
dtlfers, but the 
quality of "Old 
Wellington" is 
still Mie same— 
; tllf hittt JJiiie 
. Js no, 


Walter Wa|er i Sn 

Dr. Awe TOug to Gtva Addreos 
. Dr. Anna Toung. a meniber o( the 
executive oemmlttae of tha Dominion 
Y. w. c. A. Council, haa eo ne anta d 
to. address a meeting to be held to- 
morrow afternoon at S o'clock in 
Christ Church Cathedral schoolroMn; 
under the auspices of the Parochial 
W* A. Dr. Young is taking Dr. Mar- 
garet Patterson'a place as fleld secre- 
tary of the health education depart- 
ment to enable Dr. Patterson to con- 
fine har> aotivlttes exelnslvely to upi- 
vandty work. Both in India and at 
home thaaa women daotora ateaid 
high in tholr profeealen and the ad- 
dress to his given' by De. Teung .tO' 
morrow should be Vcplete with tn- 
tareat for all who attend the meeting. 
V. O. N. Mooting Tuesday 

The loeal branch of the Victorian 
Order of Nunae will - hold regular 
mottOily meatlngs on Tueaday March 
2, at p.m., at the h^dquarters, 
1146 Bookland Avenu%. 

Clhapter Meets Tomorrow 

The monthly meeting of the Flor- 
ence NlghtlBCale jjChaptar, X.O>D.i:.. 
will ba held tomoprow aftamoon at 
S a'elo^ «t haadquarters. The regent 
hopegrtbara will be a record attend* 
anoa of members. 

0' Chapter Meets Frl^y 
Tha monthly meeting of the Her> 
bart' Beaumont Rogga Chapter will ba 
held nant iTh^rsday evening, March 4, 
at 8 o'clock, at thb headquarters, and 
members have been utged to -attend 
as the plans will be made fbr m 
chapter'a wo^lt- .dudng flif emnilng 

Coananght lAdles' Guild 
The «KinthIy meeting of the Ladles' 
QitVld 6t the Victoria Branfch^of tha 
}jf*yy- Lieague wUl be held 9^ Tl^urs- 
day. aftem6on at t£4i% Aa Important 
>K9fiInaeB la td be t^eaeted It^ re- 
qfieatad "that ayan t membe r will try 
te' ba' praient. ' 'The meawig will be 
>eld In the Connaught Beamen'sln- 
Stltute, Superior Street. Boxes for 
the llghthoui»efl will be pacl<ed at this 

Garden Otty Women's InstUnie 
TIta March monthly meeting o| the 
Oarden City Women's Institute has 
jBean. eanoatled on account pf the 
.prevalence' of influenza. 

. i^ffteiidlg Be^ AMK^k^kin: . 
The ^ niontMjr' teeetfng oK tha 
Friendly Help AMoelatlon will be 
held op Tueaday momtog, March », 

Uvar Troublt 
And Heartburn 



Ikm't erorry about perfOet reeulta. 
Une "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed to 
glTa a new, rich, fadeless coIOr to 
any labrlo. whether it be wool, sflk, 
Unan, eo^o* or mixed goo< » dre— - 
ea, bleuMe. etoaktng*. ekMgi dhUr 
dren'e efata. fMUhera, drapefi^ jm>^ 
ertoge. ^^ ftf. 

pAekiage tella ao ptahUjr h«w ta 

mopd dy*;. ever any color that fmi 
can net make a mistake. ^ 
To match any material, have drug- 
gist show you "Diamond Dye" Color 

at 10:10, in the rooms (upstairs). 

Market Building, Cormorant Street. 

TlM vtotjeiia. Ch»d«ita !Mm«i^ As- 
eeda^ Aw«l hold ^hlr ragntair 
monthly meeting on Tneeday. March 
2. at the Victoria Chih» OagapbeU 

Building, at ^ p.m.; . ' >. 

MlMi Heleii Slgwait^CSMmt the 
Oagrnde Ubrary. held tha atlaatidn 

eC the Women's Canadian Club on 
Thuraday aftamoon at the Hotel 

Vancouver In an addrem on "Books In 
British Columbia." Miss Stewart 
gave a practical and common-sense re- 
view of the situation which seemed to 
call for the encouragema|lt eC# letter 
standard of literature. 

letdiea* AwdUary to A. and K. V. 

Ladles Auxiliary to Army and Navy 
Veterans will hold their regular 
meeting at the* Victoria Clul3||Camp- 
bell Building, Tuesday, at 2:3T'p.m. 


Behnaen-M aoDooald 
On Friday evening at "Breadal- 
bane," 1185 Fort Street, the Rev. Dr. 
Campbell celebrated the ifihrriage of 
si)|kw Oeorge Behnaej), aen oC Ifr. 

H*»iPt» "Bathgar-— ' — ■^**-A^_e_ 

Mwmwtr^ Mimu um BfgfW^^WIK'VtWV Urn T WlPTWa 

and Mies Flerenoe Xaodonald, of 

Vancouver. The brldeiMMnh. -who is 
a native of Victoria, waa supported 
by Mr. Grant Mahood, and the bride, 
who is a native of Texas, U.S.A.,* was 
attended us bride.smalds by her gia- 
ter. Miss Jean MacDonald, and MlNB 
Dorothy Lu Redfem. Mr. and Ifira. 
Behneen, after a honejrmoon trip on 
the Miilnlaiid. <l»tn<«Uaie' their home 
at Bttnmrt, 'ftOi' ' j- }• 


Big Gathering Rallies at G.W. 
V.A, Rooms for Enjoyable 
Weekly Smoker Held Last 

All liver d miW H " ejl' Hrhatever 
oharaetar are dUeaaei of tha lilgh- 
^et importaaea and daman* eleae 

The liver ie the largaat and one 
of the most important organs of tha 
body. ItJi duty le to prepare and 
e eer s te bile, and serve aa one of the 
filters of thft body, eleanatag It of 
•n hnpnrlUaa add f e la e ne . Thetefare 
when tte liver gets ont af order It 
la 4kg e t amng of tre«ttle in 
every part of the bodr. 

KIrep the lirer active by using! 
Milbum's Laza-Llver Pills and jrou 
will have no heartburn, oonstlpatlon. 
billousnees. aick or UU tm 
dun. yellow eyaa. hVOwn 
mMttm eomplaslen, e — t ed tenfiie, 
Mnilaa,- estavrh of tba ateuaoh. or 
ynlnfnl prtfu d t ng. internal br 
bleeding plt«f. 

Mrs. JObn Kadey. Chlpnnan. N. B., 
writes: "I have ussd Mllbunfs 
Uvar Flits for seme tSme aa4 
id them te aay mm 
heartburn and Uvar trouble. 
I tried other remedleie, but they only 
««lteved me for a short time. I al* 
ways reeommend LajBa*Uver Pllla to 
all sufferers as I tMMt ««' A 

valuable remady.'t 

jkitbum's t0tai>a99r ^nn^'mn gge 

Co, r^fU, OM. 

- •• ••• • .. ■■■■ ■■ 

There were about one hundred and 
nfty of the Great War Veterans at 
the "smoker" held in the club rooms 
last night. These entertainments for 
the memt>ers are now well established 
weekly events, to which the Com- 
rades look forusard with mueh plaaa- 
ura aa an eoBarten for ooelal fore> 
gatherlag wltk w^flipd pipes and 
opportuhttleo for tha ^mapping" of 

Comrade W. J. Scott acted as ch.tlr- 
man last evening, and confined his 
remarks to such as were briefly neces- 
sary to the introduction of the var- 
ious artists. The star turn of the 
evening, It Wall oonoedad by general 
consent, was that supplied by cTom* 
rade Will Marihatl. who was applaud- 
e<l to the echo after "Tod'U BUiVb to 
Suffer for It I^ter On." • 

Others who contributed something 
by way of sheer art or pure comedy 
to the entertainment wore Cohirades 
Clair. Fortune. Trlest. Cuddlngtdn, 
Gordon Smith. March and Oeo^ wy. 
man. .The position of aeeompaalst 
waa very capably fltlad by Comrade 
^ -> 

Vocal and piano Isasons given by 
Mr. Hlnton, of Vancouver. Letters to 
Studio, 1110 Broad Street, Vtetarla. 

"Meeting of Agnes Deans, Camerte 
Chapter. LO.D.B., Monday evelibig, 
Mweh |g^ a t i je'oiocic, J oneg Bldk. 

The Victorfil l^rbmen's Auxiliary As- 
sociation wnl vieet Monday, Marsh 
1st. AH m<»nd>ers are reweeted to 


Women's Canadian ^nb— Owing to 
prevaiienca 9i alekneas, the meeting of 
Taeaday. Mfcrdtt Uttd, haa been enn* 

Regular Monthly Recital at First 
Congregational Church, scheduled for 
this evening. Is cancelled owing to the 

Mr. J. H. Hlnton will Jntrvduea 
Mlea fda Oraitt^ a brtlttaat Vaneoovar 
pupil of hH. «t the Agit imSai redtal 
hiltfegtttdiee inBrehdit reet 

Dance at SooWe Harbor Hotel. Wed- 
nesday. March 3rd, » o'clock. Newltt's 
Orchestra. Supper. Wednesday la 
full moon and the Sooke RoaA Ie now 
ttrat ehi|M. 

' HffA IL 9mr, H9 :#brt'flntt, a«. 
nonneea that she will inetat g par* 
manent hair waving macMna in her 
establiehunt within the next few 
weeks. Watch for announcement. 

Try the Lorraine system of daaoing 
and live every measurs of yonr 
Class a te 1; evenings^, f fg g. 
rain* Academy, 
shard. Phe no Wi. 

meeting wlll'W^lMld In 8ehools«em 

of Chi;^ Church Cathedral. Monday. 
March 1st, at 8 p.m. Rev. p. c. 
J Parker will give an address on "Bag- 
Uah Tralta" at the gathering. JM 

! " ' "' ' 


elety will bol«.«», 
neos .gMjMlag e<f11< 

S. Iftf. *at I p.m.. K. of C. 
Fort Straei. Members urgently r«* 
q oeeied to attend. Jes. NIeol. 

Provincial Library Crowded 
Uat Ntght to Oveiftowing 
With AudfimM Which Went 
t<J Itaiffrof. 

has yet attended any of 1' Alliance 
Praooalss serlss of lectures In French 
|raa preeent kat eight at tha Prevla- 

dal Library to hear Professor Andre 
Alix discourse of "Les B«autes Naturel- 
les de la France." 

The annouacement that the lecture 
was to toe Illustrated with laatertt 
slides undoubtedly bveoght many of 
those present, aad the dellghtfal views 
of Konnandy* Bttttagy. Awmrfrnm, ^ffo- 
veaoe, Cte fVeaoh Alps and the ryre- 
neea were rewsrd enough for these 
wbft enjoy "^rtng by plctorea" Dur- 
ing his present tour, the lecturer said, 
he had been often asked If bt were 
Swiss, he seemed to know so mueh 
about the Alps. He reminded his audi- 
ences, therefora. thgt a iwy big part 
of the Alps are In niade; Befarrlng 
to the Pyreneea the i9«Bfcer aaUl that 
travMUng threugla tha BodOea ha had 
seen parts wUoh very fOrolMy remlad- 
eg him df ths moantalns wMdi aegamte 
^France from Spain. 

Not only were "Les Beautos 
Naturellee" referred to by the 
speaker, some of the ancient his- 
toric ruins, castles, and fortresses 
being described. Among the most In- 
teresting of such were t^eassone, 
in the south of Franee. with its 
ancient battlements; while some 
very interesting pictures of sections 
of the old Roman aquetlucts built 
two thousand years ag^ were shown, 
one such stlU serving its original 
purpose of carrying water. The fam- 
ous Mo nt S t i — Mi e h e i in — Wey niaiid j . 
part fortress, part church, part town, 
was also described with the assist, 
anee of views. 

To concluding his lecture Professor 
Allx reminded the members of 
rAlliance Francaise that nlthouKh 
the war was at an end, France still 
regarded herself and England as 

Professor Alia 

IftPdfessor Allx is an author as well 
as a lecturer. He is professor of 
geography and history in the Uni- 
versity of Lyons, and his position as 
an authority ^n the former subject 
particularly may be judged from tha 
fact that some of hla writings in 
beek fwm aiw gaed aa text books 
among atgdenta in hla own country: 

He arrived In New Tork in No- 
vember last, and has made quite an 
ttahaustive lecturing tour In the 
United States since then, although 
he returned to France for Christ- 
mas. coming back to tbht eotttlhant 
again In Janu^y. 

Uke moat FrenehmMi wfaa were 
of mlliUry age he.aerved his cotmtry 
during the late war. Brought up in 
the French Alps he volunteered for 
the Mountain Infantry, but his 
health was unequal to the duties of 
this branch of the serylcej and even- 
tually he found his way Into the 
military hospitals, fpr many months 
being stationed near Verdtra. 



fy Spring 

We confideistly Mieve iiiat mPIUmmm U fiko^ 
ine Suits now on d^lay in our showroom is the larg- 
est^ipidlil fv^iy fciqpect tUfrmost ottiplete iii.tlie city. 
They are itm,^ itfrfimask mni|^ of fiiAkua** 

newest creations.' 

A close investigation will prove that the prices at 
ttue^a^^gkjWi are considerably lower than 

The following: details irtfinterest jw'i 
Bolero Suits . ' 

; Here one will find the fancy short sleeve blogaa of tricolette 
or satif in fright tongs. Clevar tncils, pieata tnl Hkghins 
are used for tnmminf toacbdk. ' 

Smart Tailleurs 

The strictly tailored suit! Always popular and stylish, it 
is one of the favored stylaa Eof £priaC nrgar. Many arc em- 
kJ \ j fcglUilHii wlli jWi wiilw girtii / lii^rniiigBJldngl deiiwi- ptl|gr> 
^ ligM notdke4.S5^e» angrt poe^ apP^ iiK^ ' ' 

Ripple Suits 

, 1 ■ - J 

Very desirable for the yOdthful miss and the matron be- 
cause of the jaunty. iUre.an4 aniart appearance. A clever 
j^n«|tg \>^t f eatorca wie ef titjeae avijia, ' 

Blouse Modtls .r 

A selection of very dressy models features the blouse suit 
with its side closing, cordclirr belt ending with silk tassels. 



Wrapping Papers, Paper Bags, Stationery, hp 

School Supplies - - - . 

Our Wrltifis Tablets, School Exercise- Books, etc., are made 
in ouriown Factory. Patronize '"B-C. Made" Goods. 


Vancouver, B.C. Vieloria, B.C 

lATge Sum for Piano 

LADYSMITH. Feb. 28. — As a re- 
sult of the concert given by the 
pupila Of the pubUe achool recently 
in the iua4to«heatre. tlia'»i|«o fund 
will ha augmented to the :.^jigient of 
$460, a very satlafaoidry reaott con- 
sidering that the ak)|>ens6B of such a 
production are naturally very high. 
The pupils will .shortly give an exhi- 
bition of fancy work and sewing, to 
ohtain money for .-^cluioi f<i)orts. 

Music at Bialto Theatre 
L.ADT8MITU. Feb. St.— Manager 
Haworth has deoldenl to l^een a^feaai^ 
of the times, andf haa eae gg iad n.luit 


0M~ Country 
Pboaa early. 

tayeet^ Ptan*^ Tiger, 
g SgecWty. 

MS Yates Street 

^-r- _^ ^ , I 

class orchestra Car hla movlag pie- 
turo titeatrei wlfleh will he «i>pr«gl* 
ated by hla many patrons. Mr. Caw- 

dell. L.R.A.M., has. been secured as 
pianist and leader, and the remain- 
ing pieces Have been secured In thn 
persons of Mr. Hotiston, violin, and 
Mr. BeddinKton, cornet. | 

Katydids eing 'onl^ at night f 

•out* ! ,: •^sm. 

More Room for the 

. Glowing MiineM 

Oficea too snr <\U ? Stock rooma cegandhMl > NgadpMrt 
I* itr ypitr gaofiring bui iim a? \^ ' 

ReoBodel with Beaver Boaa;4* ^' ' .'^r-'^^ \ • 
Tnmif oftte All old faeto^Wner Jttio mi gmaeliifg ofieg. 
Cliantw wdgte ngae gnywbcre into naable watk «•!■»• FiaUtk 
an addition with Be«v«r Board and let aimltmtdmfl^ 
ing material help 3^u keep pace with buainese eKpgnaion. 

Speed is one good quality of Beav^ Board. Tbera'g no time 
loat %vaiting for plaeter to dry. Your own mm mm do it if 
outaide labor is not qliickly available. 

Bggver Board will laat aa long aa die hiiilHiiir a qtiality of 
givon f fgg tgr imporunog. It ki • trai 'Itia^MirJrtMliict. made 
from hbrcaof die white i|prueg. It ia buflt tip tnio bugg. flaw- 
Igw p g nal i tkhl^ catmoC cradc. and ia fvggtgd wllli |M Mtgat 

Illtg** gi ili l pr o^ to i^rgvent wgrfWft ''M'^ 
"Beaver Board and Its Udea." ia fhf titia ci k book tilat 

Crea valuable mgiwliOin lor qvk^ gad pnnMmr*^ 
ht/dk hmiummdhmm, Wimlmm mpr m^kf, 

509 B o w Road Tbonrfd, Ont. 

SVhdkr 0#«r«M««# •( Fr*4*r4ekk«utt »n4 Ckmltom, (ML ■ 



Join thfi.:j.BA^r 

Every youn^.tnan in the city should bt a member 
of this splendid Amateur Athletic Association. Every 
man neodt the health-giving pdvilcges of such an 
org«ai«iition. Join «hU n^PSiihft 

\ I.B.AJ\. Ba4ffs 1ft gilt and 

W. H. WILI^JERSON, the Jeweler 

"At the Sigv of tlM Bis Clock" 

lllJ OovcraoMiit Stroot. 

"Tberfe Is No Use Talking 
.Ab.out Interesting Automo- 
bile Tourists When Facilities 
Are Lacking," Say Speaker^ 



A Lowely Linof es Dinner Set 

The woman who wishes to purchase a Dinner Set of exceptional 
daintiness Will t>e delighted with this artistic Limo|res creation. The 
d^ign is green laurel leaves between parallel gilt Itnes. 

For quality so good it is quite moderately priced. 


Telephone t265 

1412 Douglas Street 

Willis Pianos 

Another Carload of 
These Beautiful 
Just Arripii^- 

* '1* (jV^i 


W<lri(ferfiri values^ ideal tone aod finiitu V 
Prices right and ternis to $u!t. 

'.i V."' 



Pliom 574 


WAKAIMO, Vfb. 28.— Mrs. Wil- 
Ham Riv«rs. now renlding at JamM 
lalanm U . guest . qiC 4tP>> 
Altlcett. Kennedy Street, for a few 

Mr. Je«e]>h negrin has taken over 
the .Columbia Hotel. Haliburton 
Street, from Mr. William Htatchlson. 

Mr. JoMph Kneen, Victoria Road, 
waa tandered a aurprtoe party Thurs* 
4^ evenUig. , ■ ■ 

iks'fp»:^'m Dar WttI be ««1ebrat«4 
by loeia Walskaien on Monday at 
Foreatora* Hall. 

Mr. and Un^ B.,A?^mli^» re- 
turned last avanintt froin 'Whdoover. 

Tha Oranga Lily Lodg* will eele« 
brato Its anniveMiary on March 8. 

Mm. Florence Miatr move 
nest week from her shen on Nicol 

Street to the premises next tieav. 
maa'^ 4ftig store. 

^.,'^e'orge Coombn. who Is at- 
tenOiiirthe Vnlvenlty of BritMi 
Onl nm b l ai »ia v m leil h Hi - r a l a t lyea ofer 

the. week-end. 

Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Lord, alter a 
fe^^^^^ni-^ Vaneonrer. returned laat 

Mrs. Joseph Dobaden is In' Vaneeu> 
f^^iU l\t99 .frtenrfs. v^ ^^ 

'fv Farmer KIlMl-^at Xatnloojwi 
' KAMJLOpPS. Q< G.. Peb. 2«.— John 
Immel. a well-knenrrt falnner at Blind 
BjOf, 8hua#^, yfmi : InMmmiay 

liflled while dHvtttg Ms t«Ma In thlK 
city at • o'clock tA|g momtng. The 
aooldent ooourred on Eighth fltreot 
between tho c. p. r'. trafiti And 
Heath Thompiton River. 

An Alhiring ExponHkm of 
i^ringtime Hats 

Htittdrfds of gaily colored, smjtftly trimmed new Hats 
bring ah atmosjphere of Springtime to our Millinery Salon. 

Th€ vvy essence of S|i;i^g arc the new Hats—Ao matter 
how tkbonair the weathifr or Spring-tike the costume, bright 
color^^ny materials and an indefinable bdojancy maKe tl^se 


ail Outstanding feature of the coslbme. 

Amotfg: tht Hfiany exclusive models, the influence of the "new 
coloring!* Mtftt Moth, Cinder. Crocus. Niootae, Moccasin and 

Otir prices as usual are from $5.00 to $10.00 less than you 
•rp acottstoined to p«y for a very ordinary hat in any other 

V>.^ ^rr^-r^ — r.rr-.:-. • ^, , 


One ox the outstanding points de« 
veloprd In th« annual meeting of the 
Victoria and Jalaod JDevelopmeni As- 
aookUlon, held Frtdair night, wan the 
urgent tiaed of many of the tblnirs 
that go to baok ap the - 'laland'a 
claim to attract ■ the traveler. Spaak- 
eniedwelt on the Hllght tlia dty was 
fretting In iitop>over prlvileKca on 
traiiscontlnentl railroads, and even 
U< k(*tM Mid in Vancouver routing 
travelers through Victoria on their 
way to the Stataa; others amphaalsed 
the need for. iuither diversion In the 
way of oemnuntty amuaementa anjd 
^h»- development of attractive local 
totira to make It worth while to. the 
travplltir. oHpeciuUy in the Winlor- 
time; but ftencral concurrence was 
had on one rrylnj? naed — adefiualo 
iiararjortatlon l:icilltlP8 to handle 
the motur cars that knock at the 
doors of the fsland's portala «v«ry 

Car DrlvorH* Adventure 

Aid. Todd, representing the city on 
tlie association directorate, recalled 
the promise* that had been made 
from time to time by transportation 
oonipanies that the deplorable slttta- 
tion ^ould be remedied, and Klsistcd 
that The inii>ortanco of the matter 
was too great to admit of further 
dallying. "I miglit sny that Vancou- 
ver Island's proportion of last 
season's tuurlnt traffic was disap- 
pointing," aaid the alderman in 
opening his remarks. reaaon 
for that was ti%aap,ort«tiOn. gnd 
nothing else. It Is an adventure to 
undortakc to a car on the boat 
tfj cxmv to the Inland. In many 
cases pcrs^on.s have come to parlous 
injury in tlie operation. I don't be- 
lieve our s<hare of the automobile 
t raffic last year was any roprp th an 
one*fottrth pf one per eentrAfid^tho 
reason was to be found In the 
trouble encountered In getting cars 
here. No mutter how much we toll 
tourists of our beauties, they won't 
fome if Ihoy h:ivc to go^ to a lot of [ 
trouble. The.v tlon't liax-e to. I t»e- 
lleve this is tlie first inii)()rtant worit 
f<fl- our new executive, and suggo.'^t 
an immediate interview with C^ap- 
laln Troup In regard to some relief 
in the ciroumstanoas, even If It is 

nothing, mora, ilnw the 

Mr. Siepheii .lunes supported the 
contention with several instances 
that had come to his notice. "We 
have got to wako up if we intend to 
maintain our position as an attrac- 
tion to visitors." he said, "itud the 
citl^ns have to wake up to the Im* 
portanoe of the work of this associa- 
tion, and support It. The fact that 
only at the moment are motion pic- 
tures of the recent tour of the 
Prince of Wales in Canada being 
circulated tliroughout the amuse- 
ment hou.'^f's of both tills continent 
and Cngland with all reference te 
ihl'S cItSr. deleted, ik a sign that w^vft 
got to wake up." Many other ipealtf 
ors were in accord with tlMS; aentlf 
ments expres.'^ed. 

Kuiiio OI»l Crowd 

Mr. Herbert Cuthbert, secretary of 
the .N'orlhwepi Tourist Association, 
and former 8ecrri;iry of the local 
organixHtion, was prese'nt ' at the 
tneej|.lng a^A was accorded' ft hearty 
welcome by"the preaideht and other 
speakefa. .Oh tising In iacknowledg- 
ment, Mr. ■ Cuthbert noted th4t it 
wils "the same ofd croyrA" who were 
attending the devetpj^ment jMMoela- 
tlon meetings. 

. "The most of you men present 
here tonight have been standing by 
this work, tu my personal knowledge, 
for the.' last fifteen or twenty years," 
the .aeOretary . went .on. "It aeema a 
piity thkt mtfrA ere not interested. 
Vlcterlk ; could ' and should do great 
things for herself if all the people 
would take the same interest as 
Iheae few.'* He went on by pointing 
to the hole in the ranks caused' by 
the deati> of the late vice-presideni 
of the arganlMHtlfn. Mr. W. U. P. 
Sweeney. ^mtt olUr:' could not afford 
to lose so energette a worker for the 
general welfare. It required more 
men of his calibre, not fewer of 

"The priile of Virtori.i should 
not in how many of us were born 
here, but how many are making 

their hpnjieii here hftnttusa they are 
convlneed that It Is the OneSt place 
In the world In which to live. 'What 
a wonderful rlty It wOuld be If all of 
the citlsens conid gel together to 
spread its message." he conoluded. 

)o>]iiM ^ounty Court on Friday the 
of Oherlle Meeha vs. Ifakeem 
■Injh was tried by Ills lienor, 
•lydgo Uampo^n. The plaintiff in 
this case is a laborer living at Oak 
Bay^'and the defendant is a rancher 
en tha meskinsop . h« the 

munte^llty •# OaanWi^''" •■Itoth 
Bast Indiana. /iTIia ptofeUifTs olalm 
was for the suin <|f .9^30. alloged to 
be due to him from the defendant, 
for work done and money lent. 
" ' A curious ekhlbit In sa^Port of tlie 
>fetlnt|frs claMI waif ' the following 
receipt, ghren to the plaintiff by 
Hakeem Singh in 1S17: 

"February 1, 19 1 7. — Received from 
Meeha the sum of |50, as u loan to 
be paid back on March 1, 1»«7. If 
not paid on that date t agree to give 
Mm oow atook on iho' valof of fKty 


Plaintiff reeelved judgment in the 
smn ef tSt.4C 


Conference of IGth Battalion, 
Canadian Scottish Associa-: 

. tion, to Be Held on Tuesday 
Evening to Discuss Business 

A meeiihg of the ISth Battalion 
Canadian ficottiah Associafion will be 

held in th« Army and Nav>' Club, 
Pemberton Building, on Tuesday. 
March 2, al 8 p.m. As most import- 
ant business relative to the l6th'r>at- 
tallon becoming a militia unit will 
be discussed it is hoped that old 
mejnbers will make a apodal effort 
to be present. 

It w ill b a r e ee ll e d t h a t th e B ou r d 

of Trade a few days ago received 
the cratlfying information from 
the Militia lJ<;partment. Ottawa, that 
Victoria is., to be the homo of tlie 
10th. As the famous unit consisted 
of men from the 50lh Gordon High* 
landers of this city, of the 72nd 
Highlanders of Vancouver, and ef 
the HIghtend regiments In Winnipeg. 
Victoria may well he proud of the 
honor which has come to her in 
being able to become the home of 
the niilltiu unit which is to retain 
the honorable n.ame of "Bixteenili." 
Naturally any buaineas relative to 
the battalion will excite great, Inter- 
est awiong forpner mensbesi. of the 
niUt, and' ak big attendance if looked 
for on Tuesday. 


It Will Be Some Time Before 
Contract for Big Reclama- 

. tioh Scheme Can Be Let- 
Board to Be Reorganized 

Seven bids have been received by 
the- iVovInelal Land Hettlement Hoard 
on the Rumas Reclamation scheme, 
the undertaking which will reclaim 
for agricultural (levi>lopment some 
20,000 acres of land fn the Sumas Lake 
section, Chilllwack district, and will 
cost when c.omplete<l about $1,600,000. 

Hen. B. X>. ' Barrow, Minister of 
Agrleulture, stated yesterday that the 
time for receiving bids exphred last 
week, but that It win be some days 
before the bids can be fully boaaldered 
and the contract let ' 

The Minister returned on Friday 
night from a trip to the Merviile sol- 
dier settlement area near Courtenay. 
He was accompanied by Professor 
Black, superintendent of the Domin- 
ion Soldier Settlement Board, Mr. B. 
B. Pattareoh aind Colonel Daylea, the 
latMr a dh-ector of the' Provlneial 
I<and Settlemept Board. 

Hon. Mr. BarroW stated that no 
steps have as yet been taken towards 
the re-organisation of the board, a, 
step decided upon consequent upon 
the recent resignation of the cliairinan 
of the board, Mr. M. H. Nelema. As 
yet, he stated, no decision as to the 
appointment of a new chaimMUS> has 
been made. . While ho had nothing -to 
s a y f «» e pu to ll ea t lo n I n r ee p e ot a d t h e 
future poliey to be adopted It was 
suggested tbat the reorganisation of 
the board 'may include a change in 
personnel and aoaw obM>«so.4n poli- 
cies, ^ 

J^e^t urin g N ew Spring Suits 

That Art Exiraordinc^r:^ V^lue ^ , 

.V . at $75 ■• 

' : ■ tcantaBSiaace 

\ ,■ 

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ONE has but to Hole the excellence of the many styles, the high quality of 
^ , : th6 materials and the superb tailoring to realize tht very unusual, value 

. that these suits represent. In the 
; matter of ^Xy\t they adequately 
represent the fashions of the mo- 
ment and cannot fail to please the 
roos^ frdent critic. 

^rS:fsim$ zM'mSt^^^^ pockets 
and is flared |rom the waist. Smart* 
pleated baek Special, f 76.00. 

Suit of Navy Stffe, made wifl^ ttixedo 
front, niffow l>clt, fkn^y pockets and 
a of tnpuse col^i^ed velvet. .Special, 

A Vef|f Distinctive Suit of Serge, in 

rown. The coat has a roll qui- 

li r wTtli a n w ^ ^' -'^ 'o l l ^ *' ' O^ w l wt g fig - 
ured silk. The back shows two in- 
verted pleats, and is tttitton trimn)ed. 

Special Display of JjtmTuififi^ 
■ ' Sa/tittes ' 

\\'onien who arc planning a new suit would> do |)articu- 
larly well to sec this special display of Tweed Suitings. 
-A ^rge iiiiniter of new i^d very desiral^le .weaves are 
shown in t^he .smartest of colors, and iticfading some un- 
usual mixed effects. Prices ^range from f^.TS to 96.75 
a yard. . • } ^ j , ■' 

Fancy Voiles 

SUfikii Silver 

Away with gloves, pow- 
dctw and polishing dothsl 
Sipw^Myour sUvtr for 
a minult or two in Gold 
Dust liAd witer. IhOam 
with a ^nick mb. 





Parades for Week — No; 1 Company 
M ill parade at N«W OrllT MaU» Vio- 
toriu/ as under: , 

Tuenday. March 3 — 7:tS< S^iiad 
drill: leeture; swlasuiat. Ofesi, drill 

. Parade will be la eharga of Capialn 


Thursday, March 4 — 7::J0 p.m., 
8quad drill; mechanism: nwimniing. 
Dress, drill order. 

Parade will be in charge of Captain 
C. B. 9aU; I^ut A. J. Katon. 

Captain and Adjatant 


NANAIMO. Pah. 31.— The Miners 
Agreement' Cdmmlttees, representing 
the emplorees of the various Van« 
couver Inland' mining ooncem^ are 
holding a conferencp on ifeatltni ot 
special interest to miners. 

The public library board advise 
the cithMns that the ^ks of the 
VIetarta PnhUe LfMr. sM eeeUfai 
sections af ^ Proetaelal liltorary. 
are avnlMbla an f«l«H«BC to file reel, 
dents of Nanatmo. 

Booth Ward ratepayers formed a' 
ratepayers' association Thursday 
night, and a committee consisting of 
Messrs John frame, W. Brown and 
Joeeph Button was appointed to 
draft a constitution. 

Her. Or. Haeetls. aeeretary «r tbe 
lMr<^ Hhr AIIUMft. l« tWn 

tent etesd itt ' MtrM* • a Oei iW<r < n>, e 
wtth a fSw etttaeaa on tha l#eal non- 

fbivsges often uso4 |aiS fST — »iBg 

Floral Voiles, offered in j. 
a ntitntoer of dainty pat«f ^ • 
terns and pleasing color- 
ings. 91.10. 91,2$ tp : 

fl.50. • 

White Cotton V6flef» 

with small >einbroiclercd , 
motifs^ in one or two - 
to^ed eff«ett, riflM « ; 

\ Finest unshriiikable t|iia% 
S itics of English maaufafC- 

range of self colors and 
stripe effects suitable for 
blouses, diildtenls wear,: 
, night i ' W4|at: and men's 
, shirts. Prices. 9!^<. 
iiX'^^, fl.50 and 
a yirC . 


thal^liav^ 1^ a we^H^ of style, that are made 
, Und yet so moderately prked -as Warner's,. 
m^y^Mtig etke bitt ^ular. Well dresi^cd wo- 
men wif Wreciate the beatillfal linek* ik^d M abaoliitf^''^ 
con^^ There is a typf W ^ 

eV<^)ligure, and every Corset -is guarin teed' not, td fust, " 
break^^tcafij 'Pric<f»/fM4 t6 tfJlK*"' 

-ilr — jfl;-; 

Marabou Stoles, in natural, tatipe, grey, black, ^'tii?e. fS.TS tu 919.50. 
Marabou Stoles, with o.strich edging,, in white, black ;uid white, black, taupe 
and natural, f 14.50 p fW.«0. |! ' 'V : ''^ " 


Sayward Building, 121 i Douglas Sf (feet 
Ffajone 1876, U\^jiii€*, Us^i^^.O mtH^n^t f«?7 

» r 

Woknen's InsUtate Moetlog 
L.ADY8MITH. Feb. 2S.— -The regu- 
lar monthly flsoottng of the Ojrster 
dlstrlot lfn>»>W |lfltate will he 
held m thO 'Mamill ^re«MUi next 
apttrday at f:ta p^fft^ithf* Meeting 
wHl be an Interesting One, In view of 
the fact Miss Davidson, super* 
visor of domestic .adence In the Na< 
n.ilmo schools, wUl give en address 
on domestic seleiMief This ^eoUon 
in very much to the f»iV la t«d)r> 
smith at the present ume aa4 the 
add^eas wUl he very sraloe#0 to the 
advoeatea of the sttfdr. 

For Spriiig;r^=$u^^^ Footweai: 

Two popular numbers lately received are Roval; Purple 
Ox^ofdSi with full Louis heel, and Black P uM p i/ t i^n ife d 
'^'^J? sole. All sifes and widtjis. 


1203 Douglas street } ^ . Phone 2504 

Greateat Heating and 
Lasting Qualitict 
Met Ecoaemicf 


DtotflMai#r!0l«adlsfl Cohiesles giaaiisshK ■ 

lasa C<»e«r»«Mis«8«»«e« Pl£*^ It 


You ve Had a Cold? 


r-A • • • • 

Beef, Iron and Wine 

Syrup of HypopbosphHes. . . . • . . u . 
Tasteless Cod Uver Oil PTepanrtion. . . . lU wfflJa 
Ncrvoioiie, Tablels#> . rv*wvm^; * i I. . . . .iOg 

Phone 2963 
Wt DaUver 


An Matt Ordm Promptly AttmM 

1900 Doof^ ft 






i t Miss 

a Mnnth 

Actually it is l««s thftn the average qian. ipen^t every 
month on street dir nre. Yet this -smaU dutlay will give 
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Come in this week and let us show you the Canadian- 
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d9wn:aml $5mmm^ dkl Meycles 


719 Yates Street ' ^iPhone 817 




30 Pocket f 
Bflliatds ' 

Oeco|lxi|ig the wholei iir 
bastment. Metropolis 
H^i^^UM above Mllta 

NoScore Resul|s . 
' In;Inter-City Soccer 

Inter; City Soccer ^ 
^ A'iSads Wttk l^ScQre 

iRather Featureless Game Results From Meetinje: of 
Victoria and Vancoiiver Yesterday — Neither 
Side Able jfco Drive Home 
uccejtf ul Attajck* 

Up- Island; Title Is 

Bear's Mixture and I^oney- 
dew Tobacco, uaed iii HiW- 
Ai^. attd Nasgr/ . 

fcWcconbl. Etc. 
tilt OtvanuMt Sl«f«l 

''ThB Best Is 
Too GocHf'* 


Ctirlit * UlhMi 
fti^ 11111 il^'^jpii^ 

^it whispered roa'nd. th»t ^notW 
Spoltaae is boostiiig OVAKAIfLS, 
i%ad tvtryeis is wiiri*v ^«n, 'tltl 

price of d«ft)ktetf f*l>*' 
Our clerks in^ G«vtnuii««l . ffliploy 
' wiKlunre fe wear th«n imC' 

OV«IULX«S at. BaHiameat 
>«iMiiitt Mea will 

liis ittaUliaa «Mri^iM^1f(ilise.'lMt 

ton)c, no doubt, 'twill vex, < 
b'or what will suit Uic men, you know, 

wee't aait the iMtliF>'Scx. V 
triic'llldfes. pretty dears, may fc^fi^ 

troaM* «oon b« hamming, 
lit a^ FLASH tMnlts that ^thiag 

swii w^na a* la^; fliurv^pcpanag. 

He say* tbat if the Council should 

aa 6vm4dJS pkcae. 
Vrom Preidfcf to MM^ ^ 

. 'em to aTsw, " 

tlis 0VBlCA4Lt ^ so well kaown, 

t wO'Mty ia tlie i^rieet " 
Oac« gsats or Isdiss try than on 
• t Un f li s a i r > *^ 4> loefc ai s ii . ^- 

SIS jomu^irit 



Clothes ! 

..We can, show you a hun- 
dred varieties of cloth, take 
your roeaaure, gtiamntee- fit 
by "Mister Clothes Build- 
ers" and Save you. money. 

Your in5pectibn itivited. 


M*mb«ra "R«tuni««" Proi 


2J|troj(sed l»x tha Um)t|if ^lto«sts Id 

fIboM 4ai6 fw Ettlaut* 

C. DONNBiyt '• ^ 

1^ tl«M^ara«MR|U ^jiVlnaMJJ' •« »»• 

PhoBtlsai. IMMQaMmse^gt. 

The inter-ciiy aooear qMUeh pi 
her* ywtaraay aftaraoan at the I. 
AtMaliB AMc betwaaa Vanoouver 
vietovia aaiiML in • aeoreleM d 
artar • rathw featnreleu game, 
would have be«n a hard tank for nny 
unprejudlcad 'obs«r\'er to have biM 
which waa the better team on the 
afternoon's play, and It was due, per- 
haps, to a certain axt«a|^ to tha f<vot 
that the ^taa|B»./w«ra kso atwdr 
balanoMl |fbat bttif a isl^ 

cxotttDs ar saa^auoaal ehafaetar df- 

The fact that on each team tha 
back divlaion was a little more fln- 
Ished in ita work than the men play- 
ing on the forward line had donbt- 
ic.x.s Komethintr to do with the acore- 
leay reau||t. EfLCh team was weak to 
flAlabtng -aii atUofc and wa^c 'at tha 

t«t<|MW^t any rata, and they stayed 
I atWrr Wetter, the Yl^orte men ap- 
pearing to be rather tired towards 
the end of the fame, when Vancou- 
ver were preasina a Bomewhat vigor- 
ous attaafc.,but vara atlll unable to 

flntsh with t ihft iiitt the net. 

It waa^ very clean cama aU 
throuah aad penatttea were decidedly 
soarea. though there was one in the 
■eeSHd half, given against Vancouver 
ror a foul Juat inside the penalty area 
which might easily have given the 
caaie to Victoria. However, the kick 
failed, which, from a aporting point 
of view, WM Juat aa wall, ma Uia 
MatnVM^^ \ am«M .'M^tnly have 
beea^ Ih hhd ItMi had' tKay lost such 
a tight game aa this by a penalty 
goat. Their pa'asing and combination 
was slightly better than that of the 
home side, and' there were several 
occasions when it was due to smart 
work by Shrlmpton that nothlna was 
nosohad aaatnac the Vh!toM4 aide. • 
OoodHkms Favorablr 

The game, played in perfect soccer 
weather, on a ground in good condi- 
tion, waa watched by a v nmfi ot jr^ 
over • thouaaaC .M* F. iManMi 
and haadlad tha game in eapalw 

Vancouver started with the slight 
slope In their favor and against the 
sun and for the first few minutes kept 
the ball at the Victoria end. The 
AXalnlanders went off in good style 
and their accurate pasalog waa 'gl«k|g 
them tlM a)lv»ntaca for a Uttla whm 
Victockt ' B^aaiMtad. la get the bail 
away after a wMfirand Bloom and 
Caakle worked kt up well between 
them, but without result. The flrat 
comparatively easy chance to score to 
be missed waa when the Vancouver 
inalde left had the goal almost at his 

i^d^tak ng jrteiity of time, missed his 

Twi»>4A4^1i!lek8 in rapid aucces- 
alon for Vaneauver came to nothing 
and a good chance wan missed by 
Victoria aljorily afterwards. when 
Victoria's inside laft headed the ball 
over the baj*'-' Play was very even, 
the next daagaroua/ . attack coming 
when Peden laat miiMd the Vanr^in- 
ver goal with, .a long low shot. For 
the laat fSW Uhlnntes of the first half 
Victoria wa.s prvr^slng: and Peden 
sent in a couple more shots, which 
were close but ineffective. 

After the inter»'al Victoria speed- 
ily had the ball down near Vancou- 
ver's goal, and for quite a while they 
were doing moat' of. th«r attacking. 
Palling made a good run down and 
laeked as though he might have the 
honor of opening the scoring. He 
brought Hughes cut from his net, but 
the latter cleared In ma.-Urily fashion. 

It was Vancouver's turn to ali.ick 
agaih now and they gave the Victoria 
backs plenty to do for a while. Ches- 
ter, who had been playing a good 
game all through, showed up parttou- 
l a rly w ell a b o ut th in tim e. 

qiAW IS MADE F(»> 

The qualifying - rottnd for the 
Challoner and MltoheU Cup com- 
petition played over the Oak Ba»' 
golf links yeatardajft reaultad tabttta 
foHbwlns draw tar the' lb«t ratfid 
which muat be plavad oil baTore 
March 8 : 

First Flight 
Judge l^ihpman vs. A. T. Goward 
A. P. Boultbea' vs. Wm. 'C. Tod# 
I* U. Har«la.<«B. Chlaw Jgartia 
Cf. B. Wilson Vs; T. B. Lan^pquin; 
A. P, Luaton vs. Arthur Coleg" 
R. cr. Garrett vs. B. WUson 
C. M. Roberts vh. B. W. Gibson 
N. \V. Rant vs. J. F. Bowker. 

A. n. King vs. W. P. Peraberton 
T. O. Mackay vs. B. D. Todd 
J. 1). Virtue vs. 11. Sutherland 
Li. a. York vs. Capt. H. Westmor- 

J. A. Uop9 vs. Dr.-Bairett 
Cel. J. aelater va. <. V, Wilson 
Geo. /c. Johaaton vs. W. H. ila* 
innaa • 

H. D..Twlag vs. H. Robertson. 

There were f orty7twQ entries for 
the qtuklltying rotind. Those in 
the llrst .flight play for the Chal- 
loner and Mitchell Cup and a priaa 
given by the club, and an extra 
prise is hung up by the clui> for 
competition by those in the second 

Play Ralhrr Tame 
Long kicks were the order of the 
day and the piny \va« ho even hh to 
become slightly monotonous; each 
sttte would bring down at attack only 
to weaken in proximity of the goal. 
Caskle en the wing for Victoria was 
getting mora, chances In this half 
than he had been given In the first, 
but failed to njake much of them, 
and about thi.s time In the game the 
Victoria halfbacks were doing much 
more than the forwards and sending 
in more shots. 

It waa SL Saul charge of Peden as 
he waa working In towards the Van- 
oouver goal, for which Ate penalty 
kick was awarded Victoria about thin 
time. Chester took the kick and put 
it Into the net, but it had to be taken 
over again, and the second time he 

From ^;%OIht oh, ddlU wftlHn a 
minute Or tiira of time, file play was 
very taane, but Vancouver looked very 
daaimi^ln trie net ataiaa and very 
neinir iei^red in the last ihinute when 
Shrlmpton tnade a br^liant save, and 
the Mainlandera sent in another close 
.shot within a few aeooiids of the flnal 
whistle. ' ■ . ^ 

mer«r, aad. 

ir stea ^ng the ball. 

Victoria.— fihrlmptaa'; Chester and 
Copas; Roe, Owens and J. Allan; Cas- 
kle, Blodik,' PUIIng, J. J^en and 


Vancouver— Hughes; Borland and 
picklnson; Teed, WUson and Robert- 
son; Biaricham. Bradshaw, Buttle, 
Robertsoa and Kempton. 

V.i AA. IN RUGBir 

One-Sided Contest at Oak Bay 
Ends in Score of Twenty- 
five to Nine — Pendray 
Scores Three Tries 

and clothes repalrSd fuid prsslid 
lor nan aad womim "i'} *< ^ • ^ 
' "thSkaas Oar S p i i ttf » . 


•as Yaiis 81. am 

In the 

fVevy wdman requires okr 
adidieat laundrv scrvi^ fof ia 
this season housecleantng is 
general, and the weekly wash- 
ing matt siso be done. Share 
the iWlfc> wn^ Qx %Jirs Spring. >^ 
Oar price h\\ A , ^ ■'^ 

28 ftt. 'l«r I1.0D 

2612 B 

The Rugby match played yesten<*ay 
aWissnamai: Oak Bsy. iatawiaB 4fce 

V.I.A.A. and the Great War Voterans 

proved a rather one-aided contest, and 
was won by the former by SS {Mints 
to t. Th^ Veterans started wha'tWo 
maa short, and on the other Jjiatid 
the V.I.A.A. were strengthened liijlie 
Uialhsion in their team of nonie^Hnt 
l&|lvarslty .tehaoi JUayari. ^e 
showed up to good advantage, Boitter 
aad Avaaalf bdlag partMniarty useful. 
Aawsour . akK», playlag a very g^d 
SMme. * 

Jlarrg "tdh «M^^ r«S|>pairaaee, 

taming out Ter iM Ar.I.A.A. at centra 
three-quarters. 'Jack MaUon was 
tried out nt the five-eighths pasMon 
in the first half, and made a 
shewing there, afterwards gping to 

a-' TtKm" gaiaa wwaaanoan. 

Pepdrny was easily the star of the 
Vaterana' aide, and saofad at) three 
of their triaa. UvfOff^ ot the 
wsya, I^Mhreed* 


The following boxers will' represent 
the Victoria and Island Athletic As- 
sociation In the ellmlnatlt>n t>outa to 
be held by the B.C.A A.TJ. to select 
boxers to represent the province in 
the Olympic games: Ted Bealo, 
light-heavyweight; Johnny MCsgan, 
middleweight aad t4S-peund elaas; 
Ted Ford. ISS pounds; Ruy^Baher, 
Its p aa nUst Ai«a«ft sii paaada. 


flthM, American pugilist, won on 
points from Albert Baboud. welter- 
weight ohaaspion of ^urope, in a 20- 
round bout tonight. Griffiths waa 
tl|| winner all the way. 

"Saldler^* Bartfleld, Aaertcaa, 
ferae* ytaaatar, Frenohaaaot to quit 
in the nww foaad af fiNfr it- 
round bout > 

•lOVX e|ffr,^«ifeh H-^rhe Slona 
city wsatahi Isagaa Immb hda aoM 
firet- haaa aaaa Brakaw aad pliehar 
Bnrhan ta the Va asawa a alah 
m ' aitsraatlaaai 

af tlia '.ahaa ika, 


■m iiS HMnh' a% 


Friday Night's Result Put Mil- 
lionaires Top of League — 
Victoria Ties With Mets if 
Latter Lose Monday 

The smile of the Aristocrat optimist 
after Friday night's game spread from 
ear to ear. "Well, we did Vancouver 
an awfully good turn when we beat 
the Mets. That is the second time 
recently that we have put Vamsouver 
on top of thaahaet ly^ndlat oat a 
defeat to l^er Xuldaon'a asaa," he 
seid. . 

"What I am hoping for now." he 
oontbiUed, "is that Vancouver will be 
reasonable enough to return the com- 
pliment and do us a favor by beating 
the MeCa Monday night at Vancou- 
ver. Wf^ahail than he tied wUh Beat- 
tie far ssas a d -pUea. Vanaouver leads 
with tan gaaiea wen and nine lost. 
Seattle hhS' aft even bruakf nine won 
and -nine ieatt and we have won nine 
and lost ten. Boattlc will also be 
won nine and^ lust ten if Cook's men 
show they kno«v how to appraatate 
a^ l(^di|ie«s. , f'- - ! "} 

__"aeattle has strnek a busj- session^ 
fhey mrnra IV four sucoeSslvd games 
aa the ChkiH. Tha Ariacoorats Jour- 
nay to tha fiound City Wednesday, 
and If the Meln lose MOntUy the 
Aristocrats have n chance to Jump to 
s«cond place ;n their next encourtcr. 
ar.d I'll say thfy do It. 

"J am. afraid thcu'} Vancouver birds 
are goUig too hard to eatoh, thottgh. 
but what Is the «»Jds ns long as we 
mdae titam In thn pray-ocr? riiey 

come here next Tilda y i . flg<ji-o In 
the last home garn-:> oii tlic card — -hut 
not the liist liorii(» sair>f>, bc-irso >ve 
shall probably ».nt.*,i them in the 
final spurt, for th«» pennant - and al- 
though >«,':e csn't draw even with, them, 
if they bead out the rtikt ' jacket 
Manday night, we shall be right on 


Under the anlK^cas of the.HarlMr 
Marlae- Vetenuag JUsodntlan a tlve- 
mlle road race wlH be run an' Good 
Friday, April 2. opaa to amataors 
under the B.C. braaeh-.a< the JkJLV. 
of Canada. 

are to be sent to the sec- 
raiarp af'liie Barhar M 
Ilea WMi » fee of sa 


at MM 

gold, Mver ana bi 
wgl he glean as prise?i. 
The probable Parting point is the 
T.MC.A. and the eewrse wJ|l be to 
tha ^NOUawa aad i«aK, fter«li« at is 


> - 

. V ... 

Here s a 

Come In ind "^Hscover" the bi;, quia bHUtrd-rocm it 

this establishment, where t^t fellows wjio know a 
. thing or two ^qU| Eii^ish^Ui^r^ prefer to "congre- 
gate. * 

It's a big, new, upstairs room, where the air is pure 
and ventilation is good. And the tables^seven of them 
•wrour reguliLjpatrons say thesip tabled are iii atl^olutely 
t ^i^rf At 0^nt m 3^ tpo J:knd we 

meaii it! ' . ' 


Two Jacks Dc^^Ltd. 

"The Worklncroan'i Ouk" * ' ' 

Billiards — Pool — Tobaccos — Cafe 

iai l- fS Go vt rnin d 'nt Stre i t 

Jimmy Murphy Takes First 
Money at Los Angeles— 
Ralpli do Palma. Makes a 
Poor Sjiowing 

LOB ANGELES, Feb. 28.— Jlmmle 
Morphs', long known to automobile 
racing men ii» a mechanician, aUtde 
his Initial western appearance as a 
driver today at the Los Angeles 
speedway and captured the 26a-mUe 
open event there, thereby ahhaalag 
'io«ooo first, maaay. Mutvliy 
cania from behind when Joe Boyer. 
who luid been out In front for forty- 
four laps, waa forced to the plu hy 
a broken connecting rod that pat. htm 
out of the race. 

Murphy's time fof tha'SBa'tnllea^OII 
tiiro hours 26 mlnutas and tlA* sec- 
tei^Afc or an aVMage speed far the 
dkdance of 10S.2 miles an hour. Ira 
Vafle came in second, capturing 
?i,000 prize money, and Joe Thomas 
w^8 third, winning I.T.OOO. The race 
waa not marred by nny serious acci- 
dents. The track was shown td be 
Very fast, the compotiters making an 
average speed of mora than 199 mllas 
an hour, while In authy spurts this 
figure was esaaddad br' AVi or atjc 
miles. '~ 

The surprise to the talent wag tha 
failure of Ralph de Palma to shear in 
the big money class. He ftnlshad. but 
away down the list. De Pglam aeepied 
to have a good dakl of tire ^uble 
and was in the Qlts every fav lapa. 

fiddle Pullen, driving a oonsUrtent 
race, stayed out in front of the field 
fo; 170 laps, when he dropped out of 
second place, and the race, becauaa of 
a defect in his engine. 

Among other noted drivers ^Wha 
were forced out by trouble With thalr 
cars were R. Mulfofd, OllS DUraat 
and Roaeoa Sarlea. i|rleB,'^weTer. 
flniahed the rade in the place of 
Driver Ken Ooodson, and won fourth 
place. The management estinuted 
tha. aita adanee at te.o ao. • 


Single Goal Scored Early in 
the Game Decides the 
Honors in Up-Jsland Foot- 
ball Yesterday 

Per Box of 25, 91.00 * " 
Par Boa of So, $3.78 

A. $ti;c:le 

Uafon Banli ■uUdtag . 

^ View Strael 

My M Makt Yo«r m 


Remove the carbon. 

Save one-third of your fucL 

Get more mileage per gallon. 

Mracle Motor Oaa .is guaran- 
teed to do aJl .tbat (or jroti. 
fl.OO per paclE- T^^f' :-' 

E. W. Archer 

921 Fort Street 

Dry Fir 

12^ch. i64neh aad 24.|iidi 

Blocks, per cord fS.M 

Dalhrered In City Limits. 


livMlouglas Street 

Phone 2501 Wliitc Ubor oaly 

«a— »aaa e 


For the Man, Woman, Boy or Girl sold on easy pay- 
ments. Old wheels taken in tr,gde. 

If not prepared to buy a new wheel, have your old one 
jHit In good order for the season at , 5 


" ■ ^ 1230 Brawl Stml ' 

(.Special to The Colonlat) 
NA.XAIMO. Feb. 2l.-<hi«i1t«tland 
won the championship honors Of Up- 
Tsland soccer from Booth Wellington 
In a well contested match thlsabfter- 
noon by one goal to nothing* The 
single goal was shot by Brown fa the 
first flf«6an %tlautes. The gnJne in 
bdth halves was steady with the ad- 
vontago generally with Cumberlsnd. 
The two thotiaand spectatom or mor<> 
inetttdad a i«H»elaI train load from 
Ctiaibarlajid and nearly the whole 
pcpull^laa Of South Weil 
though there bad been 

pap<r^iainiiiadm>ii. tha 

one hHef exaaptlon. was gentlemanlv 
throughout. The <?ninharlgnd teanf 
was: Walker. Csbus. Wilkinson. 
Brown. Jnckson. Williams, Banner- 
mnn. .Tsckson, doiltl. Brown and 
Htmrien. Houth^ Wellington played 
Taylor, Itell. IIamUtoiL|UBn* Oreegr 
Ryan. CTarke, RobeoU,^ iK^^TPof 
RUSSSU, raarmiatn t.'^'"*-' ■-- 



I ga^Wmh 




at. Mary's five won an e«eiting 
ttasketball game from the On-Wa-Co's 
flaturdpirra^ening ut Uw Y.Ujqji, Th«> 
at. JBirVii' combination an<) actrgriite 
shooting provfd Vvo piuch fort lie On- 
W%-n«%. who-^mMMP many fiiH 
chances to scurai I#*a1s Kati was Ml 
^»o »fy i U f» %l # li n ing tt ftoints 


T«d n mmm m'n tti a 'fUKik "* 

The nne-ap; gt. Mary^i-rnL Fatt. w, 
n n!«on, /. Malayan." ff/ gt lBW i e. Oood. 
ncir On-We-Go's — Danggrtleld, Boyd, 

Utiai t>»r) holme, ft. gword. 

Metejp^itaits had aaay tua^ 


Oor SdeotirK Teedi - 

Soccdttfaliy Combadog 
Decayed Teeth and 

A Decision to M«v« Yew 
Teelh Perfected SkeuM Be 
Ca«|iled With a DedsioD for 
Or. Oksrtfs 'ii • - 1 |_: 

fo much faith have we la 

We sclentlfleally correct sM* re- 
store « d»< iived teetlH-we serform 
wonders with our beautiful brtdse- 
*^r"'*~w« produce a standard off 

dK*W) <priMi|pC^ BmDCMM sna 

PHBSsTOKPL^^ pSU'w'^oi^f«SfC^,?r"tSJH^ 
te»— the pRtlent ii protection. AlTwork. oorrectlvs and reMtoratlveTMtf- 
fornvsd under l>r. aiioarts direct sunervlsion. 

In order that yo*i wUI not lone time from vour business, make an 
sppolntment for one of the evsnln^H w<> .aro on«n. aoeclal aarvlce 
given to busy :>eoi»le, I>lKme for aopointmeot-^Mti^ 

Dr. QObertfg tketOkH Parlon j 

' , lie*- 

Vaacaover-«>Sf7 Hsatiaas W. 

Cer. Tati 

with the Veterans. Tuiming up a Mg'j 

but the leaera pot Uj 
against their 

game right up ta iSi€ t^tSh. yetenBs 
hre to he complimented «n their game 
right, they win mahe some of the- 
other teams look lively before (he sia.> 
son is over. ^ 

The ims-ap: Met«-^B. Moore. F. 
I^ewta. A.^Jooea, T. Watw. A. LewM. 
Veterana-HMiaddan. T. Umlth, paChr- 
leret, KahaJl^. A. aaoaders. 

James' Bay Methodists won from 
th* MetropolUan fivs 14 painto to 14 
la a cioaely roateeced game. Hartley 
scf»r«d 12 painte far the Bays. Laada 
aad icdwarda jprttlag s each far tlw 
W. Mrtaftaea raferfed. 
Taaaaa: |aaiaa May i t WHiaaa, G. 
Allem. £i. Hartley. H. Oaas p h a l l. B. 
Ryan. Mets — C. L.ewls. Bdwards, 
flentingwar. Brown. Hopkins. 

First Presbyterian Inimpedla(e« 

■■ariM freely 
trtrfto Caateaidbls ea«M mm net 
paeaah to gat aadr «h«. rirals:' scaiyk 

Johu«ii& Bowser 


esa aier* yittlass 

CaMn««a, Wai 
aay aise or " 


Art Websysr -of the Flrata asarad S4 
points for the wMnars. whilo Ifabia H 

<3aataaaials M aagM fiha ahaatftv i# 
the tosem, netting II points. ' 

laaaist Msia m. Farh*«. a \r»b. 
Mar, Slehar^ atraater. Oaat«inial-* 

J. Brtnton. K. Bird. i. Jtt&lf, Caiaf 
man, J. Jeffries. * 
Final mform: Hrmlm 49, CMttennJala 
24- Aabre^ 

- ..^ artnaa, a ratwe w ae Ce* . 
«hg MTar gegs and imr ihat of periit. 
-^-m lagBiHM frMn aaaDpaa. 


Intemationai Rugby 

»!?gii^g**fc. .l i ^irtiUi i 


T'S in the air! That invita- 
tion ta lay aside the Win- 
ter oveiroat and "spruce? 

■ For a couple d weel^ or 
more the Spfittgrthtie' Suits for 
, young men have been arriving 
at this store — today there is an 
assortment that runs the entire 
gamut of styles, from the most 
—conservative two-button ef- 
fects to the slim, high-waist 
models wjiich up-to-the-min- 
ute young tellpws the country 
over axe wearing tjjj j^pring. 

(Juality considered, theyVe 
low priced 4t J , .) ,. M 

\ $45 to $60 




•'YouH Uke 
ai^ Cfothel." 

TO LIT->Cheap, 3-Roon Suite of ApirtiMaU itikt 1lprili^\««:Md* ' 
malt Road. #tS.00 i)»r month. / 

lAMI Swwl MMfll taiBi of aonty on appipvmt s«ciirU)r. 

TTAHTir lirnftfMT of small places of two or three acres, wit! cot- 
tages; also dwellings in town, from |3,S00 to |4,5oo. 



II* m ttr« BMktu "kik • VNMrtp- 

know how to set. And rM Ma k« 
•ur« U w« «S«r It Sw Mia It tt rcll- 
•bif. IMUKbmsr !• wstekword 
it 4hia PharaiMy, 


PboM S43 

114 Oof^ St 

Amatow Hoeliiey 

I "INriry Mendar IHglilj 

! »xidwdbl« for Uondty, Murch 1, 1920 ' ^ ''"^ 



"~ WO-G. W. V. A. v^ SENATORS "^"^^ 

^ AdniMioa S8c. 

rickety miyr he had at Cfeo. Strdth's. The T<9ggery Shop. Two Jacks, 
Steele's Qgar Store, fitt' BilJUrd Parlors. 


AU CoBiMMaSriitlons (o b« sMr 
Ultav. Ctt — Irt. Vt ctorUi. BXi. 

Eiid«G«me No. 27 

a it. M 

is ^ 

iiii 11*9 



iC^P-R 4 (f) .' 

n .p-R < 

12. P-B 4 

13. P-B 6 

N P X P: then 1 
P X P{ S. N-B 4. 

<li) Bkok eannot do bettni Whit* 
thre«t«ntns S. p « p. K s P:/ 4. P-S 
f. K*«-tT' * P*B -fy-lS « Ft e.N-x 
Q P eh. Ate. ' — 

(c) A very inventoua reply. 
^dll Agftin a brilliant mow. Blad| 
4Binot Uke the Knt«ht. beoanee vt % 
P.K 7. followed by P-B T. 

(e) Attention in called to thie 

mutually f^tipportinir pa/wed pawns. 
(f> This Rcoelcrntes the loss of 


In Uee For Oyer 30 Years 

,jit 1 

r J 

MenV Spring Suits 

Ready-to-Put-On $'3'^ 
From . Otw 

your suit made to order froiTi nev S|>rifir materials 
at as low a ^ 

Members of Reterned Pr6f«uioiul 
and Business Men's Association 

Hamky BnlMtnt. Corner OovervMtnt ani BrovgtrtM 

^. White, it. tlJI'SPUlebui y 
Thle very remarkable and inatrue- 
tlve end<Came was played In the. Haih 
tines Tournament of 189S. Wblte to 

move. ' f 

Whtt* > / 1 Black 
1. P-B B ! 1, P-N 4 (a) 

8. N-N 4 2. P-Q R 4 (b> 

>S. P.R^C I <c> *. K-Q 3 
4. r \ K P f (d) 4. N X P 

7. P^4) I oh 7; X-Q 

10. it-Q 4 / 

11. P X V 

12. X>B 4 

13. P-R « 

14. P-R 7 
<a) If 1 


the fame. Mkm|> 

r." "",25? w 

(Chess Endinss. by .J. MttMs .) 

Th* tnVltAtion Mast^rt* Vouma* 
ment In Stockholm last November 
secured an entry of six players: E. D. 
BoffoUubofr (the formerly Interned 
Rasalan). R. RetL R. Spleluan. and 
the thr«e fleaadlnaTlaii exiiartak O. 
Nyholm, I... Jaeobeon, aad A. OlK>n. 
The cftalr was a thr*e*roniid one. and 
at Hm end ^ the woefid swond Sptoi- 
roan vCs leading wtth <)k a*tata, fol« 
lowad bjr Bo«oljnboff and JkM (« 
••eh). Myholm (4). Jaeobeon 
and OWii (f%). The final prtee Ust 
wear 1. Roffoljuhofr; 2, Spielnaan: 3. 
Rett: and 4. NyhoJm. Rubtnsteln 
wa« to have taken part In this tour- 
nnment. but the lack of railway pas- 
senxer tacilltes In Germany pre- 
vented him from leaving that oonn- 
tr>-. An oaer from the INredUh 
Chess AsaocMton \o ^1* fOj^eMM* 
If he came bf eeropland ^rid decMned! 
(Brftnh Ch»» 1ifa<a»tw».? ' 

Obcrttn Cettefe, Ohio, made no dfe- 
Utoctloa M-to etx fiwaa m t»«nd»tt«9k 



Entries Close on March 19 — 
Seven Men a Side* and 
Canadian Rules Are to Be 

TORONTO. Feb. 28, — Chairman 
James O. Merrick, of the Canadian 
Olympic Committoe, hse received the 
official prosraauiae iAd roles govem- 
inx ice hook*]^ at tbe • we a u i Olym- 
pic xaraes to be held a« Antwerp. 

The official dates oif the games are 
from Tuesday. April 20, to Friday. 
April SO, the entries clOHinx on March 
a 9. Bach nation competing Is limited 
to one team of seven men with a 
maximum of "twvon substitutes. The 
rales of the giunM! Wt^h a few miner 
exoepUons hcve bdevik adopted from 
thoM whieh tovemtd the OJI.A. 
competition aeven or eUrht yeanr'^o. 
The teams are allowed, ■enen 'a side 
nnd the Canadiail puck and stick wlil 
be used. The lop surface at Antwerp 
on whioh the games will be played 
is said to moasure 182 feet long and 
58 H feet wkle. 


Playoff May Be Necessary to 
Decide City Hockey Cliam- 
pionship — Savage Cup 
Series Next. 


;v, I. A. A . 35; O.'W. V. A., ». 

Vietorla. 0: Vaaeonvcr. 0. 

Centvftlgj •FtreiMB.r 9. 

I. L, A., 2; Thistles. 1. 
Westminster Presbyteriftfab Ij Xtt- 

silano Baptists, 3. 
Province Juniors. 3; Foresters, 1. 
CoIUngwood. i; Weetmlnater. 2. 


LDNDOX, Feb. 38. — In the Rugby In- 
ternatioaal gaiMb Scotland scored 
polatg wdA Irelaatd t. 

Lencne Standtng 

Elks ....>.*....••*•.••• ^ 

Senators ..»•.•.»...•.*«■« ^ 

O. W. V. A. ... « . » . . . .V • » 6 

Two Jacks B 


Tomorrow evening two of the fast- 
est amateur hockey games yet staged 
this season are promised to be palled 
ofr An the race for the Dudleigh Cap, 
emblematle for the Victoria senior 
amateur lieekey ^HunpiOBililp. Hm 
Klks and Two «M9kn .will play ftom 
8 till s. and tlM aeMUtoffn 4uid Great 
War vetamna w)lf weot . Ama 9 

till 10. , 

Should thff Two Jacks and Great 
War Veterans both win their games, 
the league will one* nsaln be all tied 
up. The aUHiMd tinatora are now 
leading ta UMk race, and idionld_J|iey 
T)oth win their games t o morrow they 
will still be tied.' in which case a play- 
oP. will lie necessary. Should one win 
and tlM oth^. lose, the UMimer will be 
declared. the city champions. 
V Tomorrow evening's,, games brings 
Hie senior anpedr HMftey Mshedul* 
to a clone, with the exoeption of the 
ifcivage <!rup series and the gdKe he 
tween the Winnipeg Selkirka and a 
local all-star team to be chosen from 
the four teams In the City League, 
Which will be played here about the 
iisth' <t'' AdKt. month. 

arrangements will be made immedi- 
ately for the Savaxe Cup series, and 
it Is probable that the first game will 
bo played in Vancouver Friday even- 
Ing and a return match will be staged 

The raee thrbugjioat ^e~ieMon 
been so even and so many surprlMes 
have been sprung that local fans will 
not commit themselves as to the win- 
iwrs of tomorrow night's games 

Percpf WatgMi. SKretfM ot^Mfe* 

local BOekey aaeoclatlon.' xyKes t^t 
there has keen a great demand ^or 

paHtehoarda for Monday night's 
games. For the past few daye there 
has been great talk ilmut the four 
tamps M to "who's going: to win Mon 
!|ay nigh^' 





NANAIMO. Feb. 88.— A City. Foot- 
ball League was organised last night 

at <he Western Paatlme Club, which 
will atniiate with the K.C.K.A. The 
League alms to encouraxe younxor 
players and build up the strongest 
possible Nanaimo- United team. Qamea 
will be played on Wednesdays and 
gate receipts .will 1>e pooled in the 
general fund. A plam nauM pley 
with the team oC the mine where he 
works. Runnnrs-up for the cbam> 
pionship shall receive medals. The 
following officers were elected: Hon. 
pre8ident^, Messr.s. (J. W. F.owon, 
lohn Hum; presldpnt. >lr. Clare; 
^-ice-pres id entf . Met«r«. 4>avin a n 4 C « . 
Moore; Bccrctary, O. Frater; treas- 
urer. T. Naylor. The next meetlttf 
will be on March S. 


LONDON, Feb. 28. — (By Canx- 
dlan Press) — Results in association 
league tfamfg V^tHVf WW* «« f8^<^ 
lows: . 

Utart OlvMoB 

Aston Villa S. Bradfdrd Qtty I. 

Bradford 8. Sheffield Wednesday 

Burnley 2, Derby County 0. 

Chelsea 2. Blackburn Rovers 1. 

Liverpool 3, Notts County 0. 

Manchester U. 0, Arsen^ 1. 

Middlesboro 0. Wnfti J^rMjifMlt 
Albion 0. • . . . . ' 

Newea»tto.1iiWN«. ^Mon "Wto* 
derers .1, • . . . . 

oidhddi Atmttjfi^'4.'BiirtMi i. 

Preston K«rUi Snd 1. .Maaeteiter 
City 1. . 

BKeCfield United 3. Sunderland t. 

Dciciniiifl IMxIiAett 
Barnsley 0. Leieeetw Foeie 1. 
Bruy 1> Stoke 0. 

Clapton Orient 1, West Bam 
United 0. 

Hull City 4, Rotherham 2. 
Lincoln City 2, Grimsby 0. 
Nottingham Fosse 1. Birming- 
ham 2. 

-•MUi^^^Melde Blaokpeol 0. 
SIMltpert I, Fulham 1. 
qpottenham Hetgpvr 2, Bristol 
Ciir 0. >" 
WMTerhamptov 2. HuddertfieMt. 

Bristol R^rn 1, Crygl|i iflHI 

iri wiiiBri^/ Wfctf «»ripr 

Cardlff-<;ity 4, Queede Park Bgag 

For Walls, Makiin^ Fumtture, etc MaJc in three thickneitet. 
yi, 3-t6 and ^^-inch, an4 in two sizes, 42 x 60 and ^ 

Will Uke either Utm iMauX ^arAlHi. ^i^it Wmum t00Bis 
^ ^ weM. It Am lift jwMp* , , 

■ •■ • • • -~»e*»-i.-rV J- - ,- - - .J V 

E. G. PRIOR & GO. V 

^ - ' V UiRtlii LUUHty 

Sole Repre««atithr«i for Vancouter ItUod 

V ConMT Ckivernmeiit and Jolmsito St^etl^^ 


M008B JAW. Feb. t7.— In ^WliNlat. 
est game of T»ookey that the West has 
ever seen, the Moose Jaw Maple Leafs 
defeated the RegYna Vies In the second 
game of the twd-game series for flfs 
championship 6 to t. w^dlilt «ie iWles 
by a totai of 7 to 4. 

The looal teem will now meet Wey- 
burn, winners of group ^we. tor tlte 
provincial title, and winneva «dll moat 
i'Mmonton In a ^wo-game series for the 
J'atton Cup. 

RHXI^UA, Feh. 81.— The Junior Vies, 
of Rai^»ar w*k tiM «askstchewen Junior 
hockey ;c|uu«plonship teolght nt the 
atadfon. t. ti» c^lgwry and welitirk 
meet hm tomoitew and M6ndii)r« The 
winners will play RegUia. WednMday 
anrt I-'Ylday, 

\\ IXNllMCO, Feb. 27. — Sclklrks wrost- 
e<l the junior ohamptooMhtp in Uockoy 
of Manltolta away from the speedy 
Y.M.L.C leap i'M'e tonight, when they 
adminiil#ed a 4-0 trimming to . the 
Lutheraaa in ths deetdlnr <eme of the 
playoff .^hus' earwijivths' right to Wmre 
by midnlRht trnln for Heglna to meet 

Calguy in the Abbot dtp elimination ^ 
games Saturday night. 
^ XfONTRBAL. J«eb. g.— Victorias won j 
thO champlodshiP of the Montreal . 
Amateur l9eeimf ;li»»M^ lenii^^ \ 
faatiag M.A.AJ^> « ^ I. ^iiir>IU i 
noiir«>iay 4|one hf kSrllwM^ VyenMr in 
the semi-'rhi*ili'ror"^e-cHin^lehnttl» oC ' 
the Province of Quebec 

TORONTO, Feb. 27. — Toronto Canoe : 
Club defeated the Royal Milttary Col- 
lege. Khurston. in the O^U.A. Junior ' 
•smi-finai game here toMlditt bjr e, - 
eeere of 10 to 4. 

intermedlgte 0.11. d*: Biampton. T*. 
Kingston, 4'. 

8wttaeflaBd*R Clmritjr Work 

GENEVA. Feb. 28. — Newspapi^r'* 
calling attention to S»'itserland'H 
record for bhsrity sinbe tbo war. .say 
ltd carloads of food, clothing and 
tnedleine costing 6,600.000 (rmtca 
have been sent out since the armistice 
v.a.s f<lpnf'<| and an average of 4.'>.f">() 

cUiUlreu t r oa> V ia nn a, Bu rt a pe s i ii n ii 

Berlin are in the'SwIin hoepitala each 

Memc baum. bedanse 9t _^f '^ ^** . 
"It forma frlien soft; |g often 'tund by*' 
-H^^T nrkg aa a evbatltute ^or sonp. 

Exeter City 3, Swindon 1. 
lidkUaghain 2. Brighton and H. 8, 
Newton Town 4. Newport C. 0. 
Plymouth A. 0, South End United d. 
Reading fi. Northampton 0. 
jBeathhmpton Portsmonpi d. 
Swansea T. MUwall A. d. 

Armadale 1, Aat 9. 

Airdrte i,mmsim^ i^^ 

Celtic t. Hamilton d. 
Falkirk «, Aberdeen 1, 
Queens Park 5, Dumbarton 1. 
Motherwell 2. Albion 0. 
DWMlee f, Bt. KIrren 
ClydebadK i, tWrd umm-l. 

tmpeey. heavyweight champion. 

kCk Kearns, his manager, expect to 
imlsh bonds Monday before the 
tXi 8. commissioner here on the indict- 
ments returned against tiMm in Sgyp 
ffVanclsco, charging coAgnllltcy fg 
evade the seiecUve dra£|^mi|Ml||l 
•fasioa of the draft. aoeSrdmirt^ 
M^tement tonight by . Kearns. 

We have ben informed by our .-it- 
torneys that the indictments have 
been mailed from San Francisco to 
the U. a marshal here and that we 
Would b« notified when they i^rlve. 

Kearns said "each will be Muly 
l^th a^bond for fl.ddd." 


VAXCOOVKR. Feb. tt.-^'#^llSir' 
gr not the T'nlvcmfty of British Cj»r, 
*~-nbla woulfl havo any Olympic can- 
lates arnftnp th" largo number of 
athletee is a qiioaUon th*t win be 
iswered on Matvirda)'. Mareh 13, 

ith neio'Iy^ronlS^'Ci^ti 

meet promlaen to be * dMli^ Mf* 
ir. Bntrlee tu* tlte* gemMd • #m 

received ^■^^yMfca^ 
con USUI Will M BMb on 

Mnreh Ik .> 

vie f 01 


'"^ LONDON. Feb. it.,— tpertunirn ia 
^ndon cave a hearty welcoaM ioMW 
a lunebeoa to Con Jones^ mt Yea* 
■mfeB to eecare a||,im«Usll 
lb , tear OsaedK d»d to 
^ Qklgneir, wne wants 
And thf fotnre British fteavywelgbt 
hoxlnr cbamptoa Beetaanan Taylor 

li — 

'The nepe. a wnter'bddrpldn 'nlibtirl 
an inch long, has a bite ^->■r^ palnftti 

TACOMA Feb. 28. — Pacific Intcr- 
nrfUonal Baseball League direotors 
and ofRcials were still la session at 
a late hour here tooUrlit tU a 

%M d#du nnb^ 
for tfee Leg«bn *ad tie numbed^ 
teams ttat WWU41 dompdeg. It 

Whtle tt Wgg eeniea that tlMn^ Wa* 
no lack of harmony final reetilts 
would probably not be determined un- 
til Sunday. ofllctalB announced. An 
18-week schedule opening May 4, was 
the Impdrtant 
wss given out 


' ^ WtBUtmcmx, Feb. si.— itore than 
Ave bundrad attiteteo tram eollgfes. 

' ^mnvbiumMi dinr'iMncirBMRwigffons 

In tho Eafit took part In the great In- 
door meet held Jointly by Johns Hop- 
hlns rniverslty and the Fifth Regi- 
ment Athletic MdOciaHtm 

and over 4.009 p«^aons anw eeVe 
fiotttb AttaMtie raeofdh^ n l MtriNf 
Vhg fuleet tiB«i e«gr^i«eor<M 

a^SJr SimS? if^SeWl^te 
South Atlantic championship run. J. 
Connolly, of Georgetown Univetnlty. 
dashed the dMani^ jm ftm /m^tMlfk 
thirty secende. » * t y 

Pmneylvanta State came within 
one.4lfl|i of a eetJond of J>rpf|hiai the 
world's reoord' In " the one mile and 
tbre*-<nmrtm medley relnjr JflnVv^^le. 

PARIS. r*-h ?a._The ' Hungarian 
pear* <1*legatirin hss'ssnt to tha 80- 
preme Allied Council meeting in Lon- 
don a itremdy worded note calUoc 
attention to the "arbitrary action of 
IM l^m m US t ^ mlliury authority m 
Tmai^'lMMV'^ They demand «Me 
< HU >n be given immediate atten- 

A tilt of brim, height of crown or particular shade — 
whichever It fs, you Tiav^lHit linhent^ili yodr p^er- 
encefn iortkr to baye your wi^to talUMt 'From 
our big new stocky pf the^h-ffrade brands we Offer 
every man eonl^l^ 8ltivacHoti---«fid -mmidetfiA 
valuf. ai • 

, 4 


- -^mB^f>A»lb¥-€OftX>NiST, VICrOlttA» B^Ch $UN1>AY. FEBRUARY 29, 19(|6 

A RiotOM : Revel of Colorful 
Costumesi Wondrous 

' Women and Merry filksLia^ 
Variety Tomorrew, 






The tUfW Norma Talmadse produc- 
tion, "The Isle of ConqiMst," rrhich 
3peo« at the Variety Theatre tomof' 
row, preaeittH the ultvmUtfi ^ pt^m 
ivonum who hates all ^len a man 
who lM» kwt IMdi ilr«wmMi»-%«liHl 
thrown tosether on^a troploni HOiuid, 
there to vrork out their destlntee. The 
dramatic etrenrth of such a situation 
has been ably presented by author, 
adaptorti and director, and the. part 
gives Miss Talmadffe full opportunity 
to score dramatically. 

Ethel Harmon (Miss TalnMU^) i« 
the daughter of a sodoty. ijjroinm 
whose flnaoqtol, condition ls .iHnif - |ot 
«ound. BiMMIatac that she no\loipfer 
h«« a hoM on Van Surdam, a vce^lthy 
bnobelor, JCrs.' Harmon sponsors' a 
match between the bachelor anil her 
daughter, in an effort to^fp^re her 


The Koreeu 

Allen l^ke in "0hoiild 
a Woman Tell?" . 
Variety — Noma Talmndiv^' in 

"The Isle of Conquest." 
flolMnihln Iniss Verne's "20,000 

jUasttoe t;n4*r the 8ea." 
Wniifn mini Joyce in "The 
V Cnmbric Mask." 
•Iloyni VkAorla— Bill Famnm in 
"The Lone 8Ur R«nger." 

aboot to uke down tholr 
nal an an indloUniMt'or 
the, reoevtns MHy nrrlrw amd 

story fnttm to'ia dmnnttirrf 




mother financial distress, Sthel mar> 
Mn.dio .wMnthr nuUB. 

While the girl Is learning the real 
^bMe chi^ctejr of her husband, John 
Arnold, onoo a '^•uoeossful young en^ 

gtA»er, Iii also learning life. Haying 
been itlteid by a woman he loses all 
fuith iind ambition and la a atoker 
on tho yacht upon which Ethel and 
her brutal husband are cruising. 

The . Xftobl .to .d4W^y«4/ to ntld- 
oconii« .MiA IB^nirt p^ AnUM nro cast 
. upicn nil Uwm.. . ilion comen the 
cmd^njl working out of the Ihres of 
the tn!0.- The woman lenms the real 
worth of the man and through the 
womanliness of Ethel, Arnold's faith 
in her sex is restored. They are 

Jules Vomers Prophetic Imag- 
ination Given Actuality ' in 
Scenes filmed at the ^ 
lambla This Week. 

Alice Lake, in "Should a Woman Tell," at The Dominion this w^ek. 

Tomorrow and for the bafaince of 
the week one of . tho AMpt wvim^q^i 
films ever taken alnoo tbe invoht|on 
of the moving pitfturea will bo a|iown 
at the .Columbia Theatre, when the 
liieturiantlon of Jules Verne's "20,000 
Leagues Under the Sea." wli;^ be 

You will see Juleti. Verne's monster 
that terrorised the Seven Seas. You 
will see the mighj^ commander, C!apt. 
Nemo, who foUon^ the path of ves- 
sels 20«000 leagues on hi* voyage of 
vengeance. You will see the torpedo 
fired Mid pBotographod under the 
ocean 'WhiME speeding on lu deadly 
mission, and then see n fullrlgged 
ship blown to atoms. 

Through the magic window In the 
submarine "Nautlllus" you will see 
the victims sinking to the silent 
depths. Through tlUs window you are 
shown all the nniaatng wonders of 
the deep. 

You see the "NautiUUB" in a tropic 
ocean dive to myBterlouH dcpthn, and 
human beings emerge exactly as Jules 
Verne wrote. 

Hmneni awniseoa to t iifl tl^r or 
t he ocean amdnif maU'eatlng sharks. 
They reQutre neither life lines nor 
air lines to connect them with the 
surface. "With a supply of oxygen 
in condensed air tunlts they visit the 
wonderful marine gardens and coral 
cavern.H where human feet never 
ventured before. Centuries old 
wrecks are found and searched for 
lost treasure. There la a terrifying 
combat fkthom* doep between Capt. 
Nemo and a glarit octopus with a 
pearl diver in Its monster tentacles; 
positively the most thrilling spectacle 
ever photographed. 

Scenes from under tbe^ ocean, on 
the earth and In the aky Combine to 
make this first and only ' nul^ttdurine 
drama truly the moat nwnrtng Won> 
der>pictimi pf (fUl, UnM^ 

American Cable Restored 
Restoration of the Commercial Faelllc 
Cable from. San Franelaco to Hono- 
lulu. Guam, Toklo and Japan was 
announced here today. The cable 
brolte I'Vhruary 1 !• between Midway 
Island nml Tiuam. Thi.s is the only 
cablr in operation acro.s.s the ParHlc, 
tho BrltlBh Paciflc Cable from 
tleld, B. C, to Australia being broken. 


Fox at Itevai Victeria^is 

Hf^ok and Emotionii] 
Rowers. . ' ' 

"Don't go to history of the distsnt 
PMt for knight errantry and ro- 
mance. Go to the Texas border," 
s«ld William I'arnum. the noted 
actor, who haH won the plaudits of 
millions In heroic roles of the Wf:r 
and Southwest. "The Tisxaa Ranger s 
tboM hrpve dofendors bf tbe bor^t r 
ol Ten*, could fumln)i n new Sir 
Walter Scott with material for a life- 
time — and a long one. 

"These men. tht» Rang«r.«, are 
made of the stuff of which America 
well may be ijroud— a band of the 
bravest {uid boldest men that ever 
made history in tho United States: 
and they ace sUU.pai^ la their 
modest way. . ,* 'T 

"The Rangers wore organkMd in 
IMS." Ur. Famum continued, "and 
bore the brunt of the conflict when 
Texas separated from Mexico. Later 
they protected the frontier against 
the Indiana, and since then have 
been mvii-iiaiiied from public (uads 
to protect the. border, to which out- 
laws naturally drift. 

"Withont the Rangers, there would 
hardly have been any cattle busi- 
ness In some parts of Texas. Along 
in the '70*H and 'SO's cattle rustling 
became rife. Whole herd* were 
driven off by thieves. • 

"The RangTK. chosen for their | 
absolute fearlessness, carried terror 
to these outlaws. They were and are 
tbe real gun-flghting men of tho 
world— men who drew first, who 
never woonded. Tliu Ranger who 
merely WOUhiled would consider his 
duty shirked. Tlie.N- wcic unrelonfinK 
la purtiult and iu uveneiuu the death 
of one of their lut ii ;it iln* handn of 
an outlaw. Thc'n- nuinpfi and their 
deods have ma(i«' iho border livable. 

"Davy Crockett and other heroes 
of the Alamo wero Bnnienii Captain 
McNelly's famous band Of forty, 
alone*, made two tl^ousand 'arresta, 
bealdOH many killed in fights be- 
tween '7.'i and '78. when cattle 
thieves were a tromeijdous nienaco. 

"The Ranger is constantly alert, 
constantly on his horse. He csrrioa 
only a, small pack, sleeps on the 
ground with only a bUnket. He can 
tradk a bandit through the wildest 
forest or ibvovgh. the, crowded city. 
HiB pay la fo.rty doiUura a month and 

"Along with the splendid Canadian 
Mounted Police. let ua dub those 
bravo fellows sr If-sacriflcing patriots, 
the true knights errant of America." 
Mr. Farnum said. 

In '.'The L«ne Si\\r Ranger," a 
William Fox picturisatlon of the 
famous novel of the same name, by 
Zane Grey, Mr. Farnum has a 'Char- 
acter that is a fit vohiflc for his 
heroic and cmoiional powers. This 
photoplay appear.^ at. the Royal Vic- 
toria Theatre on Monday for a run 
of four daya. It is said to contain 
some extremely sensational episodes. 




SHAWN Pres0iito 





A Dance Fa\uasy P?bln «ie Aftttin Nights, Uti^ Fifteen People; With Most Beairtlful and^^^^I^^^ Settings. 

in Four Scenes. . 











Chapter Nine 




Matinee and Night 

Matinee S^Night 7 

4 Uft M^-4I■ARCH— 4 liyt Oily 


In a 


of the 




Grey Story 

.Greater Than 
"lUif JRiOefs 
of the Purple 

Sage" and 
"The Rainbow 



i^VA V,, 

1/ • t 



A RQmance-oi the Grmt South w^^ i^"-^ 




A Two-ReehPcattKpe Reptete. IVI* Clcajfl, W)iol^ 
some, Hilaribui Fita-^YQu Need Good Laugh 

:-.-f ^\ 

Continuous ^ 11 ^ 

Performance ^ tO A 1 ^ . 

. Usuaj Prices 


"Julnar of the Seas," at Pan- 
tages This Week, One of 
Most BrMtant Stttge Spec- 

"JalMr 9t tlM Wma,** mm mt Um 
moat Mptmetnt ipMteclM on th* 
■uc* t^eas. k« ch« top tminf 
in tho new bm of Ptntmgtm T> u< <>Bio 
for thia wMk. It l« a dane* fanUor 
Inspired by one of tlio ifotlca of "Tho 
Arabian NIchta" and prodaced for 
th« atac* by T«d Shawn. Tbo daa^tac 
arttota ar« from tlM C*mo«a 1>onl- 
■haw SclMot. Thr acoafo — ono tbe 
brfBM pabMe of tbe Shah of l^wpla; 

of Julnar. and the hIuvc market In 
an Orl«nUl city— are declared to be 
taateful bayend tho t^dlnary offer- 
tetn. liblng lutnmt M' lt draam. the 
prlnea auita on a tptttl whteh laada 
him to tho trndoTMoa kliiKdom. 
Ipf o d Mn anitor by Woptune. be re- 
tttma to earth and the ^rl renounces 
her people and follows. She Is 
abducted and taken to the slave mar- 
ket, where iiio lovers are reunited. 

Maurice Hamuela. in "A Pay at 
pnia lalaod." Is one of VMidoKJlla's 
foramoat Italian ebaraeuw d«Ua«a> 
ton. "A UHFi ipNs laland" Is a 
MoMdir plajrWr lolfiaff * ■tory of Ufa 
it BlUo MmC* tho sraftt Amorlean 
gateway to tbe Atlantic Ocean, This 
vaudeville olferinc baa played the 
Pantaceo «lr««lt Itr tiM^ MSt 

and Vyhraala li 
tlM AMor.** wltl^ 
o> oMMMp nuK HHOMporwo wnn 

•imrlnv. deplctinc life in the city. 

Jack Roshier will present "Muffs." 
the canine < ontortlonlnt. This ani- 
mal has been trained from hla earllpst 
^Vppyhood to relas eveey arascle of 
bis tKMly, thorehy enabllnfr U to 
funie any notion or 


happiest tf9Mi» on the sU«e. He 
iiran la lito o^ sanitary "^pttt- 
OMRt, aM Mvfi a oontont#t Wa. 

Oroon and Puch are two felMMlMo 
eomodlana. Tboy sot rovgft VNli «Mli 
o*»m.t»d psoanko it Jot of eomoff 
oat of thoir talklns bMk. Tbe ninth * 
oplooda of the Pantasesoopo aerial, 
"Bound and QaKed," will be shown 
In connection with this superb )>ll| 
of vaudeville, and the promise of 
Puntsffea m«uia««rs who have had 
thla ahow la thalr tNoatros, to a flA# 
entertalnoMlit for yietmH»m tWb 

' . 

^tsrll|iray Moftlm 


Which was pianaod to taho 9km 
tweon mombers of lb# 

Ballwair commMsa as^ 

tMw of Oaaadkui raUwaya with re* 
eUNTWnf propo s ed raynlatlon 
railway* whereby they will 
freicht iMHweoo Canada 
Unhed Htate* in the latter ootin 
was p n a tp aai i 4iptU , 
ssainaiv««l., tPKIdMlaa' fi- iMIns 
on aceoa a t of the enohaato *tt 



y«v,v,-. T*^?r^, 

wvulA not tM telr to M»- 

thr^Hc wbkSi Hat* mM» "OW' 
tNWD in tiiti th«atrlc«l WOrld. M the 

,, Th#fttr*'1otaoitbw. ""flfplan^Wly 

rted • anf /no Icuu meritbrloAa In 
■kJtt iit 4ir0Ctlon and. p«^orial 
~><]UviniMM. thl« new Metro, play 
AliM t^bbt, Jaok ll«lliaU : undt 
1c OiirrS«r hcadinf an ull-,^iar 
_ grlpa tlM heart a« only w*U- 
!• melodrama, founded on tho Ms 

^hoae oonMence bade ber bare Icq 

T^*> g*r t tlUs popular melod 
CMrpo on' Saturday evenlns nast. 
Wveh C. and eirory succeedlns oven- 
tes p/ the rnautns week (Mve Mon- 

hfttweir set «flftJ|HP thrflwAe wante, 
but hu nudtMii'^ytli b4»ld aprtl- 
b0Hsd~ 'M tMk uliifpe lAiMQftxui. tnnt 
arJiS^#Oiernited with >!»e . eide-epllt- 
tlDk dJatbgiler'Md farce. ,Mith which 
tlW,pro(dtictWlr i^leunde. 

l»^|»raojJ<ally ayJflMI 

oeae Theatre the Meee» tff the 

theatre-goJngr public of Victoria l|^v- 

In hvman nature, can srlp. r|^i;°^''7,"ot'ted "parts/ Mr. R.^'l^. 
: A« MeU Mason, the flaher slrf i^l^ himaelf will play Travera 

" , vjMwa».«)illat Mr. A. M. D. Fnlr- 

man abe loved the aecret of h«r^- . fiibtrn WlU imparapilAte the cbarac« 
^ and whoae worldly wledpn^ .V^^r who is msH^ iB*tnimental in 

provldins that bhtW millionaire with 

ISartled the aeeurtty 

. Lake has slven 
•n more capable thnd.^fiWiC'V iMTr 
M of Norah Blake, '^^iraBfr^ Bert 
all In "Lombard!, Ltd.**' This ro- 
Vecta not upon Mlaa Lake's previous 
Jkerk, but is indication r^Xher that 
role of Meta offers unusual emo- 
tional and dramatic possibilities, and 
prontlBlns yonns aotreaa mi^lna 
„ most of them all. Vaf }»m plfms^ 
tis wdfo^Jae* MuihalU,y*oj^ i 
mly, starff htforward «M |lS«il^: 
unaffected portrayal of the artist- 
|oTer, and Frank Currier, the veteran 
If the stase and screen, whose work 
ium made for him a lesi«flM^j;*<«<#*' 
frtoftds. as Inis^im* «)|oi|l» 

the faieo »|itrtii|^<ic» tt to haygly 

tha thrills he had hitherto vainly 

make he^dibirt leading lady In 
tbia predaefian.'and the balanee of 

the cast includes Mlsa Agnes Stuart- 
RoberUon, Mrs. Tayler. Mr. F. H. 
Alwood, and Messrs. B. T. Ward, J. 
McCallum. RlmSk, JL €MUPl»«U and 
Caift. TurnbuU. , 

The booking offlco will opan 
morptes next. 


' «hfJU>n«(Mja»Uy M*U finds as one 
4^»MI M tl»#^ yeaW march of the 
Allied leslona throush..^* atrMts^ 

Nonmt f i|j|pidi^ in "lltle of Qonquest^' at the^«4«fy tilfit w«eic. 



Surprising that John E. Ince. who 
ktaced "Should a Woman Tell?" has 
Iddad much to make the photoplay 
loreV effeotivo. The photography. 
_ to BOl PoU^ Is exoellent, 
Atim Myers, , aS'art director. 

bt. MeMivikidl^ ''4^nlMfiu^ 


'latest Offering of the Princess 
Dramatic Society Has Been; 
Unparaileled Success in the 
Theatrteal World. 

TraTsrs^ Gladwin is A mtlllobklre. 
/ hot tob young, jrho has exhausted ail 
Ordinary means of pleasure and ex- 
filtement in the civilised world and 
^mm traveled all. rband the world la 
KiSleh of ''a rMl thrUi" without 
MMftieins aoroM eves a colorable Iml- 
kiMMi of eM, .. Be then deeidM to 
INItm. mkiiewn t i hto confreres, to 
{Ills city mansion in which Is houseis 
^ wonderful eoUeetion of old masters 
i>worth many bttnOreds of thousands 
UDf dollars. On the day of his return, 
%rhllst lunching at his hotel, he 
Jbotloes an eitl«ni)ily charming young 

fk»U l|l>Ma. Mi*^ immMiMUy: «Mts 
Itii dm hit hitherto undlstarbed 

jimflrthg ■rmm 'la^tthriii No. l. L«:t«r 
la tiM sftdm«4i|i fte g<^* Itts^nnsin- 

,plon, which hap b««n closed ~up ditr- 
flng his absence, and has ac&rceiy got 
ilnslde the frdht door wh^n a ring at 
i^the bell securee the admittance of 
^be charming . yonns 0x1 Of the 
IvnolMon. who naively Mica htm 
Ithjtar Vr. Travera OUdvto to In, 
Hrltheut walUns fer m Pestty, 
hSm dt her ehsi^ement io that 
latlesaan (whom she has loved for 
rour years, though she had only 
"met him a short fortnight since), 
nnd that they were going to^ be mar- 
Vied that evenlbg at 10:80.* *fhlt lif 

ertti No. a for OladwU who, Mseni. 
Kff»;ne crooked ^work. does not-4if» 
9leM t* mi tm*iW k« iha sfrl. btit 
Mmiam <• Ml-vh hitti si i«:S« tb 
ascerUla who the UMUIidval Is who 
has apparently be«n maaonerndlng 

the British metropolis a shift In the 
incline of the world's sartorial axis, 
and the magnetic pole of man's cloth- 
ing fashion now- M^tr 2iMidottW«rds, 
and continues: ' 

That style and excellence x>f elopes'' 
which have always marked the trmVel- 
Itns £3ngliflhmen seem . likely to be- 
come less in evldeneef iv the flatter- 
ing reason tliat ali m World of men 
intends td .^wpi .Hfa> IBpsllohmin. 

For our vtaltan. whethw Klnst. 
Colonial PremtorSr or plain toltlaenl^ a 
jwompt visit to the tattor has been a 
matter of cotirae on reaching London. 
But foreign patronage of British 
eloths and British tailoring Is now to 
be wholesale and world-wide. 
have to re-clotho all countries with- 
out distinction of friend or fob. The 
TJnlted States, Japan, and SoShdlna- 
vla are sending hUge ordera to our 
m^ls.^ A ^ttrcf^ft demand fo^ our 
t<Mbt^>jfMK, .fb^Mred nhe signing of 
B««c4H^th vOetr^ 8mm -of our 
Seit «0rk«(Mh-%^ ettttS«i*1Mshly 
paid here — are being offered extreme- 
ly tempting wages to settle abroad. In 
the United States the vosue of Ong- 
lish cloths and EUigllsl^teade clothes 
is said to ousting the unmistakable 
American style of tailoring. Many 
American officers went home with a 
score of English suits in their trunks. 
We have* to thank them for establish- 
ing our fashion. British olo^f- and 
Brittoh taUors are galali^ eos- 
toaitM hr eeattiMitta. ;^ 

This new business wlB ttU the 
croakers bnbe mdre that BHttoh 
Konds and British worinnanshlp are 
still the best in the world. All these 
orders help to swell our exports and 
to Improve the exchange value of o^ 
money In forjBlgn countries. There 
only one liote bf warning: manuCae- 
turers must have an eye to the needs 
of our own people at' home. If won't 
do to' start^ Importing our suits from 
Japim %r1iue, mir Savlls tlew..eiaaf: 
t$tir««« ^dteS> aired in flttt i^fm 

stolen Genu Recovered 

SBATTLE. Feb. XS.—.aems valued 
St 18.000 recently reported Stolen 
from c. c. Cohen, motion pletitrs 
man. hftvn h^n rsoovertd, the iher- 
UTa ofllee aaaottuiess hflM teSiar* De- 
talla At thi -Hm^- W«e iMt aa- 

Wimance of 

Ca^ibrie lia^l^'* Via Ajed 

Joyof^ P10lareywhlchr%in 1)e seen'^in 
thp^ j H^ y m jtoip '.Theat r e #bnwi>iyow. iS e 

swUitHfco<||ss'romsnn».4(»a>sr*"g abtml 
the aelMllen-^ef aHiMli '-of WMte 
Rtdprs.' dfUl Chersr are 'te|My thrilUng 
scei^Wwbleh Miss iMMf. beauttful 
^ 9^' ha#!*n Mtortanltx.>to 
• iNkiWtod AnasHtha m^|$U 
wHI s«||r||aj|^jp|^r iha sd- 

' In one scene, Mlas Joyce's screen 
sweetheart has l>een seized by the 
Bldars and is being taken to a swamp 

white cambric mask. Joins the baad. 
Ranging her horse alongside that rid- 
den by the. man she Iovch she is able 
lo the cut the ropes at 
bis wriMa ah<^atoo lp haat hfot a 

When %^l^lS>^WHuS»ir ^e 
stampedes the horses of the other 
Riders by charging among them and 
in the pistol battle that ensues both 
escape after a wild ride through the 
night. The scene is splendidly photo- 
graphed, showtas VlUgraph's haautl- 
fui star Is a^lsitot ^mntssl rata. 

The-iistnre to a#ap|fi« fraai ^ 
novel «r the Mone title 1^ Robert W. 
Chambers and waa directed by Tom 
Terrlas. In the supporting cast are 
Herbert Pattee,«Maurice Costello, Roy 
Applegat% Bvrnard Mssel. Jutos 

cowies. mmnn mm3^ fisn^ 


FIR wmm 

— 'i . -i 

Mrs. John Hope, Who Pnpii 

in tohdon During War, Is 
Helping Hospttal Benefit | 

^nden mar be a Uttle Wt blaae jin 

aid it is with very keen interest, there- 
fore, that the theafire-going public la 
looking forward to the production now 
being arranged by Airs. Hope for some' 
time in April for the benefit of the 
maternity wiu-d. Jubilee UospitaL 
^ Mrs. Hope has much more than 
local fame in respect of such oadiir- 
Ukings. and evenroad here wUI #b- 
call the wide advmrttoement which ihe 
got froiB thd »lbda«tlda ef ^iMo, 
Canada!" a very popular revue given 
durlns the Waf at tfto Majesty's Thea- 
tre, London, and for the devising 
which she was responsible. The en- 
tertainment was one of the greatest 
of the amateur theatrical aucc«ase»«f 
the Whole yesitr in the great Bngoih 
metropoMs. aq^ although the perfonm- < 
anoe was sivMli hat once tiM sum^f 
£1,200 was cMIMWd for St Ihinstaa's 
Hospital for ma hanA an that ooeaalbn. 
The oblset tatljliiisalstsd. by the forth- 
coming reviNi'-ls also a worthy one, 
^nd It is to bo hoped that the monetary 
success will be proportionate to that 
attending the more famoild production 
In the Imperial capital 

Now about the talent. Mrs. Hope, 
of course, to promoting the undertak- 
1ns, and is. therefore, jMndpotlns 
rehMursali^ AiStkom^miion fk- 
ttoto are her two stoteri^ Mrs. Selden 
Hdmphrj^iaad lUss Muriel Dunsmuir, 
also-^tf^ ^purry;|9PooIey 'and Miss Mona 
Iktlseger. Major Bullock-Webster, who 
has ^ad valuable experience in stage- 
craft, is acting as stage manager, ilnd 
Mr. Tucker, of Vancouver and Vic- 
toria, to teaching the dances. 

Elaborate choruses win: participate 
in the revne,->vhteh tt te tw staged bn 
an '"elaborate seale, a9d one ,ot the 
blggeet'ecMMs ^ thfjMhOM DBoSinUon. 
the"Lucllle" jicene^ hf ta be "dressed" 
by. Spencer's, who aira'- very kindly 
Innding all the frocks for this particu- 
lar episode of the entertainment. Miss 
Betsy Merritt, it is undoaHSidt ;to 
asstetlng with the gowns. 

Porto RIoo's Popatatlon 
SAN JUAN. P. R., Feb. ||l.^^e 
iMpsiatiaw of ■ffwrto'. Rloo, -aa 'given 
hy the Maaat eaiuisa to ;l,»Mfl^ It 
was aattoaneed todhy. VMt to aa ia« 
crease of 177,814. Of It.t pw ddat, 
since the Inst census. 


fto'liKMiyatenee'lMto^ .I|^SIiodpiii'dk:tlw. 
No Gi^ifair « % Bow^MiM 

Coated Tongue. Batf 

mnmm nk to beoeaie with «Mt- 
jtosalsd food, which sount stid fer^i 
. laiiplas addv saaea . a«d 

poisons; caasaMts tonight wiu gm 
your binous Uver and donsttoatai 
h«w«R tt tharoastt dtoaSaln* and 
attstShMa yea out by morahis. Caa> 
aavatS'saver sleken. eramp er tnoan' 
veMence you all the next day like 
nasty Oalomrl, Salts Oil or griping 

t's concert 

^VAljr FJfitf Prt>gramme Being 
Given by XS.W.VA Band 
and Assisting Vocalists at 
W^l-Known Playhouse 

The folloiring Is the complete 4>ro- 
sramme for the ooneert to bi^ given 
toalSht by the O.'W.T.A. band at Pan- 
taiea Theatre, aanMaanslas at liso. 
Lleat R. Webh, Mta. MeDaaaah aad 
Mr. T. Xelway» It wtU ha asaa. are the 
aastoUns aelotott for the dboaaidn. 

Part I. , » 

March. "American President" 

....... .•.•••...••.«i^a^, A. 8af ron 1 

overture, "Sampa,**.y« P, Herold 

HAJection. "Round the lla»,** H. Finck 
Soni^ Selected 
^ Ueut. 

Selaetlaa, **nM OoadalMnr. .Salllvan 
Bong ..''Star of Itefhtohem" 

Mrs. McDonnah 

Walts, "Cakino Tanse" Qnng'l 

• Selected 

Mr. T. Kelway 
"Vanished Army". Aliard 
Ood Save the Kiag. 

Haasiir Strike at Rllto ttlaad 
NEW YORK, Feb. SB. — ^Another 
hunger strike waa started at break- 
fast today by 12S radicals held la 
deportation on Bills Istond. Yhsv 
told waiters they would rafose tf aat 
aatil the Oovemment either retopasd 
%r 4itdttaS thato. The flrat hanger 
Mm «i8 MMIlHlai hy mdieato who 
Were departed ad the *ilor«. Ik eal> 
aft^ a few haaala haid ftttw rt<- 

• ' -^V- r - ■ - ■ 

urape seeds hava 



\s and lose kiB^b^ f 
^ Ike uMJuMiness liJSk 


%njO SHf met Otis crisis is depktB£ 




dramatic^ intensely human story of a 
New Englan^s^sher girl faced with the 
problem of whetter to reveal or not, to 
the man she loved more than life, the se- 
: * , cret of her youth 


fP'ipi^^'^* e" vv ws»^pw» 

^ one of the most 

^ ^^triking:, human, ' 
^ *^vld pichircs of "'- V 
^ ^itu, A pic- 
^^fture that Is setting 
a new screen 

iSpiBa td(ke .w'Sa)oul& ak\VNl^ 



s'./ v., 




IW^ ^ATLYvCl^^yiSy/VI^^ RC. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1020 


['BHtainvWas Not UnwAing, But 

I italy Was Obdurate— Prince 
Sixte's Abortive Effort 
1917 Mow Illuminated 

M wn or- 


r ' Us. 

"Wax a separate peac<^ with Aua- 
til» poxMbki?" Huch 1h thf (luestlon 
■whitrh Jean d»' riot-rofeu pi'ocoeds to 
answer In The Opinion. I'arlH. wHli 
tbe aid of decamanta concerning tb« 
ft mliMlon undertaken tfi th« 
8^f of 1»17 by PriMe SbS* ot 
Pwemm. Tbf details of Uii« adnplon 


1%;^ Gifted YoW CkBrtsvho. 

has opened lier atudlo for Voice 

lIMMon PlfM^-Abd win rec^ve a 

Utnltetf nuimek- o( pufAla. 
^ Terms on appIlofttlea« 

noUM, wrlttenf tn the torv of ■ 
^««nr n>r»ir fUll HCbCTOV ON 
view* wkteli . the yonof i 
wHb tbe lt%|i ptnimikIMm ot Oie 
different eoaatrlee Md «i(;<b|^iiM«*> 
tUtiona which V. C.' i i*^tivt Iwd 
revealed In pnrt In Apilt. 191a. 

It appears that in 1917 tbe former 
Emperor Charlen waa convinced that 
the certAinty of ultimate victory atill 
entertained at that time by his Qer- 
m«b al^. MM d»n«eroiM illusion — 
and tlM^'fe et we et n e n ce be wee 
aeeklnc im aftve the intaffffUy ef tbe 
dual iCenaretiyr PriMoe 0tete. who 
-wan acrvins: in the Belstan army, 
was told by hia mother, the Prlncesa 
of Parma, that the Emperor Charles 
of Aufltria wae uniaoua for bim to 
enter Into Informal begotlattoiM Irith 
tbe Allies. 

Tbe Bmperor bened his t>rotb«(«: 
In-law to do bis best to obtain pdMii. 
I>at Prince fltarte pointed -o«t that-^ 
diplomaiar had no cbance of sneeeae^f ; 
both Oemahy and Italy beinc de«' 
termlned to thwart it. He advised 
ibo. Emperor to have recourse to the 
strf if ht forward method of confront- 
ing Germany with tbe accompiisbed 
faet in the form of an imperial edict 
wtattth. wlOlet navinv tbe appaar- 
anba 9i frlMHH4iM|fH.-<«ftb CKHrmany. 
Austria wtndil igpr peace to tbe en- 
tente on tmrtmm' conditions. 

After various necotiations had 
taken place the prince repaired to 
Paris, where he had another inter- 
view with M. Poincare, at which ' M. 
Cambon was present. Shortly CQef, 
M. Ribet Bu^ Mr. Lloyd Oeorve, ^iho 
informod b^'^tbat Spvbmd was f^v 
orable to cetttlaniBf tbe ne«otiat|tfns 
with Austria, bttt considered that the 
Allies aboutd not delay any fonsey in 
advieinv Italy of the fact. 

But Italy was the nauue of the 
failure of the negotiations. When 
M. Ribot, Mr. IJoyd George, and 
Baron Sonnino met at St. Jean de 
Maurienne on November 18, 1917, 
the last named maintained that the 
ItaUaa Qoverament would not con- 
sent to a continuance of these ne- 
KOtlations. When Mr. Lloyd Oeof^e 
Informed Prince Slxtc of this de- 
cision, the latter was not discour- 
aged, bat dMtdid 10 puntta hia et- 
fof ts. • 

On May 4 he received an amaxing 
niara nf.nawa, whlrh was that tttn. 
■mperor of AnaCrla considered it was 

Bern* on conditiea .tliat 
Trent! no should be returned t<^ ItiSyl 
But tbe JBmperor refuaed to treat 
^tb luly witbovt mformins th« 

prince Mste decided to return to 
Austria, and having again ^mot hia 
brother-in-law at Laxenburir.- be 
wrote a memorandum In which he 
seemed quite conflde«t tba^ |>eace 
would b« concluded some lime In 
June. This time the prince broosht 
back to Mk Poincare. a letf^ ibvm 
the BiBperor whieh the Entente 
never answered, and an autognyh 
note from Countrittenfin. The text 
of the letter is particularly Interest- 
liis. aH It proven^ that, coutrarily to 
what he affirms. Count Cxernln was 
fully a wart' ot the negotiations con- 

r a 

ducted Ijy b|y aoverefgn view , of 
separate ^peaciii.' ' 

anneos a s i toy to tnka too much notice 
Of tbe esasgerated demands of Italy 
as three weeks previously an envoy 
from Oeneral Cadorna had proposed 

it. . 


Sir Oliver Lodge Holds Positive 
.Belief Concerning Life Be- 
yond Life— Scientist's Doc- 
trine of Comfor t : . 

The absolute unrefUty. ot theae 
things which we see, ;hear. I^el and 
amell and the rMjJIty 'and tnMJi and 
immm^<rt ti^ .tbli^a vblch 
elidla ovr senses, were propounded by 
Kir OHver Ltidge. eminent British 'sci- 
entist, to an aiidlenoe tliat filled Car- 
negie Hall, New York, to the last inch 
of HtandinK room recently. 

Sir Oliver reiter.ited his belief that 
the living !ue .separated from those 
who have gone to the other side only 
l>y a veil of the senses, which are 
unreal, that there Is no gulf but only, 
perhaps, a chasm, which la bridged 
by Idve. Ife said that those who re- 
main on earth should not hO Sorry 
for those who have left, because of 
the Joy and happiness existing in the 
ib e y en d ' a n d b eaa a se' tb s p e b e yond 






' ■ * 

''The Cambric 


From the Novel by 
R^W. ChMmhers 


"Tfce Mu of Mi{hr j-Qiarii, hmt» Mert" 

Prices: Matinee, i3c; Children, Sc. Eveninfs, a3<{ CklMrra. Ic. 

, Flea AmnasnMnt Tax n ' ^ 

Smging, Piano and Theory of Music 


Winn«k,pf the silver Crowa, Oof* «Bd saver Mfd«lll$t. 

Phone 2)J7X 


Ladies^ Skirti 

We are now <hoj^ii|» i bMutifut and a viry wMe f iftte of 

skirts in; . 

Donegal Tweeds, Stripes and Checks, Twill Wool Material, 

Fancy Plaids and Silk Poplins. 
Extra Special Values ^ 

,«tonly $8e95 

The Mve skhls wlil be better appreciated when seen. 

New Sweaters Have Arrirad 

Pull-over styles, and those showing the new bcft sleeves 
^1 6e sure to come iTIKl see these tomorrow 
•i - ' 

New ^ing Suits and New Spring Coats 
Arriving Daily ■ 




loolc back and'vhiteh over thoae 
maining here. 

Spealting with a ateady. cTear voice, 
that . lilted ' the great auditorium, the 
tall, - white-haired, white-bearded 
(scientist declared, amid a rousing 
round of applause, that "a man who 
speakH from a negative .st;indi)oint, 
denying that certain thiugs are true, 
probably will not be worth hearing, 
but a man who speaks in the positive 
probably is worth hearing." 

"Now in theae topicp I do not wish 
to doKnuvtixe." he saiijl. "I «m ,here to 
tell yon wh|»t hAs'^been the result at 
my Uf«-laMr^.pttid^ df 'Hiese things and 
no OM will «n|>iMM fOiT ft momeht that 
I hs,irik>iti^ Ih^tibnity'. Every ' stite- 
me!»tt.oC tide .Kind nmit hie ii^ged oh 
its morfts.*' 

Noul Will Survive 
"The soul con.structed the body. 
iJiiriiinatoH it and will survive it," de- 
clared Sir Oliver. "The body wears 
out, but why .should the soul? AH 
real thingH perish, yita incarnates it- 
self in one form and then. Ih' another. 
We developed our own personality. It 
we have individuality, or character, 
then we may simply go on in the gen- 
eral body and live lljce vegetable mat- 

"i tWilleve thdt we had pre-exist- 
enco in aome other form of lif»-. T do 
not think we juniped into life afresh 
flfly or sixty years ngo. There was 
some germ of us before, but it w;ih not 
this individual that we are today. 
Our present Individuality began with 
birth. We have acquired possession 
of our own soul. Individuality and-sor- 
aoHftllty. 'T , .^ 

AU One Family 
"Ms' message to you Is that those 
who have cone throuch the vcAl are 
all one eaml^ Hkm iwrcttton is not a 
WNirVftraadn. It ie a Veil of sense. 
Thw*' no gulf between us. The 
other Ufe is all around us. The brain 
is the screening organ. During our 
short period on eerth we have prac- 
tical work to do. If our minds were 
centred on the glories beyond we 
could hardly attend to our work here. 

•Wo are guided and helupd through 
the unseen, and many fi^rophet end 
saint has been awnrw^ot tMa. The 
highest oommunioate with us throngh 
mcssaids and aifM^ It la a fkict that 

grades of eidatenco beneath us, hut 

not above us. But it 1h a spiritual 
universe and Its existence Is the foun- 
dation of all existence. We ought 
not to allow ourselves to be limited 
to what allows us to to do our ddUy 

Science of FiUwe . . 
"The science of the. jtature .Wfll be 
a messago to humanity ' wjwreby the 
results which hnv« hd«A dbtatned by 
the few will mean aoojMMi to the many. 
The peak f rom^ iHi^ ti^en tMniv Kfi 
visible has been reaehed by people 
who do ndt climb, but who ascend by 
bnlloon or inspiration — whatever 
you liico to oall it. We worlcera in 
science must construct a roML an 
which others may grope." 

Sir Oliver declared that space WM 
empty only of obt<tructive mattif. 
.^lenoe has shown that spaee Will 
convey light, and that in Spaoe therp 
i« ether of a Bub.itantlal reality, oon- 
tuininp „n. inimenile amount of 
ener»r>. It Is tnr -morib tot«re8tln.g, 
indeed, than matl'or. he said. "It also 
Is a most important things." he added, 
"hy far the ttvcnt impwrnht thing in 
the universe. Of It matter is made. 
Matter la a modification of , ether. 
Matter is unsubstantjni." 

A Onmptirison 
He rapped the snuill, wooden table, 
•tanding before him, And said; 

"This appPTr.H to he .solid." Then 
ho waved hi« long «rm in tbe air 
abo^e his head, "and this appeere to 
emj'ty. It \y exactly the oppoalte 
ir"c ""^ *'«"eye It. But It is 

appeal to the s*nW it trivea doubt- 
ers a good excuse. Ijlnst. ln does not 
deny that m space there is -in import - 
fiL-^* Intoreetlng ether. He slm,>lv 
la^or^ It. because he declares It is 
toodfflleult to experiment upon. ' 

He said many other thinns elude 
the Menseji. .■^uch as elect rid t; 

•'Elect rl( It y elude., your .•senses." ho 
said, but whon it passes tb-ouKh a 
small wire, if produces light. Ita cur- 
rent runs thr..ugh a dynamo "hnd It 

nect R «i|Mi matteir yen 





only production of its jdnd in the world 
photo drama actually photographed at 
the bottom of the ocean, amiitet huge charging 
sharte the fear§d tig^^ of the mighty deep 







Mitiiee, 170; Cbildrei, It. 


Evfinc, 26g; 


fimnggllng of lilqnor 

.WA«HI.N<;T().\, Feb. 28. — Tliie 
House unanlinoiitily refused today to 
approprlaio one \nilllon dollars for 
uao until July 1, in attcm|)tlng t6 pre- 
vent tbe amuggling oC Uquor over the 
Canadian and Mexican borders. Pnch 
vialons for the prohibition had be^n' 
inserted in the general deficiency hill 
by the senate. Chairman Good, of the 
ap|>r<.prlatiuiis committee, said the ex- 
penditure would be uaeleas. 


"Isn't it 

^ March 6th.3t 8:30. 

quite natural that wn 
Jjould thtek Kmietlm^ thatTo ^ 

I 2'ao llttSfP ""^ 

»-il"*ir*^!L to human b«- 

Mi^. be Miowc-d. reeeived Mtii* lafor- 
l^lon fn»m their senaee because thoy 
hAd no aeniw of pj,lloeoph> There- 
fore, ho aald. the horse or the dM 
had no particular likta* lier mMl 
pictores o« poetr> . 

All myrrh comea either (rote Atea 
or Somba^r. 

'^jfl^Allffe; Vel). 2?.— Kxporiation of 
alcoliollc llrjuorH from .Alexho to the 
United Statiis has been ofllclally for- 
bidden In an order by the Mexican 
Secretary of the Treaaury, a B. 
Aguirre, Amerlfihn Vice-Consul hcr<, 
unnouncMl today. Aoceptance «( 
llquOra in bond whieh are imported 
Into Mexico for the purpose of being 
Hhipped back to the United aiatsa la 
also forbidden. ^ 

^^^-^ . ^ 

fawt-A i iefta — ai Ready to Lonve 

WASHINflTON. Feb. 2R.— Arrival 
at X'ladivostok for embarkation of the 
!:is( army detachments In Siberia was 
it)di<ated In a mes.iage today from 
Mpjor q e oe ral (M■•veflt^ evmmanding, 
which RaM th«L last detacbmoit of iIm 
27th intemrjr faached that p6rt We4- 

**^' **^*^ *^ l f tff^^^^^ 
^w Prince Knpert tiottf. I>lapnto 
^#I|INC1B mJPtinT,m^ Feb. 
Newman Irfc, S«w *|i|grtl ftaaaolSpV 
today wired orders tO tfjiOp the andttt 
of fhe dryMock IkooHi. 'j|ld one Is lo 
have acc«Mi to theae records Wtthovt 
his pwrm li< hi « the, n«M«a sta«od. X. 
l^ostor« ▼haMotfllM 
ant* «MB« Hv»-|< 

)^ roselt of an *»0iWbon by the 
ahareiioMerB nuadO' to ilm •wnmmeiMU 

III C'4>ninH>u Things 
Seek not .ifar ,for boftfity. Lo! It 

glows _^ 

In -lew-wet frassas^U about! thy 


Tn birds, in suhshMe, ehlldlrti faces 

In stars, and mountdln iammits 
topped with snows. 

Oo not abroad tor happinew. For, 
see, ■, 

It Is a aewer fhaf Mnaaiiida at tlw 

doori • • ■ ; 

Bring love and jHsfico hMno. and 
then no more 
Thou'lt wonder in What dwolllnc Joy 

may be. 

Dream not f^f noble service elsewhere 

Wi oufrht; 

The simple duty that awaits thy 

la God'a voice 
' cooimand ; 
IJIe s eemi^ deeds^ .VW^«iii ttiat 
sahits have tfcinght. 

utt^erMw. . K dlvln* 


Id wohdcr-'virttrkteMK 

Men Iodic for Ood, and fancy Him 
■ ' eoaoealed: ^ 
Bat to earth's common 
«daiMB rev(<aled: 
^''^l*!'* and flowers and istara 

open out His name. ' 
— Minot J. Savage in Buffalo Com- 


things He 

tween bulldem and theUr employ* 
Is not anticipnted this Qpfftef. Am. 

«ndorstoadli« ai£to ho- 
the Butlders' Bachange and the 
Building Tradea Council, it la mlA, 
It la understood that earpentera wW 

ujH uT uM mutlu^iMiti "ii ******* 

'I'lic Advent of Sprinir 

Spriiip iM oomingi Sprihir la obming 
Softly, surely to the Sartl|; 

Mark the miracle tihfdldtn«! 
Watch th() wonderful re-blrthi 

Just the fringe of her fair ralmeht. 

ROey feet — we aeo~-thAt rest 
Hesitating in their intent, 

Uidinflb as the Sun goea west. 

Tltroukh the dark hoars, worn, old 

For hia lee-cold breath muet fight: 
XiO! his clasp, on atrth, grows 
weaker, _ • 
Though hip ktasas iMvo hor white. 

With each aunrise ISpHiw growa 

bolder — 

Klowcrx ^rom he r full arqiS Call-** 
All creation foeia her nearer; 
Birds and he«Ms. their w«ioenie «ail. 

In an ecataay of passion! 

In a riot of new-birth: 
Ea« h rejoicing, in hie fashioo, 
• In tile Springtime of |h* Bartto! 

ETucab-ptua treea are believed lo aid 
in preventing lAalarla in marshy dfe. 

trlcts. , V'^V 

« JO P.M. 




Last Schedule Game 
o( tke Seasaa 

' Sratt ••i$iij^'Mt OrCoftMlTl 
Clothing Store, Govdnimcnt 
Strert. f.n \\ e«)nr<iday, March 3rd, 


1421 Ktchard.ion Street (Below Govemmcst HoMa) 


OM Vtoim a^lmdid toM, good t^m^. Barf»l«'^iti4^tfJ* 
Brkm fW Did VMKiir fc« rxiued. Wa-^ 4» rtMir mmtt. 


ilur i*> Briltiant Wmmi 

i' CJovers Whole fH^ge of Questions | 
rigttating Canadian ^Utic^ ^/^^ f 


JBbat ia » 


attd Eo 

..Jtv; vi" i^stie,. . - L .,l• 

' ' Hon. Arthur Melghen, HAJnistcr of the Intcnar, deflvcred a brilliant 
and exhaustive address to business men of Winnipeg recently, while 
Oft hi« tpvr of the .West. Hij speech covered th'c whojc ran^e of poi- 
HHF'topia now a i^sift w contemporary household discussion 
throughout Canada, and was botR cbnstructlve anrf bjr way of reply 
^jrcccnt criticism of the Union Government 





po^Mf* to 

ConMqmntly. a reaeirvaUoa whlek 
mean* that 'tb*fi>'*« Istithtnv blndlnc 

oa tba on* 


Mclgben's addr«M MIow«: 
Hr. Chairman and a«ntlam«m It 
■ ia'iM rml mnm of bome-oomlns I 

'i «ai 'm' tet «r ae Bicnr f«oM that 
of X 

of, hotno-ooknlns 
to ft' a ff«l^ o( sratltade 
ovtrwholntaw hi boin* wai- 

.f'tmm of oMIfaUon that taMM It- 
■eK upon a por^oB Who 
,r ea to moot the domaada of rn'm-' 
— M^'portant an aMombly aa* thia la •» 
r hmry aa to be almoat dopraaalnr. tout 
tho aenae olf opportunity 1b praaant 
' toe. and the boat thins I oaa do t« to 
abandon tha prallmlaafMi «•« hdfin 
vital I havo to aay. " 
I hm» boan aakad a lata hour 
, -:t» siaka Mp* rafOroBoaa to a aub- 
■ <Mt thaV-imr nripwi hi tha- mlnda of 

[iSt "yi rr^T t t * hoiirht poaaibir, 

*KNatar tfi& ,aay ^rmo.r aubject, 
■•meiy. fba 

Btatua of Xianada da 4 wpTld h%tfen 
and the apprehe;idad ehallangb to 
that atatuB on the part' of onr Halfn- 
bers to the south. Aa alt of «• aso. 
aware, after the moat caraful dbttb- 
'. araUon and not without difBoultla* 
\ aJ|d oTercomlng reelstancea the ra- 
proaantativaa of this country obtaln- 
t' a4 raeosnltloil at the late peace oon- 
' fdiance, and notwUbBtandlng the 

- fiflt If-^* r.—*^*- ia tm of t|ie famihr 

oi'satloM «tf the Brltlah Bmplre, ob< 
tiMDad a tflivtllict and indepen- 

dmi pi^flO^lt wWt la known aa the 

Aaaemb^y of the Loar** of Nations. 
Tha head o( that Laairue la known a» 
a CounaH^hat ts. r. ro'irctl of flvo 
poqiBOoM Of rapreaanUUYoa of 
Frane*. layaa^ Italy. Oroat, Britain 
and tha Unitad m^.^jqM^f i^a 
Couffcii la tna AmmWr. «nC im 'M 
aambly la oonatHotad «* rol^ 
ttrea of all the natl«na QomiMNfit'tha 
Learue of NaUoaa. and affiSlr, I** 
member of Ita c«BnnO"lt!oiK Tta H 
Wga or amall. each natlMI mt^MK^ 
nnmrn ropraaoBt*"*"** 
Ctoaipu^liiii rf'f<|yi«i ol itattoM- 
It la In ttlMf ijMiB^hr tl«t CwiaAi 
haa baan aoeoriM^ Wft* and *o- 
eordad a voto la J«M fl^^^mo way 
aa all otha^ of tka M#»<> ^ J*« 
world composing Iba MMnw>" The 
United States haa Ita r apraaatttation 
In the Council, and lU repreaentatloh 
In the Assembly below. The Council 
of Five may act unanimously in any 
aubjeot that comes before it, but any 
nation or any two nations or more, 
who bring to that Council a difficulty 
'that fa Ukely to lead to a rupture, 
'may raqneat that . the -aubject be re- 
farrad from tha Conndl to the Aa- 
aambly. and thf^ ddplaion of the Aa- 
•ainbly to tafco bfTaft ^nuat be^ passed 
toy % majority. Tho United States 
8ea9tif, whan tho treaty #aa placed 
before It for ratUodtlent aought 
through Boma of Ita laadlnf mambara 
to attach to the treaty reaervailons 
applicable to the League o^ NatJona 
Covenant, as resenrattonr which— go 
the length of claiming for. the United 
States the right not to be bound by 

ai^ 0{ a Womakn Who 
laternal Bathing 

10. 1114. 


fa bo _ 

I bnya not bean 
to mdOM any iroBMKtion for it. 
to do^lhoWK^^tCo W^rea 
lOa I haVo tried to go down town, 
and on Monday 'I forced »y«ie" *° 
nmka tba aftort. The heat and the 
Mtowda wata too much 'or m« 
SSt vary Cflirt and ilL 1*«>'i«H*v^ 3 
never got home — I was so alck I had 
to get off the car three times. There 
la no use pUnnlng for Christmas Day 
«-w('U Jnat have to let thlnga liappan 
M^lMIt they can. 

July 1«. 

Bom* again. My trip waa ruined— 

tttar all I had counted on It. I look- 
d forward ao mnoh to the pleaaant 
jonmay by boat from Buffalo to De 



hope thai*he fraah afr and BUcM[»er- 
lect weather would help stave Off an 
atUck.' B«t there Is never any tiae in 
my hoplnr 'or anything like that — It 
seta ma every time! In spite of every- 
thing, the atti^k came on just the 
same— «o bad a one that thara. waa 
nothing for It but to give up and OOtta 
homa. I had #o hoped tha cJ»to|t« «' 
air nad all would Unprova mo a Uttte . 

rebrua>y 1% tflf. 
'vreU, If I had stuck to the pl*n 1 
made Uat Tuesday, I'd be going into 
tha hoeplUl Sunday nigbt lor m op- 
eration. They completad tba .X-ray 
examination. aftOT JM , to*^ •Olpf *o 
the hoapiui for a wiifc awl Hw now 
doctor decided ttat t^-^^«S^ «P: 
pandlcltla and nw^MMm^A 
thoutbt -Now or 

going on tbla way--I ddnt muoh onro 
whiftAay do." Bo I angaged a room 
foridttday. mado nnwementa to go 
In than—and npaat thm all. today. 
Taatarday whan I Uild tho «*• *rtand* 

whoaa adVftM. V9i*i^^S!il^lSL"!S!l 
with mo. ilw wad vaty «^*>t^ «»• 
faala that I am too woak for tha or- 
deal and inatoUd on my oMing the 
dootor who ••brought me up." ao to- 
aoaak. 1 donf know why I hadn't 
thooiht of him thIa lonipUme, and de- 
oldod to see him at once. Result: No 
amondleltla. he saya; conatlpation, 
Mrvena indigestion, extremely run- 
down conatltutlon — but nothing they 
can help by operating. There it llos: 
One thing la certain— I'm not going 
g^ ^^ in the face of that. On the 
other "hand, I am tired of the old atato 
of thlnga; I grow woraa and worae. 
» The attaoka come oftener than ever 
' mid* ! am tho weak to throw -off the 
afTaota of one before the next Is shak- 
ing me to places. I weigh only 101 

Clunda— I that used to be 1«S pounds! 
y hands are Juat traneparartt^ thla 

minute ^'^ .^}Uf>SS^i^Jp^^ 
while there Wfii ttH m «• to 

atrucsla for! 

December It, ml. 

1 am too excited tonight to think 
of Bleeping. I had a long chat today 
with a friond who belteves that 1 
could be cured of m:&ooBatant illnesa 

do. for me.« 

Imvn JfttM to 

On looking back over all that time, 
I woiidor how I have Uyad through It 
•p^tf only thare Is somotlpHi'dMfc dM 
railova ma after all! 

Wa are writing to a man who haa a 
very great knowledge of health sub- 
jects. They say he will probably know 
"M about thU J.B.U Cascade that la 
recommended to me. aa It la lMpiina> 
tlonally uaad and vm'y HMttUy 
known; Aa ha haa no Intaraat In tbo 
Caaaado, no pooatbio wa to i 

5SS.*S.*^*^ sat 

In hia advice. I df ao hop< 
laaat any •nif H.** 

May 9. 1911. 

Bo much haa happened in tha last 
oouple of raontha, small wonder I 
have not taken lime to wHto abdut Itl 
And now I fOfl aa tliongli it ware a 
dilf erent paaWan^n Hftg o th a r who f»km 
np thla diarr. I4dn w> amdd off dla- 
appointkMnt. nn*^|rot I am a%ni uHnd 
to hm^.tam * MNiMt.jMriion. 
" f^hnvn nobial^ waahed 
M dldthMfe fona ahop- 
fedt MBO an. I have 
not'hdt ino d( i*if Wnxinad **biueaa 
attaoka^* In n««rlr i«o woofea. I aaa 
4o tbjMp dbout my houaa tMU I bavo 
iMftV'Vrar attamoted dnrtam tho taat 
•Is y«M. I aetnally dara to make an 
ongaanmant for aavaral dayo ahead — 
and nava not had to oaaoal one lately 
an aoeount of an atUoh! It doaant 
aeem natural — yet I am beginning to 
count on It. As noon as I got my 
J.B^L.. Cascade It helped me. and It 
juat aeema now aa though my ayatem 
Itfmff Bioorai of a alokly pot^n- 

Ml tMmmm. 

ing. I have been eating fairly normal 
meala, and have n*i Buffered ayen a 
touch of indlgoiillW iftar .^«» i^, 

some time. .i- " 

If this keeps OS I muiv 
to tho J.B.I* Caacad*." I'kn 
was dying by inchea. Can it be poanbla 
that thla J.B-L. Caaoada la as wonder- 
ful aa It aaama to bo? I'm afraid to 
beltevf hi lt «0 nmoh^t l a nln wa t -too^ 
gnod4» bo true. ■ ■ "■ '•i^-**''-' 

Auguet 19,. 1919. « 
We have had a delightful week. It 
has been so pleasant to have my cou- 
aln with ua — the first visit aineo 
mother died — 11 years ago. I ha«a 
JuBt been saying to her, "1 wonder » 
mother would, hi^^e been allye. today, 
If we had known about the J.B.I.>. Qaa- 
cade." I know It would have helped - 
her. Wo want acroaa thalake today 


' rOoLaU the 
- ^ - Vwi' go- 

Ingt&lhaMr oati*d»out SO tatHM aloac 

to drtve myself /»ew*«-aven ,*n long 
trips. It maka^ so ixikfiV pleaflant 
parties possible. I drove the girls to 
Niagara Falls last week and we are 
planning a stiopplng trip to Buffalo 
over LAbor Day. I am always. well 
now. I can make plans wiU! every 
expectation of keeping them; do all 
the natural thinfrs, eat the same meals 
as the real of the family and so forth. 
My J.BJj. Cascade has made life an 
ontirely .different thing for me. 

The great Joy which came to Mrs. 
W, H. Oraham. Bloor Street waaH, TQW- 
onto, caused her to send Ml' 
vate diary, which la giBMIIbOd Hire 
^r the flrat time. FiiWJ^onhdad of 
women equiU'lt tdt Ull IliH.^-^ rL 

And the JJ3.L. Caacada wHl mnno 
Ufa altogether dlilarant for .yon. too. 
TAia wrMfcr haa ha«n mnnodtall wtth 

taa-yot to laam of a alngla oaaa of 
conatlpation thai ka^ boas perma- 
nently toiio««4-1t»y'thv did oettt^ of 
any kind. They oauaa tam^orary re- 
Uat by IrriUtIng tbo mabAnea, thus 
causing 'H secretion to form. But 
thetio laxaUveR react aa a poison to 
the Hystem. gradually weakening the 
muscles, each dose le.^sening the nat- 
ural secretion and are the most un- 
natural and harmful means of treat- 
ing this most prevalent trouble. 

Internal bathing by the J.B.L. Cas- 
cade is Nature's own way of keeping 
these Intestines nlean. Just purlfled 
warm water in used to flush this Colon 
or Large latestlne. ^he system is 
then left pure and clean and Nature 
wWI tf^tho.r aat In raatoring you toper* 
fbM 'inKltiir" An ovoutoinii'~nitomai 
bath not only rlda tha ayitam of aU 
Impurltlaa, b«t kaepa you in robupt 
banRbi hrla«abnok Umt youtitfui Hipdr 
and oomplailoa, prolooia Ufa. mdkak 
/you Blaop and oat wall and feel equal 
to any oeoaalon. 

Now. wkather you are alck or well 
It wlU pay. >ou to investigate the 
J.BXi. Caaeade.^ Nothing alae hda ever 
dona ao much to upHft tho b%alth of 
women and lesaen diaaaao aa thla 
wonderful Invention of Dr. Charlaa A. 
Tyrrell, of New York. 

Dr. Tyrrell oyer twenty years ago 
reatored his own health and has pro- 
longed hla life many ynarn by internal 
bathing, after all other known mearfn 
had failed, and has since devoted his 
study and energies in this direction, 
tr. Tyrren haa embodied his vast ex- 
nerlence and those of others In a 
mdaabla iand Interepting hook called 
"The What, The Why, The Way of 
Inlomai Bathtag." wbloh you can 
iMWo abaolutaly free for aaking. 

mm\ tko atftMhod ocM^»on to \ Dr. 
Ohaa. A. TyrroH. ana yon win receive 
by rotum matt n book wJUeb ' 
mount Ufa to tbonaandt or 
man. It baa bOMl tmtton to . aid wo- 
men. It la aoni to yon wttbont any 
oblldation on your part latamal 
tokthing haa booome better knoWn and 
dnpreelated during the past twenty 
yoars and tkoea who hava proven its 
value bavo deno moat to apread Its 
virtoea by raoomraendlng ' the J.B.Ij. 
Cascade to their frleoda If you want 
to regain your health, have a new 
leaae of life, and enjoy your being. 
Just aend today for this interesting 
book, and when you have learned tho 
advantagaa of Internal bathlnr you 
a|)11 hava ra a ae n to be thaakfuL Juat 
writ* toiar toainro ft 

What ahaU bo tbo iSnal noUen wo Hl-^ 
not know. Tbo algna aro not ao ff» | 
aaaurlns no ono pouM Uka, tout tho 
cepreaentation obtaliMMl ^ Canartn 
is essential to tUa oo!|ntcy (boar, baor 
and applause) if the right of peo- 
ple to the rank of natieotood^ready 
accorded Is not to be surrendered and 
for ever lost. And we, aa Ca n ad i a n ^ 
profoundly regret that the oountiy 
whioh ahould »eek to challenge 
place upon that Liaafue ahonld 
our good nolsMMT. tho.MpttMlo to tMr 
aoyth. ' ' 

Tho Woramnont of 
tafcaa npdn that qaoatldn " 
vd^l . and aaaUy undanMood miM 
a most detenalnad atand. (Applauaa). 
In this connection it must be reca^ed 
that voting power on the Asaembly ba> 
longs not only to the other countrlea^ 
to Haytl, Saato Domingo, Fanama, 
Cuba and , Guatemala — all bf which 
countrlea are subject to the domlnat* 
Ing -inlluenoa of \tba' United Stataa of 
America, and thi-''rlght 'of #hidh. any 
6t thaaa ^nntrtaa to repraaentatlon 
and' Vote. no"<aiu<adlan would peek, to 
deny. BnC' Wo aaoart tauraly all tha 
poiMM of thoaa Uatloha to' vote— li^ 
fluaneed dominatlntly 'by - tha rapfh> 
Uc to tbo '>aottthi— indopondaht ^nd 
entirely of that. Canada demanda and 
insists qn her rights and can recod> 
nlze no League of which we are • 
party, where our vote and repro> 
aentatlon is not conceded. (Applauaa.}' 
Dlaonaaea Unkm < lo»a rmu et 
I take advantage of tba opportunity 
of t h la meeting t o m ake soma cam» 
ment, not only on the course por> 
sued by the present government but 
on the conditions In which that courai 
and the energies of our people have 
got this country in matters of tradd 
and^ oommerop. ganaralV. and w^^ 
finally make aoma oomaaant on wbn| 
I think ahould bo thd.-Uttaa eft polil^ 
along whioh wa ahould igova ImmadP-' 
ately In daya to come. 

Union Government has. for two 
years and four months, admlniatered 
the affairs of Canada without puftf 
organlxatibn — without. Indeed, any* 
thing in the nature of a party exlat* 

been on the part neltiior of;tha publW 
nor the press, any f eallmr off obligation 
to do more than fairly criticize tho 
adminlatratloft. Thoae of our people 
Who supported us and raised Ua to 
power have bepn. dtapoaad to that 
criticism to be fair. Thftt It tiM 
beat wa could expect. * 
. Befavaneo Mode to Itaw Vntty 
On the othor hand there haa been 
arrayed against us an opposition or- 
ganized on party lines and using — aa 
it haa had a perfect right to' uae— all 
^tD|o old waapona of party warfare, and 
there haa arlaan aa well and apjMhra 
hdnf pn the' pblitleaf. ttena, a new 

bo ^ B|^,j Mitlon nor oppor- 
tl^OTlRnbt of party eontro- 

Wblehits'X f ear» entSoeo hkany' of on# 
frfetads by attaefclnr oni^ foM. and 
whoso present programme so far aa I 
can discern, means an aaaault upon 
our opponents in the House with words 
and an aaaault upon ua with words and 

^ tbooo..«on<Utlona wa hnve no 
eofl^Ialnt.' The- wort the Union Gov- 
ernmont wn> eateqatad with and ti(h|eh 
It undertook toxdOiTmairaeh that thiero 
could npt 

versy throughout the war. (Hear, 
hear.) The Government of Great 
Britain, in the aame period, and for 
a long period, has worked under sim- 
ilar restraint, and I can' understand 
tho British Prime . Minister when he 
said a few days ago that he waited 
Impatiently for the battle. In Canada, 
war watS^ aomonijiat impatiently tooL 
Tbo eriOc- han hid"* loiisthtnfnta la 
thtai eonntry. TiaMkfHt «tMt in nhia 
questlona out of ten — yea, in all ques- 
tions of real controversy, the critic 
has beon wrong and the Government 
haa been right. And the time haa 
come to say what has to be said on 
behalf of the courae pursued. The 
time has come aa well to lay plana and 
poU|^a.for^e^«^«,nnd tovtako ^o 

The Spirit of Dlaoontent 
The war haa been followed hy a 
spirit of oenaorlousness and dlaoon- 
tiat That aplrit la ttnivoraal and wa 
Ih .(Canada haye puSajcfd iraot It. e«r> 
tnh^iy no4(kpd'^n^-«lir&^ 

Dr. Chaa. A. Tyrrell 
•mtf 94][ TyrroU 

itte P«l Tyrroii Bld«:. 
Its OMMlo'lRraat. Traron 

Whiu Wm.Wkf, The ifhir p( intanml 


Addreaa. * * 

or City 


Sold In Victoria at Camph<sll'a Dnid 

apirit^ howiMrM^ hdn hpokltWiil Wo 
have had in Canndn liUMr nnroat to 
an patent. Wa have ' alao had out- 
standing labor advances. But on the 
whole, those thlnga, the labor ad- 
vancea achieved, and the labor finrest. 
have baen-takan care of with leaa cost 
and diaturbaacia to tho body politic 
than In uny other nation in tho world. 

We hava bad pdlltl^al dlaqulatude, 
but alone With Uu^,«k have had be- 
yond dottht, MUtlaiaMIMlty. and thnt 
la wtfth n lot t». h-odountry that la 
ateerttv Ita way throi«h aaad aueh as 
we encounter now. We, have, had, I 
Bay, political aUbllity. It haa been 
lurtd that mlatakea have been made. I 
do not know whether It ia Intended to 
allege that there haa been leglalation 
paased which haa been harmful, in- 
Jurloua. inopportune, untimely for 
thia donntry. If ao. X do not know 
whnittwaa At laaat thki can ba PoM, 
thdd In oimry Important 4M000 of lacia- 
uuton thnt haa baon Ipnt upon tho 
atatnto hooka, whenever we have bean 
oppaoed In the Houae. we hhve been 
supported by at leaat' one half of the 
press that ordinarily sopporta the Op- 
position. That Is true of the whole 
aerleaof war leglalation. That ia true 
of tha Board of gonMpkree legialaUon. 
It la true of tha rnppnf Grand Timnk 
laslalation. ^ 

Cihallengea Crttlea of Ckuri Hiwi 
It ia argued that thare haa boon 
omlaalon to deal with auhjecta thai 4l » ' 
maadad leglalaUve treatment 'hdd 
If ae^diaii^aloaa 
a a aucseatlon m to what that 
la. Mvory ntkttot 4 h| lpt eoant- 
U haa boMnita^d^ /Aa to 
»ra hi b^ a pdH^ of Mtlon hdd 
and In two yv>arB and 
four montha there baa beoa each a 
•wlft anoaaaaton of azeeutlon of pre- 
election plodgea aa haa aovar before 
been witapppad te OMi "liMlwr of thla 

what, then, ia tip 


A deHchte maideti^ strong vtrHe mti^ , 
Living theb lives on a jfrimitive plan. 
Cast on an lile in the tropical seas, . , . 
N<ver were lovers so happy as thtsfi. 
Then cime the reic o e- which nOtfm om 
Bieito t Hfe wUh.tnditppinest frtticht, 
Atf joy seemed AiHidr-^en Intervened! 
'tk$ noit Mait4 toVe tale that ever.irat saeened. 




Scresn Adaptation of - | 

The story of a brave girl's fight % 
An ateorbing dramat beaiitiful see 
set#jags; an j ? thrilling journey thr 
> ' = naturels >vonderland = 


■ '4.*, ■■•;d;>. 


^ip, larva numbara who feel tbdt i 
llMllt^haao no apocMo compUlnt, they 
really ought to have. (Laughter) 
And out of the mlnda of thoee people 
haa been evolved the laat great charge 
— that the Government of the day hi 
drifting, whatever that may mean. It 
la tmpt party osganlaaUon haa been 
dafbiorod. From a party atandpoint. 
#oapftlr thnt may hp a oomplalnt. but 
pnbUe iMfldptldh has not mi U- 
tarred. Ihora haa ho«$ no dolny and 
no evaalon and thoPa Who oomplahi 
of drifting today are thoae whose laat 
public act was to light, for Ave weeka 
in parliament, againat the paaalng of 
the Grand Trunk Acquiaition Blll->-Co 
demand del%y, to demand poatpone- 
mant, to damand vaccilatlon. to de- 
flinnd rooenaldaration. to demand com- 
nilPPiwnp. and drift, whoik lAraaantod 
by tfia O ai i i Miy i ft .frith n^yoHay tar 

piloailon that woo not of. on; 

but for the permanent 
which the time had.opmo. 


a«o fbttght tho Ctovorhmont 
It would not drift. What la tha tmnhloT 


nflor mania, diaaoNni aa Iko 

to difoallaa ^ - 

nAT« sr aooiT « WBmm 
MAsna or soorra KMuum 

la the oouatry prap p p r ana or la It natT 
Now lot ttp ondntod^cnd anowor that 
anoption. No olaaa, whntovor it may 
•a, hi Chip XXomtalon, pprpr onjoyod tho 
meaaaco of proapovtCy that It |lp 
joyind todd y no t in tha kpit 
yeara.' The only possible exception 
would %>e . thoap living In retirement 
on flxed Incqmea. and they suffer from 
the general riae in the ooet of llflng. 
which la worldwide and whlc^ no 
sovarnment aad ao board df oommarco 
can controL Trad% ahonnda; onr 
popnlat/on la tnprpapingj omploymant 
ia good; tho poraadtacd nf nnaaqdoy* 
ment la low and at la|Pll:«a low^- It 
la m Any competlac poi anttj i te the 
world. A spirit of generop|l|r jMrvadao 
the Whole land — as witnaOB tha ro- 
aponae to evary demand upon the 
people of thla country. A aplrit of 
extravagaaoe, even, ia rampant, and, 
bailing of oonrae thoae who have aaf- 
loas through weather or vMta- 

a taken of nay oappanu df ptaapMity 
that Paula ha laiiiC Ml ovalqr.haai at 
thla haair^ 

TEhat. at laaat.<^la aonaotblag 
whioh, aU can rajolea and for which 
none la particular can take credit; Imt 
that ia a odhditton whlfh would aoam 
to hMMoato thnt after all tharo la noth- 
ttg ao vitaay anaanai, and that In 
ttao off.poaai 
no iPoat miatake. 
^ Doala WMh 

Now. the teahlon of the moment lo 
^ naartkp air«annar of had aapdtrpt 
ta n hanri hh oa m aa tho 

cadea of onaetldn or proMaarlng or il- 
legitimate oombtnatlona. 

On the conduct of that board I have 
no right to comment The board haa 
not only Judicial fnnotiona. but haa 

too, ao^ tha tight to 
pralpp ia fopMddan Jupt aa ia 4he right 
t« orltMtoa advpraely: but in thla 
ndPtlon may I be poamitted to 

Continued on Page li 

ot lAt. ndt wHh' ' 


the idea that a OooamaMnt or any 
organiaatlen created by a Ooranunont 
could affect pubatantlally the 
level of the ooet of living, eoatronod 
power of any Oorernment or all Oo«- 
br groat world-wide foree^beyond tho 
Ita ooBihtnod; but created fOr tha 




ContlaMd frttm Page IS 

TIm bo4y*tlMrt moiit cloMly con- 
n«(!t«4 with Hmm* matter* four years 
MTo WM the Pood Osptrol Board. Drat 
uBder the lat« Mr. ^noA and then 
ini4*r Mr. ThomaM, «it|l nqfw 4tM- 
I do not tht»k that raekloM 
leatlon ever want fnrthar in tbia 
Umb tkai iawpM m tba 
tfta fM C*B«Ml 9p«ftf aama 
yean a«i| MM absUawsd ivltlieat 
MermlMrtott tir abaiamatot thronirhout 
ie whole oxlntenre of that boMy. I 
Mland'here today, and ready to plHir 
your handa the evidence, that no 
Mody avar created by any covemtnnnt. 

tilttlled with vraater devotion and 
Ith .fewer miatafcaa and with more 
Mnaammate aacoaaa tba taak com* 
ggUj> to H Uma Old^tha .rMd'Control 

I ytfmAw U tbara ta a mA in tkia 
room . who baa read or avan aa^ir^ha 
Ireport pabllahad by that, board, and 
available to every citlaan. All, of 

aanaaa. hava raa4 tlia al 
fbr one, i&o4tft,at ttia fa^ 

Win T O 

4«votloa to tba Staia ia UiMtlto 
laatlon and the aurceMt of that board. 
And I heard It vald by the man who 
preached tba funeral oratloo that, 
"a^aelatf ky tba aniuat and uacratctel 
crlOoiMM tliat wVui caatinaoualy levalad 
at bfa iTMrk, the lant yeara of tala 
weff4^M||MitSLred." All ra«d tba «t%. 
taekK feil^L vanHira lo city that none 
a\ all IhIV«/ read of th* actual work 
of the board oa depleted la Ita report; 
and all who will read will come to the 
concluaion I Mm I every attack, wan with- 
out (ouadalipn and t^t* every attack 
wati an iin^at aaper«io;i oa. the abtlMy 
and tfttatit of d «r«at pwblli nian. and 
akauM be tke^bjaet of^ re«rar to 
every otOaaa at CiMM^ tX Uila tlnfa. 
It baa kaatt MMT^t naCIUnir wto 
dune to aare haiAidlliiu to'inre priiflt- 
eerlna. ta diatrlbata lAora^aTanty tba 
euppltei, to coniierve .food and other 
eaaentlala from waate and . make a 
laivar elirplufl available Iqi tbe AllleH. 

Sooaa flMplta of VoA Control » . 

I heard ft atatad tbat n<H ana nJfk 
waa diaturbad. The fact of Cb'e matter 
waa that the board 'conducted 14t 



mh, RC^ SUNPAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1920 

i 9mt tba nwat fafd Mfin, tb»i 
waa ent down ■iijjjfcialBldlHbi* 

'^aa MaeGragnr" 

.Tba Orlffcial UlgM Wel||ht, PortaMa, OaaalhM 
Operated Draa taw and fewer Plant. 

(FraquanMy imiUtad-^avar CqualM) 

lajmaa with every "WEac MaoGREX30R' 
tToity Power riant. 

aaay ta atart 

re, imaifasal^a 
aasnract aattli 

haa tnan adapted kr «ha FadiM 

Ita 4 ta.p. enaine la 
simple to operate, 
proven maclUne (or 
af wadd uilNirar every 

- .V ^* . emmenta, by Bodgli^ eorapanief. teMbers and fiurmera 
aa the and eniy aatlafactery drag saw and amall power plant which 

> be opefited eaally aatf jieconomlcaUy. 

TeatknoBWIp .lo^tlMa.eM win be tladlr funKabad. 

-fNTlr ywraMttBan fUa 'pmm:'"' 

All Darte of the 


are car- 
ried Hi . aur Vaneeuver 

fM aknvHia mrm VfMMiMr. aft 

0£O,. T. MlCl^ELL, 612 Pandora Avenue, Victoria 

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l^igekoiis add serges, because tliey 
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g rtiH la <fco-pocket 
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raody ToilorlM^ 
band OD a "fiir 
pfoAVj^iiiM^' tban 
the nnilMMO fixed 
by Commereo 

baida of ooet — and 


made: an4 t f areM iiiiaa at lioanted 
Etooka were brought about. Mix hun- 
dred thooaand tona of auvar were 
diverted: the whole wheat supply of 
the oountry waa turned Into tbe great- 
eat proportion of flour for the food of 
tlia people. Tremeadoaa savinaa were 
maOa In that way and suab control 
Iran aaawiaao witboat frieMon am 
le«^ naar the siant fafd faf»l» thai 

aaaiataace to tbe Stala reauS^ frbat 
the conduct of that 'food control. 

The ffrcat eaaectial of life la bread. 
Th» bip ltn Ui of tMk 99^ eofM beard 
WOa wrOaai J lpi t <^ IkfOeat i^ioOortton 

InsaKdr'banlf.'^iMit tiio m^n p»*> 
daoed It cei'a> 4i^ igMOaMton OC tiMI 
priae tile coBauntar jSm: Imtim 
prkee that the consumer paid waa not 
knduly hich. Juat before the war the 
dttiatimer paid five cents pound for 
bread, when wheat wits 90 crntn- a 
buahel. And at that time the baker 
obtained 64 p^r cent oi all the con- 
sumer paid; the ro'lller oM«toa4'7 per 
9HU and to tba fknnar wlio proAoaed 
laa laft-sa per oant. >rota tba Itgttrea 
.^M— 7— 39. 

In 1915. Juat before, the food con- 
trol came into oi)eration, wheat was 
$1.60 per bushel, and the farmer KOt 
•3 per cent, tbe miliar 10 par eant, mM^' 
tbe baker HT per cent. sAftar fdbd 
control want Into operation and the 
price Of wbant want to $2.10 In 1018, 
'Bucb was t}^ aObet oiC lead xiM^ol 
ordera and ragulatlona put InM o^w|»> 
tlon with the concurrenea MO thrnnch 
the co--operation of all encaged — mtl- 
lerv, baliers and farmers — that in that 
year the baker got 45 per cent, the 
miller 7— same as before the war 
and the iarmer it per cent 

Food Control and Price of Bread 
The price of broarl to the consumer 
In lftl67 when wheat was 11.50 per 
bushel was 7 cent a pound; and in 
1918. wh^n wheat was 13.20, the price 
pC bread waa' only 7 1-3 cents per 
pound on tba avaraca throusbout that 
year. Now. thoaa of you who have 
bean abia to f^loW thoaa aouiraa will 
see In tham a wondarfuf'a^lavamant 
—a savlnir to tba people of tbte ooun- 
try and an added power to the country 
In the con*acfrt»f^the"war, that can he 
estimated in raillions of money on the 
one hand,, and cannot be fattmated at 
all in Ita valaa from otlM^Mlota of 
view. • 

similar flcnrea can be ' clvan aa to 

the effect on other foodstufrs. Take 
blotter; before food control tbe farmer 
foi 28 cents per pound for butter, 
which retailers sold for 34.8 cents — a 
difference of 6^ cents a pound; under 
food control the laat year g^iven In tiie 
report, the flgnraa ware 35 and a frac- 
tion as agalnaf M .antt a. fraotion^or 
a reduction of tlia^^liEliMOoa fttm *%' 
to iyk eanta n pOttn4> O90 mvIO ire: 
on tkroush tba whola IfOa irbino yott 
flKurea: but the result was that not 
only did we equal In this country, but 
we exceeded In eOlciency even the 
control In the country to the south of 
us, where food was well controlled, 
and less mistakes were made here than 
there. A survey taken on. Septembar 
Ifith, 1818, abowa that of aavantaan 
laadlao artiolae. of dlat OMOd oa tba 
tablaa la tMa eooatry tba • pivlea ta < 
Canada waa tba lowaat In tba «aaa of 
twelve, and substantially lower than 
in 40 cities of the United States. Only 
in the case of five articles — and that 
by a sllarht margin — was it higher. 
Those five articles were sugar, lard, 
coffee, prunes and potatoes, and In 
reip^ to three of these, tha^ w^ 
nearer the source of attifply. 
: .Tba. eoa( of llytMiLto ih« avanoe 
tttniU la iOuuKta. omnr eoO^of, niaa eanta for tlieanNiMintta'l 17 ar- 
ticlen of diet, whereas the cost of 
tbe same ensentials In tbe 40 cities of 
the I'nited States went up to 12.2. 
There is a fair comparison of condi- 
tions there and hero. But the general 
le^el advanced in both countries, 
though on the whole the advance was 
leaa In this country, and tbe abaolute 
levm Itaa^y— obtained waa toiMf In 
Oai^ada ttai th^i'xMtad otalM by 
the oAekdF flkurea of botb eobiftrila. 
Sugar Lowrr Here Than In Stntca 

I said a moment aso that augar 
waa one of the artlelea higher here 
than In the United Stntea While we 
are attacking the present board lt> 

Is Just ns well to remember that at 
the present lime, though Canada ia 
further from the source of supply 
than the United States by a substan- 
tial mailirln, the price of sugar rules* 
much lower In this country than in 
the United States. I Invite all of you* 
here to Inquire whether or not It 
would rule lower If no attempt had 
^-^.jMada at eontroL ^ 
tol e i n ational Temdm Ckmditlons 

Mow. I pass from that a|id want 
to diaeoas. and not at great length, 
aomc of the leading featnrea of our 
trade conditions a,t the present time, 
aad I want to draw from each fae^ 
a* jrlil Jiurdad^ 4»y baCera ydu. 
ooaeMdloui that. I iblnfc canont but 
b« OdttttAd on the part of ^Ony honi^ 
aat mfnd. This country la relatively a 
growing country. Relatively, for trade, 
population and capital. Canada Is 1;^ 
Its youth. A country. Just like a pri- 
vate business. In the early stage of its 
development. Is a borrowing country; 
money comes from outside to expand 
the foundations and to lay broad and 

like fTtt.OOO.tOt 

ply toward tba- taiaeUlM «aC IOh atrt* 
aide obUgatlona or cowardo tba ex- 
pansion of our own Induatry aad pro- 
duction. Seven hundred million dol- 
lara in Ove y4%rs— hi vaat and moment - 
ooa achievement the Importance uf 
which no Canadian eon possibly over- 
eat|mate and the Impurtaace ot which 
mnat l9 brought home aad Ortvea 


Ta Oreat Brfialii. dutf to lM»it 
vauees yod care to ascribe, they have 
a tremendous adverse balance of trade 
getting aoraewhot leas bat tremenOdus 
Juat the same.? Last that aO- 
verae balance'was 070,000,000' pounds 
ateHlnif more Oboda bought than aold; 
a|(d (bat I'as a lot more than ^ year 
bOMair They, ate bopiagr to imarove, 
im 4i# January nMmSbn't tnilcate 
improvement. (flPPbne aMitraat 


aoad .m Cheaai Blifilh, What we 
have, and. I think should pursue In 
Canada. While they lr>st. if you put It 
that way, 070,00u,ooo pound.s last year 
it doesn't mean that they aie 670^ 
0000.009 pounds worse off. The Brit- 
ish people, years ago, got to such an 
advanced HUge of Industrial develop- 
ment that they became not only the 
great shippers and transportation 
masters but the great Investors of the 
woM4» iafid :jean«id tramaOdpua in- 
"OOmifa finoSm'the world's shipping and 

deep those foundations of its IndusV „ot? The country that aoaka that aoal 
try. Canada was a borrowing natloif >«,uat make it UM MM^Tt^ iu/ . 

r to the outalde «iArl.l JE^l. I... T""* "*V " ."WW** to the ut 


• pur- 

selling to the outside world much less 
prq^ucts than It l>ought frnm "the out- 
alda world, going behind Mljr In tbe 
matter of eapiui altiaelad tO tbte 
eouatry frdm other hmdafai^pafpeaaa 
of' inveataMnt dlTo c rt tM tem can be 
made on that count. That was in- 
evitable in the young and early days 
of this Dominion; and It feMbed 
such a stage that prior to tbe war 
the balance of trade in this Domin- 
ion was always adverse, and we were 
never able to sell outside as much 
we were compelled to buy from 
ether countries. That happily changed 
most decidedly that In this laat year. 
1010. to take aa amMBple..^ trade 
tbia Bomtoton aaioabtod «e 
aal total of Ol,iaceeo»t«o. 
that amount |04l.0fOiM0 
ehaaad aad lUOO.OOOkOOO 

That la to aaar, w« 

point n^Mvo we Wera ai# to aon to 
otbar oowitrMI Itil^mjie worth of 
#>Ma moira tbaa #a liad to buy fap- 
phiuaa). The year before, our saWb 
our purchases by 1413.000,- 
000, and the year before that, when 
Were sending over tremendous 
supplies of munitions, our aalco were 
$740,000,000. But la five years, which 
Will end In a month from now. thla 
eonntry haa bpaa able to ao lajnail 
the a%le of tbe gooda It mMMib^mt 
tbe gtaad jmul .of tbaaa oobM wiU 
exoaed the pn r elia a aa hr ao tada tbaa aMriai all the 
that tUaomwtry aad fba pen- 
pla off tbia eoaatry bare to pay to out- 
koaoally. our sales in 
thoaa ttve yeara etcceed ear pnrebaees 
by no than 01.711,000.000. Wo par 

* wertCliS. 

.reaobaO tba 

other Investments in othu> lanils. Last 
yaa« for example, the faamna of the 
paopla of that country 'irOm .Invest- 
ments in dibar countries was 80,000,- 
OOO* poiinda. and the income from 
shipping 400,000.000 pounds; and 
from other Investments, banking, in- 
surance, etc., 40,000.000 pounda, > 

So beyond what they mot from the 
sale of their gods the British people 
had an Income of 089,t<IMOO pouada. 
Set this against the advopaa of 070.- 
000.000 bMt year and Britain was only 
behind 160,000,000 pounda in the first 
year after tba war (appUuse). Now 
they hope in that country to reduce 
the adverse balance this year to less 
than 600,000.000 pounds. Whether 
they will succeed or not remains to be 
seAi. They are making serious ef- 
forts to that end. During the whole 
conduct of the war, finding tham- 
aelves as they di d at the out fa 
suflTerfng in the most humiliating way 
from the destruction of ^Ir key In- 
dustries by the anamy. they put in 
under what la kliown aa^Um Defence 
'}*e Rtjulm Act a, gyilflm of licence 
on fmporta, and by that means' they 
ware able to secure a considerable re- 
instatement of those great key Indus- 
tries that suffered so much. 
Perpetuate New Form of ftptBOOfm 
When the war ended ■ tbap fdand 
that they had not the 'power tmder 
the Defence of. the Raailm- Aet to oon- 
tlhuf. Judge iankay AbTndial. And 
tbe Oovenunaat isf that ^btry now 
bSM before the House of Commons an 
ItnpOrt-and-Export Licensing Bill, 
which It will try at all events to make 
law. which represents the policy of 
Great Britain and which seeks to con- 
tinue in the days of peace the policy 
practised in tfie days ot war, or so 
regulating and protecting ao^ aaaen- 
tial or key induatrlaa ag \U> enable 
th«aa tadtfttriaa to . develop to the 
bmmda of Briiain. 

9r that and other means they are 
aOeklng to overcome as fast as lltey 
can their adverse balance of trade, but 
the adverse balance of trade remains 
against them, and must, for some con- 
siderable time. They, hope to increase 
their earnings by ItOjOOO.OOO pounds 
and if they do that and dlminteh their 
adverse bahmoe. the^ they wUl have 
about IfiO.Ooo.oOO pouhds to the good 
to apply against their obligations or 
for further investments abroad. That 
is all very good so far as It goes, and 
every one of us a^ subjcrts of Britain, 
has cause for rejoicing and to hold 
high our heads that old BrlUin. that 
Btoi>d under a burden that would have 
staggered half of humanity ta able 
still to loojuy^ world in the face and 
make iura tiiat every dollar aho oWaa 
Will bjB paid and she has the OOOdg to 
do H'Wtlh. '< Applause). 

But the contrast is this: The course 
they pursue and enabled as they were- 
to pursue, enabled l.y thn tremendous- 
ly advantageous position they took 
fifty years ago le^ids not. except taiso- 
far as it is helped by control of im- 
ports, through the Importing — and ex- 
porting licensing system— except to 
that estanto- it leadd hot to the selling 
of geOOa. It does not lead to a favor- 
able balance in- the trade of the na- 
tion, but rather the Income to British 
people at homo from investments in 
other lands, and the creation of a 
leisured class at home and the invest-, 
mehts of that class, that la What haa 

^i^TmSS^ ^ wMttampbrto 

A Concinsion for Canadians 
But it Is for tho Canadian people 
to ait down and think aa to whether 
or not this course la beat for thla coun- 
tnr er iflmiliHi "' li " M Wdi' ittte liaaa of 
PoUer 00 that m o ie r^mn ye ht Canada 
gikll-be ad|(eOded in the expansion of 
•hdt»Btry in Canada and not divertV^d 
toward the expahsion of industries in 
other lands. ' 

The country that seeks the latter 
goal is likely llrst of all to have a 
better distribution of Its money among 
Its own people, is It not? It to likely 
to have a better eopply of labor for 
the working men of Ita oouatry. to it 


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Crash Roller Toweling, 16 inches wide. OA^ 
Very special, yard, 4II0* 86^ gnd OUC 

Bleached Tablecloths— All hemmed ree'dy; fine 
paUerns. Will w«ab gnd wear well. 0n PTEf 
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moat of Its power to^ee that the sales 
of Its goods, the producUon of Its 
goods at home and the sales abroad, 
exceed the purchases. It must make 
It its aim to create end advance a fOv- 
orable balance of trade. That naoaa> 
sarlly on the part of ISaaada la am- 
phaaiaad at tbig hour ao it navar waa 
«mphMleeO before M the history of 
thlaaatlott, the naeeeafty of it, oiwaya 
great, alwayi real, ta nfttg ao obvlooa 
and ao manifest that surely the way- 
farer can acarcely err therein. 
Valtcd gtOoea god Tliwiiiee ITsiMiiiiii 
What fl^AOo Jt 'so ohvioUa ^nd ao 
maMtMl? 4< m> Ume. while the hal- 
aaoe or" trade atands greatly in our 
■favor, we find jturselves in keen com- 
petition with our great competitor, the 
Republic to the Houth. The competi- 
tion today Is the keepeat |i awr hla- 
tory. lliey have alwaya baap tha 
graotaat eosnpatlng factor wttb na fw 
outalde tradt and taal«a trade. Th& 
are now a graatar jthetor than «v«r 
before In the klatory of altlMr nation. 
By reaoMt' bf Che m&ilt3S SS^m: 
ed In the early days of the war. by 
reaaon of the tremenflbus strides thf>y ^ 
have made In the world's trade in the 
laat twenty-five ynirs and through tha 
mmr, they have becurad n.'paOma of 
advantage that ouUMaHmaf^ltemeoo 
Oonaiy i H oa lgn ing Oggfr/lf 600 *o 
Oamhdstlng Cnater tn- tfee ^mmmIbI 

They are a fiercer and a gr^nnr 
oonipetlfor then *»v#<r b<^fore and while 
our iradp H grent and thr bRlano*> 
favomblf. the ouietsnding featare of 
M Is thta; That from that reantr>- 

worth. ' if^th thiat oottntibr. yeor hafora 
hurt, wa had: a Winraa adirariO balance 
atill. anft that with thot cernntry in tha 
last three years we have had an ad* 
verse balance extending over millions 
of dollana— with the consequence that 
today the United States is able almost 
to dictate to this country at how many 
cents on the dollar it takes the money 
of Canada. It is true that befqj« the 
wnr vm>l|aO aa (sdfama bala^oa, but 
In' tboia' Oairw'd(|MOiO tAt ia': borrow 
ing CtumOJk ih thoaa dayaji 

got paid lyr (iaporta hn caah. Noir aha 
baa to aell to a great astent on credit 
While Canada was a borrowing coun- 
try the money that came to this coun- 
try from ltd borrowings came through 

Kaw York ood tbara waa paid, and we 
we r e gb W lo pay the United states 
that adverse balance through money 
borrowed and puyuble In New York. 
We cannot do that mow. We cannot 
b^ a borrowing country In the world's 
markets for years to come- We should 
not be if we do our bualnesa right. 
Consequently there Is one wily only In 
which tbifi country oan^raaoua ItaaV 
flrom tha bumiUatioa wMob'lt Io imw 
aOfraflng of having the vgliia of ita 
dollara dIeUted by Wall ftlieal ami 
that is by setting our policy so 
that thut adverse balance will be 
wiped away aii<l If possible sell them 
aH many goodH as we buy. Wa era noti 
doing: It vpry fast. 

Between December. 1B18, and De- 
cember, 1919. our purchuven from the 
outside world in the two months 
were 073,000.000 and I04.000.00(i re- 
spectively. We bought fTS.OOO.OOO in 
December, 1918, (^« 104,000,000 In 

000,000 worth, and the year before 
onljr |57.00e.000r in other wordh, in 
Daeambar laat ydar. Only two m(iiitl).>' 
ago. wa bought 171,000. 000 worth ot 
goods, wherean the Kami* month a 
year ago we only bouRht from the 
whole outside world. »7;«.00o,ooo. A 
little over 79 per rent of the total 
goods wc buy jir«' frcun that country. 
Continued on Page IT 


|fe6 How They Look WW^Hf** 


A Tm-Dny Tolw of 


■on. SeDdthecoupoo 
fior it See for your- 
•elf wliat it 

. Your teeth are oot . 
Prob ebly the tttm hm 

lunre formed. 

Your preaent methoda of brvahing do not end fibn, 
and that la tb teeth'a graat eaenqr. Now we ask you to 
try a new nietho<l— try it at o 

. i%B Cu fill Elded IW 

Moat l Obi fc l t o ULl oe no doe to dWt 

I t h a m. pm dlog^eiv-1 
of to i ft i f « M Iwldp -wod eQ 
fenag odd^ u kelio.At 

Ifniion* of garme broad In IL 
tha chief canae of pyonlkaa. 

TIm fifan cUnga to the teeth, antara ereoicee gad 

BraaMng doea net end it Me ofdiM 

Now dental science, after many yeara, haa foond a 
combatant The facta have been proved by 
cUnkal and laboratory taata. Tha mathod H 
provad by leading dantlata erenrwborc 
For bene noe tfda metfiod io 


P^eedent b iMoed on pepsin, tha Ageetant of 
Tha film la albn nala oug natter. The oUeet of 
,ie to diaaolvOi^ theo to dir^ dey cSSbSi. 


•o pepaio loog aaemod bam 
_ Now pepaia can ba conatantly 
Biger betwean the taath. Now yoaOM 
<Me film Ib a afanplc, d^itty wagr, 
of teeth ara ' 

^ left^to 

<c 'K/ gW OWgOi ' _ 

AMo film dhMppearb. Yod 

flto. gaa hn>w th^ t^mtH »l.l>^ ^ m — . ^*^1]nnm^ 
Learn what clean teath Otun tea how AmT^^ 


WDmr TuIm Frm 


tw fmodint col 

Men IWtepRio Of 9^ 

dwt to. 




Mate fk«Bi ▼•««UbU 4rur«, c 
e»lofn«kl wb»t«r«n will rvot 
' f0t( tllMytWO 



•TOMAOII. r«KUtetM the KIDNE;Y and 
UVBR. ra«k«7 ysB MOdir. ■trow ■»<! 

TljorotM. Elaeh box cont«inB a GUAR* 
AllTJED coupM. M<1 la B«aled 

■Ml bMMn* llffnature of JtXAJt^ZO 
- Ml« by iUJ l«Mli>f 

> Tor 60* 

VaiMI «»t«f frwR aHj '^iW tt to 

Mvwtttr-pae mtliloiM, b«tw««n 
flMab«iL Ills. »nd 9«««iiib«r. i»ifXl» 


And It la maeli Uw aaai* wttli IMIiy 
other cpunlrl«a tho world mvt, «Mh 
th« OM vra^. oonaiMouous «cc«ptlon 
that aff Mr for«mNt •Ml»otl|«r. 
•»pttb&i .«f jttio UBtt«4 Wanm. X4 

WtallomT iTtte eu*-«D4 
coinp«llMl to buy Amarlout dolUu-s In 
OM outfkat -bf N«w Torn to p«r tnr 
tliat adverM balance, then we wUI alt 
*n« ^jNwtfe and JuK Wbat we avffer 



^wov^ld like preaent in 

tM« aobjact of laadins ora»na of pub- 
lic opinion of thla country, and 
Intended to preaent them not with * 
view of comerlnc anyone at all, but I 
mlaaed them on tfie war- I want to 
preaaat the vlewa ot tpro. ««rr 
and Important Joutealf W*#>> 'W*! 
tUe to the prM& #l«Ulirt«ftaBa. I 
praatot "than . ahnptr baoiaiiM tbair 
ghtf# tiMra la room on this p«tat for 
no 4WM>Ma of qplatan. 

MontrMl BaraM wiw we mtb 
_ BOW In asebidSct to iliaUgHid, 
tlst^ lie the mto or llf0>0Mlrii 
■o #0 ara, ui4 tt 

only pays — bnt Is the fiacsV ^' 
t life in the world. 

^ jfdiir own "Bo«f^*j-work for yotsrself 9^ pro<||ie»— 

Em nire Rfiildef 


Tftesa drf • of strife, lack of enlployment 
tvonbles, will not affect you then. V 

It mieans> work, hard Work, but it >vill bring , contentment; 
h^atth and iird«pendience*-yetlr '^m« rests with yoUraetf— 
vtf(m'\%Xtit tiiiie to grasp^your opportunity. 

In Farming on Vancottvet; Island »H nattvral conditions 
are to your advantaga. ** \ , 

d^IMATE— Unexcelled—^ink. the Prairies and the Bast 

dre under snow and ice even now. 
MlUtJEIrTS— 'The Province alone is not producing en<iugh 
^' '■' foe themselves and have to import nec^ities 

the gre«M thal^ttet pmMixMm tfeo 

brlnfing abodt of economic aervitude 
to the United Statea, and atatea In 
poeltlve liinfuaye that onleaa .that 
la cared the proceaa muat (o On and 
the domination become more and 
more complete. The Toronto Olobe 
urves the aome ear*— that we muat 
dlmlnlah to the atmoat of oar powor 
our purehaaes In that eoqatrjc. 
pla^po) a nd that wk aimt 
4o tba utmoot of oar 

to tho^Wtaa. Btalii. i 

aayono donbt that It oaa he 
iono? I aald w« were bajrliic |740,- 
000,000 of goods a year fro^ the 
United etatea Of that $740,000,090. 
'171,000,000 is cotton, which we have 
to buy from there, 9154.000,000 la 
iron and steel, apd we surely have 
enough iron and steel In this country 
to aupply all the nee4s of Cana<a» 
t4S,900,000 la for wool, and I know 
of ao raa a oa why war oannot 

Decide, and Do It Now, and 

Our laadt C9(ftftt^ilho^^ acrcis of.ffie finest fauid on 
tliA: r^JiSini^ CttBifi^/Pl^ and Fruit and 

Chicken raising, and Jblive already located on thcm.wai| J|ppiii^ 
mental Farm and can show you what can be dane^ 

Railwi^^jdtbin.jaile. or.. .two. where it doesn't cut right 
through our lands. Roads are made. Stores, SdiQols, etc., 

1>^i^ ^p^^^l^S ABE Wsk 

\ . $40 per Acre-^'t'enoa Over 5 Years 
' . { lor Small Ttactb df From 10-40 {i^tea 


to Amm^^$^^^i M ^ 20 Acs^ga, $800 

; , lff>W CQlf9IN A|!U>.8JCB U9 ABOUT JT 

Tk Wer blsid Fni W 

Bihiiiit BidMittiK 


A. CAl^CKAft, 

aaoagh to rapply ear owa demaBda; 
$•1,000,000 la for coal, and we havo 

M f ij liBn Mki M iht Matt « mar 
oaa^ dMdm la thla w oi to rti eiaatmi^ 

and thero Ohotold bo»^ma way tooad 
whereby the largoat productles- of 
coal uaed In thla country comes from 
the minea of our own country; t20.- 
000,000 la for Importa of meat, . and 
aurely this la a meat-producing 
country; 918,000,000 la for hldea; 
916,000.000 is for <^mlcals, and 910,- 
000,000 for breadstutta. There la not 
the allghteat reaaoA In the world 
why the chemUhli wo need should 
not be obtained- In our owa coaatigr: 
thla Is tho grka^'amfmUrr to tho 
world for the prodaotlah nt ohMRl- 
oalB ' ■ 

In all theee linea, making up more 

I>6 This 
Tonight ! 


It ool 
of aouad poUogr 
eifort on tho port of oar 
efaatryto reduce the purohaaes In 
tia Unltod SUtes U> ooly a pereen- 
aaa o( what tliey are today, and to 
laktMea our aatoa. -(2#b# oppUuail* 

^ ■ The UOMad Sliaaaa >ro oaUtaw at 

thla time to 97.000,000,- 
OlO worth or gooda to 4be. ouUide 
world and buying only 99.af0.00a,opo. 
have boon rannlng in that pro- 
iwh»4. | * a a for »any 
ly paara^ hot tJkam aoi poileod 
they > have boon heading for 

liiiiter oai T larih imnail to tho 
biatia«r. ttet thoy mg* he o o wlag ^ 

Qb pi' ni^muLar today that no 
oiinitnr ovor oaeafl|Ml JftXoir*. The 
oiRect ia that the 4rem«Mloaa jkMa- 
ahoaa they are pahing a»B golof to- 
oapanalon at home and Inataid 
off becoming debtors, -th«y are hecom- 
inv credltonh tho ffoat orodltora d^ 

>)aar vMNLtho wf i y pa Twin w|sar 

tahea can <tf n> 

vanced In elBclency aa It tfiotfld. 9s 
that aS It may. the aame baa been the 
hlatory la every country. It must bo 
remembered |h*t 'n Canada our P rov» 
Inces have poWer io .i^fevfanyf^odfw 
tax diwl eonte have ^fif^KlfUKk B> B(lt* 

*m CoUuMUhraad Ww* 
laooflia.taaw a|»d 
dMlWO have 4evie< 

Canadiaii Ranges at 

4 * 

tho world. 

An Extra Slic^ a Day 

Keeps the Butdber;Aw^^ 


T— ^ AT MORE BREAp-^that's tiie cut doWp» 
' the meat bill— that's the way to beat the h%h» 
cost-of-living. A pound of bread' has more real 
body-building qtialities than a pound oi^ the best tender- 
loin ateak aWd It ogfy costtf about a fourth as much 
Brfii4 ,ie ,the nott «eo^mical food iti the^ world todaf: 

IT avfoplies just the elements the human body needs, 
ft'a a fcKM'wpit is easy to masticate and digest. 
Ounce for ounce there is less waste material in bread 
than in any other food. Have your grocer save you an 
extra loat today, ndt mM^ %lti^d, but SHIU^IUTS 4lC 
BREAD — thb kind that is rich in ingredients and 
Ustea better to t}ie l4st crumb. 


r«?'jii«jide tii"'iaoh,. „ 

to It that no step Is tahen mat makes 
Msrs dang«rous the present Mlattvf 
positlen «f this cotmtry with tho 
Utoited Btatea In the matter of trade 
balance. One method of curing thla 
la aurely net to make easier tho tst- 
port of gooda from the UnUed Statea 
(Applause). ^ 

Wo require tromondoos^taxatton in 
this coantry. We roqnIro'Hargo rev- 
ennaa. Wo ro«aliaL,ahf«t ««l«a what 
w<o_dld ho^isro. Ket jjpi Jhsn MH.- 
<>w,w K awia t i ai . W teva to^ver 

fftl,dee,fet totoroat on «iiir national 
IthlM^Wtopar thlrty-ftiwmU- 
Don dolMura a year In poaalons^' Wh- 

hire to pay tremendoua suma to taker 
care of the disabled men In the vari- 
ous re-establishment Institutions of 
the country as well as to carry on the 
ordinary, or rather extraordinary, 
services of government and the ser- 
vices of government have multiplied 
with the ^ears in expenditure ? be- 
cause the function of govemmMit is 
alwava «qH9dtas. That is t^e lUiole 
troad bt ttM aco. Bat the^^eosf^t 
thaao oe r r i ee a necoaaartly har ad- 
vanoed with tho advances In th# coat 

,ol Uyinc : ^ 

All theoo thtega will demand rev- 
enue approximating 9325.000,000, if 
not more, and that, without any very 
serious effort to take care of capital 
expenditures and capital Investments 
that in times like these the Dominion 
should makn if it Is to progress as 
rapidly aa it i ught. That ihonoy la 
n unn ptp r y, Tho fact that It la aooes- 
«a^ la diM to throo aaala oaoaaa: the 
flift tfoa* a aiia a la tho tromendoos lik. 
vestnMttt this eountry made In the war 
Juot cloned; and no Canadian would 
dare to deny the Value of the invest- 
ment this country made that ended 
in triumph. (Applause). Another 
cause is the premature building of 
great lines of railways. I think we are 
all In substantial agreement that we 
were In advanee of tho naoeaaltfles In 
that Ncard aad| tho advaadad eost of 
general painrlosa oC aovommont, by 
reaaoA or tooNaaM m living costs. 
These are tho three fundamental rea- 
sons why that tremendous revenue is 

I 'JPPll^^ftj^^ .^^J^ .^jJWRfly -^^OBB^Wdt ff^^B^jy, e 
Whoro la It to ho derived from? 

We are gpftinfr one hundred and sixty 
millions from custOQis and excise at 
the present time. Some believe that 
a large proportion should come from 
excise and I am not going to dispute 
that poatUon. Thlrty-flre mUQAhs we 
get frMi no huBlnees prpllta ta«. 
Uany.arttM aaalnat thq wladom of 
oonttaatav that' tak th tlmca of peaea: 
m«ir^«r8tt«> liilh Mlhaidvahlo fwrao 
but an 1 sajr la that If^tt nMtor bo 
redaood or diMppears. the necessities 
of the hour demand that something 
take its place. It is no use blinking 
our eyes to cold, though rather un- 
welcome facts. W'e derive 920,000,000 
lroi|i the income tax Wo at least 
hopo to get more than that sum this 
few. Wo ought to tot mora. We 
dertvo trom, other HOmMyiLitlia. amounts 
that make up the dUreranco. bnt tho 
mala aouroaa of our rovoauiM "are flrst 
our customs' taxes: next, businefui 
profits tax; and next, the income tax. 
There are other and miscellaneous 
sources as well as some war taxes 
which bring in a considerable sum. 
Now, It la argued that from the stand- 
point of revenue, there should be a 
gMatar laaMMwo^of 4bo. Im^ tax 
an4 in #haC li kVowtt aA '(^wet Usa- 
tloa taaotailsr. I want It to l>0 uhder- 
Mooa that I do not take the gitonnd 
that thare Should not be a larger per- 
oontago collected on Income tax. but 
I do want to preaent certain consider- 
atlona that will bring to the minds of 
independent and honest thlnlters the 
limlu beyond which in Justice to this 
couatiy wo- cannot go la 'IhaHiatior 
of laoMBO tax InpoaUlon. 
X do nee thihk jnay qnlto aapre- 
' ^ .IMW foarttod al- 
to high taxes 

mm worm, aim, mwmv um 
to aayj thoro la sb P9«l- 

ra «Mot 

tW have not these ttt iMri 

clal paver»>-that ^m^gk eoasldora|lMI<i 
we raugt ke49;in lallid. 

We ooileot lll builBiSta proflta tax a 
^Ht9r porc^tMPs^ -tha" Miy other 
oountrr n Ao #oi4d. Thla, mmt bo 

addpd JtouBOPir. ' * — 

wkllv tt eas| 
do not wish 

blllty of going further in the Unpoalng 
of the income tax and any poortbUlty 
of collecting more through the income 
tax now imposed, While I do not aay 
that, I 4o aay limust bo plain to 
eoeryono that, wotfunt look for any 
radical dlibrdhoi lir the general aoalo 
olTlhtomo taaatioa. tt wo do tmhoaa 
>t tho great yorll of thooa UilaKa 
..moat need and whlAh ara 
tm to our pro gr aa a . ' 
land Taxation a PvarfaHl 
Now t|ia|helnc tho «ao irtnt other 

oar hiiA^r . ^SSr^wSSmtJ i A 
prominont ' Journal tn Waatam CaiSsda. 

hoatlle to ouraelves. aald the other 
day. "Land taxation la more ai>pro- 
prlate to provincial admlnlatration 
Jhan Federal administration," and in 
respect to Federal taxation I have 
heard from the lips of two represents^ 
tlvas of provinces not friendly to our- 
■olviM tho otatOBMBta that tho Domin- 
ion aovemmant wohld 'not havo in- 
vaded thb Inoomo taoK at;|dl and. tho 
Implication la that go no further 
In the way of Inoom^ taaatloa. 

As regards land taxation, the aame 
appeal could be made. There would 
have to be an adjustment of the as- 
sessment throughout the whole of the 
municipalities and an organization to 
take care of that would be one of tre- 
mendoua eoot and / woold duplicate 
provincial maohtnorr. and would bo 
aa lavaafMi of tha flold provlaelal ^v- 
•nunonta now occupy. What might 
be aecured from that source, even If it 
.Kfixe right and propet and equitable, 


iur^ ^i^refbre, abk; to 
' '^ ' yoifi the best 

B. Haripf • ff|ift Cai, LU. 










not go 

on thoJ|||M|r incomes. 

On tlM^^OO Income, the tax la 940; 
on the 96,000 income, the tax is 9120; 
on tha 912.000. taxis 9K90; on 929.000, 
It is 91.000 or about eight par cent; 
on 960,000. the tax Is 9S,9*0. I am 
speaking from maMory— when you get 
to tiao^ao tho ta|C |a |91,190, and 
wMft rod a«t tcr a iMtlOn. and now 
X am in the class of tno cltlseia of 
Winnipeg (laughter ), (he tax is |««9.- 
190 or two-thirds of your IndOBie. 
(O roans and laughter). 

The feature I call attenUon to is 
this: that income tax Is now on a 
level with a similar lax la the United 
Mates. Wo lie alongside that country 
for a lonvth of S.S'OO mUas, speak the 
aaaM,t|i«lninia aa th«r df^ and oUr m- 
teriMi had oMatoma ' ara aBu«l| tho 
tk...mim. Tham la no bairlor, 
if languatu or of distance or 
of habHa that atopo the flow of people depend on, the compeUtlon In (hat 
or of capital from one country to the ^ not fair, and aniln I repeat 

other, and it is well worth the .-on- .w. that r«««on»bl« 

would be secured at tremendous sacri 
flee to provincial admintstj-atlons in 
the way of costs and collections. 8o 
much so that no one who ha^. fiaced 
the probton attuarely has proceeded 
with tho propoaia of land taxaUoa for 
DomlnUm revonuoa. 

Dtacoaaea TarUf Issue Frankly 

llr.^lColghen then indicated that he 
thotight he had talked long enough, 
bnt wag appcatad to to oontlnue. Pro- 
ceeding, ho aald; » 

Vhare f«fM[h|«.thohoar«» Of Jroivpnue 
for a long-time to eomo. From •that 
standpoint I bdheve taxation by farin^ 
is essential in this Dominion and, that 
we step the wrong way if we seriously 
Invado the amount we secure from 
that source. This Is a country where 
that subject* as a political issue, has 
now coma to the for^ and I do not 
haaltato. a mome nt jo ata to here in 
thla dty whoro X algsril~lir'{hl^ 'matter. 
I am not a high protaothmlgt 0»that 
subject 1 do not know, X cannot racall, 
that I have ever uttered a single sen- 
tence that I desire now to modify or 

Favora Moderate and Fair Protection 

I am not a hlfri tvotootlonlct. I 
never wasvand I do ndt WHiv«| It la 
appropriate to thla "Donilmim. ^ "Fho 
reason why. I will give you in a min- 
ute.. I am not a free-trader and never 
waa; and am perfectly convinced it la 
not appropriate Cur thia Dominion 
now. I believe In a |hod«rato tariff. 
I believe In a modarata taMff for pur- 
poaaa of imfmm'. mmtMUj. oft. *t»ls 
time. I boUava Ih It aa.woll tiK the 
purpooa of aaailHaa'tha'aiaiMai^nce 
and oxpan«|on of Industdoa loirltlmate 
to this country. 8ttr«ty that Is plain 
enough. It has been asked from a 
platform not far from here and not 
long .rtgo: "If you favor a tariff why 
don't you go the whole length and 
keep foreign goods outside alto- 
gcSher? llio'iuuiwor la that that la not 
tha logloal floaelualoa at all. . ]^hoUovo 
In tho. compatltlon ipl M ffn yapoda 
under fair bondt^jntM I IhaBevW 
though in the competition of Cana- 
dian made goods under fair conditions 
too. I cannot understand the Cana- 
dian who would remove or would 
lower the tariff dut3^ If to do so meant 
the expatriation of a Canadian indus- 
try or the sbuttina up of an industry 
that is laaitflnala «■« oocaata Sa this 
oountry. If wo follow that eouraa 
then the algna that are only too nahl- 
feat today tirlll multiply and tho yon* 
aJty that we now pay will be imposed, 
redoubled and relmposed. That is 
where I stand. 

IWIHllj Oiriy Proper Mmhad 
Aa fa mm la teontlal aa« hh mah 
than onaontlar to maRe competliton 
fair at' hone, that >s a matter of oa- 
qulry and all sections of ths Canadian 
people should as true Canadians take 
part in a fair spirit in that enquiry and 
make their 'contontiona and ^ their 
wiahoa known. I do not bellivo that 
competition without a modotata tariff 
on tha pak at homo IndartrMs la taif 
competition.* The coat pf prodnetl<M^> . 
is determined very largely by ths aealo 
of i>roduction. The American com- 
petitor and manufacturer lays out hia 
plan and specializes on the acale to 
meet the demand of a market>ef 100.- 
000.000 people tnat he can depend on 
for all ^me. The Canadian competi- 
tor laya ont hi* plan. and his plant for 
a narkot of only 8,00S,0S0 that ho ean^ 
dopond oh for all tino. and If by any 
chance, of Which wo- aSo no olKag a« 
preaent. tho* markotahohid 

,be open to him. he can depend on 1^ at 
the longest for four yeara and no mora. 
Cooaequcntly unless he has a reason- 
able advantage fn the market he can 


With * 

The friend who is convalescing, or 
whose birthday it is, will certainly 
be delighted with your mode of ex- 
pression, especially so if you send 


^e varied so tt^y deiid<iMi'k^¥Dr, 
and delighttiilly different in every wfg;^ 

Vou can g^ tHi 


725 Yates Street 

1119 Dou|;las Street 




I stand. 

and " 

Our . 




<*TheProof of 
flie Podding Is 
in me Eating** 

ts a 

Tlifi PniQf eV 
;^° bfi' the Bfekt 'Is in 
die Eatingf Te« 

It's just as veil to come here 
in ibe first place as the Isit 




There*! • 





S» ■ \ ' 

I ft i.dit> 







3 Qafi^ey Oxford (^th«sll«ii''lffh(^ laoikMBtttrt snd WMtr ftoatii 
a Monuch Malleable Ranfes, wster ffOatS; 2 Cansds Mallcsbls^Rsnfcs, 
water fronts; 3 Fawcett Rahtes. water ffOQtti 3 Moffst 9,ingts. All tha 
above Ranges in good order and at right ptkuL ^S (Skf year oW Oo«. 

Jack's Stov^ 

SOB Yatw Streal ' • 'J ' 

A isf« piscs to b«y a nssd Rsag^Md • 0^ fM«« 




maeh hwoM iM 

UaiM'iicMMi il 


stderatton of every cltlaen of Cans da ' 
whether we are serving the beKt and 
final latoroata of thla eoaatry bx rais- 
ing the Income ftMc^of thla country 

tt a^NiveSMMsa hnd 
raoall to tSb Im of that 
wo' naod Hioot--<»piesi ahd 
population — and conaoqnently trade 
to that coantry with which we 
comqjte for an thoae vital easentlala 
of our propaperity. AxUTlt we make 
tt mora dIAoOTt for thoaa wnh oapflai 
.—and pasaltollillaa of trade — for thorn 
to llvo hora tlwa In tho Repoblle to 

SiSSSt MlSsAMrSSi^Lnnttt. 

^ — '- " 

.UpppfPat M,VMflB«a 

I iwt tha ttso.«90 in- 

l« Miftnr than that In 

Orsht Wmm M la «at ar Mali 

potttoro and a 

and habHa and we m< 
bar that dMBoalt though mUM be 
poaltloa. Oreat Briuln rests under a 
tar araatw hagdoa Uian we do. Our 
Inoome ts^^la. n a na aad en th* level 

what la tha meaaure of that reaaonable 
advantaaa that la egaantialT That te 
a roattor for onaulry aad thoonaulry 
la prearMSMv a*d MWihd anido thor- 
ough and comploto at fio distant data. 
That la tho poli'^y of the admlnlstra* 
tton and by that means and by the 
nnlted efforts of our people wo can 
produce goods, farm products, manu- 
faetnred gooda and other produeta 
aall aaada and pay all our dehta. 
m,if9m of fho woMd are on thla 

over aro, M^ttaa ta. ih if 
mainly of tho aaaauB aiads l>|r 
oar aoiis on the bettlefleldi Of Korope. 
They are pointing to ns aa likely to 
secure in the great scramble for world 
trade In the ofw eoodtttons. a greater 
share of that trade than la years gone 

tako caro 
<aad tako 

W W* mako no vital 
iho leason of thopastaMCbo 
^ aaparlanea to tnMa na Wa have 
tbe' advantwr* ef tha fbvorah l e wj^M- 

ment of the universe, an advantage 

hoiNlht hf tho satrlttoa of oar aoaa^ 

and we live !n a country that need 
take'ao^ond ;nla<:iB to none In fbf re-. 
aonM^that tTpladU At*«ais lAitm^tJ 
a vlgoroua poiMla^, -j 

land drives Into o«t |»oaplo '^■^'^ 
goCUng thlAira done. A iisMdnii fof 
pr^ress. a seat for achievement, tno 
ardor ta i^n for araat oppoctaaltlao 
over the storm ond tnurtle and hnrfl- 
caaea Of Ufa Thors la no >»aaoti why. 

•mm and «m ooaia «r mmf i ^u mM 
tliia ooaatry that ^lU fpaM tho aarry- 
Ing of Canada's haHM a wrf aSdlf 
taafc for theoa lS.f«t,eelt poopla nM> 
that Is the only way I know to meet 
the world fairly and make oor promlao 
to 9V aood as gold. ' It la the only 
1 JnMau t0..«iwoo«)o all tbo o^-.. 

confront na. and tha 
ffider and ovor 
of comfort nad eal- 

«a aM tf * 






QmmM' W So^ Be Here, TherefiM re, for Ae Next Week We Are 

our Task as I^t as PosaUe 

1,-- iiff 


/ spreads. Great Range of Prices 

Bedspreads for Single Beds — ^ 
Size 60 X 80 inches, at, each, $2. So. 

B(^Sp|ea£|s for Three*quarter Bed! 

H^90 inches, at, each, ^3.Sb» 
Size 72 X 90 inches, at, ea^h^ $3^75. 
Size 68 X ^3 inches, at , each, ^6.50. 

Size 72 X 93 inches, at, each, 17.50. 

Bedspreads for Double Beds — \ 

Sfec 78 X 88 inches, at, each, $4.75. - 

Size 80 X 90 inches, at, each, $5.00. 
Si« 80 X 90 incl^^s, «t, each, 1^5.75. 
Steft^a^ 94vjnc|*es^at, eai^hi $7.00. . ^ ^ 

Bedspr^ds — Ertgllsji Quitlities^ '. ' ■ 
Size 81 X 99 inches, at, each, Si 2. 75; 
Size 80 X 98 inches, at, each, $ 1 2.50. 

Bedspreads— English, Hemstitciied and , 
Embroidered^ . > 

Size 72 X 90 inches, at, each; $6JS, ' 
Size 72 X 9a Infches, at, each; $7.75. 
90 X 100 hichevat each; $8.75. 

J^-i:' - • v -ritipl#ipept., . AUin Floor 

Exccllerit Value in Pillows 

Pillows, cotton and wool filled^ 17 inches oc 26 

inches, at, cach^ $1.25. 

Pillowy feather , 4 7^>ichcsi l>)s. 25^ .at^«ach, 

Pillows, feather filled, 19 iiKhes by 27, at. each. 
$i.75. ^ . *" 

Pillows, feather filled,. i9 Inthti by 27, at, each, 


Pillows, feat|^rf|e^ l?.i«fh«s by 26, at, each^ 

P2,2b, * " - ' ^UpJ«v M«l» Floor- 

Staple Household 

To Make Up the Wear and Tear of Past Years — Great 
Stocks of HousdioW^^ 

— Mr. Dave Spencer has just returned from a buying trip, when he secured many 
advantageous purchases that have just been delivered, and are being placed before 
our customers, at the usual money-saving prices you always experience in the 
Staple Department. Buy now for your present and future needs. 

Sheetings — 
Best Canadian Malces 

Slieetings, kt, a ^ard, 90c and 

$tiOO. / 

73-lnch Sheettnis, at. a yard, 85c, 9Sc 
and $1.10. 

80-lnch Sheetings, sU, a yard, 95c and 

9o.lnch Sheetings* at, a yar^ I1.30, $1,40 

and Si. 50. 

The Best English Qualities 

63-Inch Sheetings, at, a yard, $l.5o. 
72-Inch Sheetings, at, a yard, $1.75, $2.00 
and $2.25. 

80-Inch Sheetings, at, a yard, $2:00 tod 

96-Inch Sheetings, at, a yard, $2.25. J' 

Lineii Sheetings — Plire Irish 

72-Inch Shertfings, at, a yard, $3.25. 
90-Inch Sheetings, at, a yard, $4.25. 
—All sheetings made up ready for use-^ 
any size— -free of charge. 
Pillow Slips Ready for Use-r— Best - 
Canadian * 

40x42-llich, at 45c. '. 
43-inch, hemstitched, at 60c. 
40-Inch, hemstitched,' at 7lcL 

Sheets Ready for Use-* 
Canadian Make 

Sheets. 54 x 90 inchec» for single beds» at, 
a pair, $3.00. 

Sheets, 63 x 90 Inches, three-quarter beds, 
at, a pair, $S.OO. 

Sheets, 7z x 9o inches, for Rouble beds, at, 
« pair, $4.25 and $4.75. ' 

Sheets, 80 x 90 inches, for double beds, at, 
a pa i r , $4. 75 a n d $ S . So> ^ — 

Slieets Ready fpr Use — . 


— — . ^ 

Slirets, 72 x 90 inches, at, a pair, $6.50. 
Sheets, 80 x 90 Ihehes, at, a pair, $7.50. 
Sh'eet»—4>laiiu Hemmed 
Sheets, 80 x 100 inches, at, a pair, $5.25. 
Sheets, 90 x 100 inches, at, a4)alr, $7.75. 

Irish and English SheetST- 
' fpr Use - 

Sheets, 72 x 100 inches, at, a pair, $9.75. 

Sheets, 80 x 100 inches, at, a pair, $10.75. 
■Sheets, 90 x lOp inches, at, a pair, $13.75, 
Sheets^ 90 X loO Indies, at, a pair, $15.00. 
Best English Pillow Tubing— ' 
4o.inch, at, a yard, $1.00. 
42-inch,'at, a yard, $1.10 and $1.25^^^ 

; T^taple Ocpt, ripor 

CQj^pUte ^wing of > 

^ Bissell s Carpet *- ' 

— The Bissell Vacuum Sweeper, for periodical use, 
possessing the true function of any vacuum 
cleaner, fittecl with powerful vacuum apparatus 
and rotary brush. Easy running. 

Gtrand- Rapid s \'acuutiv ilS.SO. 

Household Vacuum, $13.50. 

—The Bissell "Cyco" BaH-bcartog Sweepers, the 

best for daily use — , „ . 

"Parlor Queen,'* in real mahogany or walnut case, 

niclcel trimmings, at, each, $6.75. , 

"The American Queen," in a first*class case, ind 

full gear protection. Each, $6.25. 

"Prize," a splendid sweeper, in good case, nickel 

trimmings, full ball bearings, at, each, $5.75. 

''SlaiKMrd.'Va modetate^-priced Bissell sweejyer, 

at, each, #4.50; •^^um u tupH thpu in 


^ ^artment 

Saniilu^ for cidset bowls, 35c. 
Household Amnionia, large bottle, 25c« 
Chloride of Lime, 25c. 
Fumigating Pastilles, 15c and 25Cw 
Condy's Fluid, 50c. 

Window and Auto Sponges, all prices. 

jgeenbrite Silver i^^^ caltes, 

■35c / : ^ 

Pormagermkill Diltif ectii^ 4i::andles, 45c 
Chamois Slcins, all prices, v ' 
Gennkyl (tlje gsi|£isinfectan|), 60c ana 

35C» -^ruf l)(ipt^ 

Linoleum and Oilcloth 
for Every Rporn i 

— Roors covered 

and (4fcIotbs.iBiiii^wre comfort} teis ^work^^^a^^ 
cleaner rooms. - 

Linoleum, ?howii in . many^paUeros. at« a wiitre 
yard, $1.40. ^ 

Oilclottis. in Carpet and Wock designs, at, a 
square yard, f9c. r. •■^v Vrl >'M'^ 'v 
Plain Linoleum, at, a square yawl, $1.65 to $2.95^ 
Cork Carpet, warm, heavy aiid f|iiiitary, $t, « 
square yard, $2.25 to $3.35. 

White Turkish Towels 
of Reliable Quality 

A special offering, at, each, 5oc. 
Good hand s5zc. at, each, 75c. 
Good bedroom, size, at, each, 85c. 
Splendid English quality at, each, Si.oo. 
English, hemstitcbed, at, each, $1.25. 
English, bemsUtch^s|Li|||||r^^m at, each, 
Si 'So. '■^^^^^r^^ 
Extra Large Tovels, at; each, $1.50. 
Extra large, exhra heavy, at, eaeh;Pfvr5; 
Canadajs Best, at, each, $2.75. 

Colored Stripe Turkish Towets^ 
Strpng and DuraMe 

Special, each, 5oc. ' 
Towels, useful size, at; each, 65c. 
Towels, hnen liQish, at, each, 70c. 
Towels, rare vahie, at, each, 90c. 
Towels, English make, at, each, $1.00. 
Towels, large site, at, each, $1.50. 
Towels, Christy linen, at, each, $1.75. 
Union Huckaback Towels, at, each, 4oc* 
Hemstitched Towels, at, each, 45c. 
Heavy grade, at, each, 50c. 
Super grade, at, each, 60c. 
Hemstiiehed, at, etch. 7< 
English make, at; 
AH Hnen, at, each, $1.35. 
All linen, at, each, ^l.SO. 

and Toweling 

Crash Toweling, Best Canadian 
and English Qualities 

17 and 18 inches wide, at, a yard, 25c- 
17 and 18 inclies wide, heavy>^rade, at, a 
yard, 30c. 

17 and 18 inches wide, heavy grade, at, a 
yard, 40c. 

i|1nches wide,: Scotch, at, a yard, 55c. 
IS hiches wide, heavy grade, at, a yard, 6©fc 

' Glass Towelings 

18-inch widths, at, a yard, 40c. 
'24-hlClt wklths, at, a yard, 60c. • 
244nch wldthi, at, a yard, 65c 
24-Inch wklths, all linen, at, a yard, 75c 
' a4^h}ch Wflttht, all Unen, at, a yaid, 90c. 

Plain Tea Toweliiig 

22-inch, special, at a yard, 55f. 
24-lnph, tpedal, at, a yard, 6ic, 

Bath Mats 

Rttl old values, at, each, $2.5«. 
/ W|lh Mak fine quality, at, each, $3.00. 
fialh Mali, axtara heavy, at, each, |4.75. 

—staple Dept.; Miln nooN—nime 39SO 

Cocoa Mats at 
$1.25 Up 

^Whcn Spring Clean- 
ing is over, one of 
these good Cocoa Mats 
at the door will save 
you extra cleaning. All 

—Carpet Dept., and Floor 

Sunlight Soap, 12 bars 
for 99c N 
Fels-Naptha, 12c a bar, 
or carton of 10 for 

Old Dutch Cleanser, 
1 1 tins 98c. 
White Swin Washing 
Powder, a package, 


Pearline, l5c and 30c. 

Hardware Dept., 
Mnrtr Jiate ruer 

'^^M^W^^ Department is now rrejiared with many new facilities with 
whKlfWPiWke your home beautiful during the coming season — while the 
drapery stiff and iWwtmen arc capable of advisin^r and assisting yon in every 
way, in choodng draperiej or making any desired upholstery work to your 
order. ^ , 

A Few of Qur Uadinj? Lines Are Qm^A to", t 

Your Benefit " 

Curtains, in white and cream, 36 and 45 
inches wide, 2j4 and 3 yards long, at, a 
pair, $1.98 up to $10.75.. • 
Curtains, in white, cream and ecru Voile 
and Marquisette, 36 to 45 inches wide 
and iK yardt iimf, at, a pair, $4.5o to 
$10.75. r • 

Scrims, with tape edge and fancy hem- 
stitched, white,' cream and ecru, 36 
inches wide, at from, a yard, 29c to 9oc. 
Colored Bordered Scrims and Marquis* 
ettev .36 ipches yidc, in blue, j^reen, 
goMittf |«ie; floral designs on white and 
cream fioundi^ftl, a yard, from 39e to 

Fiicured Marquisettes, showing floral and 
bi^d d«iigns, beautifully blended colors; 
36 incl»»wlde. At, a yard, $l.o5. 
Fancy Figured Sateens, 31 and 36 inches 
wide, well assorted designs and colorings, 
ai; a yatd, 60^^101 11.45. 

Genuine Soctch . Madras, in cream, with 
plain and scalloped edge, 36 and 45 
• inclies. wide, at, a yard, 55c a p to $1.50. 

Plain Casement Cloths, all ifljmi 
inch<is wide, at. a yard, 65c. 
50 inches wide, at, a yard, 95c. 

Higher Grade Casement Cloth, 50 inches 
wide, at, a yard< #fr50,J#l««9, $1.^5, 
$2.25 and $2.90. _ 

Burlap, colored, 36 Inches wide, in 
brown, fawn, blue, gold and maroon. 
At, a yard, 75e. 

QtmnM, English and AmeHcafl, 3i 
and 36 inches wide, in a very extensive 
range of designs and colpfingp, at, a 
yard, 50c to $l./5.. 

Bnjtlish 8had6# Hiiuet, 3i faiches wkic, 
assorted designs aad €olo{iii|i, at, a 
yard, ^2.35. ' 

A Great. Assortment of 
Window Shades 

All Conventional Shades, Any Size 

Shades, 4 1 54 Inches wide and 7 feet long;, at $1.98. 
Shades, 45 inches wide and 7 feet long, at $2.16. 
Shades, 47^ inchei wide and 7 fett long, at $2.25. 
Shades,*52 Inches wide and 7 feet long, at $2.7^. 
Special Sbadei» of ^reen painted cloth, mounted on 
HMshom rollers, 3 ft. wide amf 6 a kwf. A lim- 
ited qtiintity. 4t» j^i^f i.oo. . 


OCedar Oil, in aU sli^ 

Uquid Veneer Mops, at, each, $1.75. 

Liquid Veneer, in sizes at 30c, 60c and 

Hair Brooms, at-$l.25, $1.50, $1.^ 
$3,25 and $4.;25. ' 
Com Brooms at 49c Wc, BSfc $J.25 
and $1.49. 

Floor Mops at, each, 70c. 

dalvaiAMf Mis, pi^T atfconlitut to 
sue. ait 65c, 75c, 85c affliEoi^i J 
Tin Pails, at. each, 3oc 
Mop Ooths at, each, 35c. 

Banister Brushes at 65c $1.10 and 

Stick-Past Paste. 25c 


Windinr BritfM at, ead^ rSc 

Hand Wiuing Ji:«|ll||^|L 
Floor Bnishe*; 'fctt^ tiM 
Kalsomine 9niiiM|>a|| cadi, Sci^ij 
and $2.50. 

Paint Brushes. 15c, 20c, 25c 35c 40e, 4Sc 50c 
60^, 75c, 85c and $1.10. ^ ^ ^ ^ 

' «i^A5!SftL^ ^u^^* Varnish, Stains and Oil 




SugaiY^And Out- N^ecJ of. 

THE scarcity of •ugar in these ,<Uy« A»» 
making us all. feel how greatly we at* 
dependent upon It fo* our health anrf com- 
fort. It will not be long, wc hope, before aU 
the d^dren in the world will ha\ e as much 
^tbto necessary food as th«y need. \Ve will 
liave learned by that time, it Is be hoped, 
llOW to avoid waste. 

Sugar is found in many forms besides the- 
white crystals to which the name is usually 
Wiven. We eat it with nearly *U fruits aiul 
drink if with our milk. In stich fdrnu it re»d- 
tay eaters into the blood arid warms, strenR;^h- 
c^s and invigorates us. This happens, too, 
when wc dissolve sugar in pitr mq/mUi iHaiejr> 
If of ilw ttoW whcM?!i^ 

If useil to be thought that sugar w^as bad 
Ilk chU$^'» dig^lon and that it hurt their 

us that because children arc active theii- 
muscles must have plenty, of sugar and bc- 
jcnie they are lanall their ' bodies need sugar 
keep fhem warm. The little black chil- 
dt«n who eat st»gar or suck the juices of the 
fMgar cane all day Ibng for the greater part 
{of the year have good, strong teeth, so there 
mtwt be other reasons why Uie teeth of chil- 
li^ who eat candy are bad. 

Now, your editor would be -sorry to see 
any of The Colonist readers greedy or ill- 
natiired. These wonderful bodies of ours can 
\i(t sugar out of many things. Rice, 
Woes, biscuits, sago and any o f the many 
ds of food made cliiefly of starch will turn 
to sugar if you cat them properly. Tliey chewed well, so that the saliva, in 
_ "^ur inouth gets mixed with the starch.. After 
they are swaltewed, other jukes will turn 
them into the kind of sugar your bodies need. 
'Cfrrots, turnips and many other vegetables 
^69iit«|a auKftr. 

Tto fknttm of iiigar 

Much of the sug.if we use comes from a 
tall grass-like plant that flourishes in tropical 
cofcintries which English-speaking people call 
i^ipur cane. Quite soon after America was 
discovered this plant was brought iuftn Asia, 
where it had long been cultivated, to the 
*W|est Indies. Now there are few places near 
-the equator where it does not form- one of 
the staple crops. ' /' . . - -^» / 

Until ' the ibeginnitig o! kst century' the 
people of the temperate zone '<i*l§. content to 
depend upon the trofHcs for iltgtflv Then it 
discovered thif b^et^ yMt ^ zntf/^at 
hbme made excellent sugar. Germany, 
France^ Belgium and several of the United 
^tes went «into the 6uahie«a «f beet predtto* 
tion and the manulaetai« of sugar from that 
vegetable. The result wttft cheap and good 
sugar, lor few people can tell whether tire 
sugar they use comes from the sugar plant- 
ations of the South or from the fields of tem- 
perate cUrtiei. • ft beep reported that 
California vinedressers are about to make 
•Mrar instead of,yyin(S from their grapes, 
mether it will pay fb cqltlvate the fiHiit for 
that purpose is not yet known. In those p&rts 
of Canada and the'nprtheastern states where 
warm ftunshlHe ' in the Spring days succeeds 
frosty nights sugar is obtained from the i^ap 
of tht maple tree. It i$.a very delicipus and 
wnoleaolne sweet, but the falcrtfer dctes /not 
lekve room for sufficiently large ' groves to 
allow of maple .<(u gar being u^ed except as a 
dainty outside of the settletnentis wherie it is 
made. « 
' "Of all the substitutes for sugar, honey is 
best, but the end of an article^ is no place to 
begin to write ^bout that i^ery wonderful 
maker of sweets, trie honey bee. Enough has 
hftn said to show us ^l the great vaute of 
sugar to the hiithah ra<!ie and ho^ l^tltifUl 
,Nature has been in storing up tht j^fcfiioas 
juices from which it is n^ade,, / ' ' ' i 

The WoAds of Contentment 

> (Written for the ChiMrtkl'a Pi^) 

' A * «»"n*^y a t Mia tt tiftll 

/a wood lived good King Justus, who sat 
on his throna ind ttdtfd over all the fairijB9 
in that land. 

The king had a lovely qi^een called 
"Charity and a little datighter whose name 
. Was Sunshine. 

King Justus was a good man and looked 
after an nis faithful fan'tes and took such 
great care of them that they were the most 
Mautiful and most beloved fairies in th6 
i lands around. 

Many > fine castles he had around which 
were woods, rivers, small lakes, fountains and 
gaiHdkni. where all !^sreet smelling flowers 
grew. In the trees singing birds lived, and 
beneath them played rabbits aud m.Tnv other 
dear little furry creatures, such as are he- 
loved by all good fairies, so they all lived in 
|>eace, contentment and goodwill in the land 
of the 'Kiny of the Fairies. 

King Justus and Queen Charity seemed 
never to tire of doing good and would study 
and plan how best to gunwm Ihdr ktogtettit 
so. of course, they were nidch befhmo and 
honored by their subtecta. 

Strange to say.'tnie Idiidly king and his 
loving queen had a most powerful enemy, who 
lived on the other side of the woods an^ 
ruled in a blaeli fareat Called fii^te, do the 
good ftitries nkife!iwned it tl^ . "Hateftil 
•Forest" ■ ■ ' . ' ■ / 

Kfaiff StrHe and Queen Envy did not rate 
their subjects with love and WiBane<ts as King 
Justus did, no there were ahray)} mturmur- 
ings and discontent in tiie Forest of Hate. 

The wicked king and queen hated most of 
all good King Justus and Queen Charity, and 
were never tired of planning, scheming and 
trying to atir up strife and contention ha their 
kingtiom, so that good King Jiistun passed 
many an anxious hour planning to keep his 
beloved fairies front their deadly influence. 

He placed a charm about all hi» fairies, 
hut it v»'as m»t perfect^ for it did rnK prote^ 
' the of the faiiieai a«l «ft(«< times 

would be strtick witlt^ fi«ry dart tiil^iwiPbjr 
of tfi^ wick^ ncMJtj^B. 
TWb of tlic' princeisi^s, 4^1ed Faith and 

high waif, wnerc many fairies kept faithfuf 
watch so -that no enemies should enter it 
from the kingdom of Hate. 

One >ying of !lie castle wa.s fitted up as » 
bright, sunny hospital ward. When any of 
the good fairies were wounded, as they some- 
times were, they were nursed back».to< h <a |th 
and strength again by Princess Faith %and her 
dear sister, Compassionv 

The king studied how he should preveti\ 
those angry darts from ever entering his 
dominion, wl^en suddeply one day, as he was 
watchhig his little Princess Snnahine playing 
with the subeams, a very "clever thought took 
'possession of him. * 

He called all his subjects together by his 
magic horn and ibade-them follow him to the 
edge of the woods, but not quite far enough 
to be seen by the enemy. Taking his magic 
wand in his hand, he waved it up and down 
slowly and said, "I command a wall to rise 
around the Woods of Cohtentment." As the 
wall rose higher and higher the fairies were 
all very happy, for now they were sure that 
they would'fee safe from the fiery darts of the 
evil oneSk ' Tne Wall looked a$ If made 

^ Valentine Competition 

iKt^iP E^NN^I^v^ ^ows etit 
. , , Tatnqchts^ 'ak the Victoria Normal 
School fcow to teach drawing to the pupils ot 
the schools, very kindly consented to award 
tlie priaea in this competition. This ia bia . 

Prixe WimiCTS 

Senior Orkde-^Attdrey Alisxandra B^own, 
'C«iitral'Sclio<i>l> Nanaimo. B. C. 

Intermediate Graoe— Grace Saiyent, Giris^ 
Central Scliool, Vfctoria, B. C. * 

Junior Grade— Eben Moyes, Model School, 
MowBt T/Blmie,.B. C. 

> Commended / * 

Senk>r Gnute— Barbara Hnlke, St George's 
School, Victoria, B. C. Lois Gale, St. Gerge's 
School, Victoria, B. C. Laura C Wilby, 
Girls' Central School, Victoria, B.C. -■ ■ • 

Intermediate Grade-J. G. ^l^'/|lt|| 
Schot^l. Cobble Hill. B. C. 

Junior Grade — Harry Tinker, Bank Street 
ScIkjoI, Victoria, B. C. Mary Agnes Clarke^ 
St. George's School, Victoria, B.C. 

In connection with the above competition, 
there arc some good drawings, and though 
everyone could not gain a prize, yet the 
benefit gaiijcd by each competitor must be 
aorae f ct o i Qi y Miie ti> nwh ghrl and boy. 

Ortyiaf by AU^es Attxt^in Browh; age4 tS years— Central School — i|8 Keqa«<|y Street, NtnaUopk 

speaking fn;the mischiavpuii VMiito that he 
usually assumed when dotng^>.eoo^^thitig 
which he knew to be wtong. 

"Take, it away,. Waldo^J^ El«e. 
"Another would be ar^gty/' • v^>, \ ; > / 

'But mother isn't here and it's as safe as 
possible in the hands of people who know 
bdW to ttse it/* 

Scarcely had the words escaped him when 
the air was rent by a deafening ^pk>aion. It 
was iblloiwcd' bv a crash of glass, and as soon 
as ^e two children, stunned by the uproar, 
had recoVere^ their wits, it was to see a large 
picture that had hung in the hall lying on th^ 
floor. ,The glass was shattered to fragments, 
>vhile the painting iiadf waf ^ ^fiddled by. ^ 
dozen shots. • * . •» 

«Oh, tValdo, WaWor iried ttiaJe. "What 
have you done y' 

The boy, pale-faced ^nd trenibling in spite 
of himself, coold stammer out no <e^y> ^t 
stood mutely gazing at the result of his ifolly. 
Full well he knew that thia picture was the 
most valued of his mother's poaseasion, and 
bow could he plead accident as the cause 
when he knew tha^ aU the' miacHief was due 
to disobedience? . 

When Mrs, Wilmington ' came In and 
heard the story, it did not comfort him that 
he received no punishment from her. no scold- 
ing, no blame, but during the next few weeks 
the lesson came home to Waldo. The empty 
frame was hUng up in its old place, and as the 
boy's eyes felt on it, day after day, he realised 
more and more the trouble that is brought 
to others by disobedience. — Children's Friend. 


"Glharies Kingsh 

of pitch and covered yrith vinea and moss. 
The fairies called it Hope attd they all flew 
back to their homes and peace, content and. 
safety were their portion 'hereafter. 


A Wild Flower Calendar 

TWO weeks dg^' the e^tor of the Page 
for Children asked for the help of the 
.boys and girls in makihg a /Wild Flower 
Calendar. No answers fwi been reeei^ired up 
to the end of last week, afthough some of 
tlve catkins are withering already. Some of 
. you^ should fitid blossoins this Wetik: Write 
a little note, giving* tlie name of the first wild 
flower you have fonivd,.. the date and the 
place; Then ' sign your Own name. - If you 
can draw a picture of the plant, so muc^ the 
better. If you cannot nanre your flower, send 
in the plant and the editor will ask some one 
who knows to name it. Once ' the week's 
calendar is published, do not send in the 
names of the same flowers. A two cent stamp 
will be enough to put on a letter in the city, 
or you ca^ drop it in the editorial box in The 
Colonist ofUcfi. Those living in the districts 
outside will need a three crtit stamp on their 


Alexander Selkirk s Musket 

BOYS who lote that finest of all boys' 
stones. Robinson Crusoe," will be in- 
terested in a story of a musket that is, or 
lately was, being exhibited in many cities of 
Great Britain. 

Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel 
Defoe and founded on a trttie stOry of the ad- 
ventures of Alexander Selkirk. This young 
man ran away from home, displeased his 
captain by his misbehavior and was put ashore 
oti the island of Juan Fernandez with a bag 
of bullets, a flint-lock musket and a pound of 
powder. He was rescued and afterwards 
joined the navy. He diq^ as lieutenant on 
boud H^.S. Weymouth at the ^^e of 47 in 

A Mr. Berens, visiting Oxford some years 
ago. heard of an old flint-lock gun in the pos- 
session of a porter of the Ashmolean. Museum. 
He examined the weapon and was suqirised to 
find that, roughly chip-car\'ed on the stock 
was the name "A. Selkirk," and in smaller 
letters, "Largo, X.B." On the other skle was 
the date. "Anna R., 1701." According to our 
history books of today this date is wrung, but 
according to the did calendar it is correct. 

On (he wooden hotf of^ bfitt ia.:thc 

"With three drams pcwvther, three ounce 
haile; ■ * ' ■ •* 

Ram me well and yrjmpn mef* 
To kill I wUl not fail/' 

He bought the musket for a tritlo .«nd cm- 
vinc«|| hfmseff that it really belonged to .\lcx- 
andicr Selkirk. Now he values it at $10000 
and has made a great deal of mbney by show- 
ing it to other people. \ 

In the two hnndred yeai%.and more that 
have passed since the old muskrt made, 
wonderful improvements have taken place in 
the nfannfacture of firearms, but th</ genii^s 
which gave to the children f>f the world the 
stof}- of lt<j>ins on Cnvoc has seldom, if mtr. 

We cannot all gain prizes in a competi- 
tion, but we can all feel this, that we arc do- 
ing our little sh^re to, madce the Children's 
page'(>£ Th^ Colcmiat a'saecMs, and In domg 
so we , are also doing ourselves much good 
and cultivating that habit of usefulness and 
naictftshneaa tbat wiB be a great asset to 
our country and ourselves in future years. 

If every girl and boy would make it their 
aim in life not to work so much for a 
monetary payment for work done, but to cul- 
tivate a pride in doing work to the best of 
their ability, irrlspectivc of the reward for 
such work, they would be helping to lay the 
foundations of a peaceful and happy world. 

In these <pompetitions let everyone help 
and do their best to make this corner of the 
newspaper their very own. 'Then, as future 
citjzens^the daily news will be of great in- 
terest to you. 

Begin now to take an interest in your 
part of the newspaper, and if you do so, the 
future years will find the newspapers reflect- 
ing more dnd more the^wiahes of the people. 

The future is yours, be preparing for it 
now. Let there be more competitors eath 
time, and remember not for the prizes only, 
but for the good to yourselves and the hootor 
of having your work and name in the ttewa- 



The Empty Picture Frame 

^i^' ^' Aahton) 

THE door of Mrsi Wflndngton's sittings 
room opened alowly to admit the h^ 
and shoulders of a boy — a mysterious looldw, 
cautious boy, of about twelve ye^s <m. 
Glancing carefully round the room to assure 
himself that its sole occupant was a little 
girl, busy sewing, on the window seat^" he 
said, in a hoarse whisper t *' 

"Be joyful, Elsie!. I have found it." 
"Then I won't be joyful," retorted the 
littk girl hi decided tones. '^Ton are a bad 
boy, Waldo, to look for the thing when 
mother has told you that you are not to play 
with fire-arms." 

"But tomorrow is the 5th of November,' 
cried Waldo, "and if a chap mav not let off a 
ran on the 5th of Novenmcr, it-a Jolb^ l>nrd 
iinea, that's all I cari say." 

'^ou have no right to meddle with Uncle 
Arlpwrright's property," said Elsie trying 
IMHMier line of argument. 

''If Uncle Arkwright did not want his gun 
to li« looked at. why did he leave it behind? 
If Uncle Arkwright had any objectMMi to the 
precious weapo^ being touched why didn't 
he put it where I should hafe had more- 
eultv in fitting it?" 

'^He tniited^to. yonr bonor," came the 

**SiBtt8 iMd nonsense!" retorted Wakk>: 
"you ere making a mountain ont of a mole- 
hill. VVould you like to sec the gun? Let 
nie aho^ you the beantiful barrel and the 
pretty trigger, and even though you are only 
a girl yoii will see §.t once what a harmless 
plaything it is.** 

With thes^ words his head disappeared for 
a moQieut while he dived into a corner of Uie 
hall beside the* sitting-room door, and 
snatched up the article tmdcr dlAcasnion. 

'There r l-ook at that, my oneen!" said 
he, nMneiof proudly iMo tht ^odn ami 

AT Eversley, in Hampshire, there lived 
about the middle of the last century one 
of the happiest families in the whole world. 
Their father, the Rev. Charles Kingsley, wa^ 
rector of the parish and their mother was a 
sweet and talented woman. Both parents 
loved their children with all thek hearu, bu^t 
their father was their companion, their 
teacher and their playmate. He was never 
too busy to listen to them M ^y wen- in 
trouble or to share their pleasures, ll is 
no wonder that the rectory at Eversle;^ was 
filled with joyous 4aughter. 

The rectory house was on low ground. So 
that 4iis boys and girls might grow to be 
strong and healthy, Mr. Kingsley. built fqr 
them a little house on the Mount, overlooking 
the big farm belonging to the parish. From 
tlieir little castle the children could look down 
on the blossoifi^f^ heather and the golden 
broom and see in another direction the Wav- 
ing corn and the fruit-laden orchard trees. 

Their house was lumiahed with boOks and 
toys, and they had a set of tea things all their 
own. When their father came .in from his 
visits to his people, he would stop at' the 
Mount, bringing always some treasurt for the 
childreg. Perhaps- he had found a rare and 
lovely wild flower, a beautiful fern or a 
curious insect. The father loved all things 
God had made, and the children soon learned 
to see beauty in many creatures that fill fool- 
ish pecole with fear. The smallest of them 
would hold a worm in her hand, admire the 
bright colors of a lizard or stroke the soft 
fur of a fidd raouae Ifr. Kingaley had found 
in hb walk. 

Sunday was a delightful day. with its 
afternoon rambles, to the most interesting and 
beautiful spots in the nelghboriutod. Indoors 
there were Bible stories which the father 
•ftcn illustrated bv drawing pictures. His 
son has- written that there was among his 
children no sign of fear or dread, of their 
father, whom they looked upon as their dear- 
est and best friend. "Perhaps," he says, "the 
brightest picture of the past that I look back 
to now is the drawing room at Eversley in the 
evenings, when wc werO all at home and by 
•ourselves. There he sat, with one hand in my 
mother's, forgetting his own hard work in 
leading our nih and frolic, with a kindly 
smile on his lips and a Ipving light in his 
bright, grey eyes that made us feel that, in 
the bftad«lt aanae of the word, he #aa our 

The First Paper Maker 

IN many places along our coalist wood is be- 
ing ground into paper pulp. In some of 
j)ie mills fine paper is made. , Amon| . awn 
th9 art of roanuttctnriog pa|)er froQi foreat 
trees is not an old one. 

A French naturalist, Charles Janet, has 
discovered just how the hornets, who made 
;papc'r before the art of writing was discovered 
*by man, ' carried on their worlc^ Pcrlu^s 
some of our young readers wiH rli ^f 
in order to* prove for themselves the WWn <w 
the results of Professor Janet's investigationa. 
AVe read that: - ' V • ' 

^ 'IProlestpV 'Janet found that * k.hoti^ 
papcr-makitig methods will bear cOmparfeon 
with those of ordinary paper niills. TIte 
hd!met seelb MMnr rotUng tree, removes 
piece of wood and chews it till he producea 
a baUeof pulp ahput a 4|uaner of an inch in 
diameter. IMtm wTlh this, he flies to the 
nest. The search for a suitable piece of de- 
cayed wood and the chewing of it have coii- 
sumed not more than six minutes, and pv' 
haps only two. Clinging to the comb with 
his middle and hind feet, the worker juggles 
the ball joi pulp with his forefeet, chewing it 
continuously to make it more plastic and ad- 
hesive. Aftbr sufficient chewing be disposes 
of the ball in repairing or in building addi* 
tioiis. Selecting a suitable part of the neat, 
lie attaches the ball and then drags it, lent* 
ing J)eliind a narrow strip of paper. 

As the ball of pulp is unreeled it is shaped 
by the insect's jaws, and by incessant tamp- 
ing along the joint it is glued to the sheet of 
4o ^orm j^-part. — W^ien the ribbon 


The clergyman who loved his own chil- 
dren so dearly had a heart for the sorrows of 
others. The oppressed fattory workers and 
farm laiborers found in the great-hearted 
clergyman an advocate wlio, through bis 
books, spoke to the whole nation. Such books 
often die when the reforms for which they 
plead are brought albout. Heroism and ad- 
venture, appeal to the hearts of the young of 
all ages, and Kingsley's story, "Westward 
Ho" deals with the great deeds of the great 
men of Queen Elizabeth's reign. Kingsley 
waa himself a Devon man and the breath of 
the ocean is felt by those who read the "Voy- 
ages atid Adventnrea of Sir Amyi Ldgh." 

The song of the "Three Fishert" has 
touched the hearts and dimmed the mrdli of 
children in our own schools, and the Sands 
of Dee" is still ' t pofiu^T ioog, very sM 
though it is. 

One of the best, if not the best, of King- 
sley's stories is ''Hypatia," but not many 
readers of this page are yet old eiKwgh to read 
it with profit. "The Water Babies," which 
Kingslev wrote for his youngest- son,, and; 
"Glaucuf," or the "Wonders of the Shore" 
should, if possible, be in the home of every 
Victoria child. 

Kingsley was made Canon of Gicster and 
afterwards Canon of Westminster. He lived 
a very busy life and died before he had 
grown cM. NfHher the story of his work for 
the chorchr nor of the books he wrote holds 
as valuable a lessOn for all of us as the words 
of his wife who, speaking of the love ^ 
thirty-six years, said it '^riever ^u>opc6 frorti 
its lofty level to a hasty word, an impatient 
geatuie, of* a 'adlMi act, in sickneas or in 
health, in iw»iliiiir ar in atonn. ^ty cfbjr 
night." ^ . T-?^^ , 

• The love which filled Charles Kingtl^s 
heart and shone forth in his words, his deeds 
and his life has made homes liappier ever 

has reached a length that varies from half an 
inch to an inch and a b^lf the hornet returns 
nearly, but not (|Uitl, to the point Of begin- 
ning and deposits a second strip, soon mwr 
that a third and so on%o completion. 

After a certaivr stage 4n tliis singular work 
of contruction has been reached the queen 
of the hive emerges from ^ her royal seclusion 
and per(orms a most astonishing operation' 
Carrying a ball of pulp of her own, she spina 
aroimd one leg as a radius end deposits a cir- 
cular ribbon of paper. Less agile than the 
workers, .who complete their laliors in two or 
three minutes, the queen veqUMMf At least ftVO 
minutes for her .*ij}in. , > 

Instead of building annexes to the hive, 
the hornet may use half the ball of pulp in' 
ceU building, although whol^ balls of very fine 
pulp are gathered for this special purpose, ^n 
principle, cell building is exactly like the pro- 
cess described, but the paper used ia iner and 
the work xi carried on with grealn' am. Ulkt 
a good artisan, the worker retouches the moist 
-cell after completion, smoothing down in- 
equalities and finishing tha walla with re- 
quisite attention to detail. .( 

What Air Is Ma^te 

PERHAPS no better innatfaClon ol Motlier 
Nature's way of hidirt^her scietiti^ 
secrets can be ^found than man's ^gpoffMO 
concM'ning common, everyday air. 

Fn^ over one hundred years scientists be* 
lieved they knew to a nicety just what com- 
posed our atmosphere. Cavendish, Priestly, 
and Lavoisier, great chemists all of them« 
made many experiments and proved conclu- 
sively, it seemed, that air was compo^d of 
about eighty per "cent nitrogen gas and tw<!nt|r 
per cent oxygen gas. with just the merest 
trace of car4)on dioxide. For a century and 
more this analysis was accepted aa eorrcct, 
and, indeed, frequent experiments made by 
other men ftejiuned to bear out the cooduaiqbia 
of CavendHH imd his cotttemporarica. ' 

To be. sure, even Cavendish himself, an 
early as 1785, noticed that in. some of bia e^«' 
periments there remained "in his glass an in- 
soluble glass bubble, or residue. However," 
he wrote, "we may safely conclude that it 
(the residue) is not more than l*|JOth paift 
of the whole." And for three generattona 
the matter of this bubble was oooa^dered )|^a 
quite unimportant. ' 

In 1894 two Englishmen. Sir Williapi 
Ramsey and Lord Rayleigli, engaged them- 
selves seriously in a more careful and ex- 
tended series of experiments on the conatitife* 
tion of our atmosphere, with some most in- 
teresting results. In that year these two 
scientiats announced to the Royal Society 
the discovery of a new gas which thev called 
"argon." More recently, after laborioua rjt- 
•scarch, Ramsey and w. W. TraVers a«fc- 
ceeded in i.solating three more gases, each 
with different chemical characteristics. These 
gases they callfHl "neon," 'fkrypton**- .«iid 
"xenon." Previous to this, .still another ga« 
had been discovered in minute proportioof 
meaii»of that wond^l tnatruniieiit kno#ib tM 
the spectroscope. The spectftHMOfk ifetecta 
chemicals by thr cok>r they giv4 Ihe.tnMe* 
This last gas ia railed hdinm. / • '• •* 

So the air we brcatlie, .although we can 
neither smell nor Uste it. i» rather com|>li« 
cated after all. It conuitti nitrogen, oxygen, 
argon. ne»<n, krypton, helium, xenon, and car- 
bon dioxide. Besides these, traces of am- 
monia, nitvie ndd, and oionc may be fovnd, 
as well at water .vapors— 8t NiohaM 

V "Guess Who It Is?" 

t have a- dear playmate. 
Who is it? Nowthinkf^ 
Her drcM it is wMte, and her nose is ao 
I-don'e flice to handle her rou|rhlv, becaose 
I think she carries rherp pins m her pawfa.; 
I thought she was ever so dainty and neat,' 
But, oh dear! she washes her. fic|i,wi0 %tf 
IciMt ..... -i y. t;,T[ 

NoCe^The editor is moch obliged to JM* 
sic Ruddock, of Oaklandt Stliool, ^ho look 
the trouble to €0§fy these linet Ibr tlie.f^WI* 

dren's Page. 

■ o . -.J 

He that departs (utm honesty. 
For vulgar prjiisc, U9th it too dearl 

too oearu^'buy. 
— Ben JoMMb 


Jox^^s Does Her Be^* 
Man Power of Nation 

ikVING to th«^ silly lies most of us 
w«re told In childbood we are 
afraid to face frankly the prob- 
lems of birth. So as a nation we 
Wi» go Hiuddliiig along in the way 
of ov gnui<l|Mrento, and Mbkt *«oiie' appar- 
ently at tbe instigation of an ironic fairy who 
t'*'H»«<blin most frequently to women Vhp 
mft mf*»dy more thaa they want. 

'^Oiur frandparente mu^dted along «nd4ll 
waa well, at least, all seems at this ^distance 
to have been well But 4 great manj^ of our 
CnodpaKiitr lived in tho country, and the 
open spaces, clean air and sunshine did some- 
tj»«»g to oouotvact the other evils of sfhi^r 

' '1 

"Now most of us live in the towns, and 
tfcU aiajgy • great ^nd cruel difference. The 
tvHl fMt iMM mwrcnt in our grandparents' 
system ire now without the counterbalancini; 
mdf*^ ride unbridled over 'us. Look at 
ttb mnibor of b^es tha^ die: look at the 
faces of the yoifing cbiMrcn who throng .the 
towns I - 

"If you go down the mean streets of oor 
cities, searching each face for its story, for its 
revelation of the b«>dily cbndition of its owner, 
and if you can come back witiiout curses 
o n vo w lipi (ui Ui e fo llyrjHW %Mm M tite 
syitem that inakes thefn, you are built of 
cast iron. Are these puny- faced, gaunty 
bJotehv, ill-balanced,' leeWe, ungainly, with- 
flMd CMldren the young of an imperial nwf? 
\ Depleting t^t Man Power 

: /Stop and l*t us speak to Mrs. Jones. Ask 
tret why she had Jennie while Toffl was less 
than a year old, when she had only buried^ 
Sally on her second birtirflay-— ask her if she* 
theuirht she could do justice to childTeit com- 
ing in rapid succession like that! If she ia 
not dazed with stupidity by physical exhava^ 
tion she will tell you : *I -Itnew I . unm too 
weak — but there, what is one to do? They 
come, bless 'em, and or the baby is tl tni 
love for ic^%einni to grow,'hbwevef"fni]ch you 
didn't want the last one !' 

"Jennie is white and pulmg, a wailing 
«™p- Y«>» 9MU h^ n^otherlf she tMirsed Tom 
while Jennie was coming. 'Of cb'urse I had 
to. with the milk the price it was; I don't hold 
Jrtth bottle b^ies, and doctor didn't, either. 
My neighbor has had to use a bottle at t m a, 
and buried mae— eleven births, that is. ot 
obarae, then wltre others that didn't get so 

"55^** her why she and her ftei>fhbor do 
not 'MB* Of their own and thfir chil- 

dren s healtn by refusing to have babies one 
ontop of each other so that each one saps the 
•trength of the next one and all , sap the 
Mother's strength beyond fepah'P* l^e wfll 
M§m$t,; 'What can a poor -i^man do?* 
Not Mrs. Jones' Initiative 

'♦J* H in- 
.ilHi^^ for <be kda tired l, t he \^,xo 


p tb iier afld.tcn her wljat arc the facts of 
life, the meaning of what she Is doing, and 
what she ou^ht to do? 

"The senous truth is that no^ many of the 
leisured and the learned have bothered to 
.think out the meaningVof what she is doing. 
If they realized it. sttrdLir an outcry of dismay 
would bje lteMed,''lbr Mf«. is destroying 

' • 

ifoed Healthy Men and Women 

' "Strot^ healthy men and women — men 
'fit' enouffi lor ^ army, even if they are at 
woi(k' in times of peace ; wofmen strong: 
enough to be* glad mates tb men arc needed 
by the state hi ever-increasing numbers. 

"What is Mrs. Jones providing for the 
state, at great qpst^d at perpetually recurrent 
agony to herseHPT^ine times in twelve years 
she produced a potential citizen. Of these, six 
died and were expensively buried before they 
Were two years old j one lived who tohMHow 
was not 'all there;' two others live, but one of 
these has bad Csetb, and the other, as Mrs. 
Jones IterseK wikA, 'was never strong. How 
conld you expect it when he came so soon 
after the sixth?— ten and a half months it Mras, 
and he. so sinill I > neVer thought to rear 

"From Mrs. Jones's family, then, the state 
receives two wofkera^ neither 'fiC enough for 
'the army, and it has the debit account, of a 
feeble-minded child, later to be a burden as a 
potential pauper. The state Joses nine times 
6ver the healthy work of Mrs'. Jonitt for vary- 
ing periods; iVk>ses the labor spent <m babies' 
coffins, and it loses the vMitfty and joy which 
a healthy Mrs. Jones might have radiated. 
The cost to Mrs. Jonea.^erself--only a woman 
can guess. ' • 

3Nvo Hoalthy Children a Gain 

"Now, is that account between Mrs. Jones 
and the state business? I am saying nothing 
about the sentiment of it. Let Mrs, Jones 
oirty have two healthy children and no more, 
and the state would at once gain; let her ^ve 
three healthy childrfA and they wo«ld be out 
of all proportion more valuable to the State 
|han the three she has. 

"Now why ahoold'Mra. tonea ud tlMl atote 
between them suffer the ill-hcalth, the loss, 
the birth agonies nine times over fpr two un- 
astiiCftctory results, when she might have had 
a reasonable expectation of producing three 
or four good children from three, or four care- 
fully arranged,- controlled and cared' for 

"Why? She needed the Icnowledge of 
what is called ibirth ocmteol' to begin with. 
Why did she not have it? Echo answers, be- 
cause iff^ournational stupidity, prudery and 
barbariam. The conditions of modern hfe are 
a defiafice of 'Nature,' and yet we do not equip 
the mothers of , the race with tlie know ledge 
necessary wiselir to control the unnatural 
conditions of life in which they find them- 

sired. nild^.^mil.4li^:^mii.'*^^ thfiL 
.veins. ■ ■ - ^ 

.^■;,/;]C^•,1s^•i^;Be•ch. " • 

Soak one-ball pound of liver in cotd 
water, wipe dry and cut into slices. Dip 
slices into, f jour bcasoncd with pepper and 
^ salt l^ry om-hAlt pound 6f sliced bacon in 
* frying pan and fry -slices of liver in bacoti j^t*. 
Scrve-with bacon and cruun f^ravv. 

^ Calf's Liver, Terrapin Style * 

Remove the skin and veins from« a half 
'pound of calf liver sliced thin and wipe with a^ 
damp cloth. * Place in a saucepan and cover 
with one quart of boiling water, and add fag- 
got of soup herbs. Cook" slowly twenty min- 
utes and then drain. Blanch under cold run- 
niiig water^'jMU dry and cut into one-inch 
bloeki.^ Vom place in a stueepan with twO- 
tablcspoons of Swift's Premium oleomar- 
garine and one onion minced fine. Cook 
slowly^ttBtS «inder^ talcing care not to brown, 
afidrw<fti add two tableiy o ooy 4geiiM«rdli 


Taking Proper Care of ! the Teeth 
An Aid to Looking One's Bbst ; 

IT ia uaeteia to take endlfift paina with your 
hair, domg it in every atyle that oomes 
along, if 'you neglect your teetli. Without 
good teeth we cannot be beautiful, neither 
eaa we be perfectly healthy. Both upon the 
score of health and good looks the proper 
and intelligent care of one's teeth is impera- 
tive. In early childhood, very frequently 
much mischief is done by over-feeding, by the 
immoderate consumption of aweets, improper 
food and over«doMa ^ of medicine. Strong 
acids, too, are very injurious, corroding and 
softening the teeth. For this reason never 
use a daitimee cdaiaining aeid, beeanae the 
temporary whitening o! the enamel is gained 
^t■ the ^pense.of the polish and tootii itsdt 

J'poth washes and powders shonld be 
either astringent, alkaline, antiseptic or neu- 
tral, Alkalines tei^ to neutralise the acidity 
caused by the decomposition of acid foods. 
Astringent and antiseptic ones are beneficial 
in hardening and preserving the gums, and 
neutral preparations, such as» chalk, produce 
a poliaiiuig effect only. 

Bxtremca Hantafn! 

Very hot drinks and unlimited ices are bad 
for the teeth. These extremes tend to crack 
and injure the outer enamel of the teeth and 
decay is soon set up. 

Health, too, has much to do with the state 
of the teeth. Good teeth assist the digestion 
by thoroughly masticating the food. There- 
fore it is necessaary to pay the greater at- 
tention to their general condition. 

Brush them at least night and morning. 
The former practice is frequently neglected, 
aS^^kov^' it is of the greatest importance. JE^ 
so doing the particles of food are removed 
which otherwise would remain m all night, 
«a^^ up fermentatioar, thenehy ^aitaiog th» 
impurity to result in decay of the teeth. 
Decayed Tooth Infecta Others 

Directly a topth show^ signs 9f decay, the 
diseataed part sbouRt be remcwed, ao as to pre- 
vent it affecting the others. In the days gone 
by, the only thing to be done under the cir- 
cumstancea was to ejrtract the tooth, how^ 
ever firmly it might be fixed in the gums of 
the unfortunate patient, but now acientibc 
knowledge is brought to bear, and decay can 
be removed, or the tooth judiciously trei^ted. 

If, on the other hand, it has gone too' far, 
and extra^tloft; or taking it off the ^m, is 
imperative, then, for tKe sake of one's health 
and appearance^ artiiclnl tec^h ihoitld tabe 
their place. ' ' 

To keep the teeth good and sound, th^ 
shoii|d be thoro«|gMy nverhnnlcd M 

every sbc months or to. Vet few do so. GWtm 
good teeth, the posiiiior ia »pt to rest con- 
tent in t|)e inrtHPt mmI Mt os • viait to th« 
u^uuai. V 

Do not use too hard a toothbrush, and if 
the gums are tender those , made of badger';; 
hair will be found the 4>est gee that the 
toothbrush ia. rinsed very tbo»9ligh]y and mt 
up to dry after each use. 

Vegetariana trace most of the ilia to 
which Qesb k heir to the habit of eating meat 
They point not only to graminivorous animals, 
but to tiic Oriental races of mankind, who 
live on fruit and palee» Mid lowiibly. have 
beautiful teeth. No doubt we shduld all be 
better in health for eating Jess met^ end iporc 
fruit, vegettblfi «nd oera^a. 

Chmi TiwiiMil 

Affections of the gutns are very often con- 
nected with the general health, ^d with ots • 
easei aodi as dyapepein* teofeh are apt to 

become loose as a result of disease of the 
gunrs or the improper use of drugs. The 
month should always be rinsed ont wiUi ttpid 
water, to which a pinch of boracic powder has 
been added^ after taking medicine. 

Gntirboila are symptoms bf inflammation 
at the root of a tooth. A piece of toasted fig 
placed over it is a simple but effectual treat- _ 
ment. When it has broken go to the dentist. 
An abscess is known to be forming when 
toothache of a continuous throbbing char- 
acter ia preatat. The moutli ahould be rinsed 
reqneiicly with hot sralnr.' 

' About Dentifrtcea 

As regards dentifrices in the form of 
powder, paste and liquid preparations, tliere 
are many excellent ones, but.aomtt diMliMai 
advise camjihorated chalk alone. 

If the gitms are spongy, sore or loose 
from the teeth, a few drops of tincture of 
mprrrh in water, and the mouth rinsed with it 
night and morning, will usually effect a cure. 
An exeaUcnt aatrlflgeat powder am be made 
with two ounces of precipitated chalk, one 
ounce of borax, half an ounce of powderod 
'm3rrrii and half an ounce of orria root powder. 
A weak solutk>n of borax is ^ aamlal ttdas to 
use the last thing at night 

Bagnlar Viaita 10 Dentist 
It should be superfluous to advise *bt M k» 
having the charge of children to see that 
teeth are regnlarly cleaned, and if there ia the 
slightest malfotviatiqn or overcrowding to 
consttit a dentist Oiildren's teeth are often 
ruined for the want of a little professional at- 
t^i^ tttlttjid^ time. Br ao doing much 

simple Little-Frock Has 
Charming Effect 

I not yet twenty— or can manage 

* to IMMt afduiid twenty — you can wear 
those enchanting little jeune fille frocks of 
hattffcerchicf linen that are all the craze this 
8Mimi at Palm Beach. They are worn with 
broad-brimmed hats and, of course, a pa^ol 
moti with the outfit. No trimming oh such a 
mile frock, you understand, just tiny, hand- 

rl tucks, hemstitching or corded pipings put 
by hand. They are the last word in dainty 
distinction, and the line^ are so aitnple any 
woman can make oiie of these iittlkLirocics' for 
herself for next Summer if she procures a few 
yards of filmy handkerchief linen and has a 
wicil df fbef needlework. ' -^r- 

So many women, these maidlesa -days, do 
tjjitr ow n howaework, that aprons are im- 
fMlam,,lt«m« of the 'wardrobe. Pinafore 
aprons always rather becoming and 

JMueWi* They aw made of pink chara- 
mwf» b»by blue checked gingham or of snow 
white linen and the edges are hot hemflied, 
ant are bound with bias lawn such as you can 
pnrehaae by the piece of twelve yards. The 
SKirt part of the apron is cirtmlar in cut and 
covers the dress skirt well. The belt buttons 
neatly at the back, .and the bib, wide enouirh 
to protect the front of the bfoaae or bodiee, 
baa curved ends that gd around the neck and 
at the back. Pockets add to the 


^ New Lingerie Blouaea 

Ma m4 of sheer bafiste with trimming of 
lace insertion and shirred net. the strips of 
shurednet set between the stnng of lace and 
the ^rboU ^tted as 9 hv^i .trimming. A 
blouse of this type has the banding around a 
igl^arenech, down the front and at the edge of 
tba oboir ileeve. Another model of pale 

^^ .!^1^«?/^V""g« the pink batiate 
DtniwHi mcR-wHie insertlona of crcta^ lace. 

House Cleaning Mania Is 
Detrimen tal to Happiness 

* •r\iJ]UllG4iN war my dtilica lodb^ nil 
*^ o#er Bagland, and I waa billeted hi 
d aa aw s of honaea and saw the internal eeon< 
omy of many homes," remarked an army offi- 
cer in an intffview wM the cbcttdpoadent of 
a Loiiddifc newapaper. 

fMMa bl iMmen impressed me oar- 
Wiamllftad, "the mcorrisibly tary 

and the inveterately ctean. And I cahie to the 
conclusion that the average husband suflfers 
more from the woman with the cleaning-up 
mania than he docs from the woman who shuf- 
flM'h,er work. 

Fetiah for Cleanliness * 

"I have been in homes wliere comfort, con- 
venience, utility are all sacrificed on the altar 
of super-cleanliness. Evei^^ing is spick and 
span. Then, before the uftlucky family have 
enjoyed it for more than an hour or so, every- 
thing is diaraantled again and the place is 
turned upside dow^i a* ^ ofiennyr to the ieliab 
of cleenlinesi. * . 

♦*Thefe ia ao comfort in such a home. If 
you drop a tnatth^ qn the floor your hostess 
<»t«nta^usly stoops and picks it up. If your 
we(. boots, no matter how you cleaned them 
on the mat leave the ali^test mark on the 
floor, she will pause in whatever she is doing 
to dry— or ring for a maid to do so— 
tad talk at yon all the time about the place 
never being clean. If you put a nowapaper 
on the table for five minutes or a book on the 
couch, when yottfwant it lo, it has gone. 'The 
house IS never tidy,' she tells you, and she 
can t have the place littered up.' 
' ^^ecomes a Mania 

"A woman with this* obsession is a burden 
on a man. She cannot realize tliat he haa a 
sh^e in the thome>as well as she has. She 
cannot undferstand that after the rigid discip- 
nne of the array or the office he wanta to enjoy 
relaxation in his own home. To'hcr it iaBer 
home, her sphere, ^cr palace.' " 
- "More domestic happiness is ruined by the 
^^eaning-up- mania than by cruelty or select. 

"Let such women take this warning. Let 
them realiae tfiat a man Wffnis not only to use 
but to enjoy hi^^home, and that it does not add 
to his happiness to have every atom of com- 
fort and joy scrubbed out of it" 
— o ^ . 

Dishes of JUyer 

T^HIS tender, nourishing meat is in great 
* demand. It contains a higher percent- 
•tj of protein than any other meat product 
and because of thi freedom from waste, is a 
highly concentrated food. Liv^r ia f superior 
item for the nena aqd ia so consldlred by 
most epicures. Liver when prepared in an 
auractive fluaner makes a dish that will 
satis^ MM exacting. It can be easily 
utilued to ritplaoe the more expensive cuts 
of m«t, I«afflb, beef and >orit livers are 
eqnuly aa fo6d aa calf liver and much cheap, 
er In the following recipes oaefcmd mtf be 
salMtituted for another. 

Method of Treparing Liver— Pour boiling 
water over sliced liver and let stand fora 
few mmutcc Drain and wipe dty. If de> ' 

The charm this youthful tailored suit of black and 
white check is enb.anced by tJie chick Tsil-draped 
isttor-fcatr^ra hy a very stft ^ tt ye y o — g modsL 

* ' • -^'Vt'^ ' . ! ! ' "]'. ft 1 ' m ! \ ' \ ■ ■ . ' . - t ' ' ■ 

and one cup of milk. ' Bring to a boil and cook 
for three minutes. Now add the prepared 
liver and the yolk of one egg and season with 
•alt, pepper and lemon jiiice. Sth'^carefully 

* until boiling point is reached; Serve on toast- 

Calf Liver Croquettes 
Wipe with damp cloth one-half pound of 
calf liver. Place in ^ saucepan* with one small 
li onion and cover with boiling water. Cook 
until tender and then drain. Cool, put through 

* ."xxichopper. and then place in a bowl and 
add twb.tobleap9on8 of mii^ onion, two tea-' 

Brown Beijtaf 
a cttpe brc^ crumbs; teaapoon cinna- 
mon; % teaspoon nutmeg; i lemon, juice and 
rind; cup maple syrup; 1 copa chopped 
applesi 3 4ab|eapoona melted batter mmsti- 
tute; % cup .water. Mix bread crumbs with 
butter substitute. Place half the chopped ap- 
ples in a well-oiled baking dish, cover with* 
hail the bread crumtia and add half each of the 
maple syrup, well-mixed spices and lemon. 
Arrange a second la.ver, uaing the remaining 
matienala, and pomr in botwwa«er. < If applaa 
are very juicy, part or all of the water may be 
omitted. Bake the mixture in a»modi|nate 
oven 'ttAii( apples are tend^ 

Houadiokl Hintft 

much Uqmd as flour. 

Some Jorm of salad ahmO^ yi^ wiOi any 

kind of hot chicken. • 


Knitted underwear ia t great wAam aa it 

needs no launderin|^. 

it is an excellent 
can get along with. 


I pint milk; J4 cup brown sugar; flavor- 
injS:; 2 eggf or 3 yolks j;^2 <^s. chocolate; pinch 

Charming Evening Frock 

Tfce besattfvl crestfcn aupUyed to wInMmcly W thU 
happy yoang fnon wai made of black sHk uffcta. 

of salt Scald the milk, add the beaten eggs 
with whkh the broWn sugar and melted choco- 
late have been mixed. Add also salt and 
flavoring, which may be «x)und cinnamon or 
ttOtiM^ j rather 'than liqnid 'dMMi4C SMUn 
into cups rinsed in cold water, or into one 
mold. Steam over water or in a pan of water, 
or set in a pan of water and fUace an the AYdn 
to bake. Cook iMit4 fffifff- on tQP Wd torn in. 

. Strawberry Coalitod Fia 

Lme a pie tin wdJi good . rich do^lgk And 
bake a golden brown., lomUents for filling: 
One pint fresh strawbetiiea, l-^cop granu- 
lated sugar, 2 eggs. Method : Waab^ftd bnll 
strawberries, cutting through lai^e ones ; add 
Vi cup sugar; break up yolks of eggs with re- 
maining su^ and add to the strawbarrita; 
beat up whites of eggs to stiff frotfi and feed 
into the mixture^ Ppor all iaio the baked 
shell MdMa;«aiteataabi a iM^aM oven. 
The aocceaa oCthia pie ia Wi mpfm^mng. 

Many flower holder? are deaitabia lor fha 
household which loves flowers. 

Orange gelatine served H Oilflgt iMin 
makes a most attr actjge^w ert ^ 

Attach a rubber tube from the gas jk> long 
enougti to reach to the front of the range. Put 

' ?P **** <be tube, light It 

and hold It under the grate alrca4y fHled with 
coal. A steady flow of gas for a few mintftes 
SidiSS^wwS/ without using ai|y 


spons of salt, on»4ialf,t«Mspoon of white pep- 
per, one <upfnl of very thick white sauce and 
one-half cup of fine bread crumbs. Mix to 
fhorooghly blend and tWntpoui on brge plat- 
ter to cool, setting In iccbbx for three hoora. 
M<^d into ctoqueues, dip in beaten egg, roll 
m fkMir and fry in h^t fat until golden brown. 
Serve with tomato aante. 

Take a round sponge cake or angelHbod 
cake and- take oat the inside, makfi^^ a Civl|y 

large enough to hold a little over one pint 
Into one pint of whipped cream stir one-half 
dozen chopped maramnattows. one doaen of 
chopped raisins, one dozen blanched almooda, 
six chopped walputs, one doaen chopped can- 
dled cherijea, mm; teaapoon chopped citron. 
Flavor with wA fm kito 

circle of cafc^ 

, „ ' 'Miliar »Mta ' 

Four iKwada hani giaau fieara, 4 pomidi 

sugar, % j*>und green ginger root, ^ pound 
lemon, grated, sqaeese juice. Peal pears and 
cut m thin alkea; p^ ginger root in water 
and soak overnight; peel and slice thhi; add 
sugar and lemons; boU all tQCctfier 45 min- 
nt^; boil syntp down until tUdi eaongb; put 
in jara. ^ 

; , Stiff Me Merfflgne 

Two cgp, TfAj^ beaten very stiff (iilrer 
fork on aptelidr); pincbulaak; i am eugar. 
with >4 teaapodn baking powder hi k; a tea- 

Coolie ehapea are 
lor young'girla.. 

Many find that as their wear their furs the 
fur it ^>t to become sodden-loofckig and dull. 
A good way to remedy tbif to hang th& ' 
out in the air» then take a whisk broom, dip its 
Ksta grain alcohol •and brush vigorottsly the 
wrong way of the fur. Soinetimcs a comb 
helps to hMsen up the nutted paru. Use plenty 
of alcohol and brush until eveiy inch has been 
covered-^lways bni^hmg the wrong way W 

^iJ^'ux ^^^"^ ^ ^^^y «>««>n»e 
thoroughly dried, pouadiig them occasionally 
with the flat side of the whisk broom. Wl^ 
well aired, brush with e stiff brush the rS * 
way. . . ■ 

The brocaded velvet which is so popular 
this aeasoo cm easilv be made at homeSiSth a 
iktle care. Uae pilto irehret or velveteen. 

^ ^ . I»ttem of lace with a da> 1 

cided design. Wring it out in water, pbea 

^'^iL ^ ^ *»mn. put a dry 

cloth over aU and press dry with a hot iroi 


Taek n pieee^ eotk lo the.short leg, uAm 

In and so will not 
aenMi the floor and the cork itself wiU act like 
a rubber pad, - 

I thmk with tn 4ue dalevcnee. 
To the fair single part of the 
The Married ladiea ahould 

^ . ^ ifiduimraatioo. 
And, being autaral, uatnraQy please. 


[AS the moViQf>|>idture houg^Uvcd 
' up to Hs |MJMifciHfif>? ~^Rr#^tri€d 

to ^ie»r a lot about th^ educa- 
ikiOMX, Vatue of the movica"; 

• thqr w«fe to <>ring thcTyoung 
idea" into iliti ^rt* '^mWf 4^«lgw cMtntrks ; 
they were to teach foreigners of the openings 
in the Weaumr H«mi«pii«re, Have they dcme 
itf To • Mtsfai ttctflot ther b«ve. One Iroase 
in town regularly shows a series of "Outing" 
f>iccut«s which vc iitftructivcj^s titey are 
«at«miniii|[V- Bat occa i bii| %/ '%» rac^e 
from the other side of the line pictures which 
are •Uf>ppMd to be morally iniormiitivc. We 
had'^ such teat w^ek. Tl^iilelllres were 
vondkcd for Woman's Board of Censors, 
and were designed to 'enlighten young girls of 
the perils that beset them. Well, if that is the 
kind of enligbtenment which s^ung girla are 
to obtain, I, for one, would say "Keep them in 
ignorance." Thfire are more w^ys of killing 
m cit Ibiii drowning it. an4 thcr» are l>etter 
ways of "putting wise" the rising generation 
th^ the furoduction of pictures whKh appeal 
t9 tile prmlent in our midtt. hot which con- 
tain no information that an innocent child can 
understand. I am no "Pumpur^n'' ; people 
kaam me round town and tncy know that I 
trsrd round with the. boys. But I still retain 
•aMbdn.ideM ol decency^ »nd (.thip)fi jtjhat these 
infiSirmative films should be barred in any city 
which flies the Unton Jack and contains men 
and women who believe that, after all, fathers 
and mothers are the best people to enlighten 
their lODt and daugbteni, 

• . ♦ ♦ « • 

The above is rather more serious stuff than 
I nsttally write. Let me tell you a story to 
' i^et the wte otit of yottr mottth. Two men in 
Victoria were recently talking over a modest 
jglass of beer; they were not citizens; they 
nad.m^ely come in to have a little time to- 
r before going out x)n another job. Saitl 
one to the other, "Say, Jack, what's all this 
I've read in the papers lately about reincar- 
nation?" What is reincarnation, anyway?" 
Replied his friend, "Well, reincarnation means 
that after you ihave shuffled off this mortal 
eoityou come baek again to tliis earth.'* *X3ee," 
said the first man. "if B.C. is going to con- 
tinue 'dry/ I hope the angels will had me an- 
' other 6aiytati6ni^ ■ 

♦ ♦ ■ » ■ ■■». ^ '• ' 

I have ofloi wondered why it is, tljat Pan- 
, dora Avenue has never received the ad\ef- 
' fising that other streets in town have had 

• tlifOiVA at them. The Marine Drive, of course, 
is a. feature of Victoria which well (lcscr\ cs 
all thi^ publicity which it can get. Yates 
Streak is one of the finest thoroughfares a man 
c^n tread, but Pandora has always been l«ft 
out in the cold^. . A?,d yet. it, iff a hne i^trcet. 1 i 
the City Council can' ever get enough money 
together to lay out ^e top eiid pf it, as they 
have done bplow, it will i)e unique: The 

^ Christian Scientists have shown excellent 
• ^ judp^ent in choosing the top of the street for 
their new church, and I am looking for the day 
when Pandora will be recognised for what it 
H U, vuE., a magnificeint stt^et' Ind^j^iL fogic;;ail 
tvciiite to 0»k Bay. ^ ^ 

* ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

I wish that the a\t:rage man at^d vyoman 
f wottM i^e more considerate 'Ih the uie of the 
telephone. I used to think, at one time, that 
women we're the only offenders; I realize now 
lliat men are just as bad. To ''anyone who 
' takes the trouble to observe, it is extraordi- 
nary how many people have come to regard 
the telephone as a vehicle of conversation in- 
> stead of aa a business convenience. I was 
» listening to a man in a business office last 
week ; I had gone to see him on business, and 
there were two other men waiting. My matt 
\ ' . wds on the 'phone ; I do not know who was at 
the other end, but I am quite certain that it 
was not a business man.- My man was 
'Southing" endearments and generally con- 
' doctitig himself as though he was talking to 
his win. I was disgusted and took'my busi- 
ness elsewhere. I don't know whether the 
other fellows waited or not, but I could see 
that they were "fed up." Then again, how 
often have you been told 'Xme Busy"? You 
wait a reasohable time and ring np again. 
, "Line atill busy," and you know- that the man 

f" ' ybtt ai^ trying to get is just philandering in- 
stead of attending to bukineaa. Isn't, that true ? 

•We use the decimal coinage in Canajjia and 
t ' we han'^ l«*d piiges of artieles in bid Cbun- 

try papers urging the use of a similar coinage 
there. Whether or not the Old Country will 
; ever abolish their half<rowns and sixpence^ 
* is a matter whicli lies on the knees of the gods. 
But are we^uite logical? Why do not we 
iV oufiaelves adopt a rational method of keeping 
a||siim<rf We are dependent to a large' extent on 
a great railway transportation system which 
' numbers its hours from one to twenty-four. 
During the war the military authorities found 
that a similar time system was useful. In- 
stead of writing 4 jp.m. we wrote i6 hours, and 
it was a saving in wh« knessag^s. I think 
that the adoption of a uniform time .system on 
the twenty-four hour basis would be' a great 
* ' ^convenience to the country at large. 

.\ larj^c and disting^^ished rnqmhcr of the 
community was pHrauing the even tenor of 
his way down^ Ooifemment Sitreet laai Mon- 
day when he trod on a piece of ice. lying on 
the sidewaMc, where it had been carelessly left 
, bj the vendor. Now. iCyon arc large and *diti- 
tingtiiahed, neither ypur size nor ydur dis- 
tinctions will help you under .such circum- 
stances, and the man I was following fell 

• down, vtiy loudly and ponderous^, and what 
' he said about the ice*man I would hate to re- 
peat But what partkularjy struck my fancy 
waa that baeatMe M "Ma tirgie and distin- 

.fW gnashed, people ca«ne burrying up to help him 
on hia iaet, and they all had nasty things to 
SAT about[the ice-man. Let some other poor 
fellow ifini^ ii n0t tegt jUmI idisfinguished fall 
into the aame predi<iament, and what do |>copK 
say? Well, you know as well as 1 do what 
^they aay.- There was a certain man Who'weiit 
^dorwn to Jericho, and when he fell info trouble 
it wa$ veitlicr the priest nor the Levite who 
I camt t» Ma nacue, but j«at a popr ^mariun. 



• It appears that'therc i.>^ quite a shortage uf 
piano i>layer8 in tOivn, Ih^t ih, of .men who can 
.tura up,*^ » club concert and pla^ front eatr or '^ 
from ' music. 1 do not think that there is 
really a shortage, but I do think that many a 
man who would be glad to make the odd five- 
apeC js^ hiding hi$ light under a bushel and is 
not coming forward to let his comrades know 
that he can help both them and Jiiitlsell by 
"bRting tile ivorifc}" on occa'albn; I adppoae 
that in saying this I shall bt running foul of 
the Musicians' Union, but 1 (k) think that if a 
man is a good amnateur and iJi. willing to sup- 
plement his weekly, wage by attending as 
pianist at an association concert he shoiild ad- 
vertise himself in a quiet sort of way. 

The airshe«ls next to unrs were <m:cu- 
M M Am cfi can a i rM t aH) w ho i l ^ t n 

bad the 
be very fi 

y;ooo fttit. 

English agency. We got to 
i«d had Hlkl almost daily on 

Canada Will Present War 

• Qaim$ Next May 

————— • 

CANADA js making full provision for set- 
tlement of all .claints {pr and against 
Germany. Part Vlll. of the Peace Treaty on 
Reparation TaHs for, th? presentation on May 
I, 1921, of all claims for reparation. The lar- 
gest Canadian claim arises in connection with 
pensions which have to be paid to naval and 
military victims of war. and their dependents, 
now amounting to $35,000,000 a year. 

The next important claim will come under 
losses at sea, in life and property, under the 
ton for ton principle recognized in .-^nnex III. 
id the part on reparations. — Other claims un^ 
der the head of nialtrcatnu-nt of prisoner.s of 
war. injury to person and loss of property will 
approximate $35,000,000.' All claims-are not 
in yet, but are called for by the Secretary of 
State. So far as known, the Government has 
not fixed on any sum. 

The treaty provides that the Kej)arr.tion 
Comniission delegates shall be nominated by 
•thie five great Powers* and where they, are di- 
rectly interested, also Hclgitmi and the'Serb- 
Croate-Slovene state. Great Britain is men- 
tioned in this connection as the diplomatic 
authority, and in consequence Canada and the 
other British Dominions will deal with the 
Kep^ation Commission through )hc Brit.ish 
delegate, Sir John Bradbury. 

Olwiafcliago^tatlafta to Be Made 

The* economic of the treat} , lyidcr , 
Sections 3 and 4, providing for property rights 
and {interests and for debts, ii^alce provision fior 
direct s«tlcme.nt wkh Gernllany. The Gov- 
ernment of Canada therefore will deal directly 
with Germany, and in that way bring about a 
prompt settlenienc a^ close to wbat the inter- 
ested parties both Want as cin be efTccted. A 
clearing house will be, opened in Candida for 
both d«>tdr$ and creditors withithc Oerptaa^, 

and every facility oflfcrcd to atl^oocer lied' lo 
get settlement pf claims. 

Accordhig to statement of ^claims- entered 
so far, it would appear that the small claims 
for debts will amount to about $2,000,000 frOm 
both sides, with a slight advantage m tavor ol" 
the Germans. But with respect to property 
it is different; the Canadian custodian, the 
Minister of Finance, has property in trust 
amotlnting to a total of approximately 
000,000 belonging to Germans and .\u.sirians. 
The largest item is one of about }^i5,ooo»cxx3.of 
CanaiHan Pacific Railtoifd stock owned b}' 

Under Article .297 of the treaty Canad.i has 
the right to liquidate this property to meet 
claims for compensation to property, interest 
charges, and in order to realize on the awards 
o^ the R^aration ConurlTssion. But ihere is 
no present intentbn on the part of the Govern- 
,ment of going the limit in thi.s connection. 
Canadian Currency to Be Used 

Article 296 of the treaty stipulates that the 
pre-war rate of eychaiUj^e will be binding <m 
Germany and that payment will have to be 
made in the currency of the Allied state con- 
cerned. To enforce the literal terms tm Ger- 
many rightf away would mean to cxtitij^uish 
the capacity-of some German debtors to pa)', 
and Consequent loaa to the CanadtHh ci-cditors 
involved Hence time and fair dealing will 
be needed to get at thje adjustment and set- ' 
tlement. . 

The treaty provides that German nationals 
who accpiirc genuine naturalization of anv 
Allied power are not to be considered as Ger- 
man nationals in relation to property. ITicre 
arc'many thousand.s of Germans ar.d Aus- 
trians in Canada who were naturalized before 
the" war for whom this provision will mean a 
lot. Their property will be restored t«K(|i|||toi; ' 
providing their naturalization was genttine 
and their condtscft during; the war was correct. 
The policy of the Government will be to trans- 
fer back to the original owners all enemy 
property now held by the custoilitti as soon as 
it can be done in relation to tl^ Undoubted 
good 'faith of the (icrman Government in its 
pcgotiations with Canada and her nationals. 

The entire que.stion is betng dealt with by 
the Secretary of .State, lion. Arthtir L.'Sifton, 
andl by a committee of three, made up of 
Thdnaa Milhfty, Under-Secretary of Sute; 
CoT.^O. M. Btggar, and C. C. Rbbinion. ' 
— o 

Does Volcanic Dust Cause 
Influenza? * ^ 

New York Herald, as the iMi>d»ct of the 
recent acquirement and amalgajnation of the 
two great >few York dailies by Mr, Frank 
Munsey is rtow called, auggestf, in the follow- 
ii^l^lafter, a novel explam^on ^the caose^f 
the prevailing influenza cpidemip. and cites 
tlic experience of AlUed airmen in support of 

Ip 191O my son and itiy»elC white Aoing de- 
vel^ment work in aviation, were stationed 
at HettdOQ Flying Grounds, just outside Lon- 

a flight to ^ ceiling uf about 
came to me and asked me if 

there was any fMi>'^icdl reason for an air layer 
of different ,:ConBtitu«f^y about 5.000 feet up 
and about t/xji.itet thick; S:as|ced' hirarpne- 
^iscfy w.liat he meant, an4 a« i)ear aa 1 can re- 
hts exact words they were: "Tbere is 
something like a choking dust or fog up there. 
I never*mct anything like it before. It seema 
to affect my nostrils and throat, makes me 
sneeze and cou|^, and I am dizzy for a while 
after famUng." ; • ><• 

Tfih was in May. 1916. when the Battle of 
Verdun was on. We all felt that heavy bom- 
bardments had disturbing effects on the wea- 
ther and that the constant cannonading was to 
some extent at least responsible. In a few 
days Beatty keeled over while adjusting a 
plane in bis shed. He was taken home and 
had all the symptoms and experiences that 
now go with the "flu." 

Beatty just escaped pneumonia and*wap 
laid up for a while. When he came bade lie 
acted the same as many men did later on re- 
covery who had the "flu" at Dayton, Ohio, at 
McQook, and other ^i^ds in O fetob<^ , i^tS. . 

In 1916, In tile Bprtng, we knew nothing 
about the Spanish influenza as I recall it. If 
my memory serVes me right, the first epidemic 
in Westem'^urojple did not come untd later, 
and anyhow, cases of just illneM" Were not 
heeded much in those days. 

Thinking over Beatty's experience, which 
was matched by others who noted the peculiar 
dusty effect when flying at the altitude named, 
?md which was pooh-poohed by other airmen 
who did not observe it. 1 recalled that preced- 
ing the epidemic of grip in the late '80's Kra- 
katoa, the volcano, blew its hi^ad ofT and threw 
into the upper air great cTdads of red dust 
which were reported to have circled the entire 
earth seven or t^re times before disappearing 
in the upper strata or settling to the surface 
of the earth, as the case might .be • This led 
me to recall the volcanic explosion in Japan 
arfd the g;reat cloud of haze and dust thrown 
up thereby. 

• It is true that no epidemic followe<l the 
eruption of Mont f'clee in Martinique. Re- 
cently I talked with a well known physician 
of Xcw York about the i)ossiblc initial cause 
of the "flu." lie told me that it wa« his opin- 
ion that the disease was nbt microbi^, and that 
the virulence of the located germs and the low 
resistance of . their unwilling human hosts 
might be caused, Wy soyne unknown chemical 
^ction engendered by a remote natural cause. 

Now I do not dogmatically assert that the 
cpidemkjs of grip and "flu" were caused by 
volcanic dust or by some chemical saturation 
of the earth's atmo.sphere by such volcanic 
dust ; I offer such an explanation tentatively 
and for examination. > - 

'I shall be attacked by who fail %d 
take into consideration the time element al-- 
ways existing between causae and effect and 
who may pityirjgly ask what dust clouds dif 
years before could hav^e to do with epidemics 
of a later period. But time i« esseptial for 
propagation and virulent deve>opmeait of mi- 
crobes as well as the |[ro\yth of Wheat. 
-' If these two epidemicsv were, the result pf 
chemical aetbn set lip by the volcanic d6Mj^ 
y they were the result of otlier remote influ-, 
euces, it •niight be worth while to note_iuid in-v 
vesttgate. Tfier rapid spi^d(bf '<^u'' in iQfi: 
and even now cannot be caused by communi- 
cation from, one infected . place to smother. ' 
Physicians who tell the tetjj^h weflf puzaled by 
the c\ident irruption, In widely ^. separated! • 
places, of the scourge in J918. Suppose that 
there is no booster mierobe in the' volcapic 
duit that acts on the pneumococdis sdrf'iin* 
creases its vfrulence. 4nay this impalpable dust, 
have an opposite or depressive result^ cw'^lfae^ 
human sysMtn, pavtkuffHy the nierttbranes bf 
the inspiratory members and by rediuing 
their vitality or resistive powers mak^ them 
more receptive to the attack of the always 
present pneumonia germs? Or may this finely 
powdered dust act as a fertilizer to ordinarily 
semi-dprmant microbes and endow them with 
vindent activity? 

I don't know. T merely submit tlie sug- 
gestion. It is interesting to note that both epi- 
demics worked westward and thtt both began 
in Asia, and that the passage of the volcanic 
dust clouds due to the rotation of the earth- 
Was Westward alao. • ^ 

Costs and Wool Profiles 

Is »gh Becwiise the Ottlers Are Excessi 

TtlE Loo*fi;1pip«a ^da;a.i>|<?if|qi^ 
tiop between the coat of clothhi^'and the 

great boom in the English w«»li5r^^°J ^ . 
Uils the e«traordinary expanaioft ipf ^4iM»r < 
during and ainct the war. 

in no depa/tment of British industry has 
there been greater prosperity since pre-war 
days t^ in tlie textile industry. THe boom that 
was in progress during th^ war, when the exe- 
cuting of huge array contracts prov(j|ed spin- 
ners and mannfacturera wMi U** ouudmum 
amotmt of work that their plants were capable 
of turning out, has been foUow5|d by aii even 
greater post-war bo6m. 
J The . main causes of this present phenom- 
enal activity are by now fairly weH known. 
The end of the war has found the world's sur- 
plus supply of textile goods swept away, in- 
vblving a furious demand from all quarters. 
We have had to witness the spectacle of a con- 
tinent in rags, bfcreft both of Surplus goods and 
to a large extent of the means of supplying 
them on its own account. becauue-Ol-thk .wide- 
spread war 'devastation wrouf^t iai iadnatrial - 
districts. * Great BriUin is at the present time 
virtually the only country with an ei^itable 
surplus of textile goods, and all indioRions 
pomt^o manufadturers in this country finding 
a ready outlet ^or a41 they can produce for 
some years to come. 

Side by side with the hungry demand from 
abroad there is the heaviness of present horAe 
consumption. As an outcome of the inflation 
caused by the war, the domestk demand for 
clothing and nfanu factored goods of all kinds 
was never larger 4han it is today ; moreover, 
the demand in consequence of the prevalent 
high scale of wajges continues to concentrate 
upon goods of the finer qualities. This fact 
helps to exi)lain the inordinate rise in the price 

w^o ( !? ' u'ciay'*^ r f etchin g^aboii t "£^k)"per bale, as 
compared with a pre-war cost of £io to £25; 
and incidefitali)^' it' may' be added tile cost of 

the Mme goods in i8<)5 was less than £10. It 
is understood thaj. the majority of Yorkshire 
spinners and manuMcturers have alreauly sold 
the whole of their outptit well on towards the 
end of the year, aiid orders placed recently 
have been at contini^^usly advancing prices. 

Some idea of the prosperity attending the 
woollen textile indu/^try may be obtained by a 
comparison of the profits, dividends, and share 
prices Of a -few leading public eompanies asso- 
ciated with the industry. The Bradfor<l Dyers' 
Association, one of the largest and soundest 
of the North-pountry textilt^ <x!iiii|ittes, is a 
typical case. Its record in the five, years to 
Decem^ber 3^ has been as follows: ' ' 

' OMm ?r«t Ortf. I>«»i>*> 't» CarrlM 

proAJl pront div. elation reserve forward 



»ey may talk of their horses an' houses, 
The pictures that hang on the wall, ' , 
The fine sparkling rings on their iingeri». 

The servants that come at their call, 
The swiaJi of their silk.s and their satins, 

Roast beef and plnm puddin' each day, . 
But I envy no woman her riches. 

When Dennis comes hom< to his tav. 

To be sure when he goes in the morn in' 
With the cirildren to cicifif and to comb, 

.\nd the three little roo<ns to make decent 
In the bit of a place here at home ; 

With the mendin' and 'washin' and makin' 
.\nd dinner to get. by the way, ' 

There isn't much. time t'o In? idle • • 

UKtiFbe comes home to his tav. 

' . « ■ 

Biff then we're as nice and -as lidy 
- .As if we liad money j^alorc. 

The stove Ifkc a cat's eye is . hinin*, • 
You c(Atld ^at vour tlircc meals on the 
• flobr. 

The bit of ,t plant in the win«low 

Is as frc5h as a niomin' in May, ' 
And the childreir go wild wiflf their non- 

W hen Dennis comes home lo his tay. 

The kettle is singin' its welcome. 

There's a good btt of beef ni the' pot. 
The toblccloth's clane— for I washed ft--- 

The dish of potatoes is hot; 
We're healthy and haopy and hearty. 

So thank God for His bles.^iing, I say. 
For 'tis. we |iaye eanae to be thankful 

When D e n nia tomevhaptc to his tav. 

•*-Marjr^liaabcth Blake. 

■ O " ■ ■ 
For thtfft b no iceKi^. perhap.t. exciept the 
extremes of fear and gnef, that docs nS^ %nA 
relief in musk- — that does not makt a 
sing or plio^ the better.— <jadrge Elliot. 






• «... .'I 

/.^ .ROl.tVO 





3*7. 100 

4 57,(0*) 


17 'i 






*rt4|» TIOO.OOO for rinpluyt-«a with forues 


nil 125.900 

1 ««,>•• 11 7. sen* Mt,i«o 

nil 1II.>M' 

Pijii^ts, it should be noted, are given after 
dediiCtiMt ofi the operous requtrenienta qf \br( 
StaC« lor incooie-tix and exeeaa pfoflla 
irhedl^ in profits for the year 1918 was prob-' 
ably mqre apparent than real, as. the CQmii|tf|y7 . 
was unable, on account of niMetded ^^UNroofeair 
of ta^oition, to include in ma aliowll^ the' 
revenue derived" from the American works. 
For that reason, and because of the great ac- v 
tivity in trade last year, tber«^ grodnd lor 
expecting go^ results in respects of the year 
that has just tk»sed. The company's £1 Or- 
dinary abaiea are atf preaent iqnoted on the; . 
Stodt BxiDhange at 3 3-»6, which compareaj./, 
with a hig^iest and a lowest yi 1914 of $^' J„. 
and aos. 6d. respectively. .• • * jl^t 

Th^ Br(U>h Co^dn and Wotil Dyers* Asso- 
ciation' supplies a case of a conceit that^ has 
been restored as a result of abnormal ^aoingl, 
conditions from a state of financial pefrvry i^i 
one of comparative afHlil^f^ 'ftCffiBt 
record is ^tjoyt below :^ 

TMur to ~ 
MBrol? SI 



. .. 77.5flO 
, .. f.4,3UO 
... SS.TOO 

./. !••,•** 
... ItMM 
. .. ltl,0««r 

. .. ni.Woo 



£ • 



S3, 100 

tion. ttc. 

««.•«• . 


DIv. toTWrA 

^ it.So* 

t 12.704 


If 4»,40<1 

if- «T.MO 

10 S8.20) 

In the first half of, the current iiuancial year .^^^ 
the pet profit amounted to £5^.^ against'' > 

£38.200 in the corresponding six months of 
1918, and a beginning has been made tows^rds * 
restoring capital that in 1913. was written Off 
as ^ost. In 1 914 the company's 5s. shares 
touched 2s. 9d. : today they stand at 13s. 3d. 

William Hollins and' Co., spinners of cot- 
ton yams and manufacturers of "Viyella" and 
other cloths, have in the last year or two paid 
dividends of 10 per cent as conipared witli u 

^ le r c en t. — Th e C o m p any 

has, "Unoreover, l>een in a position, to add 
greatly to its financial stability. This is indi- 
cated by the fact that whereas the company's 
£1 shares in 1914 varied between 18s. and aos., 
their price today is £2. and this notwithstand- 
ing that last August the company paid a share 
k bonus by allowing' its shareholders to take up , 
(at par) oqe new share for each one held al- , . 
ready. In the c^e of Isaac Hold^n and Sonsi 
machine woolcombers; the dividend for , the 
year ended June 30 last was raised from ^l/j 
per cent to 8^ per cent, which compares w.ith. 
5 per cent for 1913-14. In th« pre-war year • 
the company's £i shares varied between; i^a* . 
6d. and 19s. 6d.; their current value is 279. 
. The Yorkshire Indigo, Scarlet and Colour /« 
Dyers, out of the profits of igtB, d&tributad ' 
per cent on its ordinary shares, but, as the 
capital had during the year been written up •/ 
out of profits by one^third^ tbi^divMend on the* 
capital bakis of the previous decade was equal 
to ]5 per cent, cfl just-^ree times the rate paid • ' 
for 1914, '*' • M ■ : 

PeacefuH3ains ol^I^mtch 


WpRK is to.beg^ this year Ohttte r^laim- . 
ittg of tUs i^yder Zee^ 'one^pf tlte 
world's greatest cnginfeering projects, by' 
which it is proposed to restore lo Holland 
•within thin^-'five ycaca^ wliat^'iprai/.oil^ he^s, 
but was tamn aw^ by/tHi^ slMr{aa d many 
centuries. ^ • 

When the work .is finished, not only the 
original lan^Twill be restored; but many thou- 
sands of acres which always have ,been be- 
neath th||^ |ea will be ready: for <;MltiTl|tion. 

According to" pri^ar eatmikteii mt entire 
work of reclaiming the Zuyder Zee would have 
cost approxhr^tely $883oo,ooo, but> with the 
increased copt of Jlabor and materials in the 
last six yeatk, it is now believed the cost will 
be well in excess of $125,000,000. The work 
- will be done and paid for by the state through 
special loans, and the state tHrouglr aehtal of 
the land reclaimed expects the plan to pay for 
. itself within a few years and thereafter yield a 
haildabnie revenue. ' V 

The total amount of land to be, reclaimed 
will be 827 square miles, which will constitute 
a twelfth province of Holland, capaMe of. SK|>- 
porting a population 3ioO,opo, 4w^wherein 
several cities of ancient trading fame are ex- 
pected to be restored to comoiercial iinport- 
' ancel !E^e en|ineertng work is now; well tAi" 
der way, \ 

Centuries ago. at the beginning of the Chris- 
tian era. when the Romans had' their scttlc- 
< ments in Holland, much of tiie apace now 

cKCUpie<l by tlir Znydcr Xce was land, and the 
south part of the present sea was a lake Icalled 
PIcvo. ^Northwest tempests swept the North 
Sea. wasliintr .nvay the tract of dry land be- 
tween the sea and the lake. One large, shal- 
low body of water — the, Zuyder Zee— was 

formed, ' . • • - ^ . 

The toWns situated on its banks thVovc as 
tlic merchantmen came into their ports. But 
• as the iihips beduntf larger and of deeper draft 
traffic was diverted to deeper seas, leaving iTk 
once famous towns on the Zuyder's shore mere . 
fishing villages, which they are now, while 
Amsterdam's commerce came to her dirough 
a canal leading direct t4» the .N'ortli f>ea. ' 

Dr. A. A. Beeknian, of The Hague, ifho 
has devoted nearly at! of his liCe to the ideal' 
of reclaiming the Zuyder Zee. explained the 
plans, to the Associated Preas correapondent. 
He is now a member 61 lSt»"9Utt Council, 
which will cari^ out tbe Kvork. 

"The first thing to do,'* said Dr. Beekman, 
"is to-cawstmct .a gigantic dike to keep out the 
North Sea. This will be 30 milea long, stretch- 
ing from Wieringen to the Frisian coast where 
the water ranges in depth from thtrty-thl\Be tc 
eleven feet. It will be e var yyfca f e frbni alx* 
teen to seventeen feet above the sea level. 
There will be a double t^adc railway on top 
ol ifc« dHea, Ita eonstnMtion will take nine 
year5. and its cost, by pre-ara^ aai2MCta» will 
l>e more than |JO,oooxioo. 

•*Tha totaT aorface to reclaimed is' 827 
square .miles. There will remain a of^600 
^nare miles, which will act as a reservob* dur- 
ing tlie pcrioda when, owing to aortliwaftem 


storms,' ibe watera ol tiie fUvtr Vasel and d| 

the canals cannot be cmptiei^ JptQ the North 
Seal .. The water of the lake yp^l be let outfatov 
the North Sit through five great alniota at the-* % 
Wieringen end of the dike. 

"Most of the land to be reclaimed now lieSf * 
diirteen feet beneath the sea level. Part of tt'<^*'' 
ia expected to be dry witifin fbovteen year^-%k 
pumping out will begin as .soon as the dike is 
completed. The last. of the land is eKpacted 
to "be dry witblft tWfty-fiwa yeara." — - - r*»^ - 
— ri-ii.u . . ■ ■'ft I ■ I __L_e , j_ 

Poor Lmif Ntee^ • 

A Miss GaslDn announces herself a' candi- 
date for the Presidency of the United States 
on a platfcH-m that calls for the abolishing of 
tobacco. The laughter that greets the an- 
nouncement is reminiscent of the laughter that 
naM to greet tliieiaitiottiieenient of die name of 
the prohibittonlat <ail<Mlta;^T(9ilMlf^ |f|^ < 
and Empire. 

' " '" ■ , • ■ • • . 

vomruns ■ ^ 

Q, never from thy tempted heart 
Let thine integrity depart; 
When disappointment fills the cup^^ 
Undaunted, n<jb\y drink it up^ m 
Tfti^ win pn^im, ahd jnstke ahew- 
Her tardy honors, sure, thoflf^^low. 
— - Bt^tf oa, bear bravely on 1- - 

. T ■mmifi'Mlfc.f * 


Day set on Xorham's castled steep, ' . , 
And Twetd's fair.river, biroad ahd deep, ' 

And *Che\ lot's mountains lonr ; ^ ' *- ' ' ' 

The b^tled tower^s, the donjon keep, ' ' J 

The Ibbiipttoki liratea where captivea v^esp/^., 
The'flaiiking fvalls that r«^|id ft «wec|if 'JE'K 

In -yelfoW lustre shone 
The warriors on the turrets high, 
Monrmg athwart the evening s^^' 
♦ Seemed forms of giant height: ' , ' 
Their armor, as it caught the rays, 
Flashed bade again the western Maaei 
In liflef of daasUng; lighf. 

St. Ccori^'s banner, broad and gay,. 
Now faded, as the fading ray 

Less bright, and less, was ftimf ; 
Xho evening gale had acarccf the IMMNV 

To wave it on the donjcii toVfer, , 
So hAvily at bung. 



4 IHodty deed 

Is a little seed 
That groweth all unaaes* 

And lo, when none , 

Do look therton, 
Anew if 

Is a better booir 
For precept than yonll^ 
*'Mong the aajpes wise' 

Or the libraries, / ' ' 

With thfir i^iceless wealth of («md: • 
--AlcsMd|6r Jap^.. 

• ■ ■ ■. . • 


HE new* that o^r local »trawber- 
«iM have fKm ih« urdcrence. in 
tM Miuilmd^Kiujlui^iti « lonrce 
»ef ciiitiftco >Hd^«vco to those ' 

iiiioa jnrtt MMsgo6d{^^ 
ItlliliiMK Jl.tii||NUi jl"!' linnrn'ri • 
acccNttpAttlments of ' creaih 'aM -.^gar. The 
groivera are to' be cDflgratuUtcd.iiipon Xhc! 
haMf ^[^nihhtation of favofvWc toiS. tm^t^ : 
mate with th^ sKill and industry that has mide 
tbia ref ult, and everybody cordiaUy hppes thA% 
tMi aupcri^igr aliMjrs bei^^t^tte^ ' 
LaM^Bfisoii over SSo ton* *jt •trawberrics 
were barytsted in the dutrfcts of Gordmi Hf^ 
as}d*'Keatmg, Mflginf 'appHndmajusly; the ^^y* 
. crani«aVn^ROiit«st«mated, $195,600 of outside 
no^ty ^teto tbie distn$:t«. , Fifteen carloads, 
— totlningf 'xx^. cra<tt, . w«rc -di^trt^^ i^t 
— 4iS9rm^,pmiej^i^, while 4.000 fnore crates, 
were mairiceted m yktoria, and in addition to; 

• the crated berries tpns of jam. berries were 
laid to BlMtem and local 6rm8. In addition 

' ifiihipe ascertained figultf|,^)gM<MMy %om 
were' sold in smalWots. * 

3u,t plMiftfit as thepe fiffures mttt they 
'fcpresent only a tithi of what may be reiison-; 
■fe^ «flp&tfd m the next few ye^wi, Vaxious ' 
^iro mmfnlind, expisrts assare as, are ioh" 

* sp^cuously well suited for the production of 
strafwberries, and the market for this fmit is' 

' far and away larger thaii ior any other fruit 
1, that is grown. ^ 

The first essential to the ■successful grow- 
ing of this popular fruit is the possession of the / 
right kind of soil, which shquld be^a light 

■ > 

■ — lesntT The next — essential ts sc r u -p ul o us ly 
thorough preparation of the ground before 
Iplanting. A successful strarwberry ^hiwer 
*aid recently that failure in this was the most 
frequent cause of failure in growing the berry. 
It,h«d been his eicperienee, for idrtntiee, that 
plants that happened to be in slight depres- 
sions of the ground were much more subject 
to tha attack of the much dreaded strawberry 
wcievil thlan the rest of the crop. It is neces- 
sary, therefore, to use the plough and the 
Biripfir until the ground is perfectly even. It 
' >i* then disked and hifrowtid iliilil nil (inf> 
"iM'^hottg*h inteinded for growing lettuces. 

The growtr referred to sets nine thousand 
.-live'llttilMhM^lliflts tb^ iMre and eotwidel* 
that it is necessary t6'havc the rows not; less 
• ' than- thirty-nine inches apart, as «onsi((erabIe 
i itili^*i^ damaged if the rows are too close. 
Unfortunately for thie Man who eonteropfaitcs 
cultivating the be#fy, fflants arc scarce aud 
dear this year. A leading nurseQrman has 
had to raise th€ prke fifty efipl^from tea 
> to fifteen dollars per l4)ousartcl-~<o^n^ to the 
• damage don? by the severe frdbt lAjit Fall. In 
' r view of this fact* a O»v«rdkii0i| lortfibiil^ral 
authority recently stated that it would he 
.profitable to obtain a nun»bet of plAnts and 
M<«*gft»w Ihem sotaiy fof th^ iNihhW^ thai ad- 
A vice is doubtless meant t6 be followed with 
V caution. Where faciUtjfs exist for getting 
•trong, well-rooted rontifn By the end of the 
season in order to have ^fgb»\ plants for set- 
' «;t«W out next Spring, they mijjht he tried with 
||$Ut advantage, but it is certainly not in the 
interests of the community ttiat pbor plwits W 
put on the market. They must inevitably re- 
. suit in lowered production of fruit aud conse- 
quent loss and diiappointmeni to the grower. 
, The. Magoon easily takes fi. at place on ac- 
«P«a*wOi*ta excdlent shippipg qualities, and it 
?S tfie VSnriety chiefly grownV Gordon-Head 
and Keating. On acraunt of its proved value 
it will, na doubt, coniitiu'e to lead for shipping 
to distant points, but its quality is not above 
medium, and it.wpultl atirely b>e in the teter- 
esta of the grow^l* to put a better flavored 
berry on the home market Visitors to Vic- 
feria ivould then fona & Uating impression of 
the delectable fruit they had tasted in ita-home 
tc^wih which would be i( .valuable advertise- 

it difficult, for h can iMfilMle slid U doa% but 
many a tender shoot gets-iliead 9f JN| th^^pror 
cess. For this reason it Is advisable tp. keep 
'the bulbs together in large enough maeeea in 
the borders as to constitute a sort of bed by 
'themselves, and as their foliage begins to die 
iik after blooming, ready-grown annuls can 
be ^ntcd anong them. . * . , 

Most of the pefennials can be grown from 
seed, ^mong those that ivill gfow most 
readily are hollyhocks* foxgloves, campanuhM, 

^carnaftions and pinks, gaiUardias, asters, pen- 
stemons and columbines. Of the Sprmg- 
flowering perennials, ■aribis, aubrietia, yellow 
alysjittm and wallflowers^may all be obtained 
from -seed. The primrose and polyanthus 

"seem a little more uncertain, and the seed 
needtf^to ht as fresh as possible. The^seeds 
can be sown in the late Spring or early'Su^i- 
mer .in seed-boxes fiUen} with fine earth, and 

/ tmnii^ted wtfea large enough to Si jrorsery 
bed, whence the plants can be removed to 
their :pennaiient quarters iff the Fail. This is 
the lAest inincpentive w»v of stoc|||fnK one's 
garden, b«t it m^lii WMfliC '■oale'^l§Qf ior 

Though the temptation to have a multitude 
Of tIMafi assails one from' eyery s«^d cata- 
logue and nursery list, and ^ven in seeing 
other varieties thai) one's own in a neighbor's 
garden, hifalUbly the most effective way to 
plan a gardeti is to have a few kinds of flowdrs 
and lots. of them. It is the way Nature gets 
her best effects, and she is usually right. A 
garden that is filled with misses of daflFodib 
in the Spring, followed by the later tulips, then 
by peonies and so on, has an individuality that 
is easily gained and that €tl|: Only be surpassed 
by gardening that requires a great deal of skill 

recital oT tile dnings of his hilf-brad hoittd. 
who has more than a dash of the lurcher about 
him and. has scared your children, and, to. a 
moral certainty, was the immediate cause of 
the death of your ^rixe Plymouth Rack. ' 
Civilization ihaposes many limitations, and one y 
M the jnoft irksome is thatvQu must give 
vWue fsrvall^ you r«Be|v« "Yon lisve to pay 
for the ftin of telling your own dog's exploits 
by listening, with wh*t patience you can mus- 
ter, to your ndghbbl' when 'he takes his tuiiK 
at the game. Thai is,- if you want to keep on 
good terms. _ I| jeu let your eyes rove out of 
the window, or sa;^ you've got to go right away 
and feed the chidkenS, a coolness spring up. 
which is afwkward iprhen you want to borrow 
the garden shears. ' 

While I exercise strong restrdnt in refram- 
ing from inflicting any stories about my dog 
.upon the reader, who is unable to reciprocate^ 
I cannot iforb^r alluding to the greatest dog 
itory ever written, "Owd Bob," a story that 
evety dog-lover knows by heart, and which 
has power to enthral even those strange 
beings with whom a dog'a eyes and garnih>tts 
tail commonly make no appeal. Who does not 
know the "grey dog" with, l^is snow-cloud 
eyes and gisd, gallant 4^ir, handling his sheep 
with all the brains of a maq and the ways of a 
woman ? • Even the villain of the story, Red 
WuU, outcast akd' tefrible, has a tragic pathos, 
for, after all, he loved his master well, and the 
reader's symp^ithies are with him' in th4t 
Homeric battle tft the last. 

Old shephetds, and 'men who know what 
the dog means to his master in captng for the 
sheep amidst the wild hills and dales of the 
Old Countrj are surprised ^nd grieved t%at 
dogs ftrt looked upon with sc^t favoi^n coun- 

In tiie kast Mnay a dog has been dMtroyed 

for no other reason than lack of training, lead- 
ing to destructive habits, and when onf thinks 
of the self-^Muhig tove, the fiddity, the 
whole-hearted sympathy with every mood of 
his lord's, it is more than a pitjr that any dog 
should be sacrificed^ becittse bin- mister to 
been too sdtfish and indplent to traUi him 


Plowing Time 

Masch winds a^bkMiriaV^oyii Md 8|il%|l|^iB 

the air! . ' •;' ' 

Git the plowin' harness out tad ptit it m- m* 

pair : 

Splice the busted harae-striag, and sew the 

. buckle tight ' 
On Sorrel BlUy^s beUyband, UH-yet I gm» 

you might . 
He them leather traces, jist a half a dozen 

For plowin'^ime is comfai', mad. w^ve.^^Ot^to 

plant the crops. ' ^ • 

March winds is blowin* stiff, ^ here aud 
there h sniftwir . 
Shafly side Q* Umm ^vit:W$ bound soon to 

go, ' ' A 

For jist now I beerd a bird*— (i het he -wn 

a jay) 

Callin' fom the orchard in a sassy sort o' 

way ; 

And bobbylinks are, pipitt* hi the fKpp*ry 

ellum tops; 
And plowin' time is comm', and we'll git to 

plant the crops. 

March winds a-blowin' tottd, ind^ iayt N* 
hain't diey keen? 



ENOUGH was Said in the last issue about 1 
the importance of attending first of all! 


to the big plantings around^the Country home. 
It is IHcie getting the walls of a room done and. 
the furniture m - before srranging the otna- 
iNents. Unhappily most amateurs are so fond 
of mere ''flowers^that they want lb attend to 




• the^ ornaments first and give only a stray - 
' thought to the furniture. "The Vdra^iag" of, 
tbd,p^<!t, that is to sav, the big^■|ai•es and' 
general outline, having been arranged, we may 
next turn our attentk>n to those k>Y«ly.things 
thut do so «uch to sweeten and beantify 1^, 
Someone aaid *'buDM were the lazy woio«a*||i 
flo^leir»' and MreMi^^ the 'busy woman's 
flowers," which Imea it to be hiferred that, 
anhnals require both time an4 care. This 
cfaMSifieation of the three leading * kinds of 
flowering planta is fairly correct, and the 
woman who to Utile time to spiire for gar- 
dening will be well advised in furnishing it 
with perennials, with the addition of as many 
Spring-fioweHng bulbs as she cssi aiford, and 
only such aijinttila a# she cannot do without.' . 

The advslntages of this niethpd art maa^. 
PMtflala are eaaily propagated on the whole,' 
and when oto phuited they will not need 
shifting for lour or iive years, when it is "ad- 
viseftl^ to dSvtde them tjld re-plant them in 
fresMy enriched soil. Their vigorous growth • 
helpe to keep down the weeds and tneir deep 
roots carry them successfully trough the dry 
spell that means death to • many \tiiitials. 
Spring-flowering buibi need no recom'menda* 
4ion. Childia4)y. eau- . to grow, giving us 
cheerM jt|ie aeteoii itMn we need it most, daf- 
fodils and hyacinths and tiilips and the reft of 
their kind can be found even in deserted spots 
where' ^ry. otto sign of a garden has van- 
ished. The wcrtt thuig that can be aaid about 
them is th|t when frowhig among perennials 
' ty prevent any forking and turning of the 

A icMjf)! THB OKANA^N'-^Oinl pt% Cs OKBAT FRlflT pitTftlCTS 



and attention. Of course, I am not advocating 
that these flowers only should be in bloom at 
'Ode tbUMS} merely ttat they predominate. O'r 
they could predominate in certain parts, other 
jparts, being filled with a different though al- 
^^ys'sharmonudng flower^ ttarmony also 
would require frequently that two flowers 
iOUld bloom together, one to set off the other. 
Hfiu^|ly require masses of «Spring bed- 
ieve thcit-ffndfnry to stiff- 
ness. -Where soil or other condition^ restrict^ 
one ,to only . a few flowers that are specially 
adapted to them, this plin could be loflowed 
with advantage, for it is much better to have 
conspicuolis success y^ith a few things than 
fillf £^ui^<!irith a greet many. 

Weeding is the most diffienlt operation in 

a garden, and to save as much of it as possible 
the 'plants should be v^rous and as far as 
postiMe only those that h€Ad th^ foliage 
through the Winter. In early Spring the earth 
can be turned ov^, the spade not going deeper 
than three inches .$0 as not to injure the roots 
and subsequent weeds that may appear can be 
dealt with by the hoe. Pinks, both the clove 
and the improvements upon it, Mrs. Sinkins 
and Her llfijesty, faiake a toutiful border 
where uleeds will find existence almost impos- 
sible. They should b« planted nine inches 
iwart Ao^is also makes a gpod border for 
the same reason. Behind the edging a row of 

2^l»Mchera sanguineajwould make a fine effect. 
i^Alao has close clusters of leavea very prettily 
formed, and its spmysx>f coral red are delight- 
ful. Antirrbums, both intd-mediate and ull, 

are invaluable for the country "gardeiL so are 
canipanulaa, the bradching gypeophila, whose 
trunk-like roots defv any drought, and -gail- 
lardias. Fipd out what vaiMfS suit your con- 
ditk»a be|t and then ip^Mim tUir head 
Plant them in big elbngated, not reuad, 
dnmps. i/se plenty of white flowers andhave 
loliof foUige at the ba^, and you cannot faU 
t«r toi agattfactive gard^ 

■ O' ' 

Youjr Dog and My Dog 

LT^BHI^kidiylr «fild owns a dog is fond 
«^ of ydog ftq^iee--«hat is, of tdliag them. 
S^ehow it becomes frightfully boring, after 
having toldJn yoor most animated and pl( 

try districts here in the West. The reason is - 
pretty •well the same as that which sauses a 
landlord to Iodic anxiously at the ehildrdi of 
his tenant. Discipline as a factor in life died 
out with thIe nhieteentb century, and dogs, lijke 
cMldren, are the SuflerefVftom the lack of it. , 
The dog that has not^ leai^MMl ^e''^Self'«ontrol 
that is the, fruit of obedience is a 'nilisaiice to 
the neighbbrbood, and is much iM^ter out of 
existence; . -On:> the other hand, a well behaved 
dog is worth tar more than his keep, tfe is 
one of the m6st .vaiuabje educatiy^iiifluenccs 
that ft buy ^iair^W, because a %^ellSd^pllhed 
dog means a self-disciplined master. A boy 
should be taught that it is a disgrace to him 
if his dog comes crawling to hinv when he calls 
it. It shows that he has been cuffed and in- 
dulged idtemately without any reason for 
eitherHwbnent that his doggy brain can dis- 
cover, therefore he never Imows what to ex- 
pect. A piippy should have nothing but con- 
fidence in his miister^ calt 'When he has 
done wrong*, do not citi iim, but go to him 
and bring him to ^he scene of his misdoing. 
Show it to him and let voice and face show 
the utmost horror and grief at such Iniqtiity. 
This, with cold aloofness for awhile , after- 
wards, will generally be sufficient punishment 
lor a dog esteems his master's gpod opinion 
abdve his necessary food, and it is easy to 
overdo even this punishment with a sensitive 
animal. If a. puppy has to be- whipped, do it 
thoroughly so that it will not i^ed to be re- 
peated. But true discipline with dog jts ivith 
man never means severe pnnishnie|^;. ft 
means a\steady system of corre^ion' for* 
wrong-doing and reward for well-doing. If 
a dog is punished for a misdemeanor that has 
been overlooked a dosen tiawa before, he does 
not know what the kick is for; he only knows 
that he failed in cunning or agility to avoid it 

A dog treined by voice and gsflwe soon 
lema w-ciode oKftals within wfi^fll every 
self-respecting dog tansi walk. OnLtair in- 
stance, had to be corrected severely in his 
youth for chicken chasing, aAd for some time 
afur the correetk)o'~bc^«^A4d be stemty callied 
to order if he dafed to so much as glance at a 
chickctti But when he could be thoroughly' 
trusted he was then trained, cautions)/ allnt. 
to keep the fowls away from the house and 
garden, aqd before kmg he woul Ijord them 

t ^^ ."^ Winter that badbenefieialW their ^ ingjttyle aiNnM^ y^r^owa sm^rt'tfi^, I pi on li^a^aecoSJ^ twydM* Mttie 'nl^ 

Still, the Winter vnHifat, l ite, la gettiii'«^t 

■ and green..- . . ' , / , •■ / 
/I'm S6rt 6*dcB b* Wiht«r, Vi6i its slipp'ryl 
slopp'ry ways, 
And longin' for the Summertime, that'a full 

o^Mftny days'; 
Aml nowT'm shore it's near us .S V^^TtoVs 

a toad^ he hopsi ' - 

Yes, plowhi' time i» eonUa^; io^ Weql toon 
be plairtio'. jesepi. ... . _ _i_„- 

Maroh winds a-blowloV j^i.^4iiil^ jtoiinyl 
• what o' that? ^ • ' 

'■'fmiit your broggan shoei •g'fat, aiid Jidtit 

your Sumjner hat; 
Roll the cultivator out and ile the wheels a 

bit, ♦ * ' • " 

And give the bosses exerdse^to make 'em 

fresh and fit ^ ^ 
Spring is hi the afr today, and Thne ntrttf 

stops; ^ ' 

So, plowin' time is eoMiiify and hooray,:^ 

grpwin' crops! ' " 
—Itobcrttis Xove, in The St UfiM RfepubHfc. 

Housing and Feeding r 

of mbbita have 
jfliKil'ttt ' smnnr an interest in those 
easfly-kept anhnals that now thajt Sypring is ad- 
vancing with the abimdanee 0* grena food 
wISbhcaa ahvm be bad ui aiair-sised garden, 
.eveiy owner of such a garden should start a 
small branch ct this rising industry. 
> Hoosmg aM feeding are both simple and 
hieicpensive matters, though this fact should 
not tempt anyone to think that anything will 
do. . Neglect is nlwaj^«h«>ettre n>id to laihare 
instead of success. The type of house used by 
modern breeders is selHleaniiif. This is done 
by making the floor of slats, whh a apa^a be- 
tween ei^ The droppings faU through the 
floor upon an inclined plane, wh^ enables 
them to be expeditiously removed. Tlwfest 
of the hutch thottld be tight, to obviate dfealts. 
yvifh an open wired front A hutch occupied 
by a doe nyist also have a closed apartment, 
vi^e she m^ nuree. her yonng Ui safety from 
intrusive eyes. If the hutch is placed in a 
shed, which certainly defends it from eold 
winds, the front should be placed near a win- 
dow, for light and air are as essential to the 
well being of rabbits as of any other living 
things. A self-feeding hopper is also an ad- 
junct of the up-to-date hutch. 

In addition to grass and clover, rabbits will 
cat almost anything that is grown in a garden 
—carrot tops, the outer leaves of cabbages, 
clean potato peelings, in fact, all the waste of a 
garden can be turned into a profitable by-pro- 
ciact with the aid of bunny's healthy appetite. 
But ii many are kept this source of food will 
sufficient, and a breadth sliould — be 



planted with quick and bulky growing stuff to 
help in the rationing. Rap(;. chi^d and the 
thousand headed kale all give an abundant 
yield of nutritious feed. Where the garden 
cannot be waa:red, alfalfa ahottUI be grown 
An Experimental Farm authority recently said 
that rabbits could be raised on aUaUa at a cost 
of five cents a poun^r which certainly is aa in* 
ducement to its use. For growing alfalfa the 
ground should be as well prepared as for any 
other garden crop, and it should be sown in 
Aws two feet apart aad be kent cltar of weeds. 
A stand of alialfa thns starttd will last for 
some y4$ars, giving jabnndance of feed in the 
dryest part of th« Summer. A pi«ee of rock 
salt should be within reach, and the self-fqed- 
ing hopper can be kept supplied with a mix- 
ture of bran, middlings and bats. 


"Coo coo! ooO^r says Arne, 
' . C2aUing the dc^s at Mendonl 

Under the vine-clad porch she s^^mdr? 

gentle nuudejp with. wiUmg baudb, 
Dicing the -ftr^a^ 
Low auQ loft, like a mellow horn, 
. . WkUfi^the sunshine over her fall% « 
Oiifr:»hd-t>^' die cafls and cilU . , 
- ii^oo!' cool cool" to the doves — 
The. bafipy gloves at Mendon. 



"Thy Kingdom c 
— Matt. 6: 10. 

;f«Cby Will be done. 


' Fathw, to Thee we turn, 
- For Thee our spirits yaato, 
O, help us noy<( to leana . 
And do Thy will. 

-^Blcst Saviour, in her need. 
Thy Chu/ch's welfare speed. 
And give hen. grace to heed 
'Thy word and will. 

O, l>ul her ^forward go. 
Thy tmtfa and knre to stor, 
Tliat all the eaiHi tnay know 
Thy Ueased wHL 

i From East to Western sHore, 
Eich gifts and graces pour, . 
Thft men may \ov4 Thct t^im 
Through good and iU. " r 

Bid strife and jaiscord csgts. 
Bring ih Thy reign ol peaqp» / 
Make righteousness incrcnS^ 
Thy word foUM. 4 

Great' Spirit, h€v ouTpf ayer , • 
SafoM hs in Thy ean^. 
Aiid shed forth, evcrywlMte, 
Peace and goodwilL >^ 

^ ' • >-«iabop.&^ 


Calling the doves at Mendon n~ 

With a rush and a whir of shinmg wingt, 
They hear a«f obey-^ d ahit y A t ng i t 

Dun and purple and snowy white, 
Clouded gray; like the soft twilight, 
Straight as an arrow shot irdm the bow, 
Wheeling and circling high and Ij^, 

. Down they fly from the skuiting roof 
^ Of tbe_ old fed bam at Mendon* ^ . 

— Jnlia C. R. OiKT* 

O v; 


There is not a place in Paris 
, Where it seems less wise to dream. 
Than here, where the pidple gattltr 

And flow In an endless stream {. , 
, Full of their follies and plrasitWi, , 
Full of the last new thing. 

Under the close-cropped lindens, ^ 
Blossoming every Spring. \ 

But for me the Palais Royal 
Is fall of 4pM days gone by, . 
And the flash of the silver fountains 
Is a murmur blent with a sigh ; 
And the steps oi the people passing 
Aft # if they flune to m^ 
From the far uncarthj^ Sittanct 
CM a bj^one century. 
Besaie Karaer- Parkee, ffom 'Vhmm 
Pfoo^y," dtfled by M. W« LdSgMfow, 

Under the^wide and starry sky. 
Dig the grave and let me lie; 
Olad did 1 liv« tad giad^ dikv 
AfidIJiM4aadowttisMinfHU. . 

TMa W ihe verse yon 'gem far aet 

"Here he lies where he Jong'd to be; 
Home In t|ia aaifor, hooM from sea, 
Aad lhilWirtii home tnm the hill." 

"Cod cool cool" says Arne, 
Oalling the doves at Mendon! 

Down they fluttei^with timed grace, 
Lured by tlic voice and the tender face, 
Till ^e evening air is all astir . 
With the happy strife and the e|^SMr fthir. 
One by one, and two by two, 
An4 then a rush throun^ the ether hlue; 
While Arne scatters the yellow jtt^fn 
' , Fpr the gei^tle doves at Mend^ 

"Coo cool cooT^ says Arne, 
Calling thtf doves at Mendofii 

They hop on the porch where the b||by sits, 
Thsy come and go as a ^mtMtr fltti. 
New here, now fhere, while in and put 
They'ctofMl and jostle each other about; 
Till ^one, . grown bolder than, all the rest— - 
A snow-white dovt with an ardifog breast— 
X,;. Softly lights on \itt ootstrctshefi hand 
.\ Under the vines at Mendon 1 . > 

' ' ''I ^ • 

■::< « , "Coo cool cool" says Arn«i /, 



» • 


>'< > ' v 

THE DAILY COl40H«ft*VWrW«lIAiiBX3.r^*^ W 


rtion of Britisi XI^wml^Th^^ 




II r 



t , 

. i> 




tAap sftowil^^te|Straii:;rti:C.r Bear Riycr. 

Ui* cuM-l»- tl>'« kept thinss st4rr4n« 
Um ^rMpeclors of tbe Mexican 

U) Ihe Portland C^, •WPS^vWl 
leaf aso iui It 10. 

TkiB chronicle U Immediately eeo> 
o«nMt wUjtl (Mi M«9iMtt or Mr. Twr- 

U9»«r Mar Elvar. a»4:% >«fl|kff«»«» 

to tbi whieli ur girlated hoTtf- 

with, and i« the very croditabie IMro- 
duct of Mr. F^orrf.xt'H own toU and 
skill — will elucidate the etorjr In a 
seorrapblcal eeniic. The Upper Bear 
ta a tributoi-y of tho Lower Bear, 
a«d attor Jlow|av almoft_ diM waat 
Uirovfli mountalnowi irorsei. tiiraa 

thOM of the lower river, aomo 15 
nUlea above th^ town of Btewart, 
and empties into the salt water of 
tha Portland Canal. The scone of 
our prospectoi'a recent aciivttieB on 
tbe upper river is ubout 20 inttes 
from Stewai't. .Stewart has boon a 
nam* to conjttro with nmonK ininora 
and mlqinv man (or savaral years 
now: and to couple it and the name 
of Bear River wilt not le^en tho 
Interest of the tale. Mr. Forrest bo* 
lieves he haa found in the Vteep 
tfocfes of the Upper Bear a minlnc 
floM of Kreut potential ttUuo. 

A line specimen of the old-time . 
prospector. In the person «f Mr. Wll- ] 
liam Forrest, of Hea Ternxco. K«qul- '; 
malt Road, la Winterlnif In Victoria, 
these days: restlnK and recuperating 
his eneryleH after a Sumnu-r'n pro- 
paotlns on the Bear lllvcr. Portland 
OUMa MlBla# ]>lMrict Mr. Forrest 
tail Of MithtMasm about the posol- 
blUtloa of that pact of Cho Srnisii Oo> 
Inmbla mining Bald; bt proparlng to 
CO book there for the coming 8«m- 
mer, and mowKwbUo lb wUUngt for tbe 
benaflt of Coloatet rsnHoro. to flvo 
reasons for the faith thi^t ig^l" bini 
con corning tbe Bear Kliror ^oimft'y. 
And since no speech of man to man 
id more HUthentlc. than the record of 
Ihlngfi necn and the hintory of thlngB 
ueeonipllnhed. what follown In In i«ub- 
HtuiK-o a rough and ready iranBcrlpt 
of un bour'a chat iMiween Mr. For- 
rest and an gftwvtfhio bTotbor of bis 

* First, by ,w»y of praludo. a word of \ 
that craft gkM tbia otigftgmmii. Time 
and spMNT ibr ttat "werft nsyiJhM bo 
begrudged In Ttanrr of tbo vltnl tm' 
portance of tho mining liMluatry M oo^ 
present, or any conceivable, economic 
sgrstem. Tho mining industry Is the 
^C- {doneer of all tboitc varied works and 
ways by which thn modern hyman 
Haa his being — does in literal v«ritv, in 
the time-honored Baconian phrase, 
"come home to men's bualnesn and 
. botema.** If tho mloer»-when all tb* 
world tidt rooght might bear wK- 
naaa tbo -yoty mndalU ot wart 
not logs ulm to li MV. 
the wwM .I'ibM. tvmM ' Ja. t 
to forget ibo name'^ of war, that 
thf miner If Ihe mudHlll of poaoo 
lie yteldn no pride of |>lac« even to 
tho tiller of the "oil, for the w(irld> 
granHTles would wit^nd empty e«rboae 
to u stsrvlnc wrtrld If the miYter had 
tiot didvad In agvanr(> of the plouch. 
coal and Iron and copper and gold, 
tboy.jiad bitbat prd af* jffa.tbo w orda .^^^ 

StBtioa on tb« Porttaa^ J*^^. Stewart, ft C, to 

'AgMrtcgg rCkaalb- 

eat. And Britiah Columbiana do well 
to nota that tboy can never be denied 
their economic place In the sun while 
their everlasting hlUs remain to yield 
up to tho patlont too oC.aUirdy men 
tho motai «Nnfnraa of tMl^ ^"^^ 

.AM' wttit ttlainir is to aU xaodani 
bi^natry. tbal the prospector la to tbo 
Ib d l ia ity of aalning. He ts tb* ptonoor 
of a pioneer craft, lie in learned in 

tbo law of the r)lnipl«*. flrxt thlnffs. 
Master of few rrnfUi, h« is the proud 
servant of iljeni hM. Who that has 
hnown hint would desire to KjN«p hwt- 
ter eemfsmy ? His hand at lenet. in ag 
Nice that In still fain tn atone ita pro- 
phets, hss not loM ItV CtinATn~k to 

lighitiy ai; tba ooro of lU*. Tbogr ae* 
cose him bf romaaoa In aaotbor oaaii 
and say that often ho apoaka tb* 
thing that Is not; but it is a HboUons 
world. We are content for tho mo- 
nssot, ia tha fa^ of alLtbo Ifu^ and 
sagoca of tbo aarfcoc piael. to ^tor 
tb* praioe of simple hmmu 

If these are high nnm*s and large 

claims for an ancient craft, it Is nub- 
milted that this citlsen of Vtctorta. 
William Forrest, is not unworthy to 
be mentioned In oonnecUon with 
ibem. Toa will no^. if you meet 
him. that ho wears the service button 
awarded for active sei^ico in Franoe: 
and you will woador tboraM, for Mr. 
FOrreot i* %% yonra old. 

ynuniter than that. Our prospector, 
no doubt, would deprecate this public 
mention of hl« adventure oversean; 
but VIctorinns are likely to i-.nnsider 
that ' this war service of one of their 
own townsmen abonld not paaa un- 

In the lat* Bummer of ItlS Mr. 
Forrest camo down to Vietorla from 
Portland Canal oeiiatnr and os- 
a |N%ai»ooier'g pifvilago in 
roapoet of tbo trtttbful wort por- 
anadod tho roemiting oncers thai ho 
ymm wllbin tb* mllltarr ag*- He J9tn- 
ed the Mth Fusiliers, and training 
with that unit In Virtorla, went over- 
seas with if In the Fiprlns of 1 » 1 «, after 
It had become the 88th Ilattallon. 
He served tmo years In Franre with 
the Canadian Corps; and. spurning 
the contemporary an p *r at itlon that It 
was a young man's, war, was not tb 
be denied his gnmpae of the treneboa. 
Mr. Porraat haard tb* ataoeaia- i#f 
Fritay'g mab lno guaa ion iIm btoak 
slopoa of VImy Ridge. 

^ A Fine War Rornrd 
Hia number was not written la tba 
deadly motai of any of tho •■gmy'a 
Iron raUoaa; abd ka ' falgBMd to 

Canada .far do WMgallng, to April 

of bud ranr. It waa Kb* apirtt of 
snab mon that defoatod tbe enemy: 
and the Iliad of the grand old nten 
who bore arms In the gtogg pntf 
wiU find its Homer at teat. 

It is ouffielent for thd laat of this 
porsonnl .obMalelo that Mr. Forrsat 
left btoiMMf«a d^sMry of 

tng 'i!r%Sraig% ittfc 
naaaed Um . blatorta' eaatowaato of 
Leadvilla and CrtppI* Orwdi now**. 

Ih* utterance of which Is potent to 
start the memories of all old timo 
miners along the back trails of min- 
ing on the Pnetfle • slope ef th« 
lie rowmmtw j ag tho lorld 

yronr-H lO u ntil h e Jom o d mp for- 
eerrlce at the front Mr. Forrest 
staked several claims every year, 
some of Wfilch he has disposed of, 
others abandoned, and the rest be 
now holds in various groups, eUher 
for bimaaU. or In partnec^bip with 
otbiar proBpootora or buslneaa aaaooi> 
atea. Tboro.aro fonr main gnftipa of 
claims in which Mr. Forrest Is in- 
terested; and It 1b proposed herewith 
to indicate some of the mining 
potentialities f)f the rt»i)or Rear, by 
way of a genesral dcucriptiun of these 
groupa. They are the Rufus. Comet, 
Gray Copper, and B and F group*. 

Tbe Rufus group, on the north 
side of tho Upper Bear, was located 
by Mr. Forest In the Sununer of 
I91S. His rights in these claims ^ere 
trrotected during thie war by the 
Government in consideration of his 
being on acti vp service. Last Sum- 
mer Mr. Forrest did enough work .on 
this group to obtain a hopeful esti- 
mate of Ita possibiUties. The Rufu» 
is a group of 7 elabna abowing 
valigw to attvoTr-Jaail, eopper,- gold 
and sine. The oro Is teti^hedrttto, or 
gray cop>»r: and, the principal 
values are in^ silver I and lead. 

The work done on the Rufus last 
Bummer consisted chiefly of open 
osta and the, atrtpplng of ore badieH: 
bad to tb* latter deaortptlon oC work, 
ltd net to lanftb was atrlpped on 
on* v*ln. Jn addition to thia some 
rock cutting was done. The results 
of this development — necessarily done 
mostly by way of assessment work— 
were highly encouraging, v 

•Onb ere body waa - nneovered on 
tho ' Rufus that oseeeda 909 f«et in 
width. There are four different 

veins on the property of mixed ore 
and iron capping that range in 
width from 100 to 200 feet, The 
largest valuea shown on a slngde 
picked sample ' ojt the Rufus ore 
gave 452 ottno^of .alWer to tbe ton. 
Tho Rnfwi baaaat yet boon assayed 
for other valties tbant Iboae of ail- 
vor. No miner 'or twining man needs 
to bo told the reason for this, but 
to the laj-man It may he <'xplalned 
that to get many certified assays of 
any ore is a very serious matter of , 
exj^nao to the working prospector: 
%at,(ipfit1t jaddlUlltiiiia .Biitail Mbarejbed 
XOiKlb a gtben or« idd* mn^k^td the 
espenae of the ansay. 

% Tbe Comet Clalna 
In one of the Iron cappings of a 
vi^n on the Rata* a value of 12 in 
alliparj to the. ton waa fOimd. Only 
anch general proapoetlng and ntodb 
initial devolopmont as bga booii d«> 
scribed has been done on the Rufus 
group; and Mr. Forrest In no wise 
contends that a proved mine of cal- 
culable value has t>een opened up: 
but be la very confident that the 
showings to date are such as to wac- 
rant a aoodldorabie . toveatment for 
tho pnrpaao *f devdiopaputot rad. ap- 
praisement. In addition to the tetra- 
hedrite bodies of the Rufus there 
are 3 veins of chalcopyrito ore, from 
S to 8 feet wide. Mr. Forrest and 
his prospecting partner, Mr. John 
Bricson, of Beattle. own five- 
eighths ot tbo Rufus between 
tiiem. Negotlatlona are now under 
way for the bondthf w|tb a 
mining and Bmoltii« ogr^avatton dg 
the Rufus and jgUunet groupa for 
J 200.000. 

Montlon of the Comet introduces 
the nnxt group of Bear RIvor- claims 
in which Mr. Forrest and his associ- 
ates are Interested. The Comet; group 
coosista Of live clalma on the same 
side of tbe rlvOr as tibm Kufuo group, 
a nd ' not v e ry to r a w ay f iuiii It. -ihrw 
claims Of this group wore laoated by 
Mr. Bricaon during the war, and the 
oth^r three last yeivr. Associated with 
the two partnerH In tlio ownership of 
th«' Comet group in Mr. Bryant, for- 
merly a superintendent of the Ana- 
conda Mining Company. Montana. 

The ore so far onoerered on tite 
Comet group is antlmonial galena, 
carrying values of aatlmbny, gold, 
silver and copper. The aaipe general 
character of work haH been done on 
the Comet as on the Rufus, mostly 
open cuts put In uk ;iHi»essment work. 
The results show three antlmonial 
galena veins on the property ranging 
from one to twenty feet in width. One 
high*grade vein running with the 
formauon baa alao been totiad on the 
Gemot, abowbig an avettofo width of 
one foot, and values of Mdd per ton 
and upwards, in sihror and lead. The 
formation of both the Rufus and 
Comet groups shows porphyrtte, tuff, 
b t oeel a and agglomerate. 

' High miver Values 

The Gray Copper group consists of 
three claims on the south side of th«i 
Upper Bear, about two mileS^^TdUe 
south of the Rufus and Comet groups. 
Mr. Forrest owns the Gray Copper in 
partnership with three well-known 
oltlaana of Vietorla. Messrs. Jeoeph 
Baywnvd, B: Odmwaaon and Captain 
etarb. yiarbdr Master of Victoria. Tho 
ore of Cho Cray Copper gronp la 
tettahedrlte, carrying values in silver 
and lead. TherA are sis or seron 
high-grade veins or stringer* of from 
one inch to one foot In width. A 
trial shipment of Gray Copper ore, 
cooaiatlng of fourteen bags, was sent 
to the Taeoma smelter in 191S. and 
gave returns of fStl to tbe ton. Mr. 
Ftorrea t got two dollar** worth Of all- 
vor hy borvtog plpkbd ape<slto«M» of « 
this ore in a frylag pan*, and Ind- 
dentally. of course, burnt the bottom 
ittit of the frying pan In doing it. At 
th»» present iTilu" of siivftr, the- 1*1 6 
shipment of Cr.TV ('.opper ore to 
Ta«inma would .-how valoes of Itea 
to the ton. Mr. Forreot aad bla part' 
ners woold be wiUibg to. \mm. the 



Dacttar Cupid 




I 'HAT love aometimeg curea 
I diaeaaa is a fact that haa 
. rteeatly b«ea ealled to 

llie attention of the poUic bgr a 

l y romin e n t physiciaa and «olloffe 

^feaor. la aom^ nanrotti dia- 

aaaoa of WMMi* fttOi n lijntoria, 

thia physician givea inatances 

%ihere women ware pat in a pleag- 

ant frame «f odnd, ipart made 

happy tgr UOItm fai love, aad in 

eohaequenoe were cured of their 

Berrong troablaa— the weak, nerv- 

ooi gystm toitojr oil ^Wn w^f*^ 

by Uttfe Doctor Cupid— became 

gtronff and viforous, almoet with* 

out their knowledge. Lore ia not, 

however, the core for liH iPomen. 

Many a woman is nervoiia and irri- 
table, feela .dTMHl 4«rii and 

worn out for. nfl%iido|f liat she 

ilB JUakof. Bhe may lie ever ao 

modi in love, but Doctor Cupid 

fUla to core htr. In such casea 
.IIm body ia not aonnd— -tlM 

■ervoiuneig and other aymptoms 

pre taldKraphed all over the 

bodyr Bjr the neivea (tlia tdo"' 
.fraphk gyston of the human 

body), baeanie the weak ipot d&^ 
maadi atteiiliMi. In ninety-nine 

|iRr .^dnit. of these cases it ig the 

WOniaBljr organism which requires trition. Hygienia measures are 
atteBtioB ; the weak back, dizzy ! most important. Frash air and 
8pellg>ii^^:blaek drdes about the I soaAiafr bm iBOf^ IStmn evBr neeg- 
eyesTare only symptoms. Go to sary— then I have found in all such 

table tonic and the other symptoms 
disappear. This can be done easiiy 
md intiltigentisr. 

Dr. PiMToe's Favorite Preaerip> 
tioB gives n«w life and neir- 
stremgth to weak, worn-out, 
nm-down women. "Favarita 
Prescription " makes weak womei^ 
strong and sick women well. It 
is now sold by all druggists in the 
United Stated in taMali araD 
as liquid form. ' 

How TO Assist Youb Giiulb 

"The change from raatdenhood 
to toe ma dittpd is mm that htoobia 

the whole body-Ht m>nif»atp itself 
In the voioe mkP the nervoug con- 
dition." says Doctor Pierce. "It 
should be natural aad like gnd-" 
nally falling £leep. Owing to 
present modes of living, however, 
the nertcas s B i irn of swung giila 
is forced— the necessary nutrition 
for tiasuos, bload and nerves, is 
watting, and aooseqaently lha 
young girl fades like a flower ia 
Snne bfd atmosphere. The strain 
s# this thne upon the bkKxtform. 
inff '«ti|petures mag be tdo giant 
IMsorders of the funelions pecu- 
liarly feminine are nearly always 
depeadent npoa the > defc5 i f» i 


the source of the trouble and oor 
fifft tfato tfremiailtids. . IViaa up 
the ^wnataly.siNtom wtlk «M»* 

casea that my 'Favorite i^recrip- 
tloa' is inst the vegaMMa Melor 


Moie and Mote Mone^ 
tbe ^iiAer you 

10 w*". 


Look whtrt 
you are goiiig. Deao jrour 
jMithway lead past the mile 
posts of higher wagea ? Are 
' you reaily nimiiiif 4r are you 
just nraadmilliiiif t If yoa art 
bandicapped in the race by lack of 
asqierienca or knowledge of tha work 
you want to Ht jroiiniif for, or if 
there is ia position ^'higher up** in your oAea or Itetoty 
you wish to qualify yourself to fill, 


wmuwgggjFPtt Uie bMtt ae u e w nai tlHi b ilas a a m aa n r to maHn ran 

Wfcy iM't Yaa Mike ISI ar $1N Wadit 

Tea bsv* brataa bst hses ye« tbe tralalegT if the btislnesa yen an hi 
dees sot bold eut prespeets for WO or ITn «r $10ti p*r «r«ck. yon ai* ia 

sipiiSn^^rtsA vrrSsfj^^ 2;^;;?*^ 

flVMrtsntn make fima fSe to tiflo e*r ^*k. Oiarf«i«d Aeeea a teats lashs 
Cm |ft,om te Wkjm i>er year. Ji4 Writars niak« fiesi Mt to «MS Mr 
wess. JoafDalist* Miake 190 le gn per week. Artists isska rrest 940 t« Sia* 

Cwsefe. la every Oa*. Beellke*|da|r. atMrrtkand. «r whstavsr It mar be 
ea* wbo Is y m W Hntn bsk the iralala* and tke kaawi«4««. is tke one w be 

tbe bigk aragaa If yea waat Slg sMney 
sfs new earaiag. take a esaras ef «*dy witk tk« 
Sckeol. Cbaeae tbe s*bJ**t that tulta ywt best Mark (ha aali 
I la s " " 


jeeta ea tke rniipos. flII la sod send tba' roapoa to u* to-day Wa win 

laaadlataty fsU partlealara Doa't jUy^ta a. rs^ ^lat kaog ea t*'* 

yen uaaa«iat*iy rsu partlealara Pes t slay ia a 
)sb last baraaaa Ifa a MMg gsad oae, arlM* fty a 1 


^ .'' jn ¥oBge Street, Toronto (fAt^ 

Local Repraagntstiva, H- A. McGtolry, 410 B. C Penaaaeat hotm 
. > . ■> DMiliiag,- Vi«iaria,> BtC 

near Rlr»; PiMMa wMM 'SMT aai gOetlwiatfa 'abaMt iM #Ma ea^faa 

anOarllaaa MIow. ' 


and .Others 

Eight-Cylinder Model Wins 

• High Pritlse From Loc^ 

Distributor — Majiy- Prpkh 

lems Soived. - ■ , 

To oloM otoMnraN .M tM MtMM- 
bU« industnr. tlMr* W«a niwr* tlM* * i 
mtl* tntarMt to be 4«Hve« from th*t} 

fact that the lt20 show* dlMlOMd 
that at least one, and |)rQbably two, 
of th« important new comers In the 
hlsh-priced automobile market wiU 
be cars of eiKht-cylinder U^p*. It W 
notaMo tlwU Ui« aichi » tiM «Mr 

mu n »i» 'o r i in »« r -tyi> of m&lif to 

to m raaki. 

mia reason for this condition Is to 
be found la. ttio fundamental mechan- 
ical prlnelples of the V>tjrpe eirht. 
acoordtef to Hafry Moor*, iMal 41» 
tribirtor tvt tfei OldaAiobUa lBI$DtL 

Haa Manr Advantage* 

"Because it is the simplest multiple 
of the four, the eight sliaroa several 
of the advantages of tho ansliM <tf 
half the number of OyUndars, 
Mr. Moore iut woak. ^It haa. (or 
example, the short and rl«ld erank 
Ifehatt of tho (our. Indeed, the crank 
■haft of the eisht-oyllnder motor will 
be even shorter than a crankshaft of 
a four of similar capacity. . The de- 
cided Importance of the elimination 
of "whip" in the— crank-shaft — has 
been amply reeognUed by moiem 
automotive entlaeers. Be€MiM >lt la 
compact and rigid to th« iMt dt- 
gr—, vibraUen can be rsOoa i to lh« 
miaw i wia ttrvm mghfr— 

'Vgbt ejrllnders give a proper unl« 
(omlty o( torque, or tumlnv effort 
on the crank shaft, producing an ef- 
fect than cannot be obtained with a 
ttmif number. 

Calrlmr«tfcm SlmplMed 
"She problems of earburotlon. too, 
are almpllfled by the «lKht-eyllnder 
type of construction. This Is espe- 
cially ImporUnt today., because of th« 
tendency of our heavy modem (uels 
to condense before reaehtng the ^Un- 
der. The cight^i^dar typ* irf eoa- 
Btris^oa permt£i' a mhUAmm of aia^ 
tanot b«tfn«h the cartraretor and 

SlMtr and thOMby laaMnc the pos- 



t)ffers Motordom Kutofnobilw 
Which Are Absolute Innova- 
' tions — Mechanical ^Conr< 
; |Btructlon Perfect 


ihm hlM models which compeae 
IAm' proaont Cole Aero-Slcbt Une, the 
*Coto Motor Car Company, •( latlaa- 
apolls, offer motordom antoroobUaa 
^hlch ar« absolute innovatloaa. 
-''Unprecedented. Mattty aC 
body . doaicn. tha 

its eWUMk 

The Aero-ElBht Tourster is an opan 
tuurlDc oar of full nmrin paaasniat 
capacity, bullt with all tbe spirK aaA 
o( deaign, the reserve powar, tho 
the oomfort and aooaoniy 

9i eapacUp 
«rtth whkJh. fi iMor la 
l ilM kl »r « day on motin- 
tmmk provaa that it 

', the Aero-Btght Bpotster 
4yp« daalga raaohea an ideal of 
baapty. Ita daalgnars have 


'aaorllloe In the ooni(ort and 
associated with the tgnring mi 
oar .that Is oapahia ^ rp 
the' driver's bee^» or o4- 

Bportatar la aamMpkaMOk 
■tamiaa aplaaty (or at 
demaadgi ^ 

tom<%ttlit two-paaa«MPHr>, «ar. 
Aere-Mght Roadatar ^ tti gfMy 
with ttoyal e0«vaalaii( 
RPPotetaMfeHk It api 
iBimaPi'. la the i 

JaS2LliiL^E?2*** BoadaUr S - 
■■WiMMg two-pa Hitngiii conveywice 

>«k tijiill ag Ilia haavtlfuL lu ap- 

pointraenta and aaoaasories make It as 

practical for tha country club, the 

Maahora. or t»a alky •« ,tar a krag 

tour. " 

The six apelaUd ears aflOrd 
tinet^ new adraatagas In ai 
design. They are a marked 
ment over thi eonventtomQ 
the past, and glTe to tiM 
oaavayanoa eliaraotarMlWi 
formerly asaoelated oaty with 

inomy Bight all s a a oon eara ^ a daeldad 

departure by way o( complatanaaa. 
Automatlo window ragnlatot^ ara 
used throngAout, and ao 'ilovMy are 
tha glaaa paaala fiMtallad ttiat th«y 
may be dropped down Into tha la w ai 
body p(um)s and tlio ean thrown al- 
moat eamplatoly vfitm (Or .Baauaar 
drtvtng. QtOikit rgHpirtpitg arg ao- 

The Sportsedan Is a a w agg a r afa»' 
tloa. It la a four-door, (Oar-paaaao' 
gan modal, in whieh tha raar qaartar 
aaetloaa are aottd and ha«« oetagoaal 
windows, tha aportoaiaa eoMbtavM tha 
digBky aM4iemfeA 4tf a tor Wipiiiiin 
with that o( a dlMlMMlva gada& It to 
dlfltinctly a ^rt OOr a«|t> the' adjust- 
ible glass partiUon between the front 
aad rinr oompartments is a novel ad- 
dlMoil,.- • It has a seating capacity o( 



«^vn-w raagtaogR ^a|y mriMhM attta- 
■Mbaa% 4rhia% mm *Mt ahaod oTtlw 
ttmsa. lb ravaatod m the flash ^al 

constroetion employed throiwliaat. 
This elimln&tM the ovarhangii^ •( 
tha aapa tsti ■ < j ture. aMa atraagnr to 
o( tha oan^ athntnatag jar-' 

'""^r, Ifew IB ;od«otqpclp^ 
Tha Aero-Klght 9p«iHrko«l|po la an- 
tlraly new In Its coaeOMIfit TiMra Ig 
«paoa for four in aapg i g r ji la ft., igc 
daalgn It Jtrihoa a^ apw.lUito. 

Tha toardataa |# aaaanflanj a 
ehaitliraar drlran ear. Tha parutlon 
batwaon tMa firoat afid aaar copnport* 
maata tnaaraa tonaaao prmtcy. al- 
though It anay be' lowered eompletaly 
out of vlaw In to the back of the 
ftoot seat. The Touraedan is a sfael- 
ous fdmily aedan — counterpart o( tha 
Toaroalna with tha exception of tha 
cantraJ glaas partition. 

. B*lhlald. So doalgned 

*hat OMva la gmraya an unobstmeted 
aa Otf" a lavel wtth tlM 
this windshield la 

to creat« a suotioa of 

a» (Mm within the car, aasartng par 
te«t v<entttaMaB raaaitflam g( ' 


tributora for the Coli Aara»Bl|ht. 


la tha itenaar ^|ra 

drivers used to prldi themselves on 
their skill in manipulattag tha apw^k 
leirar. In modafi}. OMa tha apa»k 
levar haa b|pgqto^# laav^^ 
factor. Ailj^iit It la oAn glvaa 
too little attaatloyi. 

The driver who leavea 
lever Ailly advanced. 

grades, road eondltlDaa , 

Imposes ami«eaaMmr ftraia oa^ 
englM . aiMlUdaaa aot gat tha aOM-^ 
^ ««r porforwaaoaT^ 
payrtvnVObte the spark to suit the 
load and speed of the ejigine, so that 
ignition does not take place either too 
early or too late for smooth running 
and steady flow of powar. ' 

Tha best method (or the _ . " 
to paraua la to kiap the apark rataf««d 
aofClolanUbr to ayold tha alight knoofc 
la tho aaglaa which la sure to develop 
U tha spark is too far advanced when 
agealaratlng from slow car speed to 
Wsh igar; then to advance tha spartc 
gmduaUy aa .apaad inoraaaaa A Um 
experii a a tj a tgMI gggii ihwrtgp tfepiS^: 

"All of these consideratlona were 
weighed by the Oldamoblla ■nglaaaia 
before they built the OldamehUa d^te 
five years ago. Tha 9opvilm(ttt WtSuk 
the car has since aahiavad laa^ ao 
t^^^ tha aO«9^aaaa o« their 
coMtaalon. Aad auraly, u any altap- 
tj^wa epaoamtag tha sighi-cyiinder 
typo of eoaitruoUon did exist, the 
BMTked trend toward that form of 
motor la the high-priced field ahould 
rmam It-oaawMately." ^ 

*Voday. wheravar yoi#. Mwkggaaa 
lake, river or smallar atrwiliig i ijiuu 
ara ai#«jrs-gura to fltad tin Byinrude 
motor." atataa Mr. Ctoorga Horrocka. 
BHtUh Colombia «Mtr«MMor £ 
Byjaruda motom ^ 

* Evinruda ^irsia impor- 

tant advantage over aarllaT aipdals. 
A special method of balanMay ^tyao 
It smooth and vibratlonlaaa nmaliig. 
A few oiher reflnamanta hava alao 
baen addad. but no vital ..ehangaa in 
^l^y***^— > imf-hmh (band neeea- 

hiiSK*' Si «"«>^-»>oats. skiffs. 
Ja«ga»aata. aaUboau, yachta. acows. 
JWjboata aad raft, are powaiod by 
wrmrude motors, if yoa'ra 4 tehar- 
man or hunter, tha Bvlnnida Oom^ 
in handy for a Jaunt acrWttiaTSr 
Mr. Horrooks has Just rocalfaj a 
large ahlpmant of Svlnrodao. tha 
««^' port <a whtah la S? 
BOrrooks autaa that aa (hat aa theV 

€«£ PINT Or^MS' 

Oagollne is woi 
The genie that 
bottle, la thg 

ogpIO o«« Of the 

monstrooa powarT ^ * 


Thus there Is in UMt alada pftH 
o( innooeat-lookta* (taMMaMh 
PJ^I^^to tot ate M TM fcSteS 

-W4 «M partioalg4api.fort«aat« 
«tf«r both- a Toaslaf aai 
diata dsHvsry. Tbosa M^ftiMP'V?'^ 
dartof tha tut tow daygll^ir'm taiMl «^ W 
i«a4]r for jrow Itifpgetld*." 

. Tkgy eo^ «f«lpp«l wH* t^g ^»tt ksofm-tf^ 
ItiMg ttotttfg Wttn, t^ ia^fy tmf, lloctrk 

In tbdf prloa clau. .,], 

5-Pasieiiger toi[|iil|^^ 
2-Ptssciifer 1(o9m$r, 

0»iii|MUiifg Ltd. 

Ill Yataa ttraat Pboaaa 49004 



.. Ciarlt*A Dougall. agents for the 
Diamond T Truck, "the Nation's 
freight car," 711 Cormorant Street, 
have had a busy weak demonstrating 
this famoua tmok. Thar are aih 
pacting daily a sMpaaaaf ai trMik 
«th» gaa V^ oa to tho 

"A number of people are 
me daily what la tha UotehhlH dHv«,*' 
stated Mr. OaagalL "Tha n^tky^ 
aa aptUad to motor vriMMaa ia 

aaUo« 9t tha awfajard 

Bmr drtv* ^riOi ^e etlaUaatlea #( 
Btata POr% ' prvrionsly oenaldgNid 
neoaaaary. This oonatrwetlaa WM 
amplanad «a 

g o( ycaro hpo 
bean applied 

It la 

years ago., ' 

All thoaa who 
K^raoka should aaaka 
tha P lam tad V. 

hate« tka Ami «g •iapt 

n-rfj* 1S^*2J^!!** ' Ud#d Or. ribfiMiteed to be in irft«luff ruiMkif 

tmtr^ donl Ml to pes these. Vgly ea^ t«rtng trninfed. 

Otal ordtr. JWa car baa b«ca ornately < 

mgg it wag ggw. aad mm gad rtdaa bcaMtfaUb 

nWMi late te pd a l TMa ftuimi ia a ate 
i^my. oomfMttaUc ridiaf car. and la ia gggal- 
lent order. Afl^irca arc food aad it ia a real 

good bo y, on itrma if daaircd. at flwS> 

new order. Thia Ur haa bcaa privataly owaed 

since It was * — *- 

most scU. so 




Thia ««r has been privataly owned 
Hi,a real aJea 

f ~ MeLAUOHLUf S4BATKX. in fine 
__r. Tfeia ear has all nearly new tires, and ia 
m artzt abape. Terms if desired. Price, f BBO 

9^ *-4JIDXAII MOTOKCYCLB. Ute model, in 
first-elaas ronoiag <«dar. Thia machine hat a 
foil aeoipmcnt of cgtraa, aad U a #oodbay 

■■e grder. A Map) at 

Na. »-nCSLtlOI 

ndicalous price of 


at the 

aaw order. 

This car ia a sraat bagr at_. 

Me. in 


cirrtilNii to 

to be to firat-deto 

ihie ordgr. A>*nap a 


^f^^rtet CMMref V^Kora StrtM "fhiMe 


1' "^r- aaggaaaaaaBg— 


la splendid order — 

i Fofd JMMcr. 1917 

Thoroughly overh»«led- 
1 Chevrolet Touting, 1917 

Ready for the road .... 
1 Cherrolet Readitter^ ttl! 

A great Mttle car .. — 
1 Chevrolet Tonring, 191t 

Newly irarnwhcd 

1 Chevrolet Tooriaff, 1919 

Equal to new 

1 Muwell Touring, 191S 

A car of merit 

1 Overland Roadeter. 1914 

In food order thrpaiboat 

Johmen Street 



Phone 5237 

lM|e^re f oand tfiat clieq> 
I are th^ most expensive in the^end 

They are sure to cause engine troubles, 
repair bills and general ditaatisf action. Wc 
recommend Veedol, because we know that h 

is the most highly refined, thoroughly filtered 
parafHnc base luDricant on the rnvket. 

Carload Just Received' 


:We Now' hA'''-''''**^***' 
7 Our 

Tire R«Mir 

jf Itt Fttft 
arid an 
Old, Experienced 

Repttr Men 
./ in Cbtrge 

We Do Retreading, Section Repfin mm! ~ . 
Tube Vulcanizing 

All work guaranteed, and yoo will find our prices are reasonable ^ 

Sttcccsaors to 

Douflae St. iitlilili!! * WOODS 


t >» I, n 




Ford Tduring . . . . . . . $450 



Ford Touring 
Chevrolet Towtev 
I ;CiievrdMiijrToiiria9 . i . . .#:^ 


• a • a^^a a a 

Begg Motor 




Caiioad En Rotfto to Ji/ictoria 
for Jam^^A rais, Local 
Distributors — Mni-Naw 
FeaWres. * 

Mr. WHUe. Jaateaon * Wlliu. 
local distributor* o( the Studebeker 

can. Htated to The Celoa^ aptotor 
editor yesterday that be capeeta a 

rihlimu;nt of cara from the faetory. 
nest week. The ehipment will con- 
Hlst of three Specials and one Hit; Six. 

The Special Six is tlie very latent in 
automobiles. It ia equipped with u 
powerful, biahly economical .and etll- 
ci*nt split-head motor of fifty liorne- 
power of Stadebaker deelgn and 
manaiaetare. OtM oft ita Mg <ea- 
uiree -Is the Strom berg carburetor 
which is now befng equipped on ait 
Studebaker Special Sixes. This new 
csrburetor, with the hot-spot intake 
manifold, gives the car anywhere 
from eighteen to twenty miles per 
gallon of KaMoIlne. With the car 
hi::ng fifty horsepower, tliis is quite a 

The Special' Six ha« IM-lnch wheel- 
base, atvtna abui^daaiee «f comfort. 
Uti (ftaiidard equiymehl Ja oomplete, cowl llffhta at the corners 
of the windshield: walnut (>teerins 
wh^el and instrument board of the 
8:1010 fltiiuh: oiitHide and iii.slde door 
buiidleM; lonneuii light with conven- 
ient extension; Kcuulne le.itlier uphol- 
stery: Kyi>Hy top with oval plate glass 
Windows In the rear, and c-ord tires. 
The »>ody 'l8 of beautllJul Studebaker 
dark blue. 

Air. Willis pointed out that the Spe- 
cial £Hx hail its transmission Immedi- 
ately beneath the front floor I'oards. 
whloh formerly wa.s aUafh«>d to the 
rrar axlo. The brake.s aro so etficlcnt 
(hat tho proNi<uri' of the fiiiKrr will 
t-riiis Ihf (ill- |u ;i .siaiid.Ht'.ll. 

Mr. Willln stated the iSlg Six Is 
proving to be one of the most popular 
cars In the city. The l»la Six. with 
ilu 60-horsepower motor. 126-lnch 
wheelbuso and »even*passenfer biiSy, 
giver ta Tire «W»tBfIsr u rare comblna- 
titrti of a<>tual power, range of speed, 
hlll-ellmhing -ability, beauty of line 
and appo;inino(-. genuina oomfOJ-t and 
operating <-< i>iioni>-. 

All those who .irc liiteretilcd in the 
StudebaR^i^'ehould Ret in toi^ch with 
Mr. wiiiiM, who wUl be anly too 
pleased to give a demonstration as to 
what the Special or Bia Six Stude- 
bfljter can do on the road. 


Claimed to Have Largest Auto- 
..raoblle. Output In the British 
Efnuire— Minimum Wage Is 

Save time, 
■are jBoqey; 
KUnfoate shrinkage. ' 
Kllmlnate breakaae. 
Cuts costs. 
Save yourself. 
Save yoar ataah. '. : 
Qviek aarvkp*' 

All-year- round eenrtaa-h. 
l*rodwcer to ooBMtaMV'ilvaet. 


of automobile fendera, which' 'wlU 
mean an addition of close on 309 men 
to the numt>er of employees. 

With elabt flonrlshina Canadian 
branehee. Tea dealer* aad over f.aoo 
semtoe e t a t loae, ^the company, has 
evarr reaaoa to 'fie praiid at tka part 
it has played ta the iRduatrlal «f» ef 
the Dominion. 

The National Kord Company. Yates 
Street, are th<- lociil Ford di8tribatO|Ce> 



ThOQMM Pllmley HsLHtiMag Oa n ad to n 

Canadian money, 

Canadian made, 

Should be spent in Canada. 

Kor Canadian trade. ^ 
This' little doaaerel expreeses in a 
few words one of the arauments used 
ill placing National Motor trucks be- 
fore the Western Canada mnrket. The 
National truck agency was recently 
taken ovei* by Thomas PUniley. and 
has already become a prime favorite in 


All the parts used in National trucks 
are absolutely standard, some of the 

unlt.s being Waukehsa englno. 
niann ignition, Zenith carViurotor. 
steering gear, IJrown I..lpo trani»tnl.'i- 
sioM and Tiniken' axle.s, both front and 


Despite the fact that many of the 
parts have to be imported, only 47 per 
cnt of the material entering into the 
construction of N)i,ti«nal trut-k.s is 
)>rodUfr>d In Canada, while all the 
labor used in finishing the iiaris and 
assembling the truck i.s Cmiadaian. As 
a result National prices arc c^jnslder- 
ably lower than th«»se of imported 
trucks of a like auallty. In fact, the 
factory has a standj^^ aaaraniee th^t 
National trucks ar^lhe equal of ae- 
semhied trucks made, anywhere. 

One of the most sattsCaotory proofs 
of JCational (luality has bocp the largo 
porcojitago of repeat orders from own- 
ers who have had National trucks in 

Most of the National trucks now 
operating in A'Ictoria are in heavy 
.service nnd are reeling off the miles 
with tho best of thera. 

National trucks arc made in the 
laraest truck factory In Canada at 
Hamilton, Ont. The 19^0 output wHI 
be approximately 1,200 to 1.500 trucks. 

* u ft 7 

Ck>ni£r ^ Ygjpcpuver and 


! - 1 

At present occupied by H. A. Davie, Ltd. This garage is up to 
date in every respect, and with Machine Shops, Show Room, 
§t0CkJgpCHn, Offices,, OU Store, Washrack, two (2) Inspection 

Pits (Gas Tank andjpui^ s^«t^. b^^ h 
excellently situated fbr doing a large business. Storage wotil(| 
more than pay interest on capital. Taxes exceptionally; light. 

Occiipationin ApriU. A|>plj . j 

H. A. 

847 Yates Street 

Cars and Trupks 

The only "8" cylinder car m.mufactured in, Canada, there" is no mistaking the distinct 
dilference in the way the Olds rides and drives. You feel at once, and you know at once, 
that the quality of the car is of the yeiy ||ifi>e$t order. .. ^ 

Savea^aeeaMser Tavrfag. $3,38S ' FaariPtaeaBgar Sport Model, «3,328 

' OMe teenetay 1-Ton Track. 

F.O.B. Victoria 




Most ytaltoj^'tii. the border cities 
usualljn taalta'ai jiohit ot visiting the 
plant of tlia' l%rd Motor Company of 
Canada. Limited, is today one 
Of the great hKlu.: . jj l .show pJa'-es 
of Canada. Im'u- .if ihcjii .nc aware, 
however, of the romantic rise of this 
huKo cijncf Ti, which is today the fac- 
tory with the largest autoniobge* ou t - 
put within the British Empire. the 
year ms a mo^Mt buUdlBg hiuaed 
the ^dfrke of tl# ikalkervme maon 
Company, so modest and tmpreten- 
tloas In fact' was thta building that 
t»»e general manaaer. (Jordon .Mc- 
Oreaor, could. If he so desired, walk 
around his shop in two mlnUtliW bj 
the factory clock. 

The acre of land W$iloh was foribcrly 
occupied by the araaon companv 
is now swallowed tip 1)y a buOdlng 
six stories hiah,v«^«m«iMr over nine 
acres or around atitt liaWiR a total 
floor space of 4M,.TM squan- feet 
There are also i-lght branches in 
Canada with :i floo r space of o ver 
88Ti57-l S(|uare 

At the present time the home 
Office factory ciupioyers number a,(»0!<. 
besides whicii there Is the office staff 
of 231. To these must be added the 
factory and office employees the 
branches totalling Cto paraonsi ||iak- 
Ina a total of over 4.100. *- 
. li eeaae'rvatlvely estimated ihat 
the number of people In t^anadlnn 
firms who mx'p directly or imlirectlv 
kept busy by the demands' of thir. 
company for material and - finished 
products ia upwards of 35,000. 

The Kord cniidoyees are the lilah- 
est paid ^autoinobfle mcchanim la thv 
Empire, the minimuhi waae l>eli||| f« 
per day, and over W per cent ot the 
men employed own their own homes. 

The poarer in the original factory 
waa derlvetl from a 7r. h p. engine, 
but today the wonderful combination 
of . gas and sfcnni engines in the 
power houiN) have a- total .eapaei|a of 
7,500 horse power. * 

First Plow of MaeMwry i 

The first piece of ■ machinef^ In- 
stalled In the old factory wa» a 
aolltary drtU preea. Now the machine 
ehop aresenta a bewildering and 
seemingly ondles^ forest of whirling 
belte. revolving wheels, flying crank.n 
and spinnina shafts. Mere are mn- 
chines designed by the Kord engin- 
eers which are marvels of the In- 
dustrial world. One of inifel^.^^BlUnes 
will mill fifteen cylinder i esffl rijje al 
one tine. AnotiMr . vrtll drill ilaty^ 
seven holes at enee In the otOhder 
ftrem aldea. top and bottom. A gUnt 
pa nob weighing iis.eoo paands 

•ftth a 000 ton squeeze will form a 
erank case out of cold steel by one 
strike while several other presses 
equally massive finish the operation. 
Other marhlncx seemingly possessed 
of almost humuQ IntslUgence jridlt up 
various parte wfth metel ftagetg aad 
convey them to' tfgtWtatMl dmlag, 
drllUag and threfldlac davleea. bihers 
again wm^jM^M he fad with raw 
metal ta1jiil¥9%at tlto enUre operation 
and hand out the finished prodi^ct Tet 
la tlie seeming riot of these steel mon- 
sters, and amidst the crash of the 
ponderous presses and the roarln|r and 
soreamina of the multitudtnoiia' rm. 
c hh ie e , t»e»* >• no confusion. - ^ ' - 
motion, eearvthloa has b«ea . 
to a seloaoe. eUncW the haia 
aiUi that eeUtdry drf„ 
' V"** nftanatacturvi 
oars, and at 
ley are being turifed out 
At the rats of oMer 3*0 per day. 

The niOBt recent progrexilve step 
of the^omp.'.ny was the urquUttlgn of 
the iVi.ilclon Kurge nnd Htavi^ng 

fF the Ford Motor Company of 
Canada, Limited, is able to build 
up to the limit of it$ capacity, only 
27,350 Ford Cars will Jae built fcwr use 
in Canada, between January tli6 first 
and July the tihirty-nrst of this year. 
. Divided among the total: pppplation 
of Canada this means, oaS-Car to eyery 
three hundred and ten^people. 

It is easy to see thsit laany people 
will be unable l;o get their Ford Cars 
at all, and many will have to wait for 
summer or fall delivery. 

As Ford Dealers in this territory, 
we desire to deliver a car to every 
person in this distridi who wants one, 
but we cannot get the car§jinlei 

send in tiie orders no^. 1? « 

If you will need a^ j:^l§i;er .^OiU 
dpn*t wait till sprmg before ordenng. 
Put yoiirself at the top of tfee delivery 
list by signing an order toiday* \ " 






Touring, like hc^.J.....ff,6<S0 
Overland Touring, 1919 model. ..«ft«3fl!0 

MttLaughlin light six, 1919 f 1,650 

BIcLaughlin Four, Al condition .$550 




1 » 



Pwrigpr's Garage aind NfodbiiM^ Shop 

Have Moved to Tliair Naw Pramlsaa t ♦ 

245 BEixEviLU 5ntE|rr 

Oxy- Acetylene 
Wading and Brazing 

^ ' Scored Cylinders Repaired 


921 Wlwff SUM! ' ' 




MQiW PAIftjigtitfyBgR CO. 

V ' Vklafiii, B. C 


The Orlfind Drl-Kar^ Station 


Invcatt^jP tomorrow and learn bow you can reduce M>«rwl«Bm 
At McGtvin's yj/m |wr«^ chok« ,<d i i , ! . rrr^ 

Retreaiis or Gates M-Solet 

•iS^^ A. McGAVIN 5sr 

i "Tri I' 

Wa cati^«ow Charfa your battery by motor-fenecator. TWa la ttt' 

■•■•li^i itipiM HHImIii ChMTfad and lUpftM 

We Ara Specializing on Deico Eketrical Sytten and iavneh Work 
We Garry In Stock All P#C» IfHttiai tn^.^tctrlfal SyatM^ ' 

J. Rif^ 

PbMM 2370 

}|-. C. 'drbtopher 
tlO Gorilen dtr«et 

Gasoline is Gbine 

It is XiUARANTEED to incfeJsc your tnilele iier jrallon 

iM^^^^^^^y^^D not to injure the 

mecluoiMiv of 
#I.1M> per packet, to be obtained only from 

Expert Reptlr$.«ii Sttrtihg, LIghtli 

Revieimd by Motorists 

A Pl|»n Recount of Some of the Tjiiiss That Have „ 
,Becn Done to.Thif Yeiir'iB Models -Bf Favoofe, / •,■ 
' , Cars, ^ding 9emiw, QonKprt Jf^ | ; 1 
• • ■ and Utility - - - 

OQCimil. CQMdI. 

coe are beins shown. Model 432. res- 
alar, has black or brown upholstery. 
Modpl 433. special. Is painted in darl( 
maroon, and haa solid leatlifr upl^ol- 
atory. Attention is drawn to the spe- 
cial top, with iU rear pkata f la«a Ushta 
tad Itt cortalna (Hat •«P4«M "with the 
door. The Briaeoe medal* hatve na- 
t«i»t irood iMPliOels. »Bd ^>o«vlp|Md 
Wim mm»»n. The style of the bo^y 
lonaMwi. tlie aaake as that of 'the late 
it 19 ears, which had sained general 
approval. Comfort, handsomeness of 
appearance and convenience have 

The Cadillac of itso la «, new 
Modal drat atimpla of wjiloh Is 

thalr immmt otrtftmy tin now inrins 
a* longer wheelbaae. The body lines 
show many i^flnements in all models. 
There has b«en but little variation 
from the standard Cadillac 8-cylinder 
chassis which han won this car a pro- 
minent position in public Xavor. 

The new Cbalmera la much lower, 
with new tody daaiKn. The hot^apot 

engine, with its ram's-hom manifold 
Ifi considered an advanced feature. 
It Ifl claimed that tho motor of the 
1920 model has Increased efficiency 
In extracting high power from pres- 
ent-day low-grade fuel. The body 
retaioa its beauty and conservative 
style. Jlhaa^been aimed, U> the build>- 
ing of the new model Ofcalinera, to 
produce a car that will fn ooonem- 
Ically and depandably on an roada 
and in aU ^iceathera. 

C^Uidler and OlerdMid 
SSdIdlmcy and general superiority 
In the ncttor haa been the aim of the 
manufacturera In the 1920 model of 
the Chandler car. Thla car the mak> 
era, in view of their eapoclal eon* 
centraUon on motor aXoaUanca. have 
nanied "thia oar witit ttio aait^ious 
motor." Tho daafarod reatttta are de- 
clarod to havo baen aocured In a very 
atrildng way by bmoos of the double 
manifold (Intake and exhaust to- 
gether). Beauty haa been added to 
the body lines by bevelling the cowl, 
bringing the whole close to the true 
atreamllne effect. The Cleveland is a 
new-comer in the market, which la 
said to have acoompUahed such re- 
sults in economy of operation aa alone: 
and without reffraoeo .to ita other 
merits, would aOll^ Uw eair tO tho 
thrifty buyar. , 

Thla ttopnhtr car haa been changed 
In many respects. The body of the 
1920 model Chevrolet is much room- 
ier. There is a new style top, with 
bevelled glass windows. Tho uphol- 
stery of the- car has been enriched; 
and this, with the increased «paco, 
woll no doubt prove an attractive fea- 
ture both in respect to comfort and 
.Appearance. lit atyle -and aiyaarahce 
the hew model ta dit aOvan&On Its 
predecessors. MOehfMltoiaii^ too. the 
Chevrolet haa bean ta^jftrdyad. 4n>a hew 
motor Baa iii^ii«ftaad d«^^^ and 


The Cole Aero-Eight, which 1« ad- 
mittedly one of the most marked ex- 
amples of advancement in motor oar 
manufacture; the engineers and body 
designers obvioualy strovd to outdo 
one another. The Cole hi|i fV>tdpa 
mtllupu^ Oylladar anslMr dMr hidi & 
bore of three and oQo-l|alf iaehoa and 
a atroke of tout ahd OM-half IpChii. 
The CMe liaa a ayeedTfroip '2 tnilda 
par hobr to 80. An exhaust-heated 
In-take manifold, known as the- Hot- 

SSiet manifold la a feature. Lubricar 
lo^;*th by force feed. A apeoial w»tar 
pump tocreaaes cooling efllblaaoy. 
■ *I>od^ ? 
Id thetr. 1929 model, Dodge Bros, 
bava adhered to the standard chassis 
which haa proved poi)ulai- with the 
public, "but have mndo several impor- 
Unt changes in t he lines and , design 
of the body., hringlnp it thoroughly up 
to date. They arc still using the full 
leather upholstery and have widened 
the rear seat four inches, glvta^ mora 
4'oom In the tonneau. 


The Bsaex for this year haa been 
equipped with Oabrlel ^snubbers. 
which by absorbing any rebound, not 
only make the car very comfortable to 
ride in, but make breaking af the 
springs, even by the hardest Jolt, an 
impossibility. Another 5 dhange in the 
1920 Bsaex is tbo ItDpr^maBt <tf Ike 
Bandix irtye. ^ V 


Of the many Improvements in the 
1920 Ford, the local distributors ax- 
pect to make early announcements. In 
addition to the tmprovemenu on the 
new model, a demand which has 
proved phenomenal for Ford cars of 
the closed type (coupe and aadan). 
haa made necessary an iBoraaaa of 


Tbiaj6iiaoh's Oray-Dort has the 
f °«^JJ^ 'dhrUlng attached, so that 
'n*^**«>c opana convwnlentiy in one 

mii*. V^HJ^ *■ •^«*>*«d witir pu- 
ponfs fabricotd top, and the uphol- 
•tery Is of genuine leather, special at- 
^ntion having boen given to the up- 
holBtery of the "Ace" model. A' hand 
emergency brake. with aaporate 
pedale for the foot braJce and alMch 
i» anotharJaUtlk * 

1.0 v^. /*Th9 a^ea hk4 bi«n stit^ngth 
>an«l. tha r^ a«« |^4# of 
inalaod of tho three pSuon 

tlaL Develapmenta have been 

In the fnuBo. transmission, eloetrlaal 
eqalpmaat, radiator and atoorlMr gear, 
to' bring tho haw mod^ vdaitwoli 
abreaat of piodam demanda. 

Tha changea on the ll)ld> Xddtugh* 
' UO'— « conaenratlye ear ag far aa me> 

(dianlcal construction and body Unea 
are concerned — have been made with 
a view to tncreaaing comfort and the 
assurance of satisfactory perform- 
ance. There haa bean a reduction to 
the Master Six and Light Six only. 
The McLaughlin Is shown in the 
seven-paaaenger, flve-passenger and 
three-paaeenger open cars, and the 
four-paaoanger. flve>paaaenger and 
aevenvpaaaenger eloaed cars. The 
Light Mx haa baaa oottaUorobly tap- 
prevod, aa ISir aa motOTi Minio and 
bodyara oaMOraod— tha fkomoof the 
new model bathg two hiehaa - deeper, 
and the wheelbaae having lieen tn- 
ureased three inchea In length. The 
sprln?« of all models have been in- 
creaaed in length, enauriog eaaler 


The Naah are featuring their sport 
model for 1920. It la built for atyle 
and apeed, having a •T'horae'powei; 
perfected valve-ln-head motor, whioh 
allowa a apeed range froni one mile 
to seventy on high gear. Tha Xaah 
sport t car la built pn the 121-Inch 
chassia the i>ody being painted pal- 
metto green. The sides are low cut 
and panelled; The body width is al- 
most the same at the front tuid rear 
seats, the car being designed for four 
passengers. The windshield in low, 
giving the top a rakish appearance 
and lessening wind resistance. The 
wheel? are Hayes white v/ire. S3 x 4, 
of unusual atrcngth. Other modala 
are betag Ahown. f^paaaenger. f-paa- 
aaager, m nab e u t, Baten and ISMpo, 
all being of the voir finest. 

• OldamobUo 

The 1920 Oldsmoblle has many im- 
provementa In the matter of appear* 
anoe, as well as durability and com- 
fort. The body la of entirely stralghc- 
ilne dealfp; the wbeel-baae hmger: 
the fi^mo heavter bad deeper. Bmp- 
tlo aprlnfa la the rear replace the 
threenoarter aprtaga of laat year. 
The ttodp^.Bafo oerft equipment in- 
atead of fhbHe. Ilie top and wlnd- 
ahleld have been improved, and there 
have been many refinementa in the 



' Itlding comfort la the thinr-oaimed' 
at in the M4a Qy^liRBd. A fa^ttre 
which Is said to IfBOare abaotKte reat 
while riding and Itamonlty from any 
jar on an uneven road la the three- 
point auspenalon triplex springs. The 
car la very thoroughly equipped with 
the latest devices' for starting and 
lighting, and has an electric horn. It 
is pointed out by the manufacturers 
that the very light build of the Over* 
land "4" Sedan, with the consequent 
saving ia gasoline, oil and tires, 
marks a new departure in economy of 
elosed car operation. It weigho oaly 
loo pounda more than thp tporiBC 
far. araoatnln9aB;Of deaiga aad Itia* 
ury of appelataieada are other pdlatd 


There is little (duuige, aa this haa 
been deemed atttMrflbooar Hi thi 
haadaome bo«r fSoa of ^the- 193| 
Packard. AddiUoaal ooia^ort, how^ 
ever, hao bee»^ Mured by lowering 
«»»Wn« »^iMer the front seat, 
and by lowerliig the rear seat. As- 
-Ift^IVen that friends of tha 
fJ^qUWd mil And the appointmeata 
5tjTi*3^** ^ customary atan. 
wd W ibzury. ddrahmty and ooa- 
venlence. ^ . 

Paige-Detroit Company are ofTerbig 
t "^T^ ,r«P«*e«ng the oil 

Model 39. thii tbey lUve good 
back to thdrcpaptmetlpn of their ewa 

oecore waf oeeuibUd the fiin 

capacity of thafre^tiag phmt. The 
My deaiga of ^la model is excep- 
tlobally graceful, and the chassis la 
«p to the best standard of modern 
aototnoMIe construction. The manu- 
facturers or the Paige atill ohOm to 

The dlae wheel haa ooaie ta atay. 
As reflected in the exhibits at the 
Bastem automobile showsb thla la' 
the newest development^ ia 
manufacture of aaotor oaya^ 
Ing to the m— y autoqMMie^i 
loJaMpi aetarneda^oMi 

J^M^rtMol ad«&ied many 
>e atOaTattraotive eshlblta at 
all the alMwa," paya a dealer. 
"Manofbctarers ai^ ainglng the 

praises of the wheel It Is evident 
[Aiany stock cara arlll come from 
IhVfa^onr la tho #Nir fM«re with 

disc wheels. 

"According to eAierts, the diss 
wheel has the following recom« 
mending features: 

"It is easy to elada. 

*1t la free fr^ a«uealwoeauBoa 
la itHaf ahaola, 

'%lia Mlwiblaet to tba 
through Bharp kaoafep tha 
wooden wimela. 

"And It adda to tlie appaaraaee 
of a maeh(ne." 

In previous models its well-known 
riding qualities. The Knight motor, 
which has come to be known widely 
for Its dependability and wearln>; 
qualities has been done credit to In 
the now chassis and body., in whteh 
there has been a striving, not only for 
dlatinctlveness. atyle and o<|iafwri, but 
for the aturdy. endprable onajlUea 
of the motor. Provialoaa |«r maxi- 
mum oomfort are fopad in aaoh do- 
talhi as the alant of the footboarda to 
reat the fWl at Just tho right angle, 
and tta eatrMaeiy long, flat, fltxible 
springs whlehamooth out and absorb 
road Jolts. The rear springs are un- 
deralung, giving a low-hoag body and 
eliminating side-sway. 


Automobile men ratumlag firom the 
Chleago and Cleveland automobile 

f *'*r*_ automobile 
slluaUvb for 1920 from indications at 
the exhibits and from reports from 
their various factories, which they 
visited while hi the Beat The out- 
staqtf inf^ ^tora|;jrt ytBorta arc 

There will be a ahorUge of auto- 
mobiles In 1920. 

The prices of motor eara will ad- 

There will be . no radical changes 
in automobile eonatructl'on — since 
the automotive vehicle haa raamiafl a 
atate of high perfection. 

Viewed by these men, who are ex- 
perts in the field, the comments are 
considered as weighty among' those 
interested in motordom. 

R^Y^^oinb Motor Co. 




%iYt Your Tirat n^nifek tlib • 

Uu?ersal Tire Filler 

^ 1t«tn Hard Nb ItoM ttn tioabia 

It Is Not a Liquid 


Y ou do away with all inner tub es 
Yttu do not have to carry an extn W9 
You get more wear on casings 
You purchase the filler but once 
The filler it cbangad from old to aaw eatinfa 
Does awar Jvlth punctara^ hlowoigi, laaar 
tubes «nd air > j ; 


, . • 1 limited , 


Wheels Tiut 
Road For 



Thf wheals of the 1920 model Hud- 
■00 have been changed from 46$4H 
to 24x4 H. Provision has been made 
for a larger wiring surface on the 
motor, with more play f^ high speed 
work. Warming of the laAtor Ik made 
easy and rapid by an' dhtatfabZSrT 

which ahuta off tho ciroulatioo. 

Tha Hopmoblle people have done 

fu*^?* ^'^•'^ *»'^«' to make" 
the Its* model the finest hi Ame^. 
There has net been vmty tSu^ 
changes in Uie mechanical end of the 
oar aa it is how nearly aa porfbdtMM 

SBSTdStt ^ 

Fuel eoonomy. Is 
pelnta «r the liSdt 
btttivbi hot adat _ 
maalM ai% ddhtgaad to 

the rtAUdfai. « ii olphned for 

d-oyUnder engine of th« 
. .2 JL*U22?* » ■l>eclal and 
_r\'HN^ yfffg> the oiling systenV, 
*"'*'fd*»dored to be a year 
aaoM of. anything of the kind in 
Miotora. The body of the ntw model 
is very roomy. The wheel-base of the 
Reo, Which has been found to be sat- 
isfactory, and ample to carry a flve- 
passenger body, remains the aamoi, 
The upholstery of the Keo la iOaalnO 
leather, and Marshall mattrem sprt 
are used throughout. The Reo 11 
,n»ndo In flve-paoMnger, three-] 
ger roadster, four-pasaanger 

Btodan. All bodies 
arar Pint da Jlhe mieeial model chaasia 
and engine. Tha aaraa principle haa 
J>een follo«|ad la the Reo "speed- 
TJIS^'V**' where tyi>«s of 

bauea to auitrdlfferant requiremeata 
are all built on the one ^<SSm 

From top to bottom, from front ta 
back, the 1920 Soripps- Booth is a 
picture of neatness and comfOrt. It M 
in a line of moderate weight automo« 
biles, and haa a stylish otireamllaa 
body. Mounted on the pew ■erlpo#» 

II aiadcbaker 
The Mdebaker for 1920 is being 
Otsplayed in two models — the Speolal 
8ix. all blue With black trlmminim 
and tha Big eix, all green, with blaai 
trimmings. The Special six luwS 
electric light in the tOnneau 
longer gear shift lever, 
very eonvanlent f^ the Mvelr 
reach. The carbtfretloa MT tfeo 
91x has been notable IMMM 
motoaa oa bOt^ fpaMb ImW^ th« ddi^ 

tltea; hae« #oor Viniiig 
umm ae laalde: nod ^ 
^fadtti n^uilet'* laorps al- 
io tpi wladsbieM on elthed 
m lighting equipment also 
NO^UamlnaUon for Ui« Inotrv 


'ATCH Overknd 4 on 
rough cobbled or un- 

eau and a 
makhit i 

The teuring car of tJi«> nsw IMP 

ptyidnMdt. The wfaeda lot- 
low aMfM fawqwelffiM, bit 
the ipooderftd mtw tjW 
Spcingi five car ^nd Hkm^ti^ 
rkdjle ndinc ttedidi< 

The three-point diageiuilly^ 
tMmStBS^Tt^fttt Stmngt give 
UMoOk 0^rif^ba8§ t9 (Itltm 
flflOMich ivhedbta. 

This tnakcs fer the fmtl^: 
huoyaDt loed actkn of a latge^ 
heaiiqf dair -.wltti ttie openting 

economy and convenience of 

handlhig of a eckaftlAMrilr 4e^ 
signed lii^t car. " 

Tfipiex Sprinis also mean 
carwifree 0MdnteBano% so per- 
lBct|r d» they iMtect the 

Electric starting and 
H g hthi g,'. door-opeflong ov* 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^W^^^^H^Wi^^^BF ^^BHBI^P ' 1 ' ' 

quality which characterise 
diveqrttj^#be«t fTiiirtiBi 4. 


, V jit. ■ wouf hlon Street, Victoria. B.C. 
*<)yefUiB(i; t|fiiited, Toronto, Canada 







for Exclusive 
MattHletura of Fixtures 
Opeh^ With Due * Citre^ 
moni^ at ;Afindsori Out 


Orat.^tory for Mm 
IMmtfa<4wr«''<rf njMirk pi 
•p«no4 M.W* " '*— '' ' Out 

UbU*«. The liiyor 
Mr. E. D. winter. oOclnidB 

•nd Mt th« maoblorry In motion.. 

KttlMInc opr rations l>c«ran i.;Mt 
Jun*. when Mayor .Winter turned <!>» 
0r»t 104. The w|ri«h luui 

IrmitM* of abovt tevMitir>Sv« (••( 
with • 4«pth o( ab«(lt one ]|tim4:ii4 
•nd flflgr iami, to of oement •tt4 etoel, 
»n4 tlMreiichly up'io-da.^, tvuh iin 
^bundancA of liffht and bir. 

With the exception uf the ).orce- 
luin. eanh part of the apa^k plug is 
manutactupod and all aiiMipbUnif is 
done at tbie new plant. The eapoeitjr 

< Tho tpsSMUl oereipiony. wtalcli. t(>ok 
place alk tM' factory, wa» follov/ed by 

a luncheon at th« Rmca. l.'ounty Oolf 
^"lub, When Mr. Y. \\. ^!ijji«-el1. vice- 
president and general mutiaroi- ot the 
company, presided. ' An aridrcds of 
<»'elcomo wati ina<te bj Mayor \Vinter, 
Mho Wished the ventur'5 every euc- 
ceM. Dinner was served In the even- 
ing the Detroit Athletic Club, the 
■rueeto botnc eatert«lii«4 ft(tei-«v^rda 
m tiMi theatre. 

Qflleera of the Champion Spark 
Plus Company of Canada, JJuiitcd. 
who were present at ihc openinu 
were: Mr. R. A. Stranahnn, oiesl- 
dent; Mr. K. D., t: easurer; 
Mr. F. B. CsHwell, vlce-i<reBld^»nt and 
Kenersl manager; Mr. H. 1.,. Cort-y. 
advertising manager; Mr. A. J. H.iycn, 
■Mlfla manager, toselhac — with Mt. 

v4i 1^' 



Chartea Dewar, superintendent: V. B. 
Che^r. W. S. Uarmeyer, P. H. 
Stalls*. P* e. '¥41% 1. Walden. R. 

•tttemoblle ac- 
rcMdrjr houaee andt. other oui of town 
KueoiB inctaded: A. H. Moqk;, .North- 
ern Electric Co., Montreal; ». M. 
JdoWllliams, Ilyalop Brotheru, To- 
ronto; J. A. Bennett. John Millen & 
Bon, Ltd., Toronto; J. F. McCaffrey, 
Cutten A Foster. Toronto; W. E. VaU 
lance. Walker Tal|a|lce Co., HamiU- 
ton; W.' B..WMIt9r, Walker VpAiic^ 
Co., ltai[»flt«fif Sr. li. Bauloh.'^foith- 
•m El^rto lidndon: J, 

Pr. DeWttt. of the Jeffrey- Oewltt 
Company^ Detroit: J. ErneHi Millen. 
John Millen & Hon. Limited, Mont- 
real; Mr. Heifer, Jeffrcy-Dewiit Co., 
Detroit: Mr. R. W. Green. Jorrtt-y- 
Uewitt Co., Detroit; It. B. Mull^r, 
Montreajl^ x 

Wlndebr wae represented by m^nv 
well-kncMrn buMblipw men. Includlne 
Mr. S. % Wihto^t B. Tayldr, Can- 
•dhtn Bll* of Commerce; Mr. 
MiMhtre ■clandem, Commlasioner 
Border. Chamber of Commerce; Mr, 
Gordon Mcaregor, Ford Motor Co.; 
Mr. K. >IcKenKie. Ford .\Iotor Co.; 
Mr. Kiiy, Btudebakcr Corpn.; Mr. 
I'urk, Maxwell Corpn.; Mr. CS. Bell. 
Cleveland Tractor Co.; Mr. K. Met- 
calfe, Byder City Auto Supply Co.; 
Mr. M'esflott, Border City Auto Bupply 
Co.; Mri O. E. Flemlns, Flemlns, 
Drake 4k Footer; Mr. i. Foetor, 
Fiemlnf^pr&ko * FoMor; Mr, A. t. 
MoMmHI, Ootloetor of Custom*; Mr. 
F. W. tttwar. Boll Telephone Co.; 
Mir. O. !7ibec|n*s; Mr. B. Wollatt, 
Overland Gar..v i>r. Young, of 
WalkervUle: Mr. John DuAt, Unl- 
venal Car Co. 


By Alfred CurmiclKu 

With a tralBtor the farmer can now 
upon, l|l« Uad earjlier In th« Bprlav. 
later In 'rijho VMI, Itnd Immadiataly 
after a laj^vy rain. ^ By maaili of the 
wide, endl«flt«belt type traek the trac- 
tor can operate on land impossible 
with horeee. Horees mire, whereas 
tho weight of the tractor is distri- 
buted over the large surfacd' of Its 
track and a greater tractive force is 
■eoured. The fanner is dependent 
vpoa tho weath'er for his crOiMi, If 
It 4a a vary wet Spring, he 'Ik dfehtyad 
•by horaMf not balac able to work on 
iha aoft; aaith. and he is uspntrpatMi 
with tholMOoaelty of getting Hni lieia 
work done In a hurry, and tMl.i in 
where the tractor, if necessary, can 
work on continuously for several days 
and nights, merely ohanging opera- 
tors, the machine working on without 
a stop. This with horses would be 

Then, taktac MiNk. tfta jilMita».«C 
vlrgia aoU. of whmh tnara to aaeh a 
lot in thii Province and on which wc 
are hopMlr to place retumod soldiers 
and Ineoming settlers, and which 
must be put under cultivation If we 
•x'er expect to raise imythlnK near 
what we consume. Ht>w many know 
or reallac what a heart-breaking 
thing It Is to try and break for the 
first time some of thia land of onre 
with a taaia and at the and of the day 
aee ^tmX MtUa has been aecom- 

The tractor «to ha used today in 
performing practMsaly every kind of 
work dona by horses, it operates all 
klada of farm implements and has 
belt power that will nil a water tank 
or reservoir, pump for irrigation 
work, aappiy power for 'a «aw or feed 
Srtadar: to fact, it uhea the plana of 

. tiNi ■l att a l ig r y anshM ao eftan aaen' on 
• iHrai. with tha addlttoaal advantage 

: M>aMTiiiff under Iti own powar from 
one lab to another. 

are faatli^ la Ha Uui|;« 
wiMeii analNNi^ iia ^iXTS 


Jowar, _ _ ^ — _ 

Improve hie transportation tMa.iiit«a 
by operating an eight-foot grader/ 
which would require three or four 
teams oa the same work. If, m is 
probably the caae. he has nelghbpra 
who do not own ti«Mora,>*ha .can ai^ 
than In gattlnc tMkIr huki hi 
_ _ igMWW aro». 4hna ear n | B > ) Bafi 

Tl|* daiilr n tractor Is not a ^oa|« 
pltauad iHlag. and its operation la 
Vf^ry elniplei eapecUlly tbe track-lay» 
lag klad. a* autny women are sueceM- 
fully o fe r a K ag this kind of maohine 
•ad are aa well able to take care of 
Mm« aa an automobile, 

Tha LaM Settlement Board of Drlt- 
Hh CMnnMa a>« uatng traoton for 
the hrea«N« of huid ibhiah returned 
•aldlarv ^Mi hava tha opportanlty of 

for Pac 

Packard is announcing a new method of rating — -probably 
filter to the trucks and certainly more advantageous to the 
purchaser. A Patkard Truck h stluud and said to fit ks 
individual v^orkf with all the working conditions in mind. 


N eyfpy lin^ of business there 

\iislmiis of the Irid^ ■ ' 

Manufacturers' "tonnage rat- 
ing" for fi^otor trucks k cine of 
llieni. : • 

Fifteen years a;»o a truck was 
rated on its eapacity to haul its 
'load and stand the racket of the 
average bumpy road of that day, 
taking tlie ruts, iioles and hills 
" as they came. Good roads now biwch out in every 
direction. a ' ' 

Tonnage rating, as commonly understood, has 
come to mean simply the capacity of a truck to 
handle its rated load under averaged condiUons- 

There^re //i/ee* factors always to be considered 
in assigning a truck, to its work-Potue^ needed to 
haul the load — Stamina needed to stand up under 
the load— Working condition^, ' ^ 

"Ton rating" |)uts emphasis oii the. first — hopes 
for luck pn the second— and ignores the third com- 

Ererji^inan who ever satcrd a ho ard' knou: ^ it 

ihrongk tkfi d^r. 

Three fans of nierehaiHli-Ke on a irarjon If< a 
ouc-horHC. load on n good leccl macadam road. 
On grafi'l it f« a fn'o-horse lofftl. On dirt it 
takes 'f^e -ftoiwes Iv puitl ii, . lift 'miidf ti iakt$ 
leu. ^ 
l our lui oinofire rafetf lo limil fourfrrti 
/'iillmaint in Chirdf/o irill deliver Ihc same 
jtoirtH' io ike drawbar in Hpokam, But ih6 
iiiouiUai§i> $f«dH tul the actml hauJing poircr 
iit half. 

Why should the motor Intch uhieh ran 
haul three (ons of foat orer ike kilts of Piiin- 
burgh he llmH&d /o tkc-^me "ton mUttff'' in 
Irvel. Vhieof p ? ' 


the worst working conditions 
rather than the best— and its 
*rcser\'e power calculated for 
the exception rather than the 


By doing away with the ton 
rating, the Packard Company 
believes that it can guarantee 
the purchaser a still higher per- 


rentage of the high reserve 


piaiti «lght; • 

insportlifoii , ISMf^l^^^mi^^^ as- 
its woik with tUred factors in 

Pa^ctou^ imtiQg has always been made to cover 

into the Packard Tt'Uck. 

Hereafter each Packard Truck will be designated 
by iSize and ;Vode/. Each truck, will bear a plate 
stamped with the name of the puj^t|a»er ,,aiid. the 
i/u/|/ for which the tHiek is sold. 

The rating will lie made on the ground, 
job, by the local Packard engineer. The^ 
warranty will be in foixe, protecting the user as in 
thcpast. •.' . ^ - ^ 

. However convenient for selling purposes the 
"Vpnnage rating" classification may be for trucks 
which are bought "over the CC^|Bt^**79|l certafl^^^ 
o^9o/6/e for Packard. ' V\ 

Packard is^iling transportation,- ' * ' 

The Transportation Expert ^t your local Packard 
Branch or dealer will recommend you a truck for 
what it will do in your individual business and with 
all your actual conditions knowQ 'as the r&mlt of 
careful study. * ^ : 




BrOUghton Street 
at Broad 


JBroughton Street 

. "Ik? " 

■ettHng Oft. "^e Government of the 
ProvHios of Quebec has contracted 

foi a htiRe order of tn\ctors whjoh 
they iare distrl1)utlng to the farmers 
o.' that Province, and it only requires 
now for the Dominion authorities to 
allow the returned soldier going on 
the land to purchase tractors out, of 
the money loaned to him, which, wc 
nndentand. la not' the ease at the 
prefwnt time. And it would appear to 
aa u W »a MiiUoM fHan «• aHaw 
them to do BO. nbt duly from a proflttr 
able point of view but fr^m that ot 
Interest, Inasmuch as the returned 
soldier tans 4ieen Cor himself it^iUe In 
the army. aU heavy work being done 
I'y either the tractor or truck, and it 
It not likely the idea of going back to 
horses for (his wuric will induce IlUn 
to go on the land where he Is so nr- 
ffently needed today, but rather the 

fuct that he can have at his command 
the great farm power whiah Is now at 

-hand— ^' tra^^, \ 


'Closed cars are rapidly being 
adopted as the ideal meana of travel," 

■ayn<A if.<w«od* 
Motor Co.. Ltd., loieal dealen In CHav- 
rolet paMenger and domniereiial cars. 
' "The chief reason for this Is that 

they are the only practical type of 
conveyance that makes one absolutely 
Independent In rojcard to his trans- 
ik>rtatlon. Not Dnly for touring, but 
foj- neoeesary tripe of any lensfh, the 
enclosed automobile afforde advan- 
tages never enjoyed before. T|m« 


tables no longer need <^ctate One's 
goings and cominf^H. Permanent rails 
need not determine the route by which 
one must go. And all tho inconven- 
iences of transfer points is entirely 
ellmli|ated. — 

^ "^n addition to these advantages the 
Moeed car owner can enjoy absolute 
privacy. It eliminates all the an- 
noyances of the common carrier. In 
their stead he is surrounded With re- 
flneaients of upholstery and flttings 
eueh aa rennet his individual taste 
and are poeeible in no other type of 
conveyance. * 
^ "The best part of all la that he can 
enjoy these thlQga In any season. He 
can dhn>ecard weather conditions en- 
tirely. The permanent top and ad- 
justable windows that afford protec- 
tion against cold anfl, storms are 
equally valuable assets on Ane daya 
The passengers 'can regulate this pro- 
tection at wllK They can have all 
the pleasure of opea air tntvol with- 
out any disooaifovt tram daac* dirt or 
bam. It la I9ia oaai»leianan> of ita 
■erviaa that la nrlnnlnt porrtavltr for 
tWa li provad maaaa at ttna alMnd;'* 

awNsij cAimoN 


Presldont of Maxwell Motor Compauy 
CMvcK Vslaablr .^dvtco to PhMIc 
—Play •'fltafety FW 

"Not all of the kittarles have been 
Ubooad In Cbm na a /* mv* 0««»K» W. 
Parks. i^reaMent of, the MaxwHl 
MetM* QAr C3aai»^ el Canada, Urn- 
•*o4» "'or .there Is nowhere that the 
elMMnt off chance plays a bigger part 
than In the car n>«rkeln|. 

' Buylad a accond«^l|lr||a|pkourth 
hand car la an ok>e4iNMSh rs- 
qufa^ Uia areaniet y^ll^^ 

bniS n uaad itr, tat'TfeVds^Me 
to give a few htela that auty be 
f ul to the man who Is tMnkW 
takb»g the chanoe. 

In the flrst place Is the car one 
that would appeal' to yoa when new? 
Back of It ki. thti a a ttctorr drganl- 

ceraad? .fllM a«a JipporunL It 
the ear Is an dririian yish may hava a 
Job gnldnc th« >i.rHce the ear fs apt 

to f t-w^niri^ ao hi huylns M >• 


Inviting trouble. 

"Is the concern from which you 
ore buying one ot' good standing In 
the community? That is worth while. 
In every city there arc distrlbutorh 

exchansa, eend them to |l|ihr ahop 
and have them thoroughlifpile o^iir 
replacements made, new tops, tires, 
paint and <what not. and wl«n they 

offer for sul« a second hand car It 
is presentable »nd It is in as good 
shape mechanically as it Is .poaHble, 
to put" It. Also, they will gaarantea 

tese oara for pariods, so that the 

formation when he makes kE^ 


"On the other hand, there are 
(Curbstone dealers who sell cara about 
as they are. . Some of them are per- 
fiactly roUabla, otheiv are not. 'Safety 
drat' ii a sood i%de ta fdllaw to 



twice Aa Many Cars Weaa 

Dathic l a n a ary a« Ml <|* 


Prodaotlan Agures at the Cleveland 
Automobile Company, of Cleveland, 
Ohio, makers of Cleveland l>lght fl^ 
motor cars, show that twice as many 
of these <»rs were produced during 
January aa In the prevloua month, 
opcordlng to a faetory atatemdnt ta- 
oMvad by Th n aii w .Pltoiey, Broaghton 
fl|reet, lacal CImland dMrlbotor. 

Svarr eSart Is balnc made to - aa 
speed up production as tn double the 
Jlmnary llgurea during February. 

A large four-atorr addition to the 
praseot factory Is naartog oomplethHK 
Slid It la espaakad tUm wlB ha to 
o|>eratlan by tha Middia at 

3ereaalas tha aapaolty of tha 
sot, cMlattd fmu» ^ y^rfngo. 
W one-haC. WlMk mm aeir dniin is 
ia operatloB the Cleveland Automo- 
bile Company ^pce ion xnaoh tta 
orlgiaally plannsd pradaetlaa arbdi* 
1^ at »M cara a datr. 

addiiia»,'jM|^ j#a x u 

fleet, four stories higff and. this wHh 
tne orUrtnal will gfve the tae* 
tory a four-storv hiuMdtns. i.eof s 
fate irftt T i-l a«r«a at «mv 


Canoe Jylotbrt 

ale and R^U 4 
, A^.y. on.,l||p 


Avtnt for BXL 

Showrooms aa4 Sarrka ttatkm! 13M Lai«ldy ttraat, VlfldtK S-C 

M >jO. Bm H2 


for maanfacturlnir purpoMs. The 
plant ia located on a If^here ira<n on 
the Nickel Plate liailroad ihahy line 
with several spur tracks running 
around the factory. 


Mr. Jaok CkKler, l<M^^dlaU>lbtitor 
for tha SeHpps- Boom 'motor car. 
Btatee there will >be a Islge demand 
for new cars this lh>rlng. The 
Soripps-tiooth factory Is warklag day 
and night trying All the orders. 

Mr. Cartlsr advtoes all thoas who 
Intaad purchasing new aaia this, year 


A yeav^ . g n tawip U aa ta 
Meterlet ^ 

isgea at the l^url^'aod lafema- 
los Pnreau. Mape and road lafonna- 
ion f srstsbed spoa appttcatlos. Beog 
., )eur sabeerlpctoa. P.O. Bes. 
« Kbsaee *Ti$x. a»e or «i«t. * 

and air at ato t t inHlttr J |» thu a l aeti 
oftar tika tu Hs u ipi ii lK b perfdi 

'th9 Scrlpps-Booth is mounted on a 
new cbaasis of increased w^celbase 
and more sturdy construction, the car 
bclBd entirely constructed In thel^ 
own plant. Tbe n*w models l a aor p ot 

ahonld do ao aow so aa ta *o .Jd>»^ ata^ a ll the exc elleot featurda flM 

SiSf^is^*jil!MSI^itfS3fe(ruf ^tSS^ ^f^tV9s^9ow^ tm th 

^^^PP* ^^^^^^^^^^ 

- — 


- — ■— — — - — ■ '-—^ — — " — - ^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^mm^^ 

W If B gAnn uAPgp 

' V ' ' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^B^I^^B^^^I^^BSB 

MiK^rs 9f; Spokeless Variety 
Assert )t» Mechanical Ad- 
vantages Are Many-nEn- 
tiancei Car Beauty 



8*v«i c«ira •««ip«4 with dlstMl 
(Mild) whMla w«r« an inUrMtlnc fM- 
tar* of Uet rMr"* nouy fllMir at K«w 
Tork Md tlMT ««|M f<iirj>d M a 

In ib« UflHT 7*u, m rMU Imw umIi 
tto v»«fi«i| of t»i* ■ on w M ry, tlM 
i W te r to t piMo h«a bMom* fUHr |»> 
miliar with th« iLpi>«araii«* of thaak 
wkMic on Amerlcaa cara of th« tMttar 
tnd: Tltla is du« to the faet tkat X2 
ear makara bave adopted diatael whaela 
aa ataadanl •quipiwent on on« or javf* 
wadala aad-9T ottoair maaafaatuxani pre- 
vida tham «• opttalfal a^utpaiaBt. 
I M mm^ m mm*a car* of tha \t\$ 
' akMT iMva- irvwn ta«at laaat 40 for 


f% BatoM tha apokeleva wheel haa 
- baao to wMa as* for soma tlma. 

XHataai ^riMala, kowavar, ara aorae« 
thine mora than tba apekalaaa' 14M. 
Thay are nat raatnk ylatca ittnfliti to 
apokad whe*la, bnt'iiMkna mmH^X 
^\m» With apifr^rtniMd rlM wfeiok 
raplaca anllMly tl* wwm vhM-> tvljra 

Vbft' MliinMra Hlho daalfnad dtateal 
. Wkaalp tt^Mh tha appeal thay bav« 
mf Aa to thi factora of appearanya and 
Utility: that Hi. thay enhance the beauty 
of motor oara already beautiful and aa«? 
certalB maokanlcai advantacea affaetini 
tha aaeurity, ootnfart attd aooaemr of 
. raotorlnr flitbatltutlaf tba plalii aar- 
faeaa of t^.dlataal wbaal for tba 
apldary Unfit of tka ordtaarr tj^ af 
Wtarta liaa Ik marMd effact oa eari of 

Oaa of jpi mMhaalcal a«VMta«ea 
that appo aMf »apa«la«y to notorlata ia 
Iho aaae Wrtii which tires can bo 
ebaavad, due to the apaoial rim con- 
atrootion. Other advantayea ore the fact 
that they can be elaaned In oaa-flfth tha 
tlma ranulrad for a wood apok^ whaal 
and la. one.tanth t^a tlma raqairM fff 
wlra wheel; they do not 

Is tha «eo« old oC Mt ao 

J rawawbar, U you 
bawlM,** rumlnataa 

^ >y aald yaaterday 
waa a dumad ai#ht b«tt«r than today, 
aad a lot ducnder than tomorrow 
oooia poaalbly b«, aa run by^ tba naw 
race of opatarta. iSvary y^tm of any 
conaaqaonoa owhad a fa#C horpa ut 
that Um«..or i^t laaat ana* be tlMufht 
waa teat. And aloMat invariably tha 
9waar waa acqoalntad ^Mi an tha 
tmitt of tha parClfular anlmni ,whoaa 
iNMird n«4 lodvioin. ka >Mm dhi»< 

Uofba, ani tt ha ^laanvfM lite Ji«r«e 
wan *atnc lama ha at onM^t&olr iiaaa' 
urda to enra him. The owner aaw to 
it penMoally tha]^ tha horaa rot prop- 
er traatment and attention In l>otb 
Bicktiaaa and haalth. ThA animal 
always well fed. well rroomad. prop- 
erly housed and corraeUy. njliod. Thnt 
waa home HanM (Mi, tlMl >^t^ dC tba 
horaa ownar. . ^ • 

. jk w» dta^MnTler^the 
MfltimgU itit tha "-rrr it^Wiii njUt 
•f aiaa be. withheld. - 
"Now do yott ihlnii the same rule 
prevalla with the general run to mo- 
tor oar owners? Blamed If I do. The 
average motorist ia ordinarily eon< 
tent if he knows how to start his car, 
teculata ita speed, dlraet ita aaorae 
and atap It. , When tha inavltable 
ooman, and M^pt t^ t— la 
the rapalrar and a blU f^hlin. 
whan, II he had but Idiltatad tb* 
horaamnn. he oevld probfblr have 
avoliled both of tbiM« twin wtpldna 
ant — — 


The following paraaatase Ubla 
Indicates the increaalnr preatlce of 
tha ate nrffndr- tyaa amonv Amerl- 




• •..«•••. • • ae ^ 

At f- 


.. fl-t 

i t 




f I 

aUU av«ra«ea better tbnft Jjl ari^Ua 
to tha canon ot gnaoUiie. 

i. V" 



The first Cole car ever shipped 
from the Cole factory In Indianapolis 
waa sold and sent to P. K. Wilson, of 
JaoJiaonTlllft. FU., hark In >m. Vh* 

wrmt stral 

car, which is a 1909 CoJ« JO, laMtlU 
in ner^icf nntf i# uaM 4»Slt by Mr. 

mora mm mjbf mik*. This Is an 
ai(prnda dC-atare than 8.000 miles a 
ye<Mr for 11 ^asecutlve years. 

Mr. \V4bk>n writes that the car is 
"atlll ffolnr stronr' and that he ex- 
pocta to use It indefinitely. The car 

■ i^ Cdgar Fawcett 
One ot tha moak IftltMnqnt e««ntn 

In tta«Jii4o)xot yi6t4MlM>l^t>i><^ <Uura 
whan there ireira n4t mnnsr' totnraet> 
in^.aVefiti ^m*. mui»i»«iliMm* t»C»r« 
Hvil Of tUnvaaaal on Itthf^tmbor. 
ISIS, in] jpaqvlmatt liairbor. tor 
weeka. I mlcht say mbhtha, waa thia 
expected event talked of. (My read 

A Your hair needs a little •TDanderine"— that's iU ! When 

^^It bathes lifeless, tl^in or 4oses its lustre; when ugly'dandruflf 
ftppei^ or your hilr fllA, out. a 3 Snr^nt bottle of delightful, 
T- dependtble "D«iiderliie"^#iM Mt^^^tliM^atHllMM 1^ iii^* 

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■• 

ers will he Interested,,! think.) Ik 
was a well knoWn fact that there waa 
a dearth of females in the country, 
and the marriageable men were' those 
most inier%Bted. The Colonist, from 
the time the vessel left the Old Coun- 
try, and on her reachli^g several 
points en route, announced the fact 
that^ -the, girls" were vra^unUy fettlnc 
nearer tnelr deatinatlon. ^n tha Tea- 
ael's arrlT&l at Ban Pranelaco four of 
her handa deserted, and thia cauMd 
extra wqrk for the remainder and 
cauaed a mutiny and refusal of duty. 
These were arrested, and tried on ar- 
rival at Vlctorlu. The vessel was con- 
TiTjned to Dickson, Cam pbell & Co. 
and brought 242 passengers. Sixty 
two of these were women, and, of 
course, were all the attraction. A; 
clothingr store advertised the fact in 
this way: "The girls have arrived. 
Now Is your chance <to gat a fine suit 
of clothes, to, ^ake a reapcotnbleLPP' 
pearance," or^wordi to^hat alMlt^ind 
David Or^n Mpe fnrtb ,«lth foma 
poetnr: • . ; .^f ' , • ^ ; r , ■ 

"Rich a^d r|Mre>ara the auiti tbdsr W«nr 

Who buy ot David Qreen ; 
Wlthlf^ hla ahop a aplandld «*o«k 
Ia mwajn to ba «Mb.'*>M i 

1*# «fnnariid dt fbe 

uarinf Barracka. Jadiea Hay. dnbr>o( 

by tbe LcmdOtt Femnta Emigration 
Soelety. named Slliabeth Buchanan, 
who died on tha. voyage and was 
burled on one of the Falkland Islands. 
Many of the names of passengers will 
be familiar to very old timera I have 
given the complete list, and will mark 
thoae I remember. Some are living 
here today, and I hope mjr reader^ wlU 
be as IntereNted AS ^ am pleMbd at 
producing them. — 

12, 1863 

€eo. Doughty, brush maker; Chas. 
Pardee, boot maker; Thos. Jones, 
boat builder; F. Wlddowson*, Wm 
Plummer, Steph. Burt, baker; Fredk. 
Whymper. artist; Thos. Burt, Q«o. 
Burt, Oeo. Coleman, aaloon kMer:' 

Snret Fawaaatt, Louisa Townsend, C 
TOWttMind. Jano Ifacdbnald, Mary 


■If ■■■■■ 

i«llaf«i «dfeeBK««n^ . •» 
««••■• amaaaan 

• inp ■•■■■asaa 


a a >| 
% m m 

• ma 


ctoty Enlarged— Pro4u^n I>otibl^>o 
increasing Populaaty of Cole Q/fdnvElG] 


Hi/ Oi) H 

\yj:i OHO, 

f > Indianapolis. 

sia^^^rSTrlKS^ -Sj^«fW» *l»lMidwaH few had heard " 

^a||^.witlior,Ier||9rJXTUJ^ m»rjr«<I . 

The worW*ff need for t soiaU.teneraldtUitycdm|^ , ^ 

•titH>n4ry p. tnpp^ ha. b«a IIM by Hie W4^ ^^^^^^^ 

jITST ii^?!? ^^" ^^'^^ ^^^^^ plooghs. harrows, cnltivates, mows, sayl. ' ' ' ' 
*" Z**"!!? I ^*f|f o^«r and atborc all that ' ' 
;l^tej^^ universally, With- 

rdms. takhif the drudgery out of tlwnii savfag qiaacle, aad ^via^ ' '"'^ 

raim time to thmk and to plan to Ihre. Ut your owti ingenuity deviw iSJ 
in Wfiith you can nae II W advantage-ifc> service scope is alMC linMess. T 
• . . The first MpmeM has Just arrived. ' ^-y^'y^- ' J^'-' * 

a Aa-. . ..... Mmn^ 'i%^<.'».«-' 

DURING 1919 only a fraction of the deiaiBd for 
Cole c/fero-ElGHTS could bd supplied, desptte the 
fiict «hit it WW the largest production year which the Cole 
MoCMr Or GoflBpany had ever had. ^^ith the ei^Kuision 
of the ^K^pcy to tiHet ita former size, this pcoduoion of 
o^ero-ElGIITS wiU moce than douhled^ in .192O. 

'fhough this will enable numy nx>torists to owtk C^cAerO' 
Eights who never before have been able to enjoy thtt 
privilege, sev^ thousand unfilled orders carried am from 
1919, must be accorded pf*^»f *^ai»j ^f ljyyri^ 4* irhQ 4rftriy 
mj^nths of die pceafn^ y^ ' l'^ ' 

Hence, all jio# MeiBplate the puichaae ^( 
BiGffrs are urged to place tfaek orders without 
dicadng the date of deUvccy dmttd, m , 
diMtibttiiMi df the pr6^<itttlMy-1i)» nmit Hgd' 

Phone 697 Victoria^.(^ 


• ••«*a»aaaaaa>**a-*<» 121! I! 

.i .1 

Maodonald, Z^onora Slaedonald. 0«or< 
glna BCaedonald, Sydney Macdonald. 
Janet MnedaBatd, Emily A. Morrla*, 
AagHrta Morria. Emily B. Adlngton, 
OattMvInn A^bifton, Sophla Plcken, 
Oatharina Rendlck, Mary Devilty, 
Margaret Crawle. Emma Qulnn*. 
■o|M>l» Growing, Mary Hales, Amelia 
Bgglnton. Mary Evans, Ell«a J. Evans, 
Emma H. Timmage, Bertha R. Wil- 
son, Bllaa Reynolds*, Jane Ann Saun- 
dafs, rrancis Curtis, Isabel Cartia, 
■■Illy Berry. Harriet Barrett. Mary 1^ 
Ctaaaa. «ophla Shaw, Jana aanlaanteht 
Jnlla L. Bnrat. BlU MeOowan. Kata 


I aiv flDOnHRBB^U' SDD 

cSiclivie wiy to *'fftii}n 
itraodtfi it to'lnop vMv 
iiodf weO MuriihedL 



after each meal luw beenan 

Be iwuiiirt. Lttt 
SeoTt fimaUifi help 
Iteep y«Mi atrong right 

McOowen, Joseph York, carpenter*; 
Wm. Dickens. Horatio Varecas. real 
estite*; .loMph C. Jonns, Henry GlbbiL 
Robt. Turnbull, James Bullock*, Louli 
Jones, Nath. Lauder, Wlghtman 
Laot)y. R. Lane, Fanny Lane, rvnd 
Lloyd, Evan Banjnmtn, Jao. H. Oar. 
Oeo. Barrett, carpenter*; Chaa. B. 

S. vicary, W. J. atoekaa. Joaeph 
Eden*, yinvwt; JK Oar^tt, Jno. VUnn. 
Jaa. L#«*, Wa W i d wg t i . H. .7. imlrk, 
Fred O. Bdwarda, Edmund Sadler, 
Alex. LoMden. S. n. Jones, Wm. R 
Bone*, Eugrnn Chudwell, (I. y. Bui- 
towj Jamee AVootton. Oeo. Brace, 
Thos. Po(,dloton. 8m ml. Aarons, Wm. 
Reed CMbbons, aadlar*; Thoa. ICtng, 
upholsterer*: Chas. Bennett. Alfred 
W. N. Pullen. Ch§M, Varlay, Ellaa 
Himpaon. Oeo. WMi, Rl<!h4 A. Kee4, 
Fredk. Beale, lMiii#r^ A«» dM tMktT 
Knayp and Jamea Knai^p, jMarr S«t* 
ton, Thoa, Jonad*. ilhtr Ann loMn. 

J|wfar> JItor. * J. »aftt,.^^m 
aooC B^iMtt. Claataaar'a^ anraa 


Jojre^ SiHni Loiregrora, Maar Bodgaa, 
Mair Ann Hack. MaUlda E. Ooata, 
iamia Robb. Vrs. Robb. Jana and 
•'•■^Ro**, Oeo. Poole, Chaa. Sinall- 
woo#*, If#nry Short, gtin ttdllaa^, 
Robirt Ftgott. Joseph TwMdL BdkC B, 
8ay«r^ Jan. Hunts. Fradk; MM. J| 
Minatt. Geo. and Chaa, Miff 
RenMill. Wm. Tod 
Rolal W, Oloirar. 

ihwpfwr. ranf MCatd*; A. Oold- 
acott, Bdwd. J. Paasmore*, Wilhel- 
mlnn Paaamera, Florence PaMmora, 
W. Oalbmlth. 

OTTAWA, Feb. 27.-<r. L. Mc- 
y| al>»t aaalalaat aoatraller of news- 
print haa raalanad. His reaignation 
raa givta* to tha OaramaMdi jadny. 
and haa tMan accepted Mti^jke- 
Nlchol ma appointed ■■fflataai auii 
ir^llar nawa»rtnt aoBa tp^.iwe, 
and wa| ^sw s | ii»d larfaly WMTlha 

Sat jyt li¥nne«ia. Wban fha^if. 
ot nawaprint 
anpBMd Ii« became attached 
I aiii ^ 1 1 

t0 Beard of Commorca. to which 
tha quMttoa of payor control waa c*. 
forrod. ' , 

TORONTO, Feb. 27.— That a !«• 
nry embargo la as necesaary aa A 
aacartty eriibargo la the opinion of 
a number of prominent Toronto 
financiers discuasing tha sltuatloA- 
todajr. OffMald Of tba «ana4htn 
aMAtttactaron olaMHOd tadny that an 
rat tfcay bad no advteo of any of. 
flalal antloa hafne taken to place rc. 
•trtOtidM on luxuries. They expect 
that feofora a na^vo la mada la that 
dlreetlon tba ...r-rrrt.*- j»» 


.IT ' . wirla xNiraa, Plowdeo 
WalJ^man*. MaUlda Wakamaa. Wal- 
ter, Bllen and L«alaa and BUan Wo 
man, Atfrod S. WelBh. Julian Wo' 

.'N • 


At oncel— "PJge^ Diapepsin" corrtcts your Sour» 

. e».fi Ml l i ■ . . 

You don't want a fl^w remedy 
when ronr atom&dh la had- or aa un- 
aatUin one— or a harmfal onO— your 
idomach le too raluable: yoa faiHta't 
Injora it wttti drastic dnifM. 

Whan rom meala 4oa't ft 
laai onoomfaetabia. iMnm; 
•aaea. adda, or mlaa Cat; 

food. Whan yon fori taiapa 

•«f4lty, Jaai oat a uMat of 
al>la»e«ala aad tta^^^jp^ 

Mmfow ad 
•f Pnpa^ 

Thay Jnmitjfi^ 

It: r ap m - iHig i ^m «mm# itko* 

oandy. and a boo of this world-fbmonn 
fndiaafMoa rotiof costs ao iiulo at' 
4rug atorm Tape s I>Upap«)la holaa 


tuiwl^^tt^lSbi^ on 
. Hm OpituHmte, Wm Or- 
^ d««4 to GiT» U|» Wmk 

RflT«f«n4 Dudler B. Ashford U «o 
•StnordloAiT man. AlthouKb stUL 
on jUM^awmjr ot^ t^y. h« ha« 
crowdM mor« sarddt'tb homaitlty 
into « few year* ttaan movt men ac- 

f . blf^priUUMtion from 
' «», 4fci«laya," ho 

:.i5iiJ* JBsr 

Ltodon. A Bhort time thereafter hi^ 
waa aelected to present the rauae of 
C»n«o Reform and African Misaione 
bofore the people of Norway, and 
toured that land with euch euccciis 
that he waa greeted by enormous 
u-rowdn at every meathiir- 

iln 1*08. under the auapleee of the 
O^lnpM IfJMlonary Society, he was 
■♦it t&-V»# iBealnd ^d-^or- 

Maoria. wlyco^ jUa ^fxperlaneaa 
w%re norel and^tpVipg^ ; 

In 1916 he retuiiMtf to IfatlaJld Md 

nerved for three years at Wood fitreet 
Oonerresatlonal Church, Cardiff, South 
Wales, thp biggest Congregational 
church In the British Empire. It waa 
wfiille here that he felt one of the 
earir Ttetlma of the great 1*1% flu 
epidemic, an attack from which ho 
had xkf,tfolly recovered when ho %c- 
capta^4| -cfVL to. tk* Quean'a Road 
Ooncreva£ik>nal Church, 8t John's. 
I4«wfon»4Iaiitf. where Ma forceful 
preanMiiS aaen attraeted raeerd con- 

The strain of this work upon his 
undermined constitution proved too 
Hevere and he siiffored a nervous 
breakdown, from whloli now, how- 
*»vcr, he haH completfly rocovcted^ 
ed by a^esira to serve hie roltow 
men lie haa recently written a letter 
that tells how he was r«Btored to 
health and strength. 

Moved by Gratltnde 
'ITii.** letter, addressed to The Tan- 
lac go., Atlanta, Qa., is an eloquent 
aaproHioa of f raticude and la as fol- 
lows: ' ' " . 

"Qentlenen: 7our medicine, known 
a« ItoilM^Maa'h**!! aveh an ln««tf> 
laable blawlBf to me. that I . feel 

cenatndMM ti» l^^'f«i jk^«b^ 
Iti Octobir.MVn. #mU' s' nAntott# ttf 

the Wood Street Congregational 
Church. Cardiff. South Wales. I had 
a severe attack of the Bpanish in- 
fluenza, froni the effects of which I 
iifver fliliy recovered. I lost twenty- 
tight iionnds in weight, aud was un- 
able to recover my usual energy. 

"Then, In February. 1019, I became 
the thinlster of the Queen's Road Con- 
ChttMr*' at St. John'a^ 
Ivwfoundlaad. Ift tniplatry waa at* 
ided with srMt ItMoawi, but the 
lin prcvad too groat for me and I 
Had a serious breakdown. My nerves 
NOemed to go all to pieces and my 
digestion necame so deranged that I 
could eat scarcely anything. Aly 

Pptnsh Production 

WASHI^brplii FiHi. |t.-Produc- 
tion of pottityHr'Oe i r n i Biij f hurt month 

IS? « *te&^SSih"' 

tana, an jSOMwi 'WSiMtch reeaivad 
here today said. The greatly In- 
cfeaaed output was ascribed largely 
•d iraprovwi IMnatrlai oonditlone and 



waa an effort to walk ttpat^i(«.'Mid| 
at night I uaad to lla •^Wf^Mj^^d 
tinued dread lest my hMrT^WMW 

stop beating altogether. 

"Then, an a result of exposure "AW 
Wlirter's night In a small boat, while 
In the execution of my duties, I was 
seized with violent pains in the right 
shoulder and arm, which nearly drove 
me to distraction. I consulted doc- 
tortf and specialist* and 'underwent 
maMage and electrical treatment, 
without getung mnch raUaf. I !M{as 
ordered to give up all inraaehtinr ettid 
public work for at least three months, 
and 1 began to fear that my health 
was permanently affected. 

Ho Had Been SkepUoal 

"I had always bean father •toptical 
of the teatlmoniala condarmng tlia 
merits of any medicine, but oiMp day 
1 read the statement of a man 1lflM|^ 
symptoms seemed to be identical with 
my own, and his praise of Tanlac 
rang so true I decided to give It a 
trial myself. I bought a bottle and 
its effect waa almost immediate. My 
nervous condition be^an to disappear 
and I >egan to sat alaap at night. My 
appetite so increased that 'I could 


the time I had taken the, fourth bottle,; 
the palm in my arm and shoulder 
dlsappeai^d and I am feeling better 
today than for a long time past. 

"1 feel that I should be guilty of 
bane ingratitude if I did not writt^ 
and tell you what a boon Tanlac haa 
been to me, and I give. you this un- 
solicited testimonial to use as you 
may ttk^al^-^dat, . i» tha, JMPia...,atat 
others may find in your wonderful' 
medtetne the maaaMlajwtofa hdaltlr 
and Btrength.*' ' Jr ■'l''TJ**''-% 

Tanlac Is sold WjTOpT*'' "tT !>• B.-' 
Campbell. druggUinnV^ln Oaquimalt 
|ta«itltniat Road. 
Jv .k' (Advt.) 

to the fact that a large number of 
returning prisoners of war have gone 
.to work In thin industry. 

Thar» lkai?dftr V 'tr^ to fe eland. 

A boniiti' fieaC' holda ab*tit SOO 

bfniia.lmMMt%''.', i 


A Modern House of ieven raoms, large living room and 
dinin|^ foom, tastefully finished, kitchen, p«s|,,,pantry, cooler; 
four bH^t l^tKMas, finished in white; lafi||f closets, faiuilt-in 
features upstairs and down ; good cetncnt basement ; furnace : 
washtubs; Chinaman's room; toilet; garagi._lfke;» nrden, 

with^oak trees. ^ ^iJ&^^-r < • »^w««»i«v. , 
7 Prtce flHSOd on terras. 

5^ Acres ^d cosy fourwroott Bmgalpw . ( jttst conj^let- 
ing). Land is nearly all ploughed and partly ip^ed with 
number of loganberry bushes. House prettily situated on 
rising ground, beautifully treed with oaks; city water; oq 2yi 

mild circle, just off paved .road- ^ — — '. — ~ 

^ PHct fil,B06 oa terns. ^ 




deriificated Specialisiy London^ England 

^^^'i y^fti"; ^ yw pnaelieid irnsrisM m 

|^lMlMN|Usy gvansBtasa ws sJMolnig cwig in crwry ona 

Win yoti allow the days and tlio months to go hy, eon- 
^tan^y humilji•^te4> by the knowledge that your Jace is disr 
figured by ngly htltfs? Oh, surely not I Just read these tK- 
tracts from letters written to Miss Hanman : " T feci I must 
write and tell you how truly happy and grateful I am to you 
"Tor ydirrftCWeWe genttelllaf.tndlikill in comptlitely destroying 
the unsightly growth o£ hair from my fa^ce." "I can safely 
tagr^Mias HanntMiis. mbst g«;itle. capdU^And efficient in her 
gbfl/. My lip tMTtWStt mit 4uite %M«^%nd I have absolalel/ 
m left." *My case was a. mpst difficult one. It has 
I _ . . < .... - jhaji most 

soo«erjr5^<i will seldom come across a more difficult case, I 
am •art;Jhe skill and patience with which 3rott handled it 
speakt fai'yoar proficiency, there is nol a scar or mark of any 
desoiption. which is renU/ marvellous consklering the stm^fai 

witl^ Ikot see t$0M it this very oext weektTCon- 
are private, and perfectly ff«e frt»in any obltgadon. 
~ rslieTcd la kaaw f«i 

12 the WlM^, Bttlldinc. Port Streat. 


More St«illc:^€onvAntion 

To meek expaosioa in t)0 eperationa 
of the United Grain Growers (B.^) 
a cnnyention of delegates in 

at MjaglsalliMi bgr tbe fvvtjior 
■Siift ol afffSk' amd bcano^.^^at fatp 
fofther co-operative featurilT'ef tlie 
erganltation. The plan to eeoiira .a 

chak-ter for the Hritlsh CplumMa 
company and separate it from the 
parent organisation of the- Prairie 
pnbvineea was decline^ by the dele- 
gatea and thoy have accepted addi- 
tional repraidntafion oa tM boa^d of 
aif^toi« inatMd. On ilils <tella 

re^rwgsiijtM'T^" appplpttA at 
af ternbdh^ SogsiAn. The nommsMrDra 

.Messrs. C. E. Hope, of Langley Prai- 
rie; T. E. Low, of Chllllwack, and C. 
E. AVhitnef-Grlfflths, of Victoria, 
rresldent C. Rice-Jones, of the Brit- 
ish Columbia company, who is as well 
the Arst vice«president and gaagraji/ 
nu^lMR»r Pt \tl|« p^ent orgaauatloix, 
pyfldad at tb« aeapldal \ 
Ine IJafiad Orala Qrowers (B-C V 
L^mlte^r <«'a eubaidiairy of the organ- 
ization in idanitoba, Saakatcbewan 
:ind Alberta, and has developed in the 
few yoar.s of Its existence In 'his 
province Into a commercial and trad- 
ing? company of conslden^ble magni- 
tude. For the six montll^endlng ian- 
uary ^l, last, the turnover' of the 
branch in thla provlqos exceedt>'i 
%^|S|4C)M, jwMiMie <ll^a»pa«y ia now 

ftoid iimk thU' tmmmtv al vnctenduiK 

lt3 facllitlai fOV flio handling of ics 
business In order to meet ihe demands 
made upon it. 

At the present time there arc 
Twelve local."? of— the^organtzatton^n^ 
the province. The egtabllshment of 
a local is contingent on grouping of 
forty shareholders each of whom 
owne a nilnlmum of $270 worth of 
afbek. Two of the locals are oh Van- 
couver Island, the remainder being 
on the lower mainland west of the 
Coast Range. Yestcrday'n convention 
was composed of ilve dclpKatos from 
each of the provincial locals who rep- 
resented a membership of over 800. 

Aalde from the further att%ngthon> 
ing of the Unttod Grain Orpwera in 
their eommafoial operations In this 
proTlnee. they have their attention on 
the possibility In the near future of 
getting Into the export trade of the 
raciflc after the manticr of the pres- 
ent scope of the parent organization 
through the Atlantic ports. 

The United Grain Growers, with it;; 
seven subsidiary companies, boast a 
membership of. SS.OOO Aurmer aliare- 
holdara with a total paid up capital 
of |2,BO0,6OS, and a yearly turnover 
whleh has averaged for the last threo 
years about 1100,000,000 yearly. 
Aside from the most satisfactory divi- 
dends paid on this Im.slness a reserve 
fund of $1,500,000 has been estab* 


OTTAWA, Feb.- 8f.~A lonf eoafer- 
enee took ptfice t|iia m^milif between 

Oein&iere .of the 

Westent aewapapara la-Mfavd-te the 
nenireprint situatlMi. 

No statement was issued at the close 
of the conference. Those present were: 
E. H. Macklln. president of The "Winni- 
peg Free Press: Vfernon Knowles, 
nian^ising etlllor of The Winnipeg Tele- 
gram, and R. I.,. Rlohardeon. JLP., pro- 
prietor of The Winnipeg Tribane. 

It is understood the West ia atlll 
sUrved for nawaprtat Only k eodple 
of daya' supply ahead of actual re- 
quirements are la atook in Winnipeg. 

WINMIPKO, Feb. 2$.— Owing to the 
continued shortage of newsprint the 
Winnipeg newspapers today publi.<ihed 
six-page editions for the third day In 
succession. N'o Mt^lftMbi ittMlilr 11 
being published. 




Tho naeat harfnatli^ly fn«nuM 

ing, k ia an Maal tea, aUn. baby 

Uso EleGtricity 

4 fwai. race 

Dr. Bl2M4Ci :S«^ of 
Federal SoUier Settlement 
Board, Discusses Problems 
With 'MemtMfs of Cii)iA9t 

aaaa Immssss 

JKctrtcKy. It 

aad Isnrlgeratas 
«f tlM MrrM Is 
M that ma Um 

be a dead ee*. Dent atlew 

Oet die best Eleetrie 

Three times mor* 
Foot months' 

inv^goiiut ever m- 
>• eAotiTf thaa drrie 
•' guaraBtee ef titu 



TeAi bow Electricity strengthens whO« yoa 


sad bsHsrlkaa dnur-daetorlnK. Cere jroor- 

ses this sd egslB. If 

tnsr be wnbdrawn beforeyoa 

that impnlso. Aet Now. write pb 

lowest glBctscy PHee offer also sent. 

gl»ysas«mik«.0,Mpa» iO 



Excellent Programme Arranged 
by Army and Navy Associa- 

• tion's House Committee De- 
lights Big Audience 

Veterans of the Army and Navy 
Veterans' Association always bring 
enthusiasm and hearty spirit to any 
entertainments which are designed 
for their pastime. Last night's 
smoker proved no exception, and^the 
numbere attained record propor- 
tlona. • 

Stormy anthueiaMn sreetad Maatar 
bayld Cook, an ll-year<old boy vlio 
appeared in white eoatwno ttimnoad 
with the Asaociation coltnw. and oana 
"Prairie Flower." Then Comrade 
Tom Obee, resplendent in coster cos- 
tume, gave vent in masterly style to 
some coater songs, and he and Com- 
rade Blair appeared In ' duet in 
"Flnnigan s Ball." 

"Nobby" Faulkner gave an exposi- 
tion of double stopping on a tin 
whistle. Comrade Pritchard has a 
very fine voige, and "The Deathless 
Army" and "AaleeiEirIn the Doop" dis- 
played It to the full. Comrade McVle 
gave throe parodiea^of popular re- 
cruitinc songs. Joe Worth gaVe Imi- 
tations of a guitar, a vl6lln, -ate. 

The chairman was Lieut. -Comman- 
der 11. H. Wood. R.N., who delivered 
a message of regret from General 
Clarke, who was unavoidably absent. 


OTTAWA. Fsb. tS.— >rhe Board of 
Commerce will not pfaag Jta demand 
for the ^appearahoa . «( Sir William 
Price and the matUMfet of fho Price 
Brothers' plant before the oourt of 
the board in its newsprint Inquiry, 
which was adjourned* sine die this 
morning, after Col. O. M. Blggar, K. 
C. Government counsel, had present- 
ed before the board Ihe facts of yes- 
terday's proceedings in the Supremo 

CoL Blggar having Informed the 
board that leava had been given to 
Price Bros, by Mr. JusUoe AagUn to 
bring action in the Supreme Cpurt to 
test^the Jurisdiction of the Board of 
Commerce only on condition that it 
ship newsprint paper at' once to cer- 
tain Montreal firms at the flxed Cana- 
dian price. Commissioner W. F*. 
O'Connor, chairman of the hoard, said 
tlfcrtlie objaet 0t tin board's proee- 
eullott- ba*' baaa attained (or the 
p r saa ji t, aa4 no naaful parpoab oovld 
be served by fttrtlMr aotlOB to oem> 
4>«i the appearanee of the head of 
the Arm In court. 

Price Bros, through their counsel 
had communicated their wiUingnesfl 
to answer a questionnaire of the 
board on costs and deliveries, and 
this, Mr. O'Connor thought, was a 
fafr way of >da«llnr with the case. 



LONDON, Feb. St.— Captaitt Ooel(< 
erell and Meohanlelan Corby of The 
Times airplane which was attempting 
the Calro-to-Oape flight, and which 
was wrecked at Tabora, German Kast 
Africa, Friday, were slightly Injured, 
accordlac to n diUMteh to Tb* Oatly 

The machlno eirashed against a 
huge ant hill ttpMl laadiag and was 
eo badly damaged «fhat it ooaM not 
bo tapalrad wltbant balac tflamaatlod. 

Tha. crew will fi» tp » port la 0«r- 
man fi^t Afrlea, mA Nftun to Bgrpt 
by sea. 



WASHINGTON. Feb. 28.— The Jap- 
anese Diet haa dissolved by imperial 
decree as a rekult of a profound dif- 
ference of opinion botwpen'tho cabf- 
nel and the majority partloa In thf 
Dldt rsgdMimt tBo agtaaslwna of tlM 

la aetldtt iraa taken br^ba Sm- 
ti»9it last tMnday at tlie r a < nsa t of 

ni| m is r garj^ac eordlng to oabia ad- 

It followod tMl 1 
In psrliamtent 

today from Tofcle. 
t violent scenes 


F.(itUowing a opnference yesterdsy 
morning between Professor W. J. 
Blaek. auperlntendent of the Federal 
SoldlaP'Setllamant Board, and mem- 
bers of the Oablaet. Premier Oliver 
stated that the full dtaeossioB of the 
soldier settlement problems Which hsfi 
been possible through Professor 
Black's visit, had resulted in the clear- 
ing up of a number of matters pro- 
ductlTe of misunderstanding between 
the Provincial and Dominion authori- 
ties In the matter of soldier eettlement, 
* During the rnnferenra Dr. Black. 

who had just returned from a visit to 
the Mervllle snldlfr st-ttlemont area 
near Courtenay, e.xpressed hims^f as 
pleased with the progress of that work. 
He did not make any appraisal of the 
work BO far done, a point on which 
there had been some misunde'rstand- 
ing, but he stated that appralsars«jof 
the Federal Board would Inspect and 
appraise the lands when tha soUlors 
located there made formal application 
for tholr loans. It was tbe Premier's 
opinion that there Is little likelihood 
of differences of opinion between the 
two governments on that point. 

Tbe vlalt of Dr. Black ha8.pannltted 
a ganara) understanding 'batw«an 
tba two fotanMBontB aa to tiw pro- 
oedura to be borsafter followod In 
matters of soldier settlement. The 
Premier briefly outlind the arrang- 
ment. It is proposed that the Pro- 
vincial Board shall designate areas 
oonaldered suitable for soldier settle- 
ment and frojn these the Federal 
Board will select such as they deem it 
advlsabl* to develop, a Joint anamin- 
ation on the ground of the' lands to bd" 

Soap Better 

- — For Your Skin 

Than Cuticura 




made by the representatives of both 
boards. The Fnderal Board will do- 
cido npoa.tba nature of the improve- 
ments to be made ttoUf>ing the Pro- 
vincial board what wock to under- 
take. The actual work will be carried 
out by the Provincial — Board aoiL 

preference is to be given to returned 
men having qua llllciillon certificates 
from the Federal Board. In this way 
it will be assured that the men who 
go on the lands to settle will bo quali- 
fied to carry on aa farmeu and thus 
be reasonably assured of suda^gSj^^Jhe 
Federal Board will adhere to its prei 
sent policy of only plaelns such sol- 
diers on Improved lands as aro «l»ll- 

fled and only to SUOtt WlU Fodsral AM 
be extended. 

While no definite plans as to this 
co-operation in work have been made, 
tbe Premier stated It was'^llloaly tbnt 
tka provincial areas re^nUy, ><toslg- 
natad In tbik Vaadsrboof ^aad ^Pt^oo 
George a«etk>na, will ^iO^Hm^ td 
come under- the pl**^? *1Ws»,*;;afaas 
along the O. T. P. wouldiialSo rtwjctly 
be considered, for there are somp fine 
agricultural areas there. 

EdncntUkn ib iostaalb"' 

TORONTO, Feb. 28.— While there 
wUl be many ref onnarln- the Ontario 
school vocational sjrgtam MlUtnted. by 
the Drury Government,' there la to be 
no radical shaking up of the present 
public school system, according to 
Hon. R. H, Grant, Minister of Edu- 
cation. There will be considerable 
Improvement in the rural school sys- 
tem, but t^e technical training, do- 
mestie aolonio add manual training in 
fho oitlaB wM ba a>ajlPf*lw<l W tba 
full advantMCa of^ tb« children.' 



^.,BEnLIN« Friday. Feb. 
hundred and two vessels 
"dght battleships and a 



cruisers, will be handed over to tho 
BntbnU. next week by the Germuu 
govammant, under the terms of the 
treaty of VersaUlta, aocordlng to an 
announcement tui^ JBt: ^ mating <ft 
the assoeiatlon of Oartuan fMiaritteil 
at Hamburg today. 

These vessels, the announcement 
said, would be manned by offloefa of 
the German mercantile marine. 

Bhecitement prevaila at German 
sMMBrts a« iba. im* JMNmHM).bes for 
4aij|tfy of tba last aianMii eommer- 
otal >'aIU»s, and in«brai uatotta have 
Appealed to the g u v a r nm yrt advoeat- 
Ing the retention of the boats. It la 
pointed out that reconstruction of 
tho industry may be impossible, and 
that new disturbances in the labor 
market |sre inevitable. ,- 

Tb* si»cred bbaksW^ha Vedaf, 

oldest iftdf^j^^^^SH^RP^lK^wn. 

Male horne 

no stlhg. 

: Presetoe 

the original charm 
of your furniture ^ I ' ' 
MiJm iiMir floon Gki^ 

"THERC is no need to let a single ] 

* nitute lose its nen^fike ^Mpge* ^ 

qucHt tmtmeiit vrith 0-Cedar Polisht^ 
serve jhe £msli. A Polish that dcum mi it 
poUslws — first, hy removing all dust, grime «|na , 
dirt— then imparting a high, drv. 
Ustiiv liwtn that revi^ the fhiiii ' 
beauty ol the wood. 

Use n^ dim ted — with water. Use it on all 
wood-work— jidintcd. vamidhed or oaam- . 
•M. Aise on alHlMvri-4r stomal tho 
O-CocUr Polish Mop. which fiv«« thd un* 
. equalled O-Csdar result on hard wood, 

(Mbsdar Pelidi Mop (round or triaagb) pries 
$130. Tho kaa^^M jncbee 2$ mMs 




BUENOa ATBKS. 'V*b. 2t.— JTbo 
Pure^iMby tba eovemrasnt of 2« 
loc6m<MtMi frdm company in the 
United State* at a coot of approxi- 
matetr t*40,«00 for uee on the mate 
railwaya was ennoonoed last nigfet. 
It li ondendood^that Qerman Intafw 

oaa 0i*t^flM;Ji0m .obtalnH. fa 






C U N A R D- 





I armanl;! .. Var-h • 

iCallliui •( I'lymuuili and CtMrWurg i 

Vw*rl Miruk • 

Inil^rator Maur<tanl« .... 

f(«y»l acor««-... Ilttysl 0«>«r««... 
Mar. • Aitr 14 

ynW roKK — riAMonu—n/CvHtl-. 


8«a*nla ..Uar. 3$ hhxohu ..Mar ■ 

WmW VOHK— MOVII.I.K— (il..tMMm 
C4l*nbta .Mar. 11 ri>liiinl>la .Apr. it 

r«irrf.AMo. Mie.--4.-LAM(ow 

Ia»,««tili. ^ -..-..i.M^^oli 11 

KwrlKa M<>nr> OrOrr* aM Anito fa- 
iiU«4 at luw^**! rain. 

\'or .ill liitorniait'in at>i>ly tu our'BMatl 
Mt Id I'limiiinv outer. 

((■:; lli«-.llai;> Ktrr^ Wry>t. V 





f scific Staaauhip Co. 

R«4ltt«*4 Kound Trip Rataa 
•alUQRa to California from Victoria ar« 
(alloifa: 8.a Covarnur or freaJdaat 
ovtry Frrday at 6 p.m. 8.ti. Quaaa. Adnlral 
Mcblsy ar Admiral Daway. Sunday* aad 

%in n'barr Blrvat rhoaa Na. 4 

If you require Motor Trucks for 
. «nytiil«f. 

Phoaa 2379 * 

The B. & W. 

CO. Whittall Elce. Co. 
1112 Brond Strwt 

ihmm SS. Co. ol B.C., Ltd. 

Raialar •alllnaa from Vancouver to all 
Eaai Coaat aad Malaland Polata. Uof- 
■laa Camp* aad Canaarlea aa (ar aa 

PrtOM Ruport and Anyoa. 

For datailad Infoimatlon apply: 
OKO. MoUBBOOn. Aaem 
Talnhoaa IM5 Vo. 1 U«lnMat liooM 

WhiU Ster Line 

Cadrto .......Mar. tth, April IMh 

JIaltle ........Mar. IMh. April 17th 

Cattle ..i .War I Mh 

AMatte Mar.litk. Apr. 


£MM|a Mar, Mtk. Jtar tMh 

Cratta . .Mar. Blat. Miy axli 

American Line 


Apr. 3t4 

^j^.....,..— ^ ..tu. .%pr. S4ni 
inw irofUB>-4lAMni Kii 

lUr. .May Sih 

Apr. KKh, .>lay ttad 

Hed star Line 

KrfHinUnft ... ....... ..Mar. nth, Aair. IMk 

Mala ml ......Mar. Sit^.^Kw tS 

l4*plaad .......,v...A|ir. U^u^Mgr Mi 

For raaar«atloa# aaf ticiceta apHlrtt local 

r. p •aaaar.i. 


NRaiit or Oompaar 'Omca, 
nit Saoand Av«., iMttla. 
Main lit. • 


Woman .%ppointc4 Collector 
VVASHINQTON. Feb. 28.— EMt«tt# 

V. CJolMar,:o« l^lt L«k« City. wa« 
nonjiiiitvd ^oibr for eustonui c^lIetHor 
«t iMt l^ira llimy. 8o fnr aa known 
-*»«««.H»«*»-l»4lia flnrt appolRtiuent of 

s R woman to auoh a poaitlon. 



Biaatli uf 

aaarlaa aad aaaaat (Paal^ 



Is r?^ ** 

.t U:N 
lt:ll ».aiT:«| 

liiii ♦.»i»:n 

f!«i •.• lt:|« 
l<|« *.»1«:M 

•.i ivtav 

I» M 
r« 11:41 
4.* lt;t« 

• ia.<«at aad toaUta «< . 
av«ra«a lavol a< «- — Yaw 

I— T» Pad iba dapaii at mmim 

imp Herquist HUtLs 
Ifere for Rebuil4ing 

Iwlasna, filow Without Machinery and 
as Barge» Will Be Made Into-Service- 
fiter — ^Former Local Tug Alert 
Also to Be Fixed Up. 

Two Inloroating hull.^ lie in Victoria ^ broko out ^Ttj"'" lu this 

. .^^ - roant from Japan, buying niyshinery 

to ahip haeM to their eoSMry. Thoy 
purrhaK«<l the engliiea of thO'Iwlainu. 
and the hull araa uhi><1 ap n bRrge, br- 
ing purcha— d by tbe Oo^nMraunent to 
aerve between Vlpfilp^Pfp, /OrahRm 
laland and Prbuw H| i i pi8 t -jii tennec- 
tlon with apniee^Mttlii^ «|wnitlona 
hi the XortSu When ^Itia %riM>k ceaaed 
the barge waa taluMi. M Yanoouver 
where it wa« purchaaed by 'C»pt. 
Berqulat, who brought her over here. 

The .steam tUK Alert, formerly tow- 
ing barKea between Nunalnio and I'ro- 
tectlon laland for the mhioa, la alao 
in the harbor, ilome yeara ago ahe 
waa well known h<>re. The boBt waa 
puro h aaed by Capt. Berqulat and 
talten ^ Viuietaver. He tuUl alraiMly 
obtained the tug flonerlor fMi^jaie 
Dollar intdt^it^ imr Krini^lpa 
and MlPttUt' taur, putting into i|da ves- 
ael the betller of the' Alert. Th« Chi- 
perlor waa aold and la now operatlnR 
out of Vancouver. The Alert was 
then broupht to Victorl.i .-ind 1h now 
IjehiR rebuilt, overhauled and rv- 

Ciipt. I!er(|iii.><!. whose head ottlce in 
in Vanrnuvei-, owns eight iteaiBerU lit 
the preaent time. 

Harbor, additiona to the «urious fleet 
of boats whi<'h Capt. Albert Iterquist, 
the well-known nteaml'oat man, bax 
purplMped. rebuilt at' different times 
during the paat twenty yeara, and 
operated hiin«9l( or paased on tu 
oilier ownpra.^ ^ 

The Iwlalna, last used' as a, barge, 
lij at the Victoria Machinery Depot at 
the preaent time, and will Mhortly be 
pulled out tliere and overhauled. 
Aluchinory will he installed, the super- 
structure rebuilt, .md the vessel oper- 
ated by Clapt. Uerqiilst. Hhe may run 
to Hawaii In tiie sugar trade. 

The Iwlaina Iiuh a varied career be- 
hind her. Hhe wax built at Han Fran- 
ciaoo aa a steam )<acht for a wealthy 
American, and was aold to. Hawaiian 
Inter^ata. It ja beUeyed tlwit ahe then 

between the lalailidf ^n^l^B«B FraR* 
ciaco flor aonie yeprp^jln th« augar 
trade ahd hitter waa tiped to carry 
suKtir to Honolulu from the various 

TJie Iwlainji wat; noU| to .i Seattle 
tliin and run berween lli;it vtort :ind 
Han I'ranelKco with freijjlii and 
aangors. Hhe wan then sold tu u 
Vajncouver ayndirate. When tlie war 

tre ^wo laiwR out- 



Metal Trades Council Delegate 
Asked Director of Victoria 
Shipowners, Ltd^i '! Stock- 
Taklng Is Compulsory 

At tlie meeting of .the Metal Trades 
Counoll en Friday night a queetton 
waa put to Capt. M. D. Karbprd. one 
of the directors of the Victoria Shlp- 
ownera, Ltd., ng to whether thai con- 
cern was slicIdnK to Us tlrst proposal 
of inakinfT it compulsory for men 
working In I lie .shipyard to talte 
shiiref. Capt. llarboid pointed out 
that tlilH Idea,: had been abandoned 
and that the procuring of work in 
the yard will In no wlae be depend- 
ent upon inveatmenta. He added that 
the company would be giad to have 
Nubacrpitiona from workmen. A LirRi- 
number of men have calltjU upon 
Capt. lliirbord at the offlco of the 
Victoria Hhiiiowners Ltd. in the Bel- 
mont Building and desire*! to take 
out shares in exchange for joba. 
These requeats have .been refuaed, 
there being no, atringa on the' pur- 
chaae of stock. ... 

Equipment tor Hull NoT 1 in 
Harbor Marine Yard Has 

__tefLlorontp— Engines Are 
Erected for Inspection 


, The three boilera, ahafting, and 
atern tubing for one of t^e freight- 
era under -conatructioii at the Harbor 

Murine yard have left ihe Toronto 
plant of John Inglets Company for 
thi.H co.isi. The ahlpment. waa made 
last week. 

The engines are erected at the 
same plant and>^ only uwa^t the in- 
apealtlon and approvlil by Govern- * 
ment tnppectora before being ahiped ! ^ , 
out here. The boilera and engines 
can be lnstalU<l in Hull No. 1 .aa 
soon us they arrivci. 

I'oor deliveries h;i.\e r.iused the 
handling of mateiials /our and five 
times instead of twice, reaulting in 
slow progreaa. Tha advantage of the 
fine weather waa loat thereby. Naval 
architect J. 8. Clark believes that 
thi# week will ahow the greatest 
amount of progress yet recorded. 

"We ore doing work He<-ond to 
none,'*' -said .Mi. Clai k ye.sti rdjiy. 
"not 6nl>' on thi.- continent, but any- 
where ill llu- world." 

noriReoat or U 
It coneiaip pi 
owti^ lljr 
Company. There 


kbM., X^t ^'aluua' ara.moatly lii cop 
pei; and the ore la low-gr«}de: 
tifpre are lndloatio»» •< lanse 
b«*lcp. / 

PortlRMd Caoal Cotnury 
ihich in brief, and in a rough and 
rdB4|P f^RHlew. is an account of re- 
I aim afjlntng activity along the valle> 
•i l||P Vppcr Bear. It does imK pre- 
t#Ml Mo be exhttUbiive, nor to the 
moat metteitlous ^courRey Of deinU. 
ittM It 4i R truthful gen 
ntlnlng to that im 

to tke beet of 
kMwItdve and beMef: 
with the help of Mr. Forreat'i; map, 
should have aonie value for any Vic- 
toiians who may plan a prospecting 
trip to the Portland Canal ^untry 
during the eomlng 0«mmer. * 
It ranM^ina to aay pogMthlag of the 
oUm^, topogragniy rM «enenU 
dttletui of thoee parta. Mewwrt 
headquarters of all the Portland 
Canal country on the Canadian aide. 
Ib about 160 milca north of Prince 
Itupert. The "Winter population of 
the town is generally about 100, and 
in the Summer there Rre Rbout 300 
people in it. A larger p^olatlon la 
expected- for the oonUNr . taiaamer; 
and in tlHit egpeotRtloR & praRli aaw- 
mill waa built In fftewart laat Sum- 
mer by Mr. Ben tjiwrence, an old- 
time prospector of the Northern 
country. Between 'iQ and 30 re- 
turned .soldiers were prospecting in 
the hialmon Uiver district laat Sum- 
mer., The rate of wage* for minent 
lii |€ per day. The «une rate of pay 
waa the standard adopted by_,the Gov- 
• rnment laat year on the riad built 
from Hyder to Htewnrt wharf, which 
was cut in the solid rook for a little 
more than a mile, .ind cost ffiO.OOO. 
Tile work was oiiilroly done by re- 
turned men. There will be a de- 
mand for hotel und boarding house 
accommodation in -i^tnwart this year, 
the present accommodation In that 
respect being quite Inndequate to the 
e.xpeeted demand. 

The Summer cllmatQ of the Port- 
land Canul district is humid, and 
there is a conaiderable rainfall. Raln- 
proofa are an IndiapenMble item o( 
the proapector'a clothing equipment 
for that region. AM much na SO teet 
of snow falls in the Winter. Snow 
falls sometimes as early as October, 
and December flndH the whole coun- 
try buried in its Wilnter covering. 
Hie thaw setii in in May or June. 
Flora an<l Fanna 
^ The prices for Ofood and general 
I .supplies In the dlKtrlct are not much 


Bit Mb L PiikkM't Vtf*. 

Portland, Ind.- "I had a displaoo 
; aad aoffered lo bodly from it that 

I ill booom: 

I COttkl BOt 

00 mv feet at all. 
Rll roa down 
aadapuvgk Iflm|d 
not do my li««to- 

dowB Rt i^nL I 
took troR-tinaBtR 

from R phyaleian but 
they did not help me. 
My Aunt recom- 
mended Lydia B. 
Pinkbam'p Vege- 
table Compound. I 
triad it and now I 
Rm etroog Rnd well 
RCRin RBodo my own 
work Rod I ffivo 
- —1 LydiR B. Piakfiam'a 

VoffotRbleCompooad tN mdit" 
— Mra. JosBPHDfS Kuaub tKlmt 
RRce St. INvtlRwl, lad. . 


For helpful augfoitioM in refRrd to 
■och Rilmenta women are Raked to write 
to LydiR E. Pinkham Medicine Co.. 
Lynn, Maaa. The reault of ita JiHt 
•siMrkBORiaatyoarMrvieab ^ 

It is planned to throw the yard 
open to the public during March IQ 
8KAtTI<e, Feb. 2».— Arvlved-T-Stra. order that th« oltteena of VletorlR 
Admiral. Rodman. OeeRn. jTalls. B.C.: »nay d^e 'for tkCiSletvet wHM l* 
City of Seattle^ Southeaatem Alaska; heMg done there. GwlRg to the posl- 
Admlral Wataon, ^uthweatem Alas- I *>t the ' plant It ia diffieult to 

see from the ffast side of the Har- 
bor the pro^reuM that li:i.s been made. 

ka; Admiral Dewey, San Francisco. 
Hailed — Strs. La Touche. Southwest- 
ern Alaska; Went Hegoviu, Takii Bar; 
Motorship Ape.x, Houtheastern Alaska. 

TACOMA, Feb. L'N. — .\rrlved — StrPi 
phiiliwack, B.C. ports; Badtern 
Knight, Seattle; Prinoe > of Walea, 
KetchtkRtv; Aflmlral Wataon. . Alaaka 
porta. SaHed— Btra*. H. -B. LoVeJoy, 
Han FranolacO, Via Port Angelea; 
Prince of Wales, Ketchikan; Alki, 
V.incouver, B.C. 

PORTLAND. Ore.. Feb. 2 8. — Ai - 
rived — Sirs. Waban. Vladivostok; .San 
Diego, Han Francisco; W. B. Porter, 
( lavlato. 

, SA>- i'^RANClSCO. Feb. 28.— Ar- 
rived--4t^k^9ttior«4i>, HoBolnlii: Ar- 
den Maru, Balboa; Brooklyn, ^andon; 
Chllllcothe, Manlht. Sailed— 4ltra. Si- 
beria. Kobe; Hacheme, Canal aone; 
Davenport. Heattle; Rose City, I'ort- 
land; CeciI!o, Poitland; Devolente. 
iilverett; Sanu Uita, Tacoma; Fred 
Baxter, Seattle. * 


(Hy Oovetiuaent Wliolepy) 

Point Orey: piORr, noiMliweot, 
10:22, 44. amooth. 

Cape Lazo: Clear, calm, SO: 17, 81. 
amooth. , Pfftace Albert 
abMim, norfbboint.'- 

BatevRo: ClOar. calm, 80:24, IS, 
smooth. M'^ViS p.aii^ apoke Admiral 
Hrhley 184 milea YroiiH Seattle, tR> 

Alert Ray: Clear, calm 30:00. 40. 
smooth. Venture, out 8 p.nv. north- 

Ocean Falla: Clear, calm. 80:80. 
4«, amooth. Out, prlnoeaa Beatriee, 
2 p.m.. northbott^. ' 

Triangle tfllaWl: Clear, calm, 

30:44, 44, smooth. 1:30 j^i., spoke 
Princeae Mary abeam Ivory Island, 
aputhbound. 2:35 p.m.. spoke Prin- 
ceae Beatrice abeam Pointa Island, 

Dead Tree: Clear, calm, 80:60. U, 
smooth. > : .< 

Itaeda: aear, ealra, 80:44'. ST. 

Prlnoe Itupert: CliRr, oalm. t«:tO, 
iO, danooth. 

bnprratnr SaflR 
Cable dlapRtchea rooel^ la the 
New York oOeea 6f the Cunard I<lne 
annouaee the aalling of the. R.M.8. 
Imi^omtor Jroai Liverpool for New 
Tork on Faliraary 22. Included 
among h«r passengern are Lord and 
Lady Auckland and daughter, Hon. 
Susan Constance Eden, Sir Bmeet and 
Lady Glover. Count Louie X>m, Hon.' 
CrtOldR Ferrar Don Bnrlque StRflf 
Ooienel and A. D. MoHrr. CbC 
Colonel B.^^^ niMi. CI»!b.a.SLO. 

LONDON. Feb. 28. — The" 

of Food Is continued |nr five year^ 

Wttk Itfbhw. 


No I 



|({a.ntlniied from Page SI 

I)artie.s on a basis of twenty per cent 
of the profits to Uie owners. 

The K. and Ft&ro«p cBiriceon and 
Forrest) la ^6 fa. the south side of 
the river, iBbut|bne mile south and 
three miles Mreatf of the Rufus and 
tioifet groups. Cnptatn Clark is a 
partner of Krlcson and Forrest in the 
ownership of this Kroup. The K. and 
F. was located by other Interests 
prior to 1910, and before It was aban 
doned by the original locatora two 
cabtaa were built on the property and 
a tunnel ISO f«et long wr« driven. A 
shaft was also sank on an ora body 
to the depth #f the river level and 
waa RbRn4oa«d^;>p|ien it b«eRmo flood* 
ed with wRter. 

The E. and F. has three veins of 
fhalcopyrltp ore of nn average width 
or four feel. Plcke<I specimens of 
this or<> have shown values of 1,800 
ounces of silver to tbe ton. The B. 
and F. is a good milling ore. ^The 
present owners have driven tha tun 

some rMi|- cuts. Two mining engin- 
eers of VRJtoria, Messrs, Stanford and 
lUiHsclI. left for Stewart on the last 
boat bound for the I'ortland Canal 
with the Intention of looking at the 
B. and I'', property. The owners have 
set a priea of, fSMoo 4iu this group 
of claims. 

Owam LI VP Bib 

Not in the Immediate RTea of the 
groups so far mentioned, but still in 
the general district drained by the 
Upper Bear and its tributartea. Mr 
Forrest la associated with Ottier Vic- 
t^rlana in the ownonMp i»f , aeveral 
ouer groupa of otelma. Also there 
Rjra acvefdl, iotlier iMNq»ertlea in this 
dlMrlct M wMfth naMonts of victoria 
are concerned. Among these is the 
George group, owned by Messrs. 
George Bros., Rd. Jones, Collector 
of Inland Iteven«|e: BeauaaattJSogga 
and P. UnfclRter. all of VMHK The 
Ooorge group Is on the ayl^^pe of 
the Upper Boor, R»Mt two'inR caat 
of the «ray Cowor property, and 
about SO InBee from the Town of 
SUwart. The George is a large 
group of claims with a go*.d shnw- 
lllg of chalcopjrrite ore, carrying 
\-ahiea of SotdjaA copper. Aere is 
a cabin on tMlHborty. It lu& been 
oaaatfaed by onglneers who 

hmrm reported lavoiniMy on It; and it 
has recently baen bonded. 

5»«;ther east and to the north 
of the fiver la the Red Top property, 
eamslsiing or 17 ciaisM. owued by 
Seattle and .luoeau mining men 
Theae claima were located to 1000 
and a tunnel has been drlVMa hi the 
INT^perty. The Ra« Top dii. «Lr{«a 
value, ef alhr»r. leM and cdgjMh The 
property haa been bon.«cd to a New 
Tork mOatof sradleato for •SW.ood. 

«o*«Sa«t haa been let te drive 
ft wao-fool tunnel this Summer. 
The Tonkins projx-rty i« an 

above those current in Victoria Cer- 
ibin varieties of birds and animals 
are plentiful. Owing to the hea-vy 
snowfall there are no deer< Blue 
and willow grotise. ptarmigan, wild 
{;eeBe and wild duck are generally 
plentiful. I'ur-bearlng animals such 
UH marten, wolverine and mini;, are 
There :ire mountain, 
grizxly,. brown, glacier and l>lack 
bears, wolves, lynx, porcupine, flying 
and grity squirrels. Bnormous crops 
of wlld'berries--4tlue and red huokle- 
berry, cranberry, sa^non bwy, rasp- 
berry, thimblebery, stntWblE^^, elder- 
berry, Harsaparilla berry and wild 
{{ooseberry — are common in the sea- 
son. Ofirden truck does well, and 
grows at a tremendous rate in the 
short, hot Summer. 

The scenery of the countrj' is wild 
and beautiful. The ateep slopes of 
the river gorges are covered In a 
< srowtli of balsaii). spruce. hi;m- 
lock, alder, birch and some red cedar. 
The mount.ains rise out of the valley 
of the Bear to ' an altitude of ♦ 
feel. Great preclpicds and shining 
glaciers contribute to a gdneral ef- 
fect of some of the wildest scenery la 
the wofld. 

Mr. Forrest says there is still good 
virgin soli for the allurement of the 
pr<»spe( tor. There Is no placer min- 
ing in the di.slrict. .nnd not much 
likelihood of any. No man is ad- 
vised to tackle the country who ia 
not sufficiently wen-found to see the 
Rummer through and pay his way 
out in the FalL The country will 
yield some prizes to the adventurous 
aoul who will take the .rough with the 
smooth, and stick out the tough 
times without fret and fuas. And Mr. 
Forrest iiolds out as a last solid in- 
ducement to auch un one that there 
are no Chinese tin Steitrart. 

—. — I ^— ■ ■ — 


Two t-lund ied and Fifty Tliou- 

sand Tons.of Seagoing Siiip 
piiig Released After Two 

.VA.NCOl'A ER, TVb. 2S.— The gio.Tt 
Australian Hhlpping .strike, which tied 
up 250.000 to;)-* of sea-going tratOe 
for two months, haa ended. The news 
waa oonthlned toiiay in a cable from 
Sydney. NJS.\V., reoelved here. 

Canadian-Australian line olQcialB 
here have not 5'«t heard that the 
Niagara had sailed for this port, but 
believe that sho will get away at 
on<;e, now th:it the trouble has ended. 
.She has been delayed since the last 
ilay of last yeai-. 

The strike was settled on Thurs- 
day, and that same day new trouble 
loomed up in the shape of a threat- 
ened Htrike of aeamen; This, how- 
ever, was quickly adjusted, and "all 
nbipping will resume immediately," 
Sii>.s lite i-abli'. 

Though the F'acllic cable is broken, 
a f.'w mis.saj^f'S arc getting throuKli, 
and the above it< one of them. The 
break between Suva and Auckland 
i.s being "bridged" by wireless. 


Inicreased Catch of Herring in 
tritistPColurrrbla Raises the 
Total f^r January Over the 
Same -Mffrith Last Year 


The Arm of Yarrow's. Ltd., has the 
oontraot to oonatmot a twenty-ton ell 
unk to ba IRstRlled on the big 
frelghtor 1C> a OOHar, which is be^ 
ing converted into an oil, burner. 

The auxiliary schooner Oregon, 
resplendent in a new coat of green 
a^d white paint and generally fresh- 
ened up in appearance, came around 
into the Inner Harbor yodtarday after 
a sueoessfnl trial to test the eni^e, 
and tied up ac tkt CauRdUui 9«Ket 
Sound Mill dock Whek« -dlie wiM Mad 
for Lower CdUfof^ia. 

Borne of the lumber sold by the 
French Government from the lumber 
yard of the Foundation Company'a 
Point Hope shipyard to a Vanoouver 
cToncern la being loaded into oars at 
the present time for Ohio, it Is un- 

OTTAWA. Feb. Sft.-rDtte mainly to 
the greatly increased catoh of her- 
ring ■ in British Columbia during 
January, the value of sea flah at the 

lotnt Of landing shows a' great ad- 
vance over the month of .lanuary, 
1919. Figures in.sued today by the 
DepHrlmetu of .N'aval Service show 
that the total value of .';ea flsh landed 
in Canada during January of the 
present year Wrs IfO^M. in Jan- 
uary, 1018. It ytU fMCsiO. Fishing 
onefvMMg f« «hil A|li|iiMr (mi«t W»re 
■greatly Interrupted by unimuatly cold 
and stom|y weather during .January 
and aomo' eatches were not as good 
na during the same month a year ago. 
There was a falling oft in .t tie catch 
of haddock, hake and ■ p ollocfc a nd 
also of scallops. ~ ~* . ' 

Herring were In great abundance 
In the J^ialmo.^ Albeml an* day- 
oquat 4pMMdta< of 'J^itlsh rCDiOmbU 
and\ tlMkv^taNl datth amounted to 
860,000 MMrittwdi Rita against 76.- 
200 hundredwelgbta for January. 
1019. About the aame quantity of 
halibut waa laAdod -rr during Janu- 
ary. r9i». 


• V 


Ship and 



47«9 406i^rat 


wmmftvt mmmm to 





For Every Purpose 

, ^ .. ^^^^ INSULATION 

E. B. MARVIN ^ Ca 


Mill. AUriod Supplies 

Victorim, B.C 

BARAGO0SA, Spain. Feb. 38.— The 
police have closed the head^oarten 
of tbe Workmen's Union following 
tHa dlaeovofy of r bomb in a big cafe 
hore. - 

. 4. ' 

' tlalifoniia Synip of Figs' 

For a CykTs LiTsr 

Mother! Say "QUifomls,'* tlien you will 
gst fdouine " Calif oraia Sjrap of Plo." Puff^ 
: ipi i Mi H i ieraiWfi aadyMfea dr aU af a 

coated, Of full of cold, are plainly printed on 

• ••• • 

• • •• ••• 




Oxy - Acetylene Catting and 
Wcldinc. Repairs a Specialty. 
New and Secondhand Boilers. 


Cor. Government ud Prlacess 
, • Stfotts. Victoria, B.Ci 

Residence Phone Colqulti I7X 

Solder — Sheet Lead— Lead Pipe 
Pig Lead— Babbitt Metib 



Our I.;iver{>ool and London Officet ' 
Can now offer- 

Britteh Passengen Mr 

- Canada 

These^McniTers'^hl rec«lv% t)te preferrted attemioR of our 
Overseas Offices and aUo {hfemtatiQn as to liow to obtain thoir 

I'asfpprts. . .i • \ ; ' * 

'We wit^'bc bfieAiittf to quote y<m uur ratet for bringing yoor 
relativea and fnendt from the Old Country. 


900 Wharf Street ^ - ^ N^ar Poiit Office 



■ N a 1 1 ri a I 

DaRy Train Sfrvio^^ 

trew eeRiOtaa' >falliaar Slatlaa • 

Vincoiiver, B. 0. at I % ■. 

ahortfai roui» to Sdmaaiae, tSaakateea aad 
Pface Klvnr (Country. 

Tbrnuah tickets to Winnipeg. Toronto. Otta- 
wa. Hoatroat, HaUfax. and. all lnt«mi«diat« 


Affaaia for all TraiHi*AitaniU 4taifl«lbtp Uaaa 

from (.'aiadlaa aad American, porta, 

For Mod«-a Tralaa. Deft aarvte* aad tJnaa- 
called Htt-nary, travel " O aoedlB a ^ a t la a al." 

R^cerration* utaratura aad fMl gartleetara 

Kladly lUppUed. Apply: 

Toirilt i ^IpL lifNi 

PaaikartaNi aNk* 

Canadian Padfic Railway 


two TraitiMnfiiien«il Traltia' DiN^TIv^Mfli 
Standirtf And Tourist Sleepers — Coaif«rta»til 

Observation Cars. 

IlMk Moip aa^ Reiente ia 

Ptilf hiformaHow jriii *> 



■ "TV -'fi 


■■■■■ ^^AA'f' 



Twenty-Oiie Had «f 


iMinr a Bhlpment ImporUd by Wti. 
8. Currle from near Edraonton, Alt*,, 
but ar« mil tb« b«iit of mUk cow*, 
HolaUtM, mo«l,^ l>rcd trpm reglirtArMl 

*^ Also llated at thla m1« ar« 

lliree Very Fine Heary 
I Teams of Hones 

&to IV M. with thir H a n uM, > M 
gtagU WArklnv hdift* MlHIiViB MT 
bn«ll rancher. 

r Mo^k On vi«w. nu>rnlns of aal* at 
fh«iM •ddrcM. 

» Koto that MMl^ ftmt to fut of 
PhOM S4I4. 


Duly livrtrooCad by J. T. MMdonaUU 
Kmi; wiU mU lur Public Auction, at 

ini 'Effcdi 

-S pt«c« Birch 8ttlt«, 

Mahogmy Ann an« GoriMr Chain, 
■40«,*«riM«Rr^t»tfow Cortatanr Ptoturm. 
Bor«n««'-»MMto'th»9«t (*T ft. « 
Ina. X 14 ft), •to. 

Oak Buffet. Rooltera, QOr lW»ta4 
Cuiii^e, Oftrved Tt»le, B.P.,(loodt Jor- 
4Uai«Ma. OcaMnenta. Osk CMock. or 



tnotnwted by Mr. John OUlvor we 
^ ~ Will sell at hie realdenca 

619 QjWMn's Ato. 

T om orrg w (Monday) 

An his well kept 

: Hoosdidd FomUiire 
aid FnnishiiiKS 

Includlnv Cablnot loWlBv llMlda^ 
Bmrlnc Table, aet of 8prlnr«0fttoA 

Stains Chairs, China Cabinet, Reed 
Chaire, Bed l.ounis, Carpete, Ru^a. 
jingle and Full Bize Iron Beds, 
Pprlnc* and Hair Mattreeses, Pillows, 
t)f iwer» and Stands, Bedroom Table 
knd Chair*. -tilnDlotfm. Heater and 
'^Ipe, Screen,' ToiUtware. Linoleum, 
almoet ao«r t^^ol*. Canada Pride 
llanfe, iK«itaf|m%: l^^ lWblei. K, 
Chalri, It GaMlli^ Al Cooklny trten- 
»lhi. Crocker]^ attd Olawware, Jam 
Jars, Oarden Tools, new Hoe^, Car- 
penter Tools, Toys, etc. 

On view Monday from 1* o'clock, 
oltlier Douslas or Gororniiibnt 
jtwot oars to Queen's Aveiitto. 

ware, Pletureo, Bordarad BniMalf 
Carpet (IS ft. X X4 Wlllio^.Cirrf 
tains, etc. 

Btoakfoat Room— Ex. Vahlo. Oak 

Mfwrto Chair,. S Oak Rockors, Oouem 
AnB--«a« AiiAdard ^tealrri. Oc tiablo. 
Jardinieres. Windiinr OlIfCalBlk Fto- 
tures. Raff. L>ino, ate. 

Hall — Oak Hall SUnd, TJabrOlIi 
Stand, Ormolu Mirror. Broassla Hall 
and atair Carpet. Ax. Rues. etc. 

Kltdien— High Oven Oaa Rang*, 
Kitchen Chaire, Cookta« Utensils, 
Linoleum. Crockery, Cutlery, etc. 

BedrofimB— ^ Ash Bedroom Suites, 
complots with Mattresses. Sin«ls and 
Douhlo It'bn Bedsteads and MattrSsses. 
Oftk BitroaaXBadroqia Chains Book- 
en. Ifollet Wmto. Od TabM. Oio 
Heater, Carpet Swoopor. WrtyoC 
Table, 2 Bl. LAraps. Rovohrliiv Chalr» 
Bookshelves and Books, Window Cur- 
tains; Bordered Woodstock and Brus- 
sels 6te»ot% #riHPi9to l«ii<ttm 

Oittatdo— Garden Seats, Wood and 
Coal,' Saalsrt, Wkoolbivrrow, Counter, 
a noMt .Ml a4* Booa Bosii, If PttUots. 


OB Ylow Monday aft«niooa fMm 2 

o'clock. ' 

oiko the oar to (Sak Bajr'JuftotloB. 
— BV> f farth er partioulara ap p l y to 

liiunrARp *,soNs 

/- AacUoMon 
*-« Phono s»7 , , 
TST.TW Madooik^AM^^^t-.'^ 

John Parthokuiif w & Spw 

tut Fert - 

T/l%\ Hal liMi> lime— How sour awcetmuclo ia 
fWbea tllB* la ^Mk, and a* proportion k«pt! 
*■» !■ U la tlie masio o( man * live*. 

— Richard II. 
Perfect time and t«n« with a BBLL 
PIANO HLATnt St NetOhelSMr. 
iMntxman. Morris, aad othar flrst-elSM 
Hisnos •ellliur >t than HALF PRICBS, 

■lun'xsUM ifOKrTHi.T patsIbntb 

The Aoetloneer Phoqe 1S34 

410 and 411 Sayward BUc 

Furniture f or Caih 

Peoples Furnishing 

'"^T^^'r Co. PHONE 747 

and eabinbt «emT>let«, Otfl4en Osk Chins 
Cabinet' and Billrat combined, two DIM- 
l.NU-KOOM 8UITB8 complete, MahoKM> 
CHINA CABINET, flna mlrrora; nna lot 
of Piusl) Portleraa "CmrvosnMM,*' 


nna deelsni and mirrors. OUl aM tllf 
spaot tliaaa rltbt sway. 

IMwolloB ea AU^JIiattvsssos TUs 

J. s. BAimioi.oftlcw 

SJkeet New F^ imlture R ooms 
4 doors /b^^^Ms?ai4^'^one Bllf 

Doly lakb^cte^ by 
aell by Public Auction ft 

Toitio»row, tit 

at t:U, tbo Wholo 


Pamod OMp Bs. Table. 0«Jk Dlntac 
Chairs. Qf^ ftllf. Curtains. Heator. 
Blinds. PorttoMiL Oak fOc Tables. 
Grass R«k5k i -ChalSfc ^nios 

Table. PbuSr^oiioro«.,Wilt«»to Car- 
pet, pictures. I^aoo BaA.;«pnas and 
Restmdro Matt w ss rt . ]U|.' Ro« and 
Mattreasoi. I^lo^ RIankots; Muok- 
r&t L4idnf for Fur. Coat, Aostrklian 
Gumwood Bureau. Fumed Oak Cblf- 
fooW, Bookshelves. Medicine Cup- 
board, Linoloum, Carpet Runner. 
Rlin* Tool Choot and' ?oo1b, «-hole 
"OSuM- Prl4o" RljUfte. Kitchen 
ttbioa- Mld ChaiCi. Ce<i|cUl« utensils. 
CPMltWirj.|t0o<koo K«#b Tab. 

Home-mi4o Fiwn 'is aitd-«fUdl^ 

On vioii^ tomorrow morniii't from in 

Take the "Allows, or Uplands car 
to Foul Bay Roa4« aad tsko Sn^tMra- 
1ns to the left. 

'farther partioulara apply to 


wo. Witt aell 


Tntniwto* by Ikp 


Wednesday, 1:30 

Extra lilgh-class Household Furniture 
and Furnlshlnss of sevoiml homes. 
Inoludms in part: 

Largo Colambia Cabinet Gramophone 

In Miftgmny ffibWi very flno Chwtor- 

fleld. Blah, and Oak Parlor Furniture, 

Oak Dinins-room Suites, several very 
good Carpets, AIl-BraM and Iron 
Beds, Springs and Mattresses, Mahog- 
any, Oak and other Dressers and 
Stands. Oak Office Tables, Filing 
Cabinet, etc. Full particulars lator. 
- On vlow from Monday, 

AncUonecm. Phone 8S7 

727-7SS' Pandora Ave, 

City Market Auction 

TucMiays sad FfUsys 

Tuesday^ 2 m. 

Two Fine Durham Milk CowS, one 
\ milking 3 % to 4 galL, B. S wks.. 
Chickens, etc.; also quantity of 
Housohold Furniture and other en- 
ttMt jfeMoiMa ^ to TnoMMr - 



consisting of wortts on many 
subjects by leading aatlMt> 
..A}|,^boui a,000 Yolumetb 

Now on view at 

857 Fort StTMl 

Fretsaa & Co. AUCTIONEERS Weekly Sales 

Private Sales at 

Uveetwk. BAa. 

of Hobtoins 

I rt 

At Carlin's Bam, Monday; ^also that 
all the herd 'has Just been tuborculin 
testod- \9 B( lOflilSPfttil^ Tottrln- 




Satisfaction Ouaranteod 

•fOfo dlaposlBg o( 
It evm be 

to oonsult OS. 

Qf jEvery Kind 

Make thh your headquarters for gardening tools. We have ^every- 
thing yQu require for the flower garden, vegetable garden and the 

I 1 conservatory ' \ 

*^rks vBdes;; &akesi :* Wire Weederji 
^ s'^iHose Trowek Spades Couplings i 
Rollers, Wheelbarrows, Etc, . 

"•ml. I lift r T 


msm Tye Hardwire Co., Ltilr 


'I W 1 1 1 i 


Buying Of Secondary fiails at 
y^Kfuiced Prices . U Only 
' Noffworrhy Feature— The 
Clearing House Statement 

NBW TOMC FSb, t«.— Trading In 
s^oks toda^pr iirao jporfonetory and on- 
ooriatii of ioBOi OMOvC: for, firtkor 
buying of secondary rails at extreme 
gaiv of one to two points. Iloear- 
rent heaviness was sbowa by gtooto 
and «f«lnma«(Sb 

•liiUlOw. iiwirtrtet tHe toakUoo. 
loatkoTi tobaooo and CoM tronaa 
varlablo to woMk. llool - - - 
nated the low-priood rails 
4SS.000 shares. 

For the first timo sine* the early 
part of tko yaar tko oloartag booae 
MMogMOt alMW0« «tt a«|«a taeroaao 
of looM asA dtoooOTto, that MMI oiE- 
pandlng by aUghtly aaore tbao fit.- 
000,000. Reoervas of nomboM ta tbo 
New York 'Fodo^al Reserve Bakk 
made a material increase of |2t,6lt,- 
000, and total excess reserves woro 
lifted from last week's slondOf IMHT* 
gin to a total of |S».i&a,«M. . 

Doallago in boade wore iUght. with 
the tondonoy agaia 4iewu.pard> oepo- 
cially in Liberty bonds aitad Vlotory 
noter. Total sales, par value, $•,- 
2so,ooo. Old U.S.' bonds were unal- 
urM on eali Ov^irifto i*»ok. 

(Fvnlslted if MMiek Bros. A Brett, Ltd.) 

Oteafce-' Ulsb. Low. Cleaa. 

Alll»<nialBs«rs MH ssji 

Am. Can. Co.. pesa. ... «t ♦•jj 

Ami Car Pily. U7\ 1"% 

Am, cotton oil 41 ♦! *1 

Am. In. Carp »» »» , 

Am. Loeomottvs »i% 9i \\^ 

Am. Bmalt. A Kaf. ..... «0 «o «o 

Am. Busar Rfg 187 127 127 

Am. T. aad Tul »7 97 »7 

Am, Wool, com 120 118% 11»H 

Am. Stael Pdr 

Am. Bum. Tob »lVi SOlfc 8114 

AnaeoDda klntnc t7 i«Vfc VI 

AngU>-rf. w% — ■*% rje — 

Atchison '. 83% »» »? 

Atlantic Golf m HI 

Raldwtn Loco 104 Vi 107 107 }fc 

ilaltlmore ft Ohio .... S8)i 87 V6 *7W 

Uethlahem Stacl S4% *• >*>■ 

liutte Uup. Mtnlns . . . S4 34 S4 

Kruoklyn Trwnalt 14 13V4 13H 

Cunadtan Pacific 1S» 121 H 121 H 

Central Leather 7t 7»ta 7im 

Crucible Stael 1»SH »Stt 1*S''4 

Cbeaapeake * Ohio .. (7 M% a7 

Chic. Mil. ft St. P. .... 40% 8»H »»V4 

Chic. H.I. ft Pao 4114 »8% S»% 

Colo. Fuel ft iroa ..... aa* la as 

CoMk Oaa #...•.* 7t 77 77 

Chino Copper 84 fSH J* '* 

Cal. Petroleum ........ 8iH asVft 12 Vi 

Chile Copper TIH 1« lu 

Com Prediwu ......... 7IMi 7»W 7814 

Disuiiars oeo. aai m4 

aria .................. *Bi4 

Erie, first iM, aili 4414 2«14 

Qen. Electrio Ua isa Itl 

Oan. Motors S<ai4 \K% *41J4 

at Mer. Ore. aa% a» a«% 

Oraal«r oaii a« 1614 

at. Northern, pfd. .... 77% 77% 77% 

Hide A Lea., prd »7% •«% !«6H 

Inspiration Cop. il% tlV ii% 

Infl. MloiMl M% 1>% 20 

Ian, Mer. Maria 1 »0% 3014 

Do., pfd. a<% 8lf4 8?% 

Xetaaaeott Copper .... tl% 88% 18 

Xaa. Oltr Southeia.... l*% 18% 18V^ 

LsMgh volley ...i.... «•% 4B% 4t% 

£aeK: Btesi a«% «s%. oc,^ 

Mldvale Steal ........ 48% 41% 43% 

Mex. Petroleum m%' !•«% 1«T% 

Missouri Paetfle ai% ae% 80% 

Me.. Xaa% A 9ossa ... !•« !•% !•% 

New TM? OSBtrsl .... TBH 78 7» 

Ohio OMk 48 41% , 41% 

Pennaylvania R.R. .... 42% 48% 48% 

Plarca Oil 17% 17 17 

Preasad Staal <^ .... •! , •! >^,^ 

Readino 7«% 7S% 71% 

Ray CoMk aClBta* .... 17% 17% 17% 

Republic ■teeTT. 87 8ii4 

Bin. Oil 8»% 89- a» 

aoutharn PaeUle •»% »4% >4% 

southern Ry.. caei. .. 2«H 84 14 3S% 

Btudebaker Corpn 8214 81 f2% 

Bloas Sheffleia «6% •8% 

The Texas Co. 175 174 14 177% 

Cniiw PscltKi 118H 118% 11814 

Utah Copper 71 71 71 

U.S. In«. Alcohol 81 80% 80% 

0.8. Rubber ■ 9614 »4% »4% 

r.S. Steel, com. *4% **% *S% 

U.S. Steal, pfd. 110% llOH llOVi 

Vlrflnla Chess. 88% 62 <3% 

Wlllya-Overlaad 34% 23% 34 

WeatioKhous* Blea ..8014 BO SO 

Royal Dutch •*% *8% »» 

Pan American 83 80% 11% 

Retail Stores «7 46% «6% 

Cuba Cana. Susar .... 41 Wt\ *^% 

Cera de Pasco *•% jlfi !•% 

Calif. Paokiac - 74% T4% T4% 

Piaras Arrow 88% sa% 18% 

Tens PaeWWi 88% 8 7 87 


(By F. W. ■tavsasoB, 101 Pamharton Blk.) 

Bid. Asked. 

Athabasca Oil .88 .30 

Alualte M. ft P. A'Vi 

B.C. Permaaaat.Loaa ...... It.W •••Jx 

II. C, Rsflnlnif «• 

llowena Copper .»» 

Iloundary Bay Oil ........ .ft 

Canada Copper .......m... 1-2S .. 

(Anada Oil ft Vaatnie .ttH 

Cona. M. ft S, ............. at.Ot .. 

Cork Province .« _ 

Crow'a Maar Coal ....^m... 

Drum Lswiaoa «•......*... .la 

Empire Oil ....^*.«e....... .07 .98% 

Qmnby ......... .^t.. ..•*.. 48,80 

Great West Petlfc ........ W,M 1|.ta 

Howe Round .............. ^ '#.40' 

lnt*1. Coal ................. .8T .88 

T/Mf'ky Jim . m.. .* .41 

McOllllvary .............r. .64 

Kuffi;^^ ......... ....^..'...fl^ .41 .48 

Pm i(io Ceast Msa .«..••.■.. -..^ MJk* 

Pitt Maadowa 11 .18 

Rambler-Cariboo .14 .18 

nivarsmlth Mines ......m. J\ .88 

•liver Orast ......M«v*..t. .08% .!•% 

Spnrtaa Oil k. ........ .18 

Standard Lead .Ifi ~ .. 

Stewart M. ft Dev. ........ .1% 

Bn|iloch ................... .84 

■urf laMt • .»*4 «•....•.• ««• 

Trojan OH .... . .11 .14 

AnvlO'Praneh 4a. It4.40 >»» ^ » . 

Don. War Loan: 

1888.......... 84.44 .M..' 

1881......:... 04.00 ..... 

1887. .•*.«..* . 44.88 >.... 

Vletery taoa Mtt...** 84.44 n.40 

1488 48.44 44.44 

1814 98.50 97.60 

1917 9*.0<> 100.00 

1988..... 89.00 144.04 

1444. .. 44.44 41.40 

1487 144.i4 141.44 


(Pnmlshad Mr SMiiek Bros, ft Brett, Ltd.) 

BtoOka— 1 / V- High. Low. Cloee. 

AfAaa Holdaa VrmT... 184 184 ISt 

Bail ToleObooe 148% 144% lOtH 

Bresillen Tree. 48% 48% n% 

Oan. Camant, vom at 14 88% (."IH 

Do., pfd. 88 8S 86 

Can. car. Pdy , e«e». .. 88% 88% S4u 

Caa. eon ' ' 3* '!» !l» 

Cso. Coftofl 44 84 84 

Call. oKi. Bleetrle .... 107% 107% 101% 

Civis lav. ft lad. 8fi 8& 89 

Ooosi^|fcJ». a. d% 48% »!, 

poimm- miMaa *.*•*»« Sfi fft s4a>' 
Pom. Bridge ......... lai ia> 

Ooao. Cannars i% 88 4K 

Dom. I. and B. ....... 84 49 89 

Dem. Textile 184 ^4 180 

Montreal Cotton ~ M ^ 44 

Ponmana, LtA IIB 114% HI 

QnebM Rr »7% 87% »T% 

Btordea Paosr 174 174 174 

Shaarlnleaa I44« 448% 109% 

Ornish Rtv. P«lp n f|% 81 

tSASyw::::: «% ?!% 

WINNIPSd. ^Feb. 'SR.-'-The cash 
coaree grain marketa w\>re dull again 
ti^day. . Tho offerlags continue very 
light. The dejpan^ for oats was 
mlasd. thoro being no tnqniry for the 
boot an4oiL bat soaao daaaamd for the 
low OBoa. Nlpnaia'wBro oiMhangod. 
Caoh barloy waa la ftOr aoa nan wtth 
offortags Ugbt 

Oats ehwod %o higbor far May and 
viMbangod for July. Barfoy clooed 

Sc higher for May and Ho up for 
ly. Flax' clooed le higher for May 
and lo up for Jalr» bBd ryo. l)kc 
higher for May. 

Pete Open High Low CIooo 

May .-^ §4% M% tKH 

July ...... %%% MH %Vk 

May ...... 10« 110% i4t^ 1M« 

July ....«e lUM 141% la I4t% 

May 502 B06 503 504 

July 473 47« 47S 476 

May 1T4 17tH m 176% 

Cash prieoa: Oats--« CW.h t4\4o; 
I C.W.. IftHei S ogtra food, OlHo; 
1 iieod. •1%^: I foeC ft%e. 

Barley— t <!.W., |1.4.f%: 4 G.W., 
|1.4S%: rejsotod. $1.11%:. 

Flax— I N.W.C.. II.M: • aw., 

16.01; S C.W.. 14.44. 
Rare— 4 C.W. . tl.74H. 


LONDOK. Fob. 24. — Bar silver, 
llUd per ovaoo. piaoount rates, 
■hort WUb aa« tkaaa bmbUw' blUa. 
per eont. 

NBW YORK. Feb. 88.— Bar silver. 
$1.80 per ounce. Mexican dollars, 

Mercantile paper, CH96%. 

Sterling 40-day bills, tS.SS^; com- 
mercial 40-day bills on banks, 
11.36 %: commorclal 40-day billa 
11.46)4; demand, 14.49^: cables. 

Francs, demand, 14.20; etfbles. 
:i4.18. Belgian francs, demand. 14.77; 

cables, 13.76. Guilders, unchanged. 
Lire, demand, 18.37; cables. 18.35. 
Marks, demand, 1.01; cables, 1.02, 

Government bonds hekvy; raflroad 
bonds steady. 
gterllng advanoed further In the 

— g^y "VT — -"■"^■g- — — — 

lata afternoon^ Quotations were; 

Bterllng 40-day bills, I4.44H: oom- 

merclal 40-day bills on banks. $1.44% ; 

commei'oial OO-day bills, 14.46%; de- 
mand, $3.39 cables, tS.40%. 


(FunilShed by SwAMt Btea. a 

Anglo- Fr. 8%. 1*10 

U.K C%% secured, 1921 

Fr. Govt. S% Vlo., 1»31 t^... 

Parts 4%. mi 

Rusftr OvL 4%% Tsy.. 1981 . . 

Bratt, Ltd.) 
Bid. Asked. 
9«>4 96% 

Buss, Ovt 4%% Boubia, 
Dom. Oaa. %%, 

4%% - 

- ■■ 193« 


Arceatlna Ovt. t%*'iii6 
Dom. Caa. a« (now). 1487 .. 
U.K. •%'% llST 





96 H 




87 - 


(rnmlahed br Burdlok Brea. ft Brett. Ltd.) 
. p BWi w ' Open. Rich. Low. Close. 

Itfir 18414 - 147.% 184% 188 

July iS4« 181% 14414' 481 

Bept laau Uf9* 141 

Oate— ' 
Majr ... T4 ft ~ ^ 44 It 
July 9 T* 78 - 



t1« r. 

itEW lYOfuc canoN 

(PornkAOl by Burdlok Broa A Brett, Ltd.) 

Open. MIsh. Xjow; Closa. 

Mar. 87.70 '88.88 ^.48 87.88 

May 84.4S U.4T 

Oct. 38.88 80,08 

July 31.2: SI.4S 

Dec. 2!>.26 29.50 

8* 10 




la order to make the yield of Zlosslnloo aovommsat O e c i ar tties 
iB »va ■IHMi ■ Oie Ittaee of ^^ar ton itj i s w se ee 

1944 .e....*»*^>«. thti • 1! 22 tlVi 

194f •> 94,H 44.40 4.90J 

194T .k.. ............... •*..»*••• aase aSStSa sal* 

1994 .,...........»..•••.••....•• • laftsft O^W^g' e.eei 

1997 ••,•.«••«..••.•..•...•»•.».•» ea*S. 
1444 •»•••••«•■♦.••:••..•..>•••••.» aa*S' 

1944 .... ..f,****!!. •.••«*.*••*'* 4e«ee 

These leww artaaa fi9r €aaaaa*o bseurl0aa ^ 
issues partioS&yAtttaSatf .from an^vestme94^irti»fii|g|i^.aB la ^or* 

issues partiottlarly attvaeuye iMm an investm^ . omp f 
mal times these Bonds should bo.severod points aaoa|^1 

We will be glad to erraage your purobese or saloa la Udg 9«i4V|^ 

tfea:»; .c 

win aaaoat aeooaaia 04 
one dollar and iipwarda. en wklak Aa* 
tereet at 4 per eont pet aaaaa to 
allowed. Ueaal siBOblifc 
if deelred. ^ 

Avoid Foreign 


AT this Important Juncture 
in Tiprld llNS. 
tional atdlustmetttarof commer- 
cial and financial relations, 
when Canada 1h preparliiK to 
plsuy a higher role, the send- 
ing of money out of the coun- 
try Is not advisable. NOr is 
this necessary when there are 
such hlgh-yieldlns eeourlties 
avalialble here. There are 
many hlKti-cla«d municipals of 
sound security aad > high yield. 
To iBveat le. lead 
year flnanelal etreagtb to ear 

The advice and faellltlea 
of 'this department are at 

■ONP DtPAimilNT 

•f Part 

PmsC bavlnjr been flie« la mr efltoe ee tka 
lass of the OerUlleate ef Title 1449S-A oe 
the shova maatloMd lead 44 tfte name of 

J. M. Marrtll and boartag eaoe, the tath 

4ar of Ansust, 1898, I haroby stve notice of 
my lataatlon at the expiration of ona eal- 
andar ssontk from the first publication 

rj!5i'& w tsTarSsr*' 

Anr parson havlns shy Informatloa wltb 
rsferanca to such mat Ceruncata of Title Is 
reqnestad to communicate with the oadar. 

at the Land Beclatry OSea^ Vie. 
MJO- thla 17tta day of Pebruary. 1844. 
Reslstrar-Oenoral of TtUoa 

'4)nnroRATioB or thb tOfifiinttP 
or BeartMALT 

— * 

NOTICB IsJieraby clvsa that the Bevar 
Assaaamant R& for tka Tear 1914 hs« been 
nied in the iveasorer'a Ofllea. Mentcipal 
Kail, B^uimalt. and may tnara H* In- 
speated. Any panon dlaaatlsfled with this 
lant as shewn oa the BeU aiay fllo 

a peUUea s pa ia r w 
thaa AprB h 8994; 

B. e.. 

1. 14«. 

4k m. *xnMMHf ojui i 


' Tbe Bw)c E. R. Cow Is prepared to take delivery 
of hewn ties at points aloni; its 3aaaich Uitenirt»n 
Hne. ♦ ^ 

For totlKr pirticttlftrs,.apiri^. 
OMeni^liMi^ LaiiKkySticd. PbdoeaiSTe 

StecK Bond aad IpmtlMat 

Pombortoa. BoiMblft 

Victoria, B.C 

H p IoI VaiiottOTW 
Vaacaavat^ 11.0. 



A Life Insurance Company with many 
years' successful operation behind it is desirous 
of getting into touch with a man of responsi- 
bility and aUlity to organize and take charge 
of its Vancouver Island business. Apply m 
strictest confidence to Box No, 599a, Tfie Qel^ 
onist > 


» a tMiiOOO.OOO.OO 

80.000 ,000.00 

Uld AOBN'CTBfl In the AuetralUn RUtea. New Keah 
4 tjOndoQ. Tba Bank traoiaclR ernry description ol Au«8 
Baiinaat. Wool aad eMiar Produce Cro41t> arrviged. 
Hm« omaai l.«iMi*n om**i 

•seaaa erRsar, avawav. ssb Two te aowasofca eTnaar. 


' " . .e, - - , 

Biidc Money Ordtfta 

When ••tiling ovtia •mmll snooiitt ahroyt tafoe 
goard ymmif >y ht^iag Moaoy 


This Bank itiuaa moMy orders pfyablo la alonost 
any pecloC thO'wttiil. AikatcNvi 






ev«]r ooa of ua. TlieBank 

AocovBila on fooeipt of $1 
and accept 


Aa |ioatiiaiBl»«< ] 
p. Doig, Managy, 

Victoria Branch. 

We offer, subject: 16,000 Calgary Schools 4^4% Bonds, due 
April 1st, 1922—11,000 deaa^matloof. Pri^ to.yi^ 7%., 

QiujE8Pii,HAiiT«ToaibLm til ia, l i ii Hfc t aic. 

^ M^ia laaad Mgr., R. f. Osrh 

4 . 




Payable in Vasconver, Moatraal 
• aad L<endon, £aa. 

Prica SLdO and accxvfd to yi4id 

^k^9)^a e 

J19. 2121, 
72} yar<84raM 






Tiftt PAftY'COLOmST. VTCrORTA^^fe.e-/8DybAY. PEBRUAKY 29, 1920 

Important Notices, Employment, bustoe^s 'and Frdfessional DirectoiTf W 

. oaat ft vord nteh Ussrttoa. aasM 
f. m ««rtf • WMk. or • dollar • Ud« a iMaitk 
>Sf, Uta WMtf* tm tto* Um); aMlr with mr40t. 
JSi K* •«««£i|M«MM — Wtrt Cm 
twaaty^ftv* aaattk ' 


CUUKCU lli< 

Ion I a m. UkiIiih uiiO . 
vrrmehar, ihr r>"at'. Vupidi 
p. III. BV«lMK>us -iiitl 
liroach^, tho IVitit. 

ily ConiB>i»i>- 
JO M 11; 

*^,w;iia— At St. jMMh'a HMpitfi. s*^>"*;y 

lorla, D.C.), %t PorUMMl. OrajWB. 



Kobruary 2(>lli, 

rfW.^- 'TTfJ*. at m CralKflowir Itoad, VlctarU. 

U.C.1 to Major «b«I Mr». G. U. Morriaa. a 

■MaiilMtaMtn. |l<>(|n», Japan 

and Chtoia 

^BHN8BJ«.MacDON.\l-D - At 

^EST ^ baa«. >nt fh«. STUi io»t.. by tMr Iwy. 


i»ria. _ 

f I'Vbruary 2«ih. the inamu»# took places 

at Ht. Savloui P Churdi, VlcK-iU W e»t. 

Ml. and Mm m t ti mti foS'Tirn^r, Wol- 
Hto„." tinSittf:'»mm Wa<» Vic orla w 

Mr. Ang^lo C»o, of Uvorpool, Kngland, 
and Mr*. Ada Cao. of Vancouver, Is.i... 
^tev. Robert Coanell oiUcrlati-a. / 

nOVAf.-LAVKR8t-tIM— On I'Vhruary 2illi. 

iit St Mark u ChurrJi. Salt SprlUK UUnd. 
; by the Kav. O. Aitktn. Jonoph Hariia 
Rayai, yotmgBr aon of Mr. J. H. Royal, 
' PortuCnd. -aSslaad. to Hary Alice, cUlcr 
danfhtar »t Mr. .1. r^versucb, London. 
BBgland. . •'' ' - 

MILNiS— At" Betiltie, Wajh., February 24. 

iKiiO, Mrik Buaan M|l.n«, aie4 '» y»»r». 

bolnvMl wifa of J. D. Milne and mother 

,>f Mm. charlPB L. Wetdlar and, KdKar O. 

Alllnc »! ihl» cliy; Jamea Mtlqe, Of Kla- 

tiiath ' KaUii. , and Mra H. ttay Hit- 

gltia, of Oakland. California. 

Pnn«nil aervlirvs will be held at the 
IMtrtora of Bonnay-Wataqn Co., 1703 Broad- 
■waV. >en»tio, ibtarday a«ai«aa ai » 
« clock. Fri«lk«« ara invltaA t» attaaO. 

PKI..TON — <>n February 26. ll'liu, ui the 
' AKC(^ LdMilea' Honie^ Mra, I'altoo, agti 
M yeara, Horn in Bnaland. 
Tha f uAai^l S»UI lake plaea Crom tha 
ll.f. Funeral (7hapel on Monday. MbtTCta Ml, 
-at— p. in ., w ha » a ahrvlca w " 
ttrment In Hutm Hay feincirry. 

Hi. ^ohii'x. <VUMdia Htr«-et. Canar a( 
Manou. Uv'tor, i:<-v. f. A. P. ClM4«tol( 
M.A. i a.m.. JloU CouuuuiUQti.„ 
Muriilna rrityer: Uatuvo y^ciM.of aarmona 
o« :lara<eJ— a i^noe With rO«d." J:a» 
VJ9^ iMiday JlcKool and BIWa fiaaaea. T 
'IB aeri 

c(ri«((«^ty." t«aiM ayrvtof^ aw- WM n wr 
di|y evaaiaf at I o'otadk. win bMHM* by 

Rav. C fcawnann. 

St. Baroabaa' Ohureh, corner Cook and 
Cajadonllt. Manday aervlcea: aja-> Huiy 
Jnwhariat: io:t> a.m., Matlna and i.itaay; 
n Holy Bacliailat' (auM^r S:S* p.rii., 
8u4ay Sehooli 7 B.111., Bvanaoiic. Car N«k 
S paaata tlia oburuh. 

MUORF: — On Kebruar- 2», t!i20; at .lubllee 
Jloapltal, John J. Moora, a(ad 67 yeara, 
, for manr yeara a raa*« JMctorla. aad 
a pioneer drusalat of tnu eltr. 
a* Tho remalna ar* rapoaloa at tha B.C. 
I'uneial Chapel, from whoyi'n ^he funeral 

Cwllt take plucp, on Tuesday. March Snd, at 
' »ti6 a.m.. f>ri>c«!v<UnK tu 8t. ABidr^'a 
t:^thuUc Cath-lrul fur aervlce at • o'olOQk. 
1^ . lourmaat Ra»» Bay Cameterr. 

TOtTNrt — On" February 2i. ItSO. U tha 
fBHillv rculdenco, 104« Topai AvennOk 
lam, .Miilculni Wright the third mm of .John 
Ui-.-: ^':oit Youna. and tho late Mra. Youna, 
3*' - fovmarly of Heal, SMUiteta, B.C. a«cd 
9> yeara. Bom In tedtebt^Sli. Hcotland. 
Tfea funeral will take place from the 
"B.Y!. runpr:ii ctinppi on TueaOay, March 
^Sf 'Jad. at 11:30 p.m., where aervlce will l>a 
hna. latarment wilt be made tn ijf fanUly 
»ia> , i»t, Bom q iy Cameter^-. 

Woortlanda Road, HaraE Charlotte AnOar-' 

# aon, iiiro S3 y«^ara, born In Heymour Coun» 

ly. Inland, and a rpuld^nt of thl* city 
for the paat S& yeara, Decearni leavee 
t q ^d hb tt c i i her lora, bealdei her huaband, 
WliTP'ifl Aaderaon, <|na aon, her mother, 
^ 4w* aliUaa- aad'Oaa naOiar of UUa cltr. 
alao one brMMar MRi Ira alatara •«( Vm- 
foiiver. \ 
'rhi> rttnoriil will tHkp place on Monday. 
March Ipt. at :i K'clock. from the Sandi 
Fuperal t^hapel, and at * o'clock at Col- 
wAo« Mathodlat Church, wltara imanMaiit 
will be mad*. 

HI. J.-irnoV rhtirih, Qurt>t-c Mtre«'l. 8 
am.. Holy ' 'Mmniunlon. 11 a.m., MiiUns, 

2 Ah Sunday MhoM. 7 p.m., Uvvn^ 

n^: MS^r^^.^^oaifjur^'i 

a.m., Holy Cnnimunlon. II a.m., Matlna and 
rermny. 4 i>.ui.. HuIm Uaptlwii. ' p.m., 
KvonauilK, and a<>rnion by tlia Rer. C. Swan* 
aaw. Rev. O. H. ■ ^ lid r ewa, ,>fcA.,' ylyt. 

BAPTlaT ' 

ISmmai>U''l, Fcrnwooil < ar tKrynliiun. cor- 
ner niah Hchool irroundfl. Hw. WllUato 
Stevenaon. Morninir. 11. "t:hrlat Un- 
throued." Evenlna. i:30, "Immortality and 
Prrnonul Identity": Klret of a aerlea of 
aerniuni <ju Iniinorta:it> . ICvrryone wnl- 
cainc. X'Isltors to city take car Nu. ;!. Fern- 
, aood end. 

PIrat Uaptlat Chtircli, Yataa aad Quadra. 
Rev. t>. CUfiMi Mwfcar.. .-A.Mm <«"Fonrar«> 
Movaniant bay. ' iVM»r *'Vft«'Wa«Mm Wttk 
tha i^lnt4;d Paoe."' Siwtey Behool, l:M^ 
Tatiay Paopla'a "SKwjSl. ilssSay avaiUB«. S 

Chrla^adelpblanw, A.O.P. Ball, 14S1 Broad 

Strp«L Memorial aervlce, tO:JO a.m. I.oc- 
turt. 7:»0 p.m.; BUbJect, "The fil»n» of the 
Tlrii ea." All welcome. N'o <-olltictlon. 

<"hrialadelphluni meet In K. of I'. Hall, 
Korih Park Htreet. HuniJay tictmol, 10 a.m. 
Breaklnc of Braad. 11 a.m. ^tura, 7:30 
p.m.; aubjaot. "Our Reaaona for Believing 
tha BIhla." 


^ ^^^_^^J[Co n 1 1 ntted>_^ 


WaBMn'a Brapch, 3t>( Mea'a Branch, It! 

Tbla Biaplaymeat 8ar%'l«« la malataload 

Jointly with tha Kederal ond Provincial 
Uovernntcrit. operatliiK employment ofilfva 
from th. i'ocltlt: to the .\iiaptlc. itrrteee 
eMtHhliih' .i la Brltlab (.'olumola ui X U-ioria, 
\ aiu i. New Wvatininaier, ^ Nauartinn, 

MJfirS BRANCH i .d(H of Ta«B 
(MILL WORK I : Hawyera, Sdverikao, Off 
Hearer .u. n. Heturmen, OaantacameB,' Deek- 

inen Trilu mermen. 

(UOtMtMBt: • UoaiKaaMlcra. aig»l««. 
HllngKro. Chaakermon, I.oader«. Donkey aad 

.stati'niary r^o(rtncer!<. 

ir.Mt vD: haini lumi^ und (la'danera. - 
<KA<,'T<J1M I : f.,, Jamea J f land. 

Wi'.\IKN.>< UnA.N'CU 

lU.uMEaTu; i'<jai i iosH) ■■ cuok-Mn- 
crala, «M to f«S «ad llvlnu- 

tFAOTt»UV>: Olrla for Jama* laland. 

'•harwomcn w,inti-d lo ret-ister for work. 

WA.NTK1>— Oaad eaak seneral where 
bouoa pailarmald la kept, wacea tii. 
Phon* Hit. Jin. L««der. KM novkland 



airi* Who raallK wmi^ .ia; 

bu^ntaa. I'huoe UML. .' •> .. 

WANTHOr-'An axpcriencafl waltfeaa far 
the- Toa Kettle Tea Rooma: Duufiaa 
aB4 View 8t«. — 

WjUNTfsrv^oaS aawM^Mp Cw 
- family. Pbaa* itUU •!■ ««» iTll rani> 

Wood Road. 

VyANTKU— tlood ceperal jMWMt. Apply 
12*0 Kln^a R o«4 fhana H»au 

\\Ta.VTE:I>— A vompctant atanoarapher fyr 
^^*^^a*^^offcc.^^ C>jknaat^ > »i>l». 

JMOOSOB «ax AaaaaslaM. Pk4«* a«MT. 

, . jj— 

FOB Ml KWmiiOnJiAKKOOl t4 

AMVMBCM ml paapla wy- -Aa aaaw aa 
b u a la aaa ploka ap I'll odvartlae." Jaa( 
laaey tha (aroMr aayinc: -Til wait aatU 
barvaat t« bow ay aeod." We writo aad 
place avery elaao at lefiilmatc a4*i 
Sa alreuiar latteoL addraali ~ 
Mawtoa Advaritoiac Asaaav. 
Btdc. Victoria. U.O 

TPOgt tata-^Hie r— Hah hah«r carrUca. tn 
■P saaS aaigiww. .i?i toi»a l«iu ^ 

|7«OR Rala— 0«a aaUd Mtaaiaa aak Sat top 
X* oflee deak whb rb'aJr to match, almoel 

new. Pho ni' I4VI. 

1^l7t.t<-BISB enamel Iron bed, with apHnv 
A aad niattMaa. ilka aear, t** aomyleio. 
laland BxehanKc 7 47 Port Hlmat 

Vict II 
Limited. tliU' I 

lAI. aale of frail 
re* «i Juaeph Sol 

'rniiieni Ht. 

lid ahframed 
jr A Hon. 

Phono JOB)!. 

AT Vlciorla Crucaary .siur<. ulb Job 



Cro«k«>ry. taola. loya oroa- 
Ooed furuitura waatod. Pboaa 

OlUPyAHU Kaborerit, RlKir^ra' and la.- 
»^ taneili' becal »«A« I.LjA.— All membcrH 
ara requeeted to attajKl fuSl meallBK of tbla 
local Monday, Mai;ch 1, I»M/iA JC. P. Uall, 

Truatee a. 

\lTA.NXKt> — A repr«ii«iuative to liandle ~a 
• * Are Inauranee accncy, Caaadlaa com- 
pany. Kuaranteed by a BrtUah company, for 
'•'f.'ii'' ol yjotortas good contract. Col- 
onial Box St41. 

PIrat Church »i i hrhii. Scleiuint. 93i Pan- 
dora Avenue, Vict. n la, B.t:. ^crvlcua aro 
held on Hundaya ut ll«a.m. and 7:3o p.m. 
Subject for today, Kebruary it, "(Mirut 
Jeaun." Teattmoalal naatUtn avary Wed- 
oeadar avwiUit alt « VWltDra wel- 



Conareaatlonal Chureh. Today, February 
!9th. .Mr. Hponc.-'K aijblectii: 11 a.m., 
"Ood and the F«w" ; 7: Jo p.m., "Foola." 
ICaawlIl ka made w..i,-omi-. 


MetropoUiuu .M.uhodlst Church, cor. I'an- 
dora and (Quadra Htreeta. Mlnlater. Rev. 
H. 8. Gabome, B.D. , 10 ajn.. claaaea. II 
a.m. ; preacher, tha mlnlater. 3:S0 p.m 
Sunday School and HIbIn Clnaaea. 7:36 
I'.iii. : preacher, the Urv. H. H. Oaborne: 
aoiout. Mr. PalmcV. tJood mnalc. Intar- 
eriina oarvlcaa. A .haartr wiril«om* t» 
ft ran Kara. w 

Oovammant. Paator, Rev. J. U Batty: par- 
aonaie. «I8 I>avld: phone 6»53. 10 a m 
Uaaa ^crtlnK. In the mornlna the paitor 
will pr^actr from "Uniformity or Individu- 
al nlaht, JXnirtat'a Taacbln^a About 
iSar MMMa and Bible CiaMa. 



Suaoar IHMMiI and Bible Cli 

IXrANf&Dr— Uid for unall irtiik ranch, b. 
»T H. Peadray. »««0 Saa nlch Road. 

^^ANTED— Boy, IS or l7. "with ^Icyolei, 
' * chance to learn a lood bttalaaaa and 
a dvance. Write to N o. 4006, Colanlat. 

VITA.NTKD— Flrai-ciaaa aaleaman by prom- 
» ▼ Inent real eatat« firm to work on flfty- 
tlfty baala. Apply P. Q. Byc ITf. 

VETANTED— To atart March flrat. aood 
'» aaleaman for city. muHt b.- able to 
Invest l-I.OOc) at s p.c: ko.kI «oiurlty ami 
Kteady puiiltlon. Applv L'ulted Flnamilal 
lirokerx, i.imltgdb lO* Stobart Block, Yatea 
Htreet. I'hoiia 6»(». or evanlnsa «»il,> t»t 

II^'A.VTKU— Heveral youna men for our 

'» aalea for' c. xtralalii oin mlsalon linsla. 
prom.itlon li> tlmg, ilmt . .ui il. tlvei ihc- 
■iToodM." Appl.v iiioriilnsi'. CoiimilUUtrd 
I>.n. fu.. 2 \v I'cinberton Hliiif. 

VVANTKIj— Firat-claaa lumber tallyman or 
▼ ▼ shipper. Apply JItr. Andaraon, Cameroa 

Lumber ("o.. Ltd, 

WA.VTgp f,i Mtirfl IBM a» Militant 
on OIK poultry ranch; married man 

preferred, eattaga mHA .„ 
chHi * Janaan, 'TAatta Talaii*, 





MUNIIOK- flu I'tli. 27, at 8t. Joseph's Hos- 
)>lt4il. .li>H«ph Wilt'.n Oaorce Monroe, the 
Ihiee-yeiir-old son iif Mr. and Mrs. .loseph<>.. of 1117 lllllsld)* Ave. Tho He- 
<uHiaed was born In VIriorIa and la attr- 
vlvad by. Jjcsldea hla.pavrata^ two ilitaft 
und two brothers. . . » 

The'fun'ral will tiik«' place .jn Moriday, 

MAr<i^, I. at :i:30 oVIoo.k, from thn Handa 

Funeral I'liapci. interment will be made 

III 'ttnsa I lay (Vmetery. 



VU'RHW— fin Feb. 27, i«t the residence of hia 
ilAuahter, Mrit. .lohii 1--.ilr.mer, 1t,tr> (Jiad- 
sinnn Aveiiin , the dealh occurrfed sud- 
denly of Capinln Andrew BIraa, aae M 
yearav horn In Aberdi;^nahlr«, Mrotlaad, 
n>nd a resident of this city for tha paat 
«I.K and a half years, forfnerly raatdlag In 
.Montronc, Hcotland. The dnnaaaed la aur- 
> Ived hV three daughters. .Mrd. .lohn Fal- 
■ oii.?r. .UIhh .^Il»I-y,und illss .lane Itlrss, 
:iii<( oiir .ion, r'aptain David Birsa, all of 
ihiH city also relattvaa Ihiai >• - Mam* 

lose, fW-Aland. ' " ■ 

Th« ramalna will repoae at the 8«nd« 
FuneTal* Chaiwl until Monday morninir. 
when win he removed to the rerl- 

<lane« tf his •lanahtcr, Mrs. John Falconer, 
||iOI}l .wHirrA the funeral will take place at 
■aift. ' o'clock. Intarmeat will be laado la 
SH- Hoaa Bay .Gamalarr. faaaral yrnrata. 

lll'innEN — Suddenly, on Febninn- 14, IfllO, 
-It Ills reotdi lice. lOlinhurst. Oakland, rall- 
forida, Charles William Ilebden. third sob 
or the Inie Itcv. ('anon Hebden, of Uam- 
lllon. Ontsrlo. and beloved brother of Mra 
Ueorae Gillespie, of this oily. He leavea, 
betKlaa, 10 moura Ala loaa, two siKicrs In 
..Bnatand, and one brother, R. Y. Hobden, 
.manacar of the Hank or Montreal .New 
tark, Anothei; brotlior. 12. p. Hebden, 
lau aeneral Manacer of the Merchanta' 
Bank of Canada..- prcdaceaaad blai five 
, laantha aao. , . 

s 2ljf^2;?.fi5^r5K'f5ur^A^ 

<^ AWfoiniOBiiKiim • 


mi«li'*"oK PfT""' "«"«IOe ear ter- 

mlntMi. Christiana meat; n a.m.,- werahlp; 
3 p.m.. school: 7 B.m.. Oaaoal addf*l> 

VSHi*^- ^ »^ a" w": 


ki..«, PfBJ'er. Would the ohurcl«>H 

Sen-I'laffitu"* ^"'^ 

Know the Truth of Your BalaS. fltndil^ 

C S.'jfek.r^'^'i"'""" T-»Chfi^ffr.."^.fiS 

tiJi mSiim '"Sfi' ""'^1- C-^-u'tatlon 

^7'A.NTED — Experienced teamster, married 

and Cray. FartioiQw»«^arifiaad. Port Al- 

WANTEI>— Men If .vou arc out of work, 
write UM Immediately, no aj{cnt or can- 
vaanlng di .].•.. .:|ii..n West Cooat Balea 
Aaetuy, i-i,lm;[ii li undlnB, Seallle. Waab. 

WANTBD-^HO men to know that tha 
Ancient Ordar United Workman can 
Slra you "mubS protacUon." "Oet it aow." 
(Owl waJt uatfl you want tt>. That la 
whaa you_<9aji't cat it. phone 61i«L. or 
r*!'!.'' BBTkar SMS Quadra Btraat. 
Let him ahow you rl»ht bow. 

yP'ANTED— Sinfie youns man, aca 10-28, 
vT neat appearance, ,to take ardara; In 
anawerlns Slvu referenoe, aca, addralM and 
telepfe^ .Bumber or no Mtaatlon will bu 
atven yaur application. WrIto Box t»l6, 

I^^ARM maiMver vania oltwatlon. Colonist 
njx »»»», 

DETCRNED goldler. palntor and decor- 
Ak utop. paper hanifina and tlntlaa. coa> 
tract or day wo rk, t'hone KMR. 

T ^ FMOLsi KRiNa-'^iHatarartA wis eaay 
chairs made to order, Jobbina attended 

ij. Fhu/H ::7isn. 

As Intaau' «r chiidraa'a aoraa^ with nur 
sery, tharoochly axparlai 


««e9. l!iM»au4sUeii. 

town or 


XpxPBBlBBCBB upholatnM la 

EXPERIENCED housekeeper aa faalp far 
small lumlly In a kooU home: no chil- 


Hox litis, C'uloiilst 

• Pluiubai'. CoUs a:id ra< 
i:t7 Fort au Pha»a IH 

UlU laaS a: u.aVk oat 
livavad. Pliatu iw«. 

Brtl^DBfhS — (Tet our knock down mater- 
ials for sash, windows, frames. riipt>oard 
doors, brtdalnir. ail iiaiiy to nail u|>. ce- 
ment lirlck, Klaxs, eii.. dreen Lumber Co 

BriLOBRS — Oet free estimate on windows, 
aaah, framea, muuldlnas, beaver-boaM, 
aiaaa aad (eaeral mlliwork, lath, feoc.; 
poata and , eaaMnt brivk. Klabi privoa. 
Pronipt idaUvcry. Qreen l,umbbr Co. 

'"- -""1 — i ~ i — '~ Af i.HJr ]-'■ . 1 I II nw i ^ 

t)LATBR pUno .watt«d. Full partla 
X ift Culonut box 4SH. 

PUmtoy A RItchla. I4&. 



GARDEN tools aad lawn measra, aew 
aad aeoaad-haad. abaaaaat la VIetarta. 
Baatara Suva Cab. MS Part at 

y OtiANBCitRT propaaltiaa. one to four 
^ acres b««i taoS.' Vtotorta aaburba. water. 

Uehi. piioBe, tl.ftOO per acre, lerma. Phoae 



fur call', sucond-hand. Phonu 

S bicycle, tjoud as new, 


IrilMIMt 47 .'olxts. •.' \ IS 

IZit DtB- 

L'3 to 

X S. with 
ImnR. r» ami iru. k. I'tiori.' 345t>K. 

BUDRfXIM dresaer with larae mirror, 

lenp. 120. 

BABT Carrlaae, new 
f]'i.r,0; aulklea^ 
buKH;li;s,"'frum Jt.TB. 
urdays. 616 Pandora. ^ 

hood and tlreo. 

UaWT day Mr oardwaad •«.«»» M 

haM. Phoae T4t. 


BDRfMllC fttaWm. nidM 4f MB. 



» SP'""*' <'hurch. thi .lohn s Hall 

Herald dtreet. Today, Feb/sVlr. 7:30 pml 
Mrs. lalPH. pa^itor. .>4plrtual dMnaBafr,.ii„il. 
rtrcle, .M„nda.<. and Thuri^M 
^.2^_Come and hear ^ha ^Sal^ t^tt 

New ThoURhl Tmiido Halt ., 

Dr. Butlo^lli .peak at II a.m. 

ton Hlocki 


lis. IVmher- 

T-VITT C«imtB 

Hbii «••, campbad BuliUac 

Sarvlce, 8 p.m. 
Spaaktr. Mra. Qordoa <}raat 
Mbjaat -Id^' 'Jim^i of Hia Wtmu^" 

OSloa; (•! CampWiu BittMlns. 




waUL artftSttiBa* IMS 
«aay eSara «a a liva aasnt a rood 
toatract, aad will iratu any younc maa who 
aara ataactency la aeUattina buaiat 

»a _ 
ULU (Saiaalat. 


A OOUU oM rait ra-blocked la a 
invsmmaai. v lotoi ta Uat Worka 
■ I.U (■nri Mtreata 


DD Bomtathlna wuilh reiuembartaB Ml t| 
2»tb. Join thu Excelsior Dlble Cwaa, 

*- TiWttiT. ritUaT» MIIRTr Pnralac .l_ 
^ ^'itC^"^ **** BUnxaBa. Phdaa 

GilU. or bStriSatf #Ai>Vb' aHva'amau 
liailia With tatfy In Oalt Bay. Phone 

Flrat, comer Quadra and Fissard 577 

"ChVi?/ '"''«7 preach. Mornlns.' 

Christ - <-ommlSHlon: IJfe Hervbe." Tiui 

Whn'Z^aa- ""si.Vh'T P""" 

eeirt !K21.i— ^ii"* lacturo on Revelation; 

V 2ai '"•"'^ »*«l»l»Jlure specially In- 

T^T^E start you In the candy buslnesa. nt 
~v home, small room, or anywhere; 
everything furnlHlied; eivrn |iO weekly up; 
iiiea, women; experlenuc uanacKHMry. Ad- 
vertise candy. WHta fi»r partlculara. Bpe- 

«^!."'.. » South l«th St., 
Philadelphia. Pa. * 

WOMAN'S Auxiliary to Oreat War Vet- 
, - ..o**?"' ra»ular maatlnc poatponed unui 
farther ttotlce. » 

YOUR old telti blocked and olaaaad ta 
look like new. Victoria Bat VSCtWy. 
Broad and Fort atreata. • 


YOUR present salary can be mater- 
ially Increaaed by taklna an 
acency with ouu of the oldual UrItUh 
Ipaurance compantea dotnc buoMaaa 
tn Victoria. Fall parUculara Miffree 
oonraa of inatruotlon will . ha Rtfaa, 
.aaahltac you.ta uaa your ipikra Uma 
ta apiaaAM advaatSca^ 8o« ISM. 

HOIHEKEEPEIl j»ould like 
Apply Colontat Box »775. 

Hiil'SEKBEt^R — Very good cook, reli- 
able and higheat r«ter«i|c$a, dlaen- 
- -^wi d. Ap p ly Colonla t B o3t '4i'^<^ ^ :y 

MILLINER Y—Uau trimmed and »a>made. 
re asona b le. Ph onw 4T<lX. 

IJRACTICAL nurse' (widow), desires posi- 
tion of liusl leaving evenlugs free, or 
Would lake jioKi as toinrunlun help for rium- 
Inal salary where two chlldtaB' coitld be 
With her. Box 4 087, Colonltt. 

POSITll^i aa housekeeper to bachelors or 
wldo#er Jn «ountr}-, willing and capable 
to help wtth^utiitilo -tifiijL Box 4181, Col- 
onlat^ ' - 

SANITARY C.Mhir uil purlfl. is rooms. 
^ ^P t t t t iley A l.H' i^.t. Ltd., Otl View 8t . 


' . ^ B - i ra^r- ipr-. - wtoorfi nM t^ . 

DRB8BMAKiNa»Blaaaaa, Miiupih and 
alterations promptly SaBA Baaai 13 
Vatea gtreat. 

DRESSMAKER wanu work by Say or at 
home. B. MacdoiuUd. Blaaahard St 

Phone 561111. 

_ X. B. Clagg. 

BEAUTIFULLY hand-mode knitted bed- 
si'read. full sizu, new. at a saorlgco. 

Can be seen at 27 Government Street. 

CtEI>AR poat.i.' also good stove wood tor 
> sale. Souihwell. Ilyda Park. Colwnod. 

COX * UUlitiAL, aocuialiatr in •lovni-'i 
aaS BMtor repalriag, awitehhawS afaa> 
tlaa^ private taatallatloBa: matara aad 
dyaamoe rewetuid and guaranteed. Batl- 
matca given. Stobart -Peaae BIdg.. Taiea 
gtreei Phones 181^ S7f!l< and 8419R 


IIU PaadONb 

LADY would like sewing by day, are«k or 
moiiili, III or out of town. IIS 

■SSSBaMia^iwba ■ 'i*^ ' ° V'ia la 1 ■aal^— aa]M_ 

DOMINION Academy of Muaic. oor. Fort 
and rook. MadaaM Wabh. M.LS.M.. TM 

?'f-lf-. "^5?^ «sal««l*« 

L.A.B.) Phono I Ml. 

CSrafoiinlaS from |'J5; Victor, 
iidlson, 1 12.60; Phuuula. \<ii. 
Kdiaon Amberola |St; aloo large aalaatlpn 
k-iamuphune and Blua Amberol reoorda 
. heap. «Zfi Pandara. opp, Flra Hall. 

/ CANARIES i»t4v alagara. «6; 

^ h»«* _ Vii :<i,r «K0ltiini(A_ far poultry. 
i'alwar, l^ttl Montaray^AW 0««^ Bay. 

DIAMO.VD tiepln. 
Ha H ead Htree 

platinum aettlltg, 
: — H sqalm a lt . - 


ERNEST £EMPLE, vlollnlat and teacher 
Leader Princess Thaatra archeatra. ia4l 

Mitchell Ftreel. Victoria. B .C. Phoae- 1141. 

A.H.T.C.L.. iiolo harpist, receives pupila 
for piano, harp, theory uf muaic. S14 Oliver 
Street, Oak Bay. Pbone SI7IL. 

MISS Clarlaaa Daviea; mmw 
t>t» KartB Parfc pgeaaSinC 



R& R. SEMI'LB — Plaalat aad aa* 

.u pcrlanced teacher of plaaos 
lared for examination If 


T3ACKWARO tnipOa la aHthmatta aaS 

J» matbematica, al) ^MMk^OufllMUBg aa- 
ctneers- and aarvayoli' ^ipgim giMuate. 

rboiis 6»4X 

^K^^sliJiflea'a fThweh' 

•-lay. D.D.: mrnlsler; "^' Fob "aVth-^ II ^m" 
• What Next? LIfi Kervlc.-- - " 
Hundoy Hchool and Hibl« Cli 

lain Air for v«ii 
I'm. Ofant.,' 

r.,"'' "•."'y Street, Victoria West 

2:3;^'"'^' ^iS&ir^ 

»!«• p.m.. 


Room ai2 neimoni Houaa at 8 nm — nTT 
Mr^Rlllson will lecture on ''Am. i£m 1 «: 


■ardin, tho Reiur^to^ '• "Kwii iSit'^d 

y ODOB Britannia. :t«, UO.B A . hold 
mm A-ii thair uaual ineeilnK ai Orange HalL, 
Ifi* Oe«irteDay Street, on Tuesday, March 2nd, 
. ■ 7:80 sharp. 

. tmpa. «it. " • ■ 


k M 


ILITARY r.00 wltl he held by JuUfM' 
Auxiliary to Comradea of tliu tircat 
War. .Monday. In club rooms. Firm 
t<rlsv«, aiisar. 

MS A'i .eenaer. 

^ Mf ..aalr. 9ir vaMMic tsa •fewaa la «l, 


.n. lAa AvI52* * 

Fhaaa Ml» 

»|>OsnrPO.VBI>— Mllliary iM to be ^van by 
. 1 J^uoen city ChaiM*f .a|tl^ j^^ it, af v 

Halloa* haa« poaipatNtf' gar 



March Ind., 8 p.m.. In the Falrn«id 
-a* >»etbodlat Chtireh. ausjrieea Baeeislor Hibia 
ClasoL Cosno thvn, anil coma Sundays, 


D alaht. Jdaatstana' agar 
f-bonr KSt* : raa ntione tea 

BVlCN -paaaaager aa tar tar Mra, aa; 


ineenae In your home.'' Vi;';::i^:' i^'ubi^ 
In of high grade Flemish lln^ 

l.>«>OKKa,aiPuK«~oar parualla mTTb^ 

.^yk-iSfr etl'-^ra'ar "ilir*^ 

vnt suBOBsa PitoaoaNiuM ararsM 

la -tha only method that will poaMVflyi . 

YOTT learn at home and you have the ad- 
vantage of a local loireau of correction. 
Your corrected anpwrra .irc :iialUd to you 
the next day. You do not have to wait two 
or three waalu Iwe yaw ^BtonA iv 'i , 

LET na aaad you nartleulara of the fal- 
lawlnf atthJaatK 



Cant or arrlta ^ilay 


M AroMa BMa. 


PHONE 657 J 

Cj^^Sm^f' ■•*i*»sywa and BniiderH 
K»...r^^*" haam .ln building 

busineas. Big money for men with pr^. 
tl.ul experience If they underatand blue 

K 'J^i'tSl^r^.rii"'*'.'""- at home 

bynew aaaf method. Let me aend yon fre« 

leaeon In pla« reading. Na charge. Write 
cago Tech. BMg.. CDHeagow nu 

' mo 


monthly, experience uaaeeoaaary. Virilo 
Istlon. care Caloulat ^ ' 

/^ARf>BNBR wanted, vegetable grwwaffor 

Pll mley A Ritchie, Ltd.. 61> V ia<r at. 
^ rpiTri >;4r»PHTr AI. ■ Boetmy, Belmont 
1 Hniiwr Open for tnrorma'flon re 
iiii . i lo i; V and free lending lliirnry. 3 (o S 


ifi.-vtlxa of th 


r|viK r"iii>iu' i»i 

•#« e a>>ceJI*wl for M 

**' ffVUB .Balvatiou Army" Induatrtal Itopart- 
Ma Jb'^WMM; »• -lahnaan Street, wtll 

, to call- tor your eaat-oft ciothtac 

0^ aha so. fwfeban. Slaranled tarnltaro or aar- 
*A thiag gaa IHI«* ao aaad of. Phone Capt 


wa ir]|7MmM>— «a« «m wamea to kaow that 
iW -' at BjC." ha- 4 p» -to data 


ILTbn to coBM and eai aaaai aiav^ Ila^ 

1>LATBN ptMa feeder wai 
* oaiet Joh Daaartmast. 

wba I 

Mb a«ar«4 eiaiHy 

»■ - TT-r- — aadsiBiaitda aheap, naar 

AliWATS .aatlaCaatarF— Ramoyala by Oar* 
tar Co. Phoae tlit. Fitraltura. plaaoA 
baggage, freight. 

LADIBS' Straws re-dyed aad blocked to 
look Uke new. Victoria Hat Warkft 
Brood a nd Port. 

HiJUSBKICKriCR to care for a nwin and 
one t.hlld In modern four-roomed 
h_ouse.^ Apply M. Uabane, Lstngford Station. 

GOOD wages for home work. Wo need 
you to . make socks on tbe fast, easily 
tearneil Auto Knitter. Kxperlenne unneces- 
sary, lilstunce Immaterial. Poaltlvely no 
canviiHslng. Varn supplied. Partlculara, 
;ir stamp. Dept. 90C, Aato Knitter Co., 

Oru packing and ahipping department is 
ifrowlng by leaps and bounds. Why'.' 
.Nuff sed. Hudson Uroa. Plion c :;;;2. 

T>RIVATR Nanat aam |IS to fia a week. 
X i.«arn without leavtag hoaae. Oracrlp- 
uv« booklet seiK fre«. llayal Oatlasa af 

.Sch-nce^ Dept. 9 8. Toranta, CSnaSh. 

SANITARY Cedar Oil pnrlSao raoms. 
Pllmley A Ritchie, Ltd., Oil Vie w 8t 

aTBNOORAPHBRa— .UUaplaymaat deaart- 
O meat: fraa aarale« CMM MM tMaiae 
taMed Typewriter Oa. m87 fSt SStm. 
Paeae «•<>>. 

t^HOOL ciri 'o take baby aot. Foul 
djatrtct. Box 4t»», Oalantat. 

ALBsaiRUI traiitaS tor ^aia«u Day. 
Apply qardoaa malted. 

lXrABT8ft->4^iNft«||aBaral v goad wagea 
^?8&J'* I«sWon Areat, eaouimalt. 
Phaaa sWax. after < p.m. 

WABTBD Imaiadlataiir— 4Mak gaaaral far 
tk« aa«Mit. *«ar MS aa a«S aHy 
itght. t«< sar maatlt. Jja* Sm. Oai aaiatr^ 

WANTBO— Bevarai ladlea for a«r~ aalea 
force. eoraml«slon hnsia, «aod pay. Ap- 
ply afiei noons. I 'on*«ii,iated Drvotapment 

Co. 210 IVinberton BIdg. 

WANTED — Elderly womaa to aaaiat with 
ale»p ia. 

WANTBI>— Flrat-claaa aecoad cook for 
reaiaaraat. woman i»refarrad. also 
ether female h»|B for fcltaha*. Apply Box 
tio, Dancaa . B4c.. 


CV. MILTON, private tuition, R.M.C., 
R.N.C. Matric. eta. all aubjecta. 
Phone 60Z6Y. 

DOMESTIC machine, perfect order, |10.tO. 
62S Pandora. Phone 6871. 

DON'T heaitate — Phoae 8408 If yan hava 
any furniture you wlahr ta diapoaa aC 
Oar rapraaawtatl»a will call aad oOar cur- 
rant prloaa. laland Exobanga. f4T Fart at 

DO you want to aell your famltnra 
or Uvestoclc, then sand to City 
Market Auction Salea, Tuaaday ar 

X^^'vSL ^^"^ 



Wa are praparaS to baa 

up to any quantity. 

Before YOU SELL lat 
you a CASH OFFER. 

Call or write for anpatstmaat at- 
year home 
(Strletly eaaSdaaUal) 

Tataabaaa SIM 

'p'^NflLISU pram and grey sulky, good aa 
-Ci new. i'honu 5aUY. or apply »10 Yataa 


EVINRUDK euglBO — ^1 
bulll-ln iiiBKnetO. 1 
HV4 Market »ireet. . 

pew model B; 
Prioa nu. Baam, 

T BT ma prove to vou that 1 hava the 

wage. ^ 
PaOWB J. VALLBT. «•!• 

LADY'S far coat, Uydaich aaal trtmmed 
bear fur. Baa iVWt; CD)6n|«t 


. hiavl Raiifctis par woea 
Phana '4(«» lOOt Uovnument St. 

aU- Sllb- XSiriUII Slaao. oSaap.^ tit Fort 



rep. Ilka naw: only 
E\.chaii6e. 747 Fort Street. 

XTA celletit 
phone ISNItU. 

MU 'laland 

ranga for aala (hoaBi to ex- 
condition. * Fak' iifttoulara. 

V'EW white . nnniel beii and drM^MTl |iC. 

-i-^ Plmne 4.'.17y 

NATHAN St LEVY— Deals re n seuond- 
... clothing, waiahaa lawalry. eta 

We buy and aell a«mrt)|iaa> t«4t Oavara- 

mont stit-et 

NBW (Ofi^titta: tor riale, cheap, IttI Foul 
Bay Boad! litsate and aave money. 

PLATBR piano, Ilcintsman's beat, fumed 
oak care, beach and go recorda. 1088 
I'emberton Hoad. Phone 118. 

J_)l..V.Nf»L.i. mahoeany. with rolln. will at- 
tach to any piano; sell vnrv cheap. 

PIANtJ for Hale -Uood tone, watout Wtae, 
In spleiiuiu cundlUon. Pricu II3S iiaah. 
Colonist Box S686. 

X atr 

prICB >4fllL 

china, I 

v->, rk.uavs araau. oa« of tha boat ln< 
atrumenta manufaeturad; lavaly toae, 
P hana llllU 

Sale— -HiKh grade sllver«ure. 
bed. Ill fi nioi-.- multreMM. e.ilial 
spring, odd linen, spark guard, refrigerator, 
spring wriagar. 884 Mcnaiw,. Ji|q I car 
passes door. Houra, 11 a.ltt. td^ t p.m.< 

KAaPBKRRy canea, ate., bought aodaald. 
John Speara. Coaiehan. B.O. 

I^ULititAlA, — aur r«ua*>l» 
» raaauA lU Fm Strasfe 
atavoa aaaaaatiA, aid anaSg- 

bought. Phnaa 48t>. 

SPLIT grjiiilta rai-M for sale. Apply Itil 
Colllnson or Plroiie 3197. 

tJURVEYOHS phase note — One Alnsa^rtb 
tranait in perfect condition, coat nearly 
f8«0: will aau far flMi alao ana aWdU («£ 
pboaa 4«T. 

SIX handaama nakairany dining 
leather seata. 1871 Monterey j 

onterey Avenue. 


Cedar Oil purlflaa room% 
& Ritchie, Ltd.. 611 View 8t 

WANTEt>— To purchaae the fnralttna 

far 6 roam% kitchen, bedroom, 

dlnlag room, aic. I^artluulara In coitB- 
daaee to Uujl 8(4], Colonist. 

lirANTED— A band cuttlaatar ar planet 
vv Junior. J. B., 1701 aavaaab Avaaua. 

WANTKO — Old McyoiM and parta ta au 
aoadtiloa. Vlctary Wraokaas OMta 
Warka. Phaaa^TSt. tat aabaaaa ainai.^^ 
call at any addreaa. ^ 

WAMTAA— 'Xa purchase allent 
caab ragiatar, cigar counter, 1818 Oauc« 

laa Stroat, Vktarla. 

U AM hill To rent cor wuh staiiar, ruad« 
aiar pratarnni; few aiici uona weskly, 
pltaaura aaly; bati care. !• u Kox ill. 

\V>AM'fhiJ>>-\<oo0 aecund-uauu voua siutvoT 
vT higheat prtcee paid. Will buy goo« 
Close lurntture. Kerr's. I8ZC Oot eminent kf. 

tV'.WTED — Tuxcdu suit, sixe 4 0. (n gaaS 
VT (^.lnd Hl on. Colonlat Boa 8888, 

U'ANTEi>— A parlar billiard ubias atata 
prjce an«l- jjiou l lto f*^ Calo aiat. : 

M»ini»ty» or Tjaierwood typotr 
Phvne r>4»-. 

\\7ANTBD— Rami 

writar. late model. 

W4StTBt>— Small screa- i-ultlns latin:, ioot 
poWer. Apply Box 42S2, Cidonl^l. 

WANTED — Boiler and cnglua about 21 
h.D.. HuttaMu for oawniill. Baa 41>«b 


\VANTBU to loaaa— Small hakaahop: will 
< < buy equipment If reaaunabte. Phona 



ANTBO— Wheelbarrow. Phone 4eS7U' 

WANTED— Clean cotton ra(s for wiping 
machinery. Culunlat Job Dept 

UrA.NTKD— HIrdaeye maple clriff.mler at 
reasonable price. Phone .'.JS.HO. 

bicyole; must 
IMioiie 8l*H2l(. 

be !• 

llJA.NTlOn -Helifs 
' » K..o,l <-,.ndltlon. 

\\'A.VTED •Uainiiii rlesM ahotaun, pumg 
'» F-iio .111.1 rill.-. Hox 4124, Colonial. 

Ur.V.NTUD for It.C. Junior matriculation lit 
English history, mui hematics, physh s, 
French, cht.nlsiry and botany, as rvcoiiia 
mended by, faculty. Mlate what yuu havu, 
tl. E. Ooddard, Sidney, V.I. 

U7ANTKD — Fumed oak dining room ftiiih 
nlture. BtH »M q . Caibhiaf. 

\X7Alf7BI>— onice Sling cabinet, card ta> 
SM byatam. Phone itso. 

^^Mnrao^wiMMi saiaat. azit 

WANTED— Three tents 
with fly tops, at u 
and in good condition. 

12x14 or laraer, 

n r>:usonable prlc% 
Phone 747. 

WANTED — A wholt. houso of good furnN 
ture at once, reasonable. Phone lOISL. 

XXrm pay top prtcea far atatfUag. luraa^ar^ 

vaiua. •'all aaytal 

YBS, tttKMhi'a A hKamumT 

■ CAN giva tha higheat caah price for alt 
X kinds of cast-off clotbing baoauae I 
ta«e tholargeet domaa' 'S"" - • 


eroand. Special eHara t t 

SBB Select Auction !;oum wda am^ng 
diaoiayea advts .lohn Bartholomew 

SMITH wheel and bicycle for sale, la Srat 
claas shape, IKS. I'hone 32R1L. or Box 
8862, Colonial. 

C3PRJNOTIMB1 All nature pata on aew 
^ aaparal. Wa stake It pooaible for you. 
fhaw A Co., VIciarla'a aalect wardrobe (2nd 
haadl. 7>B Fart St.. under the blue sIro. 



Pboae t>is 

ENGINEERS instructed for examlnaUoaa 
W. O. Wlntarbuan. M.l«K.A,..sat Caatral 
Building. Victoria, B.<X ^ 

laerrat, expf riennod 
resident In ParilL 
. .-nv. r^atloii li.v D. rlioz inetliud. Studio 841 
lUirdcti .\veua«. 

RlVATB leaaana liv public, aad taigti 
acheol siibjaeta. - sn Antral Building. 

Ipui:NCII- -Miss Monlae 
I'l i ni li teacher, long 


PRIVATE tuition by exp^enccd teacher 
1 In school sub.iects for backward ata- 
dents or cases of neglected education. Studio 
KlU Saywird RIdg. 

HORTkAND School. 1611 Oavaraataat 
Street. Shorthand, typewrltlac 

keeping tharaughly taagbt:. graduataa su- 
ing good poaltloaa A. B. MaMlllaa. gala- 
ctpai. Pbona IW. 

fTKULELE. Mandolin. Hawallaa 
\J Oalur. Banjo aad PIbba 

14.80 far Biabt L«aaaaa 

_ tu, Bats atraat 

Pboaa 4t<T Mra. Jal 

VERNON Proparatory Srhooi, Coldatraam. 
B.C. Boyak 7-li, Largest In intarlor, 
(rult raach: twa tratead naraea <«agllab>. 
<Re«d.t AucuaUaa Maakttk B.Ob. UA. 
icaatat.l, Baadmaatar; 

VV^ANTBD after Eaatet^A teacher for 
vv mathematira and iclenoe. Apply St. 
.Margaret's School. 

WH. HITTCUl.SSO.N preparea candldataa 
• for B.C.L.S.. final or preliminary. Far 
partlcaiart write 141 Superiof Btreat 

EUlSO.N B Dick Mimeograph and 
supplies — We are anthorlaed 
agents (or this most perfect of all 
duBlloatlag maohlnea. I'rioea lur- 
Blrtiad upon reuueat, %ocal agairta 
s« 14 Winch BIdg. Pbone Itlt. 

-IfH biyr^-'SarrlnSCB. dark navy. 

gOLDIXRS, 'SMUNI— Uava your owrcuata 

PhOBa 4 ltd. 

OOLID oak round dinlns table and 
*^ .lial 

'liairs: only 863.S0 
7IT f'ort .Stri'. I. 

table and I 
laland Exchange, 

|^.\ NITAUY 

( out-ii. wHh- _droa , jidaa, la 

irood orde, : „„np. |f|f UtWUd 

7 47 Fort Street, 


OI.EErV llnllon c-liulr. wlili hII|i .over; a 
" bargain. |16..'irt. Island Exchange 747 
Fori .Street. 

tried, alwaye coavineadL 


A NICE large room, suitahia for tira 
gentlemen, with , board, til 

ment Street. 

BON ACCORb, t4l Prlacaoa Ava.— 

vaataatly aad plaaaantly aituaud. good 

plain oapkiag at modorau rataa. Phona 


BOARD and. room In home, aear curlln.v 
central. Phone 3!»7Mt. 

BLKUa.i'1' tiouae, ia84 McCiure, aB Vaa- 
couvar Street. up>tiMtaML aolBlir kna»^ 

in« bouan. 

132. eo; another, |8t.»0; extra large aisn, 
ttT.ft; all new hootla, tlraa. aad nawly 
anamaUad. , Op«n_ tin t ikoi.. aaturuaya. 
Pboaa Bsobaasa. <« 

,rtaca BgobaiiS«> 

• Paadora. 

IjloH Sale— fumed 4ali ahlffonlar, |S«; 
fumed oak library table, |ia: maaaivc 
aldeboard. 14*; mlaRlon morris chair, fl7..'>0; 
new sanitary bed tnung.-. |im: osk > hina 
cabinet, 82.*>; oak rocker, »7; triplex mirr.jr, 
dreKHlng table, lit.; Oftk tad, aontplate, 8101 

imrhir suite, ItMf, ' ntdaa Ui$. lilt 

Jtlllsldi? Ave. 

FOR Sale — Tennia outfit, with Wtfa net* 
ting. Phone ItOlB. 

FJR Sale— Engliah perambMatar, la good 
^rder. Phone 4017U 

Ir40R Sale — Chickan bouaa and wlira nct- 
Ung. chea»L A p^ tU •Maaoa gtwat, ' 

FOR Exchaage for Victoria property — *8t 
acfes, clear title, suitable for slock or 
friiii, with ',j-mile frontage on Kootenay 
Lake. Will oaaume reaaonable mortgage or 
ftay aome cash. Box 4187, Coloaiat. ar 
phone 4808Y. 

fJlOR Saiei ctarap— MMaear apliedld alW 
X wool navy draoa, tady'a abort black 
Qoai. graen clotli eoat, bay'a baavy all-woal 
iMx eu ter; all goad. Baa 4»7t, Cvioalat. 

IJ^on .<»«le — Large black and r<>rt ciirriiat 
liushcs. In fine shape; to i>e reen .m 
Shrihourne Street, acxt Ruby Koad. Phone 

tJTART your garden right and early with a 
*p, botbad. Uotbed aaah for aale. IloJidy'a 
Nutaary, Olavardale Ave. Phone 2?57. 

rpOMIC aad ayataai Buiidar. rak. Kaw- 
X oetfa Hypophoaphlta, tl. Phone •30 


THE YELLOW FRONT New and Second- 
hand Store: naw and seeend-baBd gooda 
boughrt and sold, heedquortera for truaka 
baga aad aal t oaaea; bualaaaa taaai bp vat- 

Bart atraal 

Phoae 168* 

eary a good oeleetlea of allghtly 
oaed ramllnre. for parlor, dlalag aad 
bedroom, at lowest prioea la city. CMI and 
inapect. We pay higheat prlaaa fat 
furniture, also cxchanaa. 

VXTDOD turning lathe, new, 6-inch owlag, 

▼V It-lnch bed. sultabi.; foot powar or 
motor; 110. Jones. Variety Theatre. 

IJ10R Rent— Largo aanltary atabia, t 
stalls, close In. I'hone 880IL. 

rrVJ Rent — Desk room In centrally h^cated, 
X modern' office bloik. 022. 

r^O Rent 
-L small 


-I- . acr 

It — 80 acres of all < leared land; 
small bouse and good bam. Phaac IL 



city lots, separate, part aaah, for 
acreage. Oordjn Heai4 diMrlct prafarrud> 

Hon toot. Colonist. 

1 • 

HAVE clear tuia* lit a«raa prairta laad. 
sloutbern Saskatchewan. C.P.R. aroasea 
property; will exchange for Victoria baiiaii 
or acreage. Box 3X67. Colonist. 

aIbKATOON lot" an. I cash for .1 -roomed 
houlo In Victoria distil. -t. 
oiilut Box 401.'.. 

Apply Col- 

W ANTED — A 6-raomed modern bunga- 
low la axebaaca for t good lau aad 

tsit aaM), balaaaa aa raet Baa 1781. Cai- 

OBlat • I : 

2WIKM1PI90 lota tor aale or axebange tor 
Vlatorla property Ilox ttft, Oaloniat. 



UVJii Hala--70-Mg Cyptiara Jncubata^ 
X* naw. $tS. It It Pai*br«b« St. Pb 



FOR Pnle— Lady's bicyela. iB aaoS eoadl< 
t!on. Phone 3756L. 

17HJK (tale— Player piaao Hid atool with 
"-seveniy-flve rolls of muaic. 

"-seveniy-flve rolls of mual 
Apply Box 88»6, Colonial. 

cheap |8tt. 

L'^INIMT raots of rhubarb, raapbarrtea lo- 
X' gaaberrlee, gooaeberriea, black aad' red 
cbarry ^ curranta. ^j*{y**yg^*'"'*fj[ ^|^^ 

Bu'JL*vjali!™w55!SL*SStt ftl^h^tau 
44 and 4C. 

TfiLORiSTs— "Buy (ram cra«ar aad aava." 
X Number one seed prepaid, parple top 
awed#tun>tp. lb. 80c; abatlota, lb. I6c, & iba. 
tl.le; SaJatfy. Sandwich laland Mammoth, 
*%'ib. SOc: parsalp. Hollow Crown. ^4-lb. 
2r.o; Premium (Jem garden peas. 1 lb. lOo. 
Thomas Akerman. P.O. Box 4, Pulfaois Har- 
bor. South Salt Hprlna lalaad. B.C 

- ^ aaUlBg furaitura, re- 
Bataraad Saldlerr Ba- 
aatua to the city. 
atfwet Pbona s48« 

^ boma-BiBSa Bnglloh meat plaa 

\!H. ..!!^''''**t ta tha rISbi aa 

111* ^ 

^yfAKHI.Vi; machine, will 


TKpUBM buytag ar ao 
Aaaab*afi£ ^ 122' 


I'^x. ha nge. 

o'.ler. .nillplete, 

7 17 I'orl Ktreel, 

tpotr aba 
Brbaa aad m 

felt* btackad a«a 



wiauraiv aB^in 

f7K)R Bale— Canada Prida ataal range. In 
■T good eoadltlaa. If. WS Oak Bt. • 

XAOR 'Sale — Ift baloB atratr at ~ 

Jt p _ 

Phana 81< Keatleg. 


A GENTLEMAN, rolddlu age. In good clr- 
cumatancaa, would like i» hear from a 
lady, widow or apiaater, about &o Iiaply 
- ~ tF *ir- 

in atrict caaftSaaaa .to Boi 
^LllTIUAU Wbub 1^ 

not. Colonial. 


PRivATB Mtaasas a tai jfb Mj aaa i^ -aSS 
YataalktaSi. PbdasTm. Vmaa raaaaiK 


and oara of 8 chiidrea. 
Appir latt Groacaat Read. 

WANTttD— Someone 
eon in evenings. 

t* give M«ycia 
M)on« *«StXl. 

WANTBt>— A yaaa« 
little giria aftar 
tt Bowa St.. Falrtlald 

tor two 


WABT aromaa SaBy It t» H Am . 3Sc 
hour aad oarfara, far U«1it baaaswork. 

phon e tt7tU 

WANTKt>— RoSned Woman gr alk^ |a Bara 
for chlldi*n, attracUva an ^aa l l to a. 

Apply Colonist Box 

W'ANTED— KapvftaacoA laltorsas, hiahest 
wages, steady work. , V. IL Brawa, 

tso r«Ti B<. . . • 

ItTANTED A roaag expti-^cM hafims* 
v» nur«> tr» ia«» <-nttre 'vtiarga of tmn 

j>bo«M taiaa. 

on purines rooma 
a illtchl'. Ltd., 611 View St. 



HAIR OreaalaB, aealp w tioMa. HaSIa aa- 
poiatmanta. tlfX . . f. ^^aw. 

>;b,w jaatbaS ii4 
I wasi, ittSflf 


pMoaa itot 

AOAMBRA. tsL SaaWa a gta aisa a . rapid 
sywimelrleal Ivns. three donitie piaia 
holler*. Isn leatlw^ carrying eeoe. Tha out- 
flt complatr for 'tl«^ Apply 14 Wijicli Build- 
ing. City 

|a0B iala-4>laaA BorStaklaiar. walaat 
x'^caa*. In oplentpid oaaSltlaa. tbla waab. 

Colonlat Bos 4016. 

IJIOR Sale — Six-hole atore with water front. 
A* . good caadltlon. ^ Stt Joftre St., Ba«ul- 
ntalt. / ' 

X^n ftala— A Ford aagiaa wflh Boach 
X: magneto, la goad eaadltlan. Woodward'a 
Rurae ry, Palrtleld Raad. CItyV Price tl*«. 

riR Sale — T-plwe mabngawy flnlsh bed- 
room suite. gixMl rrtndliion; also llrus- 
arla e.atp' i 1 1 ft. t 1 :■ f i Phone Kion. 

FOR Male— <'Mnada's Ideal raaaa awd ftSe- 
board. 132? May Mtraet. Pbaaa ttStB. 

FOR aala or wilil trade, l^xttt 
camera. Box 41tt. OelanlM. 

r ph 



laiva olac. 

FXB MMh praaf waiaai wardrobe. Price 
tto. Phane l74tR. 

f7k>R Bal»— One good dlnltig tahle ffumed 
f oak), on* fteiiable gas range (i holes* 
3 doasA bUnda. baby's go-cart and rhalrl 

alao oOlcer'a bedroll aad " - 

To Maes mn«t. 

IJVfR aala— Rlfla. 
X" gfiet fan, IS 

l»-UOUr. .Uhion Tanire, ".Nugget." water 
coll. in Ko..(i . ..ndltuci: for quick aala 

■Bliamitiw "'^ aFi"i ' i '*"f' ^'" "'•fi^^s''* ?' ...—. 

AL.ADT will call and buy all yaar high- 
riaaa caat-cii ciathlBA Saei aaaA 
t non> Mra Haat tfti' * ^ 

ABUMPIMO price Is what wa pay tor aar 
^ blad af eaai-oir cioibing. ^Qdl aS« 
wbara aay time, raagg ult. ' 

ALL kiada of raga, aMtalA ala., battgbt by 
>. Y"'**^ Pboaa tstl. lait 

W harf Bt; ' 

A 'ITBMTtoaitl — Hrl hSSI! wararoo, 
A^tMHar.^af Winulpaa aad Calgary, U 
••■bt ta hay and .eell high-, laa* ladiar. 
gaair and chiidran's ciothlng. evening and 
party dresses; siMclal offets for aeniismen s 
clolhaa. Wo par spot caah to aay amount. 
Kualaeaa doao strletiy prlvato. Mra. Uuai 
wti) call heraelf to aay addraea. ar call at 
118 Jobaaoa Streoc sacoaa bauae up fi 
BIAaaharg. Phaae 4081. 

^ tOMFOHTABI^B i»om aaS hraakfaati 
. '""l'".* santtamaa; FairDold dla- 
trlct. TeJaphobe ttlta. 

COUFUHTAHLR furalabed rooms for rent'. 
. board II de alrcd, I'h.m.- :;:i2i)R. 

C ^t' *i2?*1£*.2*"*" ' ^*Z ***«AB»^t'i 

■-TTAnBMVSMJD,- lltl Oaear Bi.. Juot o« 
Ooak. ^awat aad aelect: aear oark 
aad tea. Babrd aptlaa^l. Phoae tmx 

T AHOK comfortable room, exceilpot moali^ 
-t'^ In reilned private family for one ar 
U\o Bcnilemen. clowe In. Phone 4308Y. 

KOOM8. with board. alao~day boartfl 
viciiiiiy Chriat Cburch; moderate trmta. 

I* '_' ^ . , 

TIKFINED and CoMtort|(bla bOM fOf 
A* young man or two friaaSai ' t«mu aiaSa 

erste. Phone «»H6T. 

T»i:HIN-;hh Rirl rerjulrcs room and board 
within walking •llsianoe of lowai rated 
What be reoderste. Phono IMl. - 

VyA.VTED by business man room and baari 
»» wllh private family within walking 
distance of town. C olonist Box 4181. 

- Jg!Pj"!^M^*^ -HOOMa TO RJKWT 18 

A FURNISHED room with gas plate: 
light bouaekoeplng. |2 week. Itl 
Vancouver Bt roe t. 

BED-8ITTINO room far hnglnoag lady of 
gentleman. - Phone WtU 

OBUNBBUMC «OTMLv sU aiBbt aad «7 
D tl.N «4lMitir Bad bp: boat laeaoaa: aa 

" 'ate* and l>ni.«las Phone 6*T6t. 

/ iO.MFORrAI«LR bed sitlingroom. cloee lA 

WS^oTMears «t 

C1UB1LY furnished Wroam. light hoaaS 
> kaeptttg prlvllKgaa, walking diafaaeS 
j>a«lnaaa girl pr'ifarriHl. POione ttllfa^ _ 

tlOMFtJKTABUE bedroom, prlVUbSBa 
other roams. Phone ;tizii|{. 

DELHI Hotel — Upder new management 
Bedrooms and light houaekeealaa 
raoma. thoroughly cleaned tb r aag b aatl 
terms moderate. H. Shelton. Praarlatar. 

FI HMiatOBD basroam, braaalSst 
quired. 7fl Vaaaaiivar St' 


FTRNiaHBO front room far iwdi PhalS 
IttlL. Itai Jobnaon at 

PURNiaHED bedroomo, board If dealred, 
cldae ta oa r and baach. Phona 11141^ 

DOM1NIW4 J UNA CO.. Parker * Keppea. 
tta Jfabaoea. w. 

ail daeorlptlea^ atacblBery aad loagora 
aappliaa; higheat cMh prtoea paid tor same 
aukct attaatisw gtvos lo all ..uuBiry aaa 
city ordera 

C/tSH l>U|i:i£.r paM .or ahoi- 
, rtn«s, 'arpaoitra- ii>«U, rleth;aa 
■rwaha. valltea, t>aots. machlBsry. dtamoodo 
lewelry, etc. Jacea Aaronaisa'a New 

Pbeae 7 It. 

Btoro. tm Jatioeoa Mtraot 

LBT ua aailiai 
•eattaa. ao pay. Tbo T. P. , 

Mercantite Aa«a«.y. 888A Pemboriaa BtS« 

]k|Ng. ubuv wui pay taa aaai gfla 

M w. a. 

Baad at, ttt ; rint!*IT*maL!!^!i 


a«aar«la«. \loiinar tbalm. aUvaf iBaantad. 

lit: >nng far nvsrrroat. 887.10: dtamoad piWk 

tit; diamond rh«g:^ borkle psttara. tl" tt- 

gold ntied WaHhaia wauhea^ atrAd 

modsl vMiin. tti: eiertrte hllM laatpA at ta 

Wka gas lampajL irto; w tif m aaato ttrwl 

II Ti: b«.»i aMka laner taaao. tl.Tf; genf» n«« ||c«B Bad mwdgoarda. tsa 

lad>> Merdi^ a*w tiree aad madgiLsrda 

suit raars. ll.Ht; porkx Snl-.t Tte} 

at>"la'l«s. Stc: s»*ctae|ea lo at any alghrt; 

23L i«bwi- »»« We 

aiWR parra 



ivar Blbbga 
ar arWItw 

bicyeia and a 
a splendid 

eomblnaildb ^K* aoHing a«av M>e grwuWd 
<t«lea^ and ^Whoat vorV. The >jeat tnaw 
oat, rumtey • HchlA Ltd.. 61 1 Vlo w m. 

ALAOT will ran aad '-~— — 
alaoB oaat-«tr ab 
Phaaa Mra llaat tat]. 

"^ICE double l.rdroom, suitable for tWft 
l.uslneHn l«<lle», 7)1 View St. 

rp\M> furnished , rooms, together, or asp* 
J arate, fur Irouaakeeplnf, board If da% 
sired, art vatetamliy, iltaaya paaa daar. aba 
ply »ta Cornwall Btraat. Falrtlald Itaad. ^ 

T®-.V"*.i:*'J''"^ faraWhaS ruita. Cartton, 
X 711 Paadora. eaairat; also houaekeep. 
in$r and, aingia rooma. Phon e 4746R. 

ro Xwma to let,' furnished or nafur- 
ibed, in eiimfoi table houaat Bit 
venl'nees; lo\» rfcpt In exchailBa tor U- 


* nl!■^ 


tStlB. ■ 


A COTTAOR. or email bouaa. ataaa ta tba 
4ty. ar near ta a oartfao, wguid ba 

^ttf ^tJSSSS J^sS^U-^riaSSS 

ig, cam Colonial tlSr^ 

w«HaS M 

wt tB r< 

Apply tfra. fkewinsg. cam (.'oieniai o 
ar pbaaa partieuiare to care «r tiooR 

l^aaiatlBD eaiia 
T taMaa. tSt 


« r'mms. fruit irooi^ 

'iiMii.ioiw Ave, , 

^yAMTBDpPor middle 'of MareB. Sva. 
Oak Bay; waald t^»2^7t!*rSif. *ABpl^ 

oalat Box 4080. 

VlTA»rBt>— »-rt«>f»od baagalaw with 
Vt Uuat nw S'-re af iBMd. nM over four 
wtlio from Vloinrta. Avmlr 
tieulera la Colonlat ttoa 

atating g*r. 

Rot ttfl^ Catai 

WASTB^nigh-«(aao fi 
r^Lty «araltaro M 8 


THE nATtT.fcnatjd^^ bc. Sunday. February 29, is5» 

Mart for Busy H^4^rfe -ri 

Property .fog Sol e :m d^ 


Am.T HI 

atojto nom, at— 

J? maai mIm. Mmm »m» 

cook atove, km 
•dului Miiir. Aon* Mi 



TWO roMM t«rsMi«i f«r 
kaaptnr, |1* par moath, lncli>41mc Uckt 
and watar, three rooaaa. PI»oDa Ui*. 
PpBcMt. 1SS40 HI. 0«>r«a UoUL BoqalnMlt 
B«ad. . 


yWtNlBUISD houaakaaptoc roS"*"- P*** 
vata antrapca. Ap^lj^at_ »tO OUaa. 

VAWiTto AMD AA'AAi'i*MlbJ|-A1» 

VURNISHKD aparunamt. 
Apia.. 421 Vancouver *t. 

ABunoiNO pc« of heavy tayinc Wjtm- 
dottaa, and oam of hMtnvy laxt"* Wbll* 
tOfc araar for aalo: atau H. I. H<.'U v»ckara4a. 
PartWulara at ill* »iU rBald Itoad. 




ALL Jin. boat a^uipOMM, jMMtaa. 
«M It«ll»l>U am*. PHtlrtP ttMP 
feMPr% lUlUbto Btua flUM OetoAjr 1 
•Mk Hmoki»y gundard Cadl>bMmia« Col 
day Broodara Mid Bpokayo Porta d1« Brood- 
an. "nuapttrs Parfocr olactrically welded 
PPMitrv faMla* m4 "Pooalaa a " pouitry 
foMiaCi dlM pevltry aoUlBg. aU aUaa. o*i 

deiooi i. 

rpwO high 



and roiltriKB, ready Itth 
all breed* &l prKvalllos market 
prtoa. B<iok ordara now. ttwaa i^oko imitn- 
b»tory. $1t Bwaa 8t. 

BUCKBTIE Btandard Colony Broodar lor 
•air. capa^ctty l.aoO, coal or ooka. aaod 
only one aeaaun. Pric« d*llvar«d CoPMo UUi> 
C. A. Uartley. OobMa HHI. 

. . ilgh nanBlaa,°1f./aan'«id: oao woU 

priaaa ftad partieulara apply «« I. 0. »k d> 
pard. 8r.. Oobbia Hill. fl.a 

ANTBO — PoruMo pwUtry ka«ao or 
houaao-for pboat Mrda or to koor 
from aayona wlahtof to opUP|kt« tor aopply 
of aanie. M cCuUoefc. M-MA ' *, 5f latoria. 

ANTBD-^lte— rn W— i ira r ffa Mw^ 

pttlleta In full la>, 
B«rd Ave. Pbono S748I 

nhoda laland Rad 

Raach. Cplarood. . 

ABT ohicka or hateStoiv 


iwo-roomod apart- 
mant. oTcry convenlenoo, hot watar 
D«ar park and beach; rent $25. Pbona 

NJCBLiY furalabad 


•alt ooapta. 

eloaa tm, 

MBi partlf 




T badrooai. alt^^l 
•t.. aaar Cook. 


airtvata houaa, 
tduhm. Wan 

OR Ilent— Two- _ 
Morrison Aptu. PtmM 4MIL> 

LMMB tlu«a-raomod 
•vary dpavwnlaaoa. 

autta In Pairfleld; 
Pbona UthU 

Fkaaa UM, 

«op PdM». 


fctalifead £ti PIMM 

rno Kant— Th w -i—maa 

.± Bltt. 

UNVURNIBHEO apartmaat for raat at 
tB»---jCentral Park A 

TO risht— Hoiwia 

bappaca, fraiskk 

AVWATB Mtlafai 
Ur Cai Phana M 

FOK earafal movlac o< poar pldM^I 
Hndaoa Brao.. SHS W» lia«o 
uu'<<>-<lai« apoaraiua 


£ nil 


niahad. Uoyd-Toaac A Ri 
Broad Stroot. Phono lilt. 

111. IMS 

R«Bt^Four>rooni flat. 
Apply UU 

110 a moDtk. 
PbOBO tl«X 

1jV)R Rant — VittlDg Bti^t, •-rooin"jvswly 
-I^ decoratud modern bungalow, JIne lot. 

coma fruit treea, 125 per mnoth. 
Joaaa, 1»M Broad Bt. 


tnOR Raatr-A modara ava-roomad hovae, 
J? »I7 JokaaoB tradt. Pkona «»<«R . 

lannunTVMTat t-iaAia^ h««a* fs'aalo 
X and haaao for raat; AmIt IMS 


niahad. 4«1 Quebec 

Rant — Beven-room house, unfur- 
Street: rent $30. 
Apply at ttt Qaebeo St. 

HOUBBB In olM»loa parta of tha elty; at 
reaaonablo nmlB. An^r ■> Haalb, 
im Douglaa St. 

raat. a 

SMAI'L. flve-roomad 
month. Wlaa A Co, 


Brooke and 

SIX-ROOM£D houac. oooafr 
Arnold, for rani. IIS. Key at ltl« 



raat Slfaat. Apply IH* 

mo RaaP— OalanMahad. Ba^alaialt diatrlet. 
'J- l-raoBiad raralahatf liaaaa wltb 
«aaP' aat. Ml^ Ba«alwiwa •■•Oa^ 
»arfl BlAg. 

To Rent— Poaavaalon lat March, >H acres, 
all in eholoa frvlt. 8-roomed Irouae, bot 

olt/ watar, 
Aa, itoan- 
rant 140 

and cold watar, bath and toilet, eltr 

car mfMli anntmtiaiad. « Apply Robt 
OnMK gaSoa Bloak. (*W Ita atoro). 

reoaia, all modara. Tha Gold 
lyaatiaant oompaay. Plwwia 

TO •an»— «evan-rooma4 kavaa, ft MMa at 
(3S per month! Will toad* taf* pai|#. Ap- 
ply ISlSBonOSt. ' ' 

rpHR i>taai>af atiulnment rmolor> In towa. 

MIT VANCOUVSa ST.. I reema. Far 

' 'BIOBtlr -. 110 

Mtf IH:nl.BT ST., a rooma Part,Aionth. $8 
Ik liADTfllUTH ST.. 1 raoma. Per 

' -SMMtk **da***a9*p*a»«aaaaaaa* aoo 

uat- eAuiomm rr,, $ totan. 

BMII^ p'aao «•«*•«• aaf d'a « • • • « « frp $Alaf V 

•M miw>l<> MW II raataa M aaatk 

•ata>aaaaaaaaaaf«oa>*>*4e«o*«a*«»* (^^0 

7ai WILSON ST.. 4 rooma Per month, |Z6 
tpSNTBAii AVE.. 8 rooma. Per^Btaatk, M« 

liat Btaaa Bttaat ^ 

tMaa im 

Jt-IIOOM bauaa to Mat, aaar town, part fur- 
PjrtttiraJeL^palaL- Apply >»» BaHaaat B ld^ 

WANTED— To raat aautt fonlBlM* ar 
partly furnlahed boaaa MM iBHTi at 
ttay 1. 1 bone j>ilt>)lH. 

rno Keni— A aoiiall 
X eloaa In, no cbiidran, 

Colon tat. 

furntatarod boagalow. 
Apply Box 8«k8. 

WANTkD — Small furnlaliad houaa. Foul 
Bay. oak Bay. Fairflatd, |SO-|a. Box 

FUBNISUKD houaa to rant. Oak Bay dlB> 
trlcti poaaeHtlon Immedlataly, |(0 per 
tnoBth. Can <8it u. 

Jamua Bay. ITA. 
1212 Uuuglaa St. 

In Oak Bar. |60: 
Apply B. B, Haath. 

rno Lal-T>A Iprt* wall toraMhaa kaui^ 
X kaaatlfal pardaa. ftalt aa« vacaiaMa% 

Rraga, atobia aad sarAaaafa liaHa.^Be« 
la. OMoalat. ^ 

Rent, fully furtUabad, Ipeludlng plats. 

a laail-nii 

■ » 


rno 1 

J- Ili.uB and 
Marctoi a-roomad 
laaat baaaiaaat, ti 
aloa bHckt rovma, pv 

S&a,r%«l -SSkJa" 



WANTBI>~Marrl«d oouple to ahare fur- 
^had home with widow, who ^ away 


B-IIOOM bungalow, ttari waad •« 
. iff- Bt'loXlaaa A fWala, lit 
ton BIdg. Phono titi. 

•^x 4ata, Cal- 

. oa 



BALPOUB Avaoao— T 

rooma and 

"-»-^'^. garage, 845 per month. P. R. 
Brow. . Ufa Broad lltre,t. P^ona lOTt. 

aad Now Baaiaad Raa- 
-j.-- .ii— ^'•t!* »aiS»a»ad btoodlaa 
-nawllda." Prospoet Lake RoaA 
aaaa ia a. vialtora walooma. Umu ailduM 
Sai^ lll». Vlataria. B.Q Lwmi tmtmtSSm 
^^jiW J obaaon Siraot. -wn-«»io» 

A raw laying ptittato loft. lA 
aarra baby, ahiakaoa aad batoMag aaaa 
•arly._Doa*aadXu boavj>. WblU beSbana 

A tfflipBIBBD 
A AalaMla," a 

la t 


adalta: ILM mm yaa# 
V .eto^a. B-C*~ ••• 

A* a kaoa 
MB aatSblMB 


ta Whlia 


with av< 




iMboraa oabr; any 
r H. A. Hlaekai Laaslord. 

Inaat A 

egga, WblU 
daaatlty at any 
' Pbona 1848. 


BUT yoar hotel 
prUsaa rigbt, 
tha '^Id BoUaMa 


varleua breoda, 
a iavltad. from 
Biavtow Fowl try 

Fiarm, «;;8^ Paliaa Road. Plioaa »<0. 
T-kUCK egga. Fawn aad Wblta Baaaarik 

Eaaa for hatchlac— Wkll* Wyaadottaa 
and L^ghoima, 4t.>a aatthMT* Pbona 
«76«i4. ^at«8 guadra St. 

bAtchIng — White Wyandottes, 
Columbia Wyandottex, Rhode Islanda, 
U C. and It. C. Harrt-d Ilock», Black .Mln- 
orcaa, Anconas, )1.6U pur itettlDK. Mra. Bay- 
ley, Hill Old Ksiiulinalt Road, or Thone 

EOOS — Boa Orplngtona, from grand util- 
ity aad prlsa blrda, |3 for II. Oardler, 
881* Blaekwood St.. Victoria. Pkoaa iOOau 

WIndaor broad beana, tOcffl Rutabaga yallow 
turnip, $1.80; golda•^ bantam corn. 4te; 
Xott'a Bxcetalor peaa. dwarf, SOc Farmer^ 
Produeo Stora. aia Jekaaon Htroot. Pboaa 

a»i8. ^ 

n7ANTBt>^Tom« pica. L O. BolUy. 
Vt Hhone Ft. KaaUag;. 

nrHlTB Wyandotta-ocga far haiAklac. to 
vr thr aettlng or Id lOt lata. PlarfMB 

I.odg<- Ranch, Boa 178. Victoria. PbaM aCF, 

Colqulta. ^ 

WANTED — Young Jaraoy cow, fraah. Ap- 
ply atatlng price, to B o« 4048, Colonlat. 

tVHlTB Laphora haicblag egga. day-aid 
vV cblekA OaaSM aad Naw B^aiaad 
•train, eseallant Wintar . layora. brad from 
iirUe winning and uillity ato«k. Ordar aarly 
to Inavro dellTary. Par'tlUty guarantaad. For 
!>articulara write Buttcrfleld. Targaoaa 
Phono Kaatlaga XII. South Hill Panitry 

^OOB tor 

TlKjn •ala^Naaala saat, sarrad to fraaboa 
JC AprU. Piloa III, A9Piy Ml Talmla 


Salo— Standard bred mare, faat oa 
road, 4 yeara. 1£ banda, quiet and sound, 
new rubber-tired buggy and barneaa. Apply 
S22( Waacana St., off Burnalda. 

tJVJB Sale — Settinga of Rhode laland fteda, 
a: eggs 12. ta* Courtney Bt. Tel. 8»>8L. 

Sale — Bulldog. thorougHbrod, naoter: 
montba old: very gentle ; make Ideal 
companion. Box 4122. Colonlat. 

FOB Sale — Pen of young geese. J uat start- 
Ing to lay. I« each. Day, Qoldatream. 

aasartaa. Plwaa BIOTT. 

£ roi 


TTtOR Sale—: 
J after J p. 


JO It.i 

Bala— A ana luttaroap cockerel, 
60, or oBo aKtyd,-4lHk aoek, $6. 
Wanted, raapberry canaik dWi Mm Bpaari^ 

Cowlchan, B.C. 

^ClOft Sale — 1 good quiet Berkshire boar, 
■V and two brood aowa, 1 due March 5 and 
I April t; alao Jeraey heifer, fresh, and one 
due Marcb II. J. watt * Sons, Royal Oak 
P. O. or Purranca Station , B.C.E. Ry. 

T7IOR gala TboponadibraA Said Spaalal 
r Mtnh, I nwajl^Mi yML Pbaaa IIH. 

FOR Sale — I Oxfsfit airas la lamk S akart- 
hbrn cows, 2 Purtrai _<tawa,"li Jaiagra, 

all cloae 
ward St. 

to calving. 
Phone nil. 

H. auBiar, IH 

II. N, fr 

8 c waiTB U s b a ra A batebfag a«ga iaP 
• aala, II aad ti.t* par aettlag. J. A»> 
Mt. tiat Forawoa* iTaaA 

Cky. , 


>— Maaara. waa d a ar fa 
Falra^ nqtIL y»aaa Ml. 

>— Two taa cvaban taaabi 


a»« CPabaro 

-Hual bo In good akapa. Stata Ou. 
partlcolpra aa to data of manufacture, ata. 
AIM Cyphera Paradlaa broodar. Raply lat> 
tar. W. W.. Boa 8780, Colonlat. 

HTKITII Wyaadatta asja <or hatoMaa. 
▼ ▼ |t.«« aaiUac: aarly Bad Bead poi^aaa, 

augar mangel aoad. T»o ib.; Owaan 
carrot. 11.1* lb.; eariy blood baot. 11.11. .Ik: 

half aua 

Farm • »r 

kalde Store. Vietarla. 


▼ ▼ atraln. t1.2S aettl(>g, S rooaters, 


batching egga, Adama 
. aettlpg. 

Stoddart, cur. Burnslde and Harriet. 

1811 Broad Stroot 
yy^E ara aa« packing outtar t» tiaa again 


MX tka*. aara *M 

la orat-claaa r 

NO. I— OvorUad. a-paagaasar roadater. 
Doarly.afw. tm Oaa daiav. VBIa raadater 
wgt earrp 8 paraaai ppit eavifartably and 
to laaas m kl to ran. It bM all popA tl^aa. 
a tallabia solf.atortar with dandy ttoettto 
Ufhta <brlgbt and dlm>. a oaa-mao top 
with aot of aide eurtaln^ 188S lloanc* fully 
tid up. a full aot of tools aad ta a greAt 
at H.aia. oaqr terms arraagod If do- 


|^BTBl.AMO Usbtwolsbt 
oyelo for aala. aaly aaod 

laatB. atii 

ate tor- 
« |i&*. 



-Baby Oraad Cbavralot. privately 
'aad atnea It waa now Md baa had 
vary good care. Tbia ear la a raal boaaty 
far oacBfort aad power aiad to ~ ~ 

ta opovmto. Car baa alt 

vBb • goad apara. It will pa^y yoa to aoo 
tarta aiM baai i a yaa daaldo oa a now or uaad 
ear aa It to oaaal to now ta appoaraneo aad 

ruanlpc Prico ll.UO; oaw ternu If do- 
alrad. Bare'a your chanoa to save 800 odd 
daliata far tbIa car la «iual to naw. 

NO. ii e has fu lot Coarlnp ear. lataat aMd«l, 
in BOW ordor. Thia car baa baon pri- 
vately owned 
montna age), 
aa naw <U a 
If daairod. Hord'a your • 
or mora. Daa't alaa it. 

OTB ba»a 
J* from aaoa ap^ •« 
Brlag your old air — ' 
dada ono away. 

aiaco It 
aad ruaa 
aot •>ottor). 

waa naw (a faw 

tnaiMa ti cdavt 

. Tanaa 

im Viaw Bt,, aar. Vi 


yj spot aaa 

noar 8810. 

Mr. 41 

Bpaaat t*' 
Ml VipW SL 


«B far paddllas. 


AUTO Bargains 

far aaM 

In A.l 


1JBRBEK. a sra4a Balatalaai, ««a bast 
naatfe: x Balatala, fraak. _P. BaUly. 

Oamr Raad, appaaiu 

WHITE Leghorn puUafb to clear by 
Monday Dltetit. need the housing room, 
la aaob. |4a.S0 tha lot: avory bli;^ I^Flaf 


Pbrao nif. 




BTA TOUN<> pl«a for aafa. 
mU aat alag a pb aaa l ltH fc 


BEAL'TIFl L Jemcy and Ournaoy balfera, 

10 handle and UsKn guvvrniuent tested: alao 
1 Durham heifer, 8 yeara old, du^ In March; 
1 Durham cow. due In March : 1 alagla 

horaa, aaad 
comar of Marigold 
Phot)* Oalaults 7U 

to ouIUvSuIiib! ^amM %ytaa| 
arigold Roaa and Caray Baad. 

OVERLAND l-paaaaacer, cod« tWaSi Msa 

SMALL Hapmoblla, S-paaaanger, aowly 
painted. Prtoa 1888. 

ROOMT roadatar, atarur and light, good 
.itir*, Prica MTI. 

TTUOSON 8- pa aaa a sar. atartar aad feiMa, 
AM good tlrea, a sparaa, Lyons bttmper, 
Boyoa motor motor, na«- battery. Price 
I7M, tarma: take amaller car in trade: also 
aovaral Forda from 1275 up. See 

taa Johaaon St. BllUa'a Oaraca Pbaaa a»| 

nioNB im 

• pnixaiiB 

Ml Vtow Btraat 

BWII II Oi«dr 

ar Ramada 

RUSSBLL ear fbr quick aal^ MM aaak, |a 
good running order; owaar selaa aim. 
Phone laaaR. - 

7 ROSE comb Black 

Minorca pwllata, a 
apeckled Sussex and 8 Leghorn pullota. 

'pUK werklngman's club; beat Ughled aoa 
A vaatllatad rmwas't a tiw^a^j 


FOR Sale — 8 White Leghorn hrna <Na« 
Baalaad) aad 1»1» oockerat (Palmar'a). 

rt, ^ > paa Btl; ■ Bada <liaidr»>{ I kana and 
eockaral. |<#, o> alfar. Sf apt aatl to make 

(lults P.O. 

TiV>R Bala — Leghorn rooster (Ismay strain), 
-I- a Una healthy bird In splendid condi- 
tion for breeding purposaa Phone 49I4X. 

9 teama of good aound horaes 

d, Bom 

FOR Sal* 
from 4 to I years old, some 4 year olda, 

, uiibrokpn, guaranteed 
H»at(in. Phone, 15Y 

Apply W. 

51. lU 

iftl^OUMBON STBMRi— m 


iJl* MoLaugkllo Moadatar. modal M. 

mil Dodgw Roadatar I.SO( 

lll'i Cbavroiei Hoadatar ttl 

1*11 Uvoriaad Hoadatar ...•....*.•«• ST» 

•aM MadaiNMtap Taarl— ••*■»....•.. 1,01* 

laia Fard Taarlas ., Ill 

ikil Chevrolet 'i'ouring OTI 

1 8 Chevrolet Touring ...,,.* 818 

Chevrolet Toua <ug ..•••■•••••,•> 880 

i!)i4'Ford Truck »*••••■<■■« 810 

III15 Ford Truok •,••«(,.■,. 

:itil Overland Roadster 



:« Johnson Wuaot 

Tire Hiiuie of duaranteod 

SANITABT Cadar OU parUlaa r^MA 
. WtaPlaF A BatrtUab Ua.. lU Vlawit. 

BKtira TODR 

BATmrr btork to- ob 

i\7li: are aow la a awaitton to haadia aaj 
f V af yaur battery work. Ha 

&at{(OTy .MB ar awap tnamf mam 


»88 id«aa iMtaai 

rlbB la- 

aad aa- 


WANTED— A aawll oar. ataU aiaka aad 
partlculara; muat bo obaap far aaab: 

no deaicra. Baa 10*8, Colonlat. 

•4 VauTltrMr 

A: modal. 

aMMreyola. Ill* 

Booeir mMaat^ SoboMar «ar- 

burclor, aow tlraa, all la Orat-Uaaa coadl- 


IITO. Pboao 


, fatly 
I aad T 



SBND aaw for Ipap baaklat aMKMI 
to ko siimaafal la 
BuataMmL" MaaiaaaM O, 
Oa. . Baa Pla<a^ C»«Aatsla,' 

Complataly a«alp9al 
with oapaclty of two 

and modern mill 


GOOD ..afa Mdyala lap dktak Mt0$ 101 
Rockland. ' 

HAMwi^i. tbOtaa,- kaoalatof aad D o adwia 
Motorola tUpatr Worfca 080 Jabaaja 

INDIAN twin. 
y>OBo 477 PL . 


1 1 71. aplandid coadltloa. 
80 Maaatoa Bt. 

Oniartay A 

iadar OH 

Ritckle. 1^ 

ail VMw Bt 

WANTKD— Second-band 
In good condition: 
prica. Phono 870. 

BngUak b^cle, 
Btata mako 

nZANTBD— Motorcyalo, 


aaaat bo la 


WABTBa t m m ip a lB f ecaruyalsb wwb 
^ ar wttkaat aMtoear. Btata arlaa aod 
m ^fl ^^ Aa r aaak. Ba«-M4l. Caloa& L^^^ 


• 8.00 ua. A 
Pbaaa >«r«a 

saaA Mataa 

itrally aKaaiaB k«th< •■ 

a W. miBSTr Proprtator. 

LABa% elaaa. lifbc tPlsfctjaaaw at Tko 
■p '^^j^VilaS^ TWBMIikl^ Tic 

amt HbH fAM»-«ai. 

A SMALL aallialra dlamopd ring loat 
elthdr oa Buraalde Road, Uurnalda or 
WUlows car. or at arena, on Friday nlabt,' 
February 80. FIndar kindly pbuue 8170X 
and oe rawardod. « 

aUUloaa par moaiCT^aftaau la 
tka bte eodar dlatrtal, laU aad 
jsMraawsa> Wa aaa aatl . bait 
iBtaraat awap below coat aad ailva laaaa- 
ttva aotpioymant to InvaatorsC ttff to * 
akaaoa to .oiaka Mg, aala aod auMh praBta. 
T ATM kiLI. — par ka mvaataMat ml 
AJ •a.aB* moaoy aaa ko doubled in a faw 
aaoaaia: dawMid eaai 

Ssaa ara Caar tloiaa 
locatloB. doing Ba* 


boaatat alack at 
dOjaa wtll handlo. 

%fOTOB aARAO»-:«alt akaaa ka a »oa«- 
JMA tabia. aroU satabllaMB tMalMaBi rabl 

101 Vnlon Bank Balldtnc 

Phone 5800 

with poot 
staaa. Bag 

yyAMTBD— Qrocory 


aaaa. caloaiat. 


atoro. solas 


WABTBD Oaaaral 
▼ V aaaatry pratarrad. ad, abia at toa to t 
•mem la aaT «aatlaB. nbaar Mli Onlaatat. 

IMM^pik^AMO^LAtlMCUlijr IB 

UV>B Balo— 11 ft. rowboat with oantrsbaard 
a: aad aall. Pbona 4»iOB. 

' v:.ti8ij)l«M i ! tL.imj i i i 

— — - =^ 

BAfikMi — 

tar Oa Maaa 
>«gaag*. ffroiclM. 

F'UkNlTUBk. aaoalas 
PtoyiBc Madaaa Bd 

Pbaals*a88^' aad'ISt 
moat strut. 


la J. 

— w— 


A (moiori la 
Batoty Btoraaa 


Gar yaar raaaa pruaad. BsT 
dan In ordor. Oat aa 
B. Duaa, 814* Laao Btroat. 


Frad Boa a a t>, 

Calaulu IIL. 

IjIOB S4Ua B l-faat 
K aaB pHikliail lai 
Bluraaaka aagtaa. 
aatl aprlac iaiaad. B.C. 

IiVjR Bala— CUBkar-bullt rowboat. oara. etc. 
good condition. Broncti, Swl4 Admlrala 
Crusa . oad. near CtalgPower brtdga. 


ahMvy-duty m 

Bala— FUklaa 
boam. oqaippod 

boat 84 ft. by 8 ft. 
kltb Buffalo 18 k.p 


jpiOB Bala— 10-ft. aad la-ft. rowboala 

Jooaak B aat Builder, taa Moatraal Bt. 

Lauaeb bull, aa ft Idng. witk 

'CIOR Ball 
■T caWn, 


coppor faataaat, liai. Pbaaa 

I^^APTMOPB aadlasa ara tba atmptaat. 
MU aiaM aa u aaalbla. aMat aaoaa m loai, ciaaa- 
ast aM anaotboat-ruaalac aagtaaa bulli 
aaywbora. lavartaNy tbay stva aatlsfao- 
iloa. Tba aow 4 b.p witk macbaaieai la- 
lako to a Ultio beauty. It aalto for IIOO 
with full equlpHMBt. Tba T Ilpl baavy 
duty trollar to fa a olaaa by ttaou: It aalto 


" 'T^'AJKaaa a£ *Ttia*^int. 

i^BW, a«uara atara rowkaata aaaof Isl i. 

ropL laii IL-fam. im llalkat. Mil ti. 

stroai, Vaacouyar. ■ 

fpouND-Oa FrMar, 'IMki 

U F" 

pboBo aitan. 


FOUND — A cycle at Caaaary gate, 
. malu A«ply at ABBraB Totot. Bavul- 

ntalt tt aee iN ra. W 

puree coal 
Phoae 48781. , 

aa<l isaak. 
warkika gm. 

Pboaa 1177 7a7-a» JobaaPa ^traat 

'Opaa Alt Nigbt 

Pbaaa laiT 

ueed CaTy 

Hale — Several 
Lampson St. 






TJtOR Bala— <i4 laying pullets. White Wyan- 
A" dotte. Phone ih'iiu 

FOR Sale — 8 White Wyandotte pulleta and 
oockerat, ala» 11 Bus Orptacifta fmi- 
lata lOia Tatar ft. - 

TJtOK Bala— Wblta Leghorn mgf, 
A! laying atraln. 11. 25 a aetUag. 

tlO Ontario St. 



Sale — Tan R. i. Red pullets and one 
L andi. alaa 1 Flamlah Olaat tfaaa, 
In young. B a a aatt, 8014- Admlrala Oraaa 
Read, near CrajirBawar fcrl^B^ 

Bal»-I ^ll^ta t.ask«ra kana, 1 


X" r oeftar ^ 

Oraat Bt 

•kta— 1 'taiCaF tb'bbler in stock. 

Phone laaoU 

FOR Sale — Genuine thnrouirhbred Anrnna 
seftlnm. Duni-rtln St. Phone B784L. 

C'^AUH Bf<APi> — FIve-paaaenger Ford, aow 
> laat May, electric itgbia, etc. price 
• <7i: late model Overland Ilvv-pasaeager, 
•«&0: McLaughlla 4-oyilador, iai8 modal, 
11,210 ; 6-paaa«a«ar ObaTraiett IdNi, JHMT 
aengar Bullei, la Baa abapa,- IBIBt AMMIp^ 
x-paaaetager, « aaw aabby tkraa aad tafcaa, 
price ttxt (or today, would make a Una 
truck: 6-paaaenger Cadillac, alecirlc llgbia 
and aeU-startur, new battery, etc, price 
|M0: 8-ton Uelly tr«ak, owpar muat bave 
eaata price. 8850 1 .4-«yUnder easlaaa from 
•10 up; Boacb tfasaato parte (aaw> fall 
stock on band; wheeM, aprfaffOk aad axiaa lui 
irallera, (all atoek Xally traak parta, " 
tU Kingstaa Bt. aM Bra 





Rale — 20 head mares and cpldlnaa 
direct from Alberta. In teama. well 
matched or alngle; ages four to six years; 
walaht LlOf to 1.700 Iba.: all weU brokea 
bla«lar baHt: will ataad tka elaaeat laapao- 
Itoa. Can be aaaa at Paclfe Transfer, 787 
Cormorant Street. 

-Pour youaf Halatela eaws, one 
coming fresh la .MBMik. «M tfT* dtkar 

three In April: ISOO. 'TiMB !^ BkWk Ht 
Pern bart on Block. »; _ ^' _ ■■ a 

siasias «a*apto4 rMVI ^' 

T2H>B Bala 

r CI 

GOOD al 

O^i aur 


the right 

strain for 
. . agfO. Sheppard'a 
im JoHaaek'^it Phone a474B. 




"Higarous' starred Plymouta 
the bird tirat looCi well and 
exHlblUon and utility qualities 

tbrough tlif-m: eggs. 11.54 ap 
111 Boaii Phone 488. 

OI^BBB- 1 team 8,100 |ka.. i laaia M** 

Iba, 1 good general 
Itlcharda, 1)14 Gtodatona 

HaVB yob aaaa the eleoWO ki^diaraT 
Capacity from 111 to 100 baby chlckena 
.No dirt, no worry Actual coat to brnod % 
chicken one cent par week. If you want 
to make money raising chlckena aak 
Rylanda, Rockslde Poultry B^r*. Yatea St 

3848 Bhake- 

HlOII-claaa alnglng caaariea 
area re. , 

AMSTERLEY Farm Jam Co.. Ltd.. l>a 
prepared to contraet for ^e aupply of 
strawberries and other frulta. No fruit 
be accepted during the Jani aeaann 
which haa not been contracted for In ad- 
Taaea. Apply Hamlilerley Fana Store. Oov- 
amment St reet, Victoria, for coatract Vorm, 

•j^ANDsOMB upaffadtB8[ aranaral PBr>iij» 


14 hafM% riaiav 1. abam't Llil 
I road, wofkad 
winners ataadard 

fast OB 

lattbiat Jtm jHjUe 

brad abra. Badklpt 


I|unBer Dack egga, from prise 
_ lUa* par aetiiBCi inenbaier lou 
anppUad. Vawla. 8171 BaaVap •tiaal 
Pbaaa 44IIU — vw^ wwuet 

^Vy * 

^l'>lla^d Ava, 


^ BaaiO' r;if 1 

ka ^ g ^ yH^^daya ol.' Uliitn Wy. 



im Broad Btraat 

I. AiiTOAioi«iiai;B 

— electric lights, Bosch magneto, email 
tires, In good oondition: tsoo, easy tarma. 
lights, generator, Bosch magneto, etc.; 
• TOO easy terma 

FlVb-l'ASSaAOBR FORD, In good sbapa, 
nawly paiatad, all sood aobbjr urea; 
lltl r a a a y ttnife. 


•41 View Bt Pbaaa IMt 




hSTa for qaicfc 
llrst claaa buya: 

and ap4- 

aato the folowlng 

verland "4," one month old: baa bumper 
and apara tire, and Ilea nee paid, for ll.jOO 
balmors "4," la - axoatalat^rupatas oriar, 

Lato modal Ford tm^u witk body '..1710 
Baport- itopa ira A- 1 Battary Barviaa 



* OARAOB to rent, 
per month. Phoi 
Smith, 160 Joaaph Bt , 

111 laania MuM 

a 4alTX 1^ £ 

T7*OR Bala— Idsfct laatar tra 
£ ply Wm. Mabla. Jobaaaa 

trallar. Hin 

•OR Sal 

paaaangor automobile, la good 

condiiion, iive good tlrea Phone tflliC. 


.so deaicra. 

8ale — &-pasn^ngor 1817 Ford, pTlrata 

use only. Phone lllllt. 

FOR Bala— Model aaB. Ovarldad taarlac 
okr. In' good eoildltloa, alootric atarter, 

llKhts, power tire pump, etc. Prtce ttit. 
Hemphill Bros., Auto and Oaa Tractor 
bcnool, Ltd., Ulanshard and Fl'agard Big., 
Victoria, B C. T«Uphane 27(4. 

car. Jaat 

r av< 

Hale — l«lt Ford louring 
overhauled, tires all good, 
ered with grey cloUi and other extraa, aaapt 
Price IMl jash. Apply Baa lt»7. Oolaalat. 

OR Baia— tadUa mataroyoM, In pert act 
ntaaiag order, |tM oaak. Apply Wal- 
ters. McKemria Avaaaa. att^aadA Biraat 

FOR Sale, light five-paaaeager car, in 
A-1 condition. 1450. Am leaving city 
aod muat aell quick. 8008 Cedar, Hill Rd. 

Sale— early 1B13 McLaughlto ear~tn 
'er.v gotid conditloB. Snap far aaak> 

Phone 61*1. 

°*~WR Bale — Bullet, newly palataC ApplF 
888 8 Douglaa St " - 

Sale — One-tnn Ford tnia^ iB "Brat- 
class runnInK order, IIOO bwlw^^lalaa. 
On view at 1S04 Broad Btraat. 

J? cla 

GARA'.ir T.ii 

Phone laaik 

aoB Btrevl 


HUP rakdata r 4ar 
jfm at. 

GET your vuleellglac aad 


Tbaao Priaaa Ara For QaMT A^M 

Oidsmeblle. 1818. light ats. aratl 

equipped 11,750 

Ford, 1(18, light delivery 8 oio 

8 Chevroleta, 1018, 1917. .... .1401 aad I 

8 Overlanda |aaO and i 


Pbona III " 
OM Ckarak^B 
Caraar flardaa 
Bear 11 

-,• '_v! -J 




LOST— Saturday avaalasaka«tl:l||o'elaek 
i>etween Orphenm Theatre and Oovam- 
ment Street, lady's gold wrist watch wltb 
black ribbon. Finder pleaae phone 447<Ii. 
Rew ard. ^ 

J^OBT— Oa tba a7 tk_ketw aaB~4 Tao aadlirai. 

eiatktas. batwan ^l^orfcl'Alar'^aria^^mS 
CatbariB«t. Bt Finde r pleaae pbona 8*87. 

T 08T— Batwaaa Madlaaa st aad Oak^^iay 
AJ Baack, on BetardBF aCta i aiea a . ekUd'a 
kM giova. Plaaaa ratara I* Oaliylat^ ot- 

LOST— Ocatlemaa'a wateb chain batwaaa 
Athletic Park aad Grant Bt. Batardas^ 

Ueward. 1314 <ira wt Bt ■ ' 

LOST— Black overcoat 4:80 a.m. Friday, 
on Cook or Fort Bta between Hears and 
Moae Bta. Reaard. Phone 2 874R. 

I 08T— Large black fur between Collinaon SJSL/*' 
J and Blanahard. Reward. Phone lliaii. Bttaaj^ 
or 801 Tates St. 

"mTT*!!?! iV 1^ MimSU^ 

n iBB B acted work boa ta, 14 hJlIlt 11 ft.. 
fM( ai ft. atOOi yaa.t UnAA! iUi 
atkar atsas sod modeta: launcfcee fcaUt. 
falra aad aiteratiooa at la weal mm 
l i la daay Pleadura Boau LUaltai 
Vcaabtaa Btraat. vaaaaavar. B,a 

YyANTCO— aa 

aa ft Biaaar ar OaH 






i-*t- kave aa esporl 

ataS of gardeaera aad afe la a peal- 
tloa to laying out and remodalltag gardoaa 
oa oaatraet baaU. We make a apenlaltr 

iLf icBBLu a «, aii-ii 


boUer eetUaa aad 



kave a laraa aaaortaaat ht 

parta for the following makoa af eaia 
la atocki Apparaon. Abbott-Detroit. Bulok, 
Chalmers.. Cadillac. Carter Car. Cole E.M.F. 
Flandera, Franklin, Uupmobile, Iludsoa. 

Havera Bla, Overland, - ^ 


Oakland Reo, Kua- 

II, IMMBall KBlabi^ Jradhope. Whiu Wla- 
^MOlBBflL adrburatora, gaa tanka. badlaa 

AU (tearing and delivery), 
talna, cuahlona, lamps, 
trailers tires, tulieak rlma 

BOBcn masnataa and aatl^ 

/piMlLBN front aad rear aalafi 

MB. JtlBKlB 
041 View Street 

LOST— A small gold locket PleaaO return 
to 2181 Blanahard St or Pb oae 4780L. 

STRATBD from Millstream Road, roan 
Durham cow. tiWd bell on. Phone J. C 
Tom's store, — 

ANITART Cedar Oil purities rooma 
Pllmley a ^Itc tile. Ltd.. 411 Vtow Bt 

Langferd. Phone Belmont 4. 


WLL the party who picked up a part of 
^ crartk aMft aad «aar of motor car 

on Frt- 

Dayla Bloetrle Flaahilgkta from ai.7l 


Bvar-IU4idy Safety Raaor Seta 
lag brnah. mirror and aoap . . 



Chlidren'a^ Wbaelbamwa 

• m * » m a • 


■ II.M 

• •••el. Id 

OODFBBB (Th« Bleyolo Bpeetallat) 
804-804 Tatea (next Prineeoa Theatre) 


aC wark 

- ■ ■ ^ 


DBICKWORK. chlmnaya 
AP aaaa. eemeat work. c. 
uavlda A v 


tva. tterga 

m aa t eis^ . far- 

uorspooi. aaa 

OBBBN. carpenura and build- 
'ers. bomo baUdara before and after tba 
Qj^n aad Vtov Btraeta victoria. 

at tha 

at • . I , , ~.l ■ ■ r< 


iia^iMN^^ I 

T 1MB lar fara aad 
B^ aaa aaaMaa^ 

» • ^^^^^^^^^^ 


ttb Av«. B.. 

Waatok Mbtai aad Ba- 
its " ' 


Loltary way. 1 ell- 1 7 North Paitt 

L*. 14eL«aa Expert lauadarara 




Browa Block. Broad Btraat 

PUOi«IB 84 aa. 



B.C. t 
J. Be; 



IXTRT aaad yaar 


puurraiuifo kif o dauurr 


**»<»^»« ' x>y^ w M <a» 

t work. . 
aaao Beach Drive. 



nr WB MHM 

BILBMUHUUUH. Bnlldar aad Coatraa* 
tar. aitaratloaa rapaira ediee aad aiara 
Bttlnga eatlmaias. plaaa gtvaa Pboae 4014. 
Werb Street 



MAX K. Lokbruaner, Carpenter aad 
..■■ttdfri altaratloML reMUa, leaky 

roota loaelas. ate.; aaytbUif laraa or email; 
plaaa aad aatlmataa tree. Pbona I20»u 


w^"»«» ^-r "sss? -i?. 

dreaa ;mmodtotaty la Reg atlt lonlat 

. ProflUMa 
•MM adak win kaadia 

ri« BCrarataaaal BtHMIiW 
Daoslaa Btraat 

•A aaeanty. B. 


af aala tor \diBdpaaB| saaii 
B. atraH^ard.'^' " 

"IQIQ FORD toarlas oar for aalsk par- 
te^-Sa. S&mSr^ B-rataiT^ 

Itaa SAXON Bi 
aUea, llgbt. pr^ctleal. 

1110 PAIGB, the moat baaatlMl 
America: quality aad baaaty 

«^ WM- D. CARTIBB. Dtatrlbatar 
Old Cbareb Bidg. Balearpom. Oordoa 
C a ai ' i aap. 












cKBNBlB Avab fS 
yeara oM. !«•» Im 

\f AMMD^ .l/ttla daaka lad tX'LjlB 
■IM. iaylBS.«<»r aala. Pkaaa aaStt^^ 

«tt saaa lead fbetr aiaas la taw 

tlaaala Wblte L,aaban e 

~ Wblte Liogbom ooakarela 

UB L ' waa iJ'— •a^ii *^.** 

■ aaaraid Paaitr* 

rytv iiolstaiB aow. ttma la aiddia lUp. 

»aky_akloka i»ying puiieta "Phliwia 





pay proflta: 
ring pu 



BI. Pboae 


at: 4 


Bboda lalaad Bad. 

^m toy A Rlaeaa^ Md.; 

n now at 


BT your vuleellglac aad " ra t i S aadlag 

lone at H<^pMll Brothera British Co- 
lumbia AutnmoMln and Gaa Tractor School. 
Ltd> Alt work guaraiitmj. Oall aad lB« 
apect oar >nle«talslng depan 
will abav ypa juat bow our 

T PAt 

an King- 

MK Al'Tt)-OW.>»EM, When yau reqqira tba 
Beit posathte wurkmoaabl on tba radi- 
ator or readers «f your BOW ear. aU ta- 

qulrlee will direct you ta 

MUBD BiMomsmo ■fjtwui 
aaa-a Tataa Btaaai 
esta IfasBad Wktla Taa Waft 

FOBD AND cmrim^^lrirVi^AiBB 

NBXT ttma r 
OS a trial. 

ar ear nsada ranalria.. 
W* al'e an .eiairt aatli 
rapaira and guarenlaa aatlafactary 


Bard aad Chavralat Spodaliaa 
7 If Brougbtaa Btroat \ 
Jam b*iew Royal Vlatacla Thaatta 
Pkane 0810 MTIB 
WKb Oar Bqalpoteat We Bave Tlai^Voa 
Bova Moaoy. 


tiABt iOB BAXil 

1— UOUT «U MelAughlta. In A-l order, 
aawly aaratoked and all naw Urea Don't 
bay aattl you bave aeen tbto oaa 


1^-FOBD toartag cara 
O with 

th good tlrea If 
t't fall to aad' tka 

aU la gaod 
Fpa waiM a Baad 



TW-tra FORT ST. 

5 GOOD Forda all baad piokad Baat IBTI 
to 1478. eaay tenaa: rspaira tka 'kaat 
Baa Reaale. irir Cook Bt Pkoaa IMt., 



FORD oara. atTI 8071. Alao f^ltlaa 
aaaa. Packard llgbl traek. All bar- 
It apafas J^p. Tba Msaaa* aad 



r Dai 


^ il^a JttfS^BBBa 
r B. 

T.'VriR Salr^ — Country store, weU InnalBjL ja 
VWBMIBaBD kalal to rent on Store Street. 

lai.aao wantBD 
'CWR great adueailonal Mcba 
A: Canada and laeludlaf Caaadlaa Hghta 
of vaiaabto Brittob eopyriigktii svaat aar- 
tune caa be made tositlmataly. For par- 
tlculara BBtta Mr. Maoewaa, llta Baah Bt. 
Chi' »ga» P.Br ^ ^ - 

FOR Bala— HUB route, ai sallona, a7l 
equipment. Ford truck car. H18, two 
cows: place to rent cheap, 81 
ekard. good boaaa, ~ 

14 aeree or- 

w^salatloa of 
grocery atoefc. 
golag ooacera, a 
delay. Box 81101. 

part a ar aklp , 

BOt an 



HAVB good bi 

Baa "itir^ffff^ *^ '^^ wBfcawt 

ryaa have 
roatraetf with 
tabMa k a d . 

|l.aa« to 11.800 aa op- 
to afforded ot Maatttytag 
laduaarial saaiir a NM ja* 


AN wttb 


A 9a.ofd ta 
ps st a A p ra p esttlaa 

late. Apply: 


^jj^^^royuc. nraM 

A fmtaaaam 

tamed efflr^r. with a 

tamed efflr^r. 
dbaas of twp 

) naati ta 
Sanaa eaptial, la par' 
wMk oaad 
Baa itSi 

dwulltag and 4 l>tta p 
, has aiara tor 
mC Co 


TLfOBBt B- ( n taaaksr l ala, earpentars 
OA k iBda a ai aatiofactioa cuaranteeA 

Pkaaa Tm. Bd» pkaaa OdaiB. 

RBPAIRB. aHaratiaaa aad 
blng: eatlBMtaa fraa ] 
Phone 4a»au 

tSTtmb a umoman. mm WtU salatara 
AA and paperkaaaera. tail Barwaid Ava 

ti. BlfMUaM— Piumbiag. baain 
Oak Bay Avenue. Pb« 


• Uaatlng 478 Tataa Bl 

vuone '*». 

SMKBliT, AliOBBW— 1114 
PlamMas mm' 

rnUB Oa^bart BlamMac A Haatias Oka 
' ^ tAlU Military aad liaatlaa aaatM^nb 



Ftrieea yearF eaaoMnai 


IB Victoria. 


•V** dyalaff aad alaaalac warha ■ 


^''aaa teata ~B»g Haraf 'brmuT^atota 
ktla. aaaU ardara attaaiad la, 


f, w. yKfm* 

I.APKBINO, fcalaomtalBg, ata 
aMid, palator and deootmtar. aaMBa 

liaaR. lali f laakwood Bueot, iFniMi^ 

PAINTING. palnUng, kalaemlalaK^^aafiS 
houaa rapaira. Pbona lotaB. 

PAINTINO aad aoaoraiiBaL ail klaag d> B>> 

SaeoilB-BAMD ctaokiBti fwac^a MBi 
aalta bought for aaab. If paa «aal ' 
always aall Bhaw A Oa 

kT«B,an oai» 









ALWATB ■allafbotorr— MatlwalM 
FaraKbra aad p4aa« aMvlM aaaHBla 

daaaa akaaa 48lfi: Offla^ Si^ Vay| 

> raaoaisi 

Ualtod Tpi 


t ar 


(IK I 


■ KM ■ 

THE DAtLl^'^OrrLONTSTf VTCtetltU.^ kc' TyKDAY, PEERU Al^V 1 

Farms, Poultry Ranches 


DtlWLOP * rooT 


Emu BM* rbomam 0»«l». IU». >«MU 

mag ^5Egm.-a 

WXLUAlUr BagUak CottCb ««M( 
ll«f from ehronlo o >qg > fc Mft 

JAM* <Mt ■»M«alM. Oaraa 

m>*4. OOMBltAtlOM tWWt, 
Ctopb«ll liulldiDS. PhM* 

>tll Sua- 

. '^'v WmsuKu ron 

houM. rully nM4«flb Sin 

XMiujutm av^l-^jhm flv«-ro«Bi«« 

•ITrBnyward B\4». 

PtiMi* MTI 

Mid w»t«r tiMr strMt car. ImniMtMa «ee«' 
MUioa. Price I !.••«. WriU or eom» — 
M*. lit* CUrk Btro««. VlctorU. 

iTtOR DAI* — KxcoptioaUIr (tM «m»U 
i? low with t>Miuif«l sardM, kaa— — 
In*. pMiaiiDv. poiubad fii^n, b«Ot-te iaar 
turM. B«> I7«4. Cot— tot. 

f PMtry Mi4 tatlt. ter«o lot. I«« tAxas: 
wHhln 1 mil* 9t City UaU; I Mo«k ffplb 
c«v Him; fa.m, VMy ctfar t«i«M. Mx 

UK. Ooionm. . 

FIVE-ROOM nio4«rfi li>iiB(alow, r*ineftt 
founilKtlon and pl|»«<l for furnace, stand - 
Ina An level lot tOOsUO. all sood sarilen 
■Oil, o«i)tlvat«d, H-bloek from cartlne. Tbo 
boat bar >>i the elty today; .ILIOO. torma. 

' HI Union Banli Bwlldlay 

OR Bal»-^atall medani toofaa la Jamaa 
Bay. prlea tl.7M. til* eMh and tlf 9«r 
month. PhoD* ZtltX. 2317 W«l Bay lload. ' 

UWUL Bay boma of alcht dallsbttvtly av 


1*1 Union Bank BulldlaB 

FAIRFIELD — Mod«rn 5-roomed bungalow, 
with garaaa. oMMatad tSMmast. IS 

Xataralty Uoa»itai. 


__^»rapar«d. forma m»»Uad. 

- Uoyd>T«aac« aatary pablle. IglS ~ 
■ttaat Phoaaa 4IU aad SMtK 

Dft. J, liaepharaon, C.M.a., offlca. Ill 
BaUBMU HouM. Uoura: 10-lS a.m., 
S.» pi«l^?Soaa MltR. 

DB. J. DUNLAP. Pbyaletaa aad 
Womaa'a dtoaaaaau datta 11 T Wattar 

" JjJjIvagltyJiajtlaL ~ 

yg'B ^ ^ ^ l lat la ae«u» H aaadji^,. MMaf 


raTBBIIVABIAN — CanlBa Boapttal. e«r 

*^ A. & O. MUBORAATB. Bjk 

oa application. 

J^WSA aUMUa aV ovar thirty yaan ^-Oora A 

PtMaiSSr'AgaDU. * Tlibar*'^5siJBfc*[«S 
t*nglay Straat Phoaa tttm. 

• Civil Bntlnaar. Ii ~ 
m t nmi t , mineral sorre; 
aad aaamarelal drai 


ABBAUTirUL i-roam fumlatiaA bsoaa. 
including aarhardrH^BtsmWB |>Wg»; 

muat ba aa«n to t>a 
tayiaa Owner. 444IT, 



<nubiMMd mt) 


Wall-bullt honac. entrance hall. UVing 
room, diBlDg room, kitchen, •mall aawtng 

tarma, ■ ^ 

.' ^ .Bi«4itiHi^Al^<A.m*^^ 

Conalatlac of aatranoa ball, pananed, llv* 
Ing room with flrcplacia, dining room, baaa- 
ilfultr panellM with hullt-ln buffet and 
\>«amr<l relllng, pa»K pantry. kll< hpn, balti- 
room. twa-r badrnamp. good aleeirlc light 
flmlHk'CtMiat MM«maat. flu■nae•.^ latindry 
tiSg, gNb -^11n beuM la In tha boat of oon- 
dlWMk aad almoat n«w; |4,«o«, on tariaa. 


TTOR fia»--«tenr baavtifnl largA tot*, fln- 
JC eat garden roll. The four, $1.00» for 
qnick aale; term' tu >ult. The Gold Tling 
Inviatment Company, 303.^ Cfdar Hill RoimI 

FOR Sale— A fine llat of hom<fs. pricad 
from $1,180 up. Tho Oold Ring In- 
vaatment Company, 3033 Odar. Hill Roftd. 

GOROB DISTRICT— rally Uu-nlabed T- 
room houaa, fult mpapm ltd lar«« 
lot, splendid aotl. Cralt ItTM* iM ainall 

fniit, on imprairad MMct Mdr .Mrtlaa: a 


vary comfoiiiiM* kasM ' OMtplato 
eaay tarn*. 

H/Alf PMUmt ; CI. C. BOWBLIi 

^ !•! Ualow Bank Bulldted 

HAULiTAIir It. B>yo«aiad madarn tansa- 
low, bnut-ln faataraa. •(«.. |S.M«. W. 
B. Brown, «H Bayward BnlldiaB. 

orchard of KO full-twaiing apple paar, 
plum and cherry t rp^ A fin e varietur of 
amall fi^ta. roaas. and q«ianUU«i of flowara 
and vagatablea A modem g-room aaml- 
baasalow. oamant baaemast aad garaga. 
BtoBO retaining wall. Thia property la lo- 
cated on htgti ground, half a block from 
I Plaaaaat aurroundlnga. PHoad IMr 

'^.iiwu"''. »«•»•«. 

101 Union Bank Building 

IF you are loeklnK for a home. It do«i aat 
matter at what prim or in 
wtadt pari of the olty you .d»- 
aiff), It we oan Mttt yoa. Wr 

•9J/)||y— VIM ca<b and balance arranga 
^mi^JV btiya Bice 4 -room houae, I' block 

, from Ml. Tolmie carltne, wUto 

, all modjara <M>nveiilaBteg aad 

vwr-'aiBB 'Mt. 

. w.* . . .. 

OQ<>fW\ — »B0« CA8H buya modern flve- 
WO^yjyi room bungalow with baaemept 
piped for furnaea. Maa lot «ad 

.1 • 

^HHA/k — On 'very easy terma buya mod- 
_^FWW em 7-ronm bouse in «ak Bay 
DlfMrict, cement baaalnent, fur- 
■ nao* and M«|ly kalaamlned. 
altuated on orw a qtifartar a<n-e 
of Brmiii4. is ioiraiy loaatiOB. 

SlfCf|A|lr~^ ^«<w "xu^ laraljr t-room 
VAAyWviioaae In moat exeluaive real- 

dentlat district In Victoria. This 
house haa full aiac ocm^nt basc- 
nirnt, furnace, scrvanta' quar- 
ters, lovely presaed brick 
open (Ircpllacas In aavWAl 
room*. This magnificepi home 
la 4tUdted on property alae W 
. ilM with inagnificent vitfw and 
nan qiinlltirs far too niimeroua 
to mriition. This homo is worth 
at the very least, |30,*M. 

Tkaaa. •zalMv* UaU^ca' 1^ »y: 

A. M. ORBOO * CO. 

. m Peihberton -BIk. 

TnAIBPUDU>— Cleaa la. blgh 
J? faOy Hodam •-roomed bugala^r. «ar« 
Mr UL taiBa roooM. b« feMaraa. Mafia 
U aralD la wbtoh can be made, tw* gM« 
raooM. etoaa baaamaat. One view of aaa: 
taxaa aaarly all paid up; quick aala. |4.7»A 
^IBWP— ntctkawdpaa St* O^e la. ' 

ta aglaadid Biat Hl aa. <«U 
at. fnraace. waatr taba. 
lat. a aioat datfrabU koma; • 
aty. gakd appartaalty: oaly •«.tM. 

'UBI«IM-l<fMiaaB aiadara, 1 

J:. rMUB dawaaialra aad > a«Mair« tea 
pl/se. ballt-U feataraa. caaiaat baa—a at . 
furaaoe. gaa: aaiek aala. |t,U«. 

VICTORIA WBBT-<»aaa to Gorge car. 
good roomed boaaa wltk modara eaa- 
Tanianeea, oaly II.IO*. «aab: 
aral • ar (-roomed kousea from t* 
•I.Md: «a aaay tarma 

1 btaeka from Park and t blaeka (rom 
Parliament BIdga.. t-roomed madem bonaa. 
1 badroom downatalra and S badroon9 ap* 
atalM. ftra»iaoeiL large cement baaasiaat. 

aetata: M.fW. . 
f\AK a4T-<d-pgo*aod Itt-aUtV 
V claaa ta «ar. oemeat baaaaM 
fer <amace ; a anap, tl.*0<. 
f%AM. BAT— Fine «-roomad fully modern 
V/Mingaiow. cloae in. aaar car. baaement. 
(iimace, full lot, garage; a aaap at |4,40«: 

W« woald appraciau yaar llatlaga aad 
<■» gall poor property U tbe arlaa tlgmt. 
■ . Ui'ttt Sayward 


17UIRPIBLI>— Claaa ta Baaea n Bill Park 
X and aaa, 7-ra«eMd aaw aad modern, 
houae, furnace, wash tubs, opea flrepiace, s 
bedrooms, larse living and dining room, 
dea, cabinet kitchen, garage. Hower and 
k^tohen garden; Immediate posseislon; own- 
ers leaving city; 15,004. 

FAIRPI£l.D «-roomed new and modern 
bungalow, hot water MatOT* Mtflt-in 
features. ^4-acre ground:. Ktai, ' 

BEACON .^1L.L, PARX.<9farl>' avpMl^ 
roomed modern hovga. ,tnraaa^ labg, 
good looallty; (6.600. ,^ ^ 

/\AK BAT bonBalow. • roomg, beamed. 
V/ panelled, built-in baSat,- bookeaaaa. fur> 
nace, garage. In one of the very best locali- 
ties, close to tram; 94,100. 
/VAK BAY way. t-roomed very artistic 
yj bunaalow, beaoMd. paaalled. ^ku«t-ln 
buffet, fumaec. tuba, ete., jaBt alt Oak Bay 

Ave.; only $».700. 

R. B. PlWK«X«-d^-Ca. - - - 
808 Pemberton Block Ptwme l«H 


HkdnMd B«B«atow, is.too 


CUBE bargain; moat l>« sold; owner 

leaving Immediately for Europe: seven 

rooms, garage, perfect In modern conveni- 
ences, sltu^t«d In very recherche part of 
Oak Bay:' cost in cheap . bulldliw_ times, 
07.M«| fe» -aalol^ -aala , . M > »M - — JtOiUe A 
H on, IQg Pemperton Bll^ ' 


HERB is somelliing worth looking Into. 
An eliceptlonalljr w^ll-bullt story and 
baU feWmlfMP. « vaaaHb full al»e cement 
baaemoKtr fmiBM: flitea' living room with 
open fireplace, dining room, kitchen with 
all klndsBof bulU-ln features and nice bad- 
Tooms. This nice home is within easy walk- 
ing distanoo of town and situated on one of 
the nicest streets in Fairfield. Price. f4,200. 
on aaay terms. A. M. Qrcgg A Co., 130 
PaatkagtOB Hik. 

I'kTR.N SPBriAl-, 

IMMEDIATE r08.SEB(iI0N. fully furnished 
choice T-ro»m«d home, with a largn en- 
closed sleeping ponh. Thin home la mod- 
ern In every detail wlttr furnace. laundry 
tubs, garage, etc., line garden, large and 
amdl Vruila: tjutea only n*. BawpUonal 
Mcriflc* at f 1,7(0; farilture Optional: pho- 
tograph at iifTlce. 

7th Floor B. C. Permanent Bldg. 

Phono 2736 ' 

flKKTMCB rem «4UI 


^Qft ft—A FBW atinatea' walk (rom tka 
#IWU MiUMia oar wnalaua. BXtBA 

• r*ii8B uyt 00 rr. % «« ft. 

of ana gardan aell; 14 fruit 

treea and OOOD l-BOOklBD 
CUTTAUB with water piped U:' 
apend a ooapio •( hundred dal- 
lara oa tb 
, wlU teva 
m a IMBO 

apend a ooapla 
lara oa tbia property aad you 
a dilMy Uttia 

I — IN a choice lecatlon overlook- 
Ing Gorge Park; extra well 
ballt f-raomad houae wttk ea- 
BMM kaaaauBt and beat M la- 
Snoir daltt; an abaolMa flirt. 
Baldly arorth $4,100. • 

*a|UUV--*(^BBTANTIALL.T bultt cottage 
VMuUUv. of 4 roema and pantry 'with 
anatar piped in. vary llgbt aad 
In good condition; full baae- 
ment, line garden, to ft. x 301 
^ .ft. with aver M CrtiH trees and 

MMMlfWWATBRPRONT cottage at Ponl 
VwWV Bay, fully modern in every re- 
apoot, flna gardan mnalng down 
' ta vatar, tm teat doapt, 

the most attractive 7- 
bauaea in patrHeid. all 
fernlan bullt-ln featurea, t 
'•tollata and #aghbaalna, aieeptng 

Ek, «»tra cMd Boora, garaM 

#PUW|A— ONB of 
^jWMMv rvomf d 


paved read adiaeent to Vie- 

PM acrag eul 

aoroa artth akoaa M 
. ^ eultlvatod. balaaea aoaity 

A|^|B all light second growth, to acres 
could easily b4 put under the 
plow the first year; never fall- 
ing springs. This is an a^^ 
lata gift, and owners ata fpripad 
td a ell to .pravgat aiartBB^a 

•ilAAIV -M ACRBB wlttr (-reomaa booae. 
V^VUV akokt n miteg from Vta|nMa 

by road. About a million feet 
of timber on property and some 
goad bottom land; an abaolate 
aaeriflca; ewaar laavtaiv: far 
faclaad. ^ ^ 

WORK Htreet. lust <)(r King's Road. 7- 
room modem house, -ba oamant, cloae 
t o tw o c a rl lnas; pri ae ia , 7M | eaa y te rm a. 

DOMINI O.N Road — T*'o 4 -room ' modern 
houses, standing in half acre ground, 
garden fruit trees, chicken housea, etc. 
Price Ot.:M. Tarma 

SI MB Avaniia— Five-room modem houae. 
situate on good lot; a bargain for only 
11.100 cash. 

BANK Street — 7-room modern houae, 
cement baaement, furnace, garac*! 
chlcken houaea. nl9a lot, (• ft 'by lirtt 

Price |a,7tOi aaay tar 

IMt CMgtey.tStWMt ' 

XBkOka koot part ef Falrfiald Batai 
atavad. toauining ' ' 
tftrta a. « bedroo» 



1003 DougUe Btreet 

Pkone •<« 


AHIUH-CLAH8 home of 7 rooms, altuat- 
ed la the beet part bf the PaLrtleld 
IMOtrlet, ' large living room with beamed 
celllfig and ap«n rireplaee. nleoly finished 
<l'-n. illnlng room with panclloil walla and ceiling. HAUDWOOl) KLuOltS. 3 
largti hedrooma all with closets, llnon 
elMat, bateeny and alaeping pvt^ kitehan 
#Rti pantry and amillery. cmMom l>aaament 
*M!b HOT WATER HKATINO. laundry 
AUbs and lulirt, full size lot.;')?, 500 
^•ROOM modern hmiKo, koikI locality, 
^.t.jf , Oak Bay. ccmom haaomem with fur- 
nace, alatlanary laundrv tuba aud toilet, 
kitchen and pantry with all built-in fea- 
tures, nicely rinlahed dining room, den. 
with open rtrrplace, larve living room with 
Apen fireplace and window seata, bed- 
raama with <ios«tB in each ime wltk ata* 
(iPBary baalB. very alea batkraom and UBe» 
elaaot. irt#r MOM lati M,aM. 

A> T, ABOKV , 

008 ruli 


BB«T («oMaatl4l ooB i laa. Dart Bt. ninq- 
raamod toanae, aTl raavimiencao, t fire- 
placea, lot |-:.ftA«, terms, or 
caati; splendM rooming or home propofti- 
tiaa: It minttt*B' walk m centre of rliy. 
Bo i 40110, or Pbont. rolqalts ItR. 

S BARTON 1T1UI, TaRK nine-room koaae, 
alaaa ta the paik. wttbin twatva aMa* 
Mtatf «aik 'ifl the pest uBIre. kaM araod 
iaaMk twa tolleta. two fteepiacea. gara«a, 
Mnt-ln eBacia and everything neceaeary In 
a ••ari rraldeno*. rrh^e, on terauc t7.0«0i 
ti(iai«4tot« poaatgaOon. • ' 

m.» BMg. 

I'NOAWnr. ROOlai, kaib, tc»let. fall 
c<tma«t baas iV ieht, garden Hirh fruit 
tr«>es. fine h^althy imrrouitdlnga, near Park 
water and car; pMc^e Ot.tto, wiih t&Oo eaah 
ana fcat"nr^ mnnthlv paymenfa 
H, AMPm-iCTT n. f. UOWBU* 
1 01 t'nion nank Building 

'BBpIl lb»la — l-roomed bouaeboat la 

■T <i<yaiuaf». Pkaae 4a*4i 

WOR Bala W aofk ttaaoigi Bt 
F hawas. 1 IMW lou. WaAi aad pantry, etty 
water, pear cOra. Price 11.400; |M0 
balanoa ao rent. Be« 4Slti ColaiMst. 


rta. .Pa 

iloti Mei^h let. No. tOld 

f^aitaralia Btiaai. comrm iat>i,> rixe-egaat 
bnngaraW, #nh atttc rnuahed with ba a var 
*MMUPd: lusa baaaataat. furnace, gmu, ate. 

fa (vgnMMtf'-BaoalMiaar. Ownera: 


11^' I 

KINQB Road, B-rooincd modern bungalow, 
on large lot 100x150; a good buy at 
tl.too. W. H. Brown. «20 Bayward Building. 

LINDEN AVENUE— Splendidly built- cT- 
nant atuoco bouae of 7 rooma. The 
rootqa In tbla houae are particularly well 
arranged and the panelling and d<><-oratln)ia 
ari of tha Bnest. Full cement dry hHHcMnr.nt 
and fnraaea, garage and pleasant grounds, 
an ideal home. We are offering tMa haaae 
balow market price; t7,ooo. on terms. Thla 

^.ITiSJl't'SLt:' P*" Fairfteid Botate. 
H,^AMPHtjETT O. <!. UVmWil.'U 
101 Unio n Bank Building 

LOVBLT l-roomed bungalow, with lawa 
and garden, every convanlanoe. Inoiad* 


imm l-roamad baagalow, otodara ahd 
pipad for furnace, outbouaea and goad 
^dani 11.000; lot t2xl»4, and at ' ' 
wliatavar extra land Is required up 

Obqioe position that will rital 
la, valaa, ^ 

TN Wat WUMt 

BSD aaf l«at yat bvT 
a KhoBo »ta. 

1 glyb 


ISia DoUBtaa BtMOt 

MARINi; DtUVK. .>vrrlooklng tho sca; 
and ,ttn uninterrupted view of the 
mountains, thla lovely bungalow with larijo 
living and dining rooms, opeix fireplace, 
bullt-ln buffet. Dutch kitchan, tkrae bed- 
rooms, washroom with laandfF ttrapB, full 
baaement with furnace, vary >Baod baytag 
at 14,300, terms, 

OAK BAT, oloae to arhatM add ^ear, tkia 
modern five- room bungalow on a large 
lot with nice oak trffcs. th<» houae has -ipeit 
fireplace, also furnace, full cement basit- 
ment; an exceptionally good buy at I>,lt0. 

I7IAinFlEL.D. thla modern aeven-raom 
Bcmi-bungalow , Immediate poaaaaaion, 
lovely open fireplace, built-in ohina cabi- 
nets, also bullt-lo seats, full cement baf«- 
ment wtili furnace, situated close to school 
and walking dleln-nre to business. This can 
be hod on torms and Is a choice Invoafmcnt. 
Only «4.K00. 

FERNWOOD, six-room bungaloa-, large 
living taoM^ dUilav roam and kitchen, 
thraa badraMST MH aagmot baaement and 

ruraaM^^.l9f«f«r~^^g^-«»oa Xlraplatja. 

garago: It,***, aaor 

111: Uougias Street 

NICE 7-roomed modem home for aala, kot 
water coil In furnace, large abop at 
back with light and water, suit auto, me- 
chanic or carpenter: owner going away; 
torrnB or ranh. TMp I« k (TOcxI buv; five 
blnckB friiDi City Hall. fhoijc 2:9SR. 



fltlllB b,eautlfUI- ••roAtoad modem imnsa- 
'X low la offered tbday for |3,sr>o. rom- 
pletc In every wuy «-|lh bullt-ln buffet, 
open flrepliici'. Dining ;-onin, parlor, 
kitchen, pantry, bath and toilet. Hot and 
cold water, S (arCa bodffoonu wltk elothea 
closet a, full kaomiienv and furnace. Tlie 
lioiife alands on two lota, splendid soil, hav- 
ing- several fruit treea. loganberries, gooae. 
berries, raspberries, chicken hous^ and run, 
alao rabbit' houaak ,^Inaida tba oaa-mile 
circle. Eaay terma; ,||tV eaah,^ kalaaoa aa 
raat, asanthly. 

R. ItiMtfy'liOH A SON 
Pkaaa Uff lit PanbortaA Bldg. 



B««l Jta^^Ptaaj^u^aad Imwaaoa^i 


ii' you are coateai plating parchaslng a 
borne, aee «ae Xtrau 1 caa flhra y«n a 
aeiecUon of a deaaa ar mata; prtaa aad 
■a tkat wilt suit yaw. I kava aan aad 
■toaa at iwar mn-ra' niaaa »» 

I^OROB -ROAD— Bern la a new faar- 

roomed bungalow. Juat coniplet- 
ed. containing dining room, 
f kitchen, pantry.^ aad two nice 
betfoema. Tke >aaaa «• aa blgh 


{jow taaaA aad coai tnMiapar- 
tatlao. . Tonaa aacap fliw a Ht y 


'E'AIRFIBL.D— story and balf dwelling of 
aaven rooma, moderately priced. 
Reception hall, drawing room, 
open fireplace, dining room, 
panelled walls, beamed ceiling, 
aad buUtrln window aaat. 
■Hotaa aad paaa vaatry. Pmt 
flaod ataa bedroonta and bath- 
room. Clothes cloaeta In each 
room. Bull aUe bast^inant. toilet 
and all moderu conveniences. 
The abavo price Includes kitchen 

—■ ^ — etova, gaa range, and all elet- 

tHe ntllnga. BaaUx wortk |8t0. 
Tbe tarma can t>« atada ault- 
.aM. » 

tj*AlRPiaU>— Bare ia t&a knC bmij 
. on the marltet for the money. 

^ This little home contains recep- 
tion hall, hardwood borders, 
nloe living room, hardwood 
borders, dining room with built 
ia featttrog and open fireplace. 
Tna floors and woddwork are 
of picked fir and much above 
the average. There are two 
bedrooms, one Is done In white 
enamel, gocul , .bathroom witii 
aniendld fixllina. Kitchen and 
paaa pantry (gaa in the 
kitchen). FuU aire l>asement. 
cemented, aivd new hot air fur- 
nace. Thla la a woll-bullt home 
and will stund u builder's In- 
spection. The lot Is In flowers 
and vegetabi- garden. Terms as 


N IAOAHA ST.— Pour-rdumed modern 


wi th all a m de sn i m i 

venlencea Tbatli and pantiy). 
Iloom 111 the attio for two 
lUuiu i^>oma. Terms |659 cash, 
balance fit a month. Intereat 
at 7 per cent. Aaaume .a mort- 
Iiocala, only twt> more 
jw a aa Hi ■ • 


~ ' i ' V'M' ii II " I I - i r ff!j t PiftWitfn ii ~ i ra~ » ~ i r i ~ ii 


^ffWilOi- t^l ft dea Avenue, a 
^UUV IB tfta ftaat »art. 

'«b4 nar. l-rooaied 

fine BtlualloD 
— J»r the »ea 

»ed modern semi- 

bungalow. vestibui*.'*^ dining 
t,' room Ot>enliic Into living ftww 

wUn sliding doors, ofwa tlre- 
pUoea aad beamod callings, den 
With built-in bookcase and flre- 
plaoa. paaa vaairy aad kitobea 
wtlk gaa, t ka«aMM|aa4l kaUk> 
r«o« dawnatalra. tJpataira I 
/ , , . j|>o4f r noma and largo hall or 
' '*IIMI««fy. Slv4<plng porch, linen 
• rtoast, etc House ooutalaa all 
bttllt-tn faatatea, tall «aaieni 
baaaaaeal. larga favaaoa, Ruud 
heater, tuba, atomrma. alae lot 
In garden, 

Ae«|tfUV>-«)>oal Bay, a ataal^arad, aacluded 
IrMW aealtlon wttk flna vtaw of tke 
itmlta. ThU houae. which baa 
8 rooms. Is built on 3 lets and 
i-ontalas 4 bedrooms and play- 
roona. dining room and large 
baaaild living room witk ifllv- 
place, paaa pantry, klicheti', all 
built-in features. piped for 
furnace. * 
#dKfMV— Oak Bay DUt|:k:t, 3 blocks from 
^PWUW aara, madara g-raoaoiad bunga- 
low, aapedalty well built and 
Urca airy rooma, panelled and 
ftaaiitaa hali. S bedroom*. 3 open 
fliaplacea, lull cameat baaement, 
agar furaaaa. L<ar«a lat tOxin, 
fndt traoa and garden. 
^Afl KW— Oak Bay, Just north of Oak Bay 
^fmtfn^J Avanuv, aU-roonicd modern 
houae, antranoe kail. S bad- 
ratMaik Ban aaaaiMOl ' 
faraaaa. lot HxltS. 
#jii|inj|WJaBa off Fort Btreet, 7-roomed 
ymWW g ga iP teungaiow. J bwlrooMn u|i- 
' atatra and 3 downstairs dining 
room, panelled and beamed, 
opening into living room, all 
built-in featurea, part cement 
tmsemeat, flrst-claaa furnace. 
^/ nice garden, ample room for 


hoal Buy, with fine view, 8- 
ropmeif modern hotiaf. oamant 
baaement. lut 64x130, all 1b gar- 
den: cash, fiiOO. 

R. V. WINCH & CO , LTD. 
Real KBiaif Inaurume. Noiuries Public 
Wlnili Ui.llillng fi4u Kort Htreet 


rROOMB— 1<,|0« 

6- ROOM modem buagalaw in ven 
able I'lcallty, cloae to car. astra large 
U'l. mil enirAnce hall to very large llvlac 
I'uiiin with open brick fireplace aad wladaar 
seats, dlnii^g r ea m wttif paaa pantry to kaaa> 
tlful kitchen Htted with numerouB ca^ 
boards, I kiedrooma with roumy rtoeeta. bath 
and toilet, full cement lias«m*nt and fur« 
uaoe and tuba, gav In Uaaemcai a«»d fcU- 
ckan; ~ 


t'^ITUATE OB one of the meat daoiTMa 
' alraeta In tbla popular district, 7 roama 
wllk panelled ball, built-in window aeats. 
living room with very nne leaded glass win" 
dowa, dininc room panelled and beamaAr 
anil an exceptionally Ueautlful built-in buf* 
fct with mirrored overmantel, den ar breakiat* 
fast rooM. paaa paatry aad kitrkan wttki 
plenty or rupboarda, 1 bedrooms wltk cloa- 
eta. bath and tollat. full cement basement 
Willi tollei, stationary tutti" and furnaca. 
About su line oak treea; lot OOcllO, aad 

pmo« ON rrnnoh-^M^'^ : 

Pembariiaa MlldlBC 

•38 Fort Btreet 

Phone in 



I>RACTirALLY new 7-room scml-bunga- 
low situated on ciiio of the best atreels 
In Fairfield, close In. at snap price. Down- 
stairs contain* nice. r<;rnptioo hall, living 
room with fireplai e," illniiig room, beamed 
celling, bullt-tn features, Dutch kitchen, 
daa and one bedroom. There are two bad- 
rooais upstaira Baaement la full slae, ce- 
mented, with filrnaee. The house Is In ab- 
solutely flrat-elass condition ami linmcdlalo 
fJtWBessloii Tnn -tiTtfl — tf Oeslrertr — This 


VO M% Of all cardan prodaeta la eom- 
KrVf posed of WATER; tO to 00% of all 
garden failures Is caused by lack of water; 
80 to 00% of cost Is in water and water- 
ing; get a 100% crop at the minimum cost. 
Investigate (he SKINNER STRTEM' of irrl- 
gatlan It pays coat of Inatalllng In added 
■rttflta the first year. Battle Broa. (agents 
MK'flklnner «(ystem), >0M Cadar Bill Read. 

TWO dOOD OMBB ^ USm, tlfMf pWfl 

MARIGOLD — <-rooms, fully modern, AXXi 
BUILT-IN FEATURE3. and about 
OND ACRE. ' with houaaa . and run 
for 900 bead of peuir ' ^ 
ponns " ' " 

OWNER offers for sale, en 
long terma, low taxaa no 
.martgage. aavaa>i«am kataaa, 
tkerongniy modara. on larpa 
donblf lot. ISO {net road trak- 
tage nice rose garden, a||t« 
bondiav anitable iot J^rmt*, 

EAR Haaluin L 


■i.^ houae. large lot, radnood for quiek 


"V'BAR Oak Bay Ave,— Two 0-room bun- 
T- galowa. fornaca and garage, price re- 

Ap»iy owakr; 

Pkany 4m. between 3 and 6. No Agenta 

MODBRM gad attraaUva four-i _^ 
^ bangalaw la oboloa aactlon of Oak Bay. 
batk. pantry. ^oa«aat kaaamaat. lar«a lat. 

JSS". i2l »»uii»; ♦a.sot*. tarma, 


101 Ualaa' Baak Buildlaa 
Phona taao 

OAK BAT Plva-room bungalow, granite 
plere In front, garden, garage, full ce- 
ment baaement. piped for Xurnaac, built-la 
features, very good elociHo Astarea. TMa 
la in a aplaadid location amaag floart kamaai 
Tkaaa la aa oMrtflaca ta fpgiaio, Maok aa 
tarma, -mmmm, w-ria% aa 

0#a-l Baywani uids 

r\UVBlk BTRKBT. OAK " - ' Mofltfa t. 

raa» kaaae. large raeeptlon 
meni, tkregee, good aardca, aagr 

reaaonably pHyd, KtOf. 

lOitfalaa aaaitf 

r|Alt BAT BUNGALOW, one block frMa 
Vy ear. t rooma. bath, toilet. baaameaL 
alae garden, picaaaal oamaadlaag, par 
atdek aale. aagH flHrMtefa a* 


vary aaay urma. 

M. AafraijgBn^ 

. BBPBciAiA^' swa' «rir 

BBBeMWOOD AWBNUB-i-a.iaBllbg , 
gaiew; full baaaataat, Baotad: kar aaa 

cold water; big let s low " ' 

auUt-lB baa k oaaia ^and k — Hi; nm kM» 


SITUATE In the best part of Fairfield, 
close to car*, beach and park. It min- 
utes' walk to ventre of city, 8 suites, ^tew« 
ing a net Income ef $3,000. welt furnubed 
and all conveniences. A goli 

and all conveniencea. A going ooaearn-aad 
easy to maaaM. iu«kaaltb «f awa at galir 
reaaoa Hor aalltng. Coat ftMM ta bSSd 

Snd fttratiB, a oaorlttca fct IIOIhI. aa- MnOA 
isolaalva aalo. Baa ka at akoa. 

R. V. WIMCH * ca, LTD. 
Real £statei laatiraaaa, Notariea Pkbllc 
W<nch RoUdlng 040 Fort Btrapt 

SBAFRONT property of eight bright apa- 
- clous rooms, embracing all modem con- 
venlencns, basement, furnace and garage, 
lot fronts on paved road and runa back l&O 
feet to sea. TMa to a aabataaUklly bnttt 
and good appaamw pro p e r ty, eamiaandiag 
wonderful viawa of aea an# nwwatalaa; ab- 
aoiata oaerMa« 94,f j<l> lanlM. 
, lit Vaion Bank Balldlrig 

Phone two 


fpHB else of room la Idxlt. and la fairly 
A new, and >ai> be eaally added to If 
desired. The furniture m4'ludea (wo anaiael 
beds, I aingle and I double; I Parfaolton 
oil atove, tabloa and ebalre. Tkia koai«.liaa 
alaa vata a d a atajnal fAiat aad paiat la la 
flwad nandmaa. Bttiiatad aa laraa lot, aaad 
anil and spiendd vi»w; twg 'lafinitaa naia 
baa and six minufes from iliaat < 
11.100. Exclusively by 



IM PalBbartoa lliaak 

00 kaad of poultry, kad nlca 
K BAT— ciooa aa. gar. B<*«k aa« 

Oolf Unka, 4*BOOB BUNOALiOW, 
with all bailtoln faatnraa, and a 
nloa lot- plaatod to floivara, lawn, 
fruit, ate, A CBAMCINa HOMB 

??4"oo;^,aSJf*gS^ ^^^^ 


O. R. TOWKfin.^ Xr., .J^ IMQtACVtlB^ 
Baiatp PtHillir a Batary Pabllc. 

§ti'7P\-r*^^ 'or two fine lota on Lane- 

Aowne Rofd, near the Normal 
' '— > • Mchool, these lota BM level ami 
In good locality. Do not miss 
a anap like this. No. lO.iO. 
for a kouae. t rooms and base- 
ment, Inverness Road; you 
could iwt build the houaa for 
the money. No. lOlO.- 

dbQ/W\ for 3.12 acres at Bhawnigan Lake 
^POUU ■ with cabin on It. No. 10i4. 
#4>V^r|/V— Bungalow, 4 rooms and baae- 
^^uAJ\f ment. 8 chicken bouaea. fruit 
traoa, gobd gardaiL laialt 
pi^iBaat. Mo. mi. 

rooma and 
100 ft. X ite ft 
Road. No. 1081 

bungalow, on Comwall 


AlC BAT— This bungalow 1^ .luci off 
Newport Ave., and flw iiiliiui»a' 
walk from the golf Unka. 'beach 
and carline. Kcveu-rooiiied, 
- story and half bunuulnw, i'»ii- 
talnlng reception hall. i>nneii..ii 
walls. dining room. beamed 
celling, oiien fireplace. Uvlug 
room, open llrcplace and <lcn, 
open fireplace. Kitchen and 
paaa paakQP<7 Tkree. badrooHU^ 
clotbOt"ntaBOtt, llnaa .istoaata, 
tnlraar -taora. The proparty la 
* ofino'aad is nicely laid aut 
, aq^ toaad. Terma 


LP yott are looking for a good commercial 
'•-I proposition, with aeraaga, cot- 

ta«e, atora and poat atfloai wltk 
■ mpntkly. aalaa laailas from 
«l,»0» la n.MO, aaa aaa at 

. 4»l)«a, ; 


dM O/MV^Makes you the owner of nifty 
^XOW modern bungalow of ft rooms. 

wltti all latest Improvements, 
even down to hot water heat- 
ing. Price only tt.OtO. 
— OOvea p oaaaaaion af A real ar- 
! tiatlcally dc a li a ad aami-bunga- 
<. low. receptlaa , kali, living aud 
dining roema panelled and 
beamed, bullt-ln bookcaaea and 
seats, buffet, etc. Cabinet 
kitcben. large bright kadiwnaa. 
ion of cloaeta, bath aad toilet 
In white, basement, cement 
floor, furnace, laundry tubs, 
toilet, etc, garage. Thla homo 
ought to be seen to be appre- 
ciated. A sea view from almost 
every window. Price only 14,- 
600. Aft quickly. 

ttQf kA — For >i-roomad semi- bungalow. 


MVXAfli — I-room 

#^IUV Straet, near Fairfield. No. 1013. 


TIO cloaa an estate I am oBorlad ^r aaa 
waak aaly twa-aiory modern MmL ait- 
■alai'Sa fcfook frota cariiaa aiT^tSlk 

tka Bille, circle, eontatnlng 2 bs>4r«>oma. Ilv- 
lad taom. dinlna mom. breakl.%st room, hall 
kttckaa. bathroom, toilet, fun atsed baae- 
ment. concrete foundation, woad afcad and 
efcleke'tt hoaae. f iar«e frait lfwe% mmt aa 
?lMg !l" U - ft^««o. atAodiag on lot 

gauia. Tka laaaaa haa been newiy papfwwd 
aad aafntad tnalde and oat and the price 
is balow one-half It would coat to balld at 
the present lime. I win aell thla for • 
oaMll caak payment down 

■. ^ MOOPl^ 

.J — ~—m. 

klew, 14-blnrk from ear. fine view 
Jmr. pleaaant samciundlnga TMa 
wtll b* sold iMa wwafc at IMoa. 
a alve- — 
101 1 


B. AiiraijltT ~ n. e i 

•maw Rank •alMUi(i 

haik. hli aad 

hmi«e>. . — . 

walar. altaated on high gronad, 
MMfM. ar wttt .aa«»aMa for 

I aaM 


$4oo(ns?-Ba^"isr!o47: • 

^A' TtUi — «-room bungalow, ^n Walton 
V*OtyU St.. price reduced from ft.lOO to 
induce quick sale. No. 1040. 

Sl^fkin — *-'^"' »"»>■<•, on Oak Bay Ave.. 
VOVrW will exchange for acreage. No 


•KAfin— houae, on Llnfcleai Ave.. 
9UUUU Oak Bar. Ma. lOtt. 

Real Batata, Ihaarifiwa, Batarlgg Pokllc 
914-tl> Bayward BaMBig 
Pbona 14M 


6-ROOB boaaa aad « tatra lar»s lou wltk 
aood fralt traoo. ata. Catkarlaa aad 
Mary fltraatai VkstorU Waat. tiogg kfaraga 
OOxloS feat aaafc. Priaa M.oaO. 
XTOOBB^aaB 4 laria Iota wttk fruit uaoa. 



BUTi a aloa home on Cook Ft. 
•car Nortk Park f>t.. « large 
ro««nA lanm kara and lot. all ie«ai improve- 

— ..jiprov< 
Pheaa tttoL. 

mewta paid; »a<y terms . 

#OAA(k~A BBAUTIFTL Oak "Bay homn 
#OSUV of » 

rooma, everything in m.Ml 
a«n atpactlaBa, aaa grouada 
wttk ataaa foai o^ Barata; terms 



ft11SA~^^, balaaea !» moatklr 
V-LJAA/ • with Intereat at als per cent 
for seven-roomed seml-bunga- 
li>w mar to beach. Oak li:iy 
c^r' and acbuols, baa fOrnace 
6 SfaMSffS-* A real bar- 
#fe|\|V— And balance arranged, 6-roomod 
^IWV modern bungalow, modern, pan- 
elled ' and beamed, etc., in 
Fornwoixl. only f/.ion. 

dMr/WV — B'"" Avenue, 0-roomed bungalow- 
WW - ooCiaB*,^ |>c maatkly,- lutaiaat c 
par oont: •>,!••. ^ 

BSSt>RB dayWtgi r .aaa aar larBt .Ugt at 
f,Oao ktiflna, 

ORO88 A GO. 
. BalBMBt B« 

property la rlear iltli. and the owner Is In 
a position to take reasonably email pay- 
ment dpwn and allou- balance to be paid off 
in BKOktbly payments, if you are looking 
for a ikap you kad better aee tkia at once 
. jg' R wWi apt iM* vary long. »rtoa_14,200. 

in l^lPtt Sank Bldg.* 

djUlTCII — A four-room cottage wlUi #leetrii- 
nP*Jk3\J iifht. water, 8 akada, good garden 
lot. 189 Reglna .Avenuip. , .-• 


•40 part SI. & Pkoaa «>l 



FOURTH Btreet icloae to Mottnt Toimia 
rarllne), well-built 7-roora atory and 
half houBo with full-alaed cement basement, 
etc.; cement sldewalkai' flna lot. 10x160. all 
fenced; house piped for fumaoo; two up- 
atalm M«nig roady fbr plaatamc: .kouse 
tkohtavUy well bollt and in good repair. 


DISCOVERT Street ineiir Doii;tlns), 7- 
room houao ou lot S0al20, offered for 
Wikat aala at tba abota aomtaal wilign, 
< ll-WO. I 

MbilB Btreet — X'ery allra<llve and cosy 
t-room bungalow 1 onitiliiiiig usual 
bnlitoln faaturao, beatned ..celllnga, flraplaoa, 
etc BaaanaM' Md ninraaa^ RilttA koatar 
and gao raaga; kot water eoNo ia furnace; 
lot - 40x100. 

14,800. ^ 

C^ADBORO Bay Road — Fully mo<lern 74 
''room house with cement basRiiicnt and 
furnam. garage, etc. ; l^rge lot; on carllue; 
ona aC tka beat bargdina We bav« ever of- 

F 84,780, 
AIRFIBLD Road'— Tory 'at<raetive and, 
well-built six-room bungalow on full 
alaed lot; llvlng-rooni and dlning-ro»m pan- 
elled In flr: tiullt-in buffet, ntc. ; gna mnge; 
bouse piped for furnace; cement basement; 
■pletidtd view; stone wall round lot. 

MOSS Street— Very well-hullt and fully 
mcxlern Be\ nil- room dwelling on lot 60x 
140. Contains ull uaual buUi-fii features, 
panelled walls and beamed ceiilnga; fur- 
nac« and laundry. House Is In goo<i condi- 
tion and i* now offered at araok balow 
codk owkw -tiwlng left Oiip, ■ 

«ji(f!!UW I—Near Rockland Avo. Bore <■ a 

fC^jy/^r $10 000 home for »«.tOO. KIght 
rooms comprlrdig living room «lih ilre- 
Pliioe, ucn with fireplace, dining room with 
buiii-in feat4tia% Watned and paaalMU 
goo<l kltchoB WItb largo pantry. Poiir 
aplandid bedroome, one with fireplace, re- 
ment basement with furnaep -laundrv triiva 
etc. Lot iuoxi;o. Oaruge uiiu chicken run! 
Terms arrunged. 

No Telephone Infuraiallon 

Ml remberlun Hultding 

tf^AK BAY SPECIAL — Hwacplng view oj 
v sea, cloae to beach, choice locality, 
extra well built S-roomed houae, modem lit 
every .lelall, beautiful iciieptlon hall, largo 
HviiiK and dining ruoina wlih bulit-ln b«r- 
f'l, lioi'kcases, open tircpla<«a, beamed and 
ixiueii..,) 4 largo bright and sunny bed- 
roonia. big cloUies closets, lovuly kitchen 
and puutry, ««ira big lot, furnace, atallon- 
Hiy tubs, balk and toilet aaparaie. I«t ua 
allow you ihia plane; fl.OOO. R. U. I'un- 
nett A Co., 800 Pemberton nik 

4-ROOMKlJ house and lot, near W'MkTn' 
■* ann «tai|on. H.c Klwi-irlc. OulbUlldlnga, 

rii>- ,v«i..,- ^i,.e,if|.:allUft, — ABBty naarga 

T^ortl. i^<'li|iiiiz I'Ai. 

1:1:.-. 1, H.XRiIaINB 

Stl'^KUl ■•-K0..MKI1 hottae. Victoria 
^^i.UU West. V,-«.re fruiiTtMIOgL kai^ 

rlea, garden, chicken Kheda. 

il»14^()fi~^"'**^'"'^^' modem. bt« 

5.*-^ garden, Blioal Bay. 

ftl fifMI"^ "*^*^*"*" hooa». hisrh loca- 
flPAUtJVr iu,„. HMIal.l. .\vr.. hlg lot. 

fruit trees, berries, garden. ■ lileken shcda. 
Terms on all. ■ 

• H. B. PUNNBTT * CO. 
iU'N Pemt»erion B lt^ck Phono tSOO 

'~ I 4 M-^na^MaawMMMMftMiMab. 


4 -ROOM BL'NOALOW, inhabitabl.. but not 
. ^ .«»atplata!y flnlfhad. on high lot <;« x 
ISO; (•oanaetad with elty water; 3 mllea 
from^qity Hail,.^ Price «|,100. Very eaay 
tcrmgi Om «Mta, j^inae, |s« p^r ^antS 

620 confial m«9. . PktNM ttl« 


Mjl Fort St. 

t - " e - 




r, HouMBD modem buasalow. 

bul*t-in faataragT" lanaia ar- 
, ranged. 

f^t-ROOMED modem bungaloa^ 
' on Pembroke Btreet: 2 bed- 
»o.g»^ •Mtifig. .apm, kitchen, 
-■ta and .toHat, kaaemnnt, pan- 
try; tajtea only $18 yearly; half 
caah. balance on mortgage. 
apQ-lXA— i-ROOilBD modern bungalow. 
^n^JJLtJV garage In baaement, - open nre- 
^ ptae*, a badrooaiB, ballt-ta fea- 
ttiraa, Beltaont -Avenne; a good 
buy, and terms can be ar- 
. ranged. 

•?l1f5rir-^*"°*'*"'''* modern bungalow. 

^POJAfV on Bincfl Street; nice karden 
full bearlag frail tiae*. amall 
fruits. wpodalMd aad eblolMa 
hous. -. larce lat: tami ar- 

*5||M^Ed-t.R0OMED modern, bangalaw. 
tFtPVIV bullt-ln buirrt, panelled walls In 

dining rooni, bath, pantry and 
hedrooma are enamelled, baae- 
ment and furnace; Oei'ge dis- 
trict : tl.loo raah. balaaaa ar- 
ranged on (lasy terma 

•9flflft~*^''*'*''*<^- four-roomed 
<l«eiyW honcalow, hed rooma. large 

^ tlvlac room with op^w flreplacr. 
kitrhen. pantr^-. batir and 
toilet, full basement, nloe -gBr- 
twh. amaU fruit*, low taxes, 
eaar t««ma. Thla la In t he ft.rtia 
Ray dlatriPi, close to ear and 

•Ernftr-CRANMORE Rosd, a lovely «. 
^P*MJV\f roomod 3-atory houae, 4 |,ed. 

£5?"?L.y*'« i-lothea cioa. 

"*"»- mrrr- '•■'om. dmtng 

rwem. kitchen. l>aih and toilet, 
oak Boors, hot sir furnane. tuba, 
cement baaement: ts.t4* caalk! 
■ balance on mortgage. ^ 

. vtfB sRiTiBH amerk^aIi aom> 

783 Fort Btreet 

SBB oar list of houses before buytaa Ii 
aevwti^a .WflPfll|D>.:.; ■>:>.• . 

features, seats, poilakad "Boor*, 
apen ttreplaaea. s||aart>f ^''^l 


.S' me liwst tmrt of PklrBeld. 7 
nia modem, charming Inter- 
ior. With up-to-date enn*«nl- 
en>*es, fnli baaameat and far- 
naee: gaad terma. 
tB to tka 

nace: gaad terma. 
afdplaas^ aaaMat waaoaMat 

caaii a f l aaoaisii t aad 

Mg gardast, terms; 
eoiice— Ion for cash. 
— NORT B HlitaMo Av^a a. j- 

* a 

*mf bay; aanA tettka. 
— JFBT oalslde dly. moat altrae. 
ilva modem 4-raam baagalow. 
Wltk M« kx, aU ki fmit Md 

rr ROOMED bangaloW- Wttk kaamed reii 
•f tnga. bullt-ln bnnknag aa, ftmaiaee «sah- 
tuba In cellar, close to car and overlooking 
the ae*. Price ti.r,oo. tr,oo t»»h will basdlc 
tkia. Balance b.- apread over t yoaia. 

Pboa; 401 


ft -ROOM bungalow, close 10 Fort Btreet 
car, and inside, lu-mile circle, living 
and dining room. Z bedrooma withr closets, 
kitchen, bath and toilet aoparate. full ce- 
ment basement and fumaca, largo lot, low- 
tnxea l'rl<e 12.300; tams IttO CMk and 
fl3 per month. 


7-ROOM practically" Hew borne In the 
Gorge district, living and dining room, 
panelled, bullt-ln .buftet and fireplace, pass 
pantry with plenty of cupboards and bliia, 
kiti-hen with cooler. Ironing board and other 
bulll-ln features, den with -fireplace, 8 bed- 
rooms, bathr and toilet, full cement baiie- 
ment with waaktuko, largo lat; temM, 11,000 

Brvn.M/OW. r. noo.MH— jj.soo 

C^ORIC in. living and dining r.iom with 
bullt-ln features, kli< hnn, 2 bedrooms, 
katk and. t^lat, baaement with fumaoe; 
terma. 170* eaah. 


5Ri)<).\i.-;. . 10 ear. enirsnee hall, living 
room with window aeata and fireplace, 
panelled and beamed dining mom with 
built-in bulCat, lar^c bright kitchen, 3 Vary 
lUtB HllnigmB,, Imik Mid toilet. fBli JWSiaat 

«_n K.,ii Phone 18J 

HH'ii^^?, H»»MI:h AT■.«^..H.^K 

«q»AOVtfV jr jou Hie looking tor a lln* 
home Kith iiiiire grounds here Is your 00- 
poimnii.v, , hoi. o situation In Ni»b Hill sen- 
tion. ci,HK> to Oovorninent llouso and Rock - 
land AVy.. atrlotly tttodern home of Bngllshv 
archRacfUre and 8 very Urge rooms, sIku 
large recc|itioii imii. washrooms, modern 
bathroom, higli lui« in. m, good fimiace and 
garage, rn<iina iiuti- large cJatkag vlosalt 

^'•wnxa'TH nicely panelleil, *^^^^^Mi<4fitiil^ 

room and n open llreplacea, 
tere in ' garden aind lawn; a 

— - . - ... ■,,„■ ,M,Tiii a very .akaiaa 

Ji'fn'a ""^ ^•ffoordlnarlly cheapi tSn^ 
sl.SOO cast lance 011 mortgage. 
WFi*^fl() " ALO\i' KOW ♦4"t»0 - 
V^'^^f^r ,v (•viiiiitelv thro bttst buy in Fa IP- 
llewi ond v^argaln of |b« imri much In tlo- 
mand, t 'MBl%.4 Ml groafld Ooor. recwu- 
Ion hall, dalt'aiid dining room i^anelled ;.nd 
liemiied. hulli-^n frMiiirrs throiiBhoui. nice 
elei-trh' llsiiires. fliif llrepla,.,-, lurgc pas* 
puiitry. 3 line bedrooms with clathea etoaet*' 
In each, upataira, : lotlatg tint jaadrnktwit^ 
r.K.m, oekient basement, \miitt^lr^iufUab« 
furnace, large .garage, all rooms cholcelv 
and . nicely decorated, «ood work of the 
beat, a home you eunnot dii plicate and we 
can give you Iminedlafe naaaaMlmk Ff4aa 

rr'ici ;:j,t;''j6%oS.'''^'»^^^"^ 

gjiUtn B"I«©AI<0#— 
WTOW^ Gorge dial rid near Gorge Road 
and not far from Waahlngton \\r very 
choice lllllc liiin;<alow of the real '-.naa. ■ 
low type. bulIi-ln feutures and high Oaaeo 
ment. also ann room aaVl two fall lata. ra. 
eeiiiion itaii. i.arior. line dining rooai, opMi 
fireplace and beveled plateglasa hoofcrss'-*, 
largo kitchen, 2 be>irnoi|is, niodern bath- 
room and linen room; a r.:al bargain at cuf 

S4.nnn h bso— 

^rxVfWf Fernwnod diafrirt near Usui, 
tain Bt. and iltnoy Mop. mo/lern and new 
bungalow of S rooma. hall, pantry and mod. 
err. batnroomi ot)en flrepiace In parlor din- 
ing room extra large, Also large kitchen 
and stairwaj-tp -hiab baaement ondar while 
houae: lot 50«I*fc%Bia«'*da»alk; all In" 

fril.*"'."'-'..''-".^. taa^aaid aot 

94hBB#i taraul 

today duplicate at leaa than 
half i?ash. We win guarant 
seen a bargain like thla, but 
kprrv. M Brat to vieW will unqw 
•ORAO tMoo— 
nftrtjyxr t-room IH -atory bungalow m 

•a* fm S^*'* 

&>ROOM h< 
la tl.too. 

houae, beaUhful location. Price 

^OR.NBR^^ji<r||party wltk i-roaat dWlUng, 

l^RNBR property; htouse, 7 roams and 
v>' kathroom; prica t2.200. 

ONB acre of good laad at tl,tf«, oa 
terma; |l,10O caak. 



710 R,r. Permaaaat I<otii) iiuiiding 
Douglas Utrcct Telephone 2a:z 

-V"*'' HlCti SoImN— Wa karg 
^maknjyr exclusive aale Of a five- room 

noltage which will Im> nevrly iMilnle'l and 
done up ltnmedlnlel> Tlir lot iniDi.rlrea 
half an acre beautiful roll an,l some fruit 
• reea. Taxes low, no ImprovtHNOMC 
Fine high location. Term* tTOO cash/ fcal- 
tTt qaartarly. K« Ickpboac taforWif 


'118 Pemberton RulMIng 

jM^f^ejUr-Jast off Fertiwood Road, a 
^^ttfU modern, compact rive-mnm 

bwagataw. In splawdld 
pot. 1m oonaa of f M* 

lafonaatlaa. * 

ittoa threagh- 

113 Pemberton I'.iiMdlng 


Roam tot Bayward Bids. 

<>-RcxntBD koaaoh dMi Bbt. 

4-roombp koaao, (Ml ■« 
bolldlog>. tirOM. 

-J^On^AII tkeae ara kofisw 

A^ lag ''oat 

WKNtNtlA. D. BHAW A oa 

mt tif - 

$1750 "J 

lum- tu .luiiil'e Hospital and 

J8M caok. kalaiieo tit pof*aMatii.**'iSSMfS- 

tit Pembrrinn Ralldlng 

AnO/WWBoar flaklaada Bckaol.— Tka Mg- 
#«OMU toot bargaia ta tka dW. A 
m ads 1*8 aoren-rAam haaoa taaialila with 

with yoang faring fmlt ttMr^MBI IliM 
oaak. balance aa rent. 


lit " " 

Northr Bart near fkoaclaa Street and aehooi, 
high Ml 80x100 With fruit trees and ehickeri 
>i..oi»-M. low taaoi^ bungalow is aaar and In 
i>. rf,.. I eondttlan, .rooma nlcaly panelled, 
ni. e psneiied liallwiy. opea Draalaeo ia par. 
lor. modem bathroam. voad VagtiBsat. 
rooms arc n«t Uri^a bat are vary aoBitoM- 
abln and the M'hole property a SMBt-kar- 
gain at the price. Terms cask ar inn' aiva ' 
terms at a bit Wgher prlc* • 
' The a k aoa iWil Q ir tl si ' 

I hiaively, mat Badtaau 


II iff vmmvn f tfit 

A FOUR to «-room fully modern bungs - 
low on good alMd lot, wanted by rc- 
aponslbla party,. WIH pay .MOO aaalt 
and goad ^MltMr BSmofSg, "Sks JSR. 

Cf>toalst. ^ 

ADVERTISER will 9«rdkaaa from «w«gf, 
•-room modera kowoa, PalrflaUls saat 
be bargiUa. First pa»raMpt« H.mT V ail 
cash If ptiaa IB r m t uSm! oMiTBds 

4003, . •. v«- 

ONA-FIDK iHiyer wants to got In togV4 
wUk owner of t or O-roomed moderO 
Falriieid preforred. CalonM 

wa, 4tit, . 

Ti onrTR oiilv — Wanted to boy t <ie *- / 
tonm la^dorn bwiwai^ with jiemont 


SMALL ba aaa low, atrlatty 
full parttMlaM aas 
aoal) la fall. BM SBflT 

C sldBlgt. 

fully waalsri 
In featama. 
awnt aiiil I 

MarBarM'o flkkooL 
'VV Oaa af tke most atiraatlve. 
naadara aaaBBi^* *be H<r 

nrepla««. rnnewl 


l»T Wtl ' R L*Wt> « KWA1N 

4 % 

T laTlNCNt raqalrad frafi V 

Weot «Mrt(r«tortr What fcavw ywa ti itHn 

The Hritiafi Aatarlaaa " ~ 
Ltd.. ;iJ Fen iHraal. 

MODERN ka*ne.'\r'|tk"Cgk^~W 
rooma Maat ba a* ~ ' 
with froas oaa-fcalf t« tw« 
lecatlea, gilas and tarma t« 
iMtrer. Baa Mol tiM r'otaMs*. 


•tato l«w< 

«yANrBf»-4Maall b«ngai#w r -jtttif 


- T> - ti 

reoiMa M*UC« «t 

|rAMTBI>-~T« Imy • I-r> 
WW MAT city e«rlln« from •VMi <»r o 

OOM bUDKAlo*. cciuent }l««r. fornme^ 
nrmvXmot, bMJ»«d ceillnit and panell- 
Cofeatot Bo» «0«*. 


4% ACRM •( . 


MqEAQB—Wm ilA|4|| 49 

.__ pUnts >nd fruit treea ta »oo4 eondl- 
tlML JUBt off pav«d road » Mile* from oUr- 

Tkcre la m «k«a4*ae« of wftUr. 
la Ural cUaa m4 T»ry prcdMttva, 
In tka eaatra of t:M mat* vvwur nrsw. 
Wnr crowiQtf diatiM tC Xwtiflc» PrlM 

MTW wWll I mw d nodarii 
gMmat. t MfM, S walla. t«0 
■Mr «a* p«Mh trMa, »• 

rnvbarb. % sere aa- 

ThU la 

bis' aardan, S«0 black eurranta, t90 
aiowabarrlaa, Insao and raspberrlaa. ThI 
h M«l flM koma and will produoa bis 

'a rAJOt to rent, adjolnlns atatloa, 


C wata£.' 
if watadu' 

taMtikry airvlaa. Wmrntamti. ' A mwkat taSI 
•II yrodaea, ao satting fall r«turnla, araall 

t% txeeiiMt 

■ a. hot fnj 

.ttting fall 1 
»«^Mi. Apply Caloalat Bm 41»T. 

fypHBiertltiO ot %1 aerea. about 13 aoraa 
V/ under pluush. balanca partly alaahad 
atfad and partly in buah. watarfront- 
(nak watar laka; acoomroodation for 
rii^ watar laid oo to all bulldinaa 
110 (oat hraad from a llTlna aprlac All 
paga kara rnnninc water and automatio 
faUlpi hoppars, ao that work la mIntmUad 
t« tka vtmoat; barn, sranary. woodshed and 
— — — y; l-room houae with hot and cold 
^Id en. batk and ottoar oaavanlattoa a. 
a IrU-oTkiMTWlpiiaiMi iM W Tnar 
inada a great aaoeaea at kMlnoaa. Fraa- 
rnt groaa revonue from lt< bird* la III par 
day. Coat of f«ed one cant par bird par 
.''is* (urtber pkrUoBlara 

^piOKBiaTIMO of 7 aerea aad a «-reoa»a« 

trh<«.. . u 

Bandy baaok and mai 

aa4 moantalna, lituated IS nillea from Vlc- 
toala. near wharf, atore and achooL Plenty 
at naar nalghbora Tkaro ara II full bear- 

'»n. TtM houaa l« ta nrat clan 

dar aultlvatlan. 

attaaha^ i»od poulUy 

(Mtdltlqn, plenty of 'tore room and a waah 
i«t gaod pouiuy bouaa and 

.1 .il^JSOi^^JSSK 



kayi^ard Block (baaemant) 

Phone t*t1 

mATB, romprlilng TU aorea, naar Vlc- 
>rta, of wtal>!h akatU }00 acroa are in 
high Btaie of cultivation, 176 acrea partlv 
elaarad, balance coalala* valuable timber. 

roM lronia#a Tbia *MM(tr la pSfSi IMd 
dWrldanda and can ka made to produce 
lacfear raturnii, ideal lor caule, elieep and 
mtfed farming. Priea Ito.oto on reaaon- 
abla lenna Inquiry bivltad. 



BXCBLI^SNT tttilltf prepoaltlon — Royal 
Oak, 41 aoraa. majorlly good land, aomo 
rock. biIaII portion tlmbarad. orrhard, amall 
kofaa aitd outbMlMlnga. Price t-(0 per acre. 
Baa 4310. Oolopiat. 

xjioH •»!»— Bac Vlaf Wum. 4i aeraa. 
f jmoatly eliiM4, with hoaa* aad out-- 
bOiidUaga, oloaa to Nanalmo. Price fioo par 
part caah, balanea arranged. Ver 
futtbar pariloulam apply to C. Houae ixi 
Tark atraalt VainfiMrar. B.C. ' 

13<OIt Halar-ltt acrea good land at Proa 
X? pact take, IV 




.mlButaa' walk 
ilMk^ taformatlon pboae 

Olagatana^ afUr < o'olock p.a». 

)» lala*-| kprag a« BiAaay Road. M^^ 



1;UVB aaraak «M %li4ar eatUvatMb, fHUtm 
■ the l-mlla cirala. near Carey ~ 

aia*raoraad haaaa^ bam and abl( 
ualy I(.t6*k t«n»a« asoiuaiTaly, 

f^RftOVA BAt, 
kaaeh, 17 aeraa 

aktut • ae^aa oal 

Irf ' " ^ * ^ 

ta bast batbtec 
of goo4 tmtt ' ' 
atad aad pan ia 

AOXBB witbta 
;Sigj, Marty al, 

I mtlea ot centra at 
arty all good land: aboal «C 

rtliMar ewfUvatlon. fiftaaa alaabo«. tv 
Kata of eaittvatlon; aaoallaat auair> 

.ORDON HBAI>-^ keraa flaa gtrawbanm 
aaaiy a K b W i (Ml Mr ax 

BAonuwa * ca 

L sttbnHMk bomaalta. oaa acre beat 
land, near Oorfa, ayltaMa far lacaa- 

it, uil kind* (ruJt; watari fM««. 

iirk View. 

MIXCi> FaVmlng— The C.P.S. IMS MM 
aoma choice lan^a In wall>sattM AM* 
trlsta In Waatarn Canada for aals M l««r 
toriMM twaaty atera 
iHMia la Buany Bmtba* 
iar M.ado - * 

to pays irniiat«4 
tbarn Alberta, with loaa 
IB taiBMaamoata to aaalat new 
Aat na«**-tbey arc going faat. 

seltlara - _ _ 

V yooavar. ^ 

IJOOTU Paadar— 4 |.| iaroa, oiaal clasrat, 

O I'roomad cnttage. 3 open nrea. cblokaa 

laMlbator and broo<1rr houa<<a. good 
SatL watar and youna orchard, baarlas. 
UM ilia. Halt Pprina. 

Mr— naar aaa, aar aad gait Oaiu. 


oellint*, panelled diAlna rnom. Iiv< 
and hall; cement baaemaati 
Thia la «rortb loaklag at. 
•ayward nmidiaB. 


bonsai M 

^ lar Okiaaaiaa. largo 

ilMlng. gaaoUne engine, tank, a 

«a«Ma garage. 

100 IS 

Miar aalUvaUoik !• pwtly 

taad. ehark. 

Tliti la eoe 

»aaa par 

H AdBBi, ' all" undar" edit 

no aaaorted fruit treea la • full 
Big, applaH, pluml^ peare, eharrlea, paacfaa. 
A quaaiMr *>t email trujtiv loCkb and BMsli* 
berrlea, gooaeberrlaa, curraSti; etc. A gaod 
houae of < rooma, rity water laid on, batb, 
etc. Large barn and alakle; 4 
asit. 9^">f ^utbiMli 


af wblob IS nauJal oneadow land 
ea a<4^>ia p a i ty baa adppa good 

■f -| Q Acnxs la tBa Nawraatia blatrlet. on 
.M~^49y Panny Bay. 7 mllea from Voloo 

0O.»» A|^E» «aa, 

' ' - HUU 

abaat aU acraa alaarad aad^eaTtKatad. taa 

and crroaa-tooced with 
Chinaman'* hou*e, wood- 
poultry houaea for IM. 
. Buralabatf. Inctti4tag »«aa 
ptaao aad |j«a raasa. Twa apieadld eawa, 
mUklng, and Z4 cnlckani, toula. ate A 
tuiiit, it,i.. rii. PrUc li.oOO. Apply 
bmr. t>. JiVoo de. Shawulgan 

gpaila a 

of Victoria. I time a 


tbaraaf the lallawlas pawar4 

X. Cooairuciias. aaiaadlas. avaratias 
aiaiataiaiaa tba watar 
eyatem af tlm WaaMsaUty 
•atar tar aay aaA all 
habtlaau tf ika iMlTlytUir aad tka I 

or BIk jOwaara oi 

J) Bay «ad olb*« to ialand iUsiway, I ° -f M'> '' | 

.V*^ I.arge watar fTooUfei a|6«*l /* 1 ■ k J t F 3 ' 

Bos 4047. 

va very tmrma, ff.*M. 

TW mlUm at Vlaloria: 
bovsat <|NBK 

w^blX* II 
muat ba«a • 

1: fl'"r^l( fiAJ^a^ii^ 

' COBSOy4 • 


'wlHi wafSr ftOataae. 

Cpriovft Bay, 
_ A valhr nloa 
;b abattr Iraaa, 

Ai^^OOa UOX la tka beat pan of Cordova 
"•i^ "*b». • IVitaa. iBlii am basgHful 



AND BIOHT e | *<F ,#fi 

rpHIS Idaal boma ovarlooka Proapaet X<aka 

and ia only ten minutea from B. O. 
Blectrtc atatJon; bas larse t>a*ement, batb- 
rodra and toilet, and all modern convenl- 
l.Oao-gallon tank outaide; granary, 
garage, alao iMephone. 


brooder 'and 
The fruit t 



40 fall-bearing 

ebarry traaa <4^ tua talna off laat year*, 
•a other frBlt Oeaa. Inohidiag apylea. peara 

l^'**- mW^J TValWS ■nnQ^r^Va ^fwISVp 

all bearing. Two acraa af Mod bottom 
land. Tbla Is by far tba Kaat Ksma 
around thIa distrtet, and muat ba aaan ta ba 
appreciated. If yon ara lataraataB eaU at 
•at offioa and we wm gisBir tvmm fV 
with further particular* aa ta'grlaa. atCL 

RA AORBS, oloaa to laka and railway SBd 
mala bigbway. A grast part Legg«4 
off;' aoma aaoallaat bottam laad; aofna la 
garden. Oaad nalgbbarbpaA. a* Oovan». 
meat Rattd. aa wbleb to a vary wali balM 
7-roamed bouaa with lacga varaate a* m 
aldea Baaamant, large open braalbsab ill 
In axattleat condition. Only 

U4-l» Sayward Blaak 



■aewAJk ».Aiaa>» 

an bM IHMtV bieefca. 

Parliament Buildings — A 


^I.BARED ^nd ^Rlthrsta^ 

ght at tba _ 
on tba 

SB. C. aiaatrlo Ry. 


^HUROH -bai 

FREE Mgn Oeltvary 
ab tba property. 

rlOKB to 
lot 7S X ISO (abouu. 

BO AD — t-roomed d wali Ins 

and lot 47 X 331. Ilouae I* modem, 
with another small house at tUa 
rear. Prine for the whole property, 
on terms, |l,l&a. 

/\fiM. BAT — l-rooibad dwelling and lot 10 
Vr' X 1^ aa 'st. Ann-B-Btroal^-, ItfOBc 



LbNO BRANCH AVKNtTE — l-roomed 
modem dwelling on aai- S6-fo«t lot« 


Only 10 mlnotai^ 
walk from' the "Chalet" at Deep 
Bay, tba tbvorlta Baauner PUoa, 
en tba «b« OCjMjBBBlOb fm- 


. w . je: 


ONB.TBMTH ta K af tbd ««i «Ml. 
Read thla Hat af a few of tba 
aM and new prtoaa (Tbara laa't 
-yassK fbr alt of than). Ct wbieb 
wa solB these lots, and there are 
ttaay left Jost aa good. 
1 1-1 acre Old prtee. IITO. New price, t7l 
t acre — Old price. «I10. New (rice. tIB 
ul I t#«re — Old price. %$U. New arloa. |4t 

Tt'J ^ for aata 

t *ef>a— Old price. |4t0. New priee. I 14 
1 ••10 a«re— Old price, |tll. New priee. 1110 
1 M'e Old price. 1411. Mew price. I «« 
l»P acre — Old price. |400. New price, t 14 
i^blLfiil acra^ld prioe. ino.^New price. |1M 
1 ■ Thaae are only eaaaaplee ot tbe 
aweeping rednetleaa made in theae 
prieaa to elear ap tba ranalnder. 

Hera 'ara gsBw atharst slaMsA 
a^^saltHratai. Haas to tika gt»- 

1 Ocre -« Old paioa. • m . Naw prtsaL ttM 

i acre — Old price. I TIO. New ptiaai 
IK aara " Old price. II.OIO. New priee, 1080 
(MSIS Station la on this comer.) 

Tbeaa tota are within 1 mile ef 
tbe wharf w^ere the B. C. Bieo- 
4rte Uama meet the ateamera far 

bare sp. 
^ aaar ettar 

bave been elaarad dad enU 

llvmted. othera only stumpa ra- 
■Mining. Moat at them oeaalat af 

«ne trama meet the atean 


ACRB»— II elearad. bUck loam aeU, 
waur. bulldlaga old, fcalf adia 
Doaa keacb, Itt mUaa from alattoa, 

=r -'^ -1, aaa-iklri 

years M t 



1 A ACRBS^I % mllea from ParkuUle eta- 
XU tfon. 1 acre elearad aad cultivated, 

4 acrea alasked. 
cblckab bqosaa, 

good wrtj^ W 

Uouae, 4 rooms, I 
werkMiop,. atakK 
trait traa« 
1(1 baaa. 



roomed booee. hot 
water, batb, aanerete 


OA ACKB8 — I acree eleared. aew ••reoMed 

Ov houae, bama. H-mlie from rSU? 

way stop. Stock and evi 
-m going oeaeem. aeati 
tl,00». 11,000 caah. balaaaa 
per oeat. 

iAORB raaob, Bsanbib, isss 


dwelling. ( bedrboma. dining, drawing, kit- 
chen. atBc, bath, etc.. furnace." oonaerva- 

^oie. ViS^ r^'^"^ -'T!^,rTT. 
111.000. «sinbs.^B, wittSh IM vaiAsrtab 


ACRBS. dbannlilg altuattan. tloh aoll. 


alty, 'iwa 


Tnlnil'- trBn and Unlvar- 
Phone S30«. 

ACRBS, under caltlvatloiv Neatly In 

oUlSb. Price II.O00. . 

. W'~t fc • 


It., e. DAt.BT * COC 
. ■JiU Vl*w Straet 


tnllee from town 
tlvatlo# for one 


mm. in Oordon Head 
I ftaaa *«a. and three 
all ctatfed^bad under cai- 

year. . WRI aMr 


I'&O ner arre; U.KOO Aaah, balance 0. 11, 1| 

and 94 monlha Phone I14ST. 

GACRBfi. nearly, 
acrea aultlvai 


In IH-mile einle, 4 
■aU wheat, legana, 

SfMib <MaiB aad 

Anlrr fkrm. la ihtl«i 
IS acres bottom land ilaand aad 
*n "TOP. Oood houa^ barn. oaibaiidMBA 1 
head ef Btoofc. haraa, farm impliaiabH. i 
satag eeaeatb: |T,M«. tartb* 

A ACRBi^ oa Olaadford Ava., all eli«p tad 
9 caltlaMaB. BMalt bMpa Bmr iS 

,^t mSr^l^mm mSSSmmt ^ — 

'•,,1 ■ 

|bat «i 
V bad 

III «t«W 


aa well aa anywhere on 
Ulaad. Still other lota are a 
mixtara at goad toll aad raaky 

rtaia ss lBSg. trail s«tta« Igr 

Baaa t** f*" laga^ 

BWilas St. IM »«r lb. last year, 
yoa' abb *• t% ak ,1m par lb. la 

athara In 

Saanleh oonid pro* 

the followtas yaBT. 

Compare tlMga > 
aavUlat wtUlb 
SC VVslaHb smI 

bare lata with 


^ESORf aH **ttwV,' 

IKuuiB MaU ZMlverp m 
witV sisstils 

f fORT aad 

JB^BLBPHONE avaliaMa. ' 
^ . Bealdents Uring here are ... 

ommending It to their filaiSa 
Nearly 1-1 at tbeaa lots irsps 
OLD la«» weak. . 

Oat ana V SMM fbr.b ^ 


Sim Bb* obrnvsM^lt -Mslis It psy tor 



T IVIKO— for yaa. 

A few dollars now will do it. 
Terms from aae ya4w la 
iBoatbA Call at ~~ 

baaenMHt, eement Spai) ete^ 
ar tr"P»' <* u £S 

DOCOfcAS BtRBlBT j|k>t:^Hip<4 
toonatd aMMNrn Vungfiow ani two 
large Iota between Befceon Hill 
Park and Bmpreea Hotel. Thli 
property - uoat be aold quickly and 


•Uahai'iM^ ' 

>.«^a V 


^ ••I 

• M aoraa, vpry good light 


ISMB oaU. all etaarad, cultivated and 
- ~ CamfartaMa aad well-built 

tub dtblnad. 

cottage of ■ rooma aad bath. Soma fmit 
tree* and amall frulta. Atl Jrire l^naad. 
Very well altaatod oa paved Baat Saaaleb 
Road in tbe heart of a prngrtaslve vom- 
manity with atorea. achool, post olBce. hall, 
elaetrto Mgbt ax^telmbaaa} B.C. Bleotrte 
StaUoa wtihla fifty yaMS arj|iaperty. Nice 

ta mm, — — 

tar qnlok 

nrB have tor Sblo * waterfront property, 

W Bitnatad la tba .r*^IL$#S. j*"<^< J? 
the SaaaTch PaalBaaia. oaaa Bl lbg at ISH 
aoraa, which we ceoaidar to be the choicest 
oouatry heme In tbe diatrlot. Modem eight - 
rasn bangalew. 1 bathe, I toHeta. Rooms 
aaaelled aad beam celllnga. Fireplaces. 
All aeeeaaary outbulldlnga. Orchard ot 
' all kifMa Tennis court, 
j«ll materboat, caaaa aad 
tiaaat irkHr aad abaltaraS 
tram all winda. except nsA MS 
This ia a moot deslraMa JMBB fat • 
vtth ados capital. >■ '^■^ 


1N9 OoMSlbS St. 

f J> ACRES, In BaaaleL 
■ JL9 laelndtag ■ I laaa r 

bU baw balMlagSk 


chicken housn and runt, pissery, etc. Deep 
(virgin) red loam, rlay Bubsoil. near paved 
roa4 aad B.C. BUectric atatlon, delightful 
vIstTi PrIea M.Mo (tanas). Bnildinsa 
a^SMb fMM- Brary In oh of land praduc- 

Ml ObStfbl BblMUnS 

OA ACRBB->fwf aty claaMS anS oaliRr^iaA; 
VV tb lb posHira. aon radAiilMaak iBbai. 

all fenced, water aupply from well, alao 
good creak, alx-rooa bow 

and chicken houaea, \ 
atatlon. In apieadld 
eluding atock. 111.000 

bam, pig pens 
two mllea from railway 
tsr^as diatHet, la- 

■| /{A ACRB8— Some cleared and cultivated. 
J-VM I acrea alaahad and btn'aad ever, i H 
acrea orchard. 10-room modern hooae. bath- 
room, etc large barn .and atablaa. ohickea 
heaaea: all necessary oatbutldlaga, OptenSld 
criMk, watar iNmpad ta houae by engine. 
4% mllea f rai a Daacaa. m.aoo. 



ILT 4 

la aer**^ 

MM It. aerriaa gi 




*cb«p|: vav«d road; 

tu*' drained, 
city watari 



BAT I.OT— Atl level and good soil. 
!2&. This to one-tentta ot pre-war 
price. Clear titlo. 



l Ol l ulon Byn k Hutlding 

XjV>U .^ale — Floe buMdlag lot (60 x 
IciKo.l. hetwren two car lines a 



or tgrnis. 
IX 4120. V ,...- 

°p«OR Bala— Ooad lot (Ot x 1(0), feaced, on 

-L paved and boulevarded avpnue la Oak 
Hay: no rock; good Hoil. c'usb or trrma. 
Apply owner. Col onist Box 4127. 

^OR' Sale-'^^ buUdlng lot SOxlSO, Verae 


Terrace. Victoria Went, Box till. Cel- 

« livtag 

QUARTER-ACRE Ix>tB, good aoll. ready to 
plant; city water; 3- mile circle; cloae 
to paved road and B.C. Blectric; |17t: 
terms. Small Store, plate glaaa troat and 
living roows bath and toilet. sMIs le; 
~" oiuwili las**: T-riflirt 'rmr at-Sooka 
pastly cleared, accesa to rlvart close 
.H. atatlon, aahooi, betel and P.0.1 
good aoll; city water; 1200 per acre; terma 
Qitft-elalmed garden lota with fruit trees; 
goM aotl, ready to plant; eib water; l< 
mile circle Just off Quadra: ■IMi tarB» 

lata fa«',8itte. lho||a laad. elty 
on xkSVM'road, witVin 3% miles 
of city. Price |2l#pet lot. Haduotlon if all 
lots takaa. Communicate with Box 4027, 

'9f. T. Wi 
wharf 8 


circle J 
'. Willbi 
rf BtiB L 

riuR^ l( 

nrATBRTRqurr lot amall balldlag. rere- 

T JJIS^'^H^V* ideal, baaaaake^ 11,700. 
Leaa tbdaraiatbSagVafaa. Oead garften let, 
near Qorge. tHO: Another, fine view lot. 
Mount Tolmie Avenue. |tSO. Exchange f6r 
acreage or old town home. Phone 4141. 

5 WATERFRONT lota in Bsqulmalt. sale 
ratlL Til 'VIbw Bttaat. _■- 


C* RAIODARROCH— WaAed to purchase 
for cash, good lot. Give price and par- 
Uculara. Helaterman, Foraian A Co. 

Will build a 
arrange easy 
BUlOMa an« Qarge 
JMbUea BoaStaV or 
would bslld oB y«ar «»» lat. Oraaa Lam- 
A«a. ■■ ■ 

attar the aervice of this writ aa you. 
cluaive of the day of auch aarirwe, jr»»^ 
causa an appearance to be entarsa i««r r 
'"M^Sl^^ncVi^ToS^ tl«Vobertao. 
' Victoria. Britij* ^^tr^ 

tt may proaaad thereto, 
clvea Lp y**" abaaaoe. 
SbT Vfon "««V-; 

And take notice, 
ee doing, the riair 
^aad B i M iwaat may 
WitnSa^ The H 
Chief jb^c% Aba 
year of oar CdM 
and ih^ieieea. 

N.f.— Thla "Writ 
twalta ««a(eatar a 
tbaraof/ iif » 
c«tesiar l^l^ihB fW 
rene«a|h Ibctvdnig 
aad not afterwarda 

b to he 
batha ,fto 
be wed, H 
an the dalia 
the day it 


4' b 
■ttm 1 

yialaturs^ Balleltor. 

of slscroamaat la wi«3ig 
day SK October. l»ll, aad made between twa 
plalattff aa vendor and the defendant John 
U«y«s Meoauooh aa ^-^TBSSiuJSr MuS 
baiaara at a ragls- 
tered aub-agfeement to purchaae part at 
the landa mentioned In the *ald agiaaaaant. 
For an account of the aums flue the plain- 
tilt and a daalaratlon of a Hen In reapaet 
tkareof aa ta the landa compneed In the 
acreemant that Is to say: Lota 4l_aad 

41 part of Sections" 56 and 68. Cedar Valfc 
" 4 4now known aad 

District, itop 
" ts 1 t 


deaertbed as T>o't 
1; I.otB 1 to 27 induali 
tl inatuafts, sf Blook 
of Blaek It df a Jur " 
4i^ "iictaata nwtriat. 
tbbt pari tbaWbf 
way (Sbelbourne Street) 
10. 31, It, ataraaald. 

10 incluBlve. Blook 
Block t; Votm I to 
iBd ^U^ t*. 41, St. 

ed for f Kteht ot 
being part of Lou 
and colared pink oa 
ilstsrad as 

right af way aup II. aad rsfistsrad as 
No. tittVl; and fer.paymaut of the eaaw 

found due and In default of auch payment 
the aald plaintiff /claims: 
1. That the aald Ilea ba aotpraad by aale. 

A RaMlvan 
I. Poaaeaaian. 
And In tbe altematlTa 
1. A Declatatton lb dSlbb|t ef pay- 
jaent and performgndSB wlthla A time to be 
'^"^J>>' ">,S-i9l^**rr that jU «afeBtMta 
alid ateh of tisiT'htib absiaKed the aald 
. acretStont aa^ all..Jttchta- t ba r aundar and 
that tte aal<ragsi»S|ent ia abapdoned and 
detariUaed and tKenbetarth ot aone aSeot 
and that all monies paid thereunder are 
abandoned and forfeited to the plalatM. 
- . *»' Determination or reoMaa af the 

«B» ssM Mreament. 

l^v r ** . ' i 1f ' » tJ«» aald lands agnptlsed 
i t» 15?, •»'« •Sl'^amebt to the piSlntiS and 

eMm of tiia Csfabdant and each of them, 
^ii r5555!?**'*" reglatratlona ef the 

aais ■Sraaaast «a«ar the Laad Rastatry 


paymenta. Have 
dlatriota, alao 

ber Go., -Zapas 

to aalL you 
Ats la 

WANTED — To hear from actual ownera of 
from three to alx farma la the Semenoa 
and Duncan and adjoining dlatriota. Full 

eirtlAulara muat be addreaaed to Rsbart 
aw ley, care The Paople'a IHirBlAtaa Co.. 
1401 Braad Btraat, yiptiyia, BA 


n wMba 


farm for aale. with or wttbaat ateeb 

aad Implamaata. la the violelty ef Ladaer 

ar Vlatarta. B.C. Addreaar lOMI »ltk 



SHARE or' tar 
eight to tea aa 
three aarea in atrawberi 

liubarb, moatly 


aaraa Just ontalde city; 
aberrlea. logaaberrlee aad 

black soil, heavily ferti- 

lised, water laid on every acre, smalt greea- 
bouae. rootbouae. ail aeed, horaaa aad Im- 
». «n>MIB tarBlaM4,.laiMr auly ' rasttliaS. A 


OV houae, I haras, chicken botiae. water 

t acres under plow. 6-roomed 
IS, chicken ~ 
Manga for AttNk 

qalek. Phone 

or Profeestoaai Cards 

BaUbltsbsa IMS. 


"AdrsrtlaiBC Is ta 8i 

t* " '- 

;4MIT8D ^ 
■^riCTOKIA ia,'cravlBg a,-jMnibir IpsiMU. 

the a^Siahmrai of fUifftS^^t^^^mMh 


""WbSSaby Vletortani can help to create a 
s a rai ibs rfc ahtpbuildlng induatry by taking 




f jO Kxca 

C/d payable on applicattoa. ll«, en alltrt* 

victoria. B.C. 

AdverUaemobt Wrttera and AdrartlalBa 
- QMtractftra 

Cirenlara, Adtreaaias, 'lBMIi4)t 
qastad for uocai, DomiaidB iSd 
. Fareiga Pbblieatiobs 

iuita u,jm^mu. 


PhSba IHi 


Tsndera will b« reoelvad at iha 
offlca of tlM aiMlbrsisned unUl Mob- 
dby. March 1. 4 p m-. fot^ap- 
proxllBAtsly mjni wood psytet 
Mocta, /BB 9sr spBOlfteatioBB w] 
mmr «• <i«B at th* efflasr M 
City aavtaBar «e Hib pltr BUI. 

Ills lowsst or any taadsr 
ns e oss ar tly icceptad. 

Muiiiet)>Al Cotincil. 
City dark's OfCliB, Vlatarla, B. C, 



A special subdivision of Dominion laads 
will ha diHMBed of to returned aaldlsis at 

o'elacb aus*. 

Btgit Mtb eaataining approximately SO 
acraa baeb ta a special subdivisiaa of the 
S.W. H tr*t W.C.M.. will be dispesad ot to 
rcturaad soldiers aa aoldlar graat aatriee. 
Bach applicant la limited to one tO-aore 

Applicants must be In poasessloa of attes- 
tation certifleatea entitling th«m ta make 
Buldler grant entrtea, which are proourable 
from F. C. Brown, biatriot Supartatendent. 
SoMlafu BaMfaMBt Board* Vaaesuwer. B.C. 

Tha-laba*Ta ba diapoaed of debtalned a 
very hea«T ' stand of virgin* timber, which 
has been removed, and it |s now covered 
with IbMb stumpa. It la aot. tberefore. 
oo«ald »ft<LJ «Mrt this laad la iu paassat eon- 
dltlon*aW any way a practieaala fbrming 
proposltlaa. and the Soldier Settlement 
Board «o«ld not, tirerefore, be Justiedd in 
a<lvan«lnc loans to aBccaaatal apallaaata. It 
Is to ba clearly, vad^Maat tbal'aai laana 
be obtalaad f ram ths* Bbldtar liRlamant 
Board on t|te aeourtty of thla land. 

The eattlement dutlta required. In order 
to secure Jettera patent for the land, will 
b3 at laast six months' resldsnce In each of 
three yoata, oulilvatlon ef at leaat four 
acraa tasraughly cleared and seeded and 
the eiasUaa of a habitable bouse, which at 
Aa time of applfcation for patent must be 
worth at least $300. 

The entnr will be canaellBble aay time 
after ala teontba from tbe date of entry 
t'_/«¥"5^1«» perform the settlement duUea 
Rc^d«M jBoat be OB the lot Itself. Real- 
deaee MtiU rletafty wurnot be/ accepted. 

''■iP -W. D. MAOBB. 


Ssparata tendere tor the aapaip at lampa^- 


ee'lvad aP tKa omii H tba nMliaalas 

Agent. Ctty Mall, op to 4 p.m., aa Monday,. 
March the tth. 1»10. 

The loweat or aay tender not neoeaaartly 


Paymaat will be' made on daltrary at 
goods t» the aattotactloB of tbe City Bias* 

A tarlMM ebeqoe equal to ■ par oeat 
of the aataunt of tender is to be eaeloecd 
with each tender as a guarantee of dtte ful- 
filment at contract for supply at csoda 

XiSt gf Katcrtals required^ 

,000 pair Carboaa 

i-voli Nitrogen lAmpS 

t'ifSO tba PUxlble Cable 
.000 n, I. aiobee 
!f? - ^* ^'''^ Olobes 

m fcm 5aly.Btoed ChalBu^.^ a*. 

tal^sJW lb tf t£rS«aKft 

City Halt 

ebniary 11. 1»||. 

SEALED TENDERS marked "Tender for 
Road Machinery and Plant." will be ra- 
eeivad by tbe andaralgned up until noon 
aa nimaM^ Mareb iL itsa, for tba aa> 
a«ybMMHMMMr f*a4 msHiinery and piaat. 
. Tendei^era must submit cats logue In du- 
plicate covering machinery tendered for, 
and qaote an f.o.b.. price at pointa ot 
dellvary. \ ^ 

Wasra ponslbie. aiaeMnery of OsisJIba 
maaufaetnre should be quoted. . 

Motar tmcka Wagons, Tract om. Drags, 
Oraders (heavy and llgtrt). Mechanical 
■ler».j Otriiv BW ' 
iMIcfrera. Serapsfa 

Lisadern. ncanner*. « 
Plaaghd, Uoad iMIcHi 
and drag). Staam. Shovel (light) 

Detailed lialb «-lth full particular* awy 
he olHalnaMi at the orrit^e of tbe PtHBId 

WnrU» rngln'-r. Court K - ^ 

tlip Dpr'artmcnt of f'ubllo 
aad .tsoqi tk* ai^araigoed 

I /* / . I /1>J*B« F ATERfWX. 

Purcheaing Agent. 

Vlatarla. B.C.. 
n*rmry to. 1*10. 

i| sT^ Mas... 
Itstrlsoh bad ta 

vide taat tba oBtlra 

sA Te gfavlde ta 
at Mkvyiag bat a ae« 

acbame within sua' 
be kerae by the 


wlaai or tba taadb taetaaaivaa,' a 

at being draiswd ta a aawer ar , 

with a raaial Mr the aae or tfce oppav* 
t tba aama ea »er (eaO 
ir baala wtaata«%f*''. aa4 
lavytag sbA aaoovenaa 

LPayaseat at ahargaa 
prytag aaaaally a rau ai 
fa laada witkta the ~ 
Iclaai to meet tba eai 
iaeea tka total aaaaal 
ta eompriasd at (i) tba 
totareat aa meaay karra 
tba seat of eanstraetlaa 
siwara ar dralaa, (U) 
far the aajrmeat at 
aiaaaya (Ul> tba aaat 
aad rapalra at saM a 
aad tbe 

ttSM ta 


drataaga tf a SaSaad dlatdat la . 

aaaa with Uia plaaa aad aatlmataa ma- 
tbaa prepared, each hy-law ta aat aat ai 
rater to plaaa alMVlag the ax teat at dba 
warb UUadad to be preoeadad with Ua- 
aadtataly aad tba aaumatad aeat 
apaa. tba barrawtag afwUeb am 


ttaia ta 

. mtihrn I 

Aratnaae syateM wltMa a 
Ireaa P ravtdai. kais C ia i. 

aa eateaaiea ekall be 

jbjjr^ Bo«-^.^M^ 

piaiW. ar, (tt> a PsUtlaa tar aaal 
sisa shall aaaa baea raeelved 
Maaleipai CoaaeU algaed by tl_ 

&of at least kalt ef Ue valae •i 
m Uakle ta be ehargad i 
aae ar epp e s taalty at 
sswar sr Srata «• aa oa asia 
S. Ot yrtbartag. 
aad maintaining OMtar 
UuBldpiaUy aa«l 



aader . . 

Dated at Vletarla. B. OU ttfia ITtb dsv ••' 
- lOM. -W W 



Tradini; or canrving on any ^ 


to the Tnuka Licence :0y4l!pr 
1919. ' 

The Licence Inspector is di- 
rected to proceed against |iU 
delinquents forthwitiL : 

^ TcMsurer and CoUaqMf a 

' * ' IT 

NOTiCe, ^ 

PMpis tf fMukM 
Cit iiNi ths Wil MM 
•I Liviii 







! «« 

Xlks iMVaesad 
taa wiO Bate yaa tmt 
and mm mnr, 
at taa iallaiiiBt fmtaBT 

lat. %t.nt 4iaclBC. 
Tl asotBi Oat your 
wttil |ha Rndarsisnsd. 




TBNDBRS are lavited by 
aignad far the cbartar tf u 

taaboasg tor tbs BSryiBsr jt r 

trol. one from May lat ta Oetaber lOtb Sa4 
the other from Jsaa. tltb^ ja ^ Pots ber 


lata. One boat to be uaad la Ahe HI* 
Inlet vlclalty aad tbe other la tAe Cba 

Soaild and 
iBlaada an 

Baat Cpast of <iai 




Meugtb •••.*•««••«.•.#••• OS ttm 

Beam 18 ft. ^. 

with speed af ten miles per hour. ASgSMf' 
medatloa for two ether rhan crew. Tnm 
Dppartmaat al Naval Servlue to aapply A^k 
oilaa aad labrleatiag alia aad engatM aiavt 

Tandara abauld bo at dally rata Na pSS. 
meat to be a»ada for Saya wbaa boat aat 
running due to aeeeaalty for rapalts ,.«r 
faulty eqalpmeat. 

TaaBara sbatild be addreaaed ta 9. |t 

' ■ 9tJ^ J?P^ i 

* l a Byaby givea that IBS 

a sU'to''tha"!moi^ K 
aaaa may be iBepaalaC^ 

PoMie Notice la 
■ewer Prantage 
year l»tO baa, baea 
TreaMirar. where 

M V » 




L,-^. If ■• * 

' Walk Froi^i 

{ 4. s • , 

'■^^ ■J^; ^ffi- 



* ■ J - ■ 


to One-Quarter of 

to $300 Per Acre 

Read^Thcm Over Carefully 

Lot Sizes One to T wo Acres 

1 . . l y i I I t .. II lli u i l il 

If" ■ * 


m0 MAh 

Block 2, Lot I. 

" 2. 

Old Price, $1,575. 

" $1,135. 

1 " $1,240. 

** $1,360. 

" " $1,300. 

"^ ^v'V $1,020. 

" ^ " $870. 

" $1,500. 

New Price, 8474 




Blocit,4, 1. 


" 12. 
" 13 to 


Sold for $385. 


Block 6, Lot L 

- a. 

Old Price, $665. l^ew Price, ^120 

*• $350.V ♦* f90 

* •* . $350. fSO 

$350. « " 980 

$350. " 990 

I . $350. •« ; " 990 

'^y - $350. ; " ** 990 

" '^^ ^98«a «• « -^fWk 

$450. *• " jp64 

" $450. " " ■ ^954 

" " $350. ** 954 

" . " $350. « 990 

« '* $35a '* " 980 

" , •* . *• " 

" " $350. ** 

* " ' $350. ^^f 

Blof k 8« Lot 1. Old Pekt^ $im 

$465. ,4 « 

$440. " 

$400 " 

•$420. ** 

$W«. ^ 

BlodcZ.Lot 1. 
" 3. 
























New Price, Sold 

: - : as 


Block 9, Lot 1. Old Price, $870. New Price, 

„ , v.^ ? 5. : ^ " $510. " : ^ 

4. " $510. 'V - , 

' T ' $. Were Reservfd. Present Prfee, i 

« 7. ** •» . ■ *« • «« 


New Price 

« M 

■ '* I't ■ ; ** ■ W'.-v 

. " 12. <)« Price, $625. 


;* $510. 

*• $510. 
•V j$5IO. 
" $510. 

Block 10-.No Old Price. Were R«pervedr- 
Lot 1. PreMBt Price..........«.„!L-« 

U f u 

" 4. . " . , . 

Block lO^(Continued)— 

Lot 10. Pre»ei|t Price 

" It. " ..... 
12. " " ..... 


J 156 

Blk h. tbf t.^^^ee. $170. New Price, 9100 Sold 
" - " • - - Sold 


*' 5. *' 


" 14. " 
" IS. 

16. " 

" 17. " 

" 20/ ^' 

"2L " 

22. " 



filock 12, U>t 1. Old Price. $1,050 

- • 2. " " $850 




New Price, 9240 



This Subdivision lies within orte mile of the "CiuMt" at Deep Bav 
ihe ^»«ctmg point of rail and steaw^r for tl^e Ialw,da,, W#ttr|wis»t theie 
today is $1,000 per a«ft and up. -r- ^--s^ 

Som of these lots are of the finest bottbm land on the Saanich 
Penliiiati. X^etp/hlwk soil thit will grow garden truck and kwan- 
lMll!ri«& us well ft ii^Where on th0 |«iaad. 

•^^^^mMMSiy of these kits have b«ea or are cnltiv^t^d. Others only with 
stumps remahiirtg. Others can be easily cletrtd where th« load was 
logged oflF years ago. Still others, a miKtfre of goo«f soif Mid rocky 
outcropping, wUl make exc|ll|ia^ POULTRY Rant^hes. 

If others in Saanich can produce $i;200 per acre from Loganberries 
at 16c per lb., why can't you, at 20e ^r Jh.— the price laid tO oinain this 
year? It probably will styi be 2dc next year. 

Note that most of th^ above prices are for One Acre or more per lot 
Compare them with any other property within the same disUnce of 
Victoria and Market, as near a Shmmer Resort and with school, church, 
•tore, Free Mail Deliver}-. Electric Railway SCatkm on the property, and 
#a» elecfj«: li^titftod telep^ 

Aak'those living there iidutt Ihey think of the locality and these 

Though many lots are sold, there arc still for sale others just as 
good as thoie occupied. ' 

Cotnpare again the Old ^^rices aAd tlie N«iW Prices in the above list 
EverytMsir cite yo«( 1^^ tttMc art down to 

a testli or oM-fourth of the former yricea. . 

Get o«e or jBtove of these lots ior a Smn^^ Site near the salt 

water—^nd cultivate Tt. It will not only pav for itself many times, bot 
wUl REDUCE the HIGH COST OF LIVING for YOU. A few dollars 
invested If OW do it. Call at the office for pUn and price list, and 
keep llrfalj^ mr^^ 



J. Y. Qsavmi 

' J.- *■ ■* t 

1 r-'M 

It • Ea 

VICTOR H^. ODLUM, VicerReiident. McDgRI^a^aMi^ Djscctor HtJiB ^mCB: Rogers Butlfiing. Vancowa 

OFlTlCEi :1 ^¥ermanent Loan Building 

irm*|jr If RsralterteBn's) local Mm^: 

Phones: 1340 and 6737